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Hybrid can you tell us what album cues are the suites ?!well, from what Lorne wrote on Twitter, it should be releasedCool thanks for getting back! I am still a little bit confused though. Do any Basil Poledouris cues go somewhere in that list? It’s been a very very long time since I have seen the film.The Hans cues used are :<br><br>1M1 OPENING CREDITS / MAIN TITLE (USED FROM 2:18 TO 3:03)<br>1M2 GOLDEN STAIRCASE (USED FROM 0:00 TO 1:56)<br>2M2 JACK SEES WOLVES<br>2M3 BLACK WOLF<br>2M6 THE TREK CONTINUES (USED FROM 0:28 TO 1:15)<br>3M1 THIN ICE<br>3M2 SKUNKER'S DEATH<br>3M3 FULL MOON WOLF ATTACK<br>3M3A MORNING WOLF ATTACK<br>6M4 THE BEAR<br>6M4A THE BEAR ATTACK<br>7M3 IN THE STABLE<br>7M5 WHITE FANG FIGHTS SATAN<br>8M1 FIGHT MONTAGE (FIRST HALF USED)<br>8M3 PIT FIGHT (FINAL 20 SEC USED)<br><br>All the rest, by definition, is Basil's score...Hey hybrid soldier! You mentioned on the ghost in the shell page about white fang so I came here! Can you give us a list of the cues as they appear in the film please? The Basil Poledouris cues and the Hans Zimmer cues please
I imagined it ... hopefully this time Max Ritcher does not give him a lollipop and refuses to launch his musicYes Unbreakable.
<br>Exactly like White Fang. Have Poledouris write a score, then HZ do another, then pick what you want from both.
<br>Ghost In The Shell was kinda different...In the credits of the movie, Max Ritcher appears as the Main Composer, meanwhile, Lorne appears as Additional MusicI find that it would be best to accredit both and launch the two soundtracks and all happy.Hybrid implies that Max Ritcher's score was rejected, and that Lorne made a new one and in the end, the best of both has been used.  I am right?
ANd now apparently another guy is scoring it as well lmaoTechnically he's a little under 50% used so there's no obligation. But he wrote a whole score for it.but if Lorne has written 50% of the score you should have a credit like in Ghost in the shellLorne is got additional music credit, not for co-composer, and still appear the image of the label for the soundtrack.But Lorne is still not credited as an official composer.  It is possible that Lorne shares credit with Max.
In other news Lorne just finished compiling the OST for Gemini Man...When Richter was the composer there was an album planned at Deutsche Grammophon...<br><br>When Lorne jumped in to write a new score for the movie, apparently that release was cancelled... Now that film has like 50/50 MR LB, and nothing's planned at all.<br><br>So we'll see, but apart from posting some cues of his score online, like Lorne did before, I doubt there'll be an official release... And if Richter's release gets back on track, it would definitely have his score only.Hybrid, by "not happening" you mean Richter's part of the score or Balfe's? Or the whole thing is as messed up as Ghost in the Shell, regarding the score?@Hybrid why?Probably not happening...

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Harry Gregson-WilliamsStephanie EconomouLadd McIntosh
ComposerAdditional ArrangementsOrchestrator
Miss You Already (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 42'12 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (1908 votes)
  1. Kids (1:17)
  2. Pregnant (0:40)
  3. Adulthood (1:58)
  4. Malignant (0:57)
  5. Dressing (0:18)
  6. I'm Gonna Be Bald (0:50)
  7. Milly Tells Kit (1:35)
  8. Beautiful Veins - Sick Bowl (2:15)
  9. Shaving Head (1:31)
  10. Heathcliff (0:57)
  11. Never See You Again (0:28)
  12. Miss You Already (0:42)
  13. Post-Op (1:06)
  14. Those Titties (1:22)
  15. In Good Hands (1:59)
  16. Taxi (1:39)
  17. Intro To REM (0:20)
  18. Something Hot (0:38)
  19. Jess Flees (1:27)
  20. Jess Falls (0:26)
  21. Naughty Step (1:27)
  22. Telling Scarlett (1:08)
  23. Hospice (1:01)
  24. Race To The Hospital - Baby Born (6:19)
  25. Vodkatonic (1:33)
  26. The Crazy Ones (feat. Paloma Faith) (7:37)
  27. Never See You Again (Alternate) (0:57)
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Lucas Lima reply Replies: 3 || 2017-06-06 04:58:00
Olá onde encontro o Cd para o download? Por favor me ajudem.

James (Tiago)2017-06-06 13:51:05
Voc&#234; pode escutá-la no Spotify, comprá-la na Amazon e mesmo ter acesso a ela com uma conta paga no Google Play. Acredito que ela também esteja disponível no YouTube.

Lucas Lima2017-06-07 20:23:21
James, queria os Scores, o CD já tenho. Será que consigo?

James 2017-06-08 02:24:55
Acredito que n&#227;o. O site mesmo deixa claro que a vers&#227;o desta página n&#227;o é oficial.

Lucas Lima reply Replies: 0 || 2017-06-06 06:08:32
Hello, I'm Brazilian and a super fan of the movie Miss You Already! It's been five months since I've been looking for the Scores in the movie. Do you know where I can find it? Could you send me? It seems that copyright blocked Brazil. Thank you.© 2001-2018 OST 
Miss You Already (Complete Score) soundtrack - Harry Gregson-Williams 2015