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@hybrid soldier<br>Where can i hear the songs you have listed out? I can't find it on YouTubeLooks like Zimmer's abandoned Z+. It only worked on one iOS system, then because it wasn't recompiled for the next system wouldn't decode the music you paid for. Locking your purchases into an app was a VERY BAD idea. Now there's nothing out there that's as good at providing a great surround sound experience for headphones.So Lorne's mp3 uploads. Would anyone class that as an 'official' release of the music from the movie?Currently watching this movie the first time ^^ ... and then... suddenly a music motive spontaneously pops up. Sound exactly like a little part from Armageddon "Secondary Protocol" -  really cool :) love the music in this movie. Very intense.I don't mean to pile on but do you really think that Hans touring is the only obstacle to a CD release of a completely forgotten 12-year-old film and score by a different composer?
And why would Hans' tours be responsible for the fact that many albums these days don't get a physical release? While at the same time those tours even got an LP release... lolYou are aware that there's a pandemic going on right now, right?I'm pretty sure that neither did he.I know Geoff does fantasy films and he is good at that, but I didn't want this.Lovely score by Atli, but also a bit typical for this kind of movie. This suite is all you need from this score. The songs are really great. Especially Double Trouble, Husavik and Running With The Wolves (i wish this song would be longer). Very nice movie and with a great soundtrack.
Please tell me. When time come to Moscow.Wtf is up with that Time remix with Alan Walker?@ Michael Hayko<br>cause yeah, there really is a market for a physical CD of a mediocre score of a film that everybody has forgotten even exists........said no one everOkay Zimmer it's time to get back to producing physical CDs and put your live performances on hold. You can start by producing 'Deception' it's such an amazing score! Okay you've had your fun pretending to be a rockstar now let's get back to the business of film music please!
Top news :<br><br> nd-dune-lion-king-ascap-awards-1234646855/i did not realize i put shit instead of shine lmaoooo fml I'm out of here lolHow do I get this soundtrack??? Dying to hear it.Oh, sorry, I thought we are talking about Dune here.I remember Hans directly responding to me on Facebook saying that this score is gonna be mostly him. Oh well, from the "Kawczynski - Mazzaro" duo, Steve is at least a much, much better choice. And as Hybrid says, it might be embellished.

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Hans ZimmerNick Glennie-SmithMark MancinaBruce Fowler
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Arrangements
The Lion King (The Legacy Collection)
Label: Walt Disney Records
Length: 121'22 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (15380 votes)
  1. Circle Of Life - Nants' Ingonyama (3:59)
  2. Didn't Your Mother Tell You Not To Play With Your Food (2:08)
  3. We Are All Connected (3:02)
  4. Hyenas In The Pride Land (3:51)
  5. I Just Can't Wait To Be King (2:52)
  6. Elephant Graveyard (4:48)
  7. I Was Just Trying To Be Brave (2:16)
  8. Be Prepared (3:40)
  9. Simba, It's To Die For (0:48)
  10. Stampede (3:22)
  11. Mufasa Dies (3:27)
  12. If You Ever Come Back We'll Kill You (1:38)
  13. Bowling For Buzzards (0:30)
  14. Hakuna Matata (4:08)
  15. We Gotta Bone To Pick With You (1:08)
  16. Kings Of The Past (2:48)
  17. Nala, Is It Really You? (4:11)
  18. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (2:52)
  19. Remember Who You Are (7:48)
  20. This Is My Home (2:45)
  21. The Rightful King (11:46)
  1. The Morning Report (1:37)
  2. Warthog Rhapsody (3:06)
  3. We Are All Connected (Demo) (3:05)
  4. I Was Just Trying To Be Brave (Demo) (2:16)
  5. Stampede (Demo) (3:23)
  6. Mufasa Dies (Demo) (3:27)
  7. This Is My Home (Demo) (2:28)
  8. The Rightful King (Demo) (11:42)
  9. Circle Of Life (Instrumental Demo) (4:02)
  10. Circle Of Life - Elton John (4:52)
  11. I Just Can't Wait To Be King - Elton John (3:37)
  12. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (End Title) - Elton John (4:03)
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hessian horseman reply Replies: 1 || 2014-08-01 01:52:12
anyone have the sheet music?

geyzuk gashkuk2014-09-17 13:26:23
nope, it's a secret

jules reply Replies: 1 || 2014-07-31 16:16:50
as soon as out no one give fuck what fuck?

ggctuk2014-07-31 23:44:55
Calm down. And read the page. Tons of posts were made afterwards. But there's no point going over the exact same thing over and over again.

henry reply Replies: 0 || 2014-07-23 10:44:24
digital release now available on itunes

gintero reply Replies: 5 || 2014-07-12 22:43:04
how come peak audio too loud? how can make professional mixer such mistake?

Edmund Meinerts2014-07-13 02:15:25
This has been the case on the majority of film score releases of the last 10 years or so. Nothing new, sadly, although it does bear mentioning.

Bioscope2014-07-13 06:45:44
I am also a little poed over this choice to brickwall/compress, especially when you can hear how the signature brass has been shoved into the background. A total contrast to the score in the movie, on all formats. You heard that Zimmer sound in concert hall acoustics, now its a distant cousin. Yes, this brought other instruments to the front, and you can hear more activity in the choirs, but I think the good quality bootleg sounds better, although it's missing some inserts and added layers. Check out the perc section in the finale of "Rightful King". Some distortion or feedback?

ggctuk2014-07-13 08:26:13
That 'signature brass' was all from the demos, rendered and mixed in by Jay Rifkin.

Ravi2014-07-13 13:21:23
As much as I like the new mix, I have to agree the loudness war really harms this release. It's passable some tracks, but others like Elephant Graveyard suffer from very noticeable distortion as a result. I can't believe they treated this album, which is supposed to be an archival release, in this manner. Therefore, and the fact that they are free from crossfades, the recording sessions are still to be retained, IMO. This release is a companion, not replacement to that version.

I still like this release and hope it sells well, and the upcoming Disney Legacy are spared from the loudness war.

gintero2014-07-15 01:40:23
right you are. elephant graveyard particularly bad is.

mutlu reply Replies: 0 || 2014-07-04 23:07:20
anyone else notice all the typos throughout the booklet?

ggctuk reply Replies: 2 || 2014-06-27 08:25:43
Just for fun (and to keep in practice) I re-edited the original album from this set and I have to say, with these new mixes the album edits mesh together a whole lot better than they did originally. Especially "...To Die For", which IMO was the worst-edited track on the OST.

Stephen2014-07-04 21:20:11
Will you be posting the new edits on your YouTube page?

ggctuk2014-07-04 22:21:23

Holger reply Replies: 3 || 2014-07-03 22:48:27
CD arrived surprisingly ahead of time here in Germany. Ordered from via Expedited Shipping.

Hansel2014-07-04 01:03:14
You ordered expedited shipping and you're surprised at how early it arrived? Do you know what expedited shipping is?

ggctuk2014-07-04 08:26:46
Amazon has a habit of over-estimating when something will arrive. My initial predicted arrival was between July 7 and July 15, yet mine arrived July 2.

henry2014-07-04 11:47:45
hansel what the fuck? I guess yours hasnt arrived yet therefore your angry comment. hope it gets mangled in transit

Guizmox reply Replies: 0 || 2014-06-30 13:20:22
NGS did some writing for sure :
'The Rightful King' has definitely the NGS's signature (particularly from 04:50 to 05:20 and from 06:56 to 07:30 -> snares use and thematic material)

A_Person reply Replies: 24 || 2014-06-25 16:04:30
This is a score from before I was into (or even discovered) film music.

It sounds great. I doesn't beat my all time Zimmer/RCP score Pirates 3 AWE but it comes close.

Although with listening to this score you can tell how much audio recording and mixing has improved over the past 10 years. Shame they didn't re-record and re-master it.

Edguard2014-06-25 16:14:02
Well thank you very much. I won't go invading the Pirates 3 AWE page like a locust and give my condescending opinion for the sole reason that a direct reply in this thread here is in order.

Pirates 3 AWE is from after I lost interest in film music. It doesn't even come close to TLK but it's a nice effort.

With listening to Pirates 3 AWE you can tell how much Zimmer has become a shadow of his former self. And modern day audio recording and mixing make this score sound so polished it's actually boring. Shame Pirates 3 AWE wasn't released when Zimmer was in his prime, it could have been so much better.

ggctuk2014-06-25 16:41:33
They did remaster it. But they didn't HAVE to re-record a single note: the prior versions all used a combination of live and synth recordings, where here, they cast the majority of the synths aside in favour of the orchestral recordings. And it actually makes it sound like a new score.

matrovska2014-06-25 16:46:19
Sure, why don't they reanimate the whole movie in computer animation? After all, computers have improved so much in the past 10 years. Just because something can be done doesn't mean it should be done.

A_Person2014-06-25 17:43:27
Edguard. Since you say that P3:AWE 'Zimmer has become a shadow of his former self'. I wonder what you think of him these days :c)

I personally like that modern scores are so polished in their mixing and sound levels. I live in apartement and sit on the train alot and I listen my scores usually with headphones. I think this album sounds great. Just the 'special effects' they use in the cues sound strange.

As for the computer comment. They did remaster and release The Lion King in 3D in cinema's again a year ago I believe.

Hybrid Soldier2014-06-25 17:44:41
Well, when you do a score, you basically record different stems... I don't know, maybe 10 to 15 layers (synth section, brass section, solo, percs, whatever)...

Then the music mixer (in the case of TLK Jay Rifkin) mixes those stems the way he wants (brass louder here, solo instrument there, percs low etc...) for the final stereo mixdown.

Hans didn't like the original mix, and honestly when you listen to it now, it's kinda weak compared to this new mix...

So they grabbed the original master tapes with the stems and Alan Meyerson, Hans's long trusted recordist & mixer did the work for that new release, and in my opinion it's greatly done. He put up front a lot of instruments & little things that were buried in the previous mix...

That's what the remix is here...

ggctuk2014-06-25 17:51:09
It's not just that, but I suspect Jay Rifkin also used the demo recordings in certain places to replace parts he viewed as 'weak'.

matrovska2014-06-25 17:54:20
@Hybrid Solider
Are you sure it's because Hans didn't like the original mix or is it maybe because he didn't want to give mixing credit to Jay Rifkin with whom he fell out years ago?

ggctuk2014-06-25 18:00:07
It's probably a little of that but in all honesty, I can see why Zimmer would choose to remix these instead of just dumping what we had on the previous leak onto a CD and saying "here you go": the way it's mixed now is more than likely how Zimmer wanted it done all along.

Edmund Meinerts2014-06-25 18:13:48
Pirates 3 is the score that put you off film scores? That's funny, it's the one that got me into them. It is, to me, completely bizarre that you would go off on THAT of all things - the most thematically rich, deep and varied score of Zimmer's career.

Therefore, not sure if troll or not.

ggctuk2014-06-25 18:20:26
It depends on what era you remember Zimmer for. Myself, and probably Edguard too, remember Zimmer's work of the 90s. It was rich, varied, and nowhere near as synthetic as his more recent scores.

Edmund Meinerts2014-06-25 18:28:47
At World's End has barely any synth. And plenty of his 90s scores are slathered with it. Not that synth/not-synth has a direct correlation with quality/not-quality. More variety I'll give you. But still. You can't say The Amazing Spider-Man 2 lacked variety, and that came out two months ago. And it was completely different from Man of Steel, or Lone Ranger, or Rush. I have my issues with Zimmer but one thing people frequently accuse him of that I think is 100% untrue is that he always sounds the same.

ggctuk2014-06-25 18:38:03
Ah, I should clarify what I mean by 'synthetic'. I wasn't referring to synths as such, but his more recent composing style seems more synthetic now than it did in the 90s.

ggctuk2014-06-25 18:52:14
And I concur with what you say with regards to people labelling all of Zimmer's scores as 'the same'. Like all other composers, I believe Zimmer takes different approaches to each score he does. I did enjoy the Batman scores and found some enjoyment in TASM2 (though not as much as Spider-Man 3's score). I think, though, that Zimmer needs a score that combines the best elements of each.

Hybrid Soldier2014-06-25 18:53:26
Rifkin still has the credit, with Meyerson "remixing" credit...

And yeah, he told me he hates a lot of his scores' mixes... lol

Hybrid Soldier2014-06-25 18:56:55
Old scores, that is...

Actually if he could re-record some he would be happy with it...

Edguard2014-06-25 18:58:08
Edmund, what I said was that Pirates 3 is from after I lost interest in film music. I did not say that it was that particular score that put me off. Please read carefully.

ggctuk2014-06-25 18:59:36
I don't doubt that he'd want to re-record some of it. An artist's work is never finished, right?

A_Person2014-06-25 19:13:42
I don't agree that 'modern' film scores are bad. These days we have a mix of classical sounding film scores but mixed and recorded in modern ways. These are the scores I love the most.

Maleficent, Godzilla, The Hobbit and How To Train Your Dragon 2 are magnificent scores from the past months! Technically and thematically

ggctuk2014-06-25 19:36:23
Funnily enough, neither do I. Star Trek Into Darkness, the Hobbit scores and the Avengers scores are all good examples in my book.

Hybrid Soldier2014-06-25 20:31:50
I typed all the credits...

Notice how Media Ventures became RCP ! lol

T-Mann0362014-06-25 21:55:58
I can see why Rifkin had stepped down and quit now that it's called Remote Control Productions. LOL!

Zimson2014-06-26 07:18:15
I barely find any of Hans' 90s scores to be outstanding, except for The Lion King, Prince of Egypt and Thin Red Line. I've recently listened to the Crimson Tide soundtrack and I have to say there's nothing that really keeps my interest besides the main theme (note that filmtracks gave it 5 stars). It's true that technology raised the quality of music. That's why I have to say that film scores of the past 15 years are better than anything else before. However, we should still keep the classics in mind but as a different genre perhaps.

NM2014-06-26 14:28:50
"It's true that technology raised the quality of music"

Not necessarily. There is no doubt of course that better technology opens up opportunities, and some composers have exploited those and put together marvellous cinematic ideas.

However it also enables composers to churn out crud. I would hasten to suggest that a film music world that is currently dominated by the same old stale pop/rock progressions, ostinati and other, now hackneyed elements, is 'better than anything else before'.

That said, I kind of find trying to pick out a point in time where music is/was 'better', a pointless exercise. At any point in time there's always going to be great stuff and bad stuff. Any time we say "music was better in... the 60's,70's,80's,90's,00's!", we're probably neglecting to remember all the crap.

ggctuk2014-06-26 20:21:49
This is something I agree with. I don't think of film music as having eras. There's always interesting and good stuff coming out, just as there is bad stuff.

RealFfingMusic reply Replies: 1 || 2014-06-26 06:48:18
Hybrid, (or anyone who knows these things) this is probably a stupid question, but what is the difference between the See_Details credits and the ones added beside track titles?

Hybrid Soldier2014-06-26 11:26:41
"See Details..." I just put the official thing written on the OST booklets...

On the tracklists directly are the credits I find on publishing websites or from composers websites or what I know...

A_Person reply Replies: 0 || 2014-06-25 19:13:14
I don't agree that 'modern' film scores are bad. These days we have a mix of classical sounding film scores but mixed and recorded in modern ways. These are the scores I love the most.

Maleficent, Godzilla, The Hobbit and How To Train Your Dragon 2 are magnificent scores from the past months! Technically and thematically

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 1 || 2014-06-25 09:57:13
BTW about the very average/lame sound quality of the demos, they just couldn't do better. Hans had thrown most of his demos and they retrieved these from some other source in this not so clean version...

ggctuk2014-06-25 11:40:57
Which, therefore, explains why we A don't have the demos for all the cues and B why be Prepared Reprise wasn't on this. To be fair, they don't sound horrible: some of them actually sound fairly decent, and it's nice hearing some of the original intentions for certain cues (like We Are Connected).

Zimson reply Replies: 18 || 2014-06-23 16:30:48
I want this badly but it's not avaiable in the German Amazon store. How high approximately would the shipping costs be if I order it in the US store?

ggctuk2014-06-23 16:54:02
It cost me 24 dollars 86 cents to get it to the UK from the Amazon store. So that would be 18 euros thirty cents, discounting any other import duties and non-euro currency fees you may have to pay (In the UK we have to pay non-sterling fees - depends on the bank but mine only charges one pound).

Holger2014-06-23 19:06:17
It used to be available on until a week or so ago. Maybe they are just out of stock now and will have it available again in the near future.

Zimson2014-06-23 19:31:17
Thx, that seems fair, but I think I'll wait until next week or so. Maybe it gets a digital release later on. I don't think there will be big differences regarding fees for currency changes or Visa transactions.
I've noticed that but it seems to be by independent vendors not by Amazon itself. I wonder if it even gets an official release outside the US.

Holger2014-06-23 19:35:41
I just had a chat with an employee and he assured me that preorders were not affected by the recent unavailability of the cd. If that is true, the cd should ship tonight as the delivery estimate is June 24th.

Holger2014-06-23 19:37:41
I've just checked my order confirmation and it says:

Lion King, the
Legacy Collection
Verkauft von: Amazon EUR S.a.r.L.

So it's indeed sold by Amazon.

ggctuk2014-06-23 20:21:31
Oddly, it has JUST become available on the UK store. I've basically shot myself in the foot lol. Never mind, it's coming to me one way or another.

ggctuk2014-06-23 20:22:44
Though, in addendum going through Amazon US is STILL cheaper as I only have to pay 16 quid for it while they want 22.

Zimson2014-06-23 20:46:33
That means it will get a release throughout Europe.
Did the employee also say something about the reasons for its unavailability or when it's likely that they will have it in stock again?

ggctuk2014-06-23 21:01:50
It does sound that way. Just give it some time. Or buy it from the US store if you think it'll be cheaper (will be in my case).

Zimson2014-06-24 01:57:33
It's now availabe on for 11Ä (without shipping costs). Glad I waited, getting it next week.

RealFfingMusic2014-06-24 04:40:53
Prices usually start coming down after 4-5 days.

ggctuk2014-06-24 09:32:32
Well, mine's shipped and will arrive a full week earlier than Amazon estimated :D So Amazon US does overestimate on its shipping dates just like our store.

Hybrid Soldier2014-06-24 09:36:24
So you're gonna tell us every single step ?

Can't wait for the moment you open the package... Then oh great open the case... Tell us the colors of the CDs, and at exactly what time you're gonna insert CD1 on the player !!



ggctuk2014-06-24 10:29:59
Nooo, I'm just curious as to why Amazon tends to overestimate on its delivery: it does that in the UK too.

I'll leave the step for step for people like poe98 and Joshua Chacon.

Joshua Chacon2014-06-24 11:32:48
People like me? Now you're getting nasty just when I thought you were decent.

ggctuk2014-06-24 12:13:37
Nasty? No, I'm just stating an observation. I have no idea how many times you've posted, pestering about a release, and then this release in that short order (though the one who actually gets that credit should be poe98), especially seeing how many threads have been deleted, but it puts even me, who spent quite a bit of time studying this score and trying to share my observations and theories about it, in the shade.

RealFfingMusic2014-06-24 14:13:06
It's British decency. Outside UK, it's known as poking-for-fun.

ggctuk2014-06-24 14:41:44
Precisely. No offense intended, because if I'd meant offense, I'm the type of guy who'd say something REALLY offensive.

capti7 reply Replies: 2 || 2014-06-23 14:28:42
tomorrow this baby is gonna be released and I'll have it in my hands at last!!

ggctuk2014-06-23 14:55:25
Yep. Money is coming out of accounts as I speak for those who have pre-ordered their copies :D

capti72014-06-23 21:39:10
status has changed to "shipping now" omg it's happening!!!

ei18 reply Replies: 3 || 2014-06-17 21:48:37
will this have a digital release?

ggctuk2014-06-17 22:44:33
Probably not, at least not right away.

Crescto2014-06-23 03:52:28
how is a cd not digital?

ggctuk2014-06-23 08:45:06
He's referring to there being Amazon MP3/iTunes releases. That is generally what is meant when somebody refers to a 'digital release'.

ggctuk reply Replies: 14 || 2014-06-14 14:02:06
Nothing to do with this particular score as such, but do you reckon that Disney will approach somebody from RCP to do the score for The Lion Guard when the hour-long film comes out next year? I'd personally love to see a blend of the themes from the first two films and would welcome Zimmer's return if he referenced the music from TLK.

Anonymous2014-06-14 17:30:36
They already have Christopher Willis for that. He's worked on a couple of projects for Rupert Gregson-Williams and Henry Jackman.

hans2014-06-14 19:23:11
That's one of the most disturbing news I've heard in years. The Lion GUARD? Really? Are they out of their minds?

ggctuk2014-06-14 20:42:09
So Christopher Willis is doing this score? interesting... Wonder how he'll tackle it.

@hans - a lot of people have been wanting a sequel to TLK for years. Granted it's not exactly how many would have chosen to continue the franchise, but it could be interesting.

hans2014-06-14 22:38:42
I hope the storylines aren't as imaginative as the character names (Kion? WTF)

ggctuk2014-06-14 23:03:57
The name Kion is Irish for "Young Warrior", derived from "Keon".

hans2014-06-16 22:21:19
Just because it's Irish doesn't negate the fact that it's a ridiculous choice of name for a lion. What's next? Jake the snake? Chuck the duck? Earl the squirrel?

Areozz2014-06-17 03:49:52
Don't know about the others, but Jake the Snake is in Rango.

ggctuk2014-06-17 08:20:46
Chuck the Duck's a ventriloquist puppet.

Sorry, hans, they've already beatn you to the punch.

ggctuk2014-06-17 08:21:27
And need I add this? Earl The Squirrel is a book.

RealFfingMusic2014-06-17 08:43:23
JOHN: hans isn't very original. We can deduce he is not a scriptwriter.

SHERLOCK: That's quite clever.

JOHN: Really?


ggctuk2014-06-17 11:47:18

hans2014-06-17 23:09:06
They're all about as original as Kion the Lion, so thanks for proving my point, suckers.

Areozz2014-06-18 04:45:48
The difference is that Kion is not as common a name as the others you threw out there. And considering the name is derived from Keon, I would expect it to be pronounced Kee-on. Can someone verify this? Also, will he be referred to as Kion the Lion? We never said Simba the Lion, Puumba the Warthog or, heck, Mickey the Mouse. At least I didn't...

ggctuk2014-06-18 08:17:40
Kion is indeed correctly pronounced "Kee-on".

ggctuk reply Replies: 8 || 2014-06-09 12:12:48
From some dues on You Know The Place That Gets Censored Here:

So copies of this Legacy Collection CD were being sold early at Disney World during the Harambe Nights event at Animal Kingdom. I don't want to post a rip of it since it technically hasn't been released yet, but I will spill some dirt on it. This a fantastic album and it's great to see this score finally get a full release. Every bit of music from the final film is here as far as I can tell.

Here's the final tracklist.

Disc 1:
1. Circle Of Life-Nants' Ingonyama (3:59)
2. Didn't Your Mother Tell You Not To Play With Your Food (2:08)
3. We Are All Connected (3:02)
4. Hyenas in the Pride Land (3:51)
5. I Just Can't Wait To Be King (2:52)
6. Elephant Graveyard (4:48)
7. I Was Just Trying To Be Brave (2:16)
8. Be Prepared (3:40)
9. Simba, It's To Die For (0:48)
10. Stampede (3:22)
11. Mufasa Dies (3:27)
12. If You Ever Come Back We'll Kill You (1:38)
13. Bowling For Buzzards (0:30)
14. Hakuna Matata (4:08)
15. We Gotta Bone To Pick With You (1:08)
16. Kings of the Past (2:48)
17. Nala, Is It Really You (4:11)
18. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (2:52)
19. Remember Who You Are (7:48)
20. This Is My Home (2:45)
21. The Rightful King (11:46)

Disc 2:
1. The Morning Report (1:37)
2. Warthog Rhapsody (3:06)
3. We Are All Connected Score Demo (3:05)
4. I Was Just Trying To Be Brave Score Demo (2:16)
5. Stampede Score Demo (3:23)
6. Mufasa Dies Score Demo (3:27)
7. This Is My Home Score Demo (2:28)
8. The Rightful King Score Demo (11:42)
9. Circle Of Life Instrumental Demo (4:02)
10. Circle of Life Elton John (4:52)
11. I Just Can't Wait To Be King Elton John (3:37)
12. Can You Feel The Love Tonight Elton John (4:03)

ggctuk2014-06-09 12:13:32
Some notes:
The main five songs are identical to the versions included in past soundtrack releases.

A lot of the Score seems to have extra instruments that can't be heard in the rip posted. Someone who's more of an audiophile than me can compare when the CD comes out, but being an official studio release, this is obviously higher quality and the superior version.

Track 4 is the scene with Simba talking to Scar up to just before I Just Can't Wait To Be King.

Track 12 is from the scene with Scar telling the other Lionesses that Mufasa and Simba died. The music from the Hyenas chasing Simba out of the Pride Lands is at the end of Track 11.

A snoring sound can be heard at the start of Track 19. Oops.

Timon's Hula Song is at the end of Track 20.

Disc 2 has some online content linked to on the disc. Unfortunately, the website it's being hosted on isn't up yet. It just redirects me to a 403 Forbidden page. There's nothing in the book or on the disc that tells me what it is.

The Morning Report is the version from the Special Edition DVD.

Warthog Rhapsody is the version from Rhythm of the Pride Lands.

Not really sure what the Score Demos are about. They're earlier versions of the music I suppose, but they are still full orchestrations and sound similar to the music from the final film only with a bunch of minor changes here and there. It's still nice that Dinsey included them and they are neat to listen to.

And the packaging. Rather than being in a standard CD case, this is actually a small book containing lyrics and concept art with two folders for the discs in the back of it. The fact that it's a book is nice, but I'm not a fan of the way the discs are held. It's easy for them to slide out or get scratches if you are not careful with them.

ggctuk2014-06-09 12:41:04
Okay, now some of my own at-a-glance notes:

While the guy swears that the songs are identical to their OST counterparts, Hakuna Matata is longer than the OST version and Can You Feel The Love Tonight is shorter. This suggests we have now got the film versions of two songs at least. It's difficult to tell any others from the tracklist alone as the rest remain the same length between the film and the album.

The description of the demos: a previous leak had an additional version of Mufasa Dies listed as an alternate. Having not listened to it yet I cannot confirm for certain but it sounds like this "alternate" is the demo here. I have no idea what the demo of "Circle Of Life" sounds like but I suspect it also contains the film version's interlude.

The snoring sound might explain why there appears to be a fade at the start of the album version of "Under The Stars".

Hawaiian War Chant is included, which rubbishes what I said earlier about copyrights. It's interesting they put it at the end of a track instead of standalone. It does however mean that a DVD rip is now redundant in this case.

ggctuk2014-06-09 22:55:25
Some other tidbits this guy has fed us:

Tracks 3, 5 and 14 are the film versions.

Tracks 4 and 5 feed into each other, as do tracks 18 and 19, which explains the 'snore' - it's the snivelling from the end of the last track.

Apparently Disc 2 Track 3 is completely different to previous releases. The original "We Are All Connected" as it was written before the insert is allegedly exclusive to the sessions.

Anonymous2014-06-10 07:07:59
wouldn't it be more productive if you just waited for two more weeks, listened to it for yourself and did these analysis then?

ggctuk2014-06-10 08:05:17
I'm just passing on what I've been told. Don't shoot the messenger.

ggctuk2014-06-10 09:42:18
Plus, I'm in the UK and won't get my copy until AT LEAST the 8 July. That's right, I have to wait one month for it.

Anonymous2014-06-14 20:31:11
I wonder why only the instrumental for Circle of Life made it to this release.

ggctuk2014-06-14 20:40:50
There's no guarantee it's the same instrumental. it does list it as a demo whereas the instrumental we already have is basically the complete piece, just without Carmen Twillie's vocals.

JavsJurado reply Replies: 4 || 2014-06-12 00:49:07
What's the song that plays on the background of the Blu-ray's documentary "Pride of the Lion King"? Sounds similar to "This Land" but it's definitely another version of it. Any chance we can find it in this new release?

petrov2014-06-12 02:26:02
wait till June 24

ggctuk2014-06-12 09:03:35
All of those pieces are on the first disc. You're hearing "Under The Stars", I think.

petrov2014-06-12 11:23:56
I said wait till June 24

ggctuk2014-06-12 11:39:40
Why would I need to do that to answer a question that has an obvious answer given that ALL the material in that documentary is available on the previous bootleg?

John Goldsmith reply Replies: 1 || 2014-06-07 23:57:54
Anybody getting the score outside the US... I'd advise going through the Amazon US store instead of the EU store... Just had a look and they want thirty euros for it (&#163;24.38 before shipping costs whereas it's going to cost me roughly that amount including shipping to get it here expidited)

Peter2014-06-08 13:44:08
I ordered mine from the EU store when it was still at 21 euros :D

hans reply Replies: 9 || 2014-06-03 19:02:50
I could have done without the damn Morning Report. This song is a later addition and so universally disliked and unnecessary that it was even removed from the Broadway musical. So much for "original soundtrack". No one wants this song and no one needs this song. I have a good mind to scrape it off the cd with a screwdriver. This is a "hack" that would certainly enrich this release. I'll probably just burn a copy of disk 2 minus this offending song.

Hybrid Soldier2014-06-03 19:16:04
Yeah but Mancina arranged & produced it... :P

ggctuk2014-06-03 22:03:17
Personally, I'd have preferred having the Be Prepared Reprise, but there must be a good reason that it's not there and The Morning Report is.

hans2014-06-03 23:33:47
but the Be Prepared Reprise is on the LD isn't it?

ggctuk2014-06-03 23:44:42
Yes, but nobody's ever posted a decent rip of the laserdisc. The only version I've seen is on YouTube.

hans2014-06-04 00:04:32
isn't it on the special edition dvd or bluray?

ggctuk2014-06-04 09:35:12
It's on the Blu-Ray, but it's not on the SE. Sadly as I don't have Blu-Ray capabilities I can't rip it myself.

hans2014-06-04 13:58:00
I have the LD and a player but I dunno how to rip it

ggctuk2014-06-04 18:15:19
I know nothing about ripping a laserdisc, unfortunately.

ggctuk2014-06-06 20:46:31
Thinking on it, I've heard a version of the piece with different lines for the hyenas introducing chorus (something about accepting the hyenas as a fact or becoming their next meal), and the soundalikes make it sound like Banzai and Shenzi would have sung the "and like any other..."/"If we don't start rumours..." lines. But both versions are from workprints and it makes me wonder if that particular piece was ever actually finished, and if not, it might explain why it is not on here.

In other news, look at the pretty art: he-legacy-collection-the-lion-king/

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 5 || 2014-06-02 12:18:08
Has anyone preordered yet? The price has gone up quite a bit which I absolutely don't understand.

ggctuk2014-06-02 12:43:01
What, to $19.98? That ain't expensive for a release such as this!

ggctuk2014-06-02 12:43:54
My only concern is that so far it's only availble in North America. I've got it tabbed in Amazon's UK store to let me know when it becomes available there (it's listed as an import ATM)

RealFfingMusic2014-06-02 14:05:34
My best guess for the price hike -- too many pre-orders.

More reasons to wait. :)

hans2014-06-02 14:20:26
ggctuk, you can preorder it at and have it shipped to the UK

Zimson2014-06-02 16:40:35
Same concerns as ggctuk here. I hope they release it on Spotify.

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 10 || 2014-05-29 19:31:25
Does anyone know if Hans Zimmer had any say in this?

Hybrid Soldier2014-05-29 19:41:22
I think I already said it TWICE on this page, but yes, he had, he handled it with his guys...

Joshua Chacon2014-05-29 19:44:30
Did Hans Zimmer urge Disney to release it or were they going to release it anyway?

Hybrid Soldier2014-05-29 20:07:42
It was in everyone's mind for 3 years...

Lambegue2014-05-29 20:37:56
Nothing to do with Zimmer, but I saw there will be several other albums in "The Legacy Collection"...Good news, I like a lot of old Disney scores

ggctuk2014-05-29 21:28:14
I think Zimmer prefers to release things as complete as possible eventually, but the need of labels to make a quick buck on a soundtrack prevents it at first. At the time The Lion King came out, nobody was really interested in scores in the way a lot of people are now and so Disney would only have seen a profit in releasing the film's songs and the Elton John material. Now, there's a viable market for these types of releases.

As for the other Legacy titles, I'm definitely planning on buying Toy Story and Fantasia. Though I already have Fantasia. I'm betting it's new, cleaner mixes. I'm hoping the success of these will also persuade Disney to release more complete versions of non-Disney scores. Yes, I'm looking at you, Star Wars.

Bioscope2014-05-30 05:24:09
Agreed. Better remasters of the first trilogy and complete scores of the second.

ggctuk2014-05-31 19:35:35
Actually, the first trilogy films don't all have complete scores: we don't have all of V or VI, but IV is pretty much complete. But it'd be awesome to ditch the boots for the Prequels: I think there's a lot of interesting material there we haven't heard yet.

poe982014-06-01 21:47:35
what could mean you?

poe982014-06-01 23:09:15
not understanding the star wars not even made from the hans zimmer but here this hans zimmer fan page?

ggctuk2014-06-02 12:44:45
Discussions occasionally head that way. That is their nature.

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 1 || 2014-05-26 23:26:00
I don't know but somehow I have a feeling that this release is gonna be a rip-off. Why are the track lengths nowhere to be found? What's with all this secrecy? Does Disney really expect us to buy a pig in a poke?

ggctuk2014-05-27 00:01:46
Maybe track times are nowhere to be found because, er, it hasn't released yet? Even LaLaLand doesn't always release track times for upcoming releases until the score actually releases. There's no secrecy, so please stop seeing problems where there are none.

poe98 reply Replies: 11 || 2014-05-25 21:50:06
why so much time until release?

Hybrid Soldier2014-05-25 21:56:16
Could you stop asking stupid questions everytime you've got the chance ?

It's gonna be released on the RELEASE date. DOT. There's no analysing, it is what it IS...

poe982014-05-25 23:57:53
a person knows what is the way to write green letters?

Zimson2014-05-26 02:05:17
You have to bang your head on the keyboard several times (as hard as you can). If you do it long enough your text will appear green.

RealFfingMusic2014-05-26 07:32:58
Hybrid is the Commander-in-Chief, Exec. Director, and His Highness of this site. That's why his words are always green-lit.

Hybrid Soldier2014-05-26 08:39:25
No it's because I'm the Hulk and most of the comments make me hungry ! :D

RealFfingMusic2014-05-26 10:21:52
Shouldn't it be "angry"? Like:-
"poe, you're making me angry. You're not going to like me when I'm angry." XD

Lambegue2014-05-26 11:21:32
No, he really meant "hungry". That's why we all have to worry and respect him.

poe982014-05-26 11:54:29
what mean you? a person not understands

Hybrid Soldier2014-05-26 12:08:51
Ah jeez indeed I'm too tired... :(

Edmund Meinerts2014-05-26 12:27:08
I'm convinced Poe's a troll. Nobody could actually be that thick.

poe892014-05-26 13:53:28
@Edmund Meinerts
Alright, alright, you got me! You know, my site's in big trouble and things are not going that well anymore. However, I've decided to stop writing reviews and proceed with trolling RCP fans here on this site.
Best wishes, CC.

binturon reply Replies: 2 || 2014-05-20 11:54:57
I heard there'd be a limited set signed by Hans Z. himself. What have you heard?

poe982014-05-21 18:06:26
the hans zimmer sign my cd where?

poe982014-05-26 13:19:26
where send my cd to the hans zimmer for signature?

poe98 reply Replies: 10 || 2014-05-15 19:20:13
a person know how much that cost on the cd?

poe992014-05-15 20:20:23
a person will probably know, i am sure

ggctuk2014-05-15 21:23:09
$17.99 in the USA.

poe982014-05-15 23:06:19
thanks to you ggctuk

Aggelos2014-05-16 13:54:02
Cameron Poe is that you?? (from Con Air)

RealFfingMusic2014-05-17 13:59:58
Call me cheap, but this is 20 years old. I'm gonna wait for free downloads.

RealFfingMusic2014-05-17 14:00:45
@Aggelos, does he seem like a useful mammal to you?

Hybrid Soldier2014-05-17 14:11:30
"Call me cheap, but this is 20 years old. I'm gonna wait for free downloads."

Smart people of the day...

ggctuk2014-05-17 19:42:37
"Cheap" would not be my personal choice in words.

I will always maintain that the best thing a person could do to support a composer and label would be to buy the product: after all, if they sell enough of the Legacy titles in this 2014-2015 round, they might go on to do additional titles. I don't care how old a title is. The oldest score I have is from 1979 (and believe me, that one was worth every penny), so a score's age does not factor into this for me. This is true even if a bootleg of said score precedes the official release (as it does in this case). This could be from 100 years ago and I'd still be suggesting that you buy it, as I would with any title.

Piracy is not am impactless crime.

trent easton navarro2014-05-18 10:35:51
@RealFfingMusic You are indeed very cheap! Who cares how old is. The Peacemaker is also almost 20 years old, and eventhough I have the boot, that won't stop me from picking up La La Land's upcoming release. Same with this one. Like ggctuk said, if this release is a success we'll hopefully see more of these down the line (Goldsmith's Mulan, Mancina's Tarzan)

NM2014-05-18 15:54:25
People should contribute towards the music they listen to. It isn't free to produce.

Bootlegs and pirating music isn't damaging in and of itself, it's the fact that people don't contribute money at some point that does the damage.

Sartello reply Replies: 0 || 2014-05-16 10:34:29
Why can this already be rated although it hasn't been released yet?

Nodder reply Replies: 9 || 2014-05-14 22:56:44
Discussion has died down. What gives?

Edmund Meinerts2014-05-14 23:45:27
What's there left to talk about? We're all just waiting for the score to finally be officially released...Personally I'll be thankful when people FINALLY stop talking about The Lion King for a bit. :p

Strik02014-05-15 08:45:18
don't forget that TLK is Hans's best score to date

ggctuk2014-05-15 09:10:34
That may be. But, no release, no discussion. There is nothing to talk about.

Edmund Meinerts2014-05-15 11:02:34
Far from "forgetting" - I disagree. It's a good score but I doubt I'd put it in my Hans Top 10.

Edmund Meinerts2014-05-15 11:02:34
Far from "forgetting" - I disagree. It's a good score but I doubt I'd put it in my Hans Top 10.

Mike2014-05-15 15:15:31
I am with you, Edmund. It's good, but I personally have never found it the best thing ever by any stretch.

Mike2014-05-15 15:15:31
I am with you, Edmund. It's good, but I personally have never found it the best thing ever by any stretch.

Zimson2014-05-15 15:41:40
Guys, just watch the scene where Mufasa dies. It's so brilliantly scored!

RealFfingMusic2014-05-15 16:28:20
We have.

It's one of my favourite pieces of inst. music. ONE OF, mind it.

poe98 reply Replies: 2 || 2014-05-14 09:26:57
when arrive the King of thr score?

Edmund Meinerts2014-05-14 11:47:05


poe982014-05-14 13:59:13
thanks to you Edemund

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