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;)I'm guessing, based on the credits, that Williams worked on "Dice and Roll" directly?He is.i don't doubt it, he and the director are good frineds and fans of each other, also they worked together on Annabelle so I'm willing to bet money he's the composer which is AWESOMEWallfisch just Retweeted the Shazam! trailer. Does that mean he is scoring it then? Hybrid can you say anything about this?
On Millers water planet, those ticking noises happen every 1.25 seconds. Each tick you hear is a while day passing on Earth.@MikeOTM<br>Youíre absolutely right. Powell did an awesome job of staying within the musical sandbox of the SW musical universe but also was able to bring something fresh and original to the overall sound, something Star Wars really needs right now.Sweet. I've gotta say, this score surprised me in a good way. I've always loved Powell, but if you told me two years ago he'd write a Star Wars score, I'd have been hesitant about it. But Solo is really, really solid, even without the John Williams main theme. In fact, I like what Powell does with the JW theme better than the theme as JW wrote it.Wowww so many solo Powell!His part is not in the OST release...
No Paul Mounsey credits?Credits added !
<br>I didn't credit here JW for every arrangements of his theme & old SW themes that can be heard throughout the score.MoS, TASM2Badelt's "Solomon"?<br><br>This must be the "famous" Dark Knight reference that the "critics" are talking about.I could have sworn I had heard the Solomon theme and some of the same<br>Chords that Kraemer had used...<br>My mistake lol<br><br>And Balfe does seem like a genuinely nice person. Hell he even takes the time to put out unreleased music, not something most composers do. <br>That is exactly why I hate when people take personal jabs at composers (usually at Junkie XL for some reason). Itís fine to not like the music, everyone has different tastes, but donít criticize a composer for writing what he was asked to write.
I agree! He actually invited me to come to a recording session in London for this film, man it killed me that I couldnít afford to go. But I was so thankful he even thought to ask! Top notch guy.Say what you want about Balfe but he's a really nice guy, and always answers my questions on FB and others on twitter.I believe him as I didn't hear anything from Kraemer.I asked Balfe on Facebook if he used any of Kraemers theme and he said noI Know, Hybrid, just sayin' that i a fan of Benjamin Wallfisch's music Scores since lights Out to Blade Runner 2049 and i say this is another excelent Work from Wallfisch

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Additional Music - Musician
Ramin DjawadiBryce JacobsStephen ColemanAlan Meyerson
ComposerAdditional MusicOrchestratorMusic Scoring Mixer
Le Voyage Extraordinaire De Samy (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 78'28 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (1480 votes)


  1. Baja (0:35)
  2. Grandpa Sammy (0:34)
  3. Welcome To The World (2:28)
  4. Bird Attack (0:59)
  5. Leaving Sammy - Dream #1 (0:42)
  6. Out On The Raft (2:02)
  7. Ray Meets Sammy (2:26)
  8. Exploring The Sea (2:53)
  9. Shelly's Story (1:14)
  10. Whale Fountain (0:32)
  11. Oil Tanker (Part 1) (1:02)
  12. Dream #2 (0:22)
  13. The Coral Reef (1:18)
  14. Octopus - Oil Tanker (Part 3) (2:48)
  15. Apollo Landing (1:04)
  16. Too Big For The Raft (0:41)
  17. Caught In Net (2:16)
  18. Sammy POV (0:18)
  19. Sammy Resucitation (1:40)
  20. Fluffy The Cat (1:22)
  21. Book Reading (1:05)
  22. Vera (1:14)
  23. Campfire Jam (1:27)
  24. Vera Is Free (0:46)
  25. Apocalypse Now (1:11)
  26. What Now? (1:14)
  27. Plastic Bag - Follow Vera (1:06)
  28. Shark Attack (1:39)
  29. Sammy & Shelly (2:11)
  30. Around The World (1:04)
  31. Jungle (Part 1) (2:24)
  32. Jungle (Part 2) (1:51)
  33. Panama (2:05)
  34. Shelly's Lost (1:28)
  35. Where Is My Girl? (2:13)
  36. Bird On A Fridge (1:35)
  37. Antartica (1:50)
  38. Greenpeace (1:30)
  39. Monterey (0:44)
  40. Rescue Center (3:14)
  41. Container (2:42)
  42. Ray Is Safe (1:49)
  43. Gallion (0:36)
  44. Here Comes Sammy (1:29)
  45. Shelly Taken (2:15)
  46. Trust Me (1:18)
  47. Wedding Ballet (2:11)
  48. Beachin' (1:26)
  49. End Score Credit (3:14)
  50. Ray Meets Sammy (Alternate) (2:50)
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Le Voyage Extraordinaire De Samy (Complete Score) soundtrack - Ramin Djawadi 2010