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Audio Downloader Prime for Google Chrome is your friend ;)Yep, I noticed. And in mp3<br>I guess YT is still the better wayThere's a way to do it but I won't tell you for fear that I get HULK SMASHED by Hybrid. Besides, the file is in 112 kbps, it's barely worth the trouble (and I'm not even much of an audiophile).totally agreed...<br>maybe some way to hack intoI hope the Imperial March is in the score.
Thank You NotaPix. That was really helpful. :)<br>I've never found this one either. It's the biggest gap in my HGW collection probably. Wonder why it never got a proper score release, sure it's a bit mickey-mousey and insubstantial but they could have at least put 30 minutes or so on the regular album, not just one track...hello Piyush VC<br>sorry, I hope I have correctly understood your question, I do not know English (google translator).<br>I do not remember well how long my covers have been published here after my submission.<br>but if you would like to publish your own cover of the composer Hans Zimmer here, it is more correct that you address the questions of this type to 'antas' admin.<br>as I said, I hope my answer is relevant to your question.<br>bye :)Anywhere I can find a complete recording of this soundtrack? I've looked everywhere.Hey there.. Your music score is really good, I liked them all. I wanna know within how many days after your submission, were your tracks posted over here?
Can anyone point me to where I can get a copy of this? I'd love to have this in my collection.It's been nearly 27 years since this came out in 1991.Nop, you're not the only one.<br><br>I can say everything i listen John Powell is something with quality and personality.<br><br>How to Train Your Dragon is one of his best. You are missing out. <br><br>But I may be the only person who thinks Face/Off is one of his best scores. I love that score more than nearly any John Powell scores.I'm agree that
They are independent events, but I think they are working in conjunction with each other. I based this on the description on the Vienna website. Their program is called The World of Hans Zimmer and some of the arrangements will be written by Zimmer himself. That leads me to believe this year's gala is a bit different and is just a stop for Zimmer's tour.Probably not. The two are indepedent events.@Edmund<br><br>actually i wasn't interested in the Dragon scores...or Pan, for that matter. Xmen 3 wasn't too bad, but he still had that tight RCP score techniques...Yeah, I think he must have changed his methods since Hancock/Green Zone...Because I'm not interested in hsi work after that. Must be those pesky drums he doesnt use anymore?Yeah, I know there's more than just the main theme in those Trek scores, I was just exaggerating to make a point. :pPretty sure the reason HGW works with Washington so often is because Tony Scott worked with him so often... :p

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Hans ZimmerLorne BalfeAndrew KawczynskiJacob Shea
ComposerComposerAdditional MusicAdditional Arrangements
Crysis 2 - Be Fast! (VG) (Digital Volume 2)
Label: E.A.R.S. (Digital Download Only)
Length: 29'12 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (3861 votes)


  1. Nano-Catalyst (0:51)
    Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe
  2. Nanosuit 2 - Crynet Systems (1:15)
    Borislav Slavov
  3. Rising Spear (1:18)
    Borislav Slavov
  4. Dead Man Walking (2:06)
    Tilman Sillescu
  5. Conamination (2:25)
    Borislav Slavov
  6. Sinister Breed (2:03)
    Tilman Sillescu
  7. Where Is The Exit (1:12)
    Borislav Slavov
  8. Dystopian Nightmares (2:07)
    Tilman Sillescu
  9. Catastrophic Beauty (2:03)
    Tilman Sillescu
  10. Semper Fi (1:58)
    Tilman Sillescu
  11. Flooded Streets - Aquarium (1:26)
    Borislav Slavov
  12. In Obscurum (2:20)
    Tilman Sillescu
  13. Devastation (1:39)
    Tilman Sillescu
  14. Shadowzone (2:26)
    Tilman Sillescu
  15. Alien Suite (2:07)
    Borislav Slavov
  16. Unsafe Haven (1:56)
    Tilman Sillescu
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Crysis 2 - Be Fast! (VG) (Digital Volume 2) soundtrack - Hans Zimmer - Lorne Balfe 2011