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What’s wrong with Gemini Man?I would love to see Lorne in a superhero movie, but the truth is that his calendar is very changing and that is not good, since it gives the feeling that one day he is making a movie and the next day a different one, and it gives me  the feeling that you don't just squeeze the potential of a movie.  (I prefer to make a series and a movie and make it spectacular, to make eight movies like Gemini man)Yeah, I always thought that would be the case for the Academy Awards. Don't know about others but if it's not eligable for the Oscars I can't see Disney submitting it for consideration at any other awards either. Could be wrong - I have the vague notion BATB got an FYC despite being ineligable.<br><br>Best thing to hope for is either a leak of the 'sessions' or a future official expanded score release.John Powell composing the eternals would be a dream come true. It’d be so amazing. I also want Lorne to compose a super hero movie but he has yet to do one which is very odd considering how popular he isvery underrated score - you can't change my mind
Henry Jackman seems to be composing Black Widow, it's great news. The bad thing is that Joseph Trapanese composes The Eternals, would have preferred Powell or has one of the Gregson Williams brothers (preferably Harry).Zimmer himself confirmed on Facebook that this score wouldn't be eligible.What a beautiful score... The 'Opening Titles' is probably one of HG-W's best dramatic pieces. Very beautiful and haunting, and overall a great showcase of Harry's dramatic sensibilities. I remember reading somewhere that he's very proud of this score, and it's not hard to understand why if you listen to it.but the lion king is preexisting music that has previously won an Oscar. I don’t see that happening againHave you listened to Star Wars: The Last Jedi? <br>That was nominated and had tons of pre-existing music
I'd be very surprised if Disney submits an FYC for this score. Surely it would fall afoul of the "too much pre-existing music" rule and they wouldn't even bother.Maybe we get a FYC albumThe Guardian confirmed it. Oct 27. Great if there is a album release at the time."All the time"? I'm pretty sure this is my first comment on a Balfe score this year.Just watching this movie again, and I hope that someday they will release an expanded score edition
Edmundo - you always stalk anyone complimenting a Balfe project for some reason?<br><br>Really boring your negative comments all the timeEdmund what is wrong with you ? Using childish language is pathetic. “Jizzing” is an idiotic term.If some of us like his music the why does it irritate you.You sound like a jealous failed composer always complaining when he releases a soundtrack.Why do the Balfe loveres waste so much time jizzing over his music. Always comes of [sic] sounding like a 13-year-old fanboy discovering the internet for the first time I think.Why do the Balfe haters waste so much time moaning about his music.Always comes of sounding like an ex bitter employe I think.Gemini is as good as Fallout but it’s very cool.Great film with a classic of the best action soundtracks this year.The film was though a bit slow and one one good action scene.

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Justin Burnett
Label: Metropolis Movie Music Ltd (Digital Download Only)
Length: 34'24 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (3342 votes)
  1. Boob Tube (0:10)
  2. Hoorah (0:48)
  3. R-Division (0:52)
  4. It's Good For You (0:28)
  5. And Now We Return (0:06)
  6. Chevalier Square (1:01)
  7. Bitten (0:27)
  8. Re-An Attack (1:47)
  9. Gibson's Post Trauma Clinic (0:43)
  10. To Re-Kill (0:06)
  11. Burning Bodies (0:56)
  12. Deploy (1:10)
  13. The Attic (1:26)
  14. Remembering Tom (1:23)
  15. The Outbreak News Channel (0:07)
  16. Heroes Of The Outbreak (0:20)
  17. RPG (0:48)
  18. Smoke (0:32)
  19. R-Division Special Edition (1:40)
  20. The Zone (0:59)
  21. Restricted (0:55)
  22. Manoevering The Corridor (3:12)
  23. Remembering Grizzly (0:51)
  24. R-Division: Join Up (0:43)
  25. It's Good For Her (0:30)
  26. And Now A Word (0:06)
  27. Flak Jacket (1:18)
  28. He's Turning (1:19)
  29. Cornered (0:50)
  30. Armed (2:35)
  31. The Warehouse (1:11)
  32. The Army (3:28)
  33. Bombardment (0:58)
  34. It's For The Children (0:39)
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Scorefan reply Replies: 0 || 2019-07-21 00:30:47
After Original Score

1. Opening (1:33)
2. Class Start (0:51)
3. Tessa Meets Hardin (1:40)
4. Hardin in the Cafe (0:47)
5. Party Kiss (1:10)
6. Text in Bed (1:30)
7. Sotto’s Class (1:08)
8. The Lake Kiss (4:18)
9. Touched on the Dock (1:46)
10. What Are You Dreaming About (0:37)
11. Pool House (2:45)
12. Pool (2:18)
13. Noah Breakup (1:24)
14. You’re My Drug (1:25)
15. Planetarium (0:57)
16. Apartment (1:23)
17. Hardin’s Story (1:44)
18. Bath (1:02)
19. The Truth Comes Out (2:00)
20. Going Home (1:21)
21. The Letter (2:46)
22. After – Coffee Shop (1:29)
23. Poolside alt (2:26)
24. Main Theme (2:20)

Hybrid this score is good?

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2016-03-20 05:35:03
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