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The whole movie needs to be completed within only 2 months, that is why it has 3 directors, 2 composers and loads of other people dealing with their own parts.Yeah no I don't have translated titles.<br><br>There's also a song out, roughly translated "Heroes Anthem" or "Ode to Heroes", by Tan Weiwei which Andrew did Synth arrangments on.<br><br>And there's also a second score album containing Roc Chen's score (movie apparently has a shitload of directors (lol) and had 2 composers).<br><br><br>China is very complicated as usual !! lolI don't speak Chinese. But I google translated it.<br><br>Overture (with lines) (2:35) <br>King Kong River (3:55) <br>Operator (1:38) <br>Crossing the Bridge (1:08) <br>B29 Incendiary (2:24) <br>Attacking Again (3:26) <br>God of Death (5) :22) <br>Brotherhood (2:13) <br>To die (2:51) <br>The gunner is in place (6:24) <br>Ignite (2:49) <br>To sacrifice life (2:07) <br>Miracle (2:51) <br>Overture (No lines version) ( 2:37)What are Andrew's actual track titles for this? I'd rather have English titles that I can understand and fit with my library.Unfortunately there is no plan to have that one out internationally... :/
Fire in Paradise (2019) is one of the most scary and disturbing documentary I have ever seen.<br><br>Can't wait to see this one and how life and hope prevail upon disaster.<br><br><br>20 years ago this month, already !<br><br>What a journey is has been since that memorable night.<br><br>Cheers.<br>WE NEED HANS & CHRIS BACK TOGETHER!<br>I’m afraid that Ludwig would be replacing Hans for good, nothing against Ludwig, but Hans is irreplaceable.Next week if everything goes as planned ! lolWhen?! That is amazing!
Coming soon<br><br>https:/ / jpg&name=mediumI'm checking with Andrew the availability of this.Track list: <br>1. &#24207;&#26354; (&#24102;&#21488;&#35789;&#29256;) (02:35)<br>2. &#25509;&#32447;&#21592; (01:38)<br>3. &#37329;&#21018;&#24029; (03:55)<br>4. &#36807;&#26725; (01:08)<br>5. B29&#29123;&#28903;&#24377; (02:24)<br>6. &#20877;&#27425;&#34989;&#20987; (03:26)<br>7. &#20007;&#38376;&#31070; (05:22)<br>8. &#20804;&#24351;&#24773; (02:13)<br>9. &#36212;&#27515; (02:51)<br>10. &#28846;&#25163;&#23601;&#20301; (06:24)<br>11. &#28857;&#28779; (02:49)<br>12. &#33293;&#29983;&#21462;&#20041; (02:07)<br>13. &#22855;&#36857; (02:51)<br>14. &#24207;&#26354; (&#26080;&#21488;&#35789;&#29256;) (02:37)<br>No English translation version for now.<br>I guess it's only avaliable in China, for now at least. The movie was released yesterday.Were exactly?
Andrew Kawczynski's The Sacrifice soundtrack has released in China.Please, please do a U.S. tour!Will the SpongeBob Movie - Sponge On The Run get a release?This sounds wonderful:<br><br>"Super Extra Deluxe End Credits Suite."I really hooe it will come out at the beginning of november and not the end!

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Benjamin Wallfisch
Summer In February
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 50'10 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (3451 votes)
  1. Lamorma (3:05)
  2. Mirror (2:17)
  3. The Races (1:33)
  4. Painting (4:50)
  5. Proposal (1:29)
  6. Gilbert's Theme (1:26)
  7. Florence's Theme (2:35)
  8. AJ's Request (1:06)
  9. Unaccountable (2:13)
  10. Wedding (1:18)
  11. Cyanide (3:19)
  12. Florence's Hut (1:55)
  13. Art And Life (2:17)
  14. Final Kiss (4:59)
  15. The Storm (3:14)
  16. Aftermath (1:55)
  17. Gilbert Returns (3:48)
  18. Siren's Lullaby (2:50)
  19. Epilogue - Morning Ride (4:01)
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Knight reply Replies: 0 || 2020-04-03 14:27:16
Booklet credits:

Lyrics: Joanna Wallfisch
Elenor Bowers-Jolley: Vocals

"Siren's Lullaby"
Lyrics: Joanna Wallfisch
Sarah Lee, Elenor Bowers-Jolley: Vocals

Yuja Wang: Piano
Jack Liebeck: Violin
Raphael Wallfisch: Cello

The Chamber Orchestra of London
Janice Graham: Leader

Music Composed and Conducted by Benjamin Wallfisch

Score Recorded at Air Studios, London, September 2012
Piano Recorded at Avatar Studios, New York, September 2012
Music Mixed at Squadron Sound
Music Producer: Benjamin Wallfisch
Additional Orchestration: Ben Foskett
Orchestra Contractor: Gareth Griffiths
Score Recorded and Mixed by Jake Jackson
Scoring Co-Producer: Alexander van Ingen
Assistant Engineer: Chris Barrett
Mix Assistant: Adam Miller
Music Preparation: Global Music Services, Ltd
Publisher: Du Vinage Publishing Ltd
Executive Producer DG: Christian Badzura
Project Coordinator DG: Burkhard Bartsch

Booklet Editor: Jens Schünemeyer
Photos: Summer in February Films
Cover Design: The Creative Partnership
Package Design: Mareike Walter
Art Direction: Merle Kersten

Leo reply Replies: 0 || 2015-06-03 03:19:34
Excellent romantic score! For me, Wallfisch's best.© 2001-2018 OST 
Summer In February soundtrack - Benjamin Wallfisch 2013