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Agree, solid work, but dosen't sound like John Williams, more like Danny Elfman.<br><br>Also, the main theme sounds like Pirates of the Caribbeanwhat an incredible album! it is getting very close to my personal favorite which is dunkirk. there is so much mastery in both. one thing that dunkirk has that this album doesn't have is a sense of repetition. both albums have some kind of non-finality. with dunkirk, i feel transported back to the beginning. with this one, i am not sure what comes next.<br><br>Hans and team probably have their share of anecdotes but here's another one.<br><br>i was playing this one day and my friend's daughter asked me if this was from... she hesitated and asked: the dark phoenix movie? i was astonished. she is 12 and probably not into movie scores. but she was able to pinpoint the right movie from a random part. that's something many aspire to. especially with the millions of super heroes movies out there!<br><br>i told her how impressed i was and went on unleashing my Hans Zimmer collection onto her haha :)Because i don't support the idea of 'only good scores are full orchestral', don't agree with that statement.<br><br>Yes, i love Your Highness and Steamboy, aslo really like stuff like TF (except the four) and TMNT 2. But also something like Pain & Gain, Bloodshot, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Deepwater Horizon, even i consider (unpopular opinion) guilty pleasure Battleship.<br><br>Yes, i'm weird :p<br>I love revisiting this score. It's just so much fun, and I love hearing this side of Steve's music. I remember watching interviews where he'd talk about programming John Williams' string patterns into midi instruments, and his love for Williams' work overall. This side of him is rarely shown in his projects. <br><br>But then you have scores like this that show off how much of a wizard he can be with music. Melodic action music, fun and creative use of synth, classic Jablonsky choir chants, and beautiful use of the orchestra. Perfect for a fantasy comedy with a modern twist. <br><br>I cannot stress enough how much I love tracks like "Isabel the Strong", "Labyrinths And Humps", and "Mean Knights and Horsies O' My!". "Playful Secrets" in particular shows just how much of an expert Steve is with an orchestra. It sounds straight out of a John Williams score like Harry Potter or Indiana Jones with a fun Danny Elfman choir on top. Not to mention the beautifully performed bassoon and French Horn combo at 0:39 and 0:44! <br><br>These are the kinds of projects I like to see from Jablonsky. Films and games that allow him to show off his skills and test his abilities to the point where he creates complex, unique, varied, thematically rich, and truly poignant music. <br><br>This is something that I can point to and say "that's 100% a Steve Jablonsky score". It has some influence from Zimmer, but is not copying him by any means. Maybe with the slight exception of "Thadeous".Can't really agree that much with Bloodshot. The reason I was able to be engaged in Jablonsky's past scores similar to this (e.g. TF5, TMNT 2) was his strong melodic voice. Even in the more sound design parts of those scores there was at least several themes that I enjoyed, easily identified, and analyzed some lovely development for them. <br><br>Bloodshot doesn't really have that, it's got themes so minimal (except for KT which I can't really enjoy because the melody sounds identical to "Optimus"), that whatever development is there, I feel nothing toward because it's easy and boring to develop a theme that's basically just a series of chords. <br><br>Keanu I can't entirely judge Jablonsky for as it was also Nathan Whitehead's score, but it just sounds like Bloodshot 0.5 to me. Guitar chords, sound design, string ostinatos, wandering piano theme, been there done that. <br><br>Good lord, do I hope Steve works on Orbital Era though. It would be so refreshing to hear a full-on orchestral Jablonsky score again.
Not only better than Spenser, it's better than Skyscraper.<br><br>Ok, Bloodshot maybe isn't one of the best works by Jablonsky, but after such disappointing with Skyscraper, see Jab in a work with choir, guitars, cool themes (if don't catch the similarities between KT's theme with the Autobots theme ;D) and good action writing (hang in there, i'm not going say is something good as Steamboy or Your Highness, even some of the Transformers/The Island stuff), as for the sound design, i prefer people like Jab, Zimmer or Holkenborg MORE than something dreadful as Reznor/RossJust listen Bloodshot OST again and I like it better than for the first time. Yes there is a lot of sounddesign elements, but quiet and melodic moments are good at some parts. My favorite track is "Bloodshot". For me this work, despite all the problems, is far better than Spencer Confidential.<br><br>There is extremely need of new Sci-Fi (not like Bloodshot, lol) or Fantasy project for Steve to work on. I'm fairly certain that he could provide amazing music for this genres, but for some reason.<br>Also, I've listened a few tracks from his "Keanu" score (posted on his new website) and it's wonderful, hope there will be a full release sometime. This one reminds me of another genre where Steve is good - comedy and parody movies - "Your Highness", "Pain and Gain", "Sims 3" (yes, it's a game score but it has that comedy atmosphere I'm talking about) all are really great scores for its genre.<br><br>For me "Eternals" from Marvel could be a good movie for Steve to work. And honestly, I would like to see what he could brings to "Godzilla vs Kong" crossover more than Junkie XL.<br><br>At least I hope that Katsuhiro Otomo would like to work with Steve again on his new anime project "Orbital Era", truly a dream-project.Yes, the sound mixing in the movie is bad, you can't listen the music properly, is buried under a lot of sound effects.<br><br>It was one of those situations where 'the music is trying to overlook the thunderous sound effects',I do kinda prefer the 2014 score over the KOTM score, but McCreary's work does deserve more love than just being called a 'retreat of the original theme'.<br>It also deserved to be heard more, but the movie's sound mixing was terrible.Wasn't expecting to see someone else here for the same reason. Really hoping those two soundtracks return, they're great for studying music.
Are Steve Jablonsky and Rupert Greyson-Williams still apart of RCP or they went solo too?I wouldn't disagree that Godzilla KOTM is a good score since it works very well for the movie and by itself. I'm just saying that Junkie XL can bring something new and interesting to the franchise which hasn't been done before.Before someone jump, i will said in this kind of movies, change a composer is very common, don't say i don't want McCreary will be back, only i prefer other people try other things.<br><br>Like i said, i listen very OFTEN the three scores in this movies, and i love each style (as for the movies... well, prefer G14 and KSI over KOTM)@Moggyman<br><br>If you think that all McCreary did was modernize the Godzilla theme, you clearly haven't listend to the score.<br>He indeed used and modernized the themes for Godzilla & Mothra.<br>Besides that he wrote new themes for Rodan, Ghidorah, Monarch, The Russel Family and a theme he called the Ancient theme.<br><br>Besides this, he used the orchestra, choir, soloist and specialty instruments in the best way they can be used.<br><br>His score was one of the best blockbuster and orchestral scores of the last couple of years, in my opinion.<br><br>Until I hear Holkenborg's score I can't really comment on if it will be good. But at the moment I am sad McCreary isn't coming back. But I am very curious what Holkenborg will doI disagree, the McCreary's score in that movie is really, really good... but I put this, as myself i listen very often the other two: G14 and Skull Island, also really, really good, can't put a score over another because one composer uses a theme (a very mytical one, if you are a movie monster fan), specially in that franchise.<br><br>Yes, Ifukube create a wonderful theme (and the original movie have a really tough score to listen isolated of the movie), but other composer make a wonderful themes (and polaraising), like Otani (which his score for GMK is FULL electronic, but really good) or Oshima (great theme, maybe the inspiration for Desplat's theme), even the most forgotten Reijiro Koroku create a terrific theme for the character in 1984
Bear McCreary is a good composer but all he did for Godzilla KOTM was modernize the original Godzilla theme, which isnt super creative. Junkie, on the other hand, may give us a really creative score based on his eagerness to do the project.Yeah besides the massive disappointment that is the movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the even bigger disappointment is that Bear McCreary won't be back for fool.... its impossible ! everybody knows that there is only one batman theme.... (joke)In a recent interview, Junkie mentioned that he's bringing back themes for Superman and Wonder Woman, while everything else is new. I wonder if he's gonna make a new Batman theme.It's true, there is completely different team from composer to director in crossover :)

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Hans ZimmerTom Holkenborg (Junkie XL)Atli ÖrvarssonAndrew Kawczynski
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
Man Of Steel
Label: WaterTower Music
Length: 118'21 rating:        Not yet rated
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  1. Look To The Stars (2:58)
  2. Oil Rig (1:45)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg
  3. Sent Here For A Reason (3:46)
  4. DNA (3:34)
    Hans Zimmer, Andrew Kawczynski
  5. Goodbye My Son (2:01)
  6. If You Love These People (3:22)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg, Andrew Kawczynski
  7. Krypton's Last (1:58)
  8. Terraforming (9:49)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg, Steve Mazzaro
  9. Tornado (2:55)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro
  10. You Die Or I Do (3:13)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg, Christian Vorländer
  11. Launch (2:36)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro
  12. Ignition (1:19)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg
  13. I Will Find Him (2:57)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg
  14. This Is Clark Kent (3:47)
    Hans Zimmer
  15. I Have So Many Questions (3:47)
  16. Flight (4:18)
    Hans Zimmer, Andrew Kawczynski
  17. What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World? (5:27)
  1. Man Of Steel (Hans' Original Sketchbook) (28:16)
    Hans Zimmer

    Limited Deluxe Edition

  2. Are You Listening, Clark? (2:48)
    Hans Zimmer, Andrew Kawczynski
  3. General Zod (7:21)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg
  4. You Led Us Here (2:59)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg
  5. This Is Madness! (3:48)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg
  6. Earth (6:11)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro
  7. Arcade (7:25)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg
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Anonymous reply Replies: 4 || 2013-08-16 19:49:39
The version of the Superman heroic theme heard in Look to the Stars and Flight reminds me of Zimmer's "Celebrate the Oscars" music.

Anon-e-missing2013-08-16 20:04:38
Speaking of that, how much composition has Zimmer done for nonfilm/nongames? I know he did the "Celebrate the Oscars" theme mentioned here and the ABC world news theme, but anything else like that?

MacArthur 2013-08-16 20:18:07
Look in discography under non-flim

Mike2013-08-16 20:18:44
He did "Who Are the Roma?", a documentary. I know that.

MacArthur 2013-08-16 20:20:45
My fault Media and type in Hans Zimmer

0-cool reply Replies: 6 || 2013-08-14 09:45:13
someone did a score analysis. Interesting read.

Mike2013-08-14 15:18:20
Intensely interesting analysis. His posting on the Dark Knight trilogy music was equally interesting. And indeed, as he points out, one of the things I noticed about the various recurring motifs in Man of Steel is that there's several of them to define a given thing, yet they all maintain a degree of similarity in describing that one thing.

Mike2013-08-14 15:25:35
Also, I enjoyed the comparisons of Williams' and Zimmer's themes.

MacArthur 2013-08-14 19:13:50
Yes, I do to personally I like Zimmer's better

MacArthur 2013-08-14 19:14:50
Oh mike did you see my thing on Inception

Mike2013-08-14 19:30:06
What thing on Inception?

MacArthur 2013-08-14 19:46:32
The Thing that we were discussing on TDKR comment section. I posted some of the track listings from what I Heard on Inception.

Radik reply Replies: 78 || 2013-07-19 09:42:15
Hans to score Amazing Spider-Man 2 :)

Edmund Meinerts2013-07-19 10:50:16
Worst news I've heard in a long time. Horner's score was really good.

NTNBaessi2013-07-19 11:54:42
I do not know what to think given the fact that I just hated the first film of this reboot series and its score by James Horner.
What a terrible score in my opinion, just lifeless and not memorable at all, it would have been fit better on a documentary about whales than to Spider-Man movie.
If its true, then I hope Hans will do a better job scoring this thing, hope he will make more watchable this time.

Edmund Meinerts2013-07-19 12:05:23
At least The Amazing Spider-Man had a theme that was more than a few notes, which is more than can be said for Zimmer's superhero scores.

NTNBaessi2013-07-19 12:12:01
The two-note Batman theme did more justice to its character than the whole James Horner score did for the new Spider-Man. The number of notes does not make a score better or worst, just saying...

Naji2013-07-19 12:14:04
Edmund Why so serious? only few nots and its one of the best villain theme so please if you don't like hans keep ur opinion for your self.

Naji2013-07-19 12:16:50
NTNBaessi 100% head shot A+

Hybrid Soldier2013-07-19 12:56:04
Edmund, don't feel you "HAVE TO" comment on something when you have nothing to say, or just throw in nonsense... That will help everyone and you.

Horner was never ever EVER going to return, so what ? You'd have forced him with a gun ?

About HZ, we'll see, I still want to hear the man confirm it... ;)

Philipp2013-07-19 13:00:21
@Hybrid Soldier
Hans to confirm scoring The Amazing Spiderman 2? really? :)

Edmund Meinerts2013-07-19 13:28:04
The "number of notes" comment was aimed more at the claim that Horner's score wasn't memorable, because it DID have a strongly melodic theme that I only had to hear two or three times to have it firmly stuck in my head. Whether you like that sort of thing for your superheroes or prefer the two-note Batman thing (and yes, "Why So Serious" IS brilliant) is entirely up to you, of course, but to claim that it's unmemorable seemed a bit weird to me when it's almost overly reliant on a quite distinctive theme.

Hybrid, I don't know why you say Horner was never going to come back...Marc Webb really, really wanted him for the first one so I expected him to want to keep the series continuity (yeah...continuity, does anyone in Hollywood even remember or care what that means anymore?). If Horner flat out refused him then that would be different but I haven't heard anything like that and it seems weird that he keeps losing assignments these days (Romeo and Juliet and Ender's Game and now this).

Also, it just seems a bit unfair to let Hans score ALL THREE of the most famous superheroes within the course of just a few years. NOBODY deserves that much of a monopoly. That's why I say it's bad news.

So is that "nothing to say" Hybrid? ;)

Hybrid Soldier2013-07-19 13:30:32
Actually I loved Horner's score and find it strange to see HZ on... that...

We'll see...

Naji2013-07-19 13:55:23
Edmund Why you think they want Hans for most famous superheroes did you ask your self if he is doing only 2 3 notes if mos is unmemorable Marc a stuiped guy, James will never come back for many reasons, if hans did same note in his movie ill see 1st comment from you (this man doing this man ......) james he is the best one in the world using same nots agin and agin.
so pleas please if you don't like hans is up to you but we like him and we have the respect for this man.

Pierre2013-07-19 15:14:55
Naji, go learn English lol

Naji2013-07-19 16:23:59
Sorry Pierre, my eng is bad bcz Im not from euro or usa.

0-cool2013-07-19 16:45:58
Horner's score sucked but come on, Hans is over-saturating the genre. I want him to do smaller movies.
Let John "animation-slave" Powell do Spider-man

Bioscope2013-07-19 17:08:38
Horner's score was a beautiful human drama work that evolved into a superhero piece. I think Zimmer could pull it off just as well, but he should take lessons from his own LONE RANGER score: lyricsm is very important for heroic setpieces. Marc will hopefully guide Zimmer away from the meditative Nolanism and Snyder electronica, and out Zimmer as a closet maestro for full orchestra again.

Mike2013-07-19 17:09:17
As for the jab at what I assume is Zimmer's two note Batman theme, I say that those two notes, however simple, absolutely define this version of the Batman character. As for this news, I'll be disappointed if it's true. Zimmer should stay a DC guy.

Mike2013-07-19 17:14:15
I actually think it would be really awesome if whatever DC movies are made in the future have either Zimmer or James Newton Howard scores, to keep the continuity (Batman Begins and TDK were HZ and JNH, Green Lantern was JNH, TDKR and MoS were HZ). But for heaven's sake, stop signing Zimmer up for any and every superhero! Marvel has its own repertoire of composers.

Mike2013-07-19 17:24:28
And Bioscope, spot-on with the meditative Nolanism comment. In a certain sense I feel like Zimmer thinks too deeply about his scores these days. I was watching Gladiator last night and enjoying the score in the process, and once it was over my first thought was, "The Zimmer of grand scores like this is gone". I'd love to see the late 90s/early 2000s Zimmer again, but he'd need to be convinced that "big and grand" all throughout doesn't imply a lack of dignity. I know his Man of Steel theme was big, and it was great, and The Lone Ranger also had a good "old Zimmer" feel to it, but neither of those scores as a whole compare with what he used to write.

Hybrid Soldier2013-07-19 21:17:40
Hans confirmed to me, he's doing it...

zeroman2013-07-19 21:19:30
Hallelujah! :) I defintely look forward in seeing what Hans does with Spiderman.

Mike2013-07-19 21:47:33
I think this is bad. I loved Zimmer's Batman and Superman work, to be sure. I'm listening to Batman Begins now and I listen to his Man of Steel theme quite a bit. But I'm really not a fan of this news. Why? A few reasons.

1. Zimmer has already scored films for the two (arguably) most popular comic book heroes, Batman and Superman. The next most popular is probably Spider-Man. Hans is going to monopolize the genre. I thought for sure that he wouldn't be hired for a Marvel film, but if he's doing this one, who knows what other Marvel films he'll be hired for?
2. He should stay a DC guy. Now even if he does score future DC film, it won't be nearly as interesting, because he'll have, in a sense, "divided loyalties".
3. Marvel has no musical continuity, and this just makes that fact more obvious. I wasn't the greatest fan of Horner's score, but I thought and hoped that he would return for the sequel, for continuity's sake. Guess not.
4. Does every movie need a Zimmer score nowadays? I really do like his work, but for heaven's sake, he doesn't need to be hired for everything.
5. Given what he's done to Batman and Superman--which worked greatly for Batman and alright with Superman--this means we will probably be given a Spider-Man score with the "meditative Nolanism" that Bioscope mentioned and be deprived of a nice, old-fashioned theme.

I am genuinely curious to hear what he comes up with, but I'm also genuinely disappointed.

Mike2013-07-19 21:54:45
Not to mention that if he keeps getting hired for this stuff, he might grow tired of it and turn down a Man of Steel sequel.

Anonymous2013-07-19 22:35:05
Well we know how this'll work: Lorne Balfe and a couple others will score the film from a 20 minute suite written by Hans and entitled "The Arachnid" xD. Then Hans will go into these deep thoughts on the character of Peter Parker in an interview, be in a video of him watching a recording session and cracking jokes, and talk about the originality of this score compared to others.

I'm mostly kidding. I like the guy's work. But let's be honest: it'll probably happen like that. ;)

Mike2013-07-19 22:39:07
lol, "The Arachnid (Hans' Spider-Man Diary)". I can see it now! :P

Mike2013-07-20 05:29:53
As against this as I am, has Hans written anything yet? I know it was just announced, but he had begun to score Interstellar way before that was announced.

Anonymous2013-07-20 05:34:46
I hope Zimmer has the brains not to scrap Horner's theme. That in itself would make me, for one, more content with this.

isildur2013-07-20 11:11:09
Come on fellow skeptics ! Remember the score mostly depends on what the Director wants. MoS is what Snyder wanted, TLR is what Verbinski wanted. We'll see what Webb wants from Zimmer for his movie. I hope we'll get a good score.

NM2013-07-20 16:26:17
I kind of echo what people are saying, not that I really care about this specific score, but in general it feels like everything these days is done by Hans/RCP. It's beginning to reach a saturation point. It's not their fault that producers keep asking for them, but still.

Medigo2013-07-20 20:35:17
logically this just means Elfman should score the next superman movie

Mike2013-07-20 21:15:28
I wish there were a poll somewhere to see how many like this development and how many don't. :P

Anonymous2013-07-20 21:30:49
I wonder how Hans even became involved with the project! When he did a reddit a while back, it sounded like he wouldn't some downtime after TDKR and MoS. Ugh.

Mike2013-07-20 21:44:58
Am I the only one who would want to hear a Michael Giacchino Spider-Man score?

I think one of the most disappointing things about this is the fact that Horner's score for the first film was really good. I doubt Zimmer will retain much of it. Now you could point to Curse of the Black Pearl and say that Zimmer kept the tone and themes of Klaus Badelt's score, but anyone who knows about that score knows it was really Zimmer, but credited to Klaus because Hans had promised to do The Last Samurai. Has Zimmer ever REALLY done a sequel after somebody else?

Jimmy2013-07-20 21:50:39
So if he does TASM2 now and also does Interstellar, does that mean the latter score will, like Inception, be at least as much if not more the work of Lorne Balfe than Zimmer? :(

Anonymous2013-07-20 21:57:04
I guess a Michael Giacchino score could be good...I think a JHN SM score could be good as well. But I'm seriously just wondering how the heck this transpired. There was NO talk of it beforehand, no word from Zimmer implying its possibility, and by all accounts it seemed unlikely.

Hybrid Soldier2013-07-20 21:59:08
Would that be bad, Jimmy ?

Probably, cause Inception is a horrible score in every way ! :P

Jimmy2013-07-20 22:02:35
Actually Inception is a really good score...but it isn't just a Zimmer score no matter how you look at it.

Anonymous2013-07-20 22:14:22
Speaking of that, can Hybrid confirm if Zimmer scores work like the following? It's what interviews and articles seem to imply:

--Zimmer reads the film script and gets the ideas going.
--Zimmer writes suites.
--They put Zimmer's music in the movie once the shooting is done.
--Additional composers arrangers go to work and tweak Zimmer's music that had been put in the movie as a sort of "demo film score"
--the final product happens

Hybrid Soldier2013-07-20 22:36:00
So what ?

Only the result is important, actually... :)

It's not far from that, mister with no name, but it varies on the project, and it's not like HZ's work is temped and he goes on vacation while the work is done... He is part of that last process following the add. composers, "showing them the way", telling what he wants, what to do and how to do it, checking & rearranging, saying yes or no, and, OF COURSE, doing some cues himself that would only be slightly arranged/programmed by another guy...

Anonymous2013-07-20 22:47:16
Danke ;) I think Inception, where Lorne did most if not all of the scoring to picture, was a special case @Jimmy. I'm sure Zimmer still does cues these days. TDKR's prologue strikes me as a Zimmer cue. Idk why. I would also imagine judging by his Aurora track that the Slow Knife music was arranged in that scene by him.

As for Spider-Man, idk what to think at this point. I just find it kinda strange.

Joshua2013-07-20 23:09:07
Zimmer scored Mission Impossible 2 after Elfman's first one.

Mike2013-07-21 19:15:48
But even Mission Impossoble had a preset, always-there theme... :P

tomPoland2013-07-22 16:00:46
Sad. TASM was refreshing after all that heavy-mood super-hero scores. I hope that HZ will keep great themes Horner created. We need something coherent. Thor 2 has different composer, Captain America 2 also... WTF is wrong with this studios and producers?!?!

Mike2013-07-22 20:54:18
What tomPoland said.

Joshua2013-07-22 22:54:33
Interesting article
w w w ?a=83727

Wonder how the mystery collaborator is?

Hybrid Soldier2013-07-22 23:02:49
A big friend of Hans but he keeps it secret.

Mike2013-07-23 04:42:55
So wait, Zimmer will definitely be collaborating with Spider-Man?

trent easton navarro2013-07-23 22:51:43
i.e. Zimmer will do a 10 min demo instead of a 20 and will let this mystery composer (together with the minions of course) do the rest.

Mike2013-07-23 22:53:24
I dunno about that. Zimmer had a collaborator on The Dark Knight and did most of the material--yes, even the film cues--himself.

Prott2013-07-24 01:57:46
Regarding the "mystery composer" - it would be really awesome if Hans joined his forces with Ennio Morricone... but that's probably just my dream. :)

Joshua2013-07-24 05:23:57
Without answering directly, Is this big friend another composer or a traditional pop artist?

Bioscope2013-07-24 08:07:22
Someone with a strong connection to New York, perhaps?

Hybrid Soldier2013-07-24 08:27:41
I said : "he keeps it secret". Isn't that clear enough ? :P

tomPoland2013-07-24 12:32:15
Maybe it's Horner? Together they could do someting really great.

Hybrid Soldier2013-07-24 12:49:52
The first name isn't "James"... That's all we know !

0-cool2013-07-24 14:38:36
John Powell

Blu2013-07-24 16:05:55
Another Robert Galbraith scenario. Splendid... :-P

Radik2013-07-24 23:12:47
Lorne Balfe or Henry Jackman... my guess :)

Anonymous2013-07-24 23:45:52
I love how Hybrid does not allow anyone to have an opinion unless it is a good one. Anything bad about Zimmer and he snaps. Edmund, you are entitled to have your say if people like it or not, man.

Hybrid Soldier2013-07-24 23:49:36
And if you have a problem with that, you're free to leave ! ;)

Joshua2013-07-25 00:01:03
Funny cuz when the score comes out it wont be a secret anymore. Thanks Hybrid!

Anonymous2013-07-25 23:27:37
You know Hybrid, people are allowed to say less than positive things about someone in the public eye. If YOU have a problem with that, you are not exactly being fair. This is a comments section, people can say what they wish. Just because you love Hans Zimmer does not mean he is not without imperfections.

Nothing Edmund said was nonsense. Its his opinion and he is allowed to say what he wants. If you don't like it, ignore it. But jumping into defend Zimmer, or anyone else, every time is childish and unneeded. Get some perspective.

tomPoland2013-07-26 11:25:25
I don't know filmmusic industry from inside, but should not be there some composer solidarity? When someone asks you to score TASM2, I think that Zimmer should say: "No can do. Horner did great job and I don't want to step in his shoes." Something like that, you know? And it's just an example. Same with Ender's Game, Thor2. I don't mean schedule problems - I'm fine with that. But not where there are just sulks of the producers. That sucks.

"Found via the James Horner fan page on facebook. Description:

"" "Ender's Game": By decision of the producers, all the post-production team was changed at the last minute, including the composer.

"Romeo & Juliet" It's a score rejected. Was recorded in december. According to a friend who was in the recording say it's a masterpiece. After a disappointing first pass, the movie suffered numerous re-edits. Producers Horner asked to re-compose another score other than the first, but this he refused it outright insulting the producers.

"Spiderman 2". Producers want a "modern sound and intellectual", like Batman or Man of Steel.""

TDK and MoS was not very intellectual, IMO. Good ideas, but without soul.

Mike2013-07-26 22:05:17
It bothers me that everyone wants their films to sound like The Dark Knight or Man of Steel. Sure, it's popular, but if everyone does it then it becomes boring, annoying, and typical. I dunno about the directors of these movies, but I don't WANT to hear the same style every movie I go to.

Prott2013-07-30 09:51:46
There is a recording of a 4 minute long promo that was shot at ComiCon... and the little bit of the score that can be heard actually sounds like a new material (RCP french horns, string ostinatos, etc.). You can also hear it's based on the old Horner theme (well, at least at it's first four notes). :) And it definitely sounds promising!

tomPoland2013-07-30 13:40:52
I think it's some kind of remix made by some group, cause Zimmer is on-board for few days and couldn't record something already.
But I really hope he will leave Horner's themes and motifs - it's been a long time since super-hero got a decent and strong theme (IMHO nor Batman nor Superman had one)

...2013-07-30 14:18:28
Where can I hear this 4 min promo?

Prott2013-07-30 16:53:08
tomPoland: I think it's entirely possible HZ and his team made around 2 minutes of music just for this promo in less than two days... They did 2+ hours of music for movies like The Rock or PotC in 3 weeks (or 90 minutes in two weeks - in case of White Fang). :)

Mike2013-08-05 21:21:07
Hans' being hired for The Amazing Spider-Man bring to mind the words of Calvin and Hobbes' writer Bill Watterson, when he gave his reasons for being against comic strip licensing: "When cartoon characters appear on countless products, the public inevitably grows bored and irritated with them, and the appeal and value of the original work are dimished. Nothing dulls the edge of a new and clever cartoon like saturating the market with it" (Bill Watterson, The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book, pg. 10).

Anonymous2013-08-13 18:31:00
Any word on whether HZ has begun?

MacArthur2013-08-13 22:45:04
Do you know who's doing the music for Captain America 2, and I'm glad that Hans Zimmer is doing amazing Spider-man 2 Music He ought to do a good job

Mike2013-08-14 02:16:23
Captain America 2 will be Henry Jackman.

MacArthur2013-08-14 02:28:12
Cool, Although i did like Alan Silvestri's score for the first, and what's with Zimmer my opinion is that if you are hired to do the score you do the score, why let someone do the majority of the score. when you are hired to do it.

MacArthur2013-08-14 02:32:26
or is that Zimmer's choice to do that? I don't mind Additional music or even arranger cause that still means its you doing the majority of the work. but to leave it to the other composer score the other half when he is the paid composer. i don't know about that especially if i'm buying it for Zimmer doing the music.

MacArthur2013-08-14 02:33:33
and believe me i'm not opposed to help.

MacArthur2013-08-14 02:34:32
and i'm talking about Amazing spider-man 2

Mike2013-08-14 02:35:26
Indeed, that's what many of us ask--or, if you're gonna let other people do a lot of the score, why aren't they credited? It really varies from project to project, though. The Batman films and Man of Steel, for example, are really Zimmer for the most part (yes, I know JNH worked on the first two Batman films; what I mean is, the additional guys didn't have that heavy an influence). Inception, Madagascar, probably The Lone Ranger, and many others, however, don't pass as solely Zimmer at all. Still, Zimmer has never been a fan of really specific credits (which would include being credited himself as the composer when others composed a fair amount also).

Still, I agree with Bill Watterson when I think of this stuff: approving someone else's work isn't the same as doing it yourself, even if you told them what to do and the way in which to do it.

MacArthur2013-08-14 03:40:02
Cool, I do know that Zimmer does most of the work. but from what I heard on this thing about amazing spider-man 2 is that another guy is going to score it with him i mean i guess we wont know until it comes out. heck it might be Zimmer doing most of the work for all we know.

MacArthur2013-08-14 03:41:16
Oh mike did you see my thing on Inception

MacArthur reply Replies: 10 || 2013-08-11 18:22:21
I Think That this music should win an oscar award i think that it is one of Zimmer's all time best scores

Edmund Meinerts2013-08-11 22:41:02
There's no way a score to a movie like this is ever going to win an Oscar, and personally, I think it's one of his weakest. :p

MacArthur2013-08-12 02:15:05
Well What one do you think is his strongest might i add

MacArthur2013-08-12 02:17:36
I Personally Think That this is one of Zimmer's best

Mike2013-08-12 03:43:39
Aside from the unnecessarily-long-titled track "What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World?", which I think is one of Zimmer's finest themes in a while, and the "Flight" track, the score is nothing *incredibly* striking. At World's End, The Last Samurai, and Batman Begins are still my favorites.

MacArthur2013-08-12 04:48:13
At Worlds End is very Good agreed with you There

peter2013-08-12 07:10:41
Man of steel has many great moments and sadly the two stand out choral pieces when superman fly's back to earth to save lois and saves the guy falling from the helicopter are absent but overall the complete score is not as amazing as a whole score like at worlds end which is just pure fun and the new theme in that film and when the dutchman gets sucked in the ocean at the end WOW!

Edmund Meinerts2013-08-12 15:52:03
My absolute favorite by Zimmer is At World's End, followed by King Arthur, Prince of Egypt, Gladiator, The Last Samurai, Beyond Rangoon and Angels & Demons. Generally speaking I far prefer the fun big-themes epic Zimmer to the more brooding pseudo-serious stuff we've been getting lately with Batman and Inception and Man of Steel.

Mike2013-08-12 16:25:10
I think that's one of the reasons I like the Man of Steel theme so much. Yes, it was underused in the movie, but it really does get to be big and epic, something Zimmer seems to have all but drifted away from these days.

Anonymous2013-08-12 16:28:19
It's REALLY a shame that the big and epic form of the MoS theme was not used until the credits. Most people leave during the credits!!! What were Snyder/Zimmer thinking there????

MacArthur2013-08-12 18:57:18
But Thats The beauty of it the theme wasn't used until the end Zimmer said in an interview that he wanted it that way and that because of that it brought out superman's human elements. and therefore wanted to sve the big finale until the end. and personally i applaud him for it.

Mike reply Replies: 1 || 2013-08-11 01:41:30
You know, back before we had heard any of this score, I said I wanted to hear something remiscient of Williams' Krypton music. In a certain sense, I got that. The first part of Flight has the same majestic, buildup style to it.

Mike2013-08-11 01:41:58

MacArthur reply Replies: 0 || 2013-08-08 21:01:08
I was kinda worried when i saw that they were going to do man of steel 2 with batman
1. Because I Don't know Who Batman Is oing to be To Me Christian Bale Rocks The Dark Knight Mantle.
2. Because Christopher Nolan May not have a hand in the Next one and I Think that he is the Best Director/Producer/Storyteller Of The Day.
3. I Dont Know if Zimmer Is doing the Music and i sure hope he does Because i think that his Batman/Superman Combination would be an Amazing Thing To Hear.

MacArthur reply Replies: 0 || 2013-08-08 21:00:03
I was kinda worried when i saw that they were going to do man of steel 2 with batman
1. Because I Don't know Who Batman Is oing to be To Me Christian Bale Rocks The Dark Knight Mantle.
2. Because Christopher Nolan May not have a hand in the Next one and I Think that he is the Best Director/Producer/Storyteller Of The Day.
3. I Dont Know if Zimmer Is doing the Music and i sure hope he does Because i think that his Batman/Superman Combination would be an Amazing Thing To Hear.

Anonymous reply Replies: 6 || 2013-08-06 20:15:35
I wish different choices had been made concerning the employment of the score within the film itself. For example I think it would have been awesome to have 17:06-18:07 from the sketchbook suite (basically the first part of Flight) play during the Warner Bros and Syncopy logos. That would have been epic and memorable. I also wish that rafher than having the credits start at 2:40 in What are You Going to do When You are Not Saving the World, they had instead had Superman shoot up into the sky and make it an epic moment, then they could've played the credits beginning at 3:40. Finally I would have used the Arcade theme a little less. What do you guys think?

Mike2013-08-06 20:18:54
I actually agree with all of this, and would add something else: i was hoping that the end of Terraforming would have been used differently. Not sure how, but differently.

Ds2013-08-07 19:33:52
Anonymous: this is EXACTLY what i thought of the score in the movie, you read my mind :p

But we have to remember one thing: the music is made for the movie, the opposite isn't true. They couldn't just add a scene at the end "because Hans' last track was so amazing" :p

Mike2013-08-07 22:28:01
Oh come now, Ds, some directors have no problem redoing a scene to match the grandeur of a score. Geoff Zanelli said that happened with the Odd Life of Timothy Green... ;)

NM2013-08-08 05:33:13
If anything they'd have to redo the whole film to match the score because the film I imagined when I listened to the score wasn't the lump of loud, tedious, obnoxious shit that Synder and co. served up.

Ds2013-08-08 10:51:35
Mike: of course, you're absolutely right. But an epic scene with Superman flying isn't exactly easy to add in last minute, it supposes big reshoot and loads of special effects... It's not like adding an extra dialogue or changing the pacing or adding a few more shots of a landscape or a house...

Mike2013-08-08 17:03:22
To both Ds and NM I say: indeed.

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2013-08-03 22:10:56
Four star status lost lol

Arne reply Replies: 1 || 2013-08-02 20:58:40
I don´t know if this is already known:

This Is Madness is, I think, the solo percussion variant of Terraforming.
Listen once Terraforming, and then This Is Madness, and pays attention once on the percussions.

It should be the same, right?

Radik2013-08-02 21:12:14
Yeeah, I have it register too :)

MacArthur reply Replies: 1 || 2013-07-31 00:30:05
One Of Hans Zimmer's Best Scores. I Have Been a fan and collector of Zimmer's scores ever since I heard the Dark Knight Score and this one is tops. Fantastic Job Mr. Zimmer.

Anonymous2013-07-31 23:59:01
I dunno that this is one of the best Zimmer scores as a whole, but I do really love "What Are You Going to Do... etc" and "Flight". They are, indeed, one of Zimmer's best in a while, despite the synth sound of them at some points.

Radik reply Replies: 2 || 2013-07-27 13:00:56
Knows somebbody what plays during ''You Are Not Alone'' scene? :)

Khan-El2013-07-29 13:20:47

Radik2013-07-29 17:51:15
I mean when Zod first ''appearance'' in TV's and speech to Earth / Kal :)

Bioscope reply Replies: 2 || 2013-07-25 06:01:27
Imagine if the rumoured collaborator of MoS2 is James Newton Howard. Wouldn't that be iconic? The DK trilogy scores enhanced the duality deep inside the Bruce Wayne/Batman character.

Now James has a chance to highlight both Bruce and Batman' antics with his own action cues derived from his previous themes, and Hans can provide an evolution of his Clark/Kal-El themes. James can therefore do whole new variations of his old themes instead of cut and paste renditions in his absence.

Edmund Meinerts2013-07-25 11:20:50
It's not going to be JNH. Practically the only thing we know at this stage is that the collaborator's first name is not James, i.e. neither Horner nor JNH...nor James S. Levine I guess. Dooley goes by Jim, so it could be him, technically, right?

People guessing Lorne Balfe...I don't think Zimmer would consider that a "mystery collaborator" considering he's more than likely going to be ghostwriting anyway. And as amazing as John Powell would just seems too unlikely. Nah, from the way he's talking about it I have a sinking feeling like this is gravitating in the "popular artist" direction. *perks up* But maybe it's Daft Punk! :D

Mike2013-07-25 18:00:33
Even if it were James Newton Howard, I highly doubt he'd use the TDK trilogy themes. The upcoming Batman seems to be a reboot.

Gabriel reply Replies: 12 || 2013-07-21 15:47:41
The most important!!!!

Snyder confirm: 2015 Superman/Batman (man of steel 2)


Hybrid Soldier2013-07-21 17:51:43
I couldn't get any comment from him about THAT one... :P

Macejko2013-07-21 18:04:53
If Zimmer is involved in two (!!!) different incarnations of Batman, he's got some pretty meta stuff in his hands :D

Radik2013-07-21 18:25:48
Well, this gonna be interesting if Hans will compose this one, i will very interest in (what he invent for Batman, after genious TDK Trilogy) :)

Macejko2013-07-21 19:06:17
But seriously, I'm cool with him doing Spider-Man, but I think him doing Batman OVER AGAIN it's not a good idea. I just can't imagine how could any composer manage such a thing. But this might be a good opportunity for a serious, admitted collaboration. I think Hans should really take care for the Superman related material only, and music for Batman should be given to someone else (but not to James Newton Howard, obviously). Of course, I'm writing this assuming that Bats will have significant role in the story.

Mike2013-07-21 19:14:46
I would not mind Zimmer scoring THIS. Another Batman theme? Go for it! But then, if he does score it, he'll have done Superman, two incarnations of Batman, and Spider-Man, which seems...excessive. Maybe he could do as suggested by Macejko and do Superman's material, while someone else does Batman.

Hybrid Soldier2013-07-21 19:18:59
I'd love him to finally unleash some bombastic heroic stuff in wrote in suites for TDK Trilogy but (almost) never got to use in said films... Not those themes, but the same approach...

Mike2013-07-21 19:24:52
Such as Wayne Manor and Like a Dog Chasing Cars? :D

Jimmy2013-07-21 19:33:21
They should let Zimmer score all the DC movies. I was hoping they would do that, which is why I was bummed when the Spidey news broke.

0-cool2013-07-22 08:10:12
I'm sure that he'll collaborate with someone who'll write the new Batman stuff(Jackman?,Powell?,Gregson-Williams?)

Drunkenmunkey2013-07-24 01:24:22
I could see either of the 4 guys you mentioned doing it. Preferred Jackman or Powell for a collab in my opinion. I could see Lorne Balfe doing it as well since they are used to working together.

Brent2013-07-24 01:37:53
I think Jablosnky could create some awesome material for Batman. Perhaps even Djawadi since he worked on Begins.

Brent2013-07-24 01:38:24

Mr. Fate reply Replies: 3 || 2013-07-20 03:11:28
I don't try to be serious on here very often, but I have a real concern about this soundtrack. I don't know if I'm the only one encountering this problem or if anyone else has noticed it.

See, back before it was released, I had read there would be two versions of the soundtrack released: the standard edition, and the deluxe edition. Okay, so that part is true (aside from the fact that the standard edition cannot be found anywhere on the internet for download).

What is not true is the bit that I read about the tracks cross-fading. One version supposedly had the tracks on disc 1 cross-faded and the other didn't. Everywhere I can find to download the deluxe version of the score lists track 1 on disc on as being 2:58 (as it is even listed here). But every download I complete has that run time at 2:53. The same is true for all the other tracks on disc 1: actual run times are all around 5 seconds shorter than the times being advertised.

What I'm trying to get at is, I think, a bit of false advertising. The non-cross-faded version of the soundtrack does not seem to exist, despite literally everywhere--including Amazon and Wikipedia--advertising that it does exist. Can anyone shed more light on this?

Meta2013-07-20 05:18:02
I was under the impression that crossfading was an option that was entirely up to the purchaser and NOT the product.

Bioscope2013-07-20 05:37:24
Check out the iTunes version for no crossfades.

Mr. Fate2013-07-20 16:17:56
Aw yiss! That looks to be it--at least the track run times match what I see advertised everywhere! Thank you, Bioscope, my friend!

Although, there is still some degree of false advertising here, as everywhere one can look, the tracks are listed like the iTunes version. And that is simply not true.

Mike reply Replies: 5 || 2013-07-09 05:25:43
Aaaaaaaaand this is (for now) the top soundtrack on this site. Granted, it doesn't have nearly as many votes as some, but it's still interesting.

Edmund Meinerts2013-07-09 11:32:12
Interesting and totally undeserved...

MrZimmerFan2013-07-09 14:43:12

Mike2013-07-17 00:36:30
I'm surprised How to Train Your Dragon or The Last Samurai aren't higher up.

JamesT2013-07-17 04:25:36
Certainly a VERY top contender, if you ask me. Not certain #1, but not as low as #5, in my book. Of course, I personally feel the need to re-order my list every time he puts something new out lately. Unlike what seems to be a common consensus, I feel a dramatic appeal for everything he has put out since Angels & Demons (def one of my favs). I'm looking sooo forward to hearing his upcoming stuff this year. I literally feel Rush is going to be just that! I hear hints of MI:2 in the clips that's been released, which get me very excited. Though, I fully contend, that one of his best scores, which has been consistently a Top 5 for me for 17+ years, is his score to The Fan. That would be my ultimate wish for a full release. What an underrated piece of work!

Bioscope2013-07-17 05:24:57
The Fan is really crying out for an expanded and cue bu cue release. LaLa hear us out!!

Eddard reply Replies: 4 || 2013-07-09 00:11:01
Please. Help me. What's the custom cue in the fourth Man Of Steel trailer? The trailer name is Fate of your planet and the composer is Hans. How can I get it or buy it? Please help me:((((


Prott2013-07-09 01:30:32
It's a variation on "Arcade" (from the Limited Deluxe Edition). .-)

Eddard2013-07-09 22:43:03
I know it, but I want this version.

Do you have it?


Anonymous2013-07-12 01:26:13
I doubt he has it, but if you have GarageBand or a similar audio application, you can probably edit it together yourself

JamesT2013-07-15 03:59:28
The track is really the first part of the cue, combined with the second, or the piece featured in I Will Find Him. It's very easy to make an edit with little effort that sounds almost exactly similar.

Val reply Replies: 2 || 2013-07-13 10:13:18
Still nothing about a recording session or an extended score of MOS ?

Areozz2013-07-13 20:00:49
Are you fucking serious?

Everan2013-07-14 00:22:07
If things are like TDKR, wait like a month before the Bluray. If not, wait your whole life.

drwmb reply Replies: 1 || 2013-07-11 16:32:32
Could you please help me to identify the song, which plays when Clark steals the cloth after oil tower crashed. Guitar motive, approximately 25s min of movie

cody2013-07-11 19:23:29
its not from the score its a song by Chris Cornell called Seasons

TuCoT reply Replies: 2 || 2013-07-06 11:30:57
With the help of the orders of several friends here, I did my own chronological order. I know, most of the tracks weren't used in the film but but I placed them to the list according to their replic titles:

01 - Look To The Stars
02 - This Is Madness!
03 - DNA
04 - Goodbye My Son
05 - Ignition
06 - Launch
07 - I Will Find Him
08 - Krypton's Last
09 - Oil Rig
10 - Are You Listening, Clark?
11 - Sent Here For A Reason
12 - I Have So Many Questions
13 - Flight
14 - Tornado
15 - You Led Us Here
16 - Arcade
17 - Terraforming
18 - You Die Or I Do
19 - If You Love These People
20 - This Is Clark Kent
21 - What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World?
22 - General Zod
23 - Earth
24 - Man Of Steel (Hans' Original Sketchbook)

TuCoT2013-07-06 12:34:02
Some explanations:

Part I:
01 - Look To The Stars
02 - This Is Madness!
03 - DNA
04 - Goodbye My Son
05 - Ignition
06 - Launch
07 - I Will Find Him
08 - Krypton's Last
09 - Oil Rig
10 - Are You Listening, Clark?

Part II:
11 - Sent Here For A Reason
12 - I Have So Many Questions
13 - Flight
14 - Tornado
15 - You Led Us Here
16 - Arcade
17 - Terraforming
18 - You Die Or I Do
19 - If You Love These People
20 - This Is Clark Kent

End Credits:
21 - What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World?
22 - General Zod
23 - Earth
24 - Man Of Steel (Hans' Original Sketchbook)

D A R T H2013-07-07 14:18:35
this is madness is not in the movie

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2013-07-05 08:46:23
How could this film have so many "additional music" composers? Doesn't that mean they not only turned HZ material into cues (thus making them arrangers), but also "wrote" some music themselves? The whole score is various arrangements of the HZ sketchbook and the HZ/JunkieXL tracks. But who other than JunkieXL wrote anything themselves?

Mike reply Replies: 11 || 2013-06-17 21:21:43
I'd like to try the chronological order game for myself... ;) NB: There might be VERY MINOR SPOILERS, so be cautious.

1. Look to the Stars: Kal-El's birth
2. DNA: Jor-El retrieves the codex
3. Goodbye My Son: See title
4. Ignition: See title
5. Launch: See title
6. I Will Find Him: Again, see title.
7. Krypton's Last: Krypton Destroyed, Kal-El en route to Earth
8. Oil Rig: See title
9. Are You Listening, Clark? [Deluxe Edition only]: Oil Rig aftermath and sensory issues
10. Sent Here For a Reason: Pa Kent talking to Clark about his origins
11. I Have So Many Questions: Clark finds the ship and the ghost of Jor-El
12. Flight: Superman suit revealed and Kal-El flying
13. Tornado: Tornado and tragedy
14. You Led Us Here [Deluxe Edition Only]: Zod talking to Kal-El in his dream/hallucination thing
15. Terraforming: See title
16. You Die or I Do: Zod vs. Superman
17. If You Love These People: Fight continues
18. What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World?: Clark gets a new job/end credits

Pieces of "General Zod" play between "Look to the Stars" and "DNA", if I remember correctly. I think 2:23 onward from "This is Clark Kent" played after the bar scene when the guy found his truck messed up. Also, 0:54-2:22 in "This is Clark Kent" appears to be the romance theme for Clark and Lois.

This is a fantastic album release. I can only think of two parts where the unreleased music was notable. The first was when Jor-El is guiding Lois through the ship and the second is right after Jor-El says, "You can save them all".

Mike2013-06-17 21:34:30
Also, you'll notice each track is actually titled for its corresponding part!

Lucius2013-06-17 21:36:59
No, the piece between Look to the Stars and Dna was Arcade

Anonymous2013-06-17 21:39:32
I believe Mike's list is 100% on target

Mike2013-06-17 21:41:35
BTW, Look to the Stars also includes the opening logos. :)

Alexandre2013-06-24 09:20:41
I agree with Mike, there is not the song when Jor el said "you can save all of them" at superman and when Kal el save Lo&#239;s when she escape from general Zod's ship.

Val2013-06-24 11:46:12
Alenxandre, I'm searching for this song since i i've seen the movie. And it seems to be impossible to find..

Alexandre2013-06-24 13:44:00
Val it's funny, because it's one of best song i've heard in the movie but it's not in the album, Hans help us please :)

Val2013-06-24 15:12:23
Alexandre, this song is awesome and there's nothing on the web. I don't understand why Mister Zimmer keep it out of the tracklist..

Alexandre2013-06-24 20:32:32
yes, I want to hear this song, why Mr Zimmer, Why ? :'(

boka2013-07-05 03:18:09
Got the delux version of the ost just for the track where jor el guides Lois through zods ship. Best piece of music in the film and its missing!!! Is there any way to get this track? Rest of the music is good but I need that missing track. Pls help!

Mike2013-07-05 08:20:35
boka, no, there isn't a way, sadly. I also thought that piece of music was really good, but the only ways you can get it are: 1) wait for the complete score to leak or 2) buy the DVD when it comes out and rip it from there.

Mike reply Replies: 1 || 2013-07-04 23:57:58
I find it interesting that the fan rating for Man of Steel on this site is a solid 4 out of 5. The top score on this site (Gladiator) was only given three.

Hybrid Soldier2013-07-04 23:59:15
We'll talk about that when MOS has 2800 votes, and not the current 500 votes... :P :D

TRU4T reply Replies: 4 || 2013-06-25 14:47:48
What's going on with Z+ music app for Android! :-#

score_trader2013-06-25 20:14:49
I don't think we'll end up getting it. I think WT is just waiting for us to forget about it.

Adam2013-06-26 18:29:08
I emailed Z+ support ( and they said it should be out sometime this week (They already said it would be out last week). Didn't get a date from them. I think more people should email them so that they can see there is a demand for it. Might get them to work faster on this.

Matt2013-06-28 04:29:14
I emailed them this morning and they said they expect it to be ready by the end of the day, which is fast approaching. We'll see. I'm gonna email every day until it's here.

Julien2013-07-04 16:10:00
The App is available for Samsung Galaxy S3, S3 Mini, S4, HTC One and Google Nexus 4, I have a Galaxy Note and it is not compatible. I send an email to the developer and he said they are thinking about having more devices available ... Conclusion I will buy the CD when my phone will be supported ;-)

Khan-El reply Replies: 6 || 2013-06-27 10:14:24
Does anyone know the track playing during the bit where Zod talks to Superman (who is dream/hallucinating)?
Specifically the epic bit where Superman starts sinking into the bones.

"No! Zod... I can't be a part of this."
"Then what can you be a part of?"
"No! Stop! NO! NOOOOOO!"
*Wakes up*

Guitwo2013-06-27 12:42:06
isn't it a bit of "if you love these people?"

Khan-El2013-06-27 13:46:17
Is it though? I dunno, I can't seem to find an exact fit, or maybe I don't remember the score well enough.
I'll give it a listen again.

Medigo2013-06-27 14:01:57
well unfortunately "You Led Us Here" only covers the first part of the dream scene, up until the world engine crashes into Kansas

what plays afterwards sounds like a remixed "You Die or I Do" and then the missing part you spoke of.
so you will have to wait on the recording sessions for that one

Khan-El2013-06-27 14:49:33
Thanks or the info. Too bad it wasn't included in the soundtrack, though. Any idea when the recording sessions happen?
(I have no idea what recording sessions are. Kind of a newbie here.)

Mike2013-06-27 21:13:15
It is You Led Us Here, which plays up until the ship crashes into the ground.

Khan-El2013-07-04 10:08:00
Listening to the soundtrack again, I've decided that 6:50 to 7:50 from Hans Zimmer's Sketchbook track sounds reminiscent of the music in that scene.
If anyone's interested.

Yumbo reply Replies: 3 || 2013-07-03 14:44:53
Hey everyone,

My review will be posted in an hour at the Zinfo 2.0 blog found at which features an insightful explanation as to why Marco Beltrami is credited in Man of Steel.


al bundy2013-07-03 19:43:19
who cares?

Mike2013-07-03 20:49:07
The Beltrami bit is interesting. Nice review also.

Yumbo2013-07-04 08:12:46
Thanks Mike.

The review has been updated again with more insights from Hans himself.

Anonymous reply Replies: 1 || 2013-07-03 01:39:45
If you replace 0:00-1:37 in "What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World" with 9:14-10:58 in the Sketchbook, the resulting track is AMAZING!

Mike2013-07-03 01:46:47
Whoa, you're right!

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2013-07-02 21:49:48
Hybrid, do you happen to know who was involved with each track?

Dylan reply Replies: 1 || 2013-07-02 00:05:25
Does anyone know the song during the battle in Smallville?

blub2013-07-02 18:50:44
You Die Or I Do 2:00min but it's a little bit different...
because...complete sessions...alternate version...greetz

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