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Did you just copied and paste the tracklist above? lmaoThe reprise of "Batman on Fire" from Begins (1:59-2:30 in the Transfiguration suite) is good stuff! I wonder why Hans decided to reuse that particular idea.When are we going to see you in Chicago?Indeed, this score reminds me — in a good way — of The Rock.Track 11, Onwards, here is my most favorite cue from the CoH franchise. It has that old school "power anthem" thing going on about it with full force. I truly wish this style is brought back to life again soon.
Are there any more tour dates planned?Lord of the Rings - Shore<br>Battlestar Galactica - McCreary<br><br>Both are up there as my two favorite collection of works. GOT doesn't even compare to BSG. <br><br>For solo albums, my candidates are:<br><br>Titanic<br>The Lion King<br>Interstellar<br>Memoirs of a Geisha<br>Jurassic Park<br><br><br> <br><br>@superultramega<br>Honestly I feel like most of the issues with AUJ (and the other two hobbit films) were stemming from Peter Jackson editing the hell out of the music after the fact. It could be why they ended up dumping some themes in the following films.<br><br>Still, I don’t understand some of the criticism that the Hobbit trilogy scores received. DoS has some of the best action material imo, and the interpolations of Smaug’s theme(s) throughout the films are personally some of my favorite music from any LoTR project.<br><br>And this might be controversial, but I would put PoTC (the first three at least) on the level of Lord of the Rings in terms of the sheer amount of themes and development they receive. Maybe not quite as complex but they shouldn’t be overlooked.The Lion King and The Last Samurai are good choices, but I'm not as much of a fan as Zimmer's aesthetic or thematic work nearly as much as Howard Shore, or even Jablonskly at times. Game of Thrones I still can't comment on as I've never watched the show, or payed attention to Djawadi in general.<br><br>I would say Shore's heart wasn't in Desolation and Five Armies, but to say that about Unexpected Journey doesn't really feel right to me. Even themes like Gondor Restored and Nazgul's uses have some logic to them. <br><br>Gondor Restored was also used when the Ring is destroyed, meaning it also has a secondary meaning of victory against evil, (yes I know it affected Gondor too, but Gondor it isn't as direct). Which also applies in The Hobbit, as Bilbo saving Thorin was not only important for their relationship but also the future of Middle Earth as Thorin is vital to the battle against the orcs in Five Armies. <br><br>The Nazgul theme also makes sense as its first appearance is in Fellowship's opening, playing over Sauron's army of orcs, then Sauron himself. So it's linked both to Sauron himself and his servants, which includes Azog. Plus the version that plays in the film is the exact same variant (and lyrics) that plays in the Fellowship prologue. It serves almost as a precursor to the Nazgul. Plus I don't see why themes can't have several meanings anyway.  <br><br>Plus I love most of the new themes of AUJ (before they were abandoned in later films).Not really a fair comparison, Hybrid, since videogames as a medium are much younger than films, and their scores weren't using real orchestras right until... mid 90's, would be my guess (feel free to correct me, guys).<br><br>The all time best film score for me would be a battle between The Last Samurai and Lion King. If "movie" includes TV shows, then it's Game of Thrones without a doubt, but I'm not gonna have this argument again ;)<br><br>Btw. I wouldn't mention Hobbit in the same sentence with LotR, even music-wise. A couple of great cues cannot hide the fact that Shore's heart wasn't in it.
IS * lion kingBest film score of all time in lion king. Without any doubt. ;-)Can I just add, the album presentation for MW2 is really lame? It's a big, dare I say "epic" score in the 1990s Media Ventures mold. I think it's really solid. There are lots of different ideas from the first mission to the last, and a lot of them are written in the power anthem style that Hans ans co. don't really use much these days. Even Opening Titles is a throwback for Hans himself. <br><br>Unfortunately, almost none of the music as heard through the game is here. Instead, we got a bunch of shortened theme suites. :P<br><br>But the Gulag mission, the oil rig stuff, The Enemy of My Enemy, and lots of other missions all have pretty engaging and powerful music. I wish the RCP guys would do scores like this one more.Lord of the Rings (and even The Hobbit), are the only film scores that I'm buying an entire book for, just to fully understand the themes and motifs.Every time I revisit this score the first cue I automatically go back to is “This Isn’t Right”. Something about RGW’s string writing always stuck with me, even if he isn’t the most memorable when it comes to themes.<br><br>As for this score itself, I feel like it might have become a classic had it not been paired with such a shitty film. It’s funny, the score sounds less like Hans’ style to me and more like James Horner’s. Granted he only wrote one cue apparently...
But the best film score of all time is Lord of the Rings... :>Guys... Video Game music didn't start in 2008... lol<br><br><br>Your little game is actually impossible... It's pretty much like trying find "what is the best film score of all time"...I agree with Araujo and Knorr wholeheartedly. Cannot say the same for Soule; I always found his music lackluster and unfocused, sans the main theme of course. I'd like to mention my first runner-up, which is Destiny: Rise of Iron alongside Destiny 2. I was never a huge fan of the first two scores (original game + the first expansion), but the moment a guy named Rotem Moav got on Salvatori's team, the music became incredible (even though I have no evidence that those two events are related). Nevertheless, since it's stylistically so different from old-school and symphonic LAIR, I'd probably name it my No.1 alongside it.<br><br>If you guys are looking for recommendations, be sure to check these out:<br>The Witcher 3 (Marcin Przybyłowicz, Mikolai Stroinski, and a band called Percival), LotRO: Riders of Rohan (Chance Thomas), Assassin's Creed IV (Brian Tyler), Alone In The Dark (Olivier Deriviére), Eagle Flight (Inon Zur), Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius (Noriyasu Agematsu), Ni No Kuni I/II (Joe Hisaishi), and of course Medal of Honor and Gears of War IV by Ramin ;)Gonna have to chip in for Skyrim as well, although I'm biased because I used to put hundreds of hours into that game :p<br><br>Oscar Araujo's music for the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow games is pretty good, as well as Geoff Knorr and his team's work on the last few Civ games.Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, Returns and Tropical Freeze.

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Steve JablonskyJacob SheaNathan WhiteheadClay Duncan
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional ArrangementsAmbient Music Design
Label: Varese Sarabande
Length: 76'56 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (9564 votes)


  1. First Transmission (3:17)
  2. The Art Of War (4:31)
  3. Full Attack (3:53)
  4. You're Going To The Navy (1:01)
  5. The Beacon Project (5:07)
  6. Objects Make Impact (4:38)
  7. First Contact Part 1 (1:51)
  8. First Contact Part 2 (2:08)
  9. It's Your Ship Now (4:04)
  10. Shredders (4:05)
  11. Regents Are On The Mainland (2:43)
  12. Trying To Communicate (3:15)
  13. Water Displacement (2:18)
  14. Buoy Grid Battle (3:02)
  15. USS John Paul Jones (2:29)
  16. We Have A Battleship (2:49)
  17. Somebody’s Gonna Kiss The Donkey (4:33)
  18. Super Battle - Tom Morello (1:32)
  19. Thug Fight - feat. Tom Morello (3:29)
  20. Battle On Land And Sea (2:48)
  21. Silver Star (1:54)
  22. The Aliens (4:17)
  23. Planet G (3:59)
  24. Hopper (3:15)
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dark prince reply Replies: 12 || 2014-02-01 05:06:54
Correct score by Steve Jablonsky, than works with the movie, but is really rutinary and totally changable to other film, isn't a bad score but isn't good, the problem it's than this score sounds like many others, and is impossible appreciate it, without to compare it with, for example, Transformers

MacArthur2014-02-01 05:59:48
You are kidding this score I come to love more and more. I love this score.

Fan2014-02-01 09:16:06
Thats right!
Great Score!
I Love it

Mike2014-02-01 14:45:46
This score works great if you need a penance or The Art of War is good, and even some of the more cliche ostinato tracks are alright, but on the whole this score made my ears bleed. Haha.

MacArthur2014-02-01 16:35:45
First Transmission 4out of 5
Art of War 5 out of 5
You're going to the Navy 5 out of 5
The Beacon Project 5 out of 5
Objects make impact 5 out of 5
Water displacement 5 out of 5
we have a Battleship 5 out of 5
Battle on land and sea 5 out of 5
Silver star 5 out of 5

And you're telling me this wasn't a good score.

Mike2014-02-01 16:43:18
"And you're telling me this wasn't a good score."

The problem is that there's nothing objective about those track ratings. No one says I have to have the same ratings for the tracks you list, so yes, I AM telling you that I don't think it was a great score. :)

MacArthur2014-02-01 16:45:38
The tracks that I mentioned all have a theme to them. on a different not e what is there not to like about the tracks I mentioned.

Mike2014-02-01 16:48:11
We Have a Battleship and Art of War are legitimately good tracks. First Transmission, You're Going to the Navy, and The Beacon Project are alright as well, but most of the rest of the score is noise.

Edmund Meinerts2014-02-01 17:54:27
Lol, yeah, you can't just put "5 out of 5" next to a track and have that be your entire argument. Nice try.

This score has maybe 15 minutes tops of okay material, the rest I thought was absolutely dreadful. Even the best of what Battleship has to offer (i.e. "The Art of War" or "SixIdea") pales in comparison with the themes from the Transformers series. And then you've got tracks like "Full Attack" or "The Aliens" which probably break the Geneva Convention or something.

MrZimmerFan2014-02-01 21:30:38
Well, i like this score, obviously, isn't a masterpiece.

My favorites of Jablonsky are: Gears of War 2 & 3, Steamboy and A Nightmare on Elm Street

Mike2014-02-01 22:27:33
Idk whether what I'm about to mention is suites from the complete score or ditched cues or what, but on YouTube there's a 12 and a half min video of "unused tracks", and those 12 minutes are ultimately far more enjoyable than most of this, the final product.

dark prince2014-02-01 23:55:00
The first themes are good, but the rest never convence me totally, some themes are so much electronics and routine, anyway, I never told this is a bad score, just that is correct

MacArthur2014-02-02 01:42:39
IMO it's a good score.

MacArthur reply Replies: 7 || 2013-12-27 17:54:29
I really like this.

Edmund Meinerts2013-12-28 00:00:25
So you like having your ears bleed?

MacArthur2013-12-28 05:50:47
Depends on how you look at it.

MacArthur2013-12-28 05:57:09
I take it this way if music can throw me into a fantasy then it has done it's job this score was very good for the sci-fi genre (In terms of Aliens). whether you guys like it or not, I think Jablonsky did an excellent job with this score.

Brent2013-12-28 08:48:24
I really love what Jablonsky does with percussion. I think he's a master at writing for rhythm. As much as I love certain cues (most of them the theme suites) and the experimental "MRI buzz sound," there is just too much and rarely is there any structure to it. The "theme" for the aliens was great for 2 minutes, and then it grew old real quick. Needless-to-say, Jablonsky is still my favorite (after Zimmer, Powell & Gregson-Williams of course). ;)

Hybrid Soldier2013-12-28 09:07:57
Yeah Jablonsky has a very rhythmic writing, quite specific to him. If you check his POTC 1 cues, like Jack's Escape, Sword Fight Pt 2 or Story Of The Medallion...

MacArthur2013-12-28 17:19:46
The Alien Machine was a little much. but the cool thing is it kinda sounded like gears grinding on a Battleship.

Zimmer is my Favorite, but then it has to be Jablonsky.

MrZimmerFan2013-12-28 20:44:16
I like this too and yes, Jablonsky has a great rhytmic writing, specially the action themes.

Ds reply Replies: 2 || 2013-12-12 00:32:11
"Lone Survivor" soundtrack announced, will be released on Dec 20th! The music was actually made by Explosions In The Sky & Steve Jablonsky. Btw, there are only 4 tracks by Jablonsky on the 20 tracks of the OST.

trent easton navarro2013-12-12 10:41:50
EitS are great! Love their score for Friday Night Lights.

Ds2013-12-12 11:11:43
Yeah i heard it's a really great band. Never listened to their music, though. But i definitely will!

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2013-02-15 01:57:13
I think it's fair to say that Battleship was a score that was very good as a movie accompaniment, but doesn't sound great by itself. Like all the Joker music in The Dark Knight. It's just not that great to listen to a lot of the time, even though it complements the onscreen material quite well.

Anonymous123 reply Replies: 2 || 2012-12-26 07:50:52
Battleship Recording Sessions

01 1m01 BIP 03:26
02 1m04 Breaking In 00:55
03 1m08 You're Going to the Navy 01:07
04 1m10 5 Years Later 01:08
05 1m13 Soccer 01:49
06 1m13Alt Soccer 01:55
07 1m15 Hopper Loses the Game 01:08
08 1m16-17 Beach - Object in Space 01:36
09 1m17 Object in Space 00:39
10 1m18 Admiral Speech 00:33
11 1m20 Hopper Talks to Kid 00:55
12 2m21 Hopper Sneaks In 00:56
13 2m22 Stone's Speech 00:35
14 2m26 Hop and Nagata in Admirals Office 01:06
15 2m27A Hopper Disciplined 00:47
16 2m30 You're Gonna Get Kicked Out 00:52
17 2m31 Sam Meets Mick 01:04
18 2m32 Mike and Sam Take A Walk Pt. 1 01:35
19 2m33 Mike and Sam Take A Walk Pt. 2 01:14
20 2m34 Hop Apologizes to Sam 00:51
21 2m36-37 Objects Make Impact - Discovery 04:57
22 3m39 First Contact Pt. 1 02:22
23 3m39B First Contact Pt. 2 02:01
24 3m40 Weather Dome 02:21
25 3m40B Spaceships Out 01:44
26 3m41 Warning Shot - First Attack 03:26
27 3m42-43 Stone Dies - Hopper Charges 04:42
28 4m45-46 Shredders 04:19
29 4m47 Hopper Apologizes - Retreat 01:25
30 4m48 Regents Are On the Mainland 02:54
31 4m49 Hopper Mourning 01:18
32 4m50 Regent 02:23
33 4m51 Regent Rescued 00:52
34 4m52 They Want Our Planet 02:35
35 4m53 Thug Fight 04:13
36 4m55-56 Communicating Home - Obama Transmitting 03:48
37 5m54 Regents Walk Thru Jeep Crash 03:18
38 5m54B Cyborg 01:11
39 5m57 Water Displacement 03:06
40 5m58 We're Gonna Go Get It 01:12
41 5m59 Buoy Grid Battle 05:39
42 5m63 Buoy Grid Battle 2 - Sinking the Stinger 00:57
43 5m65 Sam Calls 01:53
44 5m66 Natsu Campu Pt. 1 02:32
45 5m68 Sinking the Last Stinger 00:57
46 5m69 Shredder Tower Emerges 01:17
47 5m72 JPJ Sinks 02:40
48 6m73-74 Buy Them Time - US Admission 02:00
49 6m75A We Have A Battleship 01:32
50 6m75B USS Missouri 01:43
51 6m77 Art of War 02:30
52 6m78 Dropping the Anchor 02:44
53 6m79A Super Battle 01:12
54 6m79Aalt Super Battle 01:34
55 6m79B Aliens Power Up the Satellite 01:16
56 6m80 Fighting the Thug 03:38
57 6m81 Save the World or Save Ourselves 02:23
58 6m82-83A Blowing Up Saddle Ridge - Planes Save the Day 01:31
59 6m82-83Aalt Blowing Up Saddle Ridge - Planes Save the Day 00:50
60 7m83B Hopper Silver Star 02:04
61 7m85 No Means No 01:40
62 Acoustic Drive 04:26
63 Action Idea 04:41
64 Aliens 04:25
65 Angry Action 04:10
66 Battleship Idea 04:29
67 BIP 05:21
68 Breaking In 02:35
69 Chicken Burrito 03:28
70 Dark Action 06:53
71 Hopper Idea 1 03:24
72 Hopper Idea 2 03:41
73 Planet G 04:52
74 Six Idea 04:36

al bundy2012-12-26 13:09:46
nevermind, it's already out there.

T-Mann0362012-12-26 14:32:16
Thank you, Santa!!!!

Joshua reply Replies: 8 || 2012-06-09 07:30:23
Jablonsky to score Gangster Squad! ngster-squad/

Adrian2012-06-09 11:11:52
Yeah, this is great news, especially because this is a type of film we haven't seen Jablonsky composing for yet.
I'm very curious what he'll make :-)

didado2012-06-19 18:22:57
Carter Burwell composed the Score for Gangster Squad

Trent Easton Navarro2012-06-19 19:43:51

Carter Burwell was indeed supposed to score this one, but sadly his score has been rejected and now Jablonsky will score this one. I'm a big Burwell fan (he's basically everything Jablonsky ain't: original, creative, subtle), so really disappointed he got replaced

Everan2012-06-20 14:28:05
I'm both a big fan of Jablonsky AND Burwell, and you aren't a Jablonsky fan, I can tell. But you really have to call him that?

didado2012-06-20 19:15:00
Jablonksy is a great composer! Love his score for BATTLESHIP and Transformers, ...

Joshua2012-10-13 08:34:46
The official website for gangster squad has music that im guaranteeing is the official score for the film. Got a Sherlock vibe to it. g a n g s t e r s q u a d . w a r n e r b r o s . com

al bundy2012-10-13 17:34:28
Thanks Joshua.

MrZimmerFan (Fan from Spain)2012-10-14 12:31:37
Sounds interesting

Brent reply Replies: 2 || 2012-05-18 04:52:33
Just found this... interesting little article.

Mr. Charles2012-05-18 07:51:18
Wow, nice find Brent! Thanks for sharing! I read the first couple of lines, it sounds promising. For all the trolls and haters out there, I just wanna shove this in their faces. I'm definitely gonna read this when I have time tomorrow, and I'll definitely be listening to some of his work while I read it.

People who hate on Steve Jablonsky and call him talentless need to see this . Thanks again, Brent!

MrZimmerFan (Fan from Spain)2012-05-18 19:26:25
Great article.


JordiVCecilia reply Replies: 14 || 2012-05-13 10:11:09
If you want my positive about this score in english, visit
Enjoy it!

Hybrid Soldier2012-05-13 19:07:40
Great work Jordi ! ;)

MrZimmerFan (Fan from Spain)2012-05-13 20:32:59
I read your review, Jordi and i acorded with it.

Great Job!

Ds2012-05-13 20:58:05
Yeah i think like you! Good job!:)

Warfighter2012-05-14 20:59:09
Great review! Definitely worth reading. Looking forward to more reviews in the future!

JordiVcecilia2012-05-15 15:28:33
Thank you guys!
People is killing me for my 4 stars, but I think it's one of thess BIG scores wich we really like..;)

Ds2012-05-15 17:09:03
The fans of "traditionnal" old-school music scores (John Williams etc) will hate it, but if you like electronics and complex sound experimentation, then Battleship score is for you :)

Ds2012-05-15 21:24:40
Ah, Clemmensen will probably also hate it :)

Mr. Fate2012-05-15 21:45:35
Is that the person/site that always hates on Zimmer/RCP scores and gives them awful ratings for the sole purpose that he doesn't like RCP?

Ds2012-05-15 22:20:15
Yeah, it's a pretty good definition :)

Mr. Charles2012-05-16 01:30:15

I agree mostly with you about certain people liking this. However, I'm a fan of both John Williams AND Steve Jablonsky. Jurassic Park is one of my favorites, as well as Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Regarding Jablonsky, I love Transformers. It's the score that introduced me to him and all of his other great works. But, you are right. I'm not such a fan of Basil Piledouris, John Barry and more orchestral guys like them.

I guess what I'm saying is there's a possibility ANYONE will like this, but indeed fans of Transformers or other things to come from RCP will like it better than the old-fashioned stuff. While I'm on this topic, what do you prefer? RCP, old-fashioned or both like me?

Ds2012-05-16 01:57:20
I often prefer RCP scores (and other modern non RCP composers such as Christoph Beck). I love the way they mix orchestral stuff, choir and electronics. RCP music can be loud and powerful but also very sensible and emotional. They don't stay into one genre and are never afraid to take elements from different ages, from different countries, from different genres and put them together.

A composer like John Williams is certainly talented but he choose to limit himself into one category: old fashioned orchestral music. Every film that is scored by Williams seems to be older than it actually is. This is my opinion and my taste, of course.

On the other hand, John Powell also composes very orchestral music (HTTYD, KP2 are f**** awesome!!) but he does it using unusual sounds, instruments, genres. They are a lot of surprises in Powell's scores. And that pleases my ears :)

Warfighter2012-05-16 02:47:29
I like both "RCP-style" and "more traditional old-fashioned" scores (Williams, Goldsmith, Tiomkin, ...)

I think it's not really a question of Zimmer/RCP versus traditional composers. RCP can both be traditional or more innovative at the same time. RCP is not a's a studio that houses many talentent people with different styles and creative approaches. You will like some works/composers...some you might not like...but to me it's not simply a question of RCP vs the rest.

E.G. Battleship is as far removed from let's say The Last Samurai or The Time Machine as The Sugerland Express and Jurassic Park.

Film music is to me both art and entertainment. Art is always evolving. A score like TDK and Inception is currently as influential to the score world as Star Wars or Assault on Precicnt 13 back in the day. Some people are complaining about the "RCP sound" (if there even is something like that) taking over or influencing all major blockbusters. I think there are more than enough other scores around for anywone to enjoy! About 400 films are released every year.
Again i don't think it's a question of RCP or not...i think the "problem" involved here concerns the role of the producers and temp tracks...

Mr. Charles2012-05-16 04:36:27

I agree with EVERYTHING you just said

JordiVCecilia2012-05-16 18:41:25
After my battleship review, you can read on my Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows review in english. I just made the translation.
You can read about HZ Charitable fundation in my article.
A hug,

Vivi reply Replies: 4 || 2012-05-07 12:38:52
Hooper is so amazing!! Great Work!

Vivi2012-05-07 12:40:01
Sorry I mean Hopper ;)

umpalumpa2012-05-07 13:43:38
Oh, yes! I love Water Displacement, the theme is so beautiful. Or the Beacon project the e-gitarre part.

MrZimmerFan (Fan from Spain2012-05-07 14:47:04
Hello, i'm a big fan of this site.

This Jablonsky's score has become one of my favorites, my favorites tracks are: First Transmission, The Art of War, Full Attack, Objects Make Impact, First Contact Pt. 2, It's Your Ship Now, Shredders, Uss John Paul Jones, We Have a Battleship, Somebody's Gonna Kiss the Donkey, Thug Fight, Battle on Land and Sea, Silver Star, Planet G and Hopper.

PD: Sorry, for this large list of favorites.

Umpalumpa2012-05-08 00:57:40
@MrZimmerFan My short List^^ I love all tracks from the Soundtrack!

Umpalumpa reply Replies: 0 || 2012-05-04 20:34:37
Great Movie! Great Score!

Feared reply Replies: 0 || 2012-05-03 20:21:31
Yes I know, it's generic with minimal music, and mostly effects, but yesterday I received my cd and listened to it 4 times already, and that 77 minutes seem like 10 to me. :))
As music it's worthless, but as a guilty pleasure, it's great!

Daniil reply Replies: 3 || 2012-04-29 13:01:56
Hello, what's your favorite tracks from the score?
imho: the Beacon project

Ds2012-04-29 13:46:09
Like "First Transmission", "The Art of war" and "USS John Paul Jones" (reminds me my favourite scene of the movie)

Evenstar2012-04-30 19:43:37
You're Going To The Navy
First Contact Part 2
Objects Make Impact
USS John Paul Jones
Silver Star

:-)2012-05-02 14:58:31
All TRACKS!!!!

Bar reply Replies: 0 || 2012-05-01 17:14:28
Which track is the one with the MRI sound ?

:-) reply Replies: 0 || 2012-04-29 19:54:18
Great Score! Fantastic! Wooooow!!!

D A R T H reply Replies: 22 || 2012-04-21 11:31:04
Bad patriotic movie, like ID4 and Battle Los Angeles, but good score...

Anyone for the good track order ?

Mr. Charles2012-04-21 14:44:19
Yes, please D A R T H!!

Drunkenmunkey2012-04-21 19:04:12
I second this.

D A R T H2012-04-24 10:14:28
i have not, i ask

Areozz2012-04-24 14:12:46
Well, then why'd you bring it up? You're always the guy who posts the proper film order of the tracks, so when we see you offering to post the proper film of the tracks, that's what we expect to see.

I guess the translation probably didn't come out the way you'd meant it to sound. Not a big deal, really.

D A R T H2012-04-24 18:36:37
im workin on the good track order but i have not it yet;
At Now i have this but it's full of mistakes

First Transmission (3:17)
The Beacon Project (5:07)
You're Going To The Navy (1:01)
Objects Make Impact (4:38)
The Art Of War (4:31)
Water Displacement (2:18)
The Aliens (4:17)
Shredders (4:05)
It's Your Ship Now (4:04)
First Contact Part 1 (1:51)
First Contact Part 2 (2:08)
We Have A Battleship (2:49)
Trying To Communicate (3:15)
Buoy Grid Battle (3:02)
Full Attack (3:53)
Super Battle - Tom Morello (1:32)
Regents Are On The Mainland (2:43)
USS John Paul Jones (2:29)
Somebody’s Gonna Kiss The Donkey (4:33)
Thug Fight - feat. Tom Morello (3:29)
Battle On Land And Sea (2:48)
Silver Star (1:54)
Planet G (3:59)
Hopper (3:15)

D A R T H2012-04-24 20:29:18
well i've made a new list...

First Transmission (3:17)
You're Going To The Navy (1:01)
Objects Make Impact (4:38)
First Contact Part 1 (1:51)
Shredders (4:05)
It's Your Ship Now (4:04)
First Contact Part 2 (2:08)
Full Attack (3:53)
Trying To Communicate (3:15)
Water Displacement (2:18)
Regents Are On The Mainland (2:43)
Buoy Grid Battle (3:02)
The Aliens (4:17)
USS John Paul Jones (2:29)
We Have A Battleship (2:49)
Somebody’s Gonna Kiss The Donkey (4:33)
Super Battle - Tom Morello (1:32)
The Art Of War (4:31)
Thug Fight - feat. Tom Morello (3:29)
The Beacon Project (5:07)
Battle On Land And Sea (2:48)
Silver Star (1:54)

Hopper (3:15) concert version???
Planet G (3:59) concert version ???

Ds2012-04-24 22:06:39
Are you sure the 3 first tracks appear in the movie? I think they are theme suites...

The tracks "The Beacon Project" and "Buoy Grid Battle" finish very brutaly, is it normal??

D A R T H2012-04-24 22:21:16
- yes the 3 first tracks are in the movie (i used the movie to create the list...)

- several tracks are mixed together in the album but are not together in the movie

- i think Hopper is not in the movie, maye planet G too, but i'm not sure

Ds2012-04-25 00:35:57
And for the tracks which brutally end, do you also have this "problem"?

D A R T H2012-04-25 00:40:56
yes these tracks need to be edited with a fading

Bondo2012-04-25 01:42:05
Appreciate it D A R T H! I always prefer to listen to film scores in chronological order

D A R T H2012-04-25 08:54:41
i'm not sure at 100%, actually 80% - 90% accuracy

and i think, some tracks are alternate (not the same as the movie)

all corrections / informations are welcome

D A R T H2012-04-25 15:12:38
Well, actually i think : a major part of the listing is good,
but i don't know where to place planete G and Hopper, i have a listing for additional, i have no idea of the good place of theses songs, i don't find them on the movie and my version
are a bad song/image p2p cam for (making the list) with no end titles; maybe some songs, and somes score tracks (planet G, Hopper) are a part of these end titles...

First Transmission (3:17)
>unknow song (bar scene)
>Pink panther's Theme
You're Going To The Navy (1:01)
>Acdc - hard as the Rock
>unknow songs (football party)
Objects Make Impact (4:38)
First Contact Part 1 (1:51)
Shredders (4:05)
It's Your Ship Now (4:04)
First Contact Part 2 (2:08)
Full Attack (3:53)
Trying To Communicate (3:15)
Water Displacement (2:18)
Regents Are On The Mainland (2:43)
Buoy Grid Battle (3:02)
The Aliens (4:17)
USS John Paul Jones (2:29)
We Have A Battleship (2:49)
> Acdc - Thunderstruck
Somebody’s Gonna Kiss The Donkey (4:33)
Super Battle - Tom Morello (1:32)
The Art Of War (4:31)
Thug Fight - feat. Tom Morello (3:29)
The Beacon Project (5:07)
Battle On Land And Sea (2:48)
Silver Star (1:54)
>Creedance clearwater revival - Fortunate son
Planet G (3:59) ???
Hopper (3:15) ???

other songs :

- Sugarbabes - Angels with dirty faces
- Dropkick murphys - hang 'em high
- stone temple pilot - interstate love song

D A R T H2012-04-26 17:18:38
Commented track listing (SPOILERS) the movie was released in france, but not yet in many countries like usa DON'T read if you don't want to know spoilers

First Transmission opening
>unknow song (bar scene)
>Pink panther's Theme (intrusion in the shop)
You're Going To The Navy (Hopper going to the navy)
>Acdc - hard as the Rock (Hopper going to the navy)
>unknow songs (football party)
Objects Make Impact (aliens object arrives into atmosphere)
First Contact Part 1 ((Hopper approach an ufo ship)
Shredders ((the alien ship lauch schredders drones)
It's Your Ship Now (hopper is now captain)
First Contact Part 2 (an alien "thug" warrior was captured)
Full Attack (3:53) (war scene)
Trying To Communicate(the alien wants to communicate with planet G)
Water Displacement (Meteo data)
Regents Are On The Mainland (the alien are near beacon antennas)
Buoy Grid Battle (war scene)
The Aliens (...)
USS John Paul Jones (destruction of the John Paul Jones)
We Have A Battleship (the USS Missouri is mobilized)
> Acdc - Thunderstruck (the USS Missouri is mobilized)
Somebody’s Gonna Kiss The Donkey (the USS Missouri is mobilized)
Super Battle - Tom Morello (war Scene)
The Art Of War (War scene) (this is a suite, the cue is shorter in the movie)
Thug Fight - feat. Tom Morello (the veteran fight the alien thug)
The Beacon Project (the Aliens wants to communicate)
Battle On Land And Sea (War scene and resolution)
Silver Star (ceremony)
>Creedance clearwater revival - Fortunate son (end title song)
Planet G ( suite)
Hopper (suite)

other songs (present in the movie, but where ? ? ?)

- Sugarbabes - Angels with dirty faces
- Dropkick murphys - hang 'em high
- stone temple pilot - interstate love song

RuthlessGravity2012-04-28 00:57:50
"Bad patriotic movie"


D A R T H2012-04-28 01:01:34
it's an advertisement for the us army with a very tiny story

Mr. Charles2012-04-28 18:13:30
Darth, please tell me how this is an advertisement for the US Army. Having a father who is a Vietnam Veteran and a brother who just enlisted and leaves for Boot Camp in September, I have a little Army knowledge. If anything, this is an advertisement for either the US NAVY or MARINES. NOT the Army. But, it's not an advertisement at all, it's a Motion Picture made for entertainment. Simple as that!!

Mr. Charles2012-04-28 18:46:05
Darth, even further proving my point? Check out track 4. "You're Going to the Navy". HELLO??!! There's your answer right there. That was hard! But again, this is not an advertisement, it is a motion picture made for entertainment!

Mr. Fate2012-04-28 19:36:40
Methinks D A R T H speaks in the terms of: "This movie is propaganda." What it is propaganda for remains undefined. It could be propaganda for the US military--Navy, or whatever. Or it could be propaganda (subliminal messaging, except that it isn't so subliminal) to get people to give Hasbro more money for the Battleship board game(s).

Hell, this movie is even getting a video game! Think about that: a video game based on a movie based on a board game. That's awful in my opinion.

Mr. Charles2012-04-28 22:14:30
Well, you have Transformers and G.I. Joe which have Video Games. A Video Game based on a Motion Picture, based on a toyline

Ds2012-04-29 03:35:57
It's not awful, it's how the economy/market/society work.

The film was great fun, i really don't care if it was derived from a toy or if a video game will be derived from the movie! :)

Mr. Fate2012-04-29 03:41:47
Yeah...I guess it's not as bad as the time they made a video game based on a movie based on a video game (Street Fighter something or other).

I really changed the whole point of the argument and I just think it's a dumb idea to have to make a video game adaptation of so many movies.

OKKU reply Replies: 12 || 2012-04-16 17:28:03
Any sample mp3 or youtube?

T-Mann0362012-04-16 22:56:18
At the moment... no. Maybe in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

ds2012-04-16 23:34:33
there are 4 or 5 30sec samples on

OKKU2012-04-17 10:32:44
Thanks all.

Phil2012-04-17 14:02:21
now there are 6 tracks with 30senconds length samples ;)

T-Mann0362012-04-18 20:22:14
After listening to some 30-second preview tracks, this is truly one of Steve's most brilliant work since D-War and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. When this soundtrack launches on May 8th, I'm purchasing it ASAP!

OKKU2012-04-24 20:10:09
Disappointment for me.

Evenstar2012-04-25 15:23:08
There is a 19min. suite of the Battleship music. Just look.

Hybrid Soldier2012-04-25 17:19:57
Well D A R T H don't try to find Planet G or Hopper anywhere. They are just Theme Suites. Actually The Art Of War is a Theme Suite too (whose real name is just "Six Idea" FYI).

D A R T H2012-04-25 19:34:26
@hybryd (hi:) ok for hopper and planet g, but art of war is a long version of the theme who is at this place (after super battle) and i think the theme is missing... do u have information about the good order, do u have correction about my track listing ?

D A R T H2012-04-25 23:39:51
@hybrid > do u have the complete tracklisting ?

Hybrid Soldier2012-04-26 07:23:13
I don't.

OKKU2012-04-27 10:34:59
Yes listen.&#304;t's Ordinary music for me.You must listen Brian Tyler's Transformers Prime ost:This tracks is wonderfull.

1- Transformers Prime
3- One Shall Rise

TB reply Replies: 0 || 2012-04-25 18:57:27
I Have it...Awsaome Tracks: The Art Of War and The Beakon Project...Hooper ist great!! It is a very fast Score, but not bad!

. reply Replies: 0 || 2012-04-24 22:14:43
all tracks in the movie!

Ronny reply Replies: 3 || 2012-04-23 18:45:34
When I was sitting in front of the big screen some score elements sounds to me like variations of the NARNIA theme LOL.All in all entertaining. The score is by far better than the movie.

Evenstar2012-04-23 20:38:41
But the movie is still better than Transformers.

Phil2012-04-23 21:04:48
to my mind it isn't by far!

Brent2012-04-24 08:12:24
It does sound a little like Narnia, doesn't it? LOL Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed Jablonsky's work on this. It did miss some of the heart that made the first Transformers score great, but the action moments in this were superb! All in all, great job Mr. Jablonsky!

Cloud reply Replies: 4 || 2012-04-20 13:37:23
Wow, having listened to the score now, I can say that A) it gave me a huge headache B) it made me realize the difference between music and noise C) it almost made me want to give up on film music. A new low has been reached, ladies and gentlemen.

marcorea2012-04-20 20:17:07
i wouldnt go that far lol. But it is a very average score, nothing that you have'nt heard before.

Anonymous2012-04-21 09:06:53
what more can one expect from a score that's made from the sound that MRI's make, I wonder...

tomPoland2012-04-21 12:02:47
Battle Los Angeles is far more better, waste of disk space.

Ds2012-04-22 15:36:38
It's very different from all we knew before, but i think it fits perfectly here! Open your minds guys :)

Richard.D reply Replies: 0 || 2012-04-22 02:43:06
It's a unforgetable movie,and soundtrack it's really magnificent.I love it so much!!

aldan reply Replies: 2 || 2012-04-21 01:38:41
Not every film score is Goldsmith-y and for me, Powell-y

Chris2012-04-21 01:56:26

Anonymous2012-04-21 09:10:05
Not sure about Goldsmith, but I guess even Powell would have a hard time fulfilling the needs of studios who can't seem to distinguish between music and sound effects these days.

aldan reply Replies: 0 || 2012-04-20 12:46:11
*** EDITED ***
I would have preferred John Powell though, Jablonsky's Battleship is just another Transformers. While Powell's has some meaning and memorable theme, i miss Powell's live action score.

But i have seen the movie, the score fits perfectly with the movie, especially the alien theme and of course, can complement the cliche scenes

Indiana reply Replies: 11 || 2012-04-13 09:12:10
I saw the movie last night and it was fun like Transformers or Armageddon (the Missouri sequence).

The score is terrific and very epic!

Alex.2012-04-13 11:52:37
Not sure if troll or just took crack cocaine during one of the worst contemporary four-quadrant racist sexist dull identikit modern studio blockbuster movies since well...Transformers.
The movie is just intrinsically terrible.

And the score is just every single RCP / MV musical cliche combined into one giant atonal dissonant orchestral-slash-electronic combination with no intelligence,narrative flow or genuine memorable themes or motifs.


Ds2012-04-13 12:17:15
The movie is fucking awesome. Even if you disliked it, you CAN'T say it's "dull" or "identikit". It's more about ships and strategy than about aliens, and that's great.

The score didn't look very inventive but i'll be glad to listen to it on album, there were some great rock moments.

Phil2012-04-16 15:45:52
i give the movie 7 out of 10 Points
the soundtrack was really amazing!
looking forward hearing it

Feared2012-04-18 21:44:46
Just came back from the movie, it was awesome! A true popcorn flick with cutting edge visuals. Sure Michael Bay style, but I think it was much less poser than Bay's films. It didn't try to be cool, just a scifi action film.
The score itself was between TF scores and the Island with lots -I mean LOTS- of electronics, and noises, but it sounded good. The movie featured a few songs, and though I didn't count, but the scores couldn't be 76 minutes, so maybe we'll have some unused cues on the album.
All in all I recommend both the movie and the score (when it gets released) for action/scifi fans!

Hybrid Soldier2012-04-18 21:48:57
I agree regarding the amount of music in the film. For a 2h10 film, there wasn't THAT much score.

We'll have anything we need in the OST, and even more !

Ds2012-04-18 21:58:07
I guess tracks 1-2-3 are theme-suites (like on every Jablonsky album).

The intro of the movie is probably track 5 ("Beacon Project"), followed by track 4 ("You're going to the Navy").

Then the ending of the movie is for sure track 21 ("Silver Star").

Tracks 22-23-24 are probably unused cues or end credits score, or also theme-suites.

Hybrid Soldier2012-04-18 22:14:31
Steve wrote a lot of theme suites for it, like he usually does for most of his film, and some good stuff he wrote for Battleship was left out. Maybe on CD ? We'll see !

Ds2012-04-18 23:00:26
Months ago i heard about hornpipes in Battleship (maybe it was you Hybrid :) ), it sounded very promising. But this wasn't in the movie, but hornpipes actually appear in the last track!

Noble2012-04-19 21:37:22
There is a youtube up of Battleship and it is what we would hope for Steve to make but better!!!! *** EDITED ***

Ds2012-04-19 21:46:01
This is fcking great!!! I didn't notice it was so good when i saw the movie :)

Phil2012-04-19 21:53:19
it's amazing ;)

Indiana reply Replies: 3 || 2012-04-17 13:20:55
My cd of Battleship has been shipped today from !!!!

Jim2012-04-17 15:15:55
Wow man, hope you will get us a review soon!

Ds2012-04-17 21:50:11
Wow!! :) i hope it's not a mistake... the website still states "This product can be shipped as of Tuesday, 08. May 2012"

Indiana2012-04-17 22:00:16
It happened often with colosseum but three weeks !!!!

hybridzimmer reply Replies: 0 || 2012-04-17 17:19:39
Love that score !

It had some great Armageddonian moments mixed to TF3 ! :)

tdo reply Replies: 0 || 2012-04-17 12:21:05

Yondaime reply Replies: 1 || 2012-04-11 23:04:29
Not seen the movie or heard the score but wondering, why didnt peter berg just continue with John Powell, he did hancock and the score was superb.

Ds2012-04-12 11:54:27
Hasbro was probably very happy with Jablonsky's work on Transformers, and wanted a similar approach for Battleship?

Ds reply Replies: 0 || 2012-04-11 22:45:05
I just saw the movie. The score is definitely "Dark of the Moon" style but with guitars and a lot of rock. Also heavy brass like in every RCP soundtrack since "Inception". Not very much place for emotion but a lot of action and fun :)

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