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I guess it's only fair that they do shoulder the blame, considering again that releases like these aren't really the norm for them. I still wouldn't expect a recall and replacement, since it'd be a lot of money down the drain there. Their loss ultimately at the end of the day.<br><br>A bit disappointed about the content being the exact same as the leak, as I would've liked some of the film edits or at least the alt mixes I've seen pop up. I guess I'll just have to hope Disney does end up cooperating with LLL sooner than later.You gotta realize one thing, most of the time, Hans doesn't even know about these releases (and honestly I think he doesn't care). Only a few labels like LLL play ball and have him involved (but as Hans doesn't own most of his music, they have no other reason than courtesy to do so).<br><br>As for MI2, people who complained about the "content" instead of the tech aspect of it were goddamn wrong. Yes, the film mixes / OST mixes are pretty different. Because you have suites & sometimes material specifically arranged for the album or alternate cues.<br><br>Mondo having released the final mixes (and I know what Paramount provided them, it's just exactly the same 2 CD set copy that leaked years ago), I have no problem if the content is different.<br><br>And that's the topic on which they answered, James. Technically, they're not wrong, but they are ditching the REAL problem, for which they are responsible for ! The speed issue is on them, not on what they got.Considering the recent issues with the isolated score on Days of Thunder's 4K release sounding very inconsistent, I do wonder if Paramount has simply been poor in preserving stuff. Especially when they mention the studio and not the record label, which might've had a better copy on hand (they did finally put the OST on digital recently, after all).<br><br>I am not going to hold Mondo responsible for this, especially considering they normally do just press the regular OSTs onto LPs. I don't expect them to be fully privy to if a score sounds fine or not, since they're often just given the stuff prepared for them. Besides, repressing records would be a super expensive ordeal, especially with how limited they're often designed to be now.<br><br>And honestly: since no one has made the comparison to Sherlock 2 yet, how bad sounding is it really? I'd much rather it be slightly off than it being complete trash like the Perseverance release of Rain Man was. If HZ was able to let that slide once, then he won't be so worked up over a small tempo issue.So this is what Mondo had to say about their massive screw up. I've never heard something so stupid in my life. If I had a direct line to Hans Zimmerman himself I'd call him about this. I'm sure he would be interested to know they butchered his album. <br><br>"Hi James,<br><br>I talked with the soundtracks department and here's what they had to say:<br><br>We’ve been made aware of a discrepancy between how the audio sounds on our album versus how it was previously released in original releases.<br><br>Our masters came directly from the studio and from original recording sessions, and we did not do any adjustments to the masters in post other than standard vinyl mastering process. But it seems any previous post production on those original releases, and cues used in the film itself, are absent from our release and may account for the differences you notice.<br><br>We currently do not have any plans on remastering the score."<br>Great. Thx.<br><br>Score has much similarities with Sherlock, so there is many of Lorne's cues...
Known credits are Runaway Train for Mazzaro (was on his website), for Andrew K : The Rangers, Cannibal, Dead Rangers & Finish Him (on his Soundcloud). Geoff is the only guy with Ann Marie Simpson that got the privilege of cuesheet credit.
<br>Battle of Aughrim arrangement (so everything lifted from "Silver") is Hans & Ann Marie.
<br>Geoff did a good part of the score, every other classical pieces arrangements are his (so, everywhere the William Tell Overture appears). Train Chase, the End Credits, This Is A Robbery.
<br>The stuff that sounds more or less like Sherlock have definitely Lorne. And I suspect a bit more epic drama have RGW.Hello there!<br>Hybrid, do we have some composer's credits on this score?<br>Or this is situation like on Transformers score?<br><br>Somewhere I read that Geoff Zanelli helped Hans on Train Chase (pts 1&2), Mazzaro did Runaway Train and Kawczynski did like 2 or 3 tracks (the rangers, finish him). Is that correct?<br><br>btw good score, not genius, but pretty good action score.<br><br>Made in Italy<br><br>Beautiful new score by Alex Belcher, check it out!Oh, yes.<br><br>Maybe this month, right?The album is ready. Just waiting for legal to settle it... It'll happen.
And about The Rhythm Section?, Mazzaro said the score is mastered...If there'd only been the first movie prior, I think I'd get it a bit more. But the 2nd film did have a proper score release, so the only reason at this point is that it just isn't on Nick's mind after all the delays.Whoa, why not? Every obscure random shit gets released these days but a Hans Zimmer score to a fairly big mainstream movie doesn't?I doubt there'll be a score release.The Spongebob movie is being released next Friday here in Canada, could we see a release of the album soon? Assuming of course that there will be an album at all /:
I gotta say that short film was spectacular even with I Phone 11, the score by Lorne Balfe fitted very well with the scenes introduced.I'd say that this anthem was pretty great for Zimmer to score a soccer team that has been alive for 25 years.Cheers guys, much appreciated!<br>In my mind I had some video interview though, as I always like watching those as well. I do wonder if there was an extra section on the home release of the movie where ideally there might be.Hans Zimmer is one of the biggest film composers working in the industry today.  He won an Academy Award for his work on The Lion King, and has been nominated for six other films including Gladiator, The Thin Red Line, and As Good As It Gets. With The Last Samurai he celebrates his 100th film score, and SoundtrackNet had an opportunity to talk with Hans a few weeks ago during a rare break in his busy schedule working on Something's Gotta Give.<br><br>You've scored many projects during your career, and The Last Samurai is being touted as your 100th film score…<br><br>Well, I'm terrible with math, so I'm not doing the counting. It could be more, it could be less – but apparently it's the 100th.<br><br>So how did you get involved with the project?<br><br>If you're lucky enough to get nominated for an Oscar, you get invited to the Oscar nominee's luncheon where they hand out these little nomination certificates. There are usually 150 people standing there, and people are invited up in alphabetical order, starting with the As. By the time they get to the Cs, everybody's already back at their table chatting and eating, and while the first people called get thunderous applause, you can imagine what it's like when your name starts with Z!<br><br>So Ed Zwick and I were standing there, waiting at one of these luncheons about four years ago, and we started talking to each other. I asked him what he was working on and he told me about this movie called The Last Samurai, which I thought sounded interesting and I asked him to send me a script. After the script arrived, I didn't hear from him for a long time and I thought he'd forgotten about me, not thinking about how difficult it is to set up a samurai movie these days. The other thing I liked about the project was that Tom Cruise was involved, so it was like returning home, since I've scored a bunch of his movies – I knew we were going to have a good time.<br><br>Did it end up that way?<br><br>Ed and his editor Steve Rosenblum are such gentlemen, so together and professional, and they basically did one cut of the film, screened it, and everyone loved their work. So after this, they had plenty of time to come and hang with me, and while I usually love the re-cutting process because it's a diversionary tactic to keep the director and editor out of my life, these guys were great to have around. <br><br>Of course, my sense of paranoia made me think that something was going wrong all the time, waiting for the other shoe to drop, as it were, but it never happened. Ed phoned this morning and I thought, "Oh my god – rewrite!" It's just how my brain works. But I think he and I feel a bit odd now: we've been seeing each other every day for months, and suddenly we're done. I completely understand why people have a problem finishing a movie, because there's something really nice about the process – completion is far more boring.<br><br>For Samurai, you used Japanese percussions and ethnic woodwinds, without getting too 'Japanese'.<br><br>My problem is that I feel Japanese music is really inaccessible to Western ears, and I was really struggling with this film initially, trying to figure out what I was doing. This idea popped into my head for using Western-style themes, but applying a Japanese aesthetic to them, which sounds great of course, until I had to ask myself what I meant! Actually, I think it's just my way of not overloading certain things with too many colors, or being geometrically precise about my cues and not making them too flowery.<br><br>The Tom Cruise character is one of those nasty drunks at the beginning, who obviously has some serious problems he's trying to deal with, or not deal with. He's obnoxious and restless, suffering sleepless nights and is very un-Tom. For me, this character's journey was about his need to earn tranquility and peace, so within the score there's this very romantic, overblown and passionate theme. It's like a juvenile way of dealing with life and death – the pain and liebestod.<br><br>However, to contrast with these very relentless themes, there are a number of stark, formal and sober pieces, because I wanted to take Tom's character on a journey. He comes from America and ends up in this foreign place where he doesn't speak the language or understand the culture. But at the end of the movie, I want the audience to think that there isn't a more beautiful place for him to be, that he is at home in Japan and finally at peace.<br><br>There are many useless acts of bravery we do out of misguided romanticism, and this movie is full of courageous and dignified acts of bravery. So I wanted to play off these acts, since both the American and Japanese cultures have a concept of heroism, and I just wanted to see if I could play with the nature of the two different concepts.<br><br>So you didn't want to do the stereotypical Japanese thing...<br><br>Absolutely not! Take Akira Kurosawa's Ran, for example, which has this brilliant score where Takemitsu writes Western music, but with an Eastern accent. Somebody asked me a few days ago why As Good As It Gets was European – why did I write a European score for a quintessentially American story? For me, it's because Jack Nicholson was crazy in the movie, and I felt one of the great things about America is how they always think we Europeans are crazy. So by writing a European-styled score, it's my way of saying that Jack is crazy, but it's alright!<br><br>How do you feel about people who criticize your work for not fitting into the time period, like Gladiator?<br><br>The reason I take these jobs is because I'm interested in foreign cultures, and every time I get to work on a movie I'm thrown into the adventure of whatever that culture is, the time, and wherever the story's taking place. So one of the things I'm very careful about is not to be historically correct to the culture, but, on the other hand, not to insult the underlying aesthetics of that culture either. I remember watching Chariots of Fire and thinking how brilliantly the music worked, never missing that it wasn't period instruments! I grew up listening to Bach played by a symphony orchestra – it's the wrong sized orchestra with the wrong instruments, but I don't think that's the point.<br><br>With Gladiator, Pietro Scalia brought in a CD saying "this is Ancient Roman music," and I said, "Says who? You went to the Ancient Roman music store and bought an Ancient Roman music CD? Bullshit!" We're not anthropologists. Look at he costumes Ridley Scott had: they were more Napoleonic than Roman, which was perhaps fitting since Napoleon had stolen all of his good ideas from the Romans regarding how to make his generals look cool – and so did Hitler! So I got criticized for making the "Entry into Rome" cue too Leni Riefenstahl – but that was the joke! I am allowed to have a sense of humor in my music!<br><br>Earlier this summer your credit on Pirates of the Caribbean was "Score Overproduced by". What was the deal with that?<br><br>Well, I thought honesty was a virtue! But seriously, Jerry Bruckheimer quite rightly asked me not to give him "that old-fashioned Pirate music," and Gore Verbinski, who I adore and did The Ring with, said, "Well, it is a pirate movie, so we have to disguise it." In the end, I spent a day and a half writing tunes, Klaus Badelt wrote a lot of stuff, and we rolled up our sleeves, got drunk, behaved in a debauched way, and produced a score!<br><br>There was a lot of criticism regarding that score, but in the end it had to serve the film - which it did. You seem to get a lot of criticism on any project you do.<br><br>I had the misfortune of going onto the Film Score Monthly web site recently to look something up and vanity made me type in my own name. I suddenly realized that you can't ever get it right. Who do people want me to be? The guy that writes Matchstick Men? Or the guy that writes The Rock? Or the guy that writes Driving Miss Daisy? My need is ultimately to write for myself. I mock myself and I'm ironic about the way I speak about it because if I take it too seriously, it would be a pompous and boring thing to do. But at the same time I take each note I write very seriously – none of them are random.<br><br>The Internet Movie Database always lists you as being attached to multiple projects, so I was curious, what's Sharktail?<br><br>I complained to Jeffrey Katzenberg that I couldn't cross any more Red Seas, or deal with any more horses that can't speak – I wanted to do one of the fun animated movies instead. There's also a hip-hop element in Sharktail, and I haven't been there yet, so it's new territory! King Arthur is still in production, and I literally just got the first bits of footage just before you came here.<br><br>Are you working on all of these projects simultaneously?<br><br>I'm thinking about them! I'm also working with Jim Brooks on his new comedy, Spanglish.<br><br>And speaking of comedies, you recently did Matchstick Men for Ridley, which had a very Nino Rota vibe to it....<br><br>And I gave him credit! I thought, what if Nino had written the theme and I was just doing the variations? But I bet I'm going to get criticized for that because it's not like Gladiator.<br><br>So when did you last have a vacation?<br><br>Well, I went to Japan for a couple of days at the end of November for the Japanese premiere of Samurai, but look, I love what I do! In January I'll travel to Morocco because Ridley will be shooting his next movie, Kingdom of Heaven, so that's like a holiday!<br><br>My family and I are going away at Christmas, and what we used to do would be to rent a house in the mountains and go on these skiing holidays. It would be a crappy house, not as nice as the one we live in, my wife was still going to the market, and we're still washing our plates – so it wasn't a vacation, it was a lot of work! It's taken us a long time, but we just figured it out: we're not practical with vacations – we're staying at hotels! But while the Zimmer family isn't talented when it comes to vacations, we're talented when it comes to work!<br><br>I sat through Samurai the other day, and for the first time watched the whole movie from top to tail with everything finished and completed. It felt really good, better than a vacation. But luckily there were enough things wrong for me to think that I learned something from the experience, and now I can't wait for the next project to try these new ideas out.<br><br>The soundtrack to The Last Samurai is available from Elektra Records, and the film is currently in theaters. Matchstick Men is available on Varese Sarabande Records.<br><br>With thanks to Chet Mehta at Chasen & Co, Jason Cienkus at Warner Brothers, and Nina Lynch and Mark Wherry at Media Ventures for helping with this interview. And, of course, special thanks to Hans.Mulan get his release... through Disney+, 4th September.

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Hans ZimmerAndrew KawczynskiTom Holkenborg (Junkie XL)Steve Mazzaro
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Label: Sony / Madison Gate Records
Length: 115'03 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (22424 votes)
  1. I'm Electro (0:46)
    Hans Zimmer, Johnny Marr, Andrew Kawczynski, Junkie XL, Dave Stewart
  2. There He Is (2:54)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro, Mike Einziger, Ann Marie Simpson, Andy Page
  3. I'm Spider-Man (1:04)
    Hans Zimmer
  4. My Enemy (8:17)
    Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Steve Mazzaro, Andrew Kawczynski, Junkie XL, Johnny Marr
  5. Ground Rules (1:11)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro
  6. Look At Me (3:10)
    Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Steve Mazzaro, Andrew Kawczynski, Junkie XL, Johnny Marr, Andy Page
  7. Special Project (3:14)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro, Johnny Marr, Mike Einziger, Ann Marie Simpson, Andy Page
  8. You Need Me (3:17)
    Hans Zimmer, Johnny Marr, Adam Peters
  9. So Much Anger (2:12)
    Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Steve Mazzaro, Johnny Marr
  10. I'm Moving To England (1:03)
    Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Steve Mazzaro, Johnny Marr, Mike Einziger
  11. I'm Goblin (3:42)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro
  12. Let Her Go (0:33)
    Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Steve Mazzaro, Johnny Marr, Mike Einziger
  13. You're My Boy (2:57)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro, Mike Einziger, Ann Marie Simpson
  14. I Need To Know (5:00)
    Hans Zimmer, Andrew Kawczynski, Johnny Marr, Dave Stewart
  15. Sum Total (2:51)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro
  16. I Chose You (1:34)
    Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Steve Mazzaro, Johnny Marr, Mike Einziger
  17. We're Best Friends (2:17)
    Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Steve Mazzaro, Johnny Marr, Mike Einziger
  18. Still Crazy (2:42)
    Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Steve Mazzaro, Andrew Kawczynski, Junkie XL, Johnny Marr
  19. The Rest Of My Life (2:28)
    Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Andrew Kawczynski, Johnny Marr, Mike Einziger
  20. You're That Spider Guy (5:29)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro
  1. The Electro Suite (12:36)
    Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Steve Mazzaro, Andrew Kawczynski, Junkie XL, Johnny Marr
  2. Harry's Suite (10:07)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro
  3. Cold War (3:28)
    Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Steve Mazzaro, Johnny Marr, Czarina Russell
  4. No Place Like Home (1:53)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro
  5. It's On Again - Alicia Keys feat. Kendrick Lamar (3:50)
    Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys, Kendrick Lamar
  6. Song For Zula - Phosphorescent (6:09)
  7. That's My Man - Liz (3:47)
  8. Here - Pharrell Williams (4:38)
    Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr, Steve Mazzaro, Stephen Lipson
  9. Honest - The Neighbourhood (3:57)
  10. Within The Web (First Day Jam) - Czarina Russell (4:30)
    Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Czarina Russell, Johnny Marr, Junkie XL, Mike Einziger, Ann Marie Simpson
  11. Electro Remix - Alvin Risk & Hans Zimmer (3:27)
    Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Junkie XL, Alvin Risk
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Poe reply Replies: 2 || 2014-04-21 02:51:19
Does anyone know if the Itunes version is crossfaded or if there's a rough chronological order I can use to make a playlist? Thx.

Anonymous2014-04-21 09:46:47
iTunes version is identical to the CD version.

Ds2014-04-21 11:19:27
iTunes version is crossfaded and absolutely not in chronological order!

Matt reply Replies: 1 || 2014-04-20 12:26:42
Has this song been released yet? Because I can't seem to find it anywhere bu this website?

Matt2014-04-20 12:29:24
that is, the 'my enemy' song, haha

KT Koskela reply Replies: 3 || 2014-04-19 22:38:31
Hey, Hybrid, could you please put up the names of who composed each track?

Hybrid Soldier2014-04-19 23:49:12
Yes, you take each track and you put :

Hans Zimmer
Johnny Marr
Pharrell Williams
Junkie XL
Mike Einziger
Andrew Kawczynski
Steve Mazzaro


KT Koskela2014-04-20 02:04:43
So basically, if I got this right, everyone you just listed wrote the score collaboratively like a band would perform a tune? If so, then who wrote what factions of the score, like electronic beats, vocals and guitars?

BTW, who wrote the lyrics for Electro's cues, like My Enemy and the Electro Suite?

Leo2014-04-20 03:45:55
Pharrell, one would assume.

T-Mann036 reply Replies: 0 || 2014-04-18 21:29:34
I'm trippin' already. Just two days ago, I was listening to the track "Sum Total". Midway in the track, there was a part that reminds me of the first track from the "Crysis 2" soundtrack (co-composed with Lorne Balfe). I laughed at first, but it really doesn't matter to me. I find it enjoyable and fits perfectly for a Green Goblin moment in that picture.

Mike reply Replies: 8 || 2014-03-14 14:02:20
Oh, interesting, so Johnny Marr actually wrote music here?

Hybrid Soldier2014-03-14 14:04:21
Well I don't really what credit to put to most people...

I guess they all wrote the parts of their own instruments, like MI2 or Black Hawk Down...

We'll see, for now I just let it like that lol...

Mike2014-03-14 14:19:13
Fair enough. ;)

trent easton navarro2014-03-15 14:32:09
So what happened to Dave Stewart? Wan't he also part of the supergroup Zimmer assembled?

Mike2014-03-16 01:37:56
But trent! Then it would have to be called the Magnificent Seven, and that doesn't have the same ring to it!

*end sarcasm* ;)

Curious2014-04-16 17:51:54
I don't have the soundtrack (yet) so can anyone here please check the double CD carefully and confirm if Dave Stewart is mentioned in any way on it? Thanks in advance!!!

Hybrid Soldier2014-04-16 19:45:57
I wrote ALL the credits if you click on "See details..." and no, no Stewart here !

Edmund Meinerts2014-04-16 19:59:51
Well, that's not entirely true...he is in the "thanks" section, whatever that means.

Curious2014-04-18 12:59:53
Thank you.

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2014-04-17 20:39:54
did hans himself do the "my enemy" track, or is it just on his page because he did the essentials of it?

Zimson reply Replies: 0 || 2014-04-17 18:36:06
Hans' MBTI personality type: www(dot)

Anonymous reply Replies: 1 || 2014-04-17 14:59:54
why does it seem like Andrew Kawczynski, Steve Mazzaro, and Jasha Klebe have been on all HZ's project's recently? admittedly Klebe in't on this specific one. But will these guys eventually replace the Lorne Balfes and others whom Hans seemed to favor? :P

Hybrid Soldier2014-04-17 17:43:42
Lorne has his own career to handle... So yes since 2012 it's mostly Andrew K., Steve M. & Jasha... But Lorne can still help from time to time... ;)

Kaiyoti reply Replies: 0 || 2014-04-17 16:47:43
"My Enemy". At first... I was like, "ewwww vocals", then I listened... and listened... and listened... and listened... etc.

James reply Replies: 1 || 2014-04-16 01:38:21
Hi just wondering if anyone knows which track is playing in this making off video of the TASM2 score with Hans Zimmer. From 50 seconds onwards if its even on the sound track at all on the score please let me know.

I have a sneaking suspicion that its an unreleased piece but I'm holding out on the fact I might have missed it. I think it bleeds into Your my Boy.

Loving the score already seeing the film Thursday just hoping I can get my hands on this piece.

Mike2014-04-16 15:55:51
I remember liking that part, too....

KT Koskela reply Replies: 0 || 2014-04-16 04:43:44
I wonder which composer did what tracks in this soundtrack, like I'm pretty sure Hans, Pharrell and Junkie XL did all the Electro tracks, but what of the tracks?

Micah reply Replies: 0 || 2014-04-16 03:51:58
My god that's epic.

Zimson reply Replies: 0 || 2014-04-15 22:28:11
After listening to it quite a few times I can safley say this score is awesome!

Everan reply Replies: 6 || 2014-04-12 18:47:06
Has anyone managed to hear all the lyrics in My Enemy? I would love the full lyrics, especially the whisper part where I managed to hear "self destruct" and "paranoia".
Loving the "shot at me, hates(a)me" part, no idea why.

cody2014-04-12 18:59:10
My Enemy Lyrics
from The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Can't Ignore It, Paranoia.
Something Something.
Mind Distracting, Agony Inside Of Me.
My Pulse Is Racing Mental Torture, Self Destroyer.

Can't Ignore It, Paranoia.
Something Something.
Mind Distracting, Agony Inside Of Me.
My Pulse Is Racing Mental Torture, Self Destroyer.

Can't Ignore It, Paranoia.
Something Something.
Mind Distracting, Agony Inside Of Me.
My Pulse Is Racing Mental Torture, Self Destroyer.

your welcome ;)

Anonymous2014-04-13 04:43:23
That's not all -- certainly, not the main part.

Zimson2014-04-13 07:40:48
He lied to me
He shout(ed) at me(?)
He hates on me

He lied to me,
He shouted at me
He hates on me
He's using me
(Something that sounds like "puerility")
I'm afraid of me(?)

He's dead to me
He lied to me
He shouted at me
He hates on me
He's using me
He's dead to me
(couldn't understand that part)
He is my enemy!

BwahhBwaahaBwaaaaaah BwabwabwaBwaah


Hybrid Soldier2014-04-13 09:45:36
(couldn't understand that part)

He says "That Spider-Man" if I'm not wrong...

I try to get the lyrics from the music team, I'll let you know if I get them ! :)

isildur2014-04-14 16:38:43
I like the BwaahhhBwahhh part of your post. ROFL.

IrishBreakfast2014-04-15 19:41:30
I think it's:

Paranoia, Can't Ignore It.
Something Sickening Paranoia.
Mind Distracting, Agony Inside Of Me.
My Pulse Is Racing Mental Torture, Self Destroyer

Can't Ignore It Paranoia
Something Sickening Paranoia.
Mind Distracting, Agony Inside Of Me.
My Pulse Is Racing Mental Torture, Self Destroyer

Can't Ignore It Paranoia.
Something Sickening Paranoia.
Mind Distracting, Agony Inside Of Me.
My Pulse Is Racing Mental Torture, Self Destroyer

Denying The Rising.
I'm Crying, I'm Dying.

Denying The Rising.
I'm Crying, I'm Dying.

Denying The Rising.
I'm Crying, I'm Dying.

He Lied To Me.
He Shot At Me.
He Hates On Me.
He Lied To Me.
He Shot At Me.
He Hates On Me.
He's Using Me.
Afraid Of Me.
He's Dead To Me.
He Lied To Me.
He Shot At Me.
He Hates On Me.
He's Dead To Me.
He's Dead To Me.
That Spider-Man He Is
My Enemy.

They Lied To Me.
They Shot At Me.
They Hate On Me.
They're Using Me.
They Lied To Me.
They Shot At Me.
They Hate On Me.
They're Using Me.
They're Dead To Me.
They're Dead To Me,
And Now They're ALL

*cue dubstep*

Zimmer fan reply Replies: 6 || 2014-04-12 01:03:26
Grrr crossfades all over this thing! Almost every track blends together. Any know if the itunes is the same way????

Anon2014-04-14 19:59:42
I love the fact all the tracks bleed.

isildur2014-04-14 20:03:03
blend, you mean?

Anon2014-04-14 20:11:20
Gapless tracks ...

Spence2014-04-15 07:53:47
Hans loves this style of album layout, it makes the record feel like one long suite or almost like it would in the film, telling the story track by track, instead of just making individual "songs."

I personally love how he does it as it really makes you listen from beginning to end, like an album should be listened too. Though this score may utilized this method as well as past ones, it's still great!

Hybrid Soldier2014-04-15 08:29:30
Well Stephen Lipson did the album program... lol

Bioscope2014-04-15 16:31:15
This style of blending reminds me of Vangelis' concept albums. I personally prefer cues, such as those released for the STAR WARS TRILOGY ANTHOLOGY for example.

Hans_is_the_f@cking_master reply Replies: 3 || 2014-04-12 17:37:15
The love theme is incredibly sweet. Soooo touching.
"we're best friends" Loveeeeeeeeeeee it.
And i insist, there is only one man who can compose something as powerful and touching as "I need to know"....

Mike2014-04-14 15:24:56
For all we know, Hans didn't compose "I Need to Know"--at least not beyond any thematic presence of his in there. There are seven guys working on this score. Anyone of them could have done it.

tomPoland2014-04-14 15:47:03
Please, I Need To Know is a typicall RCP melody.

BTW, MTV fragment (Electro fight) shows that this music doesn't work in this movie.

Hybrid Soldier2014-04-14 16:25:32
What's a typical melody ?

Levi reply Replies: 2 || 2014-04-14 02:40:15
Why does it seem like Lorne has been less involved with HZ recently? Is he working on Interstellar?

Anonymous2014-04-14 12:15:29
Apparently he has so much on his plate already. I'd be surprised if he could squeeze in any time for Interstellar.

isildur2014-04-14 13:42:40
Can't wait for Interstellar. It's 6 months away. I think this is going to be another completely different and awesome score.

Hybrid, what are the next projects of Hans after Interstellar? Any news on whether he will return for Superman vs Batman movie?

tomPoland reply Replies: 8 || 2014-04-12 08:48:58
Well, Hans butchered such promising franchise.
Soundtrack is awful, edition is awful (WTF with the songs? WHY!?!).
Theme for Spidey is quite nice, but thats about it. 50 seconds on the entire 2CD album.

I'm afraid that other RCP minions will destroy "Venom" and "Sinister Six" also if they will mimic their "master".

Really, Mr Webb? Really? You wanted that over Horner's thematic, old-fashioned, beautiful score? Let me give you standing ovation...

Frank2014-04-12 15:41:27
By "old-fashioned" you mean self-rip right? I really doubt that Horner can actuallly wright any NEW music nowadays at all.

Hybrid Soldier2014-04-12 16:19:04
Horner's score is great, HZ's score is great... What else ?

Hans_is_the_f@cking_master2014-04-12 20:10:46
Every single rendition of Spidey theme both at the piano and guitar is really, really beautiful. Also the love theme wich is probably one of the most touching love themes I heard in a big while. take "we are best friends".And there is a theme for Parker's Family as well wich is really "old fashioned" too. (Heard in the uber mindblowing "i need to know", and "you are that spider guy".
Also Harry's suite is gorgeous. A very "intellectual" piece of music.
And then, obivously "Electro's theme", He NAILED it.
The Album is worth to "investigate"...

Edmund Meinerts2014-04-13 09:36:41
Frank, shut up. Saying that about Horner is a cliche. There was nothing in Amazing Spider-Man that was copied from his older works, nothing. Not even the danger motif. Did you even hear the score or are you just assuming because it's Horner that it's derivative?

Other composers, including Hans, have done the exact same thing as Horner in the past but somehow it doesn't come to define them the way it has for Horner.

tomPoland2014-04-13 09:56:30
Aaron Copland - Fanfare For The Common Man
Just listen. Plagiarism. Hans just speeded it.

Album is worth one time listen on youtube and then forget.
Looks like a bad year for superheroes - first Cap, now Spidey. Hope that Ottman and Bates will do beter.

tomPoland2014-04-13 10:05:39
You're wrong. Crane scene - that was a Titanic right there. But that didn't bother me, because it fitted perfectly.

Hans embedded Pearl Harbor in Last Samurai - did that bothered you, Frank?

TASM was great, and TASM2 is boring and overhyped (Hans speciality).

Hybrid Soldier2014-04-13 10:08:11
No one cares about what you have to say, Poland... You realize that ? Yet you fancy this site like crazy ! Go to nicer shores for your ears !

Anonymous2014-04-14 12:25:07
As far as TASM1 and 2 are concerned I wonder how this franchise was going to sound like if the composer choices on each film were swapped - HZ on the softer first film and Horner on the supposedly more action packed sequel. Hearing a soft superhero score from HZ is almost as hard to imagine as having Horner address the electro fella (provided that he is prohibited from using the danger motif)

Mike reply Replies: 1 || 2014-04-14 01:48:15
Finally got to hear the whole thing. I like the theme a lot. It’s way different than Zimmer’s work on Batman and Superman. There are a lot of tracks that don’t do much for me at first, then that catchy theme appears and hooks me in (kinda disappointed track 3 has police sirens at the beginning...). This score is definitely best in its softer moments. “We’re Best Friends” and “The Rest of My Life” are genuinely touching (the latter reminds me of “You’re Not One of Them” from Superman Returns--and the end sounds like Science and Religion, lol). “No Place Like Home” is fun, with some nice moments, but nothing mindblowing. The second half of “Cold War”, starting about 1:50, has a statement of the main theme that’s more outright heroic than any of the stuff and Batman or MOS. The last thirty seconds of Cold War are really something, too. And then of course there’s “You’re That Spider Guy”, which harks back to the finale from the Horner score and is quite good overall, despite the “Davy Jones” theme in there.

But unfortunately, on the whole, I’m disappointed. I don’t like the Electro theme much, and a lot of these tracks are forgettable as far as listening to them alone is concerned. It may work awesomely in the movie, but I don’t think I’ll be getting the whole album. Like someone else said--sorry if that makes me a minority here--I prefer the Horner score, even if this one has its strong moments.

Anonymous2014-04-14 12:18:54
Had the same first impression but somehow I kept returning to it and now it has grown on me. Heck I even caught myself whistling some random segments of the electro tune whilst making coffee earlier this morning - completely out of the blue.

Give it a chance and you too may change your opinion.

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2014-04-14 01:53:53
I'd love an instrumental version of Within the Web (First Day Jam).

Zimson reply Replies: 7 || 2014-04-12 23:08:30
The score sounds cool and fresh, but honestly, wouldn't you guys want to hear something like POTC 3 again? Who's with me?

Mike2014-04-12 23:09:57
For Spider-Man? No. For something like TDKR I wouldn't have minded Zimmer going all big and epic like that, though....Give a really memorable final score. TDKR's score worked, but it didn't make the best use of the suites Hans wrote.

Mike2014-04-12 23:14:48
With TDKR it was like they took the Bane and Selina Kyle suites and said, "Love these! We'll use 'em all over the place--and they did--but when they got to the Batman-related new music (both the awesome "Moody Bruce" suites), it was like they said, "Eh, let's just reuse the stuff from movies 1 and 2...."

Ds2014-04-13 12:45:00
Oh Mike you are SO right. I feel exactly the same about TDKR. Absolutely great music in the suites, but "average" use of them in the movie. Except the opening plane hijack scene and the finale, which had longer cues and not just small bits from the suites.

isildur2014-04-13 16:37:38
Yeah. I still can't understand why they chose not to use the effing awesome "Moody Bruce" suites more effectively.

RealFfingMusic2014-04-13 20:30:12
Especially the beginning of "Imagine the Fire" in OST.

Hybrid Soldier2014-04-13 20:57:25
I hope you guys realize Imagine The Fire is just a segment of Moody Bruce... :P

RealFfingMusic2014-04-13 21:44:23
Yup. We know that. I just don't know where the part I mentioned appears in the suite. :P

he man reply Replies: 3 || 2014-04-12 23:29:32
I'll have to hear the rest and hear it in the movie but as far as those three tracks go I'm kinda....disappointed.... :|

Mike2014-04-12 23:33:43
Your comment exactly....I'l withhold judgement for now, but aside from a couple parts of "You're That Spider Guy" (of those three tracks), I'm not thrilled so far. Anyone else think that about 4:24 onwards in the Spider Guy track sounds like the finale in the first score? Also, this score, like Man of Steel and I think a couple others, has that blatant Davy Jones theme ripoff....

Mike2014-04-13 00:21:59
I do like the Spider Guy track quite a bit, apart from the Davy Jones ripoff. The other two there don't do much for me. But the samples sounded promising enough for a lot of the other tracks that I'm still looking forward to the rest.

Brent2014-04-13 07:26:07
Not just Davy Jones... it seems like parts of the score (especially parts of Harry's suite) are straight out of Inception.

JamesT reply Replies: 0 || 2014-04-13 04:38:58
I LOVE it! A completely new field of sound for Hans. It's beautiful in many parts, nail-biting in some (My Enemy), full of action and fun. It's terribly inventive and grows on me with each additional listen. Will probably end up as one of my fav. To me, it's different in the same way The Fan was, many moons ago. The dub step stuff and rock reminds me of Juan Primo content from The Fan, which has always been one of my fav. My guess is the music will fit the movie equally as good or better (my guess) than MOS did, despite the fact I love some of the MOS material better. I can't get the whispering chant out of my head lol. Makes my foot tap happily! Superb job Hans and team!!!

Next up -- another accolade, I'm certain -- Interstellar.

Anonymous reply Replies: 5 || 2014-04-11 17:51:10
For us in the USA who haven't gotten to hear it tracks?

Everan2014-04-11 18:39:10
It's difficult to tell which are the best, because they're very different. So far, from what I heard, the quiet or heroic, dramatic tracks are the best, those are from Let Her Go to Spider Guy, except for Sum Total and Still Crazy, those are full action tracks and are weird but cool too.

Loving "My Enemy" though, there's something with that voice and the rythm that I just love.

Off to hear Disc 2!

IrishBreakfast2014-04-12 02:24:12
I'm in the US but got to hear last night before the stuff got taken down this morning. Standouts are 'You're That Spider Guy', 'My Enemy', 'Cold War' and I also have a love for 'Still Crazy'.

Mortifer V.2014-04-12 21:47:42
For me:
"My Enemy"
"Sum Total"
"Still Crazy"
"You're that Spidey Guy"
"The Electro Suite"
"Harry's Suite"

Hans_is_the_f@cking_master2014-04-12 22:06:42
"there he is" (Cool sound)
"I'm Spiderman" (the theme)
" my enemy" (the big action cue)
"you need me" (Peter's theme in a guitar arrengement)
"I need to know" (the family theme with mindblowing electronics)
"We are best friends" (peter and the GORGEOUS love theme)
"Still crazy" (short but cool action track)
" you are that spider guy" ( one of those epic endings)
"harry's suite" (sublime)
"Cold War" ( A littl bit Djwadish, but it's an heroic action cue)

Mortifer V.2014-04-12 23:14:22
Ah, yes, "Cold War" is pretty enjoyable too.

Gilvane Cezar reply Replies: 3 || 2014-04-12 22:17:54
Whose voices are those in the last seconds of "The Electro Suite"? Someone noticed? Seemed the voice of Hans sometime. It was a recording error? It was different, cool!

Lambegue2014-04-12 22:19:48
I don't think it's an error, more like a "joke" from Zimmer. It is obviously from the recording cession : The singer is probably dominic Lewis, and I think like you that the other voice is Zimmer's

Hybrid Soldier2014-04-12 22:23:44
Pharrell & HZ... Seems like a band jamming...

And the singers for the actual whispering on score are Dom & Pharrell ! :)

Gilvane Cezar 2014-04-12 23:01:55
Thank you! Loved the score. New sounds, spectacular suites, more a beautiful work of Hans! ;)

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2014-04-12 21:40:06
Aside from the fact that the themes from the two movies are similar and are both played on a trumpet (I guess Marc Webb was in the same mood both times in that respect), I find it kinda odd, because if you watch the James Horner/Marc Webb interview for the first movie, Webb says that "it was exciting to rediscover a more traditional, orchestral 'classic' sound", yet in the interview for this one Webb said he wanted the score to feel "contemporary". Why the switch, I wonder?

And also, is it at all possible that, like Henry Jackman's Captain America, we might hear the Horner theme in the film once or twice?

Levi reply Replies: 1 || 2014-04-12 21:06:15
This isn't really related to the score so if the webmasters wanna remove it, okay, but is anyone else getting tired of comic book films?

Kia2014-04-12 21:34:07
h ttp:// urrent-glut-of-superhero-movies/

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2014-04-12 21:01:01
you lucky

thejok3rrules reply Replies: 18 || 2014-04-11 15:53:38
Now that we have all heard it, can we agree Horner's score is better?

Hybrid Soldier2014-04-11 16:04:05
Can we agree to disagree ?

thejok3rrules2014-04-11 16:43:48
What a world... I won't say you guys are wrong, but I wanted to share my mixed feelings about this score. Whether or not you care ;)

janlee2014-04-11 16:53:52
You are allowed your opinion as we are, you dont like it but i do. Your dislike wont affect me liking it because its up to my ears and brain to make that judgement and I am loving it.

I have heard majority of zimmers work and the soundscape design is totally new to me and I love it.

thejok3rrules2014-04-11 17:32:41
I don't dislike it, but I'm not a fan. This electronic turn it has is unnecessary. Still, I like ''My enemy'', and it is enjoyable.

A nun, A Moose2014-04-11 18:09:18
Hybrid, do you enjoy any film composer besides Remote Control people? I'm very curious.

Mike2014-04-11 18:30:45
@A nun, a Moose:

He's said before he liked the Horner score to the first movie, so there's one. ;)

ggctuk2014-04-11 19:16:07
So far, I'm preferring Horner's score. Not to say this is bad, there's some good moments, but there were more of them in TASM's score that I liked than here.

Zimson2014-04-11 19:45:05
Lol, people shouldn't even compare this with Horner. Would you compare Skrillex to Howard Shore? No.

ggctuk2014-04-11 19:55:43
No because one does film music and the other doesn't.

Or is that what you're implying here?

ERS2014-04-11 22:06:13
Both scores are incredible, I think. The Spider-Man musical franchise lives on!

thejok3rrules2014-04-11 22:26:52
Well, my dear friend Zimson, we're comparing for obvious reasons! As I recall, Horner has scored the first TASM, Zimmer did the second TASM... Oh god! There's got to be a link somewhere!...

Mike2014-04-11 22:48:14
Right on, Joker.

Lambegue2014-04-11 22:49:34
I'll need some more listening to give my opinion on the whole thing, but there is alreaddy something sure : I love "My Ennemy".

Rcp2014-04-11 22:58:04
We have to consider the films tone, characters, story and the different composer. That being said, I can already tell much of the good music has been excluded on this release. The release itself isn't so great from listening experience.

That being said, I'm sure in the film it will be brilliant, I love zimmer, he's one of my favorite film composers, but like I said, just from a listening standpoint, not as good a experience as Horners score. And the fact that music is missing from the release much like MoS.

Love the ingenuity of electros theme though, very bada**

MnM2014-04-12 02:19:09
@A nun, A Moose - Zimmer could fart through a metal tube and Hybrid would call it ingenious and better than anything else ever written by any other composer ever

isildur2014-04-12 14:33:30
Just got my hands on the score and straight away listened to "My enemy". Got to say it is the weirdest stuff from Hans and I completely dig it. It's one thing I love about Hans' scores. There will always be at least one track which is completely new and bold.

Lambegue2014-04-12 16:52:27
Well, after several listening, there is only "My ennemy" that I really love. There are several interesting ideas in the other tracks, but the presentation is way too messy for me. And I'm getting a bit tired by all those electronic ambiant sound-design things. Maybe it will really work in the movie, that would not be the first time that an awful album presentation makes a Zimmer score much less interesting that it could be.
And I can't forget this feeling that the spidey's theme sound like a news opening...

Still, "My Ennemy" is really great, and fits completly to Electro.

So there is no other additional composer than the "magnificent six" ?

Zimson2014-04-12 18:45:03
@jok3errules You seem to have misunderstood me. I'm talking about that we got 2 musical genres here. The first movie has a typical filmscore with lots of classical elements, whereas the sequel got a dubstep/electro/Zimmer(tm) style. You can't compare apples with pears, could you? Also, filmscores are not bound to any genres and styles anymore, nowadays.

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