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please god (HZ, of course) stop teasing us x'D, the longest 22 days left of my live :)Why can't I buy this anywhere?<br>Want to download it to ITunes so I can play it without the need to connect to the internet but can't.  Please put back on ITunes or have a "Buy song" and Download option on your website.  <br><br>Have tried everywhere for months now.I searched on the internet! The CD was released as a limited edition. Both. There was already a reply regarding this matter.<br><br>What I didn't knew: TF4 "Age of extinction" was limited to 3,000(!) pieces! Produced by Lalaland Records. They also release the TF5 score.Because i saw IMAX prologue, if this track opening, track. It's probably be. Opening scene starting clock-ticking.Probably cycles through them all. Rotation. Or he just chooses who he wants. He's the boss.
How does Hans Zimmer choose who is going to help him on his scores?How do you know? Have you heard it yet?Short bits from the zurich concert:<br><br>--> the e-guitar mixed with percussion is too loud. During the Dark Knight and Crimson Tide you could barely hear the melody lines played by the strings which is my biggest complain (the only one actually)<br>--> choir is amazing and can luckily beat the loud drums.<br>--> music selection is good and most of the time nice medleys<br>--> live singer are a lot better (on the stage !) than i expected. Especially the lion king and gladiator pieces are well done with the voices.<br>--> surprisingly long concert with over 3 hours (including 20 minutes break)<br>--> First half of the concert is perfect ! Good mix of classic and modern pieces/styles. Second half is a bit too much with spiderman, inception, interstellar, man of steel as they are all very percussion heavy. At that point you may get tired of it. Still i was impressed until the last minute and most people in the crowd too i guess.<br>--> hans said zurich is his 38th show on the tour and he showed no lack of energy. He was quite entertaining during his talk bits.<br><br>I hope in some years he will do another tour with some new pieces :)The Mole - Full clock-ticking and rythm<br>@MrZimmerFan Oh I love Inception too, it's a great score. But that album situation though.,.. missing some major cues. At least Interstellar was a solid release, only missing one major track.
Doesn't anyone know which track is the piece used for the end of the series ? Is it on the EP?The movie is 1H47Mins long with credits. If credits are 7 minutes long, we're left with a 100 minute movie (who knows how much music was written/used). Not to mention the relentless pace. I want to believe that we might get everything we want/need out of this release but I'm really not sure.I love Inception<br><br>;PWhile it would be unusual for a Zimmer/Nolan collab to not have any suites, we still don't know how much music is in the film itself. Take 12YAS for example; a 2 hour movie with only 40 minutes of score. For all we know, this release might be 80% of the music written.... or more.<br><br>Now if it's anything like Inception (which is such a disappointing album) then this will be a letdown.Definitely not two hours though since CDs are limited to 74-80mins of audio. I was hoping for an extended digital deluxe edition. <br>
It's a bootleg so no release on CD but it's available in some others places...Dear Hans,<br><br>I'm french and drove 400 km to be in NÓmes on june the 24th and I've never felt so lucky than this day. <br>To see and to hear your musicians and you playing was a dream. I fell in love with your music when I was about 15 and had tears in my eyes when hearing the Rain Man theme. <br>You're a great composer M. Zimmer and a great man. Respectful to your musicians and audience. <br><br>I hope you'll be back in France soon, not just for me but for all those who couldn't see you until then and, even if I have more kilometers to drive, I'll do them easily to have the chance to see you again on stage.<br><br>Affectionately.<br><br>GaŽlleThis album will probably around 1 hour... Inception had 12 tracks and was 49 minutes without the two bonus tracks.Those 11 tracks could be each over ten minutes long and the album be pushing two hours for all you know.Aside from the suites it appears to be!!

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Atli ÷rvarssonDavid FlemingMartin TillmanClaudio Olachea
ComposerAdditional MusicMusicianScore Technical Assistant
Evidence (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 38'21 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (1764 votes)


  1. Evidence Opening Titles (4:21)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  2. The Calvary's Arrived (1:21)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  3. Everything On This Tape Matters (0:41)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  4. Who's That? (1:32)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  5. Finding Fleischman (0:52)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  6. That's Not Our Driver (0:31)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  7. Blowtorch (2:41)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  8. You're Gonna & Wanna See It (2:42)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  9. I've Been Waiting For You (1:21)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  10. Positive (0:55)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  11. What Was That About? (1:47)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  12. No More Video (0:44)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  13. A Big Fucking Game (3:48)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  14. Luck Of The Irish (5:05)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  15. We're Gonna Get Him (4:09)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
  16. Deleted Scenes (5:59)
    Atli ÷rvarsson, David Fleming, Martin Tillman
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Felix reply Replies: 1 || 2015-09-20 15:23:44
Great Thanks Hybrid!!

You know I love his music :)

Edmund Meinerts2015-09-20 16:37:31
Fleming and Tillman on EVERY cue? That's weird...Tillman's not even credited as a composer, just a musician! What happened to the old composer listings on the score's regular page?© 2001-2017 OST 
Evidence (Complete Score) soundtrack - Atli ÷rvarsson 2013