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The whole movie needs to be completed within only 2 months, that is why it has 3 directors, 2 composers and loads of other people dealing with their own parts.Yeah no I don't have translated titles.<br><br>There's also a song out, roughly translated "Heroes Anthem" or "Ode to Heroes", by Tan Weiwei which Andrew did Synth arrangments on.<br><br>And there's also a second score album containing Roc Chen's score (movie apparently has a shitload of directors (lol) and had 2 composers).<br><br><br>China is very complicated as usual !! lolI don't speak Chinese. But I google translated it.<br><br>Overture (with lines) (2:35) <br>King Kong River (3:55) <br>Operator (1:38) <br>Crossing the Bridge (1:08) <br>B29 Incendiary (2:24) <br>Attacking Again (3:26) <br>God of Death (5) :22) <br>Brotherhood (2:13) <br>To die (2:51) <br>The gunner is in place (6:24) <br>Ignite (2:49) <br>To sacrifice life (2:07) <br>Miracle (2:51) <br>Overture (No lines version) ( 2:37)What are Andrew's actual track titles for this? I'd rather have English titles that I can understand and fit with my library.Unfortunately there is no plan to have that one out internationally... :/
Fire in Paradise (2019) is one of the most scary and disturbing documentary I have ever seen.<br><br>Can't wait to see this one and how life and hope prevail upon disaster.<br><br><br>20 years ago this month, already !<br><br>What a journey is has been since that memorable night.<br><br>Cheers.<br>WE NEED HANS & CHRIS BACK TOGETHER!<br>Iím afraid that Ludwig would be replacing Hans for good, nothing against Ludwig, but Hans is irreplaceable.Next week if everything goes as planned ! lolWhen?! That is amazing!
Coming soon<br><br>https:/ / jpg&name=mediumI'm checking with Andrew the availability of this.Track list: <br>1. &#24207;&#26354; (&#24102;&#21488;&#35789;&#29256;) (02:35)<br>2. &#25509;&#32447;&#21592; (01:38)<br>3. &#37329;&#21018;&#24029; (03:55)<br>4. &#36807;&#26725; (01:08)<br>5. B29&#29123;&#28903;&#24377; (02:24)<br>6. &#20877;&#27425;&#34989;&#20987; (03:26)<br>7. &#20007;&#38376;&#31070; (05:22)<br>8. &#20804;&#24351;&#24773; (02:13)<br>9. &#36212;&#27515; (02:51)<br>10. &#28846;&#25163;&#23601;&#20301; (06:24)<br>11. &#28857;&#28779; (02:49)<br>12. &#33293;&#29983;&#21462;&#20041; (02:07)<br>13. &#22855;&#36857; (02:51)<br>14. &#24207;&#26354; (&#26080;&#21488;&#35789;&#29256;) (02:37)<br>No English translation version for now.<br>I guess it's only avaliable in China, for now at least. The movie was released yesterday.Were exactly?
Andrew Kawczynski's The Sacrifice soundtrack has released in China.Please, please do a U.S. tour!Will the SpongeBob Movie - Sponge On The Run get a release?This sounds wonderful:<br><br>"Super Extra Deluxe End Credits Suite."I really hooe it will come out at the beginning of november and not the end!

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Henry JackmanHalli CautheryAlex BelcherMatthew K. Justmann
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicMusic Production Services
Captain America - Civil War
Label: Hollywood Records
Length: 69'09 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (16107 votes)
  1. Siberian Overture (2:56)
    Henry Jackman
  2. Lagos (2:10)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery, Alex Belcher, Jack Dolman
  3. Consequences (2:22)
    Henry Jackman
  4. Ancestral Call (2:37)
    Henry Jackman
  5. Zemo (3:09)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  6. The Tunnel (3:51)
    Henry Jackman
  7. Celestial Bodies (1:44)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  8. Boot Up (5:16)
    Henry Jackman
  9. A New Recruit (1:47)
    Henry Jackman
  10. Stepping Up (1:59)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  11. Standoff (4:01)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  12. Civil War (4:26)
    Henry Jackman
  13. Larger Than Life (3:40)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  14. Catastrophe (2:36)
    Henry Jackman
  15. Revealed (5:38)
    Henry Jackman
  16. Making Amends (1:34)
    Henry Jackman
  17. Fracture (4:00)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  18. Clash (3:54)
    Henry Jackman
  19. Closure (5:32)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  20. Cap's Promise (3:46)
    Henry Jackman
  21. Adagio (2:18)
    Henry Jackman
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johny555 reply Replies: 5 || 2020-01-16 21:47:14
I might get hate for this and Desplat might be a cool guy, but I have no idea why he gets so many Oscar nominations... please donīt kill me

NotSoAnonymous2020-01-17 04:21:32
Meh, you're not alone. Not a big fan of Desplat, especially when it comes to his contributions to pre-established franchises.

Edmund Meinerts2020-01-17 12:18:32
It largely has to do with the types of films he scores.

Bill Koufo2020-01-18 14:41:36
Exactly @Edmund. You don't have to write a great score to get nominated, your score can be at least decent. It's the movie that needs to be critically acclaimed.

Ds2020-01-18 17:13:07
@Bill Koufo: it depends... Look at 'Passengers'. Critics didn't like it very much, but it got nominated for best score, because a part of the voters just LOVE Thomas Newman to death, and HAVE to nominate him no matter what.

So it's a mix of the movie's popularity with critics, and the composer's popularity with voters. But in all cases it has very little to do with the music itself.

MrZimmerFan2020-01-18 18:58:24
And that's why JNH never got a nomination for The Last Airbender.

Instead they nominated two and a half good scores. And win the worst one that year.

Iamtommie44 reply Replies: 13 || 2020-01-14 06:59:39
I just saw the Special Look for Black Widow.
At the end it is announced that Alexandre Desplat is scoring the film

Kovarsson2020-01-14 10:42:51
Saw that too and I think that it is a good choice.
Also Hybrid I know that this is stupid question and anyone can edit IMDb but I saw that Ramin Djawadi is tapped for Eternals, any info about that?

But also I saw onw time that Joe trapanese was also listed for Eternals.

Macejko2020-01-14 12:03:29
I have trouble deciding if I care less about Jackman or about Desplat.

mpolonest123 2020-01-14 18:03:12
Thatís actually not a bad choice. Desplat has a strong writing style usually, and while I do think his action music can be hit or miss I feel like he will deliver some interesting Ďflavorí to this score.

Edmund Meinerts2020-01-14 20:39:47
I'm excited by the choice. Love Desplat or not (I don't love him, but I do respect him), but one thing that's for certain is he won't just deliver a standard forgettable Tyler/Silvestri/Giacchino-style Marvel superhero score.

Shince Thomas 2020-01-15 05:04:46
Silvestri's score was forgettable? Really? Tyler's maybe but Giacchino and Silvestri gave the mcu their tone and sound .

Mephariel2020-01-15 06:30:32
Edmund, I think I have the opposite opinion. I love Desplat, but only if he is scoring Little Women or The Shape of Water. I never like any of his action scores. Full of aimless notes, lack of clear melodies, dense but unmemorable.

MrZimmerFan2020-01-15 11:51:07
I'm opposite, Desplat is a great composer, among my favorites.

The Golden Compass, Godzilla, The Imitation Game, Hostage, Largo Winch, Birth, The Painted Veil, Firewall (such underrated action score, period, very Goldsmithian), The Shape of Water, The Girl with the Pearl Earring...

Bill Koufo2020-01-15 11:52:57
The Deathly Hallows, Valerian and Godzilla by Desplat had quite memorable melodies IMO.

MrZimmerFan2020-01-15 11:59:58
Oh, shit, i forgot Valerian, such an amazing epic/space score.


Hybrid Soldier2020-01-15 12:33:33
Last time Disney hired Desplat, he ended up... not doing the score at all...

Edmund Meinerts2020-01-15 18:46:32
Shince, outside of the admittedly great main theme I do find Silvestri's Avengers music to be fairly forgettable...the sort of standard watered down orchestral sound that Marvel loves, not badly composed or anything but not particularly distinctive and a bit disappointing coming from a composer who in the past was capable of stuff like Judge Dredd, The Mummy Returns or Van Helsing.

Mephariel2020-01-15 19:30:37
I also want to remind people that Cate Shortland is directing this film. This is a director that said James Horner destroyed the movie Avatar with his manipulative music.

I wouldn't be surprised if most of the music is more tame without melodies. But then again, Disney is really the composer here, not Desplat.

Meta2020-01-16 02:26:59
meh to desplat. this score needs jackman...

Mr.Unbreakable reply Replies: 13 || 2019-10-13 07:51:19
Henry Jackman seems to be composing Black Widow, it's great news. The bad thing is that Joseph Trapanese composes The Eternals, would have preferred Powell or has one of the Gregson Williams brothers (preferably Harry).

ThePhantasm2019-10-13 21:24:28
John Powell composing the eternals would be a dream come true. Itíd be so amazing. I also want Lorne to compose a super hero movie but he has yet to do one which is very odd considering how popular he is

Mr.Unbreakable2019-10-14 04:34:43
I would love to see Lorne in a superhero movie, but the truth is that his calendar is very changing and that is not good, since it gives the feeling that one day he is making a movie and the next day a different one, and it gives me the feeling that you don't just squeeze the potential of a movie. (I prefer to make a series and a movie and make it spectacular, to make eight movies like Gemini man)

Peter2019-10-14 07:48:20
Whatís wrong with Gemini Man?

James2019-10-14 15:28:59
How many films has Balfeís done this year ?

Jean-Luc2019-10-14 16:02:08
@James Lorne did 7 films this year and last project will be 6 Underground in December 2019. Also, He has 9 projects with 6 films and 2 tv shows, I checked out from his IMDB with upcoming projects.

Jean-Luc2019-10-14 16:04:33
I mean 7 films and 2 tv shows from his IMDB with upcoming projects.

Peter2019-10-14 17:32:10
He has only had two films get released though this year ?What has IMDB got to do with it ?

John G.2019-10-14 18:54:40
Iíve talked to Lorne (we follow each other on Instagram), he says heís very open to doing a superhero movie.

Plus, Henry Jackman tackling Black Widow isnít a surprise, but itís pleasant news indeed. Heís scored for her during Winter Soldier, so I hope we get an expansion of whatever thematic material there was for her in the Captain America films.

P.S, itís long overdue for Powell to score another superhero movie. X3: The Last Stand is a solid score and Iíd like to hear his ideas for a MARVEL or DC film.

ThePhantasm2019-10-15 05:30:27
John powell is flying lowkey now which sucks, His X3 score is just jaw dropping. The Eternals would be perfect for him cause he'd make it epic but Joseph Trapanese is scoring that Surprised Jablonsky hasn't tackled DC or Marvel yet either

Shince Thomas 2019-10-15 07:50:55
I was hoping for Ramin Djawadi to compose The Eternals, well Joseph Trapanese is a good composer so its good news.

Mr.Unbreakable2019-10-15 17:01:30
I think Lorne already has enough noise behind her, for my liking I should start to give way to quality instead of quantity.

MrZimmerFan2019-10-15 18:15:41
Isn't his problem when people like Bruckheimer wanted a specific sound and give no freedom in his movies.

He works for what is given.

Jeff2019-10-16 21:54:18
Jackman's name has been taken off the IMDb page for Black Widow, so might just be one of those typical IMDb errors (I remember they had him up as the composer for Mission: Impossible - Fallout too).

Michael Baker reply Replies: 0 || 2019-04-29 09:55:29
I liked Henry Jackman's Captain America scores for what they were and how they worked in the film. Especially Civil War. But I can't say I was mad when Alan Silvestri definitively brought his own Cap theme back for Endgame, even if it was a copy and paste job in its big appearances.

I still think Jackman should have modernized Alan Silvestri's theme while keeping the tune. At any rate, to me, the return to the original theme for Endgame gave everything a sense of closure, and it was well done.

Meta reply Replies: 1 || 2016-06-19 16:26:22
May I?

With the exception of the 2-note "Aliens" theme for Zemo,

the entire score's themes can be heard in the actual "Cap's Promise" track. That little ditty pieces together all the different themes used throughout out the movie. Just have a listen yourself and you can hear them.

is it brilliant? Meh...I dont care for the simple themes - they dont gel with me - but hey its effective AND compartmentalized.

Maggs2016-12-26 19:55:14
I heard the 2 note. Kept humming it through the movie trying to figure it out. The scene with the other assassin's in tubes reminded me of Aliens and it all clicked!

Frank reply Replies: 3 || 2016-10-02 01:36:36
Hybrid, will they release Henry's score for The Birth of A Nation?

Hybrid Soldier2016-10-02 10:07:24
I talked to Henry's team, since Birth & Jack Reacher 2 are getting out very soon and still no word on releases, and apparently it's in the works right now for both... :)

Frank2016-10-03 06:22:05
I asked cuz I saw a sneak screening and the music is very different from Henry's usual style. Hope the release won't be another 12 Years A Slave.

Hybrid Soldier2016-10-11 00:30:20
From what I gathered both scores are supposed to come out digitally at the end of the week...

Joseph Solano reply Replies: 1 || 2016-10-04 03:32:35
Hybrid, is Jackman in discussion for any other Marvel projects? And is there any reason why the Russos didn't pick him for Infinity War? Was he even asked?

Brent2016-10-04 05:04:19
Good question... I've been wondering this myself...

Joseph Solano reply Replies: 2 || 2016-09-11 21:20:20
Anything on the complete score yet?

Cameron2016-09-12 04:27:09
Nothing yet. These things usually never come within a year of the film's release.

Joseph Solano2016-09-26 00:29:34
@Camerone SHIT!!!

Dimitris Krommidas reply Replies: 3 || 2016-09-20 17:32:31
Very glad he is composing the score for Kong:Skull Island.

Macejko2016-09-20 22:44:35
I'm not.

Everan2016-09-21 17:27:08
You never are lol

Edmund Meinerts2016-09-21 18:07:38
Only for Djawadi.

Chimmy reply Replies: 0 || 2016-08-07 18:42:36
Can anyone have a solo of the theme played during black panther scene and also at the very end of post credits showing wakanda

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 1 || 2016-06-28 13:04:13
Composers details !

Mike2016-06-28 15:36:15
As I suspected, a lot more "solo Jackman" credits here than in Winter Soldier.

Aman reply Replies: 3 || 2016-05-24 23:38:21
Hey guys what's the song when Steve and Nat are hugging??

Jay the Dinosaur2016-05-27 02:44:52
It's apart of the complete score.

Brent2016-05-27 04:21:11
It's very similar to "An Old Friend" from the Winter Soldier soundtrack.

Aman2016-06-19 15:36:42
And it's pat of which score. I've heard the soundtrack a million times and I'm still having trouble figuring it out

Brent reply Replies: 5 || 2016-06-07 04:12:25
So, it's been reported by "" that he'll return for the Avengers: Infinity War movies. Does anyone know if this is this true, or simply a hoax? Because, I may be in the absolute minority here, but I'd love to see Jackman get the gig.

Saurabh2016-06-07 08:13:46
I think Jackman did ok but Silvestri's return is exciting.

trent easton navarro2016-06-07 20:52:22
Considering it's Silvesti's official website, it's obviously not a hoax. I'm a big Silvestri fan, but besides the main theme, I wasn't that impressed with his score for The Avengers. But the same goes for Brian Tyler, love his work, but didn't like his score for AoU.

Everan2016-06-07 22:28:51
It's gonna be a whopper!! Can't wait, the Avengers theme and the action music is one of my all-time faves.

Edmund Meinerts2016-06-07 23:35:32
It is Silvestri's site, but the source they quote is nothing more or less than good ol' trusty IMDB, so I don't consider this "confirmed" yet or anything. Wait and see what happens I'd suggest.

Still, I wouldn't mind Silvestri returning. His Avengers score isn't the best, but he's been kind of MIA for a while, at least on large-scale projects, and I miss his voice.

Mike2016-06-08 16:43:46
Thematic consistency within the Avengers movies? I'll take it! I wasn't the biggest fan of the first Avengers score either, but hey, if Marvel is finally taking steps to at least cement the Avengers films together musically, that's good by me.

Johnny reply Replies: 7 || 2016-05-15 22:27:08
Everyone who is reviewing this thing factually, who pretends to know what they're talking about makes me and many others cringe.

I mean for Christs sake, just say whether you like it or not. Maybe mention a few tracks and what you sections of it you like. Don't try to analytically deconstruct the compositions down using big musical terms you looked up on google. Cringe level is beyond 10 right now.

Paul2016-05-15 22:29:56
I actually agree with this

John2016-05-15 22:30:47
its the internet man, what do you expect? lol it is kinda cringe though

Anonymous2016-05-15 22:41:53
LOL, you're not wrong, but some people feel the need to just make huge reviews on a comments page where you don't need to log on also when they say thing is objectively bad and they dont realize that its all opinions lol

mi2016-05-16 05:46:43
"I mean for Christs sake, just say whether you like it or not."

Why do you get to set the terms for the discussion?

It'd be a pretty boring comments section if we all just said "I like it" or "I don't like it" - which is ultimately, sure, all it comes down to.

Okay, you can't "reason" someone into liking or disliking a piece of music. That doesn't mean it's impossible to de-construct a score. Believe it or not, not all opinions are equal, even when discussing subjective topics.

No one cares about our opinions on a stupid comments section and that's the way it should be. So what's the point in taking these stupid moral high ground positions - "it's all just opinions!!" - and?????? Why not actually offer something to the discussion.

I found the score, and the film, fairly forgettable for the record. I might be getting Marvel'd-out because I did enjoy the last one.

Juanito2016-05-17 02:21:31
@mi I feel like your entire paragraph was a straw man argument

The person who wrote the top wrote you can write about the sections you like. I think he was more talking about people who try to sound like they've majored in music theory.

anyways, i personally found the soundtrack, pretty bad imo, only track i enjoyed was clash because of its connection to the scene. the movie was pretty bad too tbh fam.

Spence922016-05-20 03:55:15
Sorry, Johnny. As a musician/composer I personally find simple "like it/dislike it" to be summaries that don't quite do justice to the heart of the music. Music is more than emotional expression, there is technical prowess and thought that goes into it, especially in film scoring where the music is specifically designed to influences the audiences emotions in parallel to the visual story. It's fun to analysis why a composer did this or that, what he thinking was. Besides just, "I liked this part because I felt things."

I would argue that to simply say, "I like it/I dislike it" while fine as an opinion, doesn't totally get into the nitty gritty about what about the music makes you enjoy it. Thus eliminating any kind of friendly conversation of debate.
For example, I did like this score, but I personally found Zemo's theme didn't quite fit the character, to me. Someone will no doubt disagree, thus allowing a conversation to begin about whether or not they thought the theme fit Zemo. This will then build each of our knowledge and understanding about themes for a villian or antihero and the musicality to apply to each. I also would have loved to hear more themes from previous MCU films, but having had conversations about that with people, I've actually learned more about the business/legal end of the Marvel/Disney music spectrum that I didn't know and have applied into my own work and musical knowledge.

Friendly conversation and debate is healthy. It makes you think about your own opinions and lets you empathize with someone else's opinions. Something a simple "I like it/dislike it" can't quite achieve, because it doesn't dig deep enough. Am I saying, one should feel shame for saying "I like it/diskile it?" Not at all. But you shouldn't make those who do want to have these debates, feel bad about having those debates. Some people like simple analysis, some like deeper. Unfortunately, on the internet, debate turns into mud slinging arguments very easily, but if the debaters verbalizes their opinions properly, then you might find less aggression and more learning through shared experience. Which I personally quite enjoy and grow from.

Edmund Meinerts2016-05-20 14:18:37
Great post, Spence. I concur 100%.

Captain Deadpool reply Replies: 2 || 2016-05-18 17:52:50
Am I the only one who noticed a musical cue for Ant-Man ?
It can be heard at 1:54 in "Standoff", at 2:17 and 4:06 in "Civil War" and at the beginning of "Larger than Life"

ZekeWars0102016-05-19 02:17:47
I hear it slightly. But the cue at the beginning of "Larger Than Life" is a variation of Spider-Man's Theme.

Edmund Meinerts2016-05-19 12:28:45
Isn't that just this score's new Cap theme?

ZekeWars010 reply Replies: 6 || 2016-05-02 17:58:54
I heard the entire soundtrack and I have a lot of things to say.
The Positives:
1. Jackman cutting down on the electronic elements and focusing more on a good old-fashioned orchestral style. It resembles his work in X-Men: First Class than The Winter Soldier.

2. The new themes are pretty damn good. The themes for Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Zemo are fantastic. I have complaints, but Iíll save that for later.

3. The Civil War Theme is borderline perfection.

4. The action cues donít drag on, nor do they go by very quickly.

5. Even if they donít appear often, I love the little nods to the Winter Soldier and Cap themes.

The Negatives:
1. Tracks such as ďConsequencesĒ ďRevealedĒ and ďFractureĒ donít add much for me.

2. Despite not seeing the film, the track ďThe TunnelĒ sounds 100% different then the clip I saw. And it isnít as good.

3. A severe lack of musical coherency. But then again, I should have expected this. Ignoring the fact that Brian Tylerís Iron Man 3 theme, Christophe Beckís Ant Man theme, and Alan Silvestriís Captain America theme are not used, Jackman sparingly uses his own themes (Winter Soldier and Cap) and doesnít even bring back his own themes for Black Widow and Falcon. Seriously, that Falcon theme was awesome.

4. A massive lack of development of new themes. With the exception of the Civil War and Zemo themes, the new themes, as much as I love them, are not developed. Theyíre pretty much motifs. I was hoping to get tracks completely dedicated to Spider-Man and Black Panther, but sadly, I didnít. Once again, I like them, but they arenít developed enough.

5. The Spider-Man theme is good, but it sounds a lot like Han Zimmerís. Still good though.

Overall, I really like this soundtrack. It has its ups and it has its downs, but it is still very well made. Despite the underdeveloped themes, and the lack of returning ones, Jackman has delivered an intense, heroic, and surprisingly emotional musical score. I canít whether or not where it ranks with all of the scores in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I enjoy better than the scores for Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Ant Man. So far, itís under The Avengers, Captain America, and The Winter Soldier. Hopefully after I see the film, I will find a larger appreciation for it. Overall, A-

Favorite Tracks:
1. Standoff
2. Civil War
3. Capís Promise
4. Lagos
5. Larger Than Life
6. New Recruit
7. Clash
8. Zemo
9. The Tunnel
10. Ancestral Call

*Note: Can someone tell me what the hell the Iron Man theme is?

jewen2016-05-03 19:36:31

Wich track of the album have the Spider Theme?

ZekeWars0102016-05-03 20:10:25

The tracks that the Spider-Man theme appears on are:

1. New Recruit
2. Standoff
3. Civil War
4. Larger Than Life

It's six notes. Bum bum bum! Bum bum bum! You'll know it when you hear it.

Saurabh2016-05-03 20:48:36
The new Iron Man theme is in Making Amends I believe. Wonderful track btw, only should've been longer. That's my gripe with this one. The new themes are pretty solid but too short. It was the same problem I had with TWS.

Tom2016-05-07 02:46:05
Iron Man's theme is in Making Amends. And the Spidey theme appears at 1:02 in Larger Than Life.

Jake2016-05-15 22:15:18
Zeke, I like your opinion on the soundtrack.

However, not to be rude, I'm not sure "musical coherency" was a good choice of words. Other than that, good stuff.

ZekeWars0102016-05-16 20:17:45
+Jake Thanks man.

Paul reply Replies: 10 || 2016-04-27 05:01:35
Are any of Silvestri's themes used?

Talon2016-04-27 07:06:08
Why are you so annoying people? Silvestri score for the first movie is shit.

Spence2016-04-27 09:08:11
On the contrary, it's the best MCU score still to date. Harkens back to classic superhero and patriotic war scores, combining them with modern cinematic flairs. The orchestration is beyond anything the other MCU scores have come close to achieving (followed closely by Elfman's Avengers stuff and Criag Armstrongs Hulk). The theme is the most iconic of all the Marvel themes (behind maybe the Avengers) and works in patriotic form, action form, emotional form, and all and in between. While all things evolve with time - and film music is no stranger to that - there's a reason why certain scores span the test of time and why certain themes outlive others. Silvestri's scores do exactly that. By the sample music above, you can tell Jackman feels the same. This music is a wonderful blend of Silvestri and Jackman's Cap scores from the previous two films, interwoven with the harmonic and melodic phrasings of Silvestri and Elfman's Avengers themes and orchestration that nearly captures the magic of Silvestri and Horner, infused with the modern "rockestration" popularized with the Remote Control team. By the way, Silvestri's Predator score is the reason Jackman decided to become a film composer, making the sound heard in this score all the more poetic. No, sir, Silvestri's score does not, as you so basically put it, "suck." It is one of the greatest superhero scores of the 21st century, you might need to take a few more listens or views to fully appreciate it

Macejko2016-04-27 10:49:15
No, Silvestri's score is really bad and his Cap theme is annoying to listen to. Best MCU score by far is Patrick Doyle's Thor.

Miralsice2016-04-27 11:44:17
I wish that Doyle return in Thor: Ragnarok and create most dark soundtrack of all Marvel soundtrack's. Because, come on it is Ragnarok - the darkest event in Norse mythology. Destruction of Asgard, death of the gods and all like this. The most dark movie in Marvel histroy.
But then Marvel said that there will be more humor, because of the story, that's too dark, and I lost all my hopes(

Edmardo Meinerts2016-04-28 00:01:30
Silvestri's Cap score is decent, but everything pales compared to ANT-MAN!

Edmund Meinerts2016-04-28 10:44:26
I love this exchange. Spence puts up a spirited, well-reasoned defense of Silvestri's Cap score, Macejko responds with "nope, it's bad and annoying to listen to." Gold. :P

And Miralsice, seriously, who needs more "dark" these days?

Mike2016-04-28 15:41:24
Even if I hated Silvestri's theme (which I don't, I really like it), I would want to hear it incorporated to demonstrate music consistency. If another composer were to have taken over for Civil War, I'd have wanted Jackman's less-than-inspired themes used, too. These themes *should* represent the musical DNA of the characters to me, and while characters may mature and evolve, they certainly don't completely become someone else (which a totally new musical identity seems to suggest).

Miralsice2016-04-30 19:19:58
Apparently Marvel don't like dark, but nevertheless they have created the Winter Soldier, which was darker than all their previous films. Hope the Civil War will be the same.

Jake2016-05-15 22:22:16
I love how you idiots argue over taste, which is by the way, subjective! Can you believe that? People can like different things? I also love how @Macejko tries to come off as factual, as if his opinion suddenly makes him the all mighty god of music. I'm sure your internet credentials make you veerry credible. Point is, make your opinions sound like opinions so you don't come across sounding ignorant!

Oh and just for the record,personally,I don't really enjoy either.

Macejko2016-05-16 09:21:39
Actually, I am God. Alpha and Omega and all that jazz. Now calm down, my son.

Jetinha reply Replies: 0 || 2016-05-16 08:29:53
Here I come deconstructing the score, try not to cringe.

Henry Jackman's 8 note descending Civil War theme is actually a continuation of a 4 note segment of Danny Elfman's Age of Ultron theme.

Listen to New Avengers - Avengers: Age of Ultron 1:31, then listen to Cap's Promise 2:24. Also compare New Avengers - Avengers: Age of Ultron 2:29 to Cap's Promise 3:11.

I find that quite clever.

Macejko reply Replies: 5 || 2016-05-09 14:04:57
I've heard this score three times... and I am completely unable to identify any of the themes you guys are mentioning here. Spidey's theme? Black Panther theme? New Iron Man theme? Where? There is nothing in the entire score distinctive enough to warrant a "theme-status", except for the stuff (as bland as it may be) we already know from Winter Soldier.

This score is a mess. An unfocused mess, a mishmash of brief melodies that go nowhere. It's Jackman just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping that something'll stick. But it doesnt't. There is nothing. Not even the Winter Soldier theme is there, which was arguably the most recognizable part of the previous score.

I don't care if he uses a rich orchestration - there are no strong melodies/themes to attach the orchestra to. It's like having a bunch of strong muscles... but without a proper skeleton to support it.

Meta2016-05-09 15:35:25
Caps Promise and Zemo's theme are the only two prominent memorable themes on the score.

Pity Cap's Promise only lasts 2 minutes long (end credits theme), is the best cue on the entire album, and is never used throughout the movie.

Edmund Meinerts2016-05-09 15:46:17
I think of all the motifs here, the Civil War theme is the most distinctive. The one that gets a big dramatic statement about a minute into the track of that name (or 5:50 of the suite provided here). That moment is great in the film, too.

Other than that, I agree that most of the other motifs struggle very much to distinguish themselves from each other, though. You hear the phrase "style over substance" used a lot, but I'd say this score is the opposite - substance over style. I can't hear anything for Black Panther other than some vague ethnic wtoodwind textures. Spidey's theme I think is the one that sounds like Kingsman. I can't hear anything for Iron Man whatsoever.

MB2016-05-10 18:20:22
The new Civil War theme (5:50 of the suite provided here) sounds exactly like Basil Poledouris's Under Siege 2 Dark Territory main theme. For example track Casey On War I (01:47 - 01:57).

tomPoland2016-05-11 07:18:32
Agree. Such an opportunity wasted. HJ didn't use any of heroes theme outside of CA and WS. Ant-Man, Iron Man, Avengers - their themes are already there, all he needed is just to reach and embed them in the score. Shame.

ZekeWars0102016-05-13 15:24:36
+Macejko Spider-Man's Theme was pretty spectacular. His theme is 6 notes. It stands out to me. You can hear it in tracks New Recruit, Standoff, Civil War, Larger Than Life, and, Catastrophe. Bum bum bum, bum bum bum! You can't miss it. But I agree with you on Black Panther's Theme, it's barley there. Iron Man's is in Civil War, Making Amends, Clash, and Cap's Promise.

FC117 reply Replies: 0 || 2016-05-10 11:56:26
The trailer theme isn't even on here.&#128545;&#128545;&#128545;&#128078;&#127996;&#128078;& #127996;&#128078;&#127996;

FC117 reply Replies: 0 || 2016-05-10 11:54:01
I have to agree with macejko.

Jack Afrogarrix reply Replies: 2 || 2016-05-07 03:14:10
Orchestral + Electronic Again Is Cool With Civil War Theme,Thanks For Returning The Soundtrack Henry Jackman

meta2016-05-07 15:10:42
i only have this to say:

"Adagio" is the music played when Stark views the tape

and its also played on the track "revealed"

i dont see whats so significant about this basic tension piece when clearly the best track of the score is cap's promise, which has the best theme of the score: the final 2 minutes.

why this piece wasnt used throughout the movie, or expanded on album is beyond me, considering Adagio.....

Medigo2016-05-07 15:42:13
I thought "fractured" was the theme that played for the tape scene
allthough as I mentioned below, the movie version was edited a little

Jack Afrogarrix reply Replies: 1 || 2016-05-05 21:22:48
I Like The Soundtrack Of Captain America Music By Henry Jackman This Music Is Like The Style Of The Avengers But Better &#128515;&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;

Cameron2016-05-06 16:56:35
Somebody had their energy drinks.

Jack Afrogarrix reply Replies: 0 || 2016-05-05 21:22:47
I Like The Soundtrack Of Captain America Music By Henry Jackman This Music Is Like The Style Of The Avengers But Better &#128515;&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;

AnaelFrenchGuy reply Replies: 1 || 2016-05-03 22:40:32
A lot of missing parts :/ The staircase fight scene, the actual tunnel chase (check the clip on youtube...), the helicopter scene...important pieces however.

Medigo2016-05-03 23:29:37
when you have only one CD to work with
you put in what you can get
and clearly they decided the airport fight deserved most of the attention

Not sure what the Tunnel music is all about
some last minute reworking?
the Fractured Theme also seems to have been given more 'heartbeats' in the movie

MB reply Replies: 0 || 2016-05-03 12:47:57
This new theme in Clash, Cap's Promise and some others sounds exactly like Basil Poledouris's Under Siege 2 Dark Territory main theme. For example track Casey On War I (01:47 - 01:57).

mpolonest123 reply Replies: 6 || 2016-04-30 01:13:48
My initial impressions after one listen:

I really love that Jackman took the opportunity to distinguish this score from TWS (which I do enjoy). Instead of completely rehashing the style/themes, or fully abandoning the concepts, he managed to find a perfect middle ground which feels like a natural progression of the music. Both The Winter Soldier and Cap's themes actually get development, something I was initially worried about.

In regards to the orchestrations and themes, the bombastic approach works really well! While there is nothing as powerful as The Causeway or Taking a Stand, the action cues shine. Kudos for the interplay between themes! The end result is a score that is far more varied in style than TWS was. Even the new themes introduced are pretty strong.

Now the bullshit; Why the FUCK can Marvel not understand thematic consistency? One of the better things about Age of Ultron was the integration and development of the existing themes in the universe. Here, neither Iron Man's nor The Avengers themes get any mention at all (outside of a few small hints here and there). This is what kills the score for me. Hopefully the film tracks in some music to fill in the gaps.

So yeah, this is a mixed bag. On one hand it's a pretty heroic and developed score. On the other, it's a HUGELY missed opportunity. Oh well, here's hoping Infinity Wars fixes this issue.

*Side Note: Is it just me or does the orchestrated version of Winter Soldiers theme (Overture, Adagio) sound like Morricone's The Thing?

Edmund Meinerts2016-04-30 01:31:54
So that's two people so far describing "The Causeway" as "powerful", for me that was one of the worst cues from TWS!

mpolonest1232016-04-30 03:25:11
@Edmund The album version sure. The film version however... :D

I will say Into the Fray is the best cue from that score. Falcon's theme is just badass, I don't think Jackman brought it back here.

KL2016-04-30 14:20:26
@Edmund Meinerts, because you are a closed minded and you only accept music in orchestral style.

If you don't like The Causeway stop listening music please, you know NOTHING about composition secuences.

Ah, and by the way, I assume you are a person who thinks that metalcore, industrial, deathmetal and similar genres are just noise. Like I said, you know nothing, and this is why the "amateur critic" is so irrelevant.

Edmund Meinerts2016-04-30 14:34:15
Thanks for making a bunch of bullshit assumptions about me based on exactly nothing at all.

Some of my absolute favorite film music is heavily electronic. I adore Daft Punk's Tron Legacy score. I love what John Powell has done with the Bourne series, and in general, anything he does with electronics works. I think the techno-influenced stuff in the Matrix scores (Reloaded in particular) is phenomenal. So is the electronica in David Arnold's Bond scores. So is the opening action cue ("Touge") from Brian Tyler's third Fast and Furious score. Those scores work for me, not because they are either electronic or orchestral, but because they combine the two brilliantly to create something totally new, unique and memorable.

When I listen to The Causeway I don't hear anything like that. I hear a wailing screech effect, off-the-shelf drum loops, bland ostinatos and tired Inception-style foghorn blasts. It's as unpleasant and generic a modern action cue as you could possibly hope never to hear. With the possible exception of the screech, you could transpose it into pretty much any other modern action movie without anybody noticing the difference. Electronic, orchestral, it doesn't matter - I don't like The Causeway because it's simply not good music to me.

Edmardo Meinerts2016-05-01 23:49:29

The Causeway is a waste of sonic space and I'm sorry for your ears.
Although Falcon's theme is solid. It actually does appear in little snips in Civil War.

Medigo2016-05-02 14:10:47
again, are you talking about the album version? because that (annoyingly) gutted the full track
Maybe its just that recurring motif in The Causeway that I like so much(which is IMO pretty unique and I wish it came back to Civil War somehow), or that it works so well for the scene
But I too think its one of the more powerful pieces on the full soundtrack

However I will admit that its not easily accessible and that I understand why some cant stand to listen to it
But that doesnt make it objectively bad

Jetinha reply Replies: 6 || 2016-05-01 11:39:02
After watching the movie and listening to the soundtrack, I was initially disappointed that only the electronic Winter Soldier theme returned.

However, after a few repeated listens, I suspect that the Captain America 3 theme (as heard in Cap's Promise) is the major key version of the minor key Captain America 2 theme (as heard in Taking A Stand).

Miralsice2016-05-01 11:57:29
What about the theme of Spider Man? Is it good or bad? Is it on soundtrack or it appears only in the movie?

Jetinha2016-05-01 16:00:47
There is a Spiderman theme, but it's a short snippet, sounds distantly like the Danny Elfman string arrangement combined with the Hans Zimmer horn motif.

...2016-05-01 22:49:20
You mean the last part New Recruit?

I don't really hear Zimmer's trumpet theme but I agree about the elfman strings. However I kind of hear an avengers 2 motif

Edmardo Meinerts2016-05-01 23:50:54
It's literally a combination of the Zimmer trumpet fanfare, the closing measure of Brian Tyler's Iron Man Theme, and the Elfman swirly strings. It kind of works. It's ALL OVER the middle section of the soundtrack, introduced in "New Recruit."

Miralsice2016-05-02 01:54:55
Thanks for the answer Jetinha. Although I expect that the Spider Man theme will stand out of soundtrack, just like "The Smithsonian" on The Winter Soldier soundtrack. Anyway, I hope that in the film it would sound interesting.

Jetinha2016-05-02 13:46:53
Now that I listen again, the Spiderman theme does get a lot of highlight in the airport fight cue "Standoff".

Miralsice reply Replies: 0 || 2016-05-01 12:04:59
By the way, i listen suite and i like it. There are some realy great moments. Particularly at 5:50 in the suite; very old fashioned - a four note descending motif that goes through some modulations I don't think we've heard from a mainstream Hollywood score in twenty years. Hope it will be great not only in the context of the film but also separately.

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