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If Nolan is not working with Zimmer, Ludwig Göransson would be a dream choice for me. I really think he is an up and coming composer capable of great things. <br><br>But of course, I rather Nolan stick with Zimmer.Ludwig GöranssonNolan's movie IT IS CONFIRMED ;)As much as I liked Julyan's work - especially his score for Insomnia, don't think it would work. I mention Lorne because he has worked with Nolan as part of Zimmer's team and his sound is very familiar to Zimmer's. <br><br>Of course, everything is kept under wraps. I personally think Zimmer doesn't want to confirm his involvement so that he doesn't get asked about it. I mean the film starts filming in three months and we only have a date. Hans usually starts very early on Nolan's films that's what surprises me the most, if he really is in the dark with this one.I really can't see Nolan going back to Julyan. The guy's a TV composer at heart. He's not suited for these big epics Nolan keeps making. The last "major" movie he scored was The Cabin the Woods in 2012.
Trust me, I hope so !Stay calm folks, the name of the film has not yet been disclosed. When it announced, you see there ''Music by HANS ZIMMER''To be honest, Dunkirk kind of sounded like Nolan asking Hans to take inspiration from David Julyan anyway. In some ways.If Hans wouldn't score a Nolan project, just expect David Julyan, they are close friends you know...I certainly expect that Hans will score the Nolan movie, but we'll see. It's certainly possible that, like other directors Hans has worked with off and on, Nolan won't choose Zimmer for every project moving forward, but will still collaborate with him again on the right project. We'll see, I guess.
To me, Nolan and Zimmer have become inseparable so I'd be really surprised if he doesn't score the film. But if not Zimmer than who? Balfe? :D - Hope I didn't open the floodgates of hell... <br><br>Anyway, super excited and happy that Zimmer is scoring Dune. It was an obvious choice just glad it was confirmed - Would've also liked a collab with Wallfisch since BR2049 is one of my favorite scores.I hope Nolan and Hans haven't had a falling out.... I may not like every single choice they've made, but I always enjoy their collaborations and look forward to them.Apparently Zimmer didn't have a good time on Dunkirk (according to Nolan himself) but I never got the feeling that they weren't happy in the end about the score.WHAAAAAATTTTTT? Nolan's movie is not confirmed??? But Nolan-Zimmer is the rule, no? But why wouldn't Hans score Nolan's movie? Did something happen between them?Wait wait wait Nolan's movie for Hans is not confirmed... Far from it...
This is also releasing in 2020. How many movies are up for release now from 2019-2020, Lion King, Dark Phoenix, Wonder Woman 2, Top Gun - Maverick, SpongeBob, Nolan's movie, this, and that BBC show. We are gonna get so much stuff. I am very excited.YES!!!!!<br><br>So happy that Villeneuve is directing and Zimmer is attached to score. While I know it’s unlikely I hope this score is more than just sound design, there is so much opportunity here to write some kickass music.Fuck Yeah!!!Hans is scoring Denis Villeneuve's 'Dune'.<br><br>The movie will be released in 2020 with an all star cast. It's gonna  be a busy 2 years for Zimmer. Hope we'll get some new great scores like in the older days or inventive scores that are awesome!!The stuff that didn't really do it in HZ Live for me were the "rockified" versions of No time For Caution and the Moody Bruce TDKR suite. Making those pieces sound like they did weakened their power, IMO. They were too guitar-and-drums heavy and I just preferred the originals. Otherwise, HZ Live was pretty good. There was some hyperbole in my comment about putting it to shame. But overall I definitely would rather have The World of Hans Zimmer approach.

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Henry JackmanMatthew MargesonChristopher WillisDominic Lewis
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
X-Men - First Class
Label: Sony
Length: 56'38 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (8690 votes)
  1. First Class (3:20)
    Henry Jackman
  2. Pain And Anger (2:58)
    Henry Jackman
  3. Would You Date Me? (1:44)
    Henry Jackman
  4. Not That Sort Of Bank (3:27)
    Henry Jackman, Christopher Willis
  5. Frankenstein's Monster (3:03)
    Henry Jackman
  6. What Am I Thinking? (2:10)
    Henry Jackman, Christopher Willis
  7. Cerebro (2:23)
    Henry Jackman
  8. Mobilise For Russia (1:18)
    Henry Jackman, Dominic Lewis
  9. Rise Up To Rule (5:56)
    Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson, Christopher Willis
  10. Cold War (3:20)
    Henry Jackman
  11. X-Training (4:26)
    Henry Jackman
  12. Rage And Serenity (2:06)
    Henry Jackman
  13. To Beast Or Not To Beast (4:47)
    Henry Jackman, Dominic Lewis, Christopher Willis
  14. True Colours (1:51)
    Henry Jackman, Christopher Willis
  15. Let Battle Commence (4:45)
    Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson, Dominic Lewis
  16. Sub Lift (2:19)
    Henry Jackman
  17. Coup d'État (2:15)
    Henry Jackman, Christopher Willis
  18. Mutant And Proud (3:28)
    Henry Jackman
  19. X-Men (2:59)
    Henry Jackman
  20. Magneto (1:58)
    Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson
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Falconet From Italy reply Replies: 0 || 2011-06-01 09:46:57
Matthew Margeson Composer: additional music
Christopher WillisC omposer: additional music

Bondo reply Replies: 3 || 2011-05-31 05:19:50
Is 14 - True Colors by Dom Lewis? Because the minute I heard it, all I could think of was Clash of the Titans... :D

KaijusRoyaume2011-05-31 07:25:23
I think it's Dom Lewis. The theme is the same.

Where's the good stuff!!!?2011-05-31 11:38:34
Just listened to the full score and it is really crap! No guts, no originality and no glory. Sounds like free temp music tv stations buy to put on crappy adverts. Very disappointed, but not surprised with what I heard.

Sam2011-05-31 19:21:11
It has a theme... thing the others didn't had, at least a consistent theme!

It's an action score filled with excitement! Probably one of the best actions score of this year so far. It has a Kick-Ass vibe to it as well. It's also addictive!

I like it!

PS: Yes, I also thought about "Clash of the Titans" when I heard "True Colours". I thought it had just been me!

Joshua reply Replies: 3 || 2011-05-23 21:31:14
AHHHH I cant wait for this! Im very interested to hear what Jackman has come up with.

Clips2011-05-27 12:22:13
Clips are at

cinemamusica . de

Olivia2011-05-28 00:04:37
For what I could hear in (thanks for telling us Clips), it sounds absolutely amazing!

Track 1 "First Class" has an amazing melody... that track alone conquered me :P

Track 12 "Rage and Serenity" also seems to be a pretty good track. I like the guitars behind!

Track 20 "Magneto"... wow!!

Overall... I can't wait to have the album 'cause it sounds like a pretty good soundtrack ;-)

Eva2011-05-31 00:45:28
You can listen the entire album for free on

It's a good way to listen the album and to judge it! It's in french and, if you happen to like it, you can immediately buy it!

I'm listening to it right now and I'm loving it! So far, "First Class" and "Cerebro" are my favourite (I'm in the middle of the album).

OKKU reply Replies: 0 || 2011-05-27 11:18:52
Please great sounds.....

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X-Men - First Class soundtrack - Henry Jackman 2011