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okay wow...that’s a huge difference :D...I really really pray it’s Henry but it’s most likely gonna be Ludwig since he’s worked with the director before"complete" that's cute, here's an actual list (still not really complete but whatever)<br><br>1m07a Car Crash, pt. I<br>Hans Zimmer, Andy Page<br>1m07b Car Crash, pt. II<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>1m08 X-Manor / Title Card<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro<br>1m10 Pre-Space Mission<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro, Andy Page<br>1m11 X-Men Find Shuttle<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro<br>1m12 Commander Left Behind<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>1m13 Solar Flare<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>1m14-15 X-Men Return / Raven Confronts X<br>1m16a Examining Jean<br>1m16b Jean & Scott Kiss<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>2m18 Smith Looks for Luna<br>2m21-22 Party / Jean Unconscious<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro, Andy Page<br>2m23 Cerebro<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>2m24a Inside Jean’s Mind<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>2m24b Need to See My Father<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>2m25 Alien Meeting<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro<br>2m26 Jean Visits Dad<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming, Andy Page<br>2m28 Jean Standoff, pt. I<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>2m28b Jean Standoff, pt. II<br>Hans Zimmer, Andy Page<br>2m29 Raven Impaled<br>2m30s Funeral Source<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro (Henry Purcell)<br>3m32 Smith Visits Dad<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro<br>3m33 The Island<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>3m34 Island Standoff<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro, David Fleming<br>3m35 Peace has Been Shattered<br>3m36 Hello Jean<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro<br>3m39 Smith Shows Jean Force<br>4m40a Sadneto<br>4m40b The Helmet<br>4m41-42 NY Street Fight<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro<br>4m43a Staircase Standoff, pt. I<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>4m43b Staircase Standoff, pt. II<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming, Andy Page<br>4m44 Jean Transfers Force<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro<br>4m45a Train Tension, pt. I<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro<br>4m45b Train Tension, pt. II<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro (Henry Purcell)<br>4m45c Train Tension, pt. III<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro<br>4m46 Aliens Attack<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro<br>5m48-49 Train Flashback<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>5m50 Protect My Family<br>5m51 Break Things<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>5m52 Train Wreckage Fight<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>5m53 My Emotions<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro<br>5m54a Coda, pt. I<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming (Henry Purcell)<br>5m54b Coda, pt. II<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>5m55a End Credits, pt. I (Space Scene)<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>5m55b End Credits, pt. II (2m24a)<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>5m55c End Credits, pt. III (2m26)<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>5m55d End Credits, pt. IV (2m24b)<br>Hans Zimmer, David Fleming<br>5m55e End Credits, pt. V (2m25)<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro<br>5m55f End Credits, pt. VI (4m46)<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro<br>5m55g End Credits, pt. VII (2m21-22)<br>Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro, Andy Page"Battle Glorious Suite" is part of "It's Our Fight" (from 2:17 to 3:15) and "Chicago Suite" is "No Prisoners, Only Trophies" but shortened.What is “Battle Glorious” and “Chicago Suite”; can they be found on the official score?
here is the complete cue list:<br><br>1M7A    Car Crash - Part 1 //HZ,AP<br>1M7B    Car Crash - Part 2 //HZ,DF<br>1M8     X-Manor / Title Card //HZ,SM<br>1M10    Pre Space Mission //HZ,SM,AP<br>1M11    X-Men Find Shuttle //HZ,SM<br>1M12    Commander Left Behind //HZ,DF<br>1M13    Solar Flare //HZ,DF<br>1M14    X-Men Return<br>1M15    Raven Confronts X<br>1M16A   Examining Jean<br>1M16B   Jean / Scott Kiss //HZ,DF<br>2M18    Smith Looks For Luna<br>2M21/22 Party / Jean Unconscious //HZ,SM,AP<br>2M23    Cerebro //HZ,DF<br>2M24A   Inside Jean's Mind //HZ,DF<br>2M24B   Need To See My Father //HZ,DF<br>2M25    Alien Meeting //HZ,SM<br>2M26    Jean Visits Dad //HZ,DF,AP<br>2M28    Jean Standoff //HZ,DF<br>2M28B   Jean Standoff - Part 2 //HZ,AP<br>2M29    Raven Impaled<br>Funeral (Aeneas) //HZ,SM<br>3M32    Smith Visits Dad //HZ,SM<br>3M33    The Island //HZ,DF<br>3M34    Island Standoff //HZ,SM,DF<br>3M35    Peace Has Been Shattered<br>3M36    Hello Jean //HZ,SM<br>3M39    Smith Shows Jean Force<br>4M40A   Sadneto<br>4M40B   The Helmet<br>4M41/42 NY Street Fight //HZ,SM<br>4M43A   Staircase Standoff - Part 1 //HZ,DF<br>4M43B   Staircase Standoff - Part 2 //HZ,DF,AP<br>4M44    Jean Transfers Force //HZ,SM<br>Train Tension - Part 1 //HZ,SM<br>Train Tension - Part 3 //HZ,SM<br>4M46    Aliens Attack //HZ,SM<br>5M48/49 Train Flashback //HZ,DF<br>5M50    Protect My Family<br>5M51    Break Things //HZ,DF<br>5M52    Train Wreckage Fight //HZ,DF<br>5M53    My Emotions //HZ,SM<br>Coda - Part 1 //HZ,DF<br>Coda - Part 2 //HZ,DF<br>End Credit 1 - Space Scene //HZ,DF<br>End Credit 2    2M24A<br>End Credit 3    2M26<br>End Credit 4    2M24B<br>End Credit 5    2M25<br>End Credit 6    4M46<br>End Credit 7    2M21/22The whole movie needs to be completed within only 2 months, that is why it has 3 directors, 2 composers and loads of other people dealing with their own parts.Yeah no I don't have translated titles.<br><br>There's also a song out, roughly translated "Heroes Anthem" or "Ode to Heroes", by Tan Weiwei which Andrew did Synth arrangments on.<br><br>And there's also a second score album containing Roc Chen's score (movie apparently has a shitload of directors (lol) and had 2 composers).<br><br><br>China is very complicated as usual !! lolI don't speak Chinese. But I google translated it.<br><br>Overture (with lines) (2:35) <br>King Kong River (3:55) <br>Operator (1:38) <br>Crossing the Bridge (1:08) <br>B29 Incendiary (2:24) <br>Attacking Again (3:26) <br>God of Death (5) :22) <br>Brotherhood (2:13) <br>To die (2:51) <br>The gunner is in place (6:24) <br>Ignite (2:49) <br>To sacrifice life (2:07) <br>Miracle (2:51) <br>Overture (No lines version) ( 2:37)What are Andrew's actual track titles for this? I'd rather have English titles that I can understand and fit with my library.
Unfortunately there is no plan to have that one out internationally... :/Fire in Paradise (2019) is one of the most scary and disturbing documentary I have ever seen.<br><br>Can't wait to see this one and how life and hope prevail upon disaster.<br><br><br>20 years ago this month, already !<br><br>What a journey is has been since that memorable night.<br><br>Cheers.<br>WE NEED HANS & CHRIS BACK TOGETHER!<br>I’m afraid that Ludwig would be replacing Hans for good, nothing against Ludwig, but Hans is irreplaceable.Next week if everything goes as planned ! lol
When?! That is amazing!Coming soon<br><br>https:/ / jpg&name=mediumI'm checking with Andrew the availability of this.Track list: <br>1. &#24207;&#26354; (&#24102;&#21488;&#35789;&#29256;) (02:35)<br>2. &#25509;&#32447;&#21592; (01:38)<br>3. &#37329;&#21018;&#24029; (03:55)<br>4. &#36807;&#26725; (01:08)<br>5. B29&#29123;&#28903;&#24377; (02:24)<br>6. &#20877;&#27425;&#34989;&#20987; (03:26)<br>7. &#20007;&#38376;&#31070; (05:22)<br>8. &#20804;&#24351;&#24773; (02:13)<br>9. &#36212;&#27515; (02:51)<br>10. &#28846;&#25163;&#23601;&#20301; (06:24)<br>11. &#28857;&#28779; (02:49)<br>12. &#33293;&#29983;&#21462;&#20041; (02:07)<br>13. &#22855;&#36857; (02:51)<br>14. &#24207;&#26354; (&#26080;&#21488;&#35789;&#29256;) (02:37)<br>No English translation version for now.<br>I guess it's only avaliable in China, for now at least. The movie was released yesterday.

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Hans ZimmerAndrew KawczynskiSteve MazzaroChris Craker
ComposerAdditional ArrangementsAdditional ArrangementsMusic Producer
Label: WaterTower Music
Length: 131'46 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   3/5 (50494 votes)
  1. Dreaming Of The Crash (3:55)
  2. Cornfield Chase (2:06)
  3. Dust (5:41)
  4. Day One (3:19)
  5. Stay (6:52)
  6. Message From Home (1:40)
  7. The Wormhole (1:30)
  8. Mountains (3:39)
  9. Afraid Of Time (2:32)
  10. A Place Among The Stars (3:27)
  11. Running Out (1:57)
  12. I'm Going Home (5:48)
  13. Coward (8:26)
  14. Detach (6:42)
  15. S.T.A.Y. (6:23)
  16. Where We're Going (7:41)
  1. First Step (1:47)
  2. Flying Drone (1:53)
  3. Atmospheric Entry (1:40)
  4. No Need To Come Back (4:32)
  5. Imperfect Lock (6:54)
  6. What Happens Now? (2:04)
  7. Who's They? (7:17)
  8. Murph (11:21)
  9. Organ Variation (4:52)
  10. Tick-Tock (8:19)
  11. Day One (Original Demo) (3:49)
  12. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (Poem) (1:39)
  13. No Time For Caution (4:06)
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HalfLucan reply Replies: 3 || 2014-11-23 02:56:40
Its not the damn track...

TLC2014-11-23 04:02:16

Youssef2014-11-23 05:14:04
Don't worry the exact track will be released yet again. It will just cost you $1.29 more. lololol

HalfLucan2014-11-23 05:37:14

JLT reply Replies: 5 || 2014-11-22 20:20:25
I don't know if this question has been asked before but does anyone else here feel the fans are being ripped off by these multiple releases of the same soundtrack? I mean come on, standard release, deluxe release, illuminated release, and then probably we'll get the super-duper absolutely complete release, then there will be a release with dance remixes by Junkie XL included. What the heck is up with that if not just a sneaky way to get we fans to keep paying for the same things over and over again? Anyone think this is BS too?

M.2014-11-22 20:25:12
Absolutely, especially considering how they couldn't even release the movie's best track right.

JLT2014-11-22 20:54:16
Well, I'm just going to wait to make sure the full final version has been released before I buy it. I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night.

Mark2014-11-23 03:26:17
Yes we fans are being played for fools. I don't know if it's just the record company doing this to us or if perhaps Mr. Zimmer has any say in this but anyone who goes out and just keeps paying for each new expanded release as it comes out is just falling for their little game. People should be boycotting this type of crap until they are forced to give us the entire score all at once.

TLC2014-11-23 04:04:26
Yes, I really feel ripped off.

HalfLucan2014-11-23 04:55:31
Luckily with most music, you can buy individual tracks.

For the layman, the standard OST should suffice.
For those who want to commit a little bit more, get the deluxe.
For those who want a collectors piece, get the projection edition.

The problem being that the standard ost and deluxe editions didn't meet peoples expectations and so the whole pyramid is coming down.

JDollars reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-23 03:43:58
Anyone has anyone compiled a chronological track order?

AVSTARS reply Replies: 43 || 2014-11-22 03:18:18

via Hans Zimmer's facebook page.

Jorge2014-11-22 03:19:18
and digital blocket too

Hans I <3

Velarion2014-11-22 03:22:47
Oh... YES!

avstars2014-11-22 03:28:54
Just listened to "No Time For Caution", yea it sounds like the docking sequence alright :)

Russel2014-11-22 03:35:22
Is it just me, or is that tracks volume turned down really low compared to the other tracks on the Soundtrack? Because I have some pretty nice speakers, and to me it sounds quiet..

avstars2014-11-22 03:48:44
Russel: yea, the beginning kinda sound lower than the rest of the tracks, but it picks up during the last 1:30. Can't complain I guess since Mr Zimmer really put this out in a hurry.

bro2014-11-22 03:55:49
I can hear why they didn't release it, it sounds like a demo track to be perfectly honest

Xavier2014-11-22 04:08:42
Wow, I think they uploaded the sampled version... it sounds so different from the rest of the tracks, like it's lacking mastering.

Wingus2014-11-22 04:45:08
Had to talk with iTunes help to get it... Turns out they replaced the previous version of the Deluxe Edition without giving access to previous owners for the new one.

isildur2014-11-22 04:48:51
Yes. The quality is poor :(

msdenardin2014-11-22 04:51:58
Oh, Lord, what a mess it seems. Didn't even listened to it yet, but I'm already scared.

Xavier2014-11-22 04:57:24
It's missing the organ and some other stuff lol, the most important part. Kinda pissed that they would release something of this quality.

pcasey142014-11-22 04:57:38
The main 'tune' I don't know what you would call it, that plays over the organ during the climactic part is different. It sounds more like violins that the higher pitched bell-sounding organ version in the movie. I like it a lot, but still the actual version would have been nice.

Velarion2014-11-22 05:01:25
Yes, it's quite lower actually. I had to get it to Adobe Premiere and set the db +6. But of course that's not the solution. But anyway... Here it is, we have it at least. Thanks to Mr. Zimmer for hearing his fans.

msdenardin2014-11-22 05:31:56
Ouch, it's bad, sadly. Lower, without the choir, "less" organ in the second part... Seems so different from the movie.

bro2014-11-22 06:16:22
lol maybe hybrid can ask about this but i wouldn't expect another version to be released

Anonymous2014-11-22 06:56:55
Oh, wow. Is this what was playing during that scene? I don't think so. I appreciate the effort, but really? Why not just release the whole track of the film version? Disappointing.

kvsh882014-11-22 07:00:45
Yes the sound quality is poor. I heard it on youtube .. then i also heard the fanmade version. Have to say the fanmade versions quality was way better. If only they can improve ethe sound quality it'll be better.

Anonymous2014-11-22 07:01:52
If you are going to release the track in response to all this, why not make it lengthy, complete, just as it was in the film and mastered to sound the very best it can be?!? Dammit! If the full version is on the Illuminated, I won't complain. But come one...

Come On Tars!2014-11-22 07:22:34
My heart is BREAKING here guys. I was SO EXCITED, PAID (again) to download the additional cue from Itunes and it's NOT quite the same from the film. On top of that the quality is HORRENDOUS. Listen to the same section from Day One Dark and it sounds so much cleaner and rich. I DO applaud them for hearing our demands, but WHY release this horrendous version?!

Alan2014-11-22 08:06:09
What are you people talking about? I JUST left the theatre and the song is the same one from the film...

Seriously, people. For days all you have done is "Mr. Zimmer! Mr. Zimmer! Release the song! Where is Hybrid Soldier? Hybrid tell Mr. Zimmer to release the song! This is terrible! How could he not include it?" And then, when they finally release it within a few days (which is really rare!) all I see here is "It's not the same! The quality is terrible! Sounds rushed! Sounds different, I am 100% sure of it. This has strings and the film version didn't! I am somehow an expert on all things that I've only heard a few times from a film that had other sounds playing over at the same time! Not the same song. Not impressed. Release the full, unedited track from the film like I thought I imagined I remembered it!" Etc, etc.

Talk about the world of spoiled consumerism... you guys think you deserve everything just because you heard it once. Zimmer owes you nothing. Get over it. OR, you can just re-watch the film and see that it's the same song and sleep soundly that you even got it.

Xavier2014-11-22 09:16:27
Alan, there are some youtube audios directly from the scene of the movie, and there's one in particular which is very nice, and I'm sorry to say that you're wrong. We didn't "hear it once" as you say, in fact we heard it several times, and this new cue sounds nothing like how it sounded in the movie. You don't have to be an expert to notice that it's not the same cue.

Why does it bother you that we express our opinions? No one is claiming to be an expert. "Zimmer owes you nothing" I completely agree, nevertheless we still have the right to express our disagreements and/or complaints, especially when we bought this track and they're announcing it as "THE DOCKING SCENE FROM THE MOVIE!" when it is clearly different. As for you, I suggest you search youtube for the audio of the docking scene, and you'll see that it's different from the one they released.

Zimson2014-11-22 09:20:01
You guys piss me off. You got the damn track now and you're still complaining.

Mortifer V.2014-11-22 10:16:02
The deluxe version lacks the organ, lacks the choir, has overall poor quality, volume low etc. And we should not complain? We, of course, really appreciate this release, but I'd prefer to wait longer to get it all right than this one. It's almost like it doesn't belong to that album.

Alan2014-11-22 10:17:45
I know, Zimson, isn't it sad? Not many composers (none, really) would see fans wanting a theme from the movie that didn't get onto the score release, and then make it available in 4 days.

I bet you anything if Zimmer released a second-by-second complete recordings of Interstellar SOMEONE would say something isn't right. "Um... I'm pretty sure there was supposed to be a organ there..." *fixes glasses*

Medigo2014-11-22 10:21:05
They didnt get the track as it was in the movie
I can understand complaining

If its released like this, it must mean its a from a session before the final movie edits were in place

Like how 'Dont Think about Elephants' sounds different from the movie version, even on the recording sessions

Alfie2014-11-22 10:26:02
Releasing a track different from the film isn't a bad thing. Think of Waiting For A Train, Time and Gotham's Reckoning. They were all big moments in the films and I'm glad you can only have the full unique experience by watching them.

Medigo2014-11-22 10:29:33
You may be glad
Others want to enjoy music without anything around it

BaaaaL2014-11-22 10:52:59
Any information on whether the updated tracklist with the docking cue added will be available on Deezer as well? I wouldn't mind buying a digital copy, but I have a deezer subscription going, anf it would be great listening to this online any time, wherever I go.

Hanna2014-11-22 11:01:56
Wasn't it supposed to be free?

Zimson2014-11-22 11:17:42
I just bought it from the iTunes store and nothing you guys complain about applies here. I don't know about the missing organ, but did you really remember the track so well that you can spot the difference?
I didn't notice quality issues at all, the pitch is likely intended to be low since the part at the end is pretty loud compared to the rest. They probably put up the track without creating an album mix, so yeah, but that's called minor issues. Enjoy what you already got.

Kris2014-11-22 11:30:45
I'm commenting in regards to the new docking music track. Sorry, Hans, but this is nowhere near as complete as the music from the film. As people mentioned, it lacks the choir and organ. Please upload the full one.

Joe2014-11-22 11:31:30
Come on, the docking track isn't the same as in the film.

Anonymous2014-11-22 11:33:24
No no, if you compare it with the YouTube recordings of the scene you will notice choir and organ is missing.

Luckily some people made already a proper mix so it sounds like 99% as in the movie.

I dunno why. But everytime a Zimmer score releases the same frustrations arise (and not only with me reading here, the boards, facebook and reviews). I am actually happy he only does one score a year these days cause otherwise it would be everytime like this.

I really don't understand his reasoning. Leaving key scenes out, giving out demo mixes, club mixes nobody wants, suites, dialog in tracks, tracks 'inspired by' the movie instead of the actual movie. For crying out loud...

For someone so high regarded in the film music industry I am baffled why every other composer seems to be able to create better CD representations of their music than Zimmer. It isn't really that hard to grasp what film music fans want. Take the best cues from the movie, copy these unaltered tracks until you have 80 minutes. Burn CD. Very simple.

Anyway my interstellar journey ends here now. On to the next score I really want The Hobbit. Another watertower release but I am sure Howard Shore did a great representation once again. I think it's unfair to blaim the record company for this. The once who compiles the CD is the composer, not the record company. They just print, sell and market the product.

Random2014-11-22 11:52:21
As HZ Fan I feel kinda fooled! Selling a " deluxe" vision of the OST album, let us fans think the obviously best track " no need for caution" would be included.than Hans said it would be released for free. But now we have to pay for a track with less quality than a YouTube video. I mean I would have paid you 16 € for the album if the best track is included. But selling it twice, sounds like a business strategy. So this is not the way to treat Fans of your music!

hardvibes2014-11-22 13:36:35
Totally agree with Random

bro2014-11-22 13:46:47
Well I actually am an expert, so Alan, maybe you can explain where the main organ stem from the end has run off to?

Julian2014-11-22 15:18:40
Hey, thank you for adding it, but i had troubles getting it :) I had to talk to the Apple-Support for 20 minutes until it came out what happened : Warner replaced the "old" deluxe version with the "new" one ... So it's impossible to get it without the support, if you don't want to pay for it. But thank's a lot ! The OST is great :)

JamesT2014-11-22 15:32:56
Yes!!!! Love it!

Hybrid: thank Hans for us!!!!!

Zimson2014-11-22 16:55:10
Fuck off that's not the track I wanted to hear

Zimson2014-11-22 22:22:58
Sigh... Why again can't you create a user account on this site?

Mac Conac Hey2014-11-22 23:39:57

No Time For Caution
is not the exact same track
that you can hear in the docking scene.
I guess there are a lot of people with bad ears or something.
The Dr Man chasing/docking scene is a extended mixture of
Coward, Day One Dark, Mountains.
No Time For Caution does play the right notes
but the track is missing the fat organ sound
and the choir from Mountains.
And the part in Mountains does not have all the notes
and transitions that you can hear in the docking scene.
So you have some single parts of the docking scene track
and the No Time For Caution demo file track.
But you dont have the exact same track as in that scene
because you can not buy or download it.

emilio2014-11-22 23:49:24
What a shame to feed of fans, i can't understand why it's that hard to put the same version ? it has been recorded then why not release it ?... shame on you mr zimmer

NM2014-11-23 01:49:11
"What a shame to feed of fans, i can't understand why it's that hard to put the same version ? it has been recorded then why not release it ?... shame on you mr zimmer"

I hope Zimmer never releases it and it never surfaces.

D A R T H reply Replies: 7 || 2014-11-21 16:21:01
atmospheric entry before the wormhole ?

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-21 17:31:12

D A R T H2014-11-21 17:47:54
Atmospheric entry> landing on the 1st planet
the wormhole > the endurance through the wormhole
The moutain > the giant wave on the 1st planet

... sorry but i don't understand

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-21 19:18:17
whoops... misread

It goes before Mountains

my bad lol

D A R T H2014-11-21 20:57:54

D A R T H2014-11-21 21:03:40
no problemo, thanks for all

fizzbin2014-11-23 01:16:42
I was an hour ago in cinema; the track "Atmospheric entry" is definitiv the landing on the "Ice-Planet", also the second planet not the first. In the first was only SFX

Victor2014-11-23 01:46:41
This track is garbage. I have to jack up my volume twice as much just to hear it. Ridiculous.

Poe reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-22 22:51:00
No Time For Caution now available!

theeaglesfan005 reply Replies: 2 || 2014-11-22 21:12:48
So I been thinking,,,

The track we got is what Hans intended for the scene... it is what he sent the dub stage

I interviewed a composer, Joseph Trapanese, for a school project back in May....

htt p://

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-22 21:32:09
He sums it up perfectly...

Ports2014-11-22 22:38:47
Everyone complaining on this subject should read that, composer does not have last word on what is heard in film. On a separate note to Hybrid Soldier, any chance of a DVD/ CD of Zimmer and Friends concert!
thanks, I am new to this site and appreciate your work

JVance reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-22 21:48:10
So, is it possible for somebody to give me a chronological order of the tracks, according to the movie?
For example, "Imperfect Lock" is track 21, but if you think about the film, it probably comes before "Coward"

theeaglesfan005 reply Replies: 1 || 2014-11-22 20:43:03
myplaydirect just sent an email out for a download of "No Time For Caution"

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-22 20:49:27
Also for those that have complained about having to have had to buy it again off iTunes...

If you deleted the album from you iTunes Library and then go into purchased from the iTunes Store you can download it again and it should include the new track

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 37 || 2014-11-22 15:48:50
Actually I got it confirmed, the cue as you're looking for it doesn't really exist, it's just post production mess in the hands of music editors & mixers (so obviously Mountains material used)...

Reminds me of First Flight from MOS, where the strings were put totally upfront in the mix...

Random2014-11-22 15:56:49
Thanks Hybrid for confirming that! Also respect for being into it!
Now I will accept how it is

idk2014-11-22 16:01:22
Okay,but I still cannot understand why didn't you give us the "mess" instead of this shit

Anonymous2014-11-22 16:05:00
Is it hard to give us the mess? THE MESS IS AWESOME!!! lol

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-22 16:07:08
Because the cue does not exist in the final stereo mixes, MAYBE ?

idk2014-11-22 16:08:16
I mean the "mess" has to be saved somewhere so why is it so difficult to give us?

Anonymous2014-11-22 16:13:30
Cause everything's a mess idk! This sux :(

badbu2014-11-22 16:15:53
My gosh.... Fu** You All!!!!
Thank you so much Hybrid :)

Anonymous2014-11-22 16:16:00
What I can't believe is how the production team couldn't figure out that this track would be the most wanted... I mean... Really!? Arrgh

oh2014-11-22 16:28:02
so this is the proof the production team is fucking retarded. As Anonymous said this was the most wanted track, from the most jaw-dropping scene of the movie.

badbu2014-11-22 16:37:17
The track is ok! 98% the same! ;)

Will2014-11-22 16:37:25
Hey guys,have one thing to you, Have we got ''Batman Chased''/Risen from the Darkness, the real film mix from TDKR?? and after the sessions leaked, of course not!! So what?

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-22 16:39:28
It is EXACTLY the same case as Batman Chased... Exactly... A cue written, and then music editors messing around.

Will2014-11-22 16:44:58
Yeah, and both from Chris Nolan. lol

Kamil2014-11-22 16:45:14
I wonder if there's someone capable of 'messing' this track just like those guys did :) It would be awesome.

badbu2014-11-22 16:45:35
The track is ok! 98% the same! ;)
Sorry I got Alzheimer, I meant NO it's not the same ;)

badbu -> the real!2014-11-22 16:47:19
What the fuck is wrong with you??

badbu -> the real!2014-11-22 16:49:44

badbu2014-11-22 16:50:48
What a funny child! FY! ;)

badbu2014-11-22 16:51:55
not so funny after all

Jo2014-11-22 16:57:50
Hybrid, thank you very much for clearing that up. It's just good to know how things are exactly, just to understand. Thank you for all your work, and thanks to HZ.

Any idea if Eureka was a "mess" as well, or if that exists as it is in the film? ;) lol

Medigo2014-11-22 17:08:27
A lot of negativity could probably have been avoided if this had been known from the start

oh well

AndyLam2014-11-22 17:16:37
I Love You Hybrid Soldier and Mr.Zimmer!

NM2014-11-22 17:19:48
"What I can't believe is how the production team couldn't figure out that this track would be the most wanted... I mean... Really!? Arrgh"

How the hell were they meant to know that an edited tracked-in cue (which is EXACTLY what some of us said it was and have been proven correct) would be the track most sought after*??????! For all the criticisms of the record companies I've read (many valid), this is the most bizarre and unfair one.

I'm not directing this at you specifically, but much of the response has been flat out pathetic. I was looking forward to discussing the score but instead it's just been people crowing on about 2 minutes of music that hasn't been mixed exactly as they want. It's tiresome.

When I posted my little rant before, I thought after I may have been too harsh, but now I wonder why did you even make the effort Hybrid. People aren't grateful. And many will fucking pirate it anyway and rationalise it to themselves later. And then complain. See: Entitlement.

*I still fail to see why, (in my opinion) it's not even close to the best track in the score.

...2014-11-22 17:27:29
Well Said! Why all the hate?

Margaret2014-11-22 17:28:35
Absolutely disgusting. Having the most memorable track released on THIRD album and not even being the version from the movie. This is just pathetic.

PepperoniQuattro2014-11-22 17:30:12
Isn't there a way to just rip the audio track for that scene, including dialogue and all? I think the "C'MON TARS!" makes it even better.

Anonymous2014-11-22 17:32:09
"How the hell were they meant to know that an edited tracked-in cue (which is EXACTLY what some of us said it was and have been proven correct) would be the track most sought after*??????! For all the criticisms of the record companies I've read (many valid), this is the most bizarre and unfair one. "

Are you joking? The music of one of the most iconic scenes in the movie? Jesus Christ dude. If it's tiresome to you that we want what was actually in the movie then don't read. "People aren't grateful" when they give us something that WASNT in the movie of course we're gonna complain. Wanna discuss the score? Sure. This track sucks donkey balls.

daktronic2014-11-22 17:36:09
the cue is actually on the day one dark track, that is taken directly from the movie.

CobraBoy2014-11-22 18:08:13
Thanks Hybrid Soldier. Now we know why and I accept it. Nice job from music mixers.
Maybe someone will do it for us ? Stop complaining people, the track is awesome.

Yen2014-11-22 18:41:49
Thank you Hybrid Soldier.
Today I watch Interstellar again and still thinking that the spin docking scene is the best scene in the movies these years.
It's very upset to hear that news but thank you.

bro2014-11-22 19:07:13
This type of public response will only get worse as Hans Zimmer gets more popular, people who normally wouldn't care about movie music are suddenly really interested and when they don't get what they want they complain

Anonymous2014-11-22 19:11:31
I think in this case, the sound mixers messing with Hans' original cue turned out brilliant. Layering in the organ and choirs from Mountains was awesome. I'm talking just from a compositional standpoint, that is. There could be misalignments/sloppiness if you were able to listen closely.

Thank you for the track, we're glad to have it. But is there any way we can recreate the exact cue from the movie with the released tracks we have? Can we somehow ask Hans to obtain the edited version?

Todd2014-11-22 19:18:44
Hybrid, thanks for all you did and thanks to Hans for making it available. I like the track on its own merit even if its not exact.

Anonymous2014-11-22 19:22:23
*music editor, not sound mixer

Megalith2014-11-22 19:33:49
I guess I know less about the scoring process than I thought. I would have thought that Zimmer would be the last person to decide how a track will play back in the film.

Medigo2014-11-22 19:47:45
this always happens too
I remember being disppointed in finding out the chorus/organ was a lot weaker on the sessions of PoTC2/3

Come On Tars!2014-11-22 20:11:18
THANK YOU HYBRID SOLDIER! Even though you have crushed me, broken my heart and punched me in the gut with this atrocious news, I totally respect you for looking into it and giving it to us STRAIGHT! I also appreciate you guys releasing SOMETHING based on our objections. Now we can get all get over it! Thanks, Hybrid!!!!

Megalith reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-22 20:07:01
I just received a new download code from Play Direct for the new track. I am surprised by how coordinated this effort is.

Youssef reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-22 18:49:31
its finally up on itune!!! Thank you very much Hybrid!

Brian reply Replies: 5 || 2014-11-22 17:33:32
Honestly, I am incredibly happy with the presented OMS for this film. Yes, I agree that the Docking cue was great, but it really was just a combination of tracks that were featured on the original release.
I thought it was great that in just a few days, Zimmer had the ability to release No Time For Caution--clearly something he did not expect--to try and placate his "fans" and instead of being grateful that he even listens to his fans, there is this huge back lash against him and his production team.
I realize that people were frustrated because "the best cue" wasn't on the score and this newest released cue doesn't sound like the original version in the film, but how does that in any way discredit the other incredible tracks?
The next time any of you write a score for a film, you are free to present the final score however you would like. But for the rest of us, why don't we try to enjoy the hard work that others put in instead of complain needlessly.

Anonymous2014-11-22 17:37:57
The score is beautiful Brian, the problem is them saying "Here it is! The most awaited track, the docking scene is finally here!" And then you realize it's not, and not even close. No one is discrediting the other beautiful tracks of this amazing score.

rasgon2014-11-22 17:43:39
It would have been all right if they had released it for free. But pay for this demo crap? Be thankful? They should at least have said that it's not the same. They should apologize to all the people who paid for it

dakota2014-11-22 17:46:32
the cue does exist people, it is on the track day one dark!!!!!!

Brian2014-11-22 18:04:26
I've listened to both the Docking cue as heard in the film and No Time For Caution, and yes, there are some things missing in the later track. The chorus, the organ takes a backseat, but it doesn't change the melody of the cue in any way. The percussion is there, the emotion is there, this time in the forms these beautiful and harsh strings.
In three days, Zimmer was able to take a step aside from whatever else he was working on to release something that his fans wanted, and I am sure he did the best he could with the time he was given. As Hybrid Soldier suggested, the cue everyone wants doesn't exist and instead is just a compilation of the production staff. So in three days, Zimmer created something that didn't exist, just for us! Because we asked. Yeah, it sounds different, but who cares? It still has the same feel as the original.
The flip side is, if No Time For Caution was never released, people would be complaing still about the lack of the Docking cue. I just don't understand why people can't just be content? Why people feel so entitled?

And I disagree, Anonymous, people are discrediting the rest of the score because no one is focusing on the rest of the score. Instead, everyone is complaining about one cue that was simply a mix of different tracks.

Anonymous2014-11-22 19:27:18
Brian, it's definitely true Hans should be applauded for being so responsive and caring about his fans. And the other tracks are indeed brilliant. And No Time For Caution is indeed *still* brilliant.

At the same time, I think there's no harm in *nicely* asking if he can try to obtain the edited cue from the music editors. Now that social media is so prevalent, we could possibly make that happen.

That being said, there's absolutely no reason to be such douchebags like people are being in this forum... Actually calling the production team and music editors "retards". That's just immature and uncalled for guys, and makes it seem like you're new to the film score scene and don't realize how much work everything takes.

Random reply Replies: 4 || 2014-11-22 18:01:08
good News: Itunes will replace the money for "No Time For Caution"

Chuck C2014-11-22 18:26:10
What is the process to remedy? I just purchased No Time For Caution and now my iTunes shows two separate albums - the pre November 22nd 23-track deluxe album and a separate one song only track of No Time For Caution. I created a playlist with all 24 tracks as a work around.

Medigo2014-11-22 18:27:19
say what you want
but they really want the customer to be as happy as they can

...2014-11-22 18:40:54
Yes I like the way iTunes does these small things that though small, mean so much!

Jay2014-11-22 19:11:37
Chuck C, the fix might be easier done in iTunes itself. The problem is that the new track has a different album name so you have to make sure the album names are identical. The easiest way is to select both album versions in your iTunes library, right click and select Get Info. Then fill in the album name there.

One iTunes quirk to look out for - iTunes can override your album name on purchased tracks so to avoid this, sign out of iTunes first. That's in the Store tab and then Sign Out.

It's awkward but I'm really happy they make this track available.

sir trolls alot reply Replies: 3 || 2014-11-22 17:53:42
please Mr. Zimmer put the track day one dark on the super deluxe edition, that is the best track of all.

Random2014-11-22 17:58:23
I think as Hybrid posted this track doesnt exist. Maybe what you mean is the fan made version

zimm master2014-11-22 18:07:34
no I got the track when I bought tickets to interstellar from

ronnycoleman2014-11-22 18:14:02
I thik Hybrid meant the movie version of "No Time For Caution" doesn't exist and was more a editing result of the audio engineers for the movie..

Mike reply Replies: 3 || 2014-11-22 17:43:38
So No Time For Caution (22) is the unreleased cue?

anony2014-11-22 17:47:15
yep, but don't pay for it.. you will find better (edited) versions on youtube

Mike2014-11-22 17:50:21
(And I won't lie—despite all the backlash against not getting the "film version", I like this one better! The strings add more to it IMHO).

Mike2014-11-22 17:50:45
See above comment. :)

makita reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-22 17:49:57
the cue does exist, it is on the track day one dark.

:O reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-22 17:49:24
How to make 1 million USD with one half assed track.

Gt reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-22 17:21:20
Demo mockup?

Demo mockup.

ronnycoleman reply Replies: 6 || 2014-11-22 16:40:52
Is it only me or can you hear a high-frequency noise in "08 Mountains"?
It starts at 00:20min and gets louder, clearly noticable from 01:00min on and has its peak at 01:30min - 01:50!
Really annoying, I just can't enjoy this track because of this.
I can even hear it at 02:00 and 02:30, where the overall volume is very high..

Tested it with Itunes version and physical CD at different players and some professional headphones.
Must be the record (microphones??).

Why did noone notice this at production? Or are all people working there >40 years old and don't hear that??

...2014-11-22 16:45:58
Does it bother you so much?

I honestly don't care about minor things like that...Shit happens!

Can everyone just stop complaining about things? get lives listen to the music that we actually DO HAVE or on youtube!

...2014-11-22 16:51:16

ronnycoleman2014-11-22 16:57:22
Yes it's bothering me, because I can't just enjoy this song.

Plus I noticed this high-frequency noise on more songs, e.g. "03 Dust" at 02:14, when the organ starts.
It's not hurting in my ears, but it's uncomfortable/unpleasing.

I mean, I'm not in the slightest a sound professional, but these guys didn't do their jobs right, if there are such technical issues which distract from the song and shouldn't (i.e. not intended to) be on the record.

ronnycoleman2014-11-22 16:59:52
But I don't know what equipment you're using and how old you are, so it might not be noticable for you like it is for me.

FX2014-11-22 17:03:10
yeah lets be honest, the noise is fucking horrible

...2014-11-22 17:07:29
I wasn't talking about your complaints...more about the general "F*** YOU WB" kinda comments...

regarding the sound I think it might be part of the sfx they added to some tracks (don't ask me why they did that)

antovolk reply Replies: 4 || 2014-11-22 14:57:17
Hybrid I don't know if you know anything about this - apparently FYC releases sent to voters this year for the Oscars need to have the film versions of the they'll have to do a film version stereo mix anyway?

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-22 15:01:32
Absolutely not, the 12 Years A Slave promo contained a few cues not in the film...

The Prometheus sent to the Academy contained a lot of cues replaced by HGW's rescore...

antovolk2014-11-22 15:05:03
Yeah, I am aware those didn't have film versions, but apparently this rule was implemented for *this year* hence why I'm asking if you heard about this.

antovolk2014-11-22 15:07:13
Found the source link, here's what it says:
oscars. org/sites/default/files/87aa_rules .pdf

"Works shall be judged on their effectiveness, craftsmanship, creative substance and relevance to the
dramatic whole, and only as presented within the motion picture. Extended, revised, enhanced, or
alternate versions outside of the film shall not be considered."

Not sure if this applies to the FYC promos but anyway...

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-22 15:07:15
Well they will send what they want... If Hans wants to send a 30 min promo, no one will force him to send the complete score as heard in film, that's for sure... lol

hardvibes reply Replies: 4 || 2014-11-22 09:25:35
Sorry Hans but this is unfair. It was supposed to be in the OST. It's not. I have to pay for it? I won't. There are other ways to get it anyway. Not to mention that it's not even 100% what you hear in the movie. It's missing the chorus so WTF...
You could say "what's all the fuss about? It's just 1.29$"....yeah, but it's not only me to download it, it's hundreds of thousands of people. Get it? Don't get fooled!

JackieStewart2014-11-22 09:39:37
It's great. It doesn't sound like the exact movie version, but it's still awesome.
And I don't mind paying for this, I always support my favorite artists and everybody who can should do that too..

hardvibes2014-11-22 10:01:24
Good for you. I don't care.

JackieStewart2014-11-22 13:11:33
If you don't care then you're in the wrong place.

hardvibes2014-11-22 13:31:51
I don't care if YOU are happy with the track. Move along. Many people are still very pissed

Edmund Meinerts reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-22 10:24:07
Okay, seriously, how did they fuck that up with the docking cue AGAIN?

jjluffty reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-22 10:51:24
The Deluxe Edition with 24 tracks is available in CD quality, lossless here: re-soundtrack-deluxe-version-hans-zimmer/0794043183058

SongForOne2 reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-22 09:55:12

badbu reply Replies: 1 || 2014-11-22 09:28:31
What is this? :D a demo version?
We want the movie version:D

badbu2014-11-22 09:30:12
But, thanks ;) not free but ok :D

Alex reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-22 07:02:08
I just want to get something off my chest about this whole Docking track thing that has been tearing up this board for the past week:
I am extremely happy, just like all of you, that Zimmer released it as an extra track on the deluxe edition entitled "No Time For Caution".
I am also a little peeved about the quality of the track, just like all of you. It is quiet, and there is an apparent lack of organ that is heard in the movie mix.
However, two things: the actual movie mix will someday, through a rip or complete score, be available. I think Hans did a great thing by releasing this as a, for lack of a better term, placeholder.
Also, it still it an amazing mix. Even though there is less organ and more strings, it still envokes the emotion the scene did.

TLDR: Thank you Hans for uploading the docking track, and even though it's not exactly like in the movie, it still is amazing and wonderful.

Frank reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-22 06:13:41
Is it just me or does anybody find the last part of Coward is weirdly similar to Lone Ranger?

George reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-22 03:30:30

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