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Wait!<br>So has Balfe been replaced due to having other projects?<br>I thought it had been completed?Why was there the change of composers?...wouldn't being really busy be an argument *for* him possibly being replaced? When you're signed on to 10 movies and release schedules are being constantly pushed around because nobody has a clue when theaters are going to open again, you shouldn't be surprised if eventually you might run into some conflicts.Jackman is not replacing Balfe! <br>Balfe is the most busiest composer at the moment so he isn’t going to get replaced last minute!!!!!Thank you for your replies. On IMDB she is listed.
Alright, after re-listening to the score, I've made a few educated guesses of what the additional composers did, based on what we know about the score and their previous work. Note that none of this is confirmed by Hybrid, just my opinion.<br><br>Lorne Balfe: Seems to practically be a co-composer here. I hear a lot of him in this score. It seems he did Invasion (as he's known for contributing trailer music to films he works on) seemingly the suites "Brooding", "Deciphering the Signal", "Battle", and the one we know he cowrote, "Journey Suite". Based on this here's my guess as to what he contributed. <br><br>Soccent Attack - Sounds like his style, probably him arranging AllSpark and Decepticon material. <br><br>Keller's Briefing - Arrangement of "Deciphering the Signal"<br><br>Deciphering the Signal - Obviously another arrangement of "Deciphering the Signal" with Batman Begins-like action at the end.<br><br>Sam's Pink Bike Ride (Part 2) - Sounds like an arrangement of "Brooding" material. <br><br>(Possibly?) Are You LadiesMan217? - Some arrangement of "Brooding" and "Journey Suite" material, although hard to say whether the theme at 1:10 is Steve's or Lorne's. Could be Steve arranging Lorne material, as it sounds more Jablonsky-esque to me. <br><br>Autobots to the Rescue - Could be Steve imitating Batman Begins style, but sounds far too Lorne for me to not consider it a co-written track. <br><br>Sector 7 Chase - Part 1 sounds more Jablonsky than Lorne, but there's no question to me that part 2 has a lot of Balfe in there. <br><br>Where Is My Car? - Batman Begins-like again, probably Lorne solo, or Lorne and Steve<br><br>Decepticons Mobilize (Part 2) - Arrangement of "Brooding"<br><br>Freeway Fight - Battle version of Decepticon theme from "Brooding"<br><br>Stumble Bumble (Part 1) & (Part 2 Alternate) - Arrangement of "Journey Suite", second part not used in the film sounds like Steve & Lorne Combo to me. Film version of part 2 sounds pure Steve to me. <br><br>You're A Soldier Now (Parts 1 & 3) - Lorne being heavily involved in the final battle is known, and Parts 1 and 3 have arrangements of Lorne material. I'm also fairly certain that Lorne wrote the Optimus vs Megatron theme from Part 3 and "Optimus vs Megatron".<br><br>Optimus vs Megatron - Finale of theme introduced in "You're A Soldier Now (Part 3)" as well as the "Journey / AllSpark" theme which could be Lorne's or Steve's. <br><br>Trevor Morris: I can infer from his work on Pirates 2, The Island, and the one track we know he worked on. <br><br>Soldiers Arrive - Not sure why, but I've always assumed this military theme was Morris'.<br><br>Arctic 1897 - Dark theme that reminds me a lot of his work from Pirates 2. <br><br>Scorponok - Known fact that he co-wrote this. <br><br>Hoover Dam - Arrangement of military theme<br><br>Transforming -  Same theme from Arctic 1897<br><br>Sam on the Roof (Part 2) - Arrangement of theme from Scorponok, though could be Steve or Lorne arranging it.<br><br>Optimus vs Megatron - A slight hint to the Military theme when they begin attacking Blackout, and Scorponok theme reprisal, once again could be Steve or Lorne arranging these themes. <br><br>Creeper Suite / A Call to Arms (Unused) - Original music for Optimus' Epilogue, contains arrangement of military theme. <br><br>Jay Flood: Can be inferred from his work on Transformers: The Game, his overall more orchestral writing, and his contributions to Nightmare on Elm Street, Sims 3, and Desperate Housewives. <br><br>Camaro on the Run - Definitely has a TF: The Game sound to it overall. As well as a bit of Thomas Newman-esque music. <br><br>Witwicky (Parts 1-3) - Definitely some of his style here along with Steve's overall Desperate Housewives-esque music. <br><br>Decepticons 2 Suite / Frenzy - The suspenseful strings make me think of Flood's Nightmare on Elm Street work, and the brass writing seems more characteristic of him than Jablonsky to me, though it was still probably a co-written suite. <br><br>Tense Action Suite - Once again reminds me of Flood's Nightmare suspenseful string writing, probably at least co-composed with Jablonsky. <br><br>Clay Duncan - I can guess somewhat based on his contributions to "The Island" but otherwise I don't know much about him so I'm not sure about any of the inferences I'm about the make. <br><br>Angry Camaro - This sort of drone music sounds like it could be him as his contributions were very electronic in The Island.<br><br>Bumblebee vs Barricade - Strange electronics and sounds plus more minimalist writing make me think Duncan. <br><br>Tow Truck Charge - Definitely has The Island's sound. Could be Trevor Morris too. <br><br>TJ Lindgreen: I know so little about his style except he works with Elfman and did additional music for TF: The Game so not much I can say for what he did. <br><br>Belly Shot(?) - The ethereal choir style sounds somewhat like TF: The Game's score and Elfman's choir. <br><br>Not to Hear That(?) - Maybe he composed this motif for Mikaela that also appeared in "Belly Shot". <br><br>Surreal Mikaela(?) - Once again I'm hoping the specific choir sound is part of his style. <br><br>Anything I didn't mention is a track I'm assuming is all Jablonsky. Please note that I'm not trying to take away from Steve's work on this score, and that for most of these track I'm assuming Steve had some involvement in as well, I'm just speculating for fun because I've always wanted to know who did what on this score.LP sadly, but it's also on Spotify.Technical reasons ! lol ;)<br><br>But she was there.Most welcome news. Should be a nice replacement for the Fantastic Beasts score that will have to have been pushed off. I imagine his work on Jungle Cruise will be great as well. 2021 is looking pretty exciting for score releases!She definitely performed on the score, I don't know why she is uncredited...
The poster shows Lorne Balfe as the composer.<br><br>But then it also did have Desplat!So no solo cello by Tina Guo? Is it digital then or is it no cello?CD or LP release?Why is Lorne Balfe not nominated for a Grammy for Ad Astra ?To my understanding, James never worked for Hans or Remote Control. They’re simply friends and have collaborated on a few projects. Powell (and Gregson-Williams) used to work at Remote Control before moving on to his own studio/endeavors. <br><br>BUT, I am equally as excited for James to return to Disney Animation. Very excited for this and Jungle Cruise.
I guess James Newton Howard doesn't count as a Remote Control composer anymore (and yet John Powell does? I don't get it), but anyway, he's scoring Disney Animation Studios' Raya and the Last Dragon. After his epic trilogy of Dinosaur, Atlantis, and Treasure Planet, I welcome his return to the studio!Some original cue titles with slates from a music mixing CD-R:<br>1M13 Transactions<br><br>2M16 Jake Gets Stoned<br>2M20A Alley<br>2M21 Rapists Castration<br><br>3M24 My Old Division<br>3M27 Go Fetch Dog<br>3M30 The Freeway<br>3M32 Alonzo Steals Money<br>3M33 Into The Jungle<br><br>4M41 Safety Is First / Busting Into Rogers<br><br>5M46 Helicopter<br>5M48 Sunset / Wet Streets<br>5M51 Jake Gets Beaten<br>5M52 Smiley Calls His Cousin<br><br>6M57 On The Roof<br>6M58 Jake Lands On Car<br><br>7M61 Alonzo Dies<br>7M63 Sun ShotMovie credits:<br><br>Music by Hans Zimmer & David Fleming<br><br>Music Supervisor: Joe Rudge<br><br>Score Produced by Hans Zimmer<br>Supervising Music Editor: Ryan Rubin<br>Music Editor: Nate Underkuffler<br>Music Production Services: Steven Kofsky<br>Additional Music by Ben Powell<br>Featured Guitar Soloist: Derek Trucks<br>Score Mixed by Seth Waldmann<br>Score Mix Assistant: Aldo Arechar<br>Technical Score Engineer: Chuck Choi<br>Technical Assistants: James Grimwade, Aldo Arechar, Steven Doar & Fabio Marks<br>Synth Programming: Hans Zimmer<br>Digital Instrument Design: Mark Wherry<br>Digital Instrument Preparation: Taurees Habib, Raul Vega, David Naroth & Paul Salerno<br>Studio Manager for Remote Control Productions: Shalini Singh<br>Assistant to Hans Zimmer: Cynthia Park<br>Score Mixed at Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica CA<br>Music Clearances: Jessica Dolingerthats trueCan't think of a more meaningless and laughable award than the Oscar.

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Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL)Christian VorlanderStephen PeroneEmad Borjian
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
300 - Rise Of An Empire
Label: WaterTower Music
Length: 67'51 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (9175 votes)
  1. History Of Artemisia (9:34)
  2. Marathon (3:54)
  3. From Man To God King (3:50)
  4. Sparta (1:05)
  5. Artemisia's Childhood (3:42)
  6. Suicide (1:18)
  7. Left For Dead (1:32)
  8. Fog Battle (4:35)
  9. A Beach Of Bodies (4:17)
  10. Fire Battle (6:11)
  11. Xerxes' Thoughts (3:44)
  12. Queen Gorgo (3:59)
  13. Greeks On Attack (4:28)
  14. History Of The Greeks (7:04)
  15. Greeks Are Winning (6:04)
  16. End Credits (2:34)
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Scorefan reply Replies: 3 || 2019-05-21 01:20:06
Is this tru or false?

01 - M1 Rise of An Empire/Marathon/King Darius/Artemisia/Man to God/War (13:35)
02 - M2 Greek Council/Persian War Plan/Spartan Fight Training (03:39)
03 - M3 Greek Conversation/Your Commander is Greek (07:06)
04 - M4 Artemisia's Story (03:07)
05 - M5 Bad News (01:13)
06 - M6 Suicide/General Bandari (02:11)
07 - M7 Circle Battle (05:18)
08 - M8 Atemisia's Disappiontment/The Fog Battle (09:55)
09 - M9 Summoning Themistocles (02:44)
10 - M10 Sex (05:39)
11 - M11 Fire Battle (06:24)
12 - M12 Hero's Blood/Dead Spartans (04:47)
13 - M14 I Am the God King (02:46)
14 - M15 Our Final Stand (03:00)
15 - M16 Showdown Pt.1 (04:25)
16 - M17 Showdown Pt.2 (04:42)
17 - M18 United Greece (02:32)
18 - M19 Finale (01:25)
19 - M20 War Pigs (JXL Remix) (02:11)
20 - M21 End Credits (06:21)

theeaglesfan0052019-05-21 01:26:21

Scorefan2019-05-21 01:37:46
hahahah sorry "true"

theeaglesfan0052019-05-21 17:33:30
I was replying in my 2 Chainz voice haha

But this is legit :D

Marcorea reply Replies: 2 || 2014-07-30 16:42:12
I've made a composition Using the percussion track 'Greeks on attack'

Marcorea2014-07-30 16:43:09
It's still a pretty rough demo and a few tweaks need to be made

Boromir2016-11-24 23:37:00
A perfect Batman theme :)

mpolonest123 reply Replies: 1 || 2016-11-23 15:41:52
Was this scored to picture or was it more suite based?

mpolonest123 2016-11-23 15:46:05
I finally got a chance to see the film (which is dumb as hell, but surprisingly fun) and was surprised to see how well the music works in context. This is one of those scores which are so simplistic, but equally effective. Definitely works wonders in the gym.

It's a shame the "War Pigs" variation on the credits was never officially released though....

MasterZ reply Replies: 0 || 2016-02-19 03:19:07
So Tom likes to use drums... maybe he and bear mccreary should have a drum off!

marcorea1 reply Replies: 0 || 2014-09-28 23:09:50
using the 'Greeks on Attack' percussion from 300: rise of an empire, i layered over my own orchestration to create a completely new composition.

hope you all enjoy :)

KL reply Replies: 0 || 2014-03-22 00:45:33

Making of

Ty Scott reply Replies: 0 || 2014-03-13 19:05:15
Honestly this was one of those middle of the road scores for me. I enjoyed the more action oriented pieces Fog Battle and Greeks Are Winning, but at the same time it still just felt like a meek effort at best. Too much MOS on the mind and while I didn't hate that score, I was just hoping for a little more. Still better than Bates' score for the first though.

By the way, did anyone else think "Hey, the guitar bits in End Credits kind of have the same beat as War Pigs" before you saw the movie, then you see they play it just like that in the end credits? That part I will give Junkie XL props for. Rather clever and Ozzy's lyrics give it that badass feel.

cheesy reply Replies: 12 || 2014-03-10 04:48:41
Guess Man of Steel was pretty fresh in their minds when they worked on this. Still awesome though. It's like potato chips for the ears.

anAnymous2014-03-10 10:50:14
What an incredible bad score. Shall we get ear cancer?
Junkie XL obviously has no talent.A shame ...

Ds2014-03-10 12:06:16
anAnymous: please correct your sentence, Junkie XL obviously has no talent TO PLEASE YOUR LITTLE EARS! Which I think is a rather good thing :-)

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-10 14:40:23
It's fascinating how much this score is polarizing people.

MacArthur2014-03-10 15:57:04
From the Thing I heard for the music sample, I do not like it either.

trent easton navarro2014-03-10 20:23:27
If they had asked a bunch of childeren to bang on various things as loud as possible, the result would have been the same. And those kids wouldn't have needed two weeks ;)

Ds2014-03-10 21:13:48
So basically you're saying that the drums are randomly played, which is totally not true. And you're saying that there's nothing else than drums in this score, which is also totally wrong (listen to tracks 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 14).

You're entitled to your opinion, but what you said is not an opinion, it's just a big fat lie. Trent the hater, welcome but not welcome!

trent easton navarro2014-03-10 21:27:58
Oh yeah, I forgot to add that they need to ask one of those kids to cry a bit like someone stole their favorite toy :P

trent easton navarro2014-03-10 21:28:14
Obviously, I was just joking a bit. Nice to see you have a sense of humor. Truth be told, the score left me indifferent. In a way it's similar to Bates' Conan score. Holkenborg has all the toys available to him, but doesn't know how to use it in an interesting way. The score was servicable in the film but that's it.

Fog Battle was pretty cool, especially the melody heard at the two minute mark. Shame he didn't used that more often.

anAnymous2014-03-11 11:33:02
It is a completely childish, infantile score. Nothing more.
And by the way. This is not a question of taste.

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-11 13:19:39
What are you talking about? Of course it's a question of taste. Whether you like something or not is always a question of taste.

thejok3rrules2014-03-11 15:08:45
No, I must agree: It's not a matter of taste here... This score is ridiculously bad. You can like it, but you can't actually deny it is bad.

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-11 16:08:17
"Bad" and "good" with regards to music are impossible to quantify. You can say a score is good because it's complicated, varied, inventive, original, thematic or any number of other descriptors because our culture has generally come to accept that those things make for good music. But that doesn't mean that if someone says they think this is a good score that they are wrong. Is it less complicated than Star Wars? Yes. Is it less varied than Star Wars? Yes. Is it worse than Star Wars? 99% of people will probably say yes. But that doesn't mean it's a fact that it is.

And don't misunderstand me - I think this score is awful! But just because I think that doesn't make it true (or false) for anybody other than me.

0-cool reply Replies: 0 || 2014-03-11 15:33:43
making of

Drunkenmunkey reply Replies: 1 || 2014-03-10 22:57:13
Listened to it again in a couple of tracks grew on me. an't wait to see what he has in store for Divergent.

Marathon, From Man to God King, Artemisia's Childhood, Fog Battle,Fire Battle, Greeks on Attack, Greeks are Winning, and End Credits are my favorite.

anAnymous2014-03-11 11:31:59
It is a completely childish, infantile score. Nothing more.
And by the way. This is not a question of taste.

Ds reply Replies: 16 || 2014-03-05 22:01:14
The score is absolutely TERRIFIC inside the movie. Really. It captures the frenetic action as well as the bombastic glorious sequences. And I definitely cannot imagine any other style of music fitting this movie.

And above all, it is perfectly over-mixed. It's been a long time since I've heard a score so loudly mixed in a movie, louder than everything else. Finally, a director who understands that the purpose of an epic, bombastic score is NOT to get buried under CGIs and dialogs!

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-05 22:44:32
If only this was actually an epic, bombastic score...

Ds2014-03-05 22:53:26
I knew you were going to say that, Edmund. But actually, very honestly, while watching the movie I couldn't possibly imagine something different from Junkie XL's score. I'd be curious to know what you think about it if you get a chance to watch the movie.

Hybrid Soldier2014-03-05 23:13:25
Hans said Tom wrote this score in 2 weeks to replace the poor lost son Jusid ! lol

Ds2014-03-05 23:22:17
In 2 weeks? That's a performance. I start to understand why Hans finds him so amazing.

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-05 23:48:26
It wouldn't be the first time. James Horner came up with his Troy score in 10 days and while it's nothing special (and is full of pieces of his older scores), it's miles and miles beyond this score. Seriously. It's just drums and wailing!

Ds2014-03-06 00:13:07
Remember Troy has A LOT of wailing too... But again, drums and wailing are more suited to this movie than Horner's score was to Troy, in my opinion. It was the only thing I didn't like in Troy. I guess it's just a matter of perception.

Btw, I think it's ridiculous to call Junkie's score "just drums". What would you think if I called John Williams' Star Wars "just orchestra"?

RealFfingMusic2014-03-06 06:00:21
Ha ha!

Horner's "wailing"s did sound odd and overused.

On the other hand, Junkie XL's score fits beautifully.

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-06 13:47:44
An orchestra has far more expressive capability than drums do. Percussion can be a fantastic tool for composers to use but relying almost entirely on it just makes the music sound incomplete to me.

Anonymous2014-03-06 14:22:46
In 2 weeks?

Well they should let Bergersen do it then. If you hear what kind of creativite and technical power can pull off in 10 days with only a sampled orchestra and choir (That's a wrap)...

Ds2014-03-06 16:42:28
Anonymous, it's true but on the other hand "That's a wrap" is only 10min long, and totally unsuited to a movie - especially a movie like this one.

But to all of you that aren't happy with this score, i suggest one thing: watch the movie first, then discuss its score. Because i'm deeply convinced than anything more refined or orchestral would have been really out of place.

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-06 16:58:25
So you're basically saying this movie needed a bad score?

isildur2014-03-06 17:28:18
Bad or Good is a perspective innit? Some dig it, some others don't.

Yesterday I listened to the track "That's a wrap", which everyone here is said was great and Edmund even said it was like "Powell on meth". And I am sorry to say I was sorely disappointed. Yes, it had some nice arrangements but it wasn't anything which I haven't already listened. And I think Powell, even if we was on triple dose of meth would have given much much better ass kicking music than this.

And no I haven't listened to this soundtrack. And no I haven't seen the movie.

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-06 19:55:59
Right, but Ds specifically said he thinks that this score shouldn't have been refined. Lack of refinement is never a good thing. You can write an extremely aggressive score (which this is) and still make it sound refined (which this isn't).

Sorry to hear you don't like "It's a Wrap" though. What do you mean by "it wasn't anything I haven't already listened"? The themes in it or just the general style?

Anonymous2014-03-06 20:37:52
I am gonna see the movie tommorow so I am curieus if it sounds better then...

I liked the first 300 movie score. It had better themes and was way more epic. Even if the best bits where stolen as well from Titus.

Saw Pompeii yesterday. That score was brilliantly used in the movie (and also LOUD) but it sounds on album awesome too. Even without the images.

isildur2014-03-06 20:39:33
I Defer to 'Ds' and others who heard it about this refinement issue as I haven't :D

Well it's a bit of both actually. Mind you at some parts the arrangements were excellent but I felt the themes weren't anything special.

trent easton navarro2014-03-08 18:18:40
Gonna watch the film tonight, let's see if I like the score any better after that. On it's own the score is boring as hell...

Just percussion can be great. There's a track on the Rising Sun ost called Tsunami, it only uses taiko drums and it's friggin awesome!

Macejko reply Replies: 0 || 2014-03-08 11:41:41
It certainly isn't flawless score, but it works really well within the movie and it has some great and - I don't mind saying this - original moments. It's highly percusive and the MoS influence is really obvious, but considering that there were only 2 weeks to write it, it is a admirable result with it's own identity. Junkie is certainly showing some promise here.

Leo reply Replies: 0 || 2014-03-08 01:06:51
I never thought I'd say this but I actually prefer Tyler Bates' "300" effort to this.

Radik reply Replies: 0 || 2014-03-06 22:22:17
I just came from cinema... One word - epic.. Little bit reminds me MAN OF STEEL but fits perfect :)

Edmund Meinerts reply Replies: 14 || 2014-03-03 17:31:41
Why couldn't this score have sounded more like "To Glory" by Two Steps From Hell? That's the kind of music I want to hear in my 300 movies, not Man of Steel table scraps... :/

0-cool2014-03-03 18:46:07
if this movie were pg-13 and more light-hearted then yes. Otherwise certainly not.
What makes this MoS scraps? The drums? Different drums, different style,different soundscape,different sound design,different instrumentation, different structuring etc.
The drum writing is more dynamic and interesting here than in MoS imo.

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-03 18:55:00
So you can't have a heroic theme or music with actual personality in an R-rated movie? What bullshit is this?

Everything about the drum writing screams Man of Steel in this. No, they're not the exact same rhythms, but close enough. Just listen to Marathon, for crying out loud. And what is with the fixation on drums in this score anyway? Most of the action cues are 95% drums. It's just loud...there's no feeling to the music. Are the Greeks winning or the Persians? I can't fucking tell because the music sounds exactly the same no matter what. Drums, drums, drums, drums and more drums. Somebody MAKE IT STOP!

Hybrid Soldier2014-03-03 19:03:36
Two Steps From Hell can return to Hell, I don't want to hear from them for many reasons...

And if that's to mention some soul-less over orchestrated stuff, what's the point ? ;)

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-03 19:08:22
Two Steps have been routinely beating RC at their own game for the last five, six years or so. How is their stuff more soulless than Junkie XL slamming on his drumkit for 65 minutes on end?

0-cool2014-03-03 19:46:12
The 2steps track you posted doesn't exude any little grittiness,machismo,aggressiveness that a movie like this suggests. Now if this movie were more realistic and less ridiculous it would be fitting.

History of the Greeks builds up to a very heroic crescendo. Greeks are winning arranges that theme to a badass whole.

Marathon is the closest you get to Man of Steel drumming. The rest is very different. This has lots of tempo changes, different drums(not just drum sets), also clapping, more drum fills, pattern changes and quite interesting structuring.

The drumming here is better than in most other scores even from top composers.

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-03 19:52:05
No aggressiveness in "To Glory"? Are you deaf? Did you hear that electric guitar part?

With most top composers there's actual MUSIC underneath the drumming! I don't care how intricate the rhythms are - it's still just noise to me after a minute or so. If there was something, anything going on alongside that percussion...even if it was just some string ostinatos, then at least there would be a bit of feeling to the music. As it is it just feels like loudness for loudness' sake. There's no narrative. Drums in and of themselves are incapable of creating emotional music.

Greeks Are Winning is indeed an okay cue. Probably the only one from this score I'd listen to again.

Ds2014-03-03 19:59:26
Hybrid, why do you hate TSFH? Since the album "Illusions" by Thomas Bergersen, I think he is the most talented composer on earth. No exageration. I can't get tired of his music. And I say that as a die-hard HZ fan.

The other guy from TSFH, on the other hand, doesn't look as talented as Bergersen is. Almost all their best tracks are by Bergersen.

Btw, Edmund Meinerts, do you know why you can't say if the Greeks or the Persians are winning? Probably because you haven't seen the movie yet :-)

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-03 20:08:19
Yeah, Nick Phoenix is only okay, but Thomas Bergersen is massively, almost ridiculously talented. Illusions is one of my absolute favorite albums of all time. Have you heard his latest cue, Ds, "That's a Wrap"? It's a 10-minute cue that sounds like John Powell on meth. Check it out on YouTube or something. It's insane!

Haha, maybe. I'm not sure if I'm even going to see the movie yet, I didn't really like the first one...I still feel like the music should give some indication of how the battle is going. Victory, despair, determination...something more than just brute aggressiveness. If you listen to a battle cue from Lord of the Rings or Pirates of the Caribbean for example, you can always tell what character, army, whatever is prevailing at any given moment.

Ds2014-03-03 20:21:31
I like that you mention "That's a wrap", it's indeed a wonderfully rich cue. Btw, if you follow Thomas Bergersen on Facebook, he provided a link to download it for free on his website. Have you heard "Into Darkness", Bergersen's last track? It's not really my type of music, but how amazing it is that a composer can put out two pieces so completely opposed from each other in less than a week? :D

But about "300", I think you kind of missed the point. This sequel looks like it's absolutely not character-driven (like LotR or PotC were), but just a pretext for heavy, gory, ridiculously epic, glorious violence. There won't be anything refined in there, and that's the exact purpose of such a movie. A violent, agressive, furious, extremely loud soundtrack is exactly what fits best to that genre of movie. And judging from what I've read so far, the score is perfect in the movie and, for once, mixed loud enough to fully hear it. It appears it's the most prominent thing in the movie. (if only Zack Snyder had paid attention to that in MoS...)

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-03 20:41:20
I do see what you mean. But you should be able to write aggressive music without making it quite so monotonous as this score.

Mortifer V.2014-03-04 23:13:13
The good old days of Two Steps From Hell are almost gone. They don't produce anything really nice lately. Thomas Bergersen is talented, no doubt about that, and he's experimenting with different styles lately, but the more he does that the less I like his music (that's just my preference though, but never mind). His latest cue "Into Darkness" is one of his worst for me personally. I always thought of "Illusions" as an ok album (yet a great move from the composer), but it's just my preference again - there are some tracks that I like a lot from it, but I never listen to it now. My fave album from Thomas is probably "Nemesis" ("Moving Mountains remains my fave classic 2SFH track ever), and my fave album from 2SFH in general is probably "Power of Darkness". Damn... good old days...

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-04 23:32:30
I couldn't agree with you less, Mortifer. I think Bergersen is going from strength to strength. Into Darkness might not be your thing but isn't it astounding how a composer can bounce from That's a Wrap to Autumn Love to Into Darkness within the span of weeks - three cues that are completely different in style and genre, but all of which are absolutely oozing with the composer's voice? Have you even heard That's a Wrap? That cue is absolutely phenomenal!

2011 for me, with the double-release of Nero and Illusions, was the apex of Bergersen's work so far; he's been less prolific since, but I don't think the quality has dropped. Skyworld, the last "proper" Two Steps album, was an amazingly varied collection of cues. Bergersen's work from 2006-2010 has plenty going for it (I love Nemesis and Power of Darkness as well), but in general it's much more derivative work that's more "typical" trailer music, or else really really obviously ripping stuff off. From Illusions onward I think he's really come into his own - still tipping the hat to favorite composers, but not just ripping them off anymore. Writing much longer, better-developed cues. Developing an instantly-recognizable voice while still exploring dozens of genres and styles. Could he be more consistent and prolific? Yes, but I think the quality of his music is higher than it's ever been. He's getting more experimental, which inevitably will lead to some tracks you don't enjoy as much (not a fan of the dubstep track from Skyworld, or of Into Darkness). But I'd rather have him do that than just write endless slight variations on the trailer music style we've heard for decades now.

Whew! Essay over. Now everyone here knows my secret fanboyism for Two Steps from Hell... D:

Mortifer V.2014-03-05 00:27:08
Yes, I have to agree, "That's a Wrap" is a pretty good track ;P

Ds2014-03-05 00:48:08
Couldn't agree more with you Edmund! I think exactly the same about Bergersen, who's getting better and better. He's been less prolific (except last week, with 3 tracks released), but that's because he's busy on his next solo album, "Sun", due to release later this year.

The only thing I'd like to add is that the "dubstep" track from Skyworld, "All is hell that ends well" is actually one of my favorite of that album, because it's not only a dubstep track, but a cue that litteraly merge a lot of very different styles of music. The classical parts are... well... instant classic, direct deep into my heart. I fell in love with "Sun and moon" and "Breathe", too.

badbu reply Replies: 13 || 2014-03-01 10:27:47
this is crap...listen to clinton shorter - pompeii! amazing score!!!

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Ds2014-03-01 10:46:44
Both are very good and epic on two different ways. "Pompeii" is more traditional, with strong themes, classical instrumentation and really beautiful tracks ("I won't leave you" left me breathless). On the other hand this "300" sequel music is pure badassness and violence, with ridiculously cool rythms patterns, guitar riffs and electronic stuff. You can't compare both, and I think they are both perfectly suited to their respective movie (haven't seen this "300", though).

Hybrid Soldier2014-03-01 14:07:56

Oh you mean the King Arthur / Crash / Trailer Music / POTC / Snow White & The Huntsman temptrack fest ?

badbu2014-03-01 14:13:04
and what is this? MoS reloaded?...

Anonymous2014-03-01 14:44:30
Harsch, hybrid. I noticed some similarities but it was not that bad imo. Was the track "i won't leave you" also temptracked?

al bundy2014-03-01 17:11:58
@Hybrid Soldier: But this is not any better...

Marco2014-03-01 17:39:27
I'm pretty sure if hans zimmer was the main composer for this all the haters would love it. Give the guy a chance! Don't forget junkie help provide a lot of epic percussion on mos.

Adrian2014-03-01 17:40:38
This is a great soundtrack...powerful, dark and epic! Great job Junkie XL!!

Phil2014-03-01 18:15:31
bought this CD and must say for me it was absolutely waste of money! it's not my style of music!
nevertheless i can imagine it suites the film perfectly!
but i think it's absolutely wrong to say this music from XL Junkie is bad!
Film music isn't written for just listening to it, it's written for the motion picture, to give it an identity and make it live!

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-01 18:22:36
You're right, Phil...a score is there to give a movie its own identity. Which is why this collection of leftovers from Man of Steel with a duduk or voice or two thrown on top of it fails on both counts.

Hector2014-03-02 03:54:29
Is his first score and do it like a little boy with a computer....

Please...Zimmer go fast and talk with John Powell again!!!! With Bruce Fowler, Rupert GWilliams, Martin Tillman!!!!. Forget this kind of music or your reputation will be lost. Please. Hackman, and Junkiiii are your worst choice. Lorne is the best now.

Junkie made music with tools in a metal box!!!!

NM2014-03-02 22:37:05
@Hector, nonsense. JunkieXL is a good composer, and an excellent remix artist.

That said this score is fairly generic, it has some interesting sound design going for it, but that's about it.

"I'm pretty sure if hans zimmer was the main composer for this all the haters would love it."

Not really, no.

"but i think it's absolutely wrong to say this music from XL Junkie is bad!"

Why? What if I think it's bad music. Not that I think this is.

"Film music isn't written for just listening to it, it's written for the motion picture, to give it an identity and make it live!"

This rationale has been wheeled out to defend a lot of generic scores. Most composers want to write something that works with the picture and stands on its own two feet as a composition as well. Even with that said, my biggest criticism is that I don't think this kind of music compliments a lot of these films either. It's just like "we have action here, we need some action drum loops", "we have drama, we need some wailing 'ethnic' vocals". It doesn't really do much other than sit there. It's really safe, predictable and pretty dull these days.

I don't think any of this music is bad, it's well-produced, coherent, cool, whatever, but it's also not very engaging. "They work in the film!", well in my opinion, they don't ruin the film, but they do little or nothing to enhance it either. Challenge me, the viewer. Throw something different at me.

Hector 2014-03-03 03:08:12
NM your speach is great. Your words are great and perfect. I think, in a lot of ways, like you. But right now I hate a lot of new scores because just like John Powell said: was made it by a young guy with a computer. Music will be great even without the movie. Because we need art. We need art to love all the movies in a lot of ways not only and not because is a great part of a sistem. If you want a better movie you must put on this the best than you can. Sorry this time the music is very predictable and poor. If I do the same in my work will be a shame to me. I asked the same to a composer. More when is his first movie and when the movie is a big movie. If he start with a little movie sure I will be more generous, and finay I will buy the cd or the music. Regards, and thanks for understand and share your oppinion with me.

Scorefan2014-03-04 00:21:35
i agree with you badbu
Pompeii is an amazing score completely orchestral.
Whatever you say Hybrid about the Temptrack fest, it's a wonderful score, and i don't hear nothing about Crimson Tide / The Rock / The peacemaker / Gladiator / King Arthur / POTC / Snow White And The hunstman / Waterworld / Etc / Etc /Etc / Etc Temptrack Fest like you said

0-cool reply Replies: 0 || 2014-03-03 09:06:59
Hybrid can you please ask Junkie XL if it's possible for him to release his symphony "The Battle for peace" that he wrote last year for an outdoor theater event in Utrecht last year.

here's the video of it

thejok3rrules reply Replies: 1 || 2014-03-02 15:52:12
Hybrid, what do you think about this crap?

Ds2014-03-02 21:50:18
He's already said he liked it. Scroll down a little and find out for yourself :-)

Hector reply Replies: 4 || 2014-03-01 12:21:46
Is a Shame than Junkie XL made msic for RC. Is a very bad composer. Incredible than Zimmer who worked with Powell, Gregson Williams, Mancina, Orvarsson, Zanelli, Djawadi, Pereira, Smith, have that guy poor.
I buyed all the score for more than 20 years. I love Zimmer stuff but Zimmer hate himself with the last composers.


0-cool2014-03-01 16:57:01
you may not like this score but I could easily name many scores by the composers you mentioned that are horrible. It's his first major score.

also this :

is better than pretty much everything I've heard
Djawadi,Orvarsson,Pereira,zanelli do

Hector2014-03-02 03:57:30
O-Cool, Go to a Hospital!!!! Quick.....You could lost your brain...

tomPoland2014-03-02 09:51:24
At least is not stolen from Goldenthal :)

But that doesn't mean that this is a good score - RCP pounding and women singing.

PS. Olivia Safe will be a part of Interstellar soundtrack. Is that true?

Hybrid Soldier2014-03-02 10:15:49
Not on Interstellar...

Justin Bible reply Replies: 0 || 2014-02-28 20:52:13
Laughable score. Hans Zimmer really found the wrong guy, there are many other way more talented electronic musician other than this Junk Xl/

Anonymous reply Replies: 18 || 2014-02-25 08:37:23
Have it. Listened to it. Total crap!

You basically have 2 types of music.
Half of it a wailing woman from drama moments. The other half is the man of steel drumming without the actual cool bits of MOS.

Orginality: 0

Hybrid Soldier2014-02-25 08:45:07
Question, have you seen the movie ?

Anonymous2014-02-25 08:56:17
Nope I am a soundtrack fan first. I see most of the movies later on DVD. Most soundtracks provide a good stand alone listening experience anyway. Listen to the new Tarzan movie or Stalingrad for instance.

But however great the music works in the movie, copy and paste of rhythms and themes of another movie is never a good. Especially when nothing of interest is added.

No wonder Junkie XL makes usually remixes of radio hits. This soundtrack is more like Man Of Steel Underscore Dub Mix.

Hybrid Soldier2014-02-25 10:26:28
Then don't bother to give us your opinion ever again please.

Anonymous2014-02-25 10:29:00
I am a RCP fan. I have almost the entire discography. But this is shit :)

But you are right. I will do it as filmtracks then.
Soundtrack as heard in film: no idea, could be great (or not)
Soundtrack as heard on album: 1 / 10

Edmund Meinerts2014-02-25 10:39:42
I like the way you think, Anonymous. I didn't think I'd ever run into someone on this site who actually listened to Stalingrad - one of the best scores of last year!

You don't have to have seen the movie to judge a score ALBUM.

Hybrid Soldier2014-02-25 11:03:37
Go back listening to concert music Ed, you probably don't understand what FILM music is ! ;)

Anonymous2014-02-25 11:06:17
@Edmund: Yep. I am humming that Men Of Fire the whole day. And yes not everybody on here listens only to RCP material. In fact my favorite scores of 2013 are non-RCP scores like Hobbit 2 and Lockingtons' Journey 2

And Hybrid don't get me wrong. If there hadn't been a Man Of Steel, Dark Knight, God Of War and several other scores I probably would have liked this score a lot. But now it just sounds like a shallow mish mash of those.

Hybrid Soldier2014-02-25 11:14:47
Don't mention filmtracks here either...

And will you dare having some proper name instead of hiding ?

Ds2014-02-25 12:52:22
Anonymous, i think you need to open your mind a little more. Okay, there's a lot of drumming (more than half of the album, in fact). Okay, there's was drumming in Man Of Steel too. But that doesn't mean they are the same. And here, they are definitely very different.

If two scores are performed by an orchestra, will you pretend they are the same?

One other thing, you need to remember why Junkie XL was brought to this project in the first place. He conducted drums and composed some additionnal music on Man Of Steel for Zack Snyder. Snyder liked that and presumably thought this style could fit the 300 sequel, so he hired him. Do you think he hired the man to compose something 100% different and without drums? Would you hire John Williams to compose a dubstep-like soundtrack?

This is a percussion score. If you were searching for an orchestral or classical one, you are clearly at the wrong place. These frenetic, violent, agressive drums and guitar riffs will probably be awesome on screen, and that's the point of film music, isn't it?

Edmund Meinerts2014-02-25 13:19:43
I don't listen to concert music. I listen to film music. But I don't do that by watching the movie and I doubt that ANYBODY here has seen the movies of every single score they've listened to. I don't have time or inclination to go see crap like The Last Airbender or Journey 2 but I've listened to their excellent JNH and Lockington scores dozens of times. I don't have to have seen the movie to "understand" it - I like it just fine on its own terms. And even if a score works well in the movie (like this one may well do...I have no idea, as I haven't heard it or seen the movie), that doesn't make it magically better to listen to away from it.

And if the anonymous guy thinks this score doesn't hold up, then he has a right to express that opinion, Hybrid. You can't tell him not to, no matter whether your text is a different color or not. And you can't just ban discussion of Filmtracks either. This isn't Soviet Russia.

Mike2014-02-25 15:26:32
Kudos to that last comment in all respects, Edmund.

Anonymous2014-02-25 15:28:57
Yeah I don't know why RCP fans are alway so uber defensive about those scores while others don't so that. Film music is film music.
Just like opinions are opinions. But it seems only "wow", "best score evaaah!" are wanted here.

Anyway. I am gonna listen to Castlevania 2 now. :)

MacArthur2014-02-25 16:52:25
Here Here Ed.

(Never seen Rush but love the score.)

Compatto2014-02-26 00:39:21
Edmund you're damn right

Spence2014-02-26 03:04:22
Now, I remember why I stopped reading the comments on this website...

isildur2014-02-26 11:08:52
Wow! MacArthur and Edmund are of the same opinion. I think this a historic moment :P

Balls2chin2014-02-26 22:48:22
I think what Hybrid is trying to say is that music is written for the movie first. It has to fit the movie. They then release the soundtrack for people who like the music. Those of us who haven't seen the movie but listen to the soundtrack may not like the music, but that doesn't mean it didn't work great for the movie, being the original point of the music. There are quite a few soundtracks that I've never seen the movie to, and I like them. Its probably heresy to say, but I don't really care for the first two batman soundtracks, but I think they are great in the movie.

MrZimmerFan2014-02-27 00:00:40
Well, i think is a correct score, a lot percussion, dark atmospheres and Zod style, but is entertaing (and i not see the movie yet) ;)

Ds reply Replies: 9 || 2014-02-19 00:03:23
WaterTower posted this on facebook: the soundtrack of 300 Rise of an Empire is premiering all week long here:

But it appears to work for US only so i don't know if it's the full thing! Anyone?

Hybrid Soldier2014-02-19 00:05:58
Looks above on this page, I just added a track to make people wait for GENERAL ZOD THE MOVIE... err I mean 300... ;)

It's out in less than a week anyway ! :)

Ds2014-02-19 00:07:06
Yeah i had just noticed! I wondered for how long this track had been up without me seeing it!

Ds2014-02-19 00:17:39
Thanks for this track Hybrid. But i wonder, is it high quality? Or is the mixing extremely strange?

Btw, this week i'll be busy with the Pompeii soundtrack so i can be patient for a few days :-)

Mike2014-02-19 00:30:45
It's Arcade's little brother.... :D

Hybrid Soldier2014-02-19 12:02:54
I put the things in average/low quality for 2 reasons :

- Prevent piracy (I'm not stupid)

- Bigger would be a pain to upload lol...

0-cool2014-02-19 15:28:47
do you have it already? Thoughts?

MrZimmerFan2014-02-19 17:26:09
Not bad at all, Arcade little brother xD

Hybrid Soldier2014-02-19 19:10:39
Yeah actually I'm digging it big time...

I was scared by the samples, then it was not an easy listen for the first time (it's dark indeed, and violent, percussive (be careful with the volume you'll listen the last track lol))...

It has some cliched oriental vocal theme for Xerxes. Hilda's voice is very well used on a couple of tracks. Then, it's a lot of Zod MOS stuff... It'll do wonders on picture that's for sure !

Ds2014-02-21 01:31:36
God I like this album! Extremely agressive and dark, but it's just so bad-ass. It's like twice the drums of Man Of Steel, combined with some electronic and distorted instruments.

It's definitely a 1-star filmtracks score: love it.

Ds reply Replies: 2 || 2014-02-16 13:57:11
I don't know where to post it but i found an incredible track from Clinton Shorter's upcoming "Pompeii". It's not from RCP, but it looks so much like King Arthur's little brother than i thought it might interest some of you! from

Leo2014-02-16 14:47:56
Holy shit o.o

MrZimmerFan2014-02-16 16:28:21
So cool, i have faith in Clinton Shorter

Dimitris Krommidas reply Replies: 2 || 2014-02-04 14:38:42
It will be a great, epic score. I also like the 300 score from Tyler Bates.

Edmund Meinerts2014-02-04 15:51:00
I liked 300 better when it was called Titus.

Ds2014-02-04 21:12:33
Haha, you're right Edmund. I didn't like the first score very much, however this promises to be a lot of fun.

Btw, the tracks lengths are pretty satisfying!

Dimitris Krommidas reply Replies: 5 || 2014-02-03 15:17:24
You can listen to some samples from the score at the Film Music Reporter.

dark prince2014-02-03 19:49:43
Or the score by Junkie XL is really noisy, or the audio quality of Amazon is really mediocre

0-cool2014-02-03 19:54:10
probably the worst sound quality ever.
That said the score will be loud. Metal-like .
Totally appropriate for a movie like this

Edmund Meinerts2014-02-03 20:06:41
How the hell is Metal appropriate for a movie set in Ancient Greece?

Ds2014-02-03 20:15:12
@Edmund: it's appropriate when there are monsters, extra slow motion, big violence, blood spitting everywhere and when the purpose of all these fight scenes is to extend the limits of bad-ass epicness. No matter where/when the movie is set, metal seems appropriate to me :D

But actually there are plenty of "peplum"-like sonorities, along with heavy drums and guitars. So it's more a mix of both style, which is even better in my opinion.

0-cool2014-02-03 20:17:31
it's not metal, there are just some faint stylistic similarities.

and these movies are certainly not about historical accuracy. 300 is one of the most ridiculous movie ever made.
There is literally nothing old-fashioned about it. CGI six-packs

Ds reply Replies: 0 || 2014-01-30 23:16:52
There's a small game at , with several cues from the score! Heavy drums and female voice &#224; la Gladiator. This is definitely going to be a powerful soundtrack.

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 14 || 2014-01-25 21:35:17
At last...

Ds2014-01-25 23:40:00
Cannot wait to hear that one! I'm expecting a very bad-ass score, hope i'll not be disappointed!

Smith 2014-01-26 00:25:21
Junkie XL is the composer? Oh man, what happened to music? :(

Edmund Meinerts2014-01-26 00:45:07
Wait til you hear the score to pass judgment, Smith...but yeah, I can't say the composer choice thrills me much, either. Better than Tyler Bates though, I guess. :p

0-cool2014-01-26 01:10:09
Junkie XL is a very talented musician although I don't expect high-art for a movie like this

Scorefan2014-01-26 01:59:58
No additional Composers
Bruce Fowler as an Orchestator and maybe, as a Orchestra Conductor.
It seems to be like a New Trevor Rabin

Hybrid Soldier2014-01-26 09:45:40
The credits are not complete, sir !

We'll see !

Anonymous2014-01-26 17:48:11
Ms. Örvarsdóttir has become quite popular lately. That voice deserves it, of course.

MrZimmerFan2014-01-26 17:55:59
I hope Tom deliver a entertaining score...

Joshua2014-01-27 05:51:45
To tide you over

Macejko2014-01-27 10:46:24
I like it.

Mike2014-01-27 15:03:45
Joshua...."Arcade" much???? lol

Joshua2014-01-27 22:36:23
Oh yeah very much so! I dig it though.

Mike2014-01-30 22:52:21
That track on the website makes me wonder how much Zimmer was actually was involved with the Arcade theme. I now feel certain that Arcade was predominantly JunkieXl and that Zimmer's involvement there was minimal.

Mike2014-01-30 22:55:41
*how much Zimmer was actually involved© 2001-2018 OST 
300 - Rise Of An Empire soundtrack - Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL) 2014