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Dave didn't work on it, but a few Blue Planet stuff were used so he gets some sort of credit in the cuesheet for "A Celebration".Who did Zimmer do this with? Shea and Fleming?May Mr. Zimmer and his team be interested on “extracting” music from the human body for medical purposes?<br>You can reach me at:<br>jcp77452 at<br>ThanksNot only is the album fun as a concept album, it's a surprisingly good score to picture. The themes are really clear for each of the characters and the music really fits the action. Even though the action is kind of corny. Real underrated gem. <br><br>I finally watched the film and even though it's a sort of 5 or 6 out of 10 average/okay movie, it reminded me just how much personality gets injected when Hans Zimmer does the score. He really has a strong voice.Yeah this is a pretty fair assessment.<br><br>While I’ve found myself liking it less and less now that we’re hearing things like ME or Alita from Tom there are still some excellent tracks throughout. <br>(The Dark Tower, Collateral Damage, Guardian, It Will Fall, Roland of Eld)<br><br>My biggest gripe is with the purely sound design cues. They honestly go nowhere and end up padding the album out. What this score needed was a solid villain motif and some more orchestral underscore. It’s like one-half of the score is the more traditional side of Holkenborg whereas the rest falls into his early habit of just making noise.
I give it a listen after three years, and i still like it.<br><br>If isn't as good as Mortal Engines or Alita, have a interesting aspects to enjoy: his main theme for Roland, some of the action cues are strong, even the dramatic ones (The Creed or Collateral Damage), some of the sound design are interesting.<br><br>Maybe the weakest aspect of the album, is the middle, some tracks are not that interesting to listen.woooooow <3From the "No Time to Die" podcast description...<br><br>"You can also be the first to hear exclusive score from Hans Zimmer and brand new recordings from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra from Bond 25 brought to you from Decca Records."<br><br>First of six episodes is released on Wednesday 30th September!!that would be great@GR7 that sounds really cool care to share?
Hi! What's the story with track "Into Space"? They really copy track "Planet Descent" and name it that "Into Space"?I agree guys. Yhis album and parts of the experiments are vey enjoyable. I tend to listen to OST prriodically, and each year there is one or severall scores that replace what I listen the most, and so on... but Dark phoenix is one I can listen every time. <br>I made personal suites assembling music from the OST and mixing it with expremients, and it results in a 50 min suites album, I really like it.Same for me. I'm so happy ! :DA Celebration? It's actually on youtube now.Got it. I assumed as much for the first 3. Thanks.
hahahaha ... crack, sorry. Well so far there is no news of anything. Only the video that one track and one with Dave, but it's a preview.<br>I'm not sure how to get news on this, I really would like to get it hahaha.Isabel Suite = Isabel the Strong<br>Thadeous Suite = Thadeous<br>The Quest Suite = Let Us Quest!<br><br>End credits is probably ripped from the film.> Fair enough, but I know for a fact that Steve was inspired by Harry Potter because of the complete score track "Tavern Fighting (Part 1)". The end of that track has a direct reference to The Chamber of Secrets theme from the second film.<br><br>Nice catch. Those are very similar.<br><br>Btw, I have some "expanded" version of the score, which seems to be identical to the complete score on this site, aside from the fact that it's missing the last 4 tracks. Do those have equivalents in the regular release?Yes, I was referring to A Celebration. "It's out there" as in "it can be obtained unofficially". Were you referring to the Sia track? That is on Bleeding Fingers', but you can find it on the bleeding fingers page.<br>it also doesn't look like planet eart: a celebration has a release :(

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Hans ZimmerTom Holkenborg (Junkie XL)Atli ÖrvarssonAndrew Kawczynski
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
Man Of Steel
Label: WaterTower Music
Length: 118'21 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (43013 votes)
  1. Look To The Stars (2:58)
  2. Oil Rig (1:45)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg
  3. Sent Here For A Reason (3:46)
  4. DNA (3:34)
    Hans Zimmer, Andrew Kawczynski
  5. Goodbye My Son (2:01)
  6. If You Love These People (3:22)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg, Andrew Kawczynski
  7. Krypton's Last (1:58)
  8. Terraforming (9:49)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg, Steve Mazzaro
  9. Tornado (2:55)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro
  10. You Die Or I Do (3:13)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg, Christian Vorländer
  11. Launch (2:36)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro
  12. Ignition (1:19)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg
  13. I Will Find Him (2:57)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg
  14. This Is Clark Kent (3:47)
    Hans Zimmer
  15. I Have So Many Questions (3:47)
  16. Flight (4:18)
    Hans Zimmer, Andrew Kawczynski
  17. What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World? (5:27)
  1. Man Of Steel (Hans' Original Sketchbook) (28:16)
    Hans Zimmer

    Limited Deluxe Edition

  2. Are You Listening, Clark? (2:48)
    Hans Zimmer, Andrew Kawczynski
  3. General Zod (7:21)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg
  4. You Led Us Here (2:59)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg
  5. This Is Madness! (3:48)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg
  6. Earth (6:11)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro
  7. Arcade (7:25)
    Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg
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Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2013-06-05 21:15:59
The Man of Steel Publicity Special had some neat music in it...

zimm44 reply Replies: 1 || 2013-06-05 10:14:06
Again (like in case of The Bible) the timing of singular tracks presented here doesn't match the timing presented on the back side of the cover.
(assuming the cover is real but it sure looks so - 4 4

zimm442013-06-05 18:19:25
There are two spaces between two last digits that you must get rid of.There is also no word about Hans suite on this eddition. Maybe that's the case only with European edition

timo reply Replies: 0 || 2013-06-05 16:49:16
anyone know the trackname in the trailer "fate of your planet" ?
i think it is ignition, but its different...

Lucius reply Replies: 3 || 2013-06-05 09:40:39
Listening to the John Williams theme now. It's awesome. But would it really fit this movie? I mean maybe it could, but I don't think so.

0-cool2013-06-05 10:13:47
No because he didn't write it for this movie.

billy2013-06-05 11:50:07
In my opinion Williams' theme fit only the Christopher Reeve's movies. It shouldn't even be used in Superman Returns.

timo2013-06-05 14:36:17
anyone know the trackname in the trailer "fate of your planet" ?
i think it is ignition, but its different...

Anonymous reply Replies: 1 || 2013-06-05 02:34:48
just one week left...

Jor_El_Hans_is_the_fucking_master2013-06-05 11:23:49
Probably less than a week then..

-Love, peace, music and weed-

Anonymous reply Replies: 8 || 2013-06-01 21:44:29
Something's been bothering me. A lot of times on comments of the samples to this score or its trailer music, people complain that it "sounds too much like Zimmer's other work". But you know what? John Williams' theme sounded like John Williams' other work!

One composer can only make so many sounds. -_-

meta2013-06-01 21:51:35
and then there was John Williams' score for Heartbeeps....

Anonymous2013-06-01 21:56:16
Ummm....maybe that film isn't as stupid as Wikipedia makes it sound, but if it is, why would Williams work on it? XD

Mike2013-06-01 21:59:28
The score sounds like an arcade game... O_O Shame on you, Williams!

Lucius2013-06-01 22:29:56
So Heartbeeps is for JW as Sharktale is for HZ. :P

Hybrid Soldier2013-06-01 22:45:38
Actually I got the misfortune, when in theater watching Hangover III today, to have a MOS related commercial which used 20 sec of trailer with music. I think I heard like 2 seconds before covering my ears... lol

I don't remember what I heard, so no harm... Less than 3 weeks to go... :)

Lolz2013-06-02 09:08:13
You're one weird SOB... just listen to the music, already, fucking hell.

Jor_El_Hans_is_the_fucking_master2013-06-02 15:14:01
Ahahaha! Hybrid! Things are getting harder, huh?:)
By the way, That first post by Anonymous....Mmmm...:))
-peace,love,weed and music-

Richard2013-06-04 18:49:21
Who would want anything that sounds different from Zimmer's work? lol, after all his movie scores are epic and it would be the obvious thing to do to keep his own style.

marcorea reply Replies: 2 || 2013-06-02 17:10:33
ive heard that the American version of the deluxe set is going to have an embossed steel case as opposed to the u.k's digicase. Does anyone know anything about this?

Henry Cavill2013-06-03 19:32:08
You are correct, marcorea! The deluxe American version on Amazon is coming on a steel case. Cause Superman is the Man of Steel and this is America, bitch!!!

Meta2013-06-04 06:55:48
FYI the steel case is overrated.

James reply Replies: 1 || 2013-06-03 09:24:26
Honest question: I know Hans writes the theme suites, but does he work on film cues at all anymore or is it all handed over to the additional guys? This is probably wrong but as far as I know the last time he did fair amount of cues for a film was The Dark Knight.

Mike2013-06-03 09:29:38
Actually, the list of credits Hybrid gave for Rises was a little over half the cues, so for all we know, Hans could have done the rest.

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2013-06-01 21:39:10
Hybrid, have you still not heard anything? ;)

Anonymous reply Replies: 3 || 2013-05-31 21:29:00
Soundtrack being released in 11 days!

Guitwo2013-06-01 00:54:27
and counting! :D

Mike2013-06-01 10:58:42
I was really excited for The Dark Knight Rises' soundtrack last year, but that was a sequel, so we knew what the general sound would be. And while the samples have given some indication of what to expect in Man of Steel, it's still original music we haven't heard yet.

Meta2013-06-01 16:41:41
Yeah...A cornucopia of 80s synth with guitars and drums galore. Man, I wish Lone Ranger would get an extensive OST release like this one, but alas...

Guitwo reply Replies: 3 || 2013-05-29 22:09:33
I really enjoy Lauch. so much power but we can only hear 1:30 yet powerful and strong

meta2013-05-29 22:57:14
I agree with Launch....To be honest, I already see most the themes and motifs presented on this score, but Im very intereested in hearing their variations...Which I guess is a Zimmer staple.

Mike2013-05-30 03:50:57
Indeed, you can already hear a bunch of themes based on the samples alone, which is something Zimmer's Batman albums didn't really showcase.

Ds2013-05-30 10:07:33
Same with "If You Love These People". I love this sound, the electric guitar reminds me of "Drop Zone" :)

Anonymous reply Replies: 1 || 2013-05-29 21:14:33
Score being released in 13 days! :D

Mike2013-05-30 04:01:14
It feels like the wait should be much longer...

Edouard Balamou reply Replies: 7 || 2013-05-29 15:31:42
when i see "junkie XL" i say me, ho my god, i hope there are no crap remixes inside...

Mike2013-05-29 20:12:33
Same! lol

Meta2013-05-29 20:37:29
none of these samples sound like remixes, unless those extra Deluxe edition tracks are actually remixes....

Mike2013-05-29 21:05:42
I agree, Meta. I'm really hoping they're just score material that Tom Holkenborg assisted with. Time will tell.

meta2013-05-29 22:59:59
Yes and at the same time, while Im not a fan of JunkieXL, I did rather enjoy their Inception remix back in 2010....

Aytekin2013-05-29 23:29:17
No remixes, and Hybrid told us; he is the drums conductor for the score plus he wrote additional music, thus means the 3 tracks were written by Hans & Tom.. ;) for you know Tom is not just a Remix Guy, and we all know he is writing now music for the 300; rise of an empire movie ... :)

Hybrid Soldier2013-05-29 23:38:25
Well Junkie wrote a fair amount of Madagascar 3, and those were orch cues... ;)

Mike2013-05-30 00:35:50
Wait, Hybrid told you there will be no remixes?

Ds reply Replies: 20 || 2013-05-28 21:13:46
The 90" samples are out!

Radik2013-05-28 21:16:30
Well.. the whole score can be release finally :)

Mike2013-05-28 21:17:45
Who was the vocalist in "Goodbye My Son" (I love the variation on the Flight music in there, by the way)?

Ds2013-05-28 21:24:19
My god! The new samples are SO MUCH better than the previous ones. Hybrid i swear you're going to be sur-le-cul when you'll finally hear the full thing!!

Anonymous2013-05-28 21:32:59
Are You Listening, Clark? is haunting! O_o Reminds me of COD4 in the All Ghillied Up mission the way you can hear children laughing very faintly in the background.

0-cool2013-05-28 21:39:19
where are they?

anon2013-05-28 21:39:55
h t t p://

Right here!

Mike2013-05-28 21:44:55
I'm really liking Zimmer's Superman theme. So far, you can hear it in its "heroic" form in "Look to the Stars", "Flight", and the Trailer 3 music. It's very heroic and is a welcome difference from Batman (which I did like, don't get me wrong).

Anonymous2013-05-28 21:46:48
Zimmer should be proud of himself! He's composed music for two of the most (if not THE MOST) iconic comic book heroes.

Mike2013-05-28 21:49:29
Wow, thanks to "anon" I just heard the 90 second sample of "Goodbye My Son". What a beautiful track! Hybrid, you have reason to be excited when you see the film!

Ds2013-05-28 21:54:20
Yeah Mike, the sample for "Goodbye my son" is incredible. "If you love these people" is amazing, too!

0-cool2013-05-28 21:55:59
either "Flight" or "What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World?" is the full main theme.

What do you think?

Ds2013-05-28 22:01:09
I'm 99% sure "What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World?" is the piece from which trailer 3 music was taken!

JamesT2013-05-28 22:19:22
I agree, I think "What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World?" is the Trailer 3 music!

Guitwo2013-05-28 22:52:12
again i don't care for samples thanks but no thanks water tower we want the whole album not picture of it stop teasing us and get this thing out of your box.

it's annoying how much you can hear from the soundtrack before you even watched the movie in theater

Guitwo2013-05-29 02:59:41
except Flight, Flight part 2, What are you goin... that are the true teasing tracks of the movie Launch seems to be pretty amazing. sounds like one of my favourite.

Hybrid Soldier2013-05-29 12:17:07
The vocals are performed by Atli's sister, Hilda Örvarsdottir. Check her page her which I added a few days ago... :)

Anonymous2013-05-29 13:50:08

Anonymous2013-05-29 13:50:22
Just kiddin' ;c)

Medigo2013-05-29 15:13:02
do we have a kill button on this site?

Anonymous2013-05-29 15:19:33
Haha. Well I'm hoping WaterTower will send me some money for increasing the hype machine even more.

Cause you what: hype sucks :)

Aragorn reply Replies: 1 || 2013-05-28 21:03:14
I'm starting to think that just MAYBE the "Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL" tracks MIGHT not be remixes...why would they use them in the trailer if they were? And the samples don't sound remixish.

Anonymous2013-05-28 21:37:24
I agree. They sound nothing like Bombers Over...whatever it was called. They sound like legitimate score material.

Katrin reply Replies: 32 || 2013-05-26 21:52:36
Please take a creative break Hans Zimmer. I love your music but lately, only the same pabulum comes out -,-

Guitwo2013-05-26 23:06:29
'til the album is not out keep your crap to yourself.

people keep talkin' about how Hans has loose his creativity but wind back the clock: 6 years:
at world's en
the dark knight
Angels & demons
The Pacific

Ds2013-05-27 00:30:58
True. And some of his smaller scores are overlooked too. For example Madagascar 3 was a perfect sequel score, really fresh and constantly inventive. The track "Game On" alone is a proof that:

a) Hans hasn't lost it
b) Hans is not "doing always the same thing"

But at the same time people were bashing him for being "unsubtle" in TDKR - which was still the most epic score of 2012.

Guitwo2013-05-27 00:50:42
TDKR is/will be one of my all time favorite from HZ alongside Galdiator i can see myself listening it day to day for the next 10years never get tired of that A-M-A-Z-I-N-G part in Imagine The Fire... How to get motivated and hyped up in 7 minutes!

META2013-05-27 01:15:58

THATS WHAT Hans was doing in 09...Angels and Demons...

I was wracking my brain between 05-13 what major scores he was doing each year. 2009 was lost to me....

Thanks for answering it.

meta2013-05-27 01:19:25
and SHERLOCK!! Jesus....I lost my brain...Must have been too focused on Jablonsky's efforts that year with TF 2 to remember Zimmer.

05 - Batman Begins
06 - Pirates 2
07 - Pirates 3
08 - TDK
09 - SH/AD
10 - Inception
11 - Pirates 4
12 - TDKR
13 - MOS


Edmund Meinerts2013-05-27 02:06:52
TDKR, most epic score of 2012?? Uh...The Hobbit, anyone?

Edmund Meinerts2013-05-27 02:07:19
Oh wait, that's not by someone from RCP, naturally nobody here will give two shits... ;p

Ds2013-05-27 02:51:57
@Edmund: i enjoyed The Hobbit score as well, but it's really weak when compared to The Lord of the Rings. Also, the only new theme was repeated over and over and over throughout the entire movie. A really cool tune but after 2h45 i was tired of it...

For me TDKR is definitely the most epic score of 2012. But it's only a matter of taste :)

meta2013-05-27 03:27:19
hobbit score was good..I liked the actual hobbit theme...

but the previous poster is right...this is a Zimmer site...

and to be honest, I wouldn't be posting here regularly if i didnt think Zimmer's music is the more popular choice, with me.

and yes - i am very aware of his flaws as a composer.

fabien2013-05-27 10:02:33
Creativity depends on the way you listen to the music ;). What a pleasure with Hans. His pyramid of sounds is just amazing...

Edmund Meinerts2013-05-27 14:27:32
@Ds: "The only new theme"?? The Hobbit had about a dozen new themes! And it (assuming you're referring to Misty Mountains) was only repeated over and over in the movie, where the score got butchered; on album you only hear it three times (not counting the song). You must have ears of cloth if you really think The Hobbit only has one new theme, or else you haven't actually heard the album.

Katrin2013-05-27 15:19:41
Keep but your trash for you! This is of ridiculous when one need five additional composer per film. And as you say it would be creative! You focused on more composers, not just RC!

Warwick2013-05-27 15:44:23
The Hobbit was indeed one of the best scores of 2012. Together with Journey 2 and Dark Knight rising.

I agree with Edmund. The score as heard in the hobbit was very bad. Even POTC4 kinda bad. Themes where splattered all over the place. And new themes on the album where replaced by "cool sounding" remakes of previous LOTR material. The final scene with Nazgul theme springs to mind...

Ds2013-05-27 16:32:00
@Edmund: you're right, i didn't listen to the album, i know only the music as heard in the movie. I'll take a look at the album :)

Meta2013-05-27 17:08:41
Ummm...Yeah, the Hobbit being a trilogy now, for the first film the theme was the misty mountains...

Sure they had other minor themes in there rolling about, but you have to admit that theme was playing non-stop through the quest and it dominated the score.

It's a good theme and the only one needed anyway. I'm sure there's going to be a new theme for the next film.

Warwick2013-05-27 17:17:23
Funny thing is that that theme is the only one that was NOT written by Howard Shore...

Mike2013-05-27 20:43:51
Why hasn't anybody mentioned John Williams' Lincoln score? It was very minimalist, but I liked it a lot.

Pierre2013-05-27 21:48:41
Why has no-one mentioned Rise of the Guardians? That's a fantastic, epic, beautiful score, in my opinion, while not as good as the Hobbit, a lot stronger than TDKR.

There are loads of new themes in the Hobbit, and themes such as Gandalf's, Thorin's and Erebor have at least as many if not more statements than the Misty Mountains motif, which may I say, although the melody isn't originally by Shore, his treatment of it is utterly incredible, and it takes a different guise every time it's played. A few of the action settings of it do sound similar, but there are always subtle differences, and it is never heard exactly the same way twice. It's a score that is as masterfully crafted with as much love and detail as Lord of the Rings. The nature of the film perhaps lacks the emotional impact of the LOTR films, but it's nonetheless a worthy and robust addition to Shore's work in Middle Earth.

MrZimmerFan2013-05-27 22:24:46
Rise of the Guardians, one of the best scores of 2012 period

Hybrid Soldier2013-05-27 22:38:59
Well the problem of Rise is that it's associated to a very very average movie (to be polite)... And the score is linked to its movie, no matter what...

Pierre2013-05-28 01:49:44
Hybrid, it is very often the case to have a wonderful score for a terrible movie, and a mediocre score for a great movie. In this case I'm simply comparing the scores, not the movies. In terms of movie, in my opinion Rise of the Guardians was slightly below average, The Dark Knight Rises was average. As scores, Guardians was just better music.

TRU4T2013-05-28 01:59:51
TDKR & Cloud Atlas are two best scores in 2012, no doubt.

Mike2013-05-28 04:54:17
Regarding The Hobbit, I'm not sure what I thought of it. I did really like its album release (though some of the "extended" tracks were weirdly extended and, in some cases, worse than their regular counterparts). I also thought the score worked with the movie and I liked the main "Misty Mountains" theme, even if Howard Shore didn't compose that. He worked it into the score really well.

However, as was mentioned above, it seemed like the film editors liked the Misty Mountains theme TOO much and worked it in wherever they could (like the "DUN DUN DUN" end credits theme in The Dark Knight Rises--overdose on a good thing!). Also, a lot of music was tracked in from LOTR, replacing the original music Shore wrote (the Eagles scene comes to mind, as well as Thorin's fight with Azog near the end--the Nazgul theme???). And as I think someone else said, I felt the LOTR scores were superior to The Hobbit overall.

Regarding The Dark Knight Rises, I absolutely love the suites Hans Zimmer wrote (I consider the suite "Wayne Manor" to be one of his finest works) and I like the score as heard in the film, but I don't like the album release.

Mike2013-05-28 05:00:29
I would say that, of the 2012 scores I've heard, The Dark Knight Rises (again, the suites and the score as heard in the film, but not the album) is the most "epic". Maybe it's because I'm biased and just love the movie, but it's how I feel all the same. Maybe if I were LOTR-obsessed, I would insist The Hobbit was the best. I don't know. I think many would agree, however, that The Avengers score could have had more to it. It wasn't even bad, it just wasn't very memorable, in my opinion. It served its purpose, but it wasn't a score you remembered once the movie ended.

Aragorn2013-05-28 05:10:11
Regarding the use of the Nazgul theme, that's primary problem I have with temp tracking: often they'll use something that makes no sense at all from a thematic standpoint. It fits the scene and often really well, but it ruins the theme forever after because the theme was written to denote one thing and now denotes something else. For example, the use of Beckett's theme for Barbossa in POTC4. Or the Arena music from Attack of the Clones used for the March on the Jedi Temple in Revenge of the Sith. If you're not familiar with the music (which the film-makers assume most viewers aren't), it works fine. But if you are it feels cheap.

tomPoland2013-05-28 08:48:35
Cloud Atlas was the best in 2012.

Anonymous2013-05-28 09:18:24
Cloud Atlas?

Well that's a perfect example to show that tastes in music differ a lot between people. And all tastes are equally good :)

Only thing I remember is I listened to it and delete it immediately so it wasn't my cup of tea.

Edmund Meinerts2013-05-28 10:44:20
Cloud Atlas is a ridiculously overrated score...

Mr Motivator2013-05-28 12:26:19
No one here thinks 'the amazing spider-man' was far more superior to TDKR? maybe not as epic but far more emotional effective on screen

Anonymous2013-05-28 13:09:21
I find it funny that I see a lot of people writing "I loved the score in the movie but not the album". I consider myself more a soundtrack fan than a movie fanatic. So my judgement of a soundtrack is always based on the album. Not on the actual movie mix. Most composers seem to be able to make a very good album that is a good representation of the movie. (like Brian Tyler, Silvestri, ...). The only one who always comes out with bad album releases seem to be Zimmer. (other RCP members do a much better job on the album releases). There are always loads of good moments missing. (esp in the action department). I don't like suites or music cut into pieces with tempo or pich changes. It's always a disappointment so see the movie and to find out afterwards that 60% of my favorite musical moments are just not there.

I am happy to see that there is a deluxe version this time and I hope they manage to put in film mix and suites to keep everyone happy.

And then I even didn't touch the remix subject of Zimmers albums... As far as Zimmer is concerned I usually want/hope for an expanded release after watching a movie. I never have that with other composers.

Hybrid Soldier2013-05-28 19:12:55
Quite the opposite here. The "soundtrack" means nothing, it's just an accessory... The score is everything... :)

Mike2013-05-28 19:43:11
I agree with Anonymous: it seems almost like Zimmer albums want to get the "general feel" of the score, but they always miss a lot and then fill in the gaps with remixes. Either way, while I like Zimmer scores a lot, his albums--particularly the recent ones--tend to be lame.

I also agree with Hybrid: if the album is good, great! If it's not, well, okay. I'll judge the score as written.

Guitwo reply Replies: 8 || 2013-05-23 01:30:54
ok i don't wanna watch the last trailer (fate of a planet) but at least i want to listen at the music in it. someone help me? any link?

Mike2013-05-23 08:10:35
I think you'll have to watch the trailer, m'friend. :)

Ds2013-05-23 22:21:52
I love the distorted bass sound in that trailer! Sounds really crazy. This might be part of the few tracks giving credits to Hans & Junkie XL, because it's more electronic. But who knows...

Guitwo2013-05-24 00:43:31
10 days ago i was a bit reluctant about this next score (from what i heard in the 23minutes -or so- samples). No i much more hyped up

Ds: i would appreciate if you can help me find the music in da trailer because i don't wanna watch anything anymore concerning MOS. I know how WB are marketing their movies and after the 3rd trailer you have stop watching everythin because it's only spoilers spoilers and spoilers (images or plot).

just sayin: please no spoiler on the page :)

Ds2013-05-24 13:37:36
Guitwo, i'm afraid the trailer 4 music is more a mix of several bits of the score. You can hear the tune of "Ignition", and then some sounds i assume are Zod's theme.

You'll get your answer when the score's out :)

Ds2013-05-24 13:41:21
Guitwo, here it is. Crappy quality though:


Guitwo2013-05-24 19:20:50
thank you very much my friend i really appreciate that :)

Ds2013-05-28 15:47:01
According to WaterTower facebook page, the music heard in trailer 4 ("Fate of your planet") is actually the track "Arcade". Great news :)

meta2013-05-28 18:31:35
I just checked the sample on the Website for WaterTower...

Intro sounds very much like the beginning of the trailer so that's awesome...That's a good track.

TRU4T reply Replies: 2 || 2013-05-26 03:48:56
official webgame may contains a new score clip.

Leo2013-05-26 05:21:33
It's probably Terraforming.

meta2013-05-26 18:16:57
sounds like more of Terraforming

Anonymous reply Replies: 2 || 2013-05-26 06:57:53
Why is it always Batman composers who end up scoring films for different superhero characters? First Danny Elfman, now Hans Zimmer!

Mike2013-05-26 06:59:36
Well, Alan Silvestri first did Captain America, then The Avengers. So it's not always people involved with Batman.

mr motivator2013-05-26 12:58:22
john ottman, x men 2, fantastic four, superman

tomPoland reply Replies: 3 || 2013-05-25 14:58:21
blog . zap2it . com/pop2it/2013/05/man-of-steel-will-be-hard-for-me-to-see-s ays-superman-composer-john-williams.html

I don't think he should be worried, there's only one Master in film music.

Edmund Meinerts2013-05-25 15:25:13
I saw that article too, but it's misleading. The reason he says it'll be hard to watch is NOT the music, but rather because of Chris Reeve no longer playing Superman.

Good news about Star Wars, though!

meta2013-05-25 15:26:01
Did he watch any of the other Superman Movies he didn't score? Oh wait those movies still kept to his standard...

I don't see what the big deal is. He should be aware of the reboot phenomena by now and it's a different animal from his.

TOTALLY different animal.

Mike2013-05-25 19:47:56
Indeed, the article is misleading. He said he wants to see the movie; his pains were predominantly related to Christopher Reeve.

Edmund Meinerts reply Replies: 7 || 2013-05-23 19:11:29
I'm probably preaching to the wrong crowd here, but is anyone getting a little sick of the endless procession of streaming tracks, samples, sneak peeks etc.? It just seems like they're cranking the hype wheel WAY too hard. I haven't heard any of the music except what was in the one trailer, but it seems like they're putting up a new cue every couple days now. Chill! Leave some for the album, guys...

Mike2013-05-23 19:13:16
I agree; most of the samples are lame, too. They purposefully leave the important tracks for the actual release.

Hybrid Soldier2013-05-23 19:39:08
I agree Ed, that's also why I don't listen to any of all this...

Ds2013-05-23 19:43:21
I agree..... but at the same time i really CAN'T wait for this soundtrack to be released so i'm always glad when a new piece is released :p

Hybrid: as a HZ fan, i really don't know how you can resist!

Mike2013-05-23 20:22:00
I do think "Flight" is an amazing track, though. If John Williams sees the movie, I'd love to know what he thinks of the score.

Anonymous2013-05-23 22:30:59
Yes. Hans Zimmer seems to be the new Lady Gaga of soundtracks.

Sneek peeks, samples, fan made promos, interviews about how brilliant the score is, featurettes, 1 track that is sold 'accidently' on iTunes a month in advance, trailers, soundcloud, movieticket exclusives...

It's a score goddamnit. It's made for the movie/movie studio/director and not for the fans. I was always glad i am not into a lot of commercial music because of all this hype crap.

Sorry needed to vent. This hype and so called promo's are having an opposite effect on me ^^

Hybrid Soldier2013-05-23 22:42:04
Blame WaterTower, not HZ. They did the same circus with TDKR and Inception (we even fought them with HZ to put the Inception bonus tracks out)... :/

Anonymous2013-05-23 22:47:58
I don't blame Hans. I know it's watertower.

But this kind of crap and 56 editions and bonus tracks push me to pirate it. So far I haven't purchased 1 WaterTower score although I purchased a looooot of other ones.

And I'm sure I'm not the only one. Score fans don't like several editions of a soundtracks, exclusive apps and stuff. Just sayin'

Ds reply Replies: 6 || 2013-05-23 15:57:27
There's a 4'18" 'Flight' track on youtube. I wonder if it's the real one or if it's fan made.

It begins with the 60" sample and ends with 'Flight Part 2'. The mid-part sounds like the piece HZ played at the live performance the other night...

anon2013-05-23 16:32:53
The quality is the same throughout and the only spot that might be copy/pasted is the gab in the middle. I think we may have the full track here ladies and gents :)

Guitwo2013-05-23 16:50:06
fan made edit i rather say

flight is suppose to be 4:18.

Ds2013-05-23 17:03:01
The one on youtube is actually 4'18" long!

anon2013-05-23 17:15:35
Guitwo, you find 1-3 second flexibility with track lengths of songs truly ripped from the CD all the time on youtube. Just because the track is 4:20 instead of 4:18 is hardly a valid argument.

Guitwo2013-05-23 18:02:28
the question is why release an "exclusif track" for preordered ticket called flight part 2 and put the same cue in flight (the version in the album. nonsense?

plus the transition between the two part is too brutal.

Mike2013-05-23 19:10:55
I found a two minute preview of "Flight Part 2". I'm not Hans Zimmer's biggest fan--I don't like everything he's written, but if you ask me, this was fantastic. Very big and epic. As MGDrone said below, it amazes me that Hans has scored films for the two most (arguably) popular superheroes out there.

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 21 || 2013-05-21 23:14:29
WaterTower shared on Facebook :

"Tickets are on sale now! if you buy through Fandango or, you get a free track from the Man of Steel Soundtrack!"

MovieTickets says "Buy tickets to Man of Steel and receive a FREE download of the track “Flight Part 2” by Hans Zimmer!"

Ds2013-05-21 23:17:11
So: is it the second half of track "Flight", or a different one?

Hybrid Soldier2013-05-21 23:18:07
You just asked the good question...

Mike2013-05-21 23:25:13
Uuuugh, I HATE that they do this! Why can't the music be on the album, no strange "get all the music from a zillion sources" stuff?

Aragorn2013-05-21 23:28:14
Can you buy the tickets now and if so does that mean the song is available now?

Hybrid Soldier2013-05-21 23:30:11
It's on the 2 websites, US dudes can buy in advance already...

Ds2013-05-21 23:34:24
Too bad it's for US only... All i can do is wait...

Guitwo2013-05-22 03:45:32
edit: sounds like a "last picture-end credit"

Mike2013-05-22 07:00:07
What is that, Guitwo? It doesn't take me to a video.

meta2013-05-22 07:03:25
theres a space in there, but it took me to that preview thats already been posted

anon2013-05-22 07:46:29
get rid of the space and get rid of the "#!"

Ds2013-05-22 11:55:24
MY GOD!! THIS is the Hans i love! Great track. Gets me even more excited for the album!!

JamesT2013-05-22 18:52:52
Is there a way to hear it? The youtube links does not work in the US. I purchased IMAX 3D tickets this morning, and it mentioned the bonus offer, but no link or code has been provided yet -- does it take a while to get it?

JamesT2013-05-22 19:43:34
I don't see this new track on youtube, except the one that inaccessible in the US

Mike2013-05-22 21:47:44
Same here :(

MGDrone2013-05-22 22:19:47
Just look up Hans Zimmer Flight Part 2. I think this is amazing. It just gives me chills to think that Hans has created great music for my two favorite superheroes. I would probably faint if he gets to score Justice League (if it ever gets done, that is)! If its a different Batman, I wonder what he'd come up with haha. But Im getting ahead of myself haha.

0-cool2013-05-22 22:31:29
is that the album version?
The mixing seems off. The guitars, strings,and choir are barely audible. Perhaps it's my sound settings. Anyone else?

Mike2013-05-23 00:12:08
I found one video and it still says it can't be viewed in my country...

JamesT2013-05-23 04:45:00
Finally. If you search Hans Zimmer Flight Part 2, you will find that and something else. WONDERFUL!

JamesT2013-05-23 04:46:12

Frank2013-05-23 07:15:16
Sounds like this is the same cue as heard in the Man of Steel app

Fashionista2013-05-23 16:51:01
anybody know about Flight Part 1? Been looking for it but can't find it....

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2013-05-23 01:05:17
Norton has been posting short videos about the film, which contain parts of the score.

Pluto reply Replies: 0 || 2013-05-22 20:41:05
I actually find a website where they have that extra flight sample thingy. Am I allowed to post the link to the website here? I just want to ask beforehand so I don't get in trouble....

Ds reply Replies: 0 || 2013-05-22 12:01:04
New trailer: /watch?v=NlOF03DUoWc&

The music in here is just crazy!! This score's going to be the masterpiece we waited for.

Agent Smith reply Replies: 0 || 2013-05-21 10:52:54
Track 4. DNA in its full length: immer-celebrates-mankind-on-dna-20130513

0-cool reply Replies: 3 || 2013-05-18 15:14:05
featurette with new music(choir!)

Ds2013-05-18 15:51:41
O-cool, this is indeed VERY cool :)

Mike2013-05-18 20:03:10
Is the choir music part of the score? And I really liked the music in the last ten seconds of the video.

meta2013-05-20 00:57:26
I would say yes...that choir sounds very much like stock Zimmer choir...

Hale reply Replies: 1 || 2013-05-18 10:20:47
I have just realized that the main theme was very close to broken arrow main theme (the famous guitar theme).

meta2013-05-18 16:54:21
i havent heard that theme in ages...imma check it out

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