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Hello everybody,<br><br>does anybody know if the cd is released?<br>Can't find a website with further information...<br>Do you know where to buy the album?<br><br>Thanks!Hans Zimmer can credit anyone whom he thinks has helped him out on the score.Eagle Rock just replied to my email. Apparently coming later this year, but no actual date yetI always like hearing a score first before I go in. Especially with a film like this. When I haven't heard the score first I pay too much attention to the music so I can take everything in but then I stop using attention to the movie itself. But in case with Dunkirk the movie comes out few day before the score gets released in my country.Yeah, I don't think I can help it, but I really want to watch the movie first before listening to the score.<br><br>With Interstellar, it was a magical experience, especially when Cornfield Chase was playing and No Time for Caution melding perfectly with the docking scene.
I'll never forget how thrilling it was when I watched Interstellar, once the cd was released after the movie, because Hans and Nolan wanted us to feel the images and sound together. I'll do the same with Dunkirk and all further movies with these amazing director and composer.Yes haha I Know this one and it is just sad because the People that Listen to this Kind of Music like us Are often very passionate about it and to make Profit this way is really Not fair and it is really the Most confusing thing that happend to me when it comes to this Music buisness. For Sure Crimson Tide and TF4 Are Not available as well but this TF3 Score is Giant ! For me in the Same Level as Inception if You Look at it as a wholeand not just Time .Look at this what happens! Because of this strategy the score is available at certain dealers for 621 Pound sterling! It seems that the CD was in sale too. Unbelievable<br><br> ls?_encoding=UTF8&me=Look at this what happens! Because of this strategy the score is available at certain dealers for 621 Pound sterling! It seems that the CD was in sale too. Unbelievable<br><br> ls?_encoding=UTF8&me=Did Mr. Jablonsky write that beautiful piano melody in Hunted? Or was it Hans?
25 minutes :O Where's all of that? They didn't use that in the movie. Don't understand why so many songs were in the movie :( Will there be an expanded release?There's 25 actually lol...<br><br>And Hans just added a few notes here & there to the themes... ;)Hybrid, what "Additional music" did Hans do for this? There is hardly 7 minutes of score in this movie.There were little homages in Dark of the Moon with tracks like Communicating With Nest, but no the Autobot theme was very much distanced from at that point. Though there were many reprises of Optimus in Dark of the Moon. Also they play the 3 note escalation of Autobots in Did You Forget Who I Am.There are definitely similarities. Easy to spot. "Two Moons" (from 0:57), "We Were Gods Once" (from 0:26).
Is it me or the track "Two Moons" borrows some elements from "We Were Gods Onece" Dark of the Moon?Does anyone notice the Barbossa/Beckett theme from On Stranger Tides at 1:52 in "Shansa"?Musical Gold ! Perfect term for this . Still no suite examples ?That cue is Mazzaro !Oh, theme is Brandenburg Concerto no. 3, no Branderbourg Concerto no. 3.

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Hans Zimmer Live On Tour (Shows)
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Hans Zimmer Live On Tour Merchandising Shop

Hans Zimmer has announced his very first tour in Europe in 2016.

It has now been announced that on selected dates the legendary guitarist Johnny Marr will be joining Zimmer’s studio band, orchestra and choir bringing the total number of musicians on stage to over 70.

Appearing on the whole tour, as featured performers will be Lebo M, the world famous voice from the score of The Lion King, and guitarist Mike Einziger from the band Incubus.

Marr has collaborated with Zimmer on the soundtracks for Inception, The Amazing Spiderman 2 and most recently the score for Freeheld. Johnny will be appearing at the following Hans Zimmer Live On Tour 2016 shows :

6th/7th April - London, The SSE Arena, Wembley
20th April - Berlin, Mercedes Benz Arena
26th May - Manchester, Manchester Arena
29th May - Dublin, 3 Arena
5th June - Orange, Theatre Antique d’Orange

The tour will kick off in London on April 6th, 2016 and will be taking in 32 cities in total before the finale in Dublin on May 26th.

06 April 2016 - London (United Kingdom) - The SSE Arena, Wembley
07 April 2016 - London (United Kingdom) - The SSE Arena, Wembley
12 April 2016 - Birmingham (United Kingdom) - Barclaycard Arena
14 April 2016 - Brussels (Belgium) - Palais 12
16 April 2016 - Mannheim (Germany) - SAP Arena
18 April 2016 - Hamburg (Germany) - Barclaycard Arena
20 April 2016 - Berlin (Germany) - Mercedes-Benz Arena
22 April 2016 - Oberhausen (Germany) - König Pilsener Arena
23 April 2016 - Paris (France) - Palais Des Congres
24 April 2016 - Paris (France) - Palais Des Congres (Matinee)
24 April 2016 - Paris (France) - Palais Des Congres
26 April 2016 - Munich (Germany) - Olympiahalle
28 April 2016 - Cologne (Germany) - Lanxess Arena
30 April 2016 - Gdansk (Poland) - Ergo Arena
01 May 2016 - Lodz (Poland) - Atlas Arena
03 May 2016 - Krakow (Poland) - Tauron Arena
05 May 2016 - Bratislava (Slovakia) - Ondrej Nepala Arena
07 May 2016 - Prague (Czech Republic) - O2 Arena
09 May 2016 - Zurich (Switzerland) - Hallenstadion
11 May 2016 - Budapest (Hungary) - Papp Laszlo Budapest Sportarena
12 May 2016 - Graz (Austria) - Stadthalle Graz
13 May 2016 - Vienna (Austria) - Stadthalle
16 May 2016 - Sofia (Bulgaria) - Arena Armeec Sofia
18 May 2016 - Geneva (Switzerland) - Geneva Arena
19 May 2016 - Geneva (Switzerland) - Geneva Arena
21 May 2016 - Luxembourg (Luxembourg) - Rockhal
22 May 2016 - Luxembourg (Luxembourg) - Rockhal
23 May 2016 - Luxembourg (Luxembourg) - Rockhal
24 May 2016 - Rotterdam (Netherland) - Ahoy Rotterdam
26 May 2016 - Dublin (Ireland) - 3Arena
28 May 2016 - Bournemouth (United Kingdom) - Bournemouth Centre
29 May 2016 - Manchester (United Kingdom) - Manchester Arena
31 May 2016 - Lille (France) - Zénith
01 June 2016 - Rouen (France) - Zénith
02 June 2016 - Nantes (France) - Zénith
03 June 2016 - Bordeaux (France) - Patinoire Mériadeck
04 June 2016 - Toulouse (France) - Zénith
05 June 2016 - Orange (France) - Théâtre Antique d'Orange

Tickets HERE

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Edmund Meinerts reply Replies: 4 || 2016-04-21 10:35:49
I saw him live in Berlin last night! The concert was an extremely entertaining experience. Very Hans. He's a great host, as likeable as you would expect given his interviews (although it's curious that he has quite a thick accent in both English and German...a true third culture kid, I guess! :p ) He was wearing a T-shirt that said "Lord forgive me for my synths", for starters. And, of course, everything was mixed in an exceedingly loud drum-heavy wall-of-sound kind of way. That was a little irritating at some points: the drums particularly drowned everything else out in "Why So Serious" and robbed it of a lot of its scrappy anarchic character, and I'm not sure "Journey to the Line" and "No Time for Caution" needed massive rock drum kit at their respective climaxes. "Electro" lost a lot of the layers that make that piece so interesting, too (no bassoon! frown ). And I was never quite sure how much of what I was hearing was being generated onstage by actual instruments and how much was being piped through (since the choir was only men and the "orchestra" consisted of maybe a dozen people, quite a substantial amount). But on the other hand - all of that just is Hans. I guess! :P

I thought it was interesting that the concert was, other than the really early stuff sprinkled throughout like Rain Man, True Romance and Driving Miss Daisy, roughly divided up into the "older-school" melodic/thematic/"hook"-y, outwardly emotional, fun Zimmer stuff in the first half (Crimson Tide, Da Vinci Code, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lion King, Sherlock Holmes, Gladiator etc), and then switched over into the nu-Hans minimalist stuff for the second (The Dark Knight, Man of Steel, Inception, The Thin Red Line, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Interstellar etc). The result was a pretty big difference in enjoyment of the two halves; it was all fun, of course, but the Zimmer music I truly love was mostly in the first half. Pirates of the Caribbean made for a far stronger close to the first half, in my opinion, than Inception for the second. The crowd was particularly responsive to Gladiator, Pirates, The Lion King, The Dark Knight and Inception, unsurprisingly - but I think it was Pirates that got the loudest applause and cheers of all.

Most entertaining person to watch onstage was Richard Harvey, who played the clarinet solo from Driving Miss Daisy with tons of personality and even put on a bicorne hat for Pirates. :D Runner up in that category was drummer Satnam Ramgotra with his epic beard and dazzling white suit.

I was fairly happy with the selection of pieces, too. I mean, realistically speaking they were never going to play Cool Runnings or A League of Their Own. I did hold out slim, sadly-unfulfilled hopes for The Prince of Egypt, King Arthur and/or The Last Samurai, and was actually a little surprised in retrospect that nothing from Backdraft was played. But there's only so much time in an evening, I guess! I personally could have done with a little less Batman or Inception to compensate ("Mombasa", eesh. Hate that track), but people simply expect to hear that stuff.

All in all, we had a great time. Even those flaws I pointed out - of course, if you don't have a pretty significant soft spot for Zimmer in the first place (and I do), it's entirely possible you'll walk away with far more mixed feelings (or even outright annoyance). For my part, they didn't really bother me because they stem in large part from Zimmer's musical personality. For better or for worse, the concert really was a purely Hans experience, a once-in-a-lifetime kind of deal that I think is worth the fairly steep ticket prices.

Ds2016-04-21 12:49:05
Thanks for your report Edmund, glad you enjoyed it!! As you say this concert is just pure Hans. And that's why it's so amazing. High production value, extremely good musicians, impeccable rendition of the music, wall of sound - and nice, warm speeches.

As for Mombasa, it's funny you mention it because I'm not a fan of that track either (I like it, but not my favourite from Inception), but I thought the live rendition was terrific, one of the highlights. Maybe it has to do with the way it was mixed, but anyway.

Hybrid Soldier2016-04-21 13:15:47
That's funny you mention the t-shirt Edmund, a very good friend offered him this 2 weeks ago ! :D Glad he wore it !

Anonymous2016-04-21 15:01:17
that t-shirt is available here:
https : // de/listing /173525213/herr-vergib-mir-fur-meine-synthesizer

Frenchans2016-04-24 12:43:39
Agree with you Edmund, the first part of the concert was really intense. I loved Gladiator, Da Vinci Code, Crimson Tide and POTC: I could not hold my tears! The second part, however, much less. The battery was too present for my taste. I was disappointed by Batman, and what a pity that Hans spoke during Aurora. Inception part, although played well, I was not packed , but it's a matter of taste. I hope that if in the future it getting a tour he will play other songs (Last Samurai , King Arthur, Rush, Contender, more of Thin Red Line, more of Da Vinci Code...)
But, I do not regret to have attended this concert. I finally saw my idol and that's wonderful :D

Laurens reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-24 11:25:36
Such a bloody shame I couldn't make it to the Palais 12 gig :( Good to hear there is going to be a cd release, that eases the pain a bit... Does anyone know if they're planning to do a blu-ray/dvd release as well?

François reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-24 11:21:30
Dear Hans Zimmer,

I was there last night in Paris on April 23th when you performed for us. Being a big fan of yours i couldn't expect more from you. You are exactly as you are, a genius but also a great human being. Thank you so much for your amazing performance and thanks to your entire crew ! My only deception : i wasn't able to shake your hand and thank you personnally.
For almost 3 hours i was in a completely different world with nothing but emotion and greatness.
Thanks Hans! Vielen Dank und viel Spass während dein Tour.

Icarus reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-24 09:34:36
I would like to correct the topic about Johnny Marr: Marr was in Paris yesterday (23.04.2016).

Again, thanks for this moment Hans.

Icarus reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-24 09:31:53
Wonderfull show Hans, congrats to your band !
Palais Des Congr&#232;s, 23.04.2016

I'm waiting for the CD release now

Birgit & Torsten reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-23 10:24:19
It was a very amazing evening.
Hamburg, 18.04.2016

Johnny reply Replies: 1 || 2016-04-23 02:03:34
Just came home from the concert in Oberhausen. IT WAS AMAZING!!!
Hans Zimmer and his band played a tribute to Prince. Purple Rain. You should see it on YouTube. Goosebumps!
Thank you Hans Zimmer for two and a half hours epicness in my ears. It was a great moment seeing you live :)

Steve2016-04-23 02:43:53
Hans Zimmer - Purple Rain

Isabelle reply Replies: 3 || 2016-04-22 16:30:42
How can I download with the dropcard I got at Brussels concert?

Ds2016-04-22 19:08:32
Go to the website and type the code, then press enter. Download will start

Mk2016-04-22 19:56:17
Will iT be released to open public??? Happy to pay for it.

Ds2016-04-22 21:10:29
It will be on iTunes, but we dont know when, they delayed it!

Andreas Brooks reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-22 18:38:43
Hello -

I am coming from London to the show in Paris on Saturday evening. One of my party has fallen ill today unfortunately and so him and his girlfriend can't come.

So we have 2 tickets to sell...

As they are paper tickets there is not enough time to sell them on Viagogo (where i bought them from) as they need time to recieve and then redistribute the tickets.

They are 111.50 Euros each but we would accept an offer for the pair. Otherwise they will go to waste!

If you wish to purchase them we would have to meet in person outside the venue - please contact me on if you are interested.



NCMOR reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-21 19:36:15
Will Hans Zimmer perform in the U.S. anytime in 2016

bless_ing reply Replies: 1 || 2016-04-21 15:36:12
Hey Hybrid,

What is the daily schedule for Hans and his band?
Do they travel to the next town right after the concert or do they stay over night? What do they do on their free days - practice or sightseeing?

How long does it take to set-up the stage for the concert? I noticed their are b2b concerts without any free days. So the stage crew has to work the whole night, first they need to remove the stage, drive all the equipment to the new venue and then they need to set-up the new stage... or how does it work?

Hybrid Soldier2016-04-21 15:56:26
They usually depart to the other city in bus a couple of hours after the show.

The tech guys depart even before and start to set up the stage the moment the arrive...

Cedric reply Replies: 1 || 2016-01-14 06:48:55
Please Mr. Zimmer, come to Down Under, Australia :)

Tracy2016-04-21 15:16:08
Yes, please please please!

HCC reply Replies: 16 || 2016-04-15 05:17:08
Is there going to be a audio or video release of this concert? And is there any more information about the new collection coming this fall?

ojay2016-04-17 10:54:29
There will be an audio recording coming up around June (Download voucher for the first part comes with the show booklet). Source: Show booklet seller at Mannheim

Ds2016-04-17 13:15:06
Huh in Brussels I got a voucher for a download coming May 20th! It's a recording from the first Wembley show.

Ds2016-04-17 13:43:31
Sorry I meant April 20th!

ojay2016-04-19 11:35:14
From, gift cards came with booklet:

Free Download "Opening Medley" available April 20th

Recorded opening night Wembley Arena April 6th 2016

Enter the code on your card to redeem your FREE download on or after April 20th. Full album available for purchase on iTunes April 20th.

Samantha2016-04-20 13:33:19
I can not find the album in itunes :( it is really released on April 20 ? And where is the code for download on dropcards?

Patrick2016-04-20 13:40:23
together with the program, you've got a little card with the code for dropcard.
But the medley hasn't been uploaded yet, so we'll need to wait some additional hours

Ds2016-04-20 14:24:36
Yeah, it's not there yet... I hope we'll get it later today!!

Hybrid Soldier2016-04-20 16:08:08
It's been pushed back a little... No idea as to when...

Samantha2016-04-20 16:16:43
Thanks Patrick, but i don´t buy the program:-/. i hope it is soon in iTunes.

Ds2016-04-20 16:48:41
Oh that's too bad... thx for the info!

rene2016-04-20 22:42:54
Hello, they chance the text:
Enter the code on your card to redeem your FREE download on or after April 20th. Check back soon for pre-order details on the full concert!
And: Files Available for Download

ojay2016-04-21 08:07:43
Intro medley available now, already downloaded. Great, waiting for more!

Ds2016-04-21 09:00:12
Yep, at least we already got one track!!

I can't help but smile when the orchestra kicks in in the middle of Madagascar, when you hear everyone screaming and applauding. Great memory!

Kusi2016-04-21 11:16:18
Can't find anything on iTunes, what's the album title?

Ds2016-04-21 11:21:21
Kusi, it's not there yet on iTunes. One free track is available for people who purchased something at the shop during the concerts. We received a card with a code on it, to use at

Kusi2016-04-21 11:38:39
Thx DS for the info, then I'll wait for the concert in Zurich :)

Picard reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-20 22:36:03
Does anyone know when the live album & track are going to be released?
It's obviously delayed, but it would be good to know until when

mqc (Poland) reply Replies: 3 || 2016-04-19 20:55:02
It is nonsense to play music from the movie Spider-Man, Rain Man, True Romance and Driving Miss Daisy. They could and should play music from the movies THE ROCK (IMHO the best SCORE), The Last Samurai, Pearl Harbor and more of the Man of Steel, Interstellar, Inception (528491, Dream Within a Dream), Gladiator (Barbarian Horde, The Might Of Rome) and Dark Knight (I'm not a hero, a dark Knight)

Ds2016-04-19 21:46:36
Lol rigth it s a nonsense to play the music that defined HZ in the beginning of his career... Many people know and love those scores. This concert is a nice overview of Hans' career through different genres, there is a bit of everything.

You wanted The Rock, you had Crimson Tide. You wanted Pearl Harbor? You got The Thin Red Line. You wanted The Last Samurai? You got Gladiator. And the rest? You got it :-)

Edmund Meinerts2016-04-20 10:46:51
I'm not, like, a huge fan of that score or anything, but I would be very sad if they didn't play Rain Man or Driving Miss Daisy. Those two are super important scores to Zimmer's career; without them, he probably would have fizzled and died sometime in the mid-90s and none of us would even be here. I'm glad the concert at least attempts to be an overview of his entire career (still missing A LOT of great, wouldn't it be nuts if they played The Final Game from A League of Their Own? They'd need a whole extra ensemble!), and not just the popular, overplayed Nolan/Pirates/Gladiator/Man of Steel stuff.

I'll report back from Berlin tonight! :D

SolidSnoke2016-04-20 12:33:35
Rain man and driving miss daisy are part of the program so don't worry :)

Emil reply Replies: 1 || 2015-12-22 16:59:05
Please come to Sweden!! Many from Scandinavia would love to see you :)

Michael2016-04-19 21:15:00

ojay reply Replies: 4 || 2016-04-17 10:52:13
Hans back to the roots. This was an amazing night at SAP Arena in Mannheim, Germany. Should have known better and book tickets for the other locations in Germany as well. To all guys out there with tickets for the upcoming shows: Fasten your seatbelt, you will never forget this journey into sound. Thanks to Hans a dream came true, had been waiting for 25 years, was worth it!

Dfault2016-04-17 12:56:34
Cant wait, friday it is!

ojay2016-04-19 12:02:59
See u then, got myself another ticket for Friday. A 3 hours drive, but who cares?

medisa2016-04-19 15:28:28
how long did the concert in mannheim take?

Ds2016-04-19 17:18:19
Just scroll down a bit, this question has been answered countless times :-)

Officially it starts at 20h and ends at 22h40. In Brussels there was a 20min delay, so it ended around 23h.

Don't plan your train too early because there can be delays and with the crowd you never know when you'll be out :-p

medisa jabbari reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-19 15:26:33
Hi all,

how long usually do recent concerts take? 2 hours?3 hours?

I need to check the train plan, since my place is far from the concert's place.


Troberan reply Replies: 3 || 2016-04-19 12:35:05
The Dark Knight was disappointing. Too much of Why so serious and Bane and so little from Batman. And even that, the drums were soooo loud that the strings have been so silent. So what i only heard were the beat, nothing else from the Batman music. I only could imagine what they're actually playing. They should have put the volume of the drums down.

Spiderman (Electro) was also a huge disappointment. Actually i can't understand why that was choosed to be played. Surely he has so much more to choose instead of that horrible cue.

Other then that, to see him live is unbeatable and unforgettable. I am so thankful to have seen him live. He was so nervous and it was so likeable to see him acting like a child sometimes haha.

Ds2016-04-19 13:19:06
Haha, my friends told me the same about Batman. Too much drums hiding the rest of the music. I didn't mind but I can understand. It's a rock reworking, not the actual cue played live.

TASM2 I have to disagree, it was so damn powerful. The choir in surround was great, and the climax was a blast. I definitely understand why they play that one, it seems made for a rock concert! ... and a lot of fun to play on stage :-p

Troberan2016-04-19 13:35:26
well for Spiderman, it's then a thing of taste. i didn't like it ^^ but if others liked it, then i'm glad he chosed it, so everyone could have their favorite in the show. :)

for batman, i understand that it can't be like the cue on my disk. still i was very surprised how near other cues have sounded to the original. but batman was just tooooo volumed drums. no critics of the drums itself. the drumer was a beast haha, but it overtuned the music like you're saying, especially the batman part way to much, so i couldn't hear anything but the drums. it was a bit annoying ^^

where have your friends have been listening it? and you were in brussels right? how was the sound there?

Ds2016-04-19 15:09:09
Yep I was in Brussels, and my friends were with me :-p

The sound was the biggest I've ever heard, rock concerts included. Saw Muse in the same location a few weeks earlier, even they didn't have that huge freaking sound. I was in awe throughout, literally!

medisa jabbari reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-19 14:43:34
Hi :),

I wanted to know how long does the concert on 22 april in oberhausen take?

thank you,

Detlev / Hamburg reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-19 09:37:26
Beendruckendes Konzert, zweifelsohne. Highlights waren DA VINCI CODE, LION KING, GLADIATOR und THE DARK KNIGHT. Allerdings war das eigentliche Thema von THE DARK KNIGHT viel zu kurz. vermisst habe ich THE ROCK und PEARL HARBOR. Ich hätte mir mehr seichtere Klänge und mehr Gefühl gewünscht, stattdessen ähnelte es phansenweise eher einem Rock Konzert, meine Erwartungen wurden nicht erfüllt.

David reply Replies: 5 || 2016-03-31 16:06:05

5 dates in the 'U.K' but NONE IN SCOTLAND?
Come on Mr Zimmer! I've loved your music since Miami Vice but this sucks!

One dates in Glasgow?? Surely you have time

trent easton navarro 2016-03-31 17:12:34
Zimmer never worked on Miami Vice, but who knows, maybe Jan Hammer has time to come to Scotland

Scott2016-04-01 03:32:05
Trent Easton navarro ...

Hans did do work on Miami vice, not all MV scoring was JH. Please do your research before calling bullsh*t on someone's comment. Nothing worse than someone dousing someone else's flame to try and make their own shine brighter...

Scotland date would have been great! SECC Hydro would do nicely?! &#128077;

Randy Waston2016-04-01 15:35:02

Besides Hammer, Tim Truman and John Peterson scored several episodes. But there's no listing of Mr. Zimmer working on any episode.

So tell us, for which episode(s) did Zimmer write the music?

Patrick2016-04-03 17:36:48
Well,... nearly... not the series, but kind of the movie: ht tp://www.hans-zimmer. com/index.php?rub=disco&id=746 ;-)

Siobhan2016-04-18 13:20:27
Im from Scotland too, I was hoping there would be a concert here too. Luckily manchester isn't too far away. I can't wait to go, hopefully he will come to Scotland one day :D

Chris West reply Replies: 3 || 2016-04-14 23:38:02
One of the best nights of my life. I was moved to tears on more than one occasion. Thank you Mr Zimmer for writing such amazing music.

Ds2016-04-15 01:19:36
The sound in Palais 12 was so fucking huge, i'm still shaking. Loved the extended versions of The Thin Red Line and No Time For Caution. The speech during Aurora was so touching and resonated with the recent events in Belgium, it got a standing ovation. I didnt think they could possibly improve on the 2014 London shows.... But they definitely did! Many thanks and congrats to Hans and his incredible team!!

PS: i really really hope Hans sees this post!!

Patrak2016-04-17 15:09:17
I totally agree Ds, the sound in Palais 12 is really something.

I really didn't know what to expect, 16 years after Ghent, and I was blown away.

The setlist is perfect and covers 30 years of music beautifully.

Personal highlight : The Dark Night Medley
I didn't know it was possible to play "Why So Serious?" live.
Simply amazing !

The last part of the concert, so The Dark Knight + Interstellar + Inception is just... well, I haven't find the words yet.

I've got my tickets for one of the Luxemburg dates next month, I can't wait to live this dream a second time !

Thanks Mr. Zimmer

SuperZ2016-04-18 11:42:40
I do not agree - the sound in Palais 12 was at times... terrible! Certainly during the 2nd part of the concert where the sound system seemed to have trouble handling low frequencies. Bad PA mixing i think. The guys operating the follow spots where not quiet awake :-/
Apart from this technical "bummer", the concert was a "blast" - I can only hope they have/are recording the concert in HD, so we'll be able to experience the magic of Zimmer over and over again.
Thanks Mr. Zimmer for your great music - it really touches the hart of my soul!

Halalferemc reply Replies: 1 || 2016-04-18 10:34:30
Hi!Total playtime?Anyone please!Thanks.

Ds2016-04-18 10:57:31
1st part 1 hour
Break 20min
2nd part 1h20

CrazyNut reply Replies: 4 || 2016-04-17 14:13:30
Wow, yesterday in Mannheim! Unbelievable. Who knows the names of the two female violinist?

Hale2016-04-17 15:00:48
Ann Marie Simpson and Rosanda Filanda.
The cellist is Tina Guo.
Amazing band!!

Mr Tweedy2016-04-17 18:05:36
It's Ann Marie Simpson and Rusanda Panfili, actually ! :)

Batman2016-04-18 09:26:41
Mannheim was very emotional. To be back again in Germany for the first time, you have seen how nervous Hans was. And it was special that he spoke all the time german to us. Remembering his father, the dedication to the friends of his father who came to see Hans in Mannheim, was something very special. The speech for Heath Ledger, Aurora and the world itself was very touching aswell. Show itself was outstanding and i loved every second of it. To see him performing, to see everyone from the band, was absolutely amazing! Thank you very much for these moments, which i will never forget!

rawchris2016-04-18 10:44:45
@Batman: I totally agree with you. First of all, I was very surprised he was speaking german all the time. I didn't accept that. Remembering his father, thanking his ex-employees on that night and speaking of his childhood made that night very, very personal. The Aurora speech was very, very deep and touching. I was crying the whole song, I couldn't keep control of myself.
I think, he was really very nervous about "coming home" for the first time. But he did very well. For me personal, this was one of the greatest moment in my life. Thank you Hans Zimmer for bringing this to Germany and let us be part of it!

Th. reply Replies: 3 || 2016-04-15 11:04:46
WOW ! Such a f***ing show yesterday in Brussels ! I can't believe I was there to live that experience ! It is definitely one of the best concerts I have ever been. Such an energy !!! Congratulations to Hans and the whole team of musicians to bring the film music to us in such a way.
For those who would hesitate to pay the quite expensive ticket, it worths every single euro of it ! I would pay it once more without hesitation to see it again !

CAREFUL potential SPOILER below !!!!!!!!
Does any one know if it is a real "portabble" church organ ?

Ds2016-04-15 13:18:05
Well you can, there are plenty of shows in Luxemburg, Germany, France, really not far from Brussels :-p

Johnny2016-04-15 15:28:25
No the church Organ is fake :P

Th.2016-04-15 17:48:05
Hey thanks for the info and the video Johnny !
The problem with Hans, he always pushes further the boundaries ! this is why I would not be surprised if it was a real one :)

Chris reply Replies: 2 || 2016-04-14 09:58:57
I enjoyed the show in Birmingham, but I would have enjoyed it much more if the volume had been turned down somewhat. Maybe it's just me (I never go to arena gigs or rock concerts of any kind and always hear symphony or chamber music live) but I thought it was much too loud. Did anyone else think this?

marco2016-04-14 16:22:52
I loved the show and I though the volume was fine considering I was on the 3rd row from front. I thought the lighting could have been dimmed, too much strobe in the second half.
Gotta say though I was disappointed with the meet and greet, no autographs and the tour manager can't even take a decent photo. Very disappointed in that one. Hans could have at least signed one. Maybe it was up to management but hans is his own person and could have done it.

Marco2016-04-14 16:31:03
........I did see him signing before the show and after though which made it even more annoying that he didn't sign during the meet and greet.

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 6 || 2016-04-07 10:45:08
The playlist is simple :

Act 1

01 - Intro Medley (Driving Miss Daisy theme / Sherlock Holmes Discombobulate / Madagascar Rescue Me)
02 - Crimson Angels Medley (Roll Tide rearranged / 160 BPM)
03 - Gladiator Medley (The Wheat / The Battle / Honor Him / Now We Are Free)
04 - Da Vinci Code (Chevalier de Sangreal)
05 - The Lion King Medley (Opening / Lea Halelela / King of Pride Rock ending)
06 - Pirates Of The Caribbean Medley (Jack Sparrow / Love Suite (basically One Day + Up Is Down) / He's A Pirate)

Act 2
07 - True Romance (Theme, You're So Cool)
08 - Rain Man (Theme)
09 - Man Of Steel (What Are You... ?)
10 - The Thin Red Line (Journey To The Line)
11 - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Elektro)
12 - The Dark Knight Medley (Joker Suite / Like A Dog Chasing Cars-Moody Bruce Remix / Bane segment / The End-Aurora arrangement)
13 - Interstellar Medley (Day One / No Time For Caution / Stay)
14 - Inception Medley (Half Remembered Dream / Dream Is Collapsing / Mombasa / Time)

The new arrangement of Thin Red Line is so great, much better than in 2014...

Memphis2016-04-07 11:36:02
Loved the thin red line. The whole concert was amazing and there is definitely a big difference between this and Hammersmith. TDK was completely amazing, absolutely loved the graphics, it was so clever and a great design.
Can't wait to see it again next week. Think they have done a great job and should be proud - the set list works well.

Ds2016-04-07 12:16:34
So they dropped Green Card. It's the only one for which I don't mind :-)

Very nice to see they played "Stay" as well, the youtube video I saw ended after "No Time For Caution"! They definitely chose the strongest pieces from that movie, great selection.

trent easton navarro 2016-04-07 18:43:05
Shame they dropped Green Card, love that score. Not a fan of the Electro Suite, other than that a very solid setlist. Looking forward to it!

al bundy2016-04-07 19:27:15
Too bad Black Hawk Down is not here. I'm sure that could've fit.

Ds2016-04-09 00:55:07
OMG Hybrid you were right once again... The new arrangement of TTRL is just... amazing. Can't wait for next week, I hope the sound will be as good as in Wembley!

hermann2016-04-13 14:34:29
No Black Rain? Broken Arrow ? Injection or Nick and Masa from M:I-2 or Batman V Superman ? Damn it Hans.

Graham reply Replies: 35 || 2016-04-06 10:46:18
Who ever is going to the Concert tonight, 06/04/2016. what was the list of songs played in the concert? or does anybody have the list?

D-Fault2016-04-06 18:05:44
And Ofcourse have a lot of fun ;)

Jamesjp142016-04-06 18:33:21
Check out ''.

Jamesjp142016-04-06 18:34:10
I'm going tomorrow night!

Patrick2016-04-06 22:22:24
Playlist exactly the same as HZ Revealed (+ Interstellar)

Opening (Miss Daisy, Sherlock Holmes, Madagascar)
Crimson Tide
Angels & Demons
DaVinci Code
Lion King
PotC Medley


True Romance
Rain Man
Man of Steel
Thin Red Line
Batman Suite

(it's just break, can't tell details about additional songs in 2nd half yet)

Patrick2016-04-06 22:29:04
Also new compilation album announced this fall with re-recordings of Dark Knight, PotC, Gladiator, Interstellar etc with guest stars Lang Lang, Nigel Kennedy, Till Brönner, Lindsey Stirling, Amy Dickson and many more...

Frenchans2016-04-06 22:49:52
Nothing about The Last Samurai ? King Arthur ? :(

Patrick2016-04-07 00:09:09
Additional info after the concert:

Dark Knight was extended with Aurora again, and there was no Despicable Me Song this time.

The same encore like in HZ Revealed.

No Last Samurai and no King Arthur, sorry ;-/

Tim2016-04-07 01:37:31
What a huuuuuge let down with Last Samurai. Actually a shame, he knew about the high demand for the last Samurai and he still hasn't considered it. There were also plenty of time to arrange everything, but no, tracklist hasn't changed even with the one of the revealed concert.

Sorry, but I'm very very upset

Hybrid Soldier2016-04-07 02:37:25
The thing is TLS just doesn't fit the concert... I mean, seriously, it's a rock concert, you would mostly get people sleep with about anything TLS, and I LOVE that score... lol

Patrick2016-04-07 09:47:41
I totally agree with Hybrid Soldier! Yesterday I tried to imagine where TLS would fit into the whole playlist and the only Chance I found was at the very beginning, as Opener... but his current Opener is the way better choregraphed Alternative. So, to create the best Rock Concert experience - and it definitely is a Rock Concert - , TLS has no place.

By the way, in HZ Revealed in the Apollo Theater, I liked the first half a little better (from the sound mastering and sound Mix), in the 2nd half there was a little too much sound for this 'little' room. Now in the large arenas, the 2nd half is way better, the sound definitely rocks, because the playlist is definitely made for the very big Stage. I think the 2nd part even would fit into a Stadium. TLS is a great Soundtrack, but it would be the weakest part here.

Jane_Star2016-04-07 09:54:18
@ Hybrid: I have to disagree. A rock concert with Lion King, Gladiator, The Thin Red Line and TDKR-Aurora? I don't think you can call it a rock concert with these choices. This argument doesn't work actually, especially with playing Aurora, which is the most sleepy cue ever from him.

And that TLS doesn't fit in the programm, i have to disagree aswell. Especially with having Tina Guo in there, this was a HUGE chance to play it and to blow everyone out with an emotional cue. If you don't want to play Small Measure of Piece, because it's sleepy, than make a suite with the heroic theme (which can be played a bit rock n roll style) and a solo part with an emotional piece of small measure.

It's just disappointing to see the same track-list as in the Reveal Concert, which looks more lazy then something that wouldn't have worked with the other tracks or style of the concert.

And especially after hearing the fans and their reaction that everyone would have wanted to hear last samurai, is again disappointing. It's not like we're seeing Zimmer many times, maybe it's his last Europe tour ever, and the first time after soooooooooooo many years. Many were looking forward to hear TLS, but sadly he chosed to ignore it.

Ds2016-04-07 10:06:05
Have to agree with Jane_Star: TLS would be as much of a fit as "Da Vinci Code" or "The Thin Red Line" for instance.

Not all pieces from that movie are sleepy. "Spectres In The Fog" could have easily fitted in.

But I wouldn't call it lazy. The "Revealed" shows were kind of a test. It worked well, so they are bringing this show to many more people across Europe. You don't have to consider it as a different concert.

I would have called it "lazy" if Interstellar hadn't been added, though :-p

Frenchans2016-04-07 10:14:52
Totally agree with Jane-Star !
If he plays The Thin Red Line , he may well also play The Last Samurai ! It's a shame ...
Regarding Interstellar, what songs he plays ?

Basejump-6662016-04-07 10:19:56
yup, have also to agree with others about tls. i can't understand that it shouldn't have worked in there when they play da vinci, thin red line, lion king, gladiator and aurora.

to call this choice "lazy" is indeed harsh, but i can understand what he/she is wanting to say with it. in the beginning this concert was advertised as a big concert, and that the revealed concert in comparisson was more like a private and so more rock influenced concert. with this europe tour it was told that we're getting the more bigger one blabla. what we're getting now is, oh well, the revealed concert again haha. and to shut some mouths, they've just put interstellar in there and that's it. so, they haven't really took their time to sit down and to work on something new, or hear the demand of last samurai. instead they just copied the track list what has already been played. to call this lazy, i don't know, but there could have been better choices for sure :)

btw, another tracklist from yesterday:

01. Driving / Discombobulate / Zoosters Breakout
02. Roll Tide / 160 BPM
03. The Wheat
04. Elysium
05. Now We Are Free
06. The Da Vinci Code (Specific song title unknown)
07. Circle Of Life / Under The Stars / Circle Of Life
08. Singapore / Mutiny / He's a Pirate

09. Main Theme (True Romance)
10. Main Theme (Rain Man)
11. What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World?
12. Journey to the Line
13. You're That Spider Guy / Cold War
14. Why So Serious? / Fear Will Find You
15. Aurora
16. Cornfield Chase
17. Stay
18. Dream Is Collapsing
19. Mombasa
20. Time

Ds2016-04-07 10:24:33
Basejump, don't know where you found it, but this tracklist is fake, especially for the Pirates, Batman, Spider-Man and Interstellar ones.

And I can say that just by watching some videos on youtube.

Ds2016-04-07 10:26:38
Frenchans: it appears to be "Day One", "Cornfield Chase"... and FREAKING "NO TIME FOR CAUTION" !!!! :-)

Frenchans2016-04-07 10:44:19
Very good about Interstellar !
Anyone has the real playlist ?

Patrick2016-04-07 10:48:46
For The Last Samurai, which Song would you have replaced from the playlist?

smitty2016-04-07 11:13:13
if you would ask me, than i would kick out The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Elektro) any time out for Last Samurai ^^

smitty2016-04-07 11:27:16
plus, if you look at hybrids track-list, then it would have worked out perfectly after the thin red line. after or before ttrl, no matter. these two scores are working beautifully together, even on a rock concert ;)

Graham2016-04-07 12:30:36
Thank you on the replies
Awww… Wow little disappointed with the playlist.
Was it the full orchestra or just small technical show with guests?
How much would like to hear:-
Rango Suite
The last samurai: a Way of Life, a Hard Teacher, Ronin, Idyll’s End & The Way of the Sword (Hell the whole damn Album)
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Kraken and Davy Jones & Two hornpipes (Tortuga)
Batman begins: Molossus, Barbastella & Eptesicus
TDK: I am Batman & Like a dog chasing Cars
TDKR: Rise, Why do we Fall & Imagine the Fire
Tears of the Sun & BVS remix of Beautiful Lie
The Rock: Hummel gets the Rockets (opening scene)
Man of steel: General Zod & Arcade

Dimitri2016-04-07 13:05:57
spiderman on the tracklist?? and then electro?? aweful choice sorry...
spiderman has its moments, but would have prefered other scores like pearl harbor, king arthur, last samurai, tears of the sun, black hawk down...

@ Hybrid: you say last samurai has no place in a rock concert. but what has this techno music from spiderman to do in a rock concert?

@ Graham: never he would do a remix between BvS and Tears of the sun, because he would literally show the public how identical the themes are hrhrhr

bless_ing2016-04-07 14:02:34
To The Battlefield
Red Warrior
The Final Charge (2nd part)
A Small Measure Of Peace (Ending)

A 12-15min suite with all those cues... I think as well, that those selections would have worked perfectly in this concert.

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to the upcoming concerts and maybe Hans will play a special cue/suite for the German fans :) *fingers crossed*

Hybrid Soldier2016-04-07 14:13:06
Stop the drama about TLS, it's not there, it won't be there... I can name about 25 other things I wanted there which won't be... :P

bless_ing2016-04-07 14:22:34
Also missing: Rush.

Hybrid, if you say it's more like a rock concert, you would admit that "Rush" (the whole Japanese GP sequence, James Gets His Groove Back, .. ) has perfect material for such a concert...

Jane_Star2016-04-07 14:25:00
@ Hybrid:

1. We're frustrated, as we wished to hear that, and through you, our hopes got high that we can listen to it. We are aware now, that it isn't in the show, but don't tell people what they have to say or not. Let people exchange here their emotions and in this fact their frustration.

2. It's a difference what YOU wish and what MANY want. you're ONE person, while in this case with TLS there are MANY people asking for just ONE wish. i think with TLS it was also a symbol for all the other scores which hasn't been considered in the track-list. it would have been a fan-listening, but like said, this opportunity hasn't been considered. who knows, maybe he never heard about the high demand of it. have you really told him, that so many would have wanted to hear it?

trent easton navarro 2016-04-07 14:27:33
Disappointed too see so many people bitching about the setlist.

How many film composers do you know who go on a massive tour like this? We all should be glad Hans is touring in the first place.

Sure, there are things on the setlist I don't care about and like Hybrid said, I could think of at least 25 scores I'd like to hear (Green Card, Broken Arrow and The Peacemaker to name a few). But it's a solid setlist that features films from all periods of Zimmer’s career. I for one can't wait to see this concert in Rotterdam!

But first Brian Tyler in London next month :D

Frenchans2016-04-07 14:46:18
Despite the absence of some major pieces, in my opinion it's a good playlist.

But I think he should propose a survey to get an overview of what is expected by fans.

Ds2016-04-07 16:19:59
It's an AMAZING setlist. I remember the sheer happiness I felt in London in 2014. Stuff may be missing, but it's a damn awesome experience. The quality level is so high that I trust Hans and his team if they chose not to include certain scores.

The purpose is to see Hans performing live and enjoy a great show. Not to hear every single Zimmer score performed live :-)

Ionutz2016-04-11 19:27:21
Hong long does the show/concert last? Thanks.

Hybrid Soldier2016-04-11 21:08:03
Count 2h30 with the intermission.

bro2016-04-13 01:08:30
lol @ the idiots crying about tls, give me a fucking break. It's not even that memorable. The best parts were reworked into batman begins. He's not going to play it.

Ds2016-04-13 09:57:06
Lol @ bro who arrives one full week after the last complaint, brings it up and asks for a "fucking break".

Edmund Meinerts2016-04-13 10:28:19
The Last Samurai and Batman Begins? WTF :p

Ds2016-04-13 11:39:59
Yeah right, lol @ that too :-D

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