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Did Mr. Jablonsky write that beautiful piano melody in Hunted? Or was it Hans?25 minutes :O Where's all of that? They didn't use that in the movie. Don't understand why so many songs were in the movie :( Will there be an expanded release?There's 25 actually lol...<br><br>And Hans just added a few notes here & there to the themes... ;)Hybrid, what "Additional music" did Hans do for this? There is hardly 7 minutes of score in this movie.There were little homages in Dark of the Moon with tracks like Communicating With Nest, but no the Autobot theme was very much distanced from at that point. Though there were many reprises of Optimus in Dark of the Moon. Also they play the 3 note escalation of Autobots in Did You Forget Who I Am.
There are definitely similarities. Easy to spot. "Two Moons" (from 0:57), "We Were Gods Once" (from 0:26).Is it me or the track "Two Moons" borrows some elements from "We Were Gods Onece" Dark of the Moon?Does anyone notice the Barbossa/Beckett theme from On Stranger Tides at 1:52 in "Shansa"?Musical Gold ! Perfect term for this . Still no suite examples ?That cue is Mazzaro !
Oh, theme is Brandenburg Concerto no. 3, no Branderbourg Concerto no. 3.This theme is probably Branderbourg Concerto no. 3.Steve provides what the director wants. Simple as that. It's not a surprise that the most beloved Jablonsky scores are for Michael Bay films. Because Bay wants it epic, Bay wants it orchestral, Bay wants it dramatic and emotional. He pushes all buttons and Steve delivers. On the other hand, Peter Berg - the Deepwater director who did a few other movies with Jablonsky - usually goes for sound design scores. In short, he's not as epic and melodic as Bay is. So if you want to blame someone for the fact that you didn't like the Deepwater score, blame Peter Berg.Probably Branderbourg Concerto no. 3Gold is a great term . Amazing music
I totally agree because I though Lego was brilliant but this shows his other side. Dare I say - better than Lego Batman !!!!!Is there any chance to Brazilian fans to see Zimmer's concert in Brazil ???? :)Lorne strikes gold once again!  I can't stop falling in love with Balfe's musical talent and technique.Really enjoying this soundtrack and glad they released so much music . Very emotional and the more I listen , the more I get into itSounds like 13 Hours was in temp!!!!

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Composer - Conductor
Harry Gregson-WilliamsToby ChuNick Glennie-SmithClay Duncan
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
Deja Vu (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 114'11 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (1839 votes)


  1. Algiers Ferry (3:09)
  2. The Aftermath (4:44)
  3. ANFO (0:49)
  4. ATF Office (0:47)
  5. Complicated Crime Scene (1:57)
  6. Autopsy (3:09)
  7. Claire's Apartment (5:10)
  8. Larry's Car (2:00)
  9. Doug Recruited (1:15)
  10. Dazzle Me (2:26)
  11. A Constant Stream (1:01)
  12. Being Watched (3:00)
  13. He Was Here (0:49)
  14. Oerstadt Calls (3:43)
  15. Field Broached (1:26)
  16. Something Spiritual (0:49)
  17. Note Transfer (1:44)
  18. It Went Through (0:35)
  19. Following Larry (3:29)
  20. Humvee Chase (6:46)
  21. Witness A Murder (2:44)
  22. Larry's Remains (1:21)
  23. Better Have Some KY (6:01)
  24. You Can Save Her (6:05)
  25. Time Travel (2:05)
  26. The Hideout (3:20)
  27. Hideout Explosion (1:13)
  28. You're Safe (1:10)
  29. Wrong Dress (3:16)
  30. Tell Me The Truth (3:10)
  31. Algiers Ferry Again (3:58)
  32. Claire Caught (1:40)
  33. Oerstadt In Action (1:27)
  34. Who Are You, Oerstadt? (1:25)
  35. Hit It (Part 1) (1:06)
  36. Hit It (Part 2) (1:29)
  37. Claire's Rescue (3:03)
  38. Coming Back To You - Macy Gray (3:22)
  39. Humve Chase Remix (4:06)
  40. The Hideout (Alternate) (3:13)
  41. Claire's Rescue (Alternate) (3:02)
  42. Coming Back To You (Version 2) (3:20)
  43. Humvee Chase Remix (Version 2) (4:07)
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madmartigan reply Replies: 0 || 2015-10-23 09:52:35
Thanks Hybrid for this track list ! 2001-2017 OST 
Deja Vu (Complete Score) soundtrack - Harry Gregson-Williams 2006