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I agree. Zimmer isn't heard obviously in much of this score, as has been repeatedly hashed out, but neither is Powell, if you ask me! It does seem like the additional guys did most of the writing here, albeit copiously using old themes and cues and doing so, presumably, under Powell and Zimmer's direction. I honestly don't see Zimmer *really* doing much of KFP3, either, even though his name is the main credit so far.<br><br>Thoughts?it seems that Intrada will release AGENT CODY BANKS on 7/7 :) source are the hints in the Intrada or FSM forum.To me most of this score sounds like Balfe's, with a few Zimmer spices here and there. I get the feeling that Powell got the co-credit because of the significant amount of stuff that were carried over from the original.I suppose something went wrong on their last collaboration. Adrian's quote about the soundtrack album further encourages this idea.<br><br>Good riddance though. This is not Hans' area of specialty for me anyway.To me it sounds like a Zimmer theme, but put through a Powell arrangement/orchestration most of the time.
forgiveness from Spain. I expect a lot of this musicWhat's the problem?You just COULD NOT wait 5 minutes ? You had to post this ? lol25. Growing Up Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 4:17    sorry<br><br>maybe best themes: Parachutes,Draw Me A Sheep,Trapped Stars,Farewell,Finding the Rose,Growing Up1. Preparation Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 2:09 <br>2. Suis-moi Hans Zimmer Camille 3:26 <br>3. The Life Plan Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 1:12 <br>4. Driving Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 1:40 <br>5. Equation Hans Zimmer Camille 2:03 <br>6. The Interview Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 2:15 <br>7. Le Tour de France en Diligence Hans Zimmer Camille 1:16 <br>8. Plan B Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 0:36 <br>9. Getting On With It Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 1:43 <br>10. Amongst the Coins Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 2:36 <br>11. Top Floor Please Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 0:57 <br>12. Ascending Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 3:14 <br>13. Parachutes Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 3:48 <br>14. Draw Me A Sheep Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 3:39 <br>15. Stars Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 0:26 <br>16. The Fox Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 0:54 <br>17. The Journey Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 2:35 <br>18. The Absurd Waltz Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 4:07 <br>19. Suis-moi (Reprise) Hans Zimmer Camille 3:09 <br>20. Recovery Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 1:47 <br>21. Trapped Stars Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 4:00 <br>22. Farewell Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 1:58 <br>23. Escape Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 3:13 <br>24. Finding the Rose Richard Harvey Hans Zimmer 4:22 <br>25. Growing Up <br>
tracklisting and audio in<br>61,22 minutes<br>not music international trailerWhy didn't Hans and Heitor write the music for Nancy Meyer's upcoming film The Internship? Does anyone know, since he or they scored her last  three movies?Who do you guys think wrote the villain's tune, as heard in the opening track (1:43-end), and "Save Kung Fu" (2:31:2-41), Fireworks Factory (4:44-5:24), etc? Zimmer or Powell?Thank you for the reply.I doubt so...
Mr.Hybrid Soldier, can you tell us if there is going to be an album for this score?<br>Or a release of any kind?<br>Thank you.Just found it!!!I have to agree. When I listened to the Jurassic World soundtrack, I had to listen to it twice before the new themes could sink in. Here, I've listened to it five times since and I haven't taken a single note to memory that hasn't already been used previously. This score is just too generic. There's nothing that stands out at all, aside from pieces that are direct quotations of Brad Fiedel's work (the first section of "Griffith Park", or the whole of "Terminated").<br><br>THis is going to sound rather strange, but I don't think it's helped by the fact that the score isn't synthetic enough. T3's score wasn't synthetic at all. Elfman was on the right tracks, while Balfe's score is on a different track, but headed in the same direction. It's just not there.<br><br>I'm hoping that when the sessions leak, the listening experience will improve.Great score.I was so impressed by the score initially (huge fan of the 90s synth scores from Hans (DOT, PH, RH, TR and esp PONR)....i love the analog string and saw wave sounds.  This score FIT THE MOVIE PERFECTLY!  I would love an expanded or complete score.  One of my fav themes not on the CD is when the punks beat up Chappie, then it shows him on the railroad tracks disoriented, then walking up a hill over the city.  It plays another time or two.  The chord progression is superb!  Thankfully, I recorded it from the end credits.  One of my fav Hans & Co scores!

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Lisa Gerrard
The Insider
Length: 52:39 rating:        3/5
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  1. Tempest
  2. Dawn of the Truth
  3. Sacrifice
  4. Subordinate
  5. Exile
  6. Silencer
  7. Broken
  8. Faith
  9. I'm Alone on This - Graeme Revell
  10. LB in Montana - Graeme Revell
  11. Palladino Montage - Graeme Revell
  12. Iguazu - Gustavo Santaolalla
  13. Liquid Moon
  14. Rites [Special Edit for the Film] - Jan Garbarek
  15. Safe from Harm [Perfecto Mix] - Massive Attack
  16. Meltdown
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Britt reply Replies: 1 || 2008-03-17 00:00:00

Great film!

Who is the female singer on the soundtrack with deep voice?


kATIA2011-09-17 12:59:08
Lisa Gerard!

Lasse reply Replies: 0 || 2010-04-26 00:00:00
great soundtrack :)

love "rites" its so damn beautiful :)© 2001-2014 OST 
The Insider soundtrack - Lisa Gerrard 1999