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Everan, this doesn't make any sense, actually, "I'm Electro" is the film version of "Itsy Bitsy Spider Theme", if you watch the scene in the movie again, you will notice that the film version has the little fragment at the 0:13 seconds mark of "I'm Electro", while the unreleased "Itsy Bitsy Spider" listed here doesn't have it, better saying, "I'm Electro" is actually the true film version of "Itsy Bitsy Spider", while the version we know is just a Alternate.CedParker and Mandarin, almost all of them are in Youtube.<br>Just one in specific, I can't find anywhere, which is the alternate of "Electro Showdown, Part 1".<br>Also, I'm still not sure if the alternate of "Electro Showdown, Part 2" listed here, and the version uploaded by the channel "1M1" are the same...I have two questions, where did you got the alternate of "Electro Showdown, Part 1"?<br>And the alternate of "Electro Showdown, Part 2" listed here, does it have anything to do with the version of the track uploaded by the channel "1M1"?You can find it easily on Youtube today, by the way, I can't find the alternate of Electro Showdown Part 1.mpolonest123, actually "unused source" is listed here, it's just with a different name "Farewell", I guess it was meant to be used between "Sins of The Fathers" and "Max Electrocuted", also, you've mentioned a film version of Norman's death song (Which is "Sins of The Fathers"), and If I'm not wrong, that track has just one version...
Anonymous, I think he's referring to the film version of "Spidey Logo", the one in the official album releaseDT-2017, The film version of "Harry's Transformation" mixes "Sum Total" with the part between 2:04 and 2:58 from "Special Projects", but with less instruments and a additional electric guitar. I actually like both versions, if you hear the film version, it actually sounds like it was just edited in last hour to fit in the scene, while the version in the album, I'm almost sure it was meant to be used in the full scene, you know, the uncut scene, with the parts as Harry's teeth growing, his column being fused (or whatever is that thing), he looking at the screen, and more...but then they deleted the fragments, and for Zimmer the last hour plan was just throw the intense part of "Special Projects" into the song, and for me, that worked well, I would like to hear the Intense parts of the two alternates of "Harry's Transformation" isolated.There’s a 3-minute clip of the truck chase on YouTube and I have to say the score sounds pretty cool. A lot of string/percussion work with an awesome electronic motif for the new “Terminator” model. Also, Brad Fiedel’s theme is back. ;)Hmmm, where do you have found the alternate of Electro Showdown Part 1? And what is the track "Farewell"? It is meant to be related to the Norman osborn scene? More likely "Sins of the Fathers" track?, I think not, because the track in that scene is 3 minutes long, while this "Farewell" is just 1 minute long<br>Also, you missed some tracks: Film Version of "Electro Showdown Part 2", Film Version of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" (which is actually the original version of the Album mix, yeah that one which was cut and renamed to "I'm Electro), an Alternate of "Truck Chase", and "Sins of the Fathers" which I mentioned before.<br>There's also two more alternates of "Flying Montage", one which is just 40 seconds long, and the film version, which doesn't have anything to do with the original version and the two alternates listed here.<br>And yeah, we can't forget about the second alternate of "I'm Spiderman" which is the film version of the track, and it was actually released in the album mix!Isn't his problem when people like Bruckheimer wanted a specific sound and give no freedom in his movies.<br><br>He works for what is given.
I think Lorne already has enough noise behind her, for my liking I should start to give way to quality instead of quantity.ASCAP shows that "Farewell To Lilliput" is credited to Jackman/Willis. Is it correct or there is only Jackman? Just thought may be there is a typo on the site.Any news on the soundtrack for Jack Ryan season 2?I was hoping for Ramin Djawadi to compose The Eternals, well Joseph Trapanese is a good composer so its good news.John powell is flying lowkey now which sucks, His X3 score is just jaw dropping. The Eternals would be perfect for him cause he'd make it epic but Joseph Trapanese is scoring that Surprised Jablonsky hasn't tackled DC or Marvel yet either
Damn i miss Klaus, he needs a damn come back. Stupid talentedpush...<br><br>please add them...I’ve talked to Lorne (we follow each other on Instagram), he says he’s very open to doing a superhero movie.<br><br>Plus, Henry Jackman tackling Black Widow isn’t a surprise, but it’s pleasant news indeed. He’s scored for her during Winter Soldier, so I hope we get an expansion of whatever thematic material there was for her in the Captain America films.<br><br>P.S, it’s long overdue for Powell to score another superhero movie. X3: The Last Stand is a solid score and I’d like to hear his ideas for a MARVEL or DC film.He has only had two films get released though this year ?What has IMDB got to do with it ?I mean 7 films and 2 tv shows from his IMDB with upcoming projects.

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Hans ZimmerLorne BalfeAndrew KawczynskiTom Holkenborg (Junkie XL)
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional ArrangementsAdditional Arrangements
The Dark Knight Rises
Label: WaterTower Music
Length: 136'24 rating:        4/5
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (26633 votes)
  1. A Storm Is Coming (0:37)
    Hans Zimmer
  2. On Thin Ice (2:55)
    Hans Zimmer, Jasha Klebe
  3. Gotham's Reckoning (4:08)
    Hans Zimmer
  4. Mind If I Cut In? (3:27)
    Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Jasha Klebe
  5. Underground Army (3:12)
    Hans Zimmer, Andrew Kawczynski
  6. Born In Darkness (1:57)
    Hans Zimmer
  7. The Fire Rises (5:33)
    Hans Zimmer
  8. Nothing Out There (2:51)
    Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe
  9. Despair (3:14)
    Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe
  10. Fear Will Find You (3:08)
    Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe
  11. Why Do We Fall? (2:03)
    Hans Zimmer
  12. Death By Exile (0:23)
    Hans Zimmer
  13. Imagine The Fire (7:25)
    Hans Zimmer
  14. Necessary Evil (3:16)
    Hans Zimmer
  15. Rise (7:11)
    Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe

    Digital Bonus Tracks :

  16. Bombers Over Ibiza (Junkie XL Remix) (5:51)
    Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL
  17. No Stone Unturned (7:29)
    Hans Zimmer
  18. Risen From Darkness (4:28)
    Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe
  19. The Shadows Betray You (5:20)
    Hans Zimmer
  20. The End (6:13)
    Hans Zimmer
  21. All Out War (3:21)
    Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe

    Origins (The Dark Knight Rises Z+ Apple App Exclusive) :

  22. Wayne Manor (22:05)
    Hans Zimmer
  23. Bane (19:49)
    Hans Zimmer
  24. Orphan (4:51)
    Hans Zimmer
  25. Selina Kyle (5:41)
    Hans Zimmer
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Tobi reply Replies: 9 || 2012-07-13 19:32:29
I love the music from the film, but I have to say that I miss the emotional touch of James newton Howard. In begins & tdk the emotional element had a strong presence while now I feel it does not.


Maybe it will be in the suite/collectors edition cd as hybrid hinted is coming.

Agent Smith2012-07-13 20:52:17
totally agree in this. the cues are all well done, but i expexted A LOT more. especially when hans always told us how awesome and eeeeeepic this will going to be and how different etc. but what is exactly different for him? mixing the tunes from the last two movies together? don't know, just not that much new stuff here. i mean, the best parts of the score are elements from batman begins and tdk. batman begins had sooooo many beautiful sad and emotional themes and melodies as also some lovely action tunes. tdk had again some good stuff and remarkable things like "a dark knight" or "like a dog chasing cars" etc...

and what exactly has tdkr? what can i remember from the tracks? not so much, only melodies from the last two movies, and that dissapoints actually. hopefully in the movie there are some more cues to discover and having the touching and depressing feeling like in begins and tdk and discovering some new material there. and hopefully the upcoming "suite"-cd version will give us a better representation of the score.

again, i don't to blame zimmer for this, i don't think it is boring, i'm only dissapointed as I've expected much more after reading his own words and actually after hearing the two last movies.

lauda2012-07-13 21:02:28
and it has TOO much of transformers in it. i didn't like first transformers (first score) after hearing some similarities with the begins score, but now hearing in a batman score some stuff from transformers is sad :/

ananymous2012-07-13 21:36:17
I say nothing else for weeks. But I have no idea. Or does it?
My friend "Skorponok" says yes. And most reviewers too ...

Why are some hard to admit it? This music is much worse than its predecessors. This indicated, two tone batman theme, the constant repetition, the bad "Transformers" mixed style something.
It lacks a James Newton Howard. Without him, no structure.

Hybrid Soldier2012-07-13 21:43:56
We heard you the first time, why insist ?

Anonymous2012-07-13 23:17:32
We also hear you say "old news to me" and talking down to us fans. So why insist?

ananymous2012-07-14 00:36:24
Would be new to me...
On the last pages I was able to find several of my comments.
I'm not a Hans Zimmer "hater", but what he offers his fans for several years is an insult. And I'm not willing to accept this.
Here it was attempted to sell inferior merchandise to fans as ne plus ultra. Example? REMIX

My name is anAnymous, not AnOnymous...

shatwell2012-07-14 01:15:07
Scorponok is in blatant use here...

and believe it or not, so is a tiny bit of score most of you probably missed -

if you were paying attention during Pirates 3 at the final battle when Will's Father Bootstrap wakes up before he attacks Davy (or when Jack talks to his dad about living forever) - you'll catch that little motif reprised during Imagine the Fire and the extra cue Risen From Darkness...

Anonymous2012-07-14 06:22:10
I agree! There's definitely some nice emotional moments in Born in Darkness and Necessary Evil for sure though!

Zimmeredge2012-07-14 15:04:07
I do not find anything that belong to the transformers score. Scorponok? Where? I listen this track. The cue is really different. The notes are different. The tempos are different. The sound is different.

Zimmeredge reply Replies: 0 || 2012-07-14 14:48:46
Hybrid; You weren't wrong, The End is such a masterpiece! I'm speechless.

Sandro reply Replies: 2 || 2012-07-14 08:50:16
Hybrid, can you tell us if those Bonus tracks are just remixes or are they also cues FROM the movie too?

Hybrid Soldier2012-07-14 08:58:53
Apart from the Junkie XL remix, all are score material, no worries about that... ;)

Sandro2012-07-14 09:00:05
ah fantastic, now i can enjoy them even more. thank you very much for this information :)

Andres Irias reply Replies: 2 || 2012-07-14 06:55:45
apparently no stone unturned is here, heard it from another source, but I can't get to download it because of my region, can someone else help??

h t t p://

cheesy2012-07-14 06:58:05
Can't access them without the CD.

Andres Irias2012-07-14 06:58:51
oh crap! that sucks then

Feedthemachine reply Replies: 1 || 2012-07-14 04:20:44
I was wondering if 'On Thin Ice' is a flashback to Bruce's time with the League of Shadows, particularly his training with Ducard. That seems like a reasonable way to begin the movie.

Anonymous2012-07-14 04:28:15
And the word "Ice" appearing again, as in Action Ice Theme on TDK

Anonymous reply Replies: 1 || 2012-07-13 11:33:52
Does somebody have 'No Stone Unturned' already?

shatwell2012-07-14 01:18:30
not yet. Waiting for it. But since I already have my cd preorders cant do dick about it now...

cheesy reply Replies: 1 || 2012-07-14 00:42:34
Is "All Out War" taken directly from the studio masters? It certainly doesn't sound mastered like any of the others.

That's how I hope a digital complete score, if WaterTower ever did one, would be released - relatively untouched.

shatwell2012-07-14 01:16:22
Yeah it sounds very much like those demos that came around last year with Rango, etc....Doesnt have that bias. I had to tinker with it to make it louder.

Evenstar reply Replies: 2 || 2012-07-13 19:57:38
Am I the only one who likes "Bombers Over Ibiza" very much? Junkie XL did a great job again!

somebody2012-07-13 20:44:58
yes you are.

theeaglesfan0052012-07-13 21:47:42
i liked it

Dima reply Replies: 0 || 2012-07-13 21:26:06
so where is the track from Nokia trailer?

Pluto reply Replies: 0 || 2012-07-13 16:01:33
I have a couple of questions. Let's say on July 17th, I go to a store and buy The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack. I know I will get the 15 tracks, but which bonus tracks would I get? And if I get three out of the five, how would I be able to get the other two? Thanks. :)

Drunkenmunkey reply Replies: 3 || 2012-07-13 01:23:06
My Top tracks

1. Imagine the Fire
2. Rise
3. Fear Will Find You
4. Why Do We Fall?
5. Gotham's Reckoning

BTW I am positive "Rise" is the final track but not the end credits like I previously speculated.

I am listening to Risen from Darkness and I think this may be the end credits track because it begins in the same way dark knight did.

What are your top tracks? I haven't heard the end yet though. Risen from darkness also seems to have the beats by Junkie XL!

Zimmeredge2012-07-13 01:58:53
The whole album is really great. I really appreciate all of them generaly. But some of these tunes will portray specific scenes in the movie and so it's more complicated to really appreciate them. But hell yeah Imagine the Fire and Rise on top. I'm really hoping for a big bane's suite too.

I heard samples from the shadow betray you and the end and this last one sounds really like another masterpiece from Zimmer. As Hybrid said it's a soften version of Like A Dog Chasin Cars. I will add industrial (electronical) minimal terminator-like version.

Noble2012-07-13 07:20:46
Shadows Betray You is the song used in the Nokia 3 trailer i been playing it and it is awesome

Zimmeredge2012-07-13 12:36:22
how did you manage to get the shadow betray you

ananymous reply Replies: 0 || 2012-07-13 17:38:35
I think my brain exploded. Oh no, I fall into a coma. Honestly, that's still worse than feared.

Where do I start? This pseudo-two tone "batman" motif, the constant repetition, the lack of variation?
This continuous approach to Steve Jablonsky "Transformers" style? For example "Imagine the Fire" aka "Skorponok".
Sorry, this is all too simplistic, too repetitive.

Finally! Somebody who gets the point: Zimmer's soundtracks are so boooring and always the same.

theeaglesfan005 reply Replies: 4 || 2012-07-13 02:12:33
loving All Out War

Bougt2012-07-13 12:15:49
If "all out war" is an official track , why does it not appear on the tracklisting above?

theeaglesfan0052012-07-13 14:55:23

because it's only exclusive to those who buy tickets from now through the 27th

im pissed about it because i bought tickets June 11th when they went on sale

but i had a friend who bought his tickets last night & he gave me the code to DL "All Out War"

Bougt2012-07-13 15:56:44
Eagle:) , thank you for the information

Kusi2012-07-13 16:14:00
@theeaglesfan005: Is this track really "only" available in 128kbit? Yes I know, better more music than nothing ;)

Agent Smith reply Replies: 1 || 2012-07-13 10:54:44
my god, the track "the end" is absolutely fantastic. yes it's like "A Dark Knight" in slow-motion, but still what a wonderful sound and how epic it gets. loving it and so glad we're able to have so many other tracks here and there.

hope to see sometime a much more expanded/complete/recording session version of it ;)

Zimmeredge2012-07-13 12:35:56
where and how did you get the chance to listen "the end"

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 15 || 2012-07-12 08:27:09
About the Junkie XL cue, here's what Hans has to say :

"Even though the Junkie XL tracks are in part remixes, he was working on the movie as well. So they are organic to the film."

Agent Smith2012-07-12 08:48:28
still it would be better to have a cue from the movie instead again a remix.

and hybrid, thanks for all those inside-informations. can't get enough of them :)

fabien2012-07-12 10:21:55
epic , extraordinary epic ! ;) as expected ...

Hybrid Soldier2012-07-12 12:56:11
Oh an another interesting thing, I have found an arranger credit for Ramin Djawadi, so I was kinda surprised. I asked if he had done something on TDKR, Hans told me he didn't, but as he worked on Begins, Hans wanted to aknowledge "the family". :)

Zimmeredge2012-07-12 13:13:30
Yeah I was surprised to see him in crew for the ost.

Zimmer is really sharing the succes with everybody. That's is own specificity.

Pierre2012-07-12 13:26:13
The three scores from the franchise are closely integrated and related sonically and thematically. In particular this latest score seems to hark back to some material from Begins. So it makes sense.

JordiVcecilia2012-07-12 13:51:14
Since I don't have a family, I love these family reuinions :))))))))

Anonymous2012-07-12 15:46:14
I'm sure track 11 is composed by Lorn Balfe. It has his sound all over it :)

Foreskin2012-07-12 18:32:03
Yes. The three scores are all thematically related.

I guess I kind of figured that when I kept hearing the same damn pieces of score from Batman Begins (now Dark Knight)cut and pasted into each other.

This one feels like it lacks JNH...I feel like tossing in the Hunger Games just to even it out.

Sean2012-07-12 18:36:25
I wonder if and HOW Hybrid Soldier knows Hans...hmm. >.>

bimbo2012-07-12 19:14:20
how about this theory: hybrid solider IIIIS hans zimmer :O

Hybrid Soldier2012-07-12 19:26:42
Yeah apparently I'm a lot of people these days.

It's just, he follows more than you think, and quite like it, and knows I'm some sort of middleman between him and you guys.

JordiVcecilia2012-07-12 23:50:57
I really could wish being the official Hans Zimmer site but then I had a second thought: If this site is official then some info couldn't be here. So,this is the best way!!
Hans and all who follows knows that this the most complete, accurate and "updated" site about media ventures, Remote Control and Hans Zimmer.
Congratulations St&#232;phane for the job you are doing here and for being such a cool guy (I'm not a creep, you are!)
Now I leave you because I have a couple of tracks to burn. Can you imagine wich ones?;)
HZ rules.

JordiVCecilia2012-07-12 23:59:21
I want to correct the last mesage I wrote:

I really could wish being the official Hans Zimmer site but then I had a second thought: If this site is official then some info couldn't be here. So,this is the best way!!
Hans and all the people who follows knows that this is the most complete, accurate and "updated" site about media ventures, Remote Control and Hans Zimmer.
Congratulations St&#232;phane for the job you are doing here and for being such a cool guy (I'm not a creep, you are really a cool guy!)
Now I leave you because I have to listen in a insane way a couple of tracks... Can you imagine wich ones?;)
HZ rules.

bimbo2012-07-13 00:06:09
the middle-man should tell then the real-man that he has to release a recording sessions of the thin red line! Pronto! :)

Anonymous2012-07-13 01:03:12
Soundtracks is released in Europe.

The remix sucks. Rest of the samples sounds nice.

Peter Jacobs reply Replies: 0 || 2012-07-12 21:32:21
Loving what Hans did this time around. Took some old themes and made them more powerful and added in some new stuff. Great job to all involved.

I wonder what possessed Hans to release them as heard in the film rather than in suites like he usually does this time around.

Chester reply Replies: 0 || 2012-07-12 19:54:12
Hybrid Soldier, you can tell Mr. Zimmer that he just blew this 16 year old's mind! :D I really enjoy hearing a couple of themes from "Batman Begins", because I believe that the music in that movie really captured the true meaning of Batman. Not to say I didn't like "The Dark Knight", that was epic ("Like A Dog Chasing Cars"- nuff said,)but "BB" really captured the story of Bruce Wayne. :) I didn't think a soundtrack could be as epic as "The Dark Knight" until I heard "The Dark Knight Rises". Just mind blowing! Thank you Mr. Hans Zimmer! You are the best!

Uga2 reply Replies: 1 || 2012-07-12 18:19:34
So is there a new bonus track?
It's called "All Out War"

theeaglesfan0052012-07-12 18:28:04

Joshua reply Replies: 0 || 2012-07-12 06:29:34
Any word Hybrid if Zimmer will perform live at the premiere like with Inception?

Zimmeredge reply Replies: 5 || 2012-07-11 23:10:30
What The hell?

two new tracks in the setlist? what about that?

cheesy2012-07-11 23:50:12
CD exclusives. It's one of those "website code" deals.

Zimmeredge2012-07-12 00:12:11
can you go further? because i don't understand that.

cheesy2012-07-12 01:17:10
When Game of Shadows came out, inside the CD jewel case was a slip of paper with a code on it that you could enter into the Watertower website to receive a free download of the exclusive bonus tracks. The same thing's happening with TDKR - inside copies of the "enhanced CD" will be a slip of paper allowing you a code to download the remix, No Stone Unturned, and Risen from Darkness. The other two are digital exclusives.

Zimmeredge2012-07-12 02:52:47
Yeah so it's basically what i wanted to do.

The question is now: will I have to buy the entire album digitally to get the digital exclusives?

(I don't mind I'm ready to pay for it, t'was part of my plan after all)

Horg2012-07-12 03:28:58
I got AGOS off itunes and was able to get the bonus tracks... finding the suite however, was the problem. See its not given to you off itunes, so unless you appen upon it by some miracle, or you get the link from someone, you are eligible to get the bonus tracks either way, its just you need the link to get them. Quite annoying, really -.-

theeaglesfan005 reply Replies: 2 || 2012-07-11 19:23:40
h t t p://

just read WaterTower's press release

pissed about no FULL score release.. but the iphone app may be cool i guess

Zimmeredge2012-07-11 20:12:13
they didn't say that they will not release a ful score.

They just annouce offically what we already knew (Iphone app, Vinyl edition and deluxe digital edition).

they can't say they will release a full score right now. They have to sell the "normal" score first (maximize the benefits because do not forget it's a Dark Knight soundtrack made by Zimmer so commercially it's huge!)

cheesy2012-07-11 22:15:54
Right. Who in their right mind would announce a full score release a week before the official album even comes out? This is all about the game of maximizing profits. We might not even hear about any expanding releases until closer to the DVD/BlueRay release. We didn't hear about TDK until October.

Radim reply Replies: 4 || 2012-07-11 10:26:15
On Thin Ice and Mind If I Cut In? sounds like from JNH :)

Zimmeredge2012-07-11 11:43:58
Zimmer all the way. He can write and produce that kind of track too.

Hybrid Soldier2012-07-11 11:52:19
Indeed, it sounds a lot like late 1980s HZ !

But still I can feel Lorne's arrangements all around in this album, like the typical "Ironcladish" high strings + synth pad use... :P

Pierre2012-07-11 11:53:18
I love On Thin Ice. There is an altogether new harmonisation of the 2 note motif.

In batman begins, we had it first going from D to F with no harmonies as Batman was lost and trying to find his path. The scene in the bat cave where he stands up we finally got the resolution with the F landing on a heroic dominant B flat major chord, which is still used throughout the trilogy for heroic moments.

In the Dark Knight, a new dangerous sounding harmonisation was introduced with the progression going to the major seventh D flat major instead of B flat major.

But in on thin ice we hear them theme again, this time moving from D minor to a very uncertain and reflective sounding Fmaj6 chord. Unexpected and beautiful.

Also the melody itself rises and falls, instead of going from D to F, it becomes a three note motif, coming back down again to D, signalling batman's fall/depression/lack of will.

Yet later on in the track Despair, we hear the most epic version of the two note motif, where the crescendo on the D seems to keep going on forever, and finally landing on the heroic B flat major F note in an immense burst of sound.

I love this score.

PhilB2012-07-11 12:11:19
@ Pierre

very nice detailing! ;)
like it!

Anotherguy 2 reply Replies: 0 || 2012-07-11 05:48:05
You get those other two bonus track if you buy the cd? Crap! I already pre ordered on itunes

Poe reply Replies: 0 || 2012-07-10 21:06:29
I think there's a hint/callback to Two Deaths in Mind if I Cut In :)

Drunkenmunkey reply Replies: 0 || 2012-07-10 18:40:06
I still say Fear Will Find You and Why Do We Fall? is when people are going to lose their shit during the premiere. I wanna hear the extra tracks!

Kusi81 reply Replies: 0 || 2012-07-10 10:24:52
Somebody wants a vinyl version? :)

h t t p:// ef=sr_1_6?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1341908561&sr=1-6

cheesy reply Replies: 17 || 2012-07-08 22:57:43
If the industry is working so hard against piracy, don't you think something that would help would be to eliminate all of these corporate exclusives?

I mean, album only digital exclusive bonus tracks, iPhone exclusive apps and content... and they wonder why people illegally download things.

I purchased the CD. Where are my props? No one in their right mind is going to separately purchase the entire album digitally just for two bonus tracks. So how do you think I'm going to get those?

And it's not like someone's going to buy an iPhone just to download one app, unless they're a blundering moron, so what's the use of these exclusives if all they do is agitate people into using other methods of getting what they want?

Joshua2012-07-09 00:03:09
Valid point

Hybrid Soldier2012-07-09 13:52:37
I know, I agree, I told Hans, and I don't even have an iPhone myself !

Hans knows there will be a lot of crying... But it is the way it is... At some point even he has to make choices to go on. What he technically wants to do, he can only do it that way.

Anyway, I've heard a sample of the track "The End" on Deezer, it's absolutely fantastic, a soft "dreamy" version of Like A Dog Chasing Cars. :D

Ds2012-07-09 14:02:37
How did you find it on deezer? I find nothing about the dark knight rises...

theeaglesfan0052012-07-09 14:53:48
what's deezer?

mc donald2012-07-09 15:21:34
He knows there will be a lot of crying about what?

Hybrid Soldier2012-07-09 16:12:21
About... what's gonna happen very soon !

Hans more or less explained the whole thing to me, but I can't say much more before it's completely settled.

But I can already feel the deferling wave of unhappy people coming right through us !!!!!

I guess we'll know very soon, since last time he asked me not to shout classified info (meaning Superman), it was known worldwide 2 days after ! o_O :)

shatwell2012-07-09 16:31:55
Why would there be crying? Most of you on here will end up getting it for free when it leaks anyway...if there's any crying that's typically done, it's when people hear parts of the score that arent on the album release and they they get mad...More than likely they have to wait for a dvd screener rip or something to complete it.

Same as it ever was?

At least Hans Zimmer is giving us 2 more tracks...similar to what he did with Inception in 2010.

Pierre2012-07-09 16:32:51
A Dark Knight Rises Iphone App, I guess. I don't care, I don't have an iphone and I'm never going to get one.

Zimmeredge2012-07-09 17:13:33
Dear Hybrid Soldier

I can't find anything on deezer concerning TDKR ost.

Hybrid Soldier2012-07-09 17:50:10
You kidding ?

Just google "The Dark Knight Rises" "Deezer", I'm sure you'll find something.

Soyez pas plus b&#234;te que vous en avez l'air !! ;)

Extracts are kinda blocked for some countries, but there are other ways... :P

Hybrid Soldier2012-07-09 17:51:05
Interesting... -__-

Antas you should fix that accent problem once & for all !! ;)

no2012-07-09 18:53:06
So you're essentially saying that Warner Bros. are backpedaling and aren't going to let Hans release something that they previously promised him that they would?

Hybrid Soldier2012-07-09 19:44:48 -0.mp3


A Watchful Guardian 2012-07-09 20:21:59
that clip sounds like the beginning of "Science and Religion" from Angels and Demons with the new batman theme pasted on top

Hybrid Soldier2012-07-09 22:53:21
Of course the French is good, since I'm... well, French ! ;)

Zimmeredge2012-07-10 01:04:17
sans déconner un compatriote français qui connait indirectement Hans Zimmer.

"I am impressed!" comme dirait Hardy dans Inception.

Hybrid Soldier2012-07-10 10:06:49
M&#234;me plutôt directement... ;)

Regarding these new bonus tracks, it's definitely getting tricky. Looks like a Sherlock 2 kinda thing, with digital tracks to get with the CD or something.

This + the iTunes/Amazon tracks... Interesting, it's gonna be a big mess ! Tron Legacy looks simple next to that hahaha !

Oh and by the way the OST content really contains the film cues, not HZ's suites. TDK first OST contained 37 min of theme suites.

cheesy reply Replies: 2 || 2012-07-10 04:56:44
On it includes this on the page for the CD:

"*** Enhanced CD - unlocks 3 additional tracks! 2 are exclusive to the CD:
Bombers Over Ibiza (JunkieXL remix)
No Stone Unturned (exclusive)
Risen From Darkness (exclusive)***"

Are those two tracks separate exclusives?

Uga22012-07-10 06:04:21
Awesome! But why is there a track "Risen in Darkness" when there is a similar title "Born in Darkness"? this confuses me.

Falaffel 2012-07-10 06:54:11
Boy O Boy...More douchebaggery...Now we have a CD that people are going to buy, ON TOP OF the Digital download just so they can get ALL of the released material.

On top of it, Amazon is selling it for 10 bucks...Itunes version? $13.99

What the hell is this bullshit?

Drunkenmunkey reply Replies: 1 || 2012-07-10 00:20:28
More clips are up ladies and gents!

h t t p :// M39313

rice2012-07-10 06:46:24
Same clips as before.

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