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Agree, solid work, but dosen't sound like John Williams, more like Danny Elfman.<br><br>Also, the main theme sounds like Pirates of the Caribbeanwhat an incredible album! it is getting very close to my personal favorite which is dunkirk. there is so much mastery in both. one thing that dunkirk has that this album doesn't have is a sense of repetition. both albums have some kind of non-finality. with dunkirk, i feel transported back to the beginning. with this one, i am not sure what comes next.<br><br>Hans and team probably have their share of anecdotes but here's another one.<br><br>i was playing this one day and my friend's daughter asked me if this was from... she hesitated and asked: the dark phoenix movie? i was astonished. she is 12 and probably not into movie scores. but she was able to pinpoint the right movie from a random part. that's something many aspire to. especially with the millions of super heroes movies out there!<br><br>i told her how impressed i was and went on unleashing my Hans Zimmer collection onto her haha :)Because i don't support the idea of 'only good scores are full orchestral', don't agree with that statement.<br><br>Yes, i love Your Highness and Steamboy, aslo really like stuff like TF (except the four) and TMNT 2. But also something like Pain & Gain, Bloodshot, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Deepwater Horizon, even i consider (unpopular opinion) guilty pleasure Battleship.<br><br>Yes, i'm weird :p<br>I love revisiting this score. It's just so much fun, and I love hearing this side of Steve's music. I remember watching interviews where he'd talk about programming John Williams' string patterns into midi instruments, and his love for Williams' work overall. This side of him is rarely shown in his projects. <br><br>But then you have scores like this that show off how much of a wizard he can be with music. Melodic action music, fun and creative use of synth, classic Jablonsky choir chants, and beautiful use of the orchestra. Perfect for a fantasy comedy with a modern twist. <br><br>I cannot stress enough how much I love tracks like "Isabel the Strong", "Labyrinths And Humps", and "Mean Knights and Horsies O' My!". "Playful Secrets" in particular shows just how much of an expert Steve is with an orchestra. It sounds straight out of a John Williams score like Harry Potter or Indiana Jones with a fun Danny Elfman choir on top. Not to mention the beautifully performed bassoon and French Horn combo at 0:39 and 0:44! <br><br>These are the kinds of projects I like to see from Jablonsky. Films and games that allow him to show off his skills and test his abilities to the point where he creates complex, unique, varied, thematically rich, and truly poignant music. <br><br>This is something that I can point to and say "that's 100% a Steve Jablonsky score". It has some influence from Zimmer, but is not copying him by any means. Maybe with the slight exception of "Thadeous".Can't really agree that much with Bloodshot. The reason I was able to be engaged in Jablonsky's past scores similar to this (e.g. TF5, TMNT 2) was his strong melodic voice. Even in the more sound design parts of those scores there was at least several themes that I enjoyed, easily identified, and analyzed some lovely development for them. <br><br>Bloodshot doesn't really have that, it's got themes so minimal (except for KT which I can't really enjoy because the melody sounds identical to "Optimus"), that whatever development is there, I feel nothing toward because it's easy and boring to develop a theme that's basically just a series of chords. <br><br>Keanu I can't entirely judge Jablonsky for as it was also Nathan Whitehead's score, but it just sounds like Bloodshot 0.5 to me. Guitar chords, sound design, string ostinatos, wandering piano theme, been there done that. <br><br>Good lord, do I hope Steve works on Orbital Era though. It would be so refreshing to hear a full-on orchestral Jablonsky score again.
Not only better than Spenser, it's better than Skyscraper.<br><br>Ok, Bloodshot maybe isn't one of the best works by Jablonsky, but after such disappointing with Skyscraper, see Jab in a work with choir, guitars, cool themes (if don't catch the similarities between KT's theme with the Autobots theme ;D) and good action writing (hang in there, i'm not going say is something good as Steamboy or Your Highness, even some of the Transformers/The Island stuff), as for the sound design, i prefer people like Jab, Zimmer or Holkenborg MORE than something dreadful as Reznor/RossJust listen Bloodshot OST again and I like it better than for the first time. Yes there is a lot of sounddesign elements, but quiet and melodic moments are good at some parts. My favorite track is "Bloodshot". For me this work, despite all the problems, is far better than Spencer Confidential.<br><br>There is extremely need of new Sci-Fi (not like Bloodshot, lol) or Fantasy project for Steve to work on. I'm fairly certain that he could provide amazing music for this genres, but for some reason.<br>Also, I've listened a few tracks from his "Keanu" score (posted on his new website) and it's wonderful, hope there will be a full release sometime. This one reminds me of another genre where Steve is good - comedy and parody movies - "Your Highness", "Pain and Gain", "Sims 3" (yes, it's a game score but it has that comedy atmosphere I'm talking about) all are really great scores for its genre.<br><br>For me "Eternals" from Marvel could be a good movie for Steve to work. And honestly, I would like to see what he could brings to "Godzilla vs Kong" crossover more than Junkie XL.<br><br>At least I hope that Katsuhiro Otomo would like to work with Steve again on his new anime project "Orbital Era", truly a dream-project.Yes, the sound mixing in the movie is bad, you can't listen the music properly, is buried under a lot of sound effects.<br><br>It was one of those situations where 'the music is trying to overlook the thunderous sound effects',I do kinda prefer the 2014 score over the KOTM score, but McCreary's work does deserve more love than just being called a 'retreat of the original theme'.<br>It also deserved to be heard more, but the movie's sound mixing was terrible.Wasn't expecting to see someone else here for the same reason. Really hoping those two soundtracks return, they're great for studying music.
Are Steve Jablonsky and Rupert Greyson-Williams still apart of RCP or they went solo too?I wouldn't disagree that Godzilla KOTM is a good score since it works very well for the movie and by itself. I'm just saying that Junkie XL can bring something new and interesting to the franchise which hasn't been done before.Before someone jump, i will said in this kind of movies, change a composer is very common, don't say i don't want McCreary will be back, only i prefer other people try other things.<br><br>Like i said, i listen very OFTEN the three scores in this movies, and i love each style (as for the movies... well, prefer G14 and KSI over KOTM)@Moggyman<br><br>If you think that all McCreary did was modernize the Godzilla theme, you clearly haven't listend to the score.<br>He indeed used and modernized the themes for Godzilla & Mothra.<br>Besides that he wrote new themes for Rodan, Ghidorah, Monarch, The Russel Family and a theme he called the Ancient theme.<br><br>Besides this, he used the orchestra, choir, soloist and specialty instruments in the best way they can be used.<br><br>His score was one of the best blockbuster and orchestral scores of the last couple of years, in my opinion.<br><br>Until I hear Holkenborg's score I can't really comment on if it will be good. But at the moment I am sad McCreary isn't coming back. But I am very curious what Holkenborg will doI disagree, the McCreary's score in that movie is really, really good... but I put this, as myself i listen very often the other two: G14 and Skull Island, also really, really good, can't put a score over another because one composer uses a theme (a very mytical one, if you are a movie monster fan), specially in that franchise.<br><br>Yes, Ifukube create a wonderful theme (and the original movie have a really tough score to listen isolated of the movie), but other composer make a wonderful themes (and polaraising), like Otani (which his score for GMK is FULL electronic, but really good) or Oshima (great theme, maybe the inspiration for Desplat's theme), even the most forgotten Reijiro Koroku create a terrific theme for the character in 1984
Bear McCreary is a good composer but all he did for Godzilla KOTM was modernize the original Godzilla theme, which isnt super creative. Junkie, on the other hand, may give us a really creative score based on his eagerness to do the project.Yeah besides the massive disappointment that is the movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the even bigger disappointment is that Bear McCreary won't be back for fool.... its impossible ! everybody knows that there is only one batman theme.... (joke)In a recent interview, Junkie mentioned that he's bringing back themes for Superman and Wonder Woman, while everything else is new. I wonder if he's gonna make a new Batman theme.It's true, there is completely different team from composer to director in crossover :)

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Hans ZimmerAndrew KawczynskiSteve MazzaroChris Craker
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  1. Dreaming Of The Crash (3:55)
  2. Cornfield Chase (2:06)
  3. Dust (5:41)
  4. Day One (3:19)
  5. Stay (6:52)
  6. Message From Home (1:40)
  7. The Wormhole (1:30)
  8. Mountains (3:39)
  9. Afraid Of Time (2:32)
  10. A Place Among The Stars (3:27)
  11. Running Out (1:57)
  12. I'm Going Home (5:48)
  13. Coward (8:26)
  14. Detach (6:42)
  15. S.T.A.Y. (6:23)
  16. Where We're Going (7:41)
  1. First Step (1:47)
  2. Flying Drone (1:53)
  3. Atmospheric Entry (1:40)
  4. No Need To Come Back (4:32)
  5. Imperfect Lock (6:54)
  6. What Happens Now? (2:04)
  7. Who's They? (7:17)
  8. Murph (11:21)
  9. Organ Variation (4:52)
  10. Tick-Tock (8:19)
  11. Day One (Original Demo) (3:49)
  12. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (Poem) (1:39)
  13. No Time For Caution (4:06)
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macarenox reply Replies: 0 || 2014-10-17 21:49:09
the final countdown 21 DAYS!!!!!!

Radik reply Replies: 0 || 2014-10-16 19:37:04
I hope in Teaser trailer theme in movie itself... November come quickly to us :)

Tigris reply Replies: 9 || 2014-10-14 09:54:30
I hope the soundtrack is not so electronic like the spider man score...
I hope it will be a score like POTC or Gladiator / Pearl Harbor... miss the "old" hans...

bro2014-10-14 10:02:26
the old Hans was even more electronic than he is now, he was known as a huge synth god before he started doing the scores u listed

badbu2014-10-14 10:06:37
naaa...the spider man score is garbage! thats no music...
i think inception = interstellar :P
the best score ever is backdraft! ;-)

Hybrid Soldier2014-10-14 10:33:11
That's not music ?

Do you any further intelligent remark to share with us ? Please do, I'm so looking forward to it !

badbu2014-10-14 10:58:09
It is noise!...

Hybrid Soldier2014-10-14 11:56:34
Explain ! I'm curious !

badbu2014-10-14 11:57:46
my feelings...

Zimson2014-10-14 14:53:25
Definition of music: "Organized sound" dot. It seems badbu just outed himself as a bigot.

JackieStewart2014-10-14 16:00:00
badbu, please shut up and stop making fun of yourself...

badbu2014-10-14 16:10:26
:D oh man...

MacarenoX reply Replies: 3 || 2014-10-13 21:51:27

Adam2014-10-13 22:06:15
Where are we going?

Mikkel2014-10-14 09:12:23
23 days!!! :-)

RealFfingMusic2014-10-14 13:41:45
That WHEN. Not WHERE. Just pointing out.

Leo reply Replies: 8 || 2014-10-10 01:41:51
It seems the score will come out 2 weeks after the film's release. Hans and Christopher Nolan want people to be surprised by the score in context of the movie first, and then release the soundtrack album. :P

theeaglesfan005 2014-10-10 04:59:13

JamesT2014-10-10 06:07:52
Hmmm. Hybrid, weigh in please. Any details?

Ds2014-10-10 08:19:06
I think 2 weeks is not very smart on a commercial point of view. Most Zimmer fanboys (who would have bought/downloaded the album directly) will see the movie on opening. And the general public wouldn't anyway have bought the album before seeing the movie. These people will just get home from the movie and THEN want to download the music. 2 weeks later they might have forgotten about it.

Zimson 2014-10-10 09:39:59
So maybe they haven't got a commercial point of view on it. ;)
No, seriously, source or it never happened.

Medigo2014-10-10 11:52:32
Considering how Zimmer scores are usually translated to an 'OST'
This one better be a good representation of it

Leo2014-10-10 12:39:55
http: //www. contactmusic. com/story/hans-zimmer-won-t-reveal-interstellar-secrets_4401 847

theeaglesfan005 2014-10-10 14:54:42
That's too long of a wait... and OST's are usually released the Tuesday on the week the film opens on a Friday.. so idk where he is getting the whole "2 weeks early" thing

Like Ds said... it's not smart

And I'm really hoping for a complete release (but I highly doubt that will happen)

I do get what they are doing.. especially since they are really pushing the IMAX, so I'm sure it will sound great

badbu2014-10-13 13:29:18
"And I'm really hoping for a complete release "
Never! :( ... to bad...

badbu reply Replies: 0 || 2014-10-13 13:28:15
I can't wait!!! :D :D

damian reply Replies: 1 || 2014-10-09 15:58:52
nominations for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMAs):

Hans Zimmer – Interstellar

???? how?? not score

Lambegue2014-10-09 17:03:06
The score and the movie are alreaddy finished, so I guess they can alreaddy stand as candidates for several rewards.

freed reply Replies: 1 || 2014-10-09 09:36:49
Anyway, the best tracks are not on the soundtrack :D
i think i only like the unreleased stuff :D

badbu2014-10-09 09:38:09
haha, that's true!
waiting for the complete score :D

guy incognito reply Replies: 10 || 2014-10-07 04:25:36
Hybrid, could you confirm that the music used in the special IMAX trailer isn't Hans'? Obviously I know what he said about nothing before the film is released, but it's interesting enough music to warrant asking.

0-cool2014-10-07 18:32:59
pretty sure it's Zimmer. The organ

Anonymous2014-10-07 22:56:24
probably not. i'm takin' zimmer at his word this time.

guy incognito2014-10-07 23:00:12
Reasonable. I only asked because it sounded very... special. Not the usual trailer music from a library or existing score/album. Whoever wrote it, it's quite nice.

Ds2014-10-08 00:00:43
Agree with guy incognito. It doesn't sound like a music trailer at all. Plus, it kind of reminds me of the feel of the very first teaser trailer. After all, maybe the studio still decided to use Zimmer's music...

Anyway if the actual score sounds similar, I can't wait!

Frank2014-10-08 05:48:42
If this is the final music I would not be surprise because it's obviously inspired by Also Sprach Zarathustra.

eded2014-10-08 18:58:41
Frank : Which music of Zarathustra ?

eded2014-10-08 18:59:26
oh no forget it x)

ErnieB2014-10-08 23:35:34
It's not Hans. It is an arrangements of Bela Bartok's "The Wooden Prince".

guy incognito2014-10-09 00:56:19
It's similar to the Bartok piece but I'm not sure it's an actual arrangement.

guy incognito2014-10-09 01:35:18
It's just a similar texture and motive. Definitely not an "arrangement."

guy incognito reply Replies: 7 || 2014-09-04 20:37:59
On the IMDb page for this, there's a guy named Brian Popkin listed as "composer: additional music/orchestrator". But he doesn't have any previous credits with Hans or any really big previous credits at all, and a ton of ridiculous future credits lined up. Sound like BS to anyone else?

Hybrid Soldier2014-09-04 20:39:40
Reminds me some fake guy listed on TDK 6 years ago. Gotta love imdb...

Zimson2014-09-04 20:47:24
Hans stated himself there weren't any additional composers on this score. Am I right?

Hybrid Soldier2014-09-04 20:54:38
Not this fake guy, that I can assure you ! LOL

Zimson2014-09-04 23:38:10
What about the other credits in the music department? Are they correct?

guy incognito2014-09-05 00:28:09
Yeah, there's nothing else suspicious... yet haha.

RealFfingMusic2014-09-05 07:09:48
Rookies, remember one thing -- when it comes to IMDb or Wikipedia, there's a 12.5 chance that a particular fact is wrong.

When it comes to Film Scores, 27.5%.


MusicMan2014-10-08 20:50:53
Yeah, that guys is a fake. Ballsy move, it wouldn't be the first time that Zimmer sues someone for pretending they wrote additional music on his scores when they didn't.

badbu reply Replies: 0 || 2014-10-07 18:38:23
100% Zimmer!

Mike reply Replies: 2 || 2014-10-04 19:26:48
Hybrid, do you know how "important" the music heard in the first teaser will be for the final score? Like, is it a possible theme, or was it just a cue Hans thought up that may or may not figure very much into the final film?

Adam2014-10-05 00:44:42
Mike, you must be talking about "Our Destiny Lies Above Us". I hope that's a theme from the movie.

bro2014-10-05 03:20:23
Just wait and see.

someone reply Replies: 14 || 2014-10-01 18:03:45
Interstellar trailer 3, music Hans Zimmer ?

guy incognito2014-10-01 18:11:37

This is getting pretty funny.

Everan2014-10-01 18:24:29
Thomas Bergersen actually, from his new album Sun, that came out yesterday. The track is Final Frontier, but was edited in the trailer, the track doesn't end the same way.

And yes, Thomas is a musical genius

eddie2014-10-01 18:48:53
Music here :
I really love it, even if it's not Hans Zimmer :)

Hybrid Soldier2014-10-01 19:05:44
Well don't blame me Two Steps From Hell requested to not be on this website anymore... So excuse me if I don't give a flying f*** about them ! :)

And I don't like their music anyway... lol

Everan2014-10-01 19:25:54
Too bad, they make gorgeous music and one of the best. Can't get why you don't like them at all.
And since they don't want to be in the site, they're no longer important!? C'mon!!

Ds2014-10-01 21:53:36
But Hybrid, were they part of RCP at the beginning? If not, I can understand that they want to be considered on their own, not undershadowed by Hans...

Hybrid Soldier2014-10-01 23:32:32
The spent 2 years at RCP...

Everan2014-10-01 23:35:03
And I ssume they left so they could do what they wanted and be on their own, yes?

Which is really a great decision.

Scorefan2014-10-02 02:56:12
Hybrid, which was the problem with Two Steps From Hell?

bro2014-10-02 03:24:31
Clearly deeply inspired by Zimmer's sound, whether Thomas ever admits it or not. It borrows the whole sound from Tron and Inception so it doesn't surprise me to hear that everyone is confused about who made the track. I mean, it even copied the ending of "Time". Copied the ostinato from something Goldenthal did in Alien 3 but implemented it in a way that mirrors Tron or Batman's.

However, it sounds decent at the end of the day and works with the trailer so whatever lol.

Edmund Meinerts2014-10-02 13:41:26
I'm MUCH more excited to hear Sun than Interstellar. :p

isildur2014-10-02 15:02:13

lol all of us know it's not true.

Mk2014-10-04 06:38:13
I was disappointed when i saw the 4th interstellar trailer. i thought that it doesn't sound like anything Hans would ever do. Why? Because it has not a "surprising" moment like the track e.g. for the 3rd trailer. Bergersen repeats and repeats. Hans seldom do.

Zimson 2014-10-04 09:57:15
"Had we not faults of our own, we should take less pleasure in complaining of others." - François Fénelon

Ds reply Replies: 8 || 2014-09-30 22:32:39
Thomas Bergersen ´s second solo album is out! Now I won ´t have any problem to wait another month for Interstellar, I almost feel like I don ´t care, which is a shame but I just can ´t help :p

Seriously, you should check it out, it´s freaking unbelievable!

Hybrid Soldier2014-09-30 22:40:00
Who cares about that I wonder...

Ds2014-09-30 23:48:36
I knew you were going to say that, Hybrid! :p But honestly I don't get why you dislike TSFH and Bergersen so much. I mean, Bergersen composes big, broad, moving epic music with a huge sound and perfectly produced... just like Hans usually does! I don't get how you can love one and not the other...

Edmund Meinerts2014-10-02 13:42:23
Pretty much everyone except you, Hybrid. I'm completely with Ds on this. Liking Zimmer and disliking TSFH doesn't make any sense to me.

guy incognito2014-10-02 18:40:52
I'll toss my hat in the ring here since I assume I'm part of that "everyone" that you're speaking for. I don't care about TSFH, and quite care about Hans. Sure, their music is similar. The thing is, one executes that type of music successfully, and the other, nothing more than generically.

It's actually not inconceivable that anyone can like one but not the other. Hans' aesthetic has spawned tons of imitations. And frankly, 99% of them just suck.

Zimson 2014-10-02 20:41:00
I'm not to going to say anything bad about Two Steps from Hell since it always grinds my gears to read negative comments on Hans' music. However, I just happen to not enjoy their stuff. So, "everyone except Hybrid" might not be the right choice of words.

Ds2014-10-02 21:00:09
guy incognito, if you really believe that Thomas Bergersen "executes this type of music nothing more than generically", it means you haven't listened to what the guy brought up in the past few years. I am 100% Zimmer fanboy, but I have come to realise that Bergersen is a thousand times more versatile and capable of writing at the highest level, in any genre and without anybody to help him. If you still don't believe me, take 10min and listen to tracks like "Immortal", "All Is Hell That Ends Well" or "Illusions".

However the same cannot be said about TSFH's other guy, Nick Phoenix, who remains painly generic and extremely boring to my ears. Maybe you didn't notice there were 2 different writers in TSFH, and in this case I can understand why you called TSFH "generic".

Edmund Meinerts2014-10-02 22:31:41
Once again, Ds is the only person here speaking sense. :p

Hybrid Soldier2014-10-02 23:48:52
Bergersen & Zimmer aren't doing the same work, don't be stupid trying to compare.

Zimmer works on film. Bergersen just can't handle that.

But anyway forget that topic, enough talk about TSFH around here. Didn't you see the huge "No Trespassing" ? lol

Saurabh reply Replies: 0 || 2014-09-27 03:46:18
It's gonna be hard to emulate the impact of Evey Reborn as used in trailer 2. There will be many awe inspiring scenes in the movie and I hope Hans backs them up with some soul stirring stuff. Need at least some samples.

Medigo reply Replies: 10 || 2014-09-25 12:43:35
2 hours and 50 minutes?
oh this better be a double CD release

Zimson2014-09-25 17:12:04
Where did you get that? That's simply not possible.

isildur2014-09-25 17:32:30
I guess he is talking about the film's run time.

Medigo2014-09-25 18:05:13
I was

eded2014-09-25 19:31:06
We will have to wait a very long time before having ALL the music of the movie (complete score)...
Knowing Hans Zimmer's habit, there will be only 14 or 15 tracks on the CD
We'll see...

But I have a question which addresses everybody (in particular Hybrid), if I well understood in lower messages, the music will not be available before the release of the movie ? I understood that it was to keep a part of mystery.
Thanks in advance :)

Hybrid Soldier2014-09-25 20:12:41
No Hans confirmed the OST will be released AFTER the movie... Not a few days before like usual.

eded2014-09-25 22:21:31
Thank you Hybrid :)

Adam2014-09-26 00:44:35
BUT.....surely there will be short clips released when the cast make their rounds on the late night talk shows to promote the film. I doubt they'd show a clip with zero score, that would be weird!

Ds2014-09-26 20:30:35
I think the track names or the musical style may be extremely spoilerific. Otherwise I really wouldn't see the point, because I always prefer watching movies when I know their score beforehand (especially the ones scored by Hans).

Adam2014-09-26 21:38:47
I agree Ds, but I think Zimmer feels this is a very personal score and wants to wait for the release. He probably doesn't want anything spoiled, he wants us to hear the score while seeing the visuals

e2014-09-27 01:47:45
'Solo' Hans score?

Luciano reply Replies: 0 || 2014-09-23 20:55:13
I expect this composition, and I think that I do not disappoint. Grande!

antovolk reply Replies: 1 || 2014-09-22 16:34:29
There's a final trailer supposed to be premiering with Gone Girl next week - I guess it won't have Zimmer's score either?

Saurabh2014-09-23 10:07:15
Most probably. Also no samples for this one?

Zimson reply Replies: 1 || 2014-09-22 00:52:13
Why only 3 stars out of 5? This is one of his best scores by far. I mean, just take the wormhole scene. Brilliantly done.

Edmund Meinerts2014-09-22 10:45:18
Why? Because 150 people have voted on it without having heard the score. Because this site lets that happen for some idiotic reason. :/

Scott reply Replies: 1 || 2014-09-18 17:47:49

Any chance this is Zimmer's music?

Mike2014-09-18 18:53:58
Probably not. The man himself was pretty insistent that we wouldn't hear the music until the movie comes out.

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 17 || 2014-07-30 22:56:42
I created the page cause at the end of the trailer it says the OST will be released by WaterTower... :)

Kent2014-07-30 23:15:05
Please tell me the music in the new trailer is Hans?

Edmund Meinerts2014-07-30 23:22:15
Please tell me it isn't. Sounds generic.

Hybrid Soldier2014-07-30 23:31:10
I answered that already, check the other page... lol

Saurabh2014-07-31 09:49:12
yeah the trailer 3 music was good but generic soaring trailer music. also no additional music credits? did Hans really go full solo on this one?

badbu2014-07-31 12:55:25
can't wait!!! :)
nolan + zimmer= MASTERPIECE!

Lambegue2014-07-31 13:13:59
I hope the music from the new trailer isn't representative of what Zimmer will do on the final score...It's quite disappointing. I mean, it's nice to listen to, but nothing original, or even really great.

@ Saurabh : most of the time, the additional music credits arrive later, as far as I remember. But I remember Hybrid said that Zimmer wanted to work alone on this one, so it may be the case...Even if no one knows, with all that can happen in the last months of a film post production...

isildur2014-07-31 20:19:50
From Hans' comment it looks like this is not going to release until after the movie does. November!

Mike2014-07-31 20:34:19
Hey, if the wait means we get a quality album presentation, it'll be worth it to me. :) Inception's album bothers me to this day.

isildur2014-08-01 18:19:41
Yeah. Rush and Lone Ranger were superb in terms of presentation. Even Spidey2 was good. I am really excited to know what Hans got in store for us. I hope he delivers something awesome and completely different.

theeaglesfan0052014-08-01 19:13:27
Which means a disappointing release.

I'll still buy it, but I'm not really impressed by WaterTower releases.

@Mike, exactly.

Hybrid Soldier2014-08-01 19:14:09
Well WaterTower doesn't do much, Hans & staff do the OSTs...

Mike2014-08-01 20:06:12
MOS and Rush were released by WaterTower, so don't loose hope just yet. ;)

JamesT2014-08-02 03:35:24
IMO, what's going to be superb about the score (and I'm certain, it's gonna be a superb score regardless of my thoughts here), on the basis of my POV around the trailers is this: 1) it's clearly a highly personal and emotional experience for Matthew's character (all the clips involving the kids and the obvious obligation to provide a hope and a future for them) and the abstract nature of the of the mission itself -- journey, space, time, other worlds, survival, human spirit. What an amazing concept for what's going to be undoubtedly a wonderful and compelling film that may very well border on reality at some point in our lifetime AND the amazing landscape within that Hans has to work with! I'm betting on something spectacular from every direction here!!

Zimson2014-08-02 18:47:10
I'm 99% convinced that this is going to be this years' best score, maybe also an Oscar nomination, since the movie seems to have plenty of dramatic elements.

Mike2014-08-02 19:24:33
I think it will be a good, very Zimmerish score, with nothing particularly mind blowing. But I'd be very happy if it were otherwise and am obviously going to wait and see. ;)

Petter G2014-08-27 21:38:34
The music from trailer 2 is unknown if HZ's work or not.
However, the music from trailer 3 is named "View From The Voyager" and is made by Confidential Music.

Adam2014-08-27 22:26:26
Peter, the track in trailer 2 is Dario Marianelli's "Evey Reborn" (a great piece on it's own) from V for Vendetta.

Ds reply Replies: 1 || 2014-08-23 12:26:50
It saddens me that Hans told we were not going to hear anything from the score until the movie opens... I was 100% sure he was planning to play a few pieces from Interstellar at the October live performances :-(

It would have been the perfect opportunity to introduce his work on this movie.

...2014-08-23 12:58:49
Well I understand what you mean, but to be honest I'm happy about this!
Hearing the score in the cinema for the first time is a nice experience! and sometimes track-names spoil the movie and I hate when that happens...

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 5 || 2014-08-16 10:49:15
The score was recorded in July btw, so I guess by now it must me 99% completed...

0-cool2014-08-16 13:01:37
so fast? I thought Zimmer stated in an interview that he would take longer than usual for this movie and work throughout the summer.

Maybe partially recorded?

Hybrid Soldier2014-08-16 14:09:53
Take longer ? He spent nearly 1.5 years on it !

Spent full time on it from april until now... :)

0-cool2014-08-16 19:48:47
Do you know where he recorded it?

Hybrid Soldier2014-08-16 23:15:06
Air Lyndhurst, like usual ?

Zimson2014-08-17 01:34:09
Lol, did he completely scrap the concept of not working "parallel"? :D

Mike reply Replies: 1 || 2014-08-01 22:55:31
Surprise, surprise, 4 votes on a score no one has heard... xD

Edmund Meinerts2014-08-02 00:38:54
Any word on disabling that, Hybrid?

ei18 reply Replies: 2 || 2014-08-01 18:08:44
Quick question: I think this may have been answered somewhere else, but I don't remember where. Did Hans compose the music in the first teaser trailer that was released for this film? I thought I read on this site that he did, but now Hybrid says that we won't hear anything from the film until it is in theaters. Thanks :)

Mike2014-08-01 18:56:05
Very first teaser was Hans, yes.

ei182014-08-01 20:18:11
Thanks, Mike!

Yuri reply Replies: 0 || 2014-07-31 13:27:01
I asking Lorne Balfe, ''You again work with Hans, Interstellar?'' he said ''Hans is, im not.. I am writing the music for Penguins'' :)

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