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Nothing against Balfe, but Rabin is much better choiceCan confirm is in the albumavailable in nz itunes store. on the cover its correct now....motion picture score.My guess is that Lorne Balfe will take over scoring duties, its being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer again and he's been using Lorne as his dedicated composer for years.I know it's not confirmed yet. But let's say that Disney does indeed move ahead with National Treasure 3. Chances of Rabin coming back? Its my impression that he retired since he hasn't done a score for a while.
What was Hans’ role in the treatment of Mantovani’s “Charmaine”. It sounds like the original, but cleaner, clearer, & without the limitations of 50/60’s recording technology. I’ve been fascinated by this piece for 25+ years, as it seems almost a precursor to Jarre & even Zimmer’s electronic music, while being entirely orchestral. Links to info appreciated.@Scorefan: You know what "Motion" means right? Motion picture = moving picture = movie. U either call it "Original Movie Score" or "Original Score from the Movie" or u call it "Original Motion Picture Score". But u can't say "Movie Picture" lol. Its just wrong or like Macejko said.. "a retarded mistake" ;-)@Maho: Dude I know why its stated "Score", but thats NOT the issue. What I'm talking about here is "Movie" which should be called "Motion".If you are interested, here is an interview with Otomo /culture/2004/07/14/ films/film-reviews /the-master-behind-the-otaku/#.Xiix-P4zbctI like to make you in positive way aware of that "Time" has been blended with Charlie Chaplin's message to humanity (The Great Dictator) and thoughful added images in a video on youtube. If it is blocked due to disturbing pictures, please use a proxy to see it.
But there is still a chances. Steve was suggested to Otomo by music supervisor Keiichi Momose and in an interview Katsuhiro mention that he really liked Jablonsky's work on Steamboy.<br><br>So, we may hope that Keiichi Momose will work on Orbital Era or Otomo rememberes Steve's music for Steamboy. Time will tell.To be honest it's just my thoughts. But what are the chances that Otomo will choose Steve for his new work after really long brake (almost 15 years)?I would love for another animated score from Steve. Why is it almost impossible for him to score for Katsuhiro Otomo out of curiosity?I just saw this, EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!! he's so dope and talented apparently he's already done a few tracks cause the actor lewis tan sais he liked what he already heard.He is scoring to Mortal Kombat reboot movie, I saw that news from film music reporter, but mortal Kombat 1995 score was my favorite score.
@Evenstar Original Movie Picture Score? lul. Usually it's called Motion Picture but ok.<br><br>No not always. I have a lot of scores where it is on the front of the booklet. Especially when an album with songs was released. So that the laypersons don't get confused, but still always manage not to look through, you can see on Amazon.Mark Mancinas Score for the First - Good!<br>Trevor Rabin for the second - Fantastic Great Action Score I LOVE IT! Steve Jablonsky work too on it! The Dr. Dre Music in this too..<br><br>Lorne Balfe to the third - meeehhh buuuuhhh!!<br>======================<br><br><br>I agree about the first two scores. They're very different but equally as good. I know that some people are critical of the BB2 score (because it basically ignores the BB1 sound) but I love it. I think Rabin and Jablonsky did an amazing job.<br><br>As for Lorne' score.....I have to disagree. I think it's great. Granted, my opinion is based only on what I heard in the movie (haven't heard the entire album) but I really like what he did. Clearly it was done with love. I mean, the Bad Boys 1 score is one of the reasons why Lorne became a film composer. So the BB3 score wasn't a "rush job". He clearly put an effort to it. I'm looking forward to the entire album.Comes out this Friday :)Still hope that Katsuhiro Otomo will reunites with Steve for his new anime, even if it's almost impossible.Mark Mancinas Score for the First - Good!<br>Trevor Rabin for the second - Fantastic Great Action Score I LOVE IT! Steve Jablonsky work too on it! The Dr. Dre Music in this too..<br><br>Lorne Balfe to the third - meeehhh buuuuhhh!!!

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Henry JackmanHalli CautheryAlex BelcherMatthew K. Justmann
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicMusic Production Services
Captain America - Civil War
Label: Hollywood Records
Length: 69'09 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (15318 votes)
  1. Siberian Overture (2:56)
    Henry Jackman
  2. Lagos (2:10)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery, Alex Belcher, Jack Dolman
  3. Consequences (2:22)
    Henry Jackman
  4. Ancestral Call (2:37)
    Henry Jackman
  5. Zemo (3:09)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  6. The Tunnel (3:51)
    Henry Jackman
  7. Celestial Bodies (1:44)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  8. Boot Up (5:16)
    Henry Jackman
  9. A New Recruit (1:47)
    Henry Jackman
  10. Stepping Up (1:59)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  11. Standoff (4:01)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  12. Civil War (4:26)
    Henry Jackman
  13. Larger Than Life (3:40)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  14. Catastrophe (2:36)
    Henry Jackman
  15. Revealed (5:38)
    Henry Jackman
  16. Making Amends (1:34)
    Henry Jackman
  17. Fracture (4:00)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  18. Clash (3:54)
    Henry Jackman
  19. Closure (5:32)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  20. Cap's Promise (3:46)
    Henry Jackman
  21. Adagio (2:18)
    Henry Jackman
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Cameron reply Replies: 2 || 2016-04-30 03:58:48
I like that Jackman took a more orchestral approach, but it sounds like he completely ditched the Taking A Stand theme, which sucks. I would have loved to hear an orchestral version of that theme.

Hybrid Soldier2016-04-30 09:10:11
This ! But here again, most of the great orchestral work on the first was Dom...

Cameron2016-04-30 18:11:59
Hmm. I really can't say I've heard the theme in this score. Either I haven't listened enough, or I'm going deaf. I'll listen again.

jewen reply Replies: 5 || 2016-04-30 12:25:25
Ok, it is true. This OST sounds better than The Winter Soldier score, more coherent with the tone of the rest of MCU's film.
The problem again, in spite of the fact that the music sounds nice is that it is generic music, without soul, without emotion.
Presencial music, simply of landfill and not to give personality to the film.
In this particular, DC/Warner demonstrates more respect for the way of doing cinema, respecting the function of the OST in the movie.
In only 2 movies already we have musical themes for Superman, Zod, Batman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor.
And not only they sound well but it has personality, represent excellently his respective character and in the movie they use as narrator and give power to the images.
It is a shame that after a notable OST like Age of Ultron again Marvel returns to this musical emptiness that he accustoms.
And I do not hate Marvel's OST.
I love Tyler Bates's Guardians, Silvestri's First Avenger and Avengers or the nices duo Elfman/Tyler in Ultron. All fenomenal scores whit great and memorable main themes and good musical script. Something that Civil War completely forgotten.

Edmund Meinerts2016-04-30 13:15:17
So I guess our choices these days are between decent themes poorly used (Marvel) or lame themes that slap you over the head until you're sick of them (DC). What a world...

jewen2016-04-30 13:50:27
And I don't think that Henry Jackman is the main problem, after X:Men First Class and Kingsman he demostrated that he know how to aproach a comic book film....
Maybe the problem is the directors or the production process. Maybe they dont gave Henry time or ideas to make something great.

Ds2016-04-30 16:54:09
Edmund, you're being a bit harsch here... Do you really find Cark Kent's theme to be "lame" or "slapping you over the head until you're sick of it"? And what about most of the segments of the new Batman theme (I mean everything exept the duuuum-dum-dum-dum-dum, which sounds admittedly a bit cheap)? And the cello riff for Wonder Woman? I could go on, but just those 3 simple examples had a bigger emotional impact on me than anything I heard in any Avengers movies (including this one).

Edmund Meinerts2016-04-30 17:06:55
I was thinking of both the old two-note Nolan Batman motif and the new pounding one when I said that, and also of the low two-note rising pairs you hear all over Man of Steel. I'd have a bit more tolerance for the Clark Kent theme if you didn't hear it in the exact same sparse piano rendition every single time it's played, as well. Sadly I feel like the elements of those themes that are referenced ad nauseam in the DC scores are the least interesting ones, while the more melodic longer-lined stuff that I personally find more interesting and more moving ("Like a Dog Chasing Cars", "If You Love These People", "What Are You...", "Beautiful Lie") usually only gets one or two renditions per score and is not developed nearly as much.

But yeah, I was probably being too harsh. :p

Ds2016-04-30 18:01:03
I cannot really disagree on this, the very best cues are indeed sparsely used (but when they are used, man, they sound absolutely phenomenal).

My gripe with the MCU is that they don't even have such phenomenal moments, it's just by-the-meter entertainement with a random score, sometimes pretty fun (Ant-Man, Iron Man 3), sometimes really forgettable (the rest). The only time they almost reached greatness was with Doyle's Thor... and we never heard about that one again :-p

MrGrapefruit reply Replies: 6 || 2016-04-29 06:14:31
I love the las few minutes of the sample. Anyone know how long till the actual release of the track?

Russel2016-04-29 06:32:24
The full OST is out already if you know where to look.

Tom2016-04-29 12:36:32
Where do I look?

ZekeWars0102016-04-29 17:15:41
@Russel I doubt it.

Russel2016-04-29 20:27:16
@ZekeWars010 Lol, yet you're listening to it now. Okay..

ZekeWars0102016-04-29 22:57:16
@Russel I was just wondering where you heard the whole score.

Russel2016-04-30 05:46:24
I didn't say I heard the full score. I heard the OST. There's a difference.

The Pale King reply Replies: 16 || 2016-04-29 19:40:05
I really do hate to be /that/ guy, but it sucks that this one isn't really doing it for me.

I mean, it'll probably work better in the film itself, but it just seems like Jackman took the complaints with TWS's soundtrack to heart /too/ much, and ended up swinging things too far in the opposite direction.

Sure, it's definitely more orchestrated and "cinematic," if you will, but it doesn't really have any of the power found in tracks like "The Winter Soldier," "The Causeway," "Into the Fray," etc. The lack of themes is also a /major/ letdown.

Who knows, maybe this one'll just take time to grow on me ...

Talon2016-04-29 19:42:53
+1 totally agree, I'm also disappointed. Expecting another "TWS" and has nothing to do.

Edmardo Meinerts2016-04-29 19:46:49
See, most of us are feeling the exact opposite! He took all the terrible ideas from Winter Soldier and replaced them with a robust orchestral action score. It's excellent!

The Pale King2016-04-29 19:55:24
You see, weirdly enough, it doesn't feel all that robust or powerful to me.

Maybe this can just be equated to personal tastes or whatever, but this has so far invoked a very similar feeling I had to most of Silvestri's work on TA, and at least that had a /really/ strong main theme to keep me interested.

At the end of the day, I guess this just feels lacking in a distinct sense of identity from Jackman; say what you will about TWS, but the ideas there at least felt more unique. Sure, I could've done without the veritable /over/abundance of electronic stuff at times, but his main theme(s) all worked really well for me, and played out really interesting both on / offscreen.

Honestly, I was hoping, if he decided to go more "full orchestra," we'd get something more along the lines of Kingsman or First Class, and this doesn't even feel like that.

I mean, it's certainly not /painful/ to listen to, but the listening experience just feels a little halfhearted, shallow, and kind of a letdown to me.

But again, maybe seeing it play out in the film itself will change my mind.

ZekeWars0102016-04-29 19:58:32
Lack of themes? But there are themes for Zemo, Iron Man, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and the Civil War. Maybe you need more time.

The Pale King2016-04-29 20:01:52
Hopefully ...

I've picked up on Zemo's, Panther's, the Civil War's, and /possibly/ Spider-Man's so far, and I can't really say much other than they're perfectly serviceable.

Zemo's is nice enough, the Civil War's is pretty good, and for Panther and Spider-Man, they don't really feel like /themes/ so much as /recurring motifs/, which, again, I can live with.

If anything, the most memorable parts of this one have been the fully orchestrated segments from "The Winter Soldier." I just wish / hope the badass electronic bits came back as well.

ZekeWars0102016-04-29 20:23:04
@ThePaleKing So the track "New Recruit" isn't solely for Spider-Man?

The Pale King2016-04-29 20:32:17
It just doesn't sound like a /theme/, per say; it very well could be /for/ Spider-Man, or at least for a Spider-Man scene, but it's not a /theme/ like, say, "Is She with You?" was a theme for Wonder Woman, or "Red Capes" was a theme for Lex.

Okay, probably bad examples, but hope that makes sense ...

Medigo2016-04-29 20:47:17
I keep saying
the electronic parts were the good part of TWS, not terrible ideas at all
the album was just a horrible representation of the score
I understand going orchestral for this tho

ZekeWars0102016-04-29 22:59:44
@ThePaleKing I can't say that my expectations are little lower now. But, your reaction is probably mine for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I said "This has no themes and mainly background noise. This is not as good as the original." But then I saw the movie and it worked. I went back and heard it again and loved it the second time. Maybe you need to see the film and you'll probably have a different reaction. Where have you heard the score?

Mike2016-04-29 23:00:18
If the entire score sounds like the suite above, then I do have to give serious kudos to Jackman and co. for listening to criticisms. This score, from what I've heard, does at least have the TONE of the first Captain America and of the two Avengers movies, even if those themes aren't present, and that is a refreshing surprise.

Talon2016-04-29 23:33:15
@Mike, the problem is the "generic" sound into. Scores like this: hundreds. If you change the title "Civil War" to Dracula Untold or Mission Impossible Rogue Nation also it works.

TWS had violent sounds making prominent and noteworthy, not like this. The only track with TWS music is "Boot Up".

Hybrid Soldier2016-04-29 23:33:41
"Kudos", I won't say that.

So far I'm just disappointed by this score. It's like Pixels, it has the "big orchestral emptiness" I won't give a full opinion before I see the film tomorrow, but it's just so faaaaaar from Cap 2...

As I feared, without Dom & Matt, Jackman just seems lost...

Saurabh2016-04-30 00:36:20
Loved this much more than TWS, which was just flat out boring aside from the Winter Soldier theme (despite being distinctive, made for an unbearable listening experience). Some of the action material just feels like some filler material. The themes feel less like themes and more like extended motifs. But the good thing is that they seem to be clearly defined this time around and are more upfront in their presentation.

Overall, much better than TWS, but I think Jackman needs to step up his game if he is working on Infinity War.

Mike2016-04-30 02:40:22
Hybrid, it does seem like Dom Lewis did a reasonably sizable amount in TWS. Was this more exclusively Jackman?

Mike2016-04-30 02:55:28
Obviously, I see that Dom Lewis didn't work on this one, but there are still a couple "additionals"...

isildur2016-04-30 04:06:46
Just finished listening to it for the first time. I've never been a fan of TWS. Yeah, sure I listened to it once before the movie and enjoyed the music in the end titles in the cinemas but that's just about it. Never wanted to revisit it.

This score, though it's much more orchestral and traditional it just seemed incoherent to me. The themes are there but, they simply are not developed. It just felt like everything is stitched together randomly. May be it's because how the movie itself is. So many characters, so much stuff happening. It probably suits well enough with the movie. But, the music should take the movie to another level and not feel like "yeah it was okay". Henry is capable of much better stuff than this.

MrMarvel reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-29 16:05:10
It's already on iTunes!

yoyotic reply Replies: 1 || 2016-04-28 02:45:32
Spider-Man theme?

ZekeWars0102016-04-28 15:48:27
Yep, I'm just as excited as you are!

Leo reply Replies: 2 || 2016-04-24 07:50:00
Was composer Scott Glasgow involved in the Civil War score? Anyone can comfirm this?

Hank Hill 2016-04-27 17:13:14
Yes, he did. I talked to him on Facebook about it.

Leo2016-04-28 08:13:35
What was his involvement on the score? O:

ZekeWars010 reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-27 16:45:22
The suite sounds really good. I'm not getting a sense of recurring themes yet, but that's probably because these are tracks mixed together and I haven't seen the movie yet. But I love the call-backs to Jackman's Cap theme, the Winter Soldier Theme, and The Avengers! I hope this score sounds awesome!

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 4 || 2016-04-26 23:50:24
"Little" extract !

mpolonest1232016-04-27 00:14:48

Those last two minutes are incredible, and the rest sounds very strong. It looks like this will definitely be more traditional than TWS.

Still, here's holding hope of thematic continuity.

Spence922016-04-27 00:42:39
Oooo, that last minute almost sounds like a blend of the WS Cap theme, Elfman's new Avengers theme, and a bit of Silvestri's old cap theme. :D

Mike2016-04-27 01:31:42
Hmmm... Well, the tone is more Avengers / Captain-America-ish than Winter Soldier was... but then, this is only 13 minutes.

STILL, it kills me that he couldn't just modernize the Silvestri theme... It wouldn't be that hard, and yes, it *could* work...

Medigo2016-04-27 12:03:03
well I am glad to hear so many parts of the Winter soldier theme

Miralsice reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-27 09:19:01
I hope Jackman will use at least his themes from Winter Soldier. But I also hope for themes of Iron Man and Avengers, because, for me, cinematic universe must have musical themes that appears throughout the movies.

D-Greg reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-27 04:23:31
Thank you for the Suite! Awesomeness.

Russel reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-27 03:42:30
Love Cap's Promise ;)

hazirahhhhhh reply Replies: 1 || 2016-04-24 18:23:28
where can i hear all this song?

ZekeWars0102016-04-25 18:04:40
In one week.

ZekeWars010 reply Replies: 2 || 2016-04-23 23:43:24
1.Siberian Overture:
Probably the scene with Cap and The Avengers fighting Crossbones

2.Lagos :
Black Panther's introduction?

The scene with General Ross

4.Ancestral Call:
Iron Man's Theme?

A suite for, well, Zemo

6.The Tunnel:
Black Panther vs. Cap & Bucky

7.Celestial Bodies:
I don't know.

8.Boot Up:
Assembling a team montage?

9.New Recruit:
Spider-Man, Spider-Man, This is a theme for Spider-Man! (I hope)

I don't know

The Airport Scene

12.Civil War:
The Main Theme

13.Larger Than Life:
Giant Man?

Rhodey falls?

Probably when Tony figures out how his parents died.

16.Making Amends:
Yeah right!

Something, or someone breaks

"Sorry Tony, he is my friend" "So was I"

Tony & Peter

20.Cap's Promise:
The End of an Era

21.Bonus: Adagio:
Somebody's theme. I have no idea who's, but this is somebody's theme.

Meta2016-04-24 03:26:03
pretty good extrapolation.

Im thinking celestial bodies might have something to do with Vision and Wanda...

KL2016-04-24 11:44:22
Siberian Overture is when Winter Soldier escapes from Hydra prison, seen in a leaked footage.

Paul19` reply Replies: 3 || 2016-04-23 02:52:16
YES the tracklist has been revealed, finally! Now I'm hoping for some track samples soon. :D

scarecrow92016-04-23 10:18:59
YES!! I am betting that New Recruit is either Spider-Man or Black Panther theme and that Standoff and Civil War is airport fight sequence, I can´t wait to hear and see that!

Mr.Y2016-04-23 10:53:22
I just hope they release the soundtrack earl like they did with Avengers: Age Of Ultron on the Australian Itunes Store

Paul19`2016-04-23 18:19:01
Weird... after an extensive search through google, this is the only site which has the score's tracklist (so far), the tracklist has only been released here, but not on sites such as filmmusicreporter, amazon, and itunes. Nevertheless, I'm very excited, particularly the action tracks. Knowing that the action tracks last a max of 5 minutes, I am hoping we get intense adrenaline-rushing parts, even if the tracks (as a whole) are not as good as we might have expected them to be.

ZekeWars010 reply Replies: 27 || 2016-04-15 18:59:50
I watched a clip from the film and the Captain America theme from TWS is back! Jackman also stated in an interview that while not everyone gets a theme, there are new themes for Spider-Man, Black Panther, Iron Man, and the Civil War.

Paul192016-04-15 19:02:12
I've been refreshing google for ages. When are we going to expect to see the full tracklist for the film? Along with the track samples? :(

ZekeWars0102016-04-15 22:05:04
Sorry Paul 19, there is nothing official yet. But, you can hear some music in 2 clips, and if you go to the official Marvel YouTube channel and look for the Civil War Red Carpet Premiere, you could hear Jackman's music at the beginning.

Joshua2016-04-16 00:54:56
Another new Iron Man theme?! Fuck this is getting ridiculous lol

The Pale King2016-04-16 02:43:09
Yeah, pretty disappointed that Jackman seems hell-bent on neglecting any other previously established themes (and most likely even distinct styles) therein.

The score for Age of Ultron, for me, was more than a bit muddled in itself, but I had at least hoped that it would sort of solidify which themes would be used for which characters.

Bummer. At the very least, /this/ outing of theirs will hopefully solidify more than a few of the differing themes for Infinity War, assuming the Russos keep on Jackman for composer.

Mike2016-04-16 16:15:44
Honest question... WHY do composers, directors, or both NOT see the value in thematic consistency? Seriously, how do you make a franchise more memorable for the audience by scrapping all musical connections with what's come before? We don't need a fifth (!!!) Iron Man theme (Djawadi, Debney, Silvestri, Tyler, Jackman...), and besides, the Tyler Iron Man theme has at least shown up in 2 movies. Whether or not it's particularly liked, why can't it be settled on as "his" theme from now on?

And Age of Ultron even made a semi-concerted effort to make musical connections (we had the main Avengers theme, the Tyler Iron Man theme, the Captain America theme, the Silvestri Iron Man motif, and a hint of the Tyler Thor theme). I really considered that progress on Marvel's part. Even Ant Man referenced the Avengers theme and Jackman's Falcon motif. I just don't get all the "musical rebooting" when these movies all build on each other.

At least a score like TASM 2, which totally scrapped Horner's music, had at least a similar enough main theme for Spidey that it felt like an evolution of the same concept (solo trumpet theme with a similar structure).

meta2016-04-16 19:51:23
maybe its a way for the material not to get boring, with the composer free from locked in themes he would otherwise be obligated to use every single time.

Sure, it's lazy....Probably a matter of business if anything, since no composer has really stuck around, save Tyler - but even he got shrifted by Elfman's inclusion....

Hopefully Jackman will stick around for the rest of the films, but I doubt it.

Hybrid Soldier2016-04-16 19:58:14
There has never been any coherency in the Marvel universe, why would they start now ? lol

Mike2016-04-16 20:23:58
Okay, but like I said, Age of Ultron and Ant Man had some inter-film references, and the Captain America theme by Silvestri has found its way into the first Avengers, Thor 2, and The Winter Soldier, so it's been done. I think *not* allowing for musical consistency is less sensible this far in.

Paul192016-04-18 23:55:58
I don't know if it's real... but this was uploaded by a user who uploaded tons of soundtracks on his channel. Weird thing is, it isn't even Jackman's style, but anyway here it is:

Can someone confirm if it's legit?

Paul192016-04-19 00:08:39
In fact, it sounds more like trailer music to me... And it's weird, don't you guys think? We should be getting the tracklist for the soundtrack by now, since it was around this time, last last year that we got to see the full details for The Winter Soldiers soundtrack...

meta2016-04-19 03:22:34
its fake...fanmade stuff.

Do your homework on his page - he's got alot of similar posts for other movie OSTs that wound up false.

That being said....Oh well....:(

scarecrow92016-04-19 14:49:56
Yeah, I am expecting tracklist at least by this momonet. The score is getting release in 3 weeks and we know nothing. I know that samples will propably show 2-3 days before release but I hope at least for tracklist to show up any day or this week :-)

Spence922016-04-19 19:05:54
Perhaps we haven't received tracklists or anything to avoid potential spoilers. Don't forget even the simplest title like "hydra" ruined the big moment for a lot of fans in Winter Soldier.

ZekeWars0102016-04-20 00:40:48
I read a review non-spoiler review for the film and the critic says that Henry Jackman's music is "triumphant". That sounds great. He also talks about how "great" the music was in the scene Spider-Man first appears. Sounds awesome to me! Any thoughts?

Saurabh2016-04-20 03:22:12
Going by Jackman's word that the sound is more symphonic as compared to the electronic previous one, here's hoping that the score delivers. The orchestral parts were the best parts of TWS and if Jackman gives us more of 'Taking A Stand' than 'The Winter Soldier', I'll be more than happy.

Ds2016-04-20 09:41:59
ZekeWars010, never trust film critics when it comes to film music. Most of them are absolutely clueless.

KL2016-04-20 13:19:27
Saurabh, well, that's your opinion, because I prefer more industrial like "The Winter Soldier" than orchestral pieces.

The industrial-electronic parts from TWS show the fury and terror of an unstoppable character, his power unleashed, and I hope CW too.

Edmund Meinerts2016-04-20 16:52:39
KL, I'm glad you're not the person who calls the shots on these things! :p

ZekeWars0102016-04-20 17:21:07 Only watch until 1:51, that is official music!

Macejko2016-04-20 18:27:27
Wow, what a bore-fest.

ZekeWars0102016-04-20 22:23:47
Macejko You don't like the music?

Medigo2016-04-21 01:03:01
well it feels looped, too short to judge either way

and count me in as one of the few who preferred the electronic stuff in TWS

ZekeWars0102016-04-21 02:21:15
Medigo First things first. One, it is looped, should have said that. Second, I didn't mind the electronic elements when it came to The Winter Soldier's musical idenitity, but when it was in almost every track kinda bothered me. I guess I'm into the traditonal orcestral stuff. But I hope the eletronic stuff comes back to represent Bucky.

Paul192016-04-21 05:17:47
It's just a hunch, but I don't think Bucky's electronic theme won't make it to the cut. I think the only reason Henry Jackman made an electronic theme for him was because he was treated as this unknown "ghost" in the film, where he was meant to be mysterious and frightening.

ZekeWars0102016-04-21 16:57:52
Paul 19, do you think Bucky will get a new theme?

Paul192016-04-22 04:04:35
ZekeWars010 I have a feeling he would. Just a feeling though. I mean, from just the airport scene, we can tell he either gains his memories back or he at least he knows that he does have this sort of relationship with Cap, which fleshes out his human side even more.

ZekeWars0102016-04-22 18:45:13
Paul19, you sir have just come up with an amazing idea. Now I'm excited for Bucky's new theme, if he does get one.

FC2024 reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-20 08:31:55
Cmon release the album already I'm dying here.

mpolonest123 reply Replies: 9 || 2016-03-20 16:42:12
Really excited for this, hopefully Jackman is able to utilize some of Tyler's and Silvestri's themes here. As for the sound, I think a blend of orchestral and electronic is fine, as long as it blends well.

Mike2016-03-20 20:55:27
Not saying this to be overly negative, but honestly, I wouldn't expect that. The Silvestri cue tracked into the last one felt pretty forced as it was.

mpolonest1232016-03-21 05:10:22
Very true, although this film is shaping up to be Avengers 2.0 basically. You have Silvestri's Avengers theme, Tyler's Iron Man theme, and Beck's Ant-man to work into the mix (if they decide to do it)

Even Beck was able to quote some of Jackman's stuff in his score, why not return the favor?

Hybrid Soldier2016-03-21 08:49:05
I'm sure Ant Man's theme will show up. I hope Tyler's IM theme doesn't... Rather use Ramin's ! ;) lol

Edmund Meinerts2016-03-21 13:21:37
I'd rather use Debney's over either Tyler or Djawadi. :P

Saurabh2016-03-21 21:44:26
Debney's theme was awesome, but the march reminds me a lot of Goldsmith's Total Recall and gets in the way of any semblance of watching Iron Man.

Edmund Meinerts2016-03-21 22:40:29
Yeah, it does remind me of that, but that 80s-90s Goldsmith-Poledouris brand of orchestral muscularity is a sound that I think could have worked really well for Iron Man. It's a shame that stylistic avenue wasn't explored further, even in Debney's own score (which barely even uses that theme and is otherwise more of a orchestral-rock-hybrid Brian Tyler-type affair).

Spence922016-04-01 23:28:14
Since the Tyler theme is the only one that's appeared in more than one movie, I hope that one continues. It'd be great to hear the Silvestri Cap them at the end of the movie to top of the musical era (maybe blended with Jackman's modern theme.)

I do hope they use the Avengers theme somewhere (maybe at the beginning while they're still a team. It was so chilling when it showed up in Ant-Man.
Ramin's IM theme is now associated with War Machine (a nice little reference in the IM3 score, if you catch it.)

Tyler and Elfman introduced SO many themes in Age of ultron that I hope continue throughout the MCU. That's the franchise's biggest issue. I love this series, but they bounce around themes way too often. They need to learn from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and keep the themes running for the rest of the films; keep them present. Then people might actually acknowledge how great the themes are.

(but Hybriad's right. If any of them pop back in, it'll be Ant-Man's theme. Beck used Falcon's theme in Ant-Man, so I'm sure Jackman would want to return the favour.)

Mike2016-04-02 18:01:28
Spence, where is the Ramin reference in IM3? I never noticed it.

Spence922016-04-03 01:13:34
I don't recall where it is in the soundtrack (or if it's even present in the soundtrack), but it is played in a few moments of the film when War Machine is doing stuff on his own. (Though keep in mind, it's a variation on the Ramin theme. It keeps the similar vibe and rhythm, changes the progression slightly to make it a bit more interesting.)

Felix reply Replies: 7 || 2016-03-26 00:28:45
On iMDB Henry is going to score the 2nd Jack Reacher it right HybridSoldier??

...2016-03-26 01:31:32
WHAT??? No!

JNH was and hopefully still was/is scoring that!

Felix2016-03-26 21:18:00
That's why I asked it :D

...2016-04-01 02:48:48
Hybrid, do you know anything about this? Film music reporter wrote about Henry scoring it 3 days ago.

Anonymous2016-04-01 05:55:54

Joe Kraemer did Jack Reacher. Not JNH.

...2016-04-01 10:46:17
Yes I know but Edward Zwickau, the director of the sequel, has worked with JNH since 2006. IMDb said that JNH was scoring it until recently. I really hope this is a mistake.

Anonymous2016-04-01 18:14:23
Wait what? I thought Christopher McQuarrie was returning to direct and Joe Kraemer returning to score?!

...2016-04-01 21:59:59
No Maguire is doing Mission Impossible 6 which Kramer will be scoring.

Saurabh reply Replies: 7 || 2016-03-20 05:27:37
Hope this doesn't lean heavily on the electronics like the previous one and utilizes some form of Taking A Stand, my favorite from the Winter Soldier.

Also, Hybrid have you heard anything about Uncharted 4: A Thief's End?

...2016-03-20 14:09:21
Yes I agree. Even though I liked the first score a lot, and thought it worked really well in the movie, this movie is different and needs a more orchestral score.

I wonder how this will compare to BVS lol

Macejko2016-03-20 14:47:01
What makes you think this movie requires a more orchestral score? Not that I would mind that (quite the contrary), but this looks exactly like that kind of film that will heavily rely on electronics.

Edmund Meinerts2016-03-20 14:49:05
Well, it would be kind of out of character for the MCU at this stage. Even Winter Soldier had an orchestral base for the most part (not that you'd know from listening to the album).

Macejko2016-03-20 15:57:22
Wait, when did the MCU acquire any sort of character regarding music? They even managed to get rid of Brian Tyler, and he has been their loyal bottom bitch for years.

Meta2016-03-20 16:16:02
As long as Jackman doesnt go all Junkie XL for this movie, keeps his themes simple, reusable and expandable I'm fine

...2016-03-20 16:18:02
I think the story is less of a modern political thriller and more of an avengers 2,5 movie. Electronic avengers doesn't work so that's why I'd say this needs a more orchestral score.

Edmund Meinerts2016-03-21 14:14:01
You say that, Macejko, but it seems to me that the MCU does have a more-or-less unified style which pretty much follows along the lines of Brian Tyler's hybrid orchestral-with-some-modern-influences-and-electronics philosophy. Think about it - Tyler's scores fit that, obviously; Debney's Iron Man 2 does as well; Doyle's Thor score follows that mold; Bates' Guardians of the Galaxy; Armstrong's Hulk (which is full of Bourne influence)...even Silvestri's Avengers score has more of an RC sound than you'd expect from him, with some electronics and a motif that sounds a bit like The Thin Red Line. The only outright aberrations are Silvestri's Cap score which is more purely orchestral (and even that has some occasional electronics), and Djawadi's Iron Man and Jackman's Cap score, which are the opposite. Even then, the more orchestral portions of Winter Soldier (like "Project Insight" and the unreleased Dom Lewis credits cue) follow Tyler's basic structure of a simple heroic low-brass theme over percussion and snare drums.

They haven't got a single composer's consistent voice, but the MCU scores have, more or less, stayed in the same stylistic territory pretty much from the beginning. Going either full Junkie XL or full John Williams at this point would feel weird.

... reply Replies: 0 || 2016-03-19 13:55:03
This is gonna be sweet!

Scarecrow9 reply Replies: 0 || 2016-03-13 19:59:53
Can´t wait for this one! :-)Hybrid dou you know anything about it?

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 0 || 2016-03-13 18:01:37
Soon !

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