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Yes ! Now this is ACTION MUSIC . Not just loud drums or Baaaaaaams!!!Go watch the film and you'll understand why there's no Rachel's themei believe that glimpses of the original would have solved the problem ;)Not actually though...probably a bit more Jackman than there actually is, eh? ;)@James<br><br>I have heard the original Vangelis theme but I was referring to a new theme for this new movie.
Okay. I'm on the Lorne Balfe bandwagon now. I don't care if this movie is trash, this is a great listening experience, which is sometimes difficult to find in a score these days.Composer credits !@spectre<br><br>She has a theme! Search for "Rachael's Song"!I agree. It is the most beautiful theme of the previous film and one of the biggest in Vangelis' career.I feel like there should have been a proper theme for Rachael. She was a really important character in both movies and it would have been nice to hear a sad melancholic melody for in her in some kind of Flashback or dream sequence for Deckard.
$$$$$$ the soundtrack is FANTASTICSame here, I want to re-live the whole film through score and there is so much more we havent heard yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.Just listen to all of it !!!! Itís a great classic soundtrack with cool electronics and great tunes- balfe is the topListen all the score and make the list yourself with the best moments for you, guy! Lolcan anybody recommend the absolute best themes on this score to me please!
No he is not. It's just the musical palette created for all the futuristic scifi films that are inspired by what Vangelis did in 1982.Balfe is doing a Reddit interview in 2 hours time . Hopefully we can get to the bottom of Why he replaced Pinar and Clint Mansell on Ghost in The ShellI totally agree with you. I was let down when I first heard the album. It's great but it's a selection of the score. I feel like they could've done a better job crafting the album. <br>Hell, something experimental like releasing the music as it is as a long (digital) track would've been interesting. <br><br>I think what made it difficult for them is how the tempo changes all the time, which might have resulted in an unpleasant listening experience (I think that might have been their point of view). For example, in the movie, the tempo of the cue "Home" changes a lot and some layers are taken out while the album version has a constant tempo.<br><br>Unfortunately, the number of people who noticed how unsatisfying this release is, is quite small, so there won't be anything official. Once again, we have to wait for leaks or bootlegs.also seems very like ghost in the shell. Did Balfe also help out on this score ?I can hear it<br>'Her Eyes were Green' gave me a heavy Arrival-vibe for example<br>

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Atli ÷rvarssonDavid FlemingMartin TillmanClaudio Olachea
ComposerAdditional MusicMusicianScore Technical Assistant
Evidence (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 38'21 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (1885 votes)


  1. Evidence Opening Titles (4:21)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  2. The Calvary's Arrived (1:21)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  3. Everything On This Tape Matters (0:41)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  4. Who's That? (1:32)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  5. Finding Fleischman (0:52)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  6. That's Not Our Driver (0:31)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  7. Blowtorch (2:41)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  8. You're Gonna & Wanna See It (2:42)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  9. I've Been Waiting For You (1:21)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  10. Positive (0:55)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  11. What Was That About? (1:47)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  12. No More Video (0:44)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  13. A Big Fucking Game (3:48)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  14. Luck Of The Irish (5:05)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  15. We're Gonna Get Him (4:09)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  16. Deleted Scenes (5:59)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
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Felix reply Replies: 1 || 2015-09-20 15:23:44
Great Thanks Hybrid!!

You know I love his music :)

Edmund Meinerts2015-09-20 16:37:31
Fleming and Tillman on EVERY cue? That's weird...Tillman's not even credited as a composer, just a musician! What happened to the old composer listings on the score's regular page?© 2001-2017 OST 
Evidence (Complete Score) soundtrack - Atli ÷rvarsson 2013