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I could see it getting some kind of release down the line, itís not uncommon for Directors Cuts to pop up years after a film has left theaters. What I donít see is them shelling out money to finish/add effects or whatever other touch ups may be needed.<br><br>My personal hope is that (somehow) they get Junkie involved to finish whatever score he started, just to hear his take.Years ago, Hybrid posted that James Newton Howard was in charge of "The Bat Cave" and people got confused since that cue is clearly Zimmer. Well here's James Newton Howard talking about that cue directly on a score podcast:<br><br>ďI had written what I thought was a really good theme, played for that moment when Bruce Wayne goes into the bat cave and all the bats come flying around. And I thought it was pretty good. And then the next day, Hans arrived with his kind of infamous ostinato with the two french horn notes, and that was pretty much the way to go. So it was a mutual effort on that movie, pretty much on every cue.Ē<br><br>There ya go. "The Bat Cave" sounds like Hans because it is. lol. <br>I don't think WB release the Snyder Cut, because with the new way they take, it could affect the new movies. <br>But, i would like to see the Snyder cutWhere can I get my hands on this complete score version please - is it available for purchase anywhere?Would you be able to do a more accurate breakdown of the OST Hybrid? Since this seems to be based off of old cuesheet info.
Looking at the complete score for this listed here and the OST, there are a lot of credit inconsistencies between the two. Maestro aka Main Title is apparently HZ, LB, IH yet its listed as solo HZ. Kayak for One is listed as A÷, RA, HP yet here it's solo Allison. what gives?Can't seem to recall if Hans was ever considered for this project.... Mancina rocked it of course, but I just wonder what Hans would've done....Maybe something like Drop Zone?<br><br>P.S. A little sidenote: I recently saw STONE COLD again and honestly Sylvester Levay's score for the movie has to be one of the best "manly", "hardcore" action scores. IMO. So freakin' badass! I can't believe there's no official release. Or even a bootleg.... Levay deserves more recognition overall. Stone Cold in particular is an action score that we simply don't hear nowadays. And I really miss that sound. I'm sure most of you have seen the movie so you know what I'm talking about. If not, go see it ASAP. You gonna have a blast :)I don't know what it is but with every Star Wars score I'm kinda getting bored after a while.<br>But this one, it's just wooow. The musoc stays spectacular every time I listen to it. From the know  SW element in Reminiscence Therapy & I to The Maw to the new theme for Han, Chewie, Qi'ra, L3 & Enfys Nest.<br><br>It doesn't happen a lot a lot that a movke that I don't like a lot, some parts, but the rest was meh, that the score is still my number 1 of 2018 and one of the best of the last 10 years!!! Hatts off Mr. PowellDear Mr. Zimmer!<br>Recently, our mother showed us a newspaper article about you and explained proudly: "This is my Hšnschenď.<br>Our mother Rosemarie Tangerner born Lagger was your nanny, when you were 1 - 2 years old.<br>She often told us about her time in Deutschland at her parents' house and showed us pictures of her and you. Unfortunately, I can not insert the photos on this page, but I would have liked to show them.<br>My mother felt very well with her family and spent a nice time with them.<br>We wanted to buy tivkets for our concert in Graz, but unfortunately the concert has been sold out for a long time.<br>Maybe it is possible to get tickets for your concert.<br>I would like to surprise my mother with a reunion with you.<br>We would be happy to hear from you personally!<br>Lovely greetings from Austria<br>Ulrike TangernerTracklist<br><br>1. Big Red<br>2. Psychic Migraine<br>3. Gruagach<br>4. You Call Us Monsters<br>5. Baba Yaga<br>6. A New Eden<br>7. Destroyer of All Things<br>8. Cathedral Fight<br>9. Anung Un Rama<br>10. This Isn't You<br>11. Hellboy<br>12. Rock Me Like a Hurricane (Spanish Version)
Snyder confirmed that his cut of the film is essentially done, itís just up to WB to release it."For me, a power anthem is My Name Is Lincoln, The Launch, Now We are Free, Arrival to Earth, etc....A track that resonates with millions of people. Not just film score fans. But casual film fans as well. Look at the YouTube views for Now We Are Free and Arrival to Earth. Millions and millions of views."<br><br>Eh, by that definition The Imperial March would also be a power anthem, and I'd question that (to put it lightly). I don't think popularity has much to do with a definition of a type of music really. Rather I'd say a power anthem is a bold, muscular, relatively simple and often rock/pop-influenced theme that builds up and gets bigger and bigger over time, the prototype being Hans Zimmer's theme from Crimson Tide. And Balfe has written plenty of them. Whether they're good or not is something that can be debated, but e.g. the opening track of PR:U definitely fits the criteria of a power anthem for me.Power Anthems!!!!!! Is this the 1980s again!!!im the first to love a great tune but we are in another decade now.<br><br>Talking of tunes , Balfes best is still Ohís Theme from Home.Balfe writes epic themes constantly<br>==================<br><br>Epic themes, yes.<br><br>Actual power anthems on par with Now We Are Free and My Name is Lincoln......No. In my opinion.but they are far away from good power anthems in my opinion<br>=============<br><br>My point as well.
Practically every single one of his recent scores have had at least 1 power anthem<br>=============<br><br>Clearly we have a different understanding of what a "power anthem" is. For me, a power anthem is My Name Is Lincoln, The Launch, Now We are Free, Arrival to Earth, etc....A track that resonates with millions of people. Not just film score fans. But casual film fans as well. Look at the YouTube views for Now We Are Free and Arrival to Earth. Millions and millions of views.<br><br>None of the tracks in the Hurricane Heist score can compare to these power anthems. None. Same goes for 12 Strong, PacRim 2 and (lol) Lego Batman. Only 13 Hours comes close. And that's because Michael Bay is the type of director who loves and demands power anthems (and thank God for that). It's no wonder that some of the most famous power anthems come from his movies...<br><br>I'm not saying all of that to undermine Balfe. It's just my personal observation.Balfe writes epic themes constantly.Assassins Creed,Beyond Two Souls,Geostorm are just some examples.Track 1 of PR: U is a power anthem, Brothers from Hurricane Heist is a power anthem, 12 Strong is a bit iffy as a lot of them aren't full anthems and more like action cues that go on for a bit. But I would disagree on the bad themes, I really enjoy the Brothers theme from HH (best moments in the score is when it crops up) and the main theme from PR: U, but aside from that they're not his best works.Hope you keep the staff ratings though, its useful for me as a lot of the people here have similar musical tastes to me and it helps to find ones that I might like.i wouldn't say, that Pacific Rim Uprising, Hurricane Heist and 12 Strong have power anthems. all 3 don't have even good themes. they are ok and they are the best part in every score, but they are far away from good power anthems in my opinion.

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Steve JablonskyJacob SheaJoseph TrapaneseDavid Fleming
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
Transformers - Age Of Extinction (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 173'01 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (6262 votes)
  1. Opening - Main Title - The Past (2:34)
    Steve Jablonsky
  2. History Is About To Change (1:24)
    Steve Jablonsky, Michael Yezerski
  3. Didn't Make The Varsity Team (0:32)
    Steve Jablonsky
  4. Hey Snakeballs (0:35)
    Steve Jablonsky
  5. No Financial Aid (0:57)
    Steve Jablonsky, Imagine Dragons
  6. The Age Of The Transformers Is Over (1:41)
    Steve Jablonsky
  7. Cade Brings Truck Home (0:31)
    Steve Jablonsky, Michael Yezerski
  8. Cade Works On Truck In Barn (0:20)
    Steve Jablonsky, Imagine Dragons
  9. Beer Bot Fails (1:03)
    Steve Jablonsky
  10. Tessa Complains About Being The Only Adult (0:57)
    Steve Jablonsky, Imagine Dragons
  11. Ratchet Killed (5:06)
    Steve Jablonsky, Jacob Shea
  12. Attinger Talks To White House Guy (0:39)
    Steve Jablonsky
  13. Painter Bot Broken (0:51)
    Steve Jablonsky
  14. Non Dating Household (1:14)
    Steve Jablonsky, Imagine Dragons
  15. Judgement Day (0:25)
    Steve Jablonsky
  16. Lucas Arrives At The House (0:13)
    Steve Jablonsky
  17. We Just Found A Transformer (1:04)
    Steve Jablonsky, Imagine Dragons
  18. Optimus Prime Lives (2:18)
    Steve Jablonsky
  19. Attinger Talks To Lockdown (1:24)
    Steve Jablonsky
  20. Attinger Sends Cemetary Wind To Cade Farm - Lockdown Get Into Position (2:22)
    Steve Jablonsky
  21. Optimus Comes To Humans Defense (5:54)
    Steve Jablonsky, Jacob Shea
  22. His Name Is Shane & He Drives (1:44)
    Steve Jablonsky, Joseph Trapanese
  23. Car Chase (3:34)
    Steve Jablonsky, Joseph Trapanese
  24. Death Of A Friend (1:55)
    Steve Jablonsky
  25. Cade Takes Matters Into His Own Hands (2:05)
    Steve Jablonsky, Imagine Dragons
  26. Monument Valley - Autobots Unite (2:22)
    Steve Jablonsky
  27. Monument Valley Transition (0:27)
    Steve Jablonsky
  28. Autobots Angry With Humans (1:23)
    Steve Jablonsky
  29. KSI Chicago (0:47)
    Steve Jablonsky, Michael Yezerski
  30. Transformium (3:24)
    Steve Jablonsky, Michael Yezerski
  31. Fresh Breth When Making Out With Your Daughter (0:25)
    Steve Jablonsky
  32. Galvatron At KSI - Joshua Gets Mad - Why Can't We Make What I Want (1:09)
    Steve Jablonsky, Michael Yezerski
  33. Cade Gets Badge - Sneak Into KSI (0:49)
    Steve Jablonsky, Imagine Dragons
  34. Attacking KSI (5:31)
    Steve Jablonsky, Imagine Dragons, Hans Zimmer
  35. Respond (0:42)
    Steve Jablonsky
  36. Galvatron (1:24)
    Steve Jablonsky
  37. Highway Battle (1:20)
    Steve Jablonsky, Jacob Shea
  38. Galvatron Chases Optimus (0:43)
    Steve Jablonsky, Jacob Shea
  39. Angry Optimus (1:13)
    Steve Jablonsky
  40. Galvatron VS Optimus (1:07)
    Steve Jablonsky, Jacob Shea
  41. Lockdown (3:05)
    Steve Jablonsky
  42. Tessa Taken (0:42)
    Steve Jablonsky, Imagine Dragons
  43. The Knightship - Racing To The Knightship (4:08)
    Steve Jablonsky
  44. Engage Dark Matter Drives (0:30)
    Steve Jablonsky
  45. Enter The Knightship (1:55)
    Steve Jablonsky
  46. Dogs Chase Tessa - Searching For Tessa (0:49)
    Steve Jablonsky
  47. Weapons Room (0:55)
    Steve Jablonsky
  48. Knightship Gunfight (0:38)
    Steve Jablonsky
  49. Reunited (0:44)
    Steve Jablonsky
  50. Highwires (1:32)
    Steve Jablonsky
  51. Fighter Chase (2:12)
    Steve Jablonsky, Dave Fleming
  52. Autobots Find Prime (1:05)
    Steve Jablonsky, Dave Fleming
  53. Presence Of Megatron (3:22)
    Steve Jablonsky, Joseph Trapanese
  54. KSI To China (0:34)
    Steve Jablonsky, Michael Yezerski
  55. Lockdown Goes After Prime (0:31)
    Steve Jablonsky
  56. Galvatron Activates Prototypes (4:14)
    Steve Jablonsky
  57. Cade Talks To Optimus (1:29)
    Steve Jablonsky, Joseph Trapanese
  58. Hong Kong Motorcycle Chase (1:58)
    Steve Jablonsky
  59. Elevator Fight (1:24)
    Steve Jablonsky
  60. Prototypes Entering Hong Kong (0:28)
    Steve Jablonsky, Jacob Shea
  61. Prototypes Arriving In Square (0:35)
    Steve Jablonsky, Jacob Shea
  62. Prototypes Search For The Bomb (0:34)
    Steve Jablonsky
  63. Battle Of Hong Kong (1:26)
    Steve Jablonsky
  64. You Want Me (0:57)
    Steve Jablonsky, Imagine Dragons, Hans Zimmer
  65. Hong Kong Footchase (1:36)
    Steve Jablonsky
  66. Apartment Fight (1:02)
    Steve Jablonsky
  67. The Legend Exists (1:16)
    Steve Jablonsky
  68. Hiding In The Glass House (0:57)
    Steve Jablonsky, Dave Fleming
  69. Dinos (6:37)
  70. Bumblebee VS Stinger (1:25)
    Steve Jablonsky
  71. Knightship Comes Into Hong Kong (1:31)
    Steve Jablonsky, Imagine Dragons, Joseph Trapanese
  72. The Magnet (1:47)
    Steve Jablonsky
  73. Driving Backwards (2:05)
    Steve Jablonsky, Joseph Trapanese
  74. Magnet Picking Up Dinobots (1:51)
    Steve Jablonsky
  75. Cade Sends Tessa Away In Bumblebee (0:32)
    Steve Jablonsky
  76. Lockdown Surfs Down Building (2:24)
    Steve Jablonsky
  77. Cade Charge (0:49)
    Steve Jablonsky
  78. End Fight With Lockdown (2:53)
    Steve Jablonsky, Imagine Dragons, Hans Zimmer
  79. We Don't Have A Home (1:27)
    Steve Jablonsky, Imagine Dragons
  80. Leave Planet Earth Alone (2:28)
    Steve Jablonsky, Imagine Dragons, Hans Zimmer
  81. Battle Cry (4:33)
    Imagine Dragons, Steve Jablonsky, Hans Zimmer
  82. End Credits Pebbles (2:08)
    Steve Jablonsky
  83. Decision Suite (4:21)
    Steve Jablonsky
  84. Tessa Suite (5:46)
    Steve Jablonsky, Imagine Dragons
  85. Lockdown Suite (4:55)
    Steve Jablonsky
  86. The Knightship Suite (3:21)
    Steve Jablonsky
  87. Hunted Suite (5:57)
    Steve Jablonsky, Imagine Dragons, Hans Zimmer
  88. Autobots Reunite (Demo) (2:58)
    Steve Jablonsky
  89. Optimus Comes To Humans Defense (Alternate) (5:56)
    Steve Jablonsky, Jacob Shea
  90. His Name Is Shane & He Drives (Alternate) (1:44)
    Steve Jablonsky, Joseph Trapanese
  91. Galvatron (Alternate) (1:27)
    Steve Jablonsky
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superultramegaa reply Replies: 0 || 2018-07-17 17:35:15
After revisiting this one, it's not as bad as I thought. Tessa is a beautiful theme (but is completely fucked over by aesthetics, with the exception of its first appearance).

Decision has an impressive amount of progression throughout the film with the finale Dinobot Charge remaining one of Jablonsky's best. The action in general is pretty fun but, similarly to TF3, it lacks the substance that TF1, TF2, and TF5's action tracks have.

Lockdown and Galvatron's themes were suitably menacing and were used effectively, and I have no idea why Jablonsky didn't carry over the Galvatron theme to TF5 as it suits the Frank Welker Megatron fairly well.

Hunted is a pretty decent action theme when the vocals are absent, and Autobots Reunite was good, but I'm not really sure what it's supposed to represent considering it only plays twice in the film.

The main problem is of course, the complete lack of thematic continuity. I don't care if this was supposed to be a soft reboot of sorts, you have to keep the themes your series is remembered for, especially if you have the same composer. Don't make an array of new ones to just be abandoned in the next film, and give the original themes one reprise each! Because of this score, it makes the Transformers series' music look like an unplanned mess that doesn't know where it's going.

Thankfully Steve attempted to rectify this in TF5 by having reprises from every corner of the series and using the original themes much more frequently, along with the Autobot themes' building progression. That score actually makes this one look better because the Autobots theme being rebuilt makes it feel like it was only absent from this score because TF4 was about them being hunted, and TF5 has them semi-repairing their relationship with humans.

But on its own, this score is definitely the weakest, and reeks of studio interference with the unoriginal sound and Imagine Dragons' involvement.

Bayhem reply Replies: 1 || 2018-05-18 18:55:02
In case he's visiting this site, I wanna say 'Thank You' to Ashton Gleckman who does the 'Behind the Score' episodes on YouTube. I loved the 1-hour episode for the Transformers scores and I actually learned a lot. Very educational. I found the video by accident and now I plan on watching his other videos as well.

Job well done, my friend.

Ashton Gleckman2018-06-16 15:59:53
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

Bayhem reply Replies: 0 || 2017-07-20 11:12:29
Now THAT is a great cover for the score. Great image. Love it. Someone really needs to do something similar for the TF5 score, because the official covers are, pardon my French, quite lame and cheap-looking. They really dropped the ball with the covers and the posters.

BumbleBee394 reply Replies: 2 || 2017-06-26 22:10:53
Did Mr. Jablonsky write that beautiful piano melody in Hunted? Or was it Hans?

Bayhem2017-06-29 22:14:52
As a fan of Steve's work, and being quite familiar with his style, my guess is that he is the one who wrote this melody. Don't think Zimmer was *that* involved with the score.

James2017-06-30 00:07:15
The involvement of Hans is related to the material produced by Imagine Dragons.

Everan reply Replies: 0 || 2017-06-05 02:55:02
Hopefully no issues this time. Hybrid, any news?

David reply Replies: 0 || 2017-06-05 02:08:32
So are we getting a release this time or will it be like the past 10 years??

Evenstar reply Replies: 0 || 2017-05-11 16:50:09
TF Last Knight OST Release June 23, 2017&#65279;. Not sure if it's gonna be a score or soundtrack release tho.

Joshua reply Replies: 0 || 2017-05-11 05:55:44
There is a track that plays on the official site for TLK that sounds a WHOOOOLE lot like Steve. Especially Enders game. Also it kinda has that lyrical style Steve was exploring in AOE. Someone ripped it and put it on youtube. Real?

h t t p s://

Scorefan reply Replies: 2 || 2017-04-05 20:49:43
April 4th.
Steve Jablonsky scoring TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT at Warner Bros.

Anonymous2017-04-06 01:14:32
Searched all site and could t find it :/

Everan2017-04-06 02:47:56
It's a tweet, they started recording the score

Ankit reply Replies: 0 || 2016-12-10 21:00:59
I love transformers soundtrack

azat reply Replies: 1 || 2016-09-17 14:34:24

Anonymous2016-09-17 19:05:48

Jim Hults reply Replies: 6 || 2016-04-14 16:04:44
Steve did a good job for scoring TF4 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014), he scored Megan Fox film like TF1, TF2, Jennifer's Body, Jonah Hex, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Lejti2016-04-14 16:10:40
Hi has composed TF1, TF2, TF3, TF4, and the TMNT Sequel (2016), not composed the other examples of yours.

Lejti2016-04-14 16:11:20

Edmund Meinerts2016-04-15 10:29:21
LOL, so many mistakes here it's hilarious! :D

Lejti2016-04-15 16:20:31
Edmund: sori fo ma inglish

Edmund Meinerts2016-04-16 12:15:39
Not you, Lejti, I meant Jim up there. So many FACTUAL errors!

Evenstar2016-04-16 14:26:38
@Jin Hults

actually it wasn't Steve but:

Jennifer's Body - Stephen Barton & Theodore Shapiro
Jonah Hex - Marco Beltrami & Mastodon
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Brian Tyler

Rigby reply Replies: 4 || 2015-07-31 06:14:38
Anyone notice that the opening of Fighter Chase is super similar to the opening of Brothers In Arms from Mad Max?

Andy2015-07-31 08:15:25
You mean "Brothers in Arms" is super similar to the Openining of "Fighter Chase" aka "Punch Hold Slide Repeat" (Original Titel from the Official Score) from Transformers: AOE.

RealFfingMusic2015-08-01 09:23:59
I've heard people complain about the Hometree Destruction scene of Avatar, comparing it to Prometheus, a film shot 4 years after Avatar, and released 3 years later. The Age of Grammar is over. The time for the Orc has come.

RealFfingMusic2015-08-01 09:34:46
Oh crap! My bad. I meant --
ATTINGER: It's called Grammar. It's here illegally. Our world will never be safe until it's all gone.
INTERVIEWER: Oh . . . well. I hope we can hold a farewell ceremony, cuz we've worked with it for millennia . . .
ATTINGER: It's time to reclaim our linguistic anarchy.

RealFfingMusic2015-08-04 15:32:22
WTF? Use your own f**king name!

Scorefan reply Replies: 2 || 2015-07-30 21:48:18
@Hybrid do you know if Steve will score the new Michael Bay Film 13 hours: The secret soldiers of Benghazi?

Ds2015-07-30 23:03:18
It's not official yet but I'm sure he will. Jablonsky and Bay seem like a perfect match to each other, I don't see why they would stop their collaboration!

Joshua2015-07-31 02:24:30
Also on IMDB Jablonsky is listed as the composer for Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2. I know IMDB isnt the most reliable source, but i wonder if theres any merit to it.

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 8 || 2015-03-14 18:31:46
Bunch of credits added here...

Adam2015-03-14 18:34:16
Yeah!!!!! Thanks Hybrid!! :D

Hybrid Soldier2015-03-14 20:43:03
Unfortunately Jacob Shea is BMI and it's not detailed there so I don't have any info on HIS work... :P

Pizza2015-03-14 22:16:37
The FYC files came with tags, and this is what they had for Jacob Shea:

Ratchet Killed
Optimus Comes to Humans' Defense
Highway Battle
Galvatron Chases Optimus
Galvatron vs. Optimus
Prototypes Entering Hong Kong
Prototypes Arriving in Square

Hybrid Soldier2015-03-14 22:21:25
Thanks ! Any other tags in the original files ? :)

Pizza2015-03-14 22:37:07
Other than the ones you already got, nope!

Pizza2015-03-14 22:45:29
Whoops, I lied, they also included Imagine Dragons in Optimus Comes to Humans' Defense.

Per2015-03-15 01:37:47
No one cared/noticed my comment about this from 3,5 months back (about composer names being attached in the original FYC site files) ? :( LOL ;)

Hybrid Soldier2015-03-15 08:25:14
Sorry Per lol, honestly I remember your comment from back then but I didn't pay that much attention... :(

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 7 || 2014-12-05 12:52:27
I was listening to the 4 scores this (yeah, like the 10 hours of it or so... lol), and TF4 definitely is the weakest of all...

The themes are cool (Lockdown, Battle Cry, Autobots Reunite) but as a whole the score is pretty boring to follow... Not to mention the very tiring Trapanese sound all around it, like this guy is just able to write Tron-on-demand, with a very lame rip of Oblivion's theme... It's just so annoying...

The third has also temp problems, but was much more interesting and sounded like Steve at least, and his themes were awesome.

The first 2 are in a whole different league, but you don't have to be Einstein to find out that more than half of those scores are not by Jablonsky lol... My favorite remains the second score, because it brings all the good stuff from the first with that particular sound (electro + elec guitar) added by Balfe, who definitely like 60% of the cues lol. And Steve's themes were great + LP's New Divide theme.

Funny that in the end I'll tend to find the Jablonsky/Berg collaboration more interesting...

Edmund Meinerts2014-12-05 14:08:17
I still like the first one best by far. It has this interseting "MV meets RC" thing going for it, like Armageddon crossed with Batman Begins. And those awesome power anthems..."Arrival to Earth", man. That's Transformers for me. I wish those themes had been used more consistently throughout the series.

After that I'd go 3, 2, 4. I'm not a huge fan of that "Balfishness" you're talking about from the second, to be honest, but I do like the choral/vocal stuff.

theeaglesfan005 2014-12-05 14:46:44
Why you dissing JT? :(

Hybrid Soldier2014-12-05 15:12:44
The influence of A&D is big on TF2... But I really like those themes, The Fallen, the new Prime theme... Lorne's action cues are great, like "Autobots On The Move" or "Simmons' Moment"... And on the first score as well...

Hybrid Soldier2014-12-05 15:20:35
Because I realize I don't like his much in the end. It was a good combo on Tron, toying with Daft Punk's loop electro trademark... But since then, it's just the same every time. When it comes to underscore I think he brings nothing. Oblivion has 4 great tracks (StarWaves, Earth 2077, I'm Sending You Away, Fearful Odds), but the rest is just a boring Tron ripoff.

And bringing him on the TF saga to do what, more of the same ? Come on...

Hybrid Soldier2014-12-05 15:21:08
Jeez I can't type today, his music I meant of course... lol

Edmund Meinerts2014-12-05 17:59:53
Funny, Hybrid, those tracks you mention from Oblivion are almost exactly my favorites from that score. Except I'd add Waking Up (even though it's basically a Dark Knight rip) and the score's best action track Canyon Battle. Oblivion works for me as a guilty pleasure but yeah, it's a little suspiciously close to Tron in too many places, and the underscore gets really dull on the deluxe edition.

Then again, between Tron ripoffs and Inception ripoffs, I know which I'd rather listen to... :p

Ds2014-12-06 12:46:42
Edmund and Hybrid, it's funny to see we like the exact same tracks from Oblivion. The 4 Hybrid mentionned are my favorite ones, then the 2 from Edmund. And I just don't listen to the rest, except some nice (but short) soft piano parts.

But I still think Oblivion's score works extremely well in the movie as a whole. It does marvels with Kosinski's classy visual style, and I think it's a really good collaboration.

Ds reply Replies: 3 || 2014-12-01 16:11:43
The making of on the Blu-ray of TF4 are just awesome. Among them, there's a little interview with Steve Jablonsky. Apparently, the Dinobots tune wasn't supposed to be in that sequence, it was Bay's idea and it sounded so well that they decided to keep it!

MrZimmerFan2014-12-01 18:03:55
I see it, i glad for that!

Everan2014-12-02 18:44:23
Great decision! Did they mention where was it gonna be before Bay changed it's place?

Ds2014-12-02 21:38:56
Everan, he said he just wrote a "very simple piece", without knowing where to put it, and then Bay took it and tried to play it with the Dinobot charge. When they saw how awesome it sounded, Jablonsky started to work around that idea, and it gave what we know as "Dinobot Charge". So I think the cue itself has been written for the scene, but not the theme/main idea.

T-Mann036 reply Replies: 4 || 2014-11-30 19:01:46
Curious question... is "Optimus Comes To Humans Defense" known as the OST track "Cemetery Wind" ?

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-30 20:10:44
Yep... You wanna know how I do my analysis ? Okay, let's show it :


T-Mann0362014-11-30 21:34:34
Brilliant deduction, Soldier. I'm impressed at your analysis.

Adam2014-11-30 21:40:46
Seems legit! Now are any other credits known, Hybrid?

And yes T-Mann, "Optimus Comes to Humans Defense" is "Cemetery Wind" off the OST, only it's the film mix!

Per2014-12-01 15:58:17
I have no idea if they're correct or not, but the FYC site files do list several names under "Composer" on many of the tracks. Not just Jablonsky...

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 21 || 2014-11-26 23:37:11
Here it is...

And before any stupid yells "but ? but ? but ?" I simply use all the material I can, in this case FYC & OSTs...

Edmund Meinerts2014-11-26 23:46:12
Zimmer was in on this one again, huh. I shouldn't even be surprised. :p

Also, the Imagine Dragons credits...were they really involved with those cues compositionally? Beyond just providing vocals?

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-26 23:47:37
Hans just co-wrote the song... I only credit him when it's used somehow...

Edmund Meinerts2014-11-26 23:49:23
So...really the only credits here are the Joseph Trapanese ones. ;)

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-26 23:50:57
Well from his website, and a bunch of Jab ones, but not much detailed yet... Should appear wider at BMI soon... I know Fleming, Trapanese & Shea at least are getting some royalties... Which is quite rare with Jab scores lol...

Edmund Meinerts2014-11-26 23:51:00
Also, I'm kind of surprised "Transformium" isn't Trapanese. That cue sounds straight out of Tron or Oblivion.

drunkenmunkey2014-11-27 00:19:55
finally putting that fan cover to good use! It's awesome!

Anonymous2014-11-27 02:15:06
It sucks.

If I were in charge of this website I'd have professionally made covers put up. This one is shoddy

T-Mann0362014-11-27 04:23:17
Mind-freaking-blown! I salute ya, Soldier!

JLR2014-11-27 04:29:53
Is this a joke? I mean come on, what is this, one more: hey-lets-release-yet-another-expanded-score-so-all-the-sucke r-fans-will-spend-even-more-money. This is getting ridiculous, why do they keep screwing the fans like this?

T-Mann0362014-11-27 04:31:30
It's pointless to become a Negative Nancy, my friend.

thejok3rrules2014-11-27 06:09:27
No one is selling anything, JLR... How about you calm down.

Poe2014-11-27 06:10:24
So even the demos and Alternates are on the OSTs?

thejok3rrules2014-11-27 08:47:33
No. But even if you wanted to, you couldn't buy this now.

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-27 08:50:15
As I said it's all available material... First thing people, always compare OSTs & bootlegs first, there's usually a lot of content in the OST not in the boot, surprisingly...

For instance "The Legend Exists" was not on the FYC... ;)

Poe2014-11-27 22:29:22
Yep, he's right. This is how I have my edit arranged and it's real nice.

JLR2014-11-28 23:06:48
@Thejok3rrules: so what are you saying, they're GIVING it away then? That's unlikely which means they are selling it right? By the way, I'm perfectly calm, just unhappy that these artists / record companies keep re-releasing soubdtracks by adding more stuff each time like most normal people would be. Here's an idea, how about just releasing ALL of the score the first time around? See we what a calm and rational thought that is?

Poe2014-11-29 00:11:42
Yes, they are giving it away. It's currently available to listen to for free on Paramounts FYC website. Please do some research, particularly on this site, before kicking off about a non-existant issue.

JLR2014-11-29 17:50:36
@Poe, what nonexistent issue would that be? You mean the "nonexistent" issue where they are releasing the "Interstellar" score in multiple releases, each having a few more songs than the least release? Is that the nonexistent issue you were referring to? When I saw this expanded score listed for Transformers, why would I think anything different?

Poe2014-11-29 19:29:44
As I said, if you'd just done some research here it would all make sense. For one, this very page has this release listed as an "Unofficial Release" right up the top, so we know it's not a forthcoming special edition from a record company. Second of all Hybrid explains that it's a combination from the FYC files and the soundtracks.

Having said that, your statement about wishing record companies just giving us the full score first time round I sympathize with entirely. It's not that simple though, and sadly unless things change, I think all we'll ever get are "highlights" albums. Heck, even limited editions from La La Land and the like still have their faults from time to time.

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-29 19:53:21
Well the "complete" for a Transformers movie would be impossible to release (not immediatly at least), it's a union recorded score, which means you have to pay re use fees for each 15 min of music... lol

Poe2014-11-29 22:24:06
True. Maybe in 10 years or so, though ;)

Ds reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-27 23:02:28
This cover is classy as hell, I love it!© 2001-2018 OST 
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