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CD or download only?I would love it if it is really 5 minutes per track. I love tracks that are at least 4 minutes long. <br><br>But more likely, the last main action tracks would crack 10 mins long.85 minutes for normal album is more than enough for me. I'm not really into long tracks or super-extended suites. If it puts on album it's great, but not necessary for me. And I don't mention dluxe or expanded albums by the way, that's another cases.So 85 minutes for 17 tracks is an average of 5 minutes per track.... seems a little long, so maybe weíll get a few long form suites??Agree. 2020 is rough for us.
youíre right. didnít consider 85 min is actually a good length especially when looking at how short other releases are these days. in 2020 weíre very lucky to be getting it at all.Yeah, but consider most of the real good HZ albums are way shorter than 85 minutes. SO we're lucky with that one.BVS is 90 and interstellar is 1 hr 40 min :PIf 85 minutes of music is short...Almost one and a half hours of music is short?
thatís it? kinda short. being a zimmer score will there be a deluxe version with additional tracks?All I know is that the album is gonna be 17 tracks, 1h25 !nothing is known yet? In some countries it opens in mid-DecemberOne of this score's best and most underrated moments, especially in the context of the film, is the introduction of the Kraken's theme in "Row to Tia Dalma". The tense buildup while Gibbs describes the creature's horrors, then the brief pause as he names it, followed by the theme in the absolute lowest registers of the orchestra, quiet, but so so so menacing and also just SUPER FUCKING COOL.<br><br>It gives me goosebumps every time, in a *dialogue scene*. That is incredibly good musical storytelling.Edmund: And posted their one-sentence review of it on the Hans Zimmer fan site.
Anything missed from the official release?oh damn really? huh that would be cool. even with the ultimate edition thereís still deleted scenes and I wish they were put on the Blu ray.<br><br>it plays during the scene after the knightmare when Clark is looking through the polaroids that say judge jury executioner on them. i donít remember if thatís an extended scene or not as Iíve only seen the theatrical cut once in theaters. one and done lol"Chicken Run really makes you FEEL like you're in a concentration camp." - IGNI guess it comes from a deleted scene where Jesse Eisenberg gets playful with his dinner. Rumor has it it's gonna be included in the Snyder Cut.I love the notion of Barack Obama and IGN teaming up to review 20 year old film scores.

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Hans ZimmerAndrew KawczynskiSteve MazzaroChris Craker
ComposerAdditional ArrangementsAdditional ArrangementsMusic Producer
Label: WaterTower Music
Length: 139'07 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   3/5 (50587 votes)
  1. Dreaming Of The Crash (3:55)
  2. Cornfield Chase (2:06)
  3. Dust (5:41)
  4. Day One (3:19)
  5. Stay (6:52)
  6. Message From Home (1:40)
  7. The Wormhole (1:30)
  8. Mountains (3:39)
  9. Afraid Of Time (2:32)
  10. A Place Among The Stars (3:27)
  11. Running Out (1:57)
  12. I'm Going Home (5:48)
  13. Coward (8:26)
  14. Detach (6:42)
  15. S.T.A.Y. (6:23)
  16. Where We're Going (7:41)
  1. First Step (1:47)
  2. Flying Drone (1:53)
  3. Atmospheric Entry (1:40)
  4. No Need To Come Back (4:32)
  5. Imperfect Lock (6:54)
  6. No Time For Caution (4:06)
  7. What Happens Now? (2:04)
  8. Who's They? (7:17)
  9. Murph (11:21)
  10. Organ Variation (4:52)
  11. Tick-Tock (8:19)
  12. Day One (Original Demo) (3:49)
  13. Day One Dark (6:57)
  14. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (Poem) (1:39)
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George reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-22 03:30:30

cody reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-22 03:23:28
the docking cue has been released and its titled No Time For Caution

kvsh88 reply Replies: 5 || 2014-11-21 04:22:48
Okay i dont want piss people off but is there some of dart around which we can expect the "Perfect dock" soundtrack. I dont care its free or not. Just want the date of release.

kvsh882014-11-21 04:23:22

Laurens2014-11-21 14:55:46
Yeah I'm wondering the same thing... Still no word from WaterTower on a release date? Figured they've got a whole lot of messages by now...

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-21 15:29:15
Oh they do... just go look at their Facebook lol

kvsh882014-11-22 00:36:16
Where is it theeaglesfan005 ?

Dan2014-11-22 03:02:46
Doh, delete above - meant to put it here. What does their Facebook page say re the release date on that cue/further releases?

Gunther reply Replies: 2 || 2014-11-03 17:44:11
I hope we will see any videos of the recording sessions from Temple Church very soon. That's always my favorite part of the making of :)

badbu2014-11-03 17:54:31
That would be nice :)

Dan2014-11-22 03:00:55
For those of us without Facebook, what does their page say?

The Tailor reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-22 00:00:48
Hybrid Solider, I suppose I am more of a novice to the whole film music world. I didn't realize that, when a soundtrack is released, it doesn't have all the music that was in the film.

My question: how much of the full film score appears in the deluxe soundtrack? I see the well-loved "Docking" cue (which I look forward to playing on repeat) will not be released for awhile. Are there other parts of the film score that are not included?

Anny reply Replies: 2 || 2014-11-20 18:40:56
How strange information on account release date
because today downloaded 23 tracks. And if the OST will be released only on December 18 that then posted a net additional 16 of November?

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-20 19:54:15
the illuminated star projection edition which is 28 tracks, 2+ hours of music is released December 28th

Anonymous2014-11-21 17:52:06
Yippie, now we will have 5 more tracks of the same monotonous boring background music to look forward to.

SongForOne2 reply Replies: 5 || 2014-11-20 07:12:26
Hi So my question is really can have the Illuminated Star Projection in USA , US Thanks ? :)
And if is yes what release date ? :)

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-20 14:23:07
The release date is December 18th

Yen2014-11-20 14:40:54
So is it possible available in other countries?

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-20 14:48:14
USA for now... they are working on getting it released in other countries I believe

Javs2014-11-20 17:09:07
How do you know it's gonna be released December 18th?

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-20 19:54:49
they have said it on the product page for it

htt p:// -soundtrack

Radik reply Replies: 1 || 2014-11-20 18:19:45
Awsome movie and score (y) btw. knows anybody what its used in end credits? :)

Everan2014-11-20 18:33:30
I believe it's a suite not in the Soundtracks, but not sure. Might be in hte Ilminuated edition though, who knows.

Diedelus reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-20 17:13:01
Hybrid, did you ask Hans what the second CD is to consist of? Not a tracklist, just what missing cues/parts of the film we might be getting in general.

Nicolas reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-20 14:20:09
Why has amazon on the CD / mp3 only the first 16 songs ?

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 12 || 2014-11-19 21:53:04
Little precision, Hans is doing his best to get the track available for free, but it's not 100% sure yet. What's sure is that it's gonna be released. But you know how it is, rights owners are Paramount & Warner and they have a say, imagine the bureaucracy...

To be honest free or not I don't care, as long as it's released, I can buy a "single" for this track anytime they want.

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-19 22:07:25
I'll gladly pay for the cue.

I have already paid $40+ for the illuminated star projection edition... I do not paying more for the cue from my favorite scene in the whole film.

Laurens2014-11-19 22:18:40
If they released a single on iTunes (paid) that'd be totally fine as the audio quality might be better than mp3. Just hoping for a decent release ;)

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-19 22:20:39
I am bummed that the download code sent us people that ordered the star projection edition is for 256kbps mp3 :/

John2014-11-19 22:34:34
If they release EP on iTunes with the end credits and the piano extended theme "First Step" added, this will be great.

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-19 22:45:49
Release an EP with:

- Endurance's first spin
- home recordings
- spinning dock
- when Coop is doing the morse code and traversing the tesseract/Murph's eureka
- piano end credits suite from IMAX (I have heard the end credits music was different on non IMAX showings?)

Caleb Tynes2014-11-19 23:02:23
I'l be excited once this is out. I hope they also get the other missing themes.

Velarion2014-11-19 23:03:30
I wouldn't care too. I can pay just for this track.

...2014-11-19 23:05:30
I'd pay too! WB can be happy to make a few bucks as people genuinely seem to want this cue very badly!

bro2014-11-20 00:14:58
Still no actual release date announced for the star projection edition lol. What on earth did I get myself into.

Anonymous2014-11-20 02:43:55
Perhaps that's because the Illuminated edition is being "reconfigured" to include what missing? Hopefully!

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-20 03:20:09

The release date for the star projection is December 18th

badbu2014-11-20 09:14:22
Eureka!!! :D The best track in the movie!

George reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-20 07:43:37
Somebody knows the music of the featurette
sounds really familiar
Buiding a Black Hole Featurette

älťgr Patrik reply Replies: 2 || 2014-11-20 05:22:32
If the Illuminated Star Projection is not released even in Canada, I won't expect that it will be ever available in Europe. :-D I envy you Americans.

META2014-11-20 06:43:18
Why envy? That's what the internet is for....

SongForOne2014-11-20 07:11:48
Hi So my question is really can have the Illuminated Star Projection in USA , US Thanks ? :)
And if is yes what release date ? :)

Romullo reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-20 00:30:14
The Best Scifi

Ryan reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-19 22:37:30
Interstellar music feature

h t t p : / / s-stunning-score-wa s-made

bro reply Replies: 12 || 2014-11-18 23:21:15
Re-made the track again, added the big percs from the original, added the actual ending (wormhole outro), and just overall far more accuracy, this is about as close as we're getting to the Docking track until it's out.

Ds2014-11-18 23:42:19
Bro, this is terrific! I'll put it on my ipod right after Imperfect Lock, while waiting for the official one. Thanks a lot!

bro2014-11-19 00:15:21
I'm glad you like it.
It's pretty fucking accurate at this point

Velarion2014-11-19 02:32:08
Really, really impressive. I also did comment on youtube. It's a really great attempt. I see you worked hard to make this similar as possible and it shows. Great work.

Juhmal2014-11-19 02:44:34
Somebody else uploaded a cover of the same track (

But, I noticed a lack of organs during the "Big" part at the end, so I added them in myself.

bro2014-11-19 10:12:35
Is that a joke?

That guy just copy and pasted the last half of suicide on top of the last half of mountains and didn't bother to add the organ parts.

(suicide's cues don't belong in "Spinning Dock")

Just going to say I'm sticking with mine

Asad2014-11-19 10:31:11
Bloody brilliant, mate. Liked and commented. :-) You're awesome.

Juhmal2014-11-19 13:21:29
Look, bro,
You can listen to the guy who I SAID didn't include the organs or you can listen to MY version where I included the organs at

delony2014-11-19 13:27:29
Juhmal it doesn't matter because the entire first half of the track is wrong by a long shot.

stop posting that shitty version with suicide in it

Velarion2014-11-19 15:02:08
Bro's version is far superior than the other one. And Juhmal, sorry dude, clearly you spent your time on it but your organ samples are terrible. Bro's version is very faithful to the original. No need to make another attempt until Mr. Zimmer releases the original one.

bro2014-11-19 15:33:47
I meant "Coward" not "suicide" earlier, I don't even know why people are saying there's a track named suicide but whatever

bro2014-11-19 18:55:53
Small note:

Track has been updated again. Significant changes in the beginning and at the end. Enjoy.

Juhmal2014-11-19 22:32:59
Calm down, it doesn't even matter. Both tracks become pretty much useless once the legit one is released

Daniel reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-19 22:28:09
Here is Docking scene music cover on piano:

drunkenmunkey reply Replies: 1 || 2014-11-19 20:50:16
hey hybrid, I know this is offtopic, but did you ever hear what happened to the release of the tommorowland suite? I thought it was a 10 minute composition that was supposedly going to be released in late July.

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-19 21:40:00
I answered that : not gonna happen.

OKKU reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-19 21:37:08
13.Coward. Not bad.its finale is good.

Srm reply Replies: 2 || 2014-11-19 20:53:08
The Docking scene delema.

I have read much of the topics on this movie's music score and see many complaints about a "missing score". As much as I am a fan of this movie, I must say I am greatly disappointed that the 'docking scene' is not included in most common albums(deluxe or not).

If possible, are there any explanations for the confiscation of this scene's music? At least satisfy your loyal fans with an explanation.

Velarion2014-11-19 21:03:34
Clearly, you hadn't read much of the topics. Just read Hybrid's posts (greenish posts) and you'll know.

Hans Zimmer will release it for free in the coming days (I hope..or weeks)

Srm2014-11-19 21:29:26
I see. Well, indeed, i hope i am mistaken...however, my question about why is wasn't included in albums is still the same. :)

People have bought the albums hoping to listen to it in a car or such but do they have to buy it all over again? Will the song only release as a digital?

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 45 || 2014-11-18 10:16:11
So I got some news...

Before you burn everything to the ground, I don't have much details but you'll have "good news" soon and everyone "will be happy"... It's a little vague for now, I don't know if that means it's in the Illuminated or not, or if they'll make it available digitally or something. But we'll have it in the end.

James2014-11-18 10:21:10
<But we'll have it in the end.>
Great news but How soon...that is the question. We have been waiting for weeks and weeks.

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-18 10:26:43
I'm in touch with Hans & Chris Craker, I don't have dates or details yet but it'll be released... And I won't let them sleep until it is out... lol

Trust me, if you remember back in 2010 I made the Inception bonus tracks come out bothering Hans all days long... lol

bro2014-11-18 10:27:31
they better make their announcement fucking quick lol

legend2014-11-18 10:28:48
Thank you hybrid for reaching out. I was scared that it might not even come out.

JackieStewart2014-11-18 10:31:09
Ok, first of all this is great news and thanks to Hybrid.

But I'm still mad because of this... that track should have been on the regular 16 track CD edition! And the deluxe tracks are a disappointment...

Asad2014-11-18 10:32:05
Thank you.

Medigo2014-11-18 10:42:06
you are the one to thank for the Elephant bonus track, Hybrid?

you sire, are awesome either way

Patrick2014-11-18 10:42:37
That's really good news! Don't let them rest untill they release it! :)

Highlander2014-11-18 11:07:43
Thank you, Hybrid Soldier! :)

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-18 11:09:43
Yeah Medigo, back then the tracks were listed, supposedly available for iTunes or Verizon or something...

But in the end they were nowhere to be found. So I pushed Hans that we wanted them in August 2010, he moved Warner like crazy, and they released them for free... ;)

And I just got some news from Hans about the Docking track :

"We are going to give it away for free...We are just waiting on some additional clearances. But the record company is totally into it. Plus, they are working really hard to make the "Lightbox" available everywhere. It's quite complicated."

badbu2014-11-18 11:16:41
Yeah! Hybrid? I love you! :D And Hans too

legend2014-11-18 11:21:00
Wow it sounds better and better

badbu2014-11-18 11:24:34
But, why is the track not on the album? (16, 23, 28)??

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-18 11:30:11
I don't know... I guess they didn't think it would make such a fuzz LOL...

badbu2014-11-18 11:32:40
:D okay *lol*

badbu2014-11-18 11:47:23
But the ending from imperfect lock is great :D
I think the "right" name is: Imperfect Lock (Alternate) :P

Mike2014-11-18 11:48:38
I'm more concerned that the track played when he's communicating with Murph won't get released. It was amazing but no one seems that concerned about it. Don't suppose we'll get that one at some stage? Anyways great effort by you, superstar

Medigo2014-11-18 11:50:34
fantastic news
a better name would just be "Perfect lock" if you ask me
Or "Its Necessary."

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-18 12:08:00
Actually Hans told me if the Illuminated boxset is so hard to release everywhere it's because of countries regulation on batteries (mercury) & lights...

Not the rights of the music itself...

Crazy... lol

Megalith2014-11-18 12:14:54
What are the chances Hans will release "Perfect Dock" in FLAC? 1%? 2%?

Yen2014-11-18 12:17:55
Will the deluxe edition available in Taiwan?

Kailo2014-11-18 12:31:58
Hybrid Soldier - Thanks for info, it's helpful.

I hope, Illuminated version comes out in other countries as well.

Asad2014-11-18 12:40:11
WOW, that is awesome! I wonder if Hans will announce this elsewhere.

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-18 13:00:19
Megalith don't ask too much...

I remember back then they gave Inception tracks in mp3 320. Which is fine by me.

Patrick2014-11-18 13:09:06
At this point everything is better than nothing. FLAC is FLAC but 320kbps MP3 is still really really good!

Cisco2014-11-18 13:18:45
You should listen to a remix someone done called Xyron. I'm in work so i can't provide a link, however its on youtube called: Han Zimmer - Our Destiny Lies Above Us (Xyron Remix), i have to admit it's an awesome remix.

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-18 13:20:05
That's funny it reminds me Inception situation so much... Actually you can still read it in the comment section of the Inception OST page... Page 16 to 12... lol

Anonymous2014-11-18 13:20:17
So if they release it seperatly I guess it's not on that super special edition either.

Hybrid, can you inform why Hans decided to leave such an enormous key piece of the score?

It's like Inception without time. Or Da Vinci code without Sangreal. Or Gladiator without we are free :)

Ds2014-11-18 13:21:18
Hybrid, thank you so much. Hans Zimmer should definitely hire you to handle his CD releases from now on!!

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-18 13:25:12
I know... But he'd be scared I'd put every single cue... :/ lol

Guitwo2014-11-18 13:31:05
Btw hybrid: do you think that the down the Road we might have a inception or tdkr version of the full soundtrack?

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-18 13:39:25
Officially ? I wouldn't count on that. Maybe some label like LLL, in 10 years... lol

Achyuth2014-11-18 13:54:15
Hey Hybrid, thanks a lot for reaching out to him and confirming this!!
Guys, I just have one question. Is the track that plays during the last fifteen minutes (while Cooper communicates with Murph from the Tesseract) there in any of the current releases? After the Docking music, that's the one that stuck the most. And yes, I know it's probably just a mix and match of the various cues already present, but I'd like the exact one..

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-18 13:56:32
Well the thing is we don't know what's in the last 30 min of the Illuminated (apart I think from Day One Dark), could be in it, or not.

I asked the tracklist for it but... no success... lol

badbu2014-11-18 14:22:35
The free track from the Z+ App is "Day One".

Youssef2014-11-18 15:41:50
Awesome. I'm not going to complain just as long as it is released as a stand-alone or as a free track here (since I already paid for the CD and the deluxe download).

Mike2014-11-18 15:46:42
Aww, sweet! One of the best cues of the film, possibly for free? I'm a happy guy! :D

Anael2014-11-18 16:15:15
I just landed here. Good news for this missing track, waiting so much for it... Is there any chance we get, by the way, the unreleased Saving Lois track from Man of Steel ? :p *just dreamin'*

jsdamian2014-11-18 16:17:25
And the music when he's communicating with Murph and cry??

is magic

Youssef2014-11-18 17:22:40
And I just got some news from Hans about the Docking track :

"We are going to give it away for free...We are just waiting on some additional clearances. But the record company is totally into it. Plus, they are working really hard to make the "Lightbox" available everywhere. It's quite complicated."

Way a great way to start off my Tuesday morning!!! We all can't thank you enough Hybrid Soldier.

Jeanbayljean2014-11-18 17:53:05
Thank you so much Hybrid ! You made my day.

Laurens2014-11-18 20:17:15
Any news on the release of the docking track? Will they release it via iTunes or via a website?

Come On Tars!2014-11-19 02:12:48
Your communication and news of a FREE release of the docking music gives me hope in humanity. I was hoping they wouldn't make me pay after I paid for the Deluxe version. PLEASE keep us posted (as I am sure you've heard a million times by now). COME ON TARS!!!!

Caleb Tynes2014-11-19 20:14:22
When the track comes out, will you list the song name and the official link? Also, what about the "Eureka!" Scene theme? I can't find it any where

Caleb Tynes2014-11-19 20:16:50
P.S. sorry for the spamming.
Give me an update when this thing is out. Also don't forget about the "Eureka" scene.

Anonymous reply Replies: 5 || 2014-11-19 17:51:11
OK, I really need someone on this forum to convince me that Interstellar is a "stellar" effort on Han's part. I bought it on iTunes and have listened to it over and over and I can find very little to like about it. The one simple overused reoccurring theme is just a four note ascending progression like James Horner usually does and 90 percent of the rest is just a lot of ambient wind and string and organ sounds that never develop into anything but ethereal-style ambience. Please tell me what I'm not hearing in this score. It is really pretty bad in my opinion.

James2014-11-19 18:24:26
You don't like it. But the majority of people do. There are many reviews explaining why. Go read them.

Velarion2014-11-19 18:31:47
Hard to explain but this soundtrack is a very adult, grown piece of art. Not your everyday soundtrack. It's not Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, rather it is "Endless River". Do you know what I mean?

It's not about themes and melodies. It's about emotions and ambient cues. More of a symphonic new age than heavily theme use of Pirates of the Carribean. That's why it's impressive but not very listener friendly like other theme-oriented Zimmer works.

Anonymous2014-11-19 19:33:33
Thanks for the reply Velarion. I think you nailed it when you said that it is not very "listener friendly" or "theme oriented" That pretty much sums up the reasons I guess I don't care for it. Not sure why Han's has drifted away from his past epicness(is that a word?). You can find New Age style just about anywhere, I think Han's can do so much better and hopefully he will again.

Caleb Tynes2014-11-19 20:09:11
When the tracks come out, will you post the link so everyone can find it along with the name of the song? Also will the "Eureka Scene track be released as well? Can't find it anywhere.

Velarion2014-11-19 20:15:23
Well, that's just your musical taste for it. For me, Hans Zimmer grown so much as an artist, he likes to experiment new styles in his music. Personally, there are whole lots of epic music garbage now because it's very generic nowadays. Though I don't mind getting a theme oriented soundtrack like Gladiator again but beginning from Inception, continued in Men of Steel, this ambient and organic feel soundtracks are quite impressive and I hope, Zimmer will continue this interesting style.

We can always listen to other composers' similar soundtracks for drum based, theme oriented cues. But soundtracks like Inception, Interstellar, doesn't come very often.

It's just an evolution in musical taste. When I first heard Batman Begins, I did hate it. Completely hated it. But now it's one of my favourite soundtrack. Now I can feel the emotions and ambient background of the score. But in those days, I just wanted a theme that I can hum while walking in the street.

Leo reply Replies: 2 || 2014-11-19 14:38:50
http: // r_s_score_hans_zimmer_s_soundtrack_explored_in_exclusive.htm l

bro2014-11-19 14:51:14
I wish sometimes they would actually talk in detail about the music though, and make these videos a little longer. Hans Zimmer's year of work on this deserves more than a 5 minute video.

badbu 2014-11-19 14:57:53
1h would be nice :D

Ds reply Replies: 38 || 2014-11-17 19:30:11
Holy shit, someone on just wrote that "Imperfect Lock" was NOT the docking scene. Could it be possible?? I would be angry as hell

...2014-11-17 19:35:01
WHAT? It must be!

Anonymous2014-11-17 19:35:59
As I said before
It doesnt have to be
The scene is 10 minutes long, but the track could stop right as the imperfect docking sequence ends

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-17 19:36:43
It's not, it's the big tension when Dr. Mann tries to lock... It's not the cue right after... :(

I'm asking the soundtrack producer if it's in the Illuminated. :(

Medigo2014-11-17 19:41:50
Thats an odd exclusion otherwise

Unlike S.T.A.Y. they cant say they excised it for sounding too samey

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-17 19:46:58
This is depressing :(

Medigo2014-11-17 19:53:51
Oh and First Step is the Teaser Trailer cue
we had room for that on our Itunes release, but not the docking sequence

can only hope they put it on the last release for extra extra money

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-17 20:00:11
It better be on the star projection set

Ds2014-11-17 20:04:04
Not including what is considered by many as the best cue of the movie (just check the amount of "docking scene" videos on youtube), is really hard to understand. Unless they put it only on the extra-extra edition to make sure many fans buy it. And they release it a few weeks after, hoping fans will buy the regular edition and then pay again for the special. Anyway I'm really disappointed, and I might end up not buying it at all (even if I was ready to buy it as soon as it would be released).

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-17 20:05:59
I have the star projection deluxe pre-ordered.

Hopefully the code they email us to download is the complete 28 track edition and it includes the docking sequence

JackieStewart2014-11-17 20:06:19
Are they mad? Seriously... I've been lookin' for that cue since i've seen the movie. Unbelievable...

bro2014-11-17 20:10:48
time to start writing angry emails to the label

Adrian2014-11-17 20:13:06
Very disappointing, the only thing these guys want is to make money and more money ... when it goes on sale the iluminated ? Where is the tracklist ? We were very very patient ... for this?

Mike2014-11-17 20:13:39
Oh man, this will be really disappointing if it's not an any of the releases. :(

JackieStewart2014-11-17 20:15:05
Is that Chris Craker guy the one who made this UNBELIEVABLE choice? Dear God, I'm so angry right now, I can't believe this. That track should have already been on the regular 16 track edition!!

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-17 20:15:08
the star projection set is released in december.

and it better include the spinning dock cue... people are paying $40 for it (including me) so they better be giving us what most are saying are the best scene and cue in the film (including me)

Mike2014-11-17 20:16:34
Yeah, here's to hoping it's in the illuminated star version. We'll all be disappointed otherwise.

bro2014-11-17 20:17:19
So what happens when tomorrow they emails the download link and it only includes the first disc? Should we all go crazy or what

Anonymous2014-11-17 20:18:23
Well wait a minute guys, we still haven't heard tracks 17-23, so theoretically it could be any of those BESIDES imperfect lock...don't give up hope just yet.

JackieStewart2014-11-17 20:20:09
I'm cancelling my order for the regular 16 track CD version right now. And no, I won't buy the iTunes deluxe either. WaterTower, you won't get my money for this, I'm sorry... that cue was definitely the highlight of the movie... so sad

theeaglesfan005 2014-11-17 20:21:21

Um.. Imperfect Lock is in tracks 17-23... the deluxe has been released in multiple countries now and they are all saying it does not include the spinning dock sequence

Adrian2014-11-17 20:35:33
I lost my faith in this, everything is business after all ... that's sad

Ds2014-11-17 20:48:06
I wonder how the hell Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan, who are labelled as "soundtrack producers" could let that happen. It's not like they didn't know this scene was the climax of their movie, featuring awesome music heard only once in the whole movie. Imagine the Pirates 3 soundtrack without "I don't think now's the best time". Or Inception without "Time". What went wrong??

bro2014-11-17 20:49:49
Empowering morons to control their soundtrack release is where it went wrong. Maybe Hybrid can get the track for playing on or something, other than that, RIP my hopes.

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-17 20:51:17
We'll see I'm waiting the answer about the Illuminated Star first. Then I'll complain to the big man lol...

NM2014-11-17 20:52:09
To play devil's advocate... isn't the music everyone's talking about, basically a copy and paste from 'Day One Dark' with 'Mountains' attached to the end?

Medigo2014-11-17 20:54:23
It has some extra power behind it I think
more instruments and the endbit lasts longer than 'Mountains' did

Plus there as an intro to the scene that is also left out now

Ds2014-11-17 20:56:38
NM, indeed it contained the theme from Day One Dark but mixed in an insanely powerful way. I find Day One Dark a little boring, while the music from the docking scene was just incredible.

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-17 21:04:35
I'm with you there, Ds !

Adrian2014-11-17 21:33:11
It is definitely different

bro2014-11-17 21:39:40
By the way, I paid full for the $45 2-disc set so yeah hopefully I can figure out what is going on if they email me the two disc download tomorrow. Most likely they won't send me disc two until it comes in the mail though, scumbags.

Jeanbayljean2014-11-17 22:19:32
Is there a way we can contact Watertower Music in order to avoid this disaster ?

bro2014-11-17 22:21:06
Not really.

They don't even know the release date for the 28 track version, and haven't released track names or anything.

babdu2014-11-18 09:10:52
Any infos Hybrid?

WhiteJoeWhite2014-11-18 09:41:18
You're about to be angry as hell sadly...

Ds2014-11-18 09:49:34
I just took a look at the ridiculous amount of comments on the WaterTower Music facebook page, it's amazing! I hope they'll fix that soon because it's a gigantic misstep.

JackieStewart2014-11-18 10:08:24
Come on people, let's keep posting our thoughts on the Watertower facebook page! They'll realize the massive fuck-up they have done...

whysoserious2014-11-18 10:48:06
Does anyone know where write to contact the producers of this album because it's unbelievable that Docking wasn't on all album editions!!

Come On Tars!2014-11-19 08:54:44
It's time to put on our Guy Fawkes masks, march to Parliament (WaterTower Music) and DEMAND our Docking cue!!!!

interstellar reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-19 01:40:36
Hey guys, anyone have a single clue about the tracks in the illuminated box set? weren't they supposed to be sent today through a code? Can someone let me know if there are any extra tracks please.

Mike reply Replies: 1 || 2014-11-18 22:12:47
All you folks threatening piracy and calling Zimmer names because of the lack of a good cue need to chill out. It WILL be released, and even if it wasn't going to be, it's just music, and in all likelihood your little protest wouldn't do much anyway.

NotSoAnonymous2014-11-19 00:08:33
Thank you. This complaining is ridiculous!

Darren reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-18 23:20:32
I pre-ordered the Illuminated Star Projection Edition and got no email with a code for the soundtrack. Also am I supposed to see something in the Z+ app? I don't...

Manfred reply Replies: 1 || 2014-11-18 22:09:25
So Hans Zimmer, als Deutscher wirst du das ja verstehen. Wo ist nun der Track zur Docking Scene? Raus damit, oder wir schicken dich auch ins Wurmloch :-).

Kommt es auf der Spezial-Edition? (Illuminated) Hoffentlich aber auch in Europa erhšltlich.

...2014-11-18 22:20:39
Das ist nicht sehr nett... So wehr wird denn neue musik schreiben, als du so gern Zimmer's musik hast...

chevchelios reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-18 21:29:44
Has anyone heard the part when they're briefing Coop on the wormhole? Is that on either release?

It's this wonderful little piece of ambiance as they cut in on the close up of the wormhole images in the briefing room.

When they first tell Cooper about everything.

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