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What site are his reviews on again? Not really sure where to look.As long as Steve knows to keep this score mostly melodic with little to no sound design, I'll probably be happy with it.I assume that's the official cover....<br><br>I dig it. Very Die Hard-y : )I know Clemmensen is kind of persona non grata around here (not without good reason), but he put up his review of Solo a few days ago and it's one of the best he's ever written, a fantastic in-depth analysis (and appropriately positive). Worth spending an hour or two reading and listening to help unpack this score's many complexities.Is it just me or does the “Catwoman” riff (not the main theme) in “Bar Shootout” and “Nothing Out There” sound very much like the main Scarface theme?<br><br>I’ve also noticed that Hans sometimes will write a main tune and a series of riffs for a character, but will mainly incorporate the smaller motifs in the film (Angelica’s music from OST, Megamind’s main tune, Catwoman, etc.) Definitely not a problem though, I like the variety.<br><br>Look at the evolution of Batman’s theme from Begins, where he had the 2-note motif and the actual theme, to here where it’s just the 2 notes and the chord theme. I wonder if that was Chris Nolan’s decision.
John Powell answered in Facebook there is still 45 minutes of music outside from the CD.Yep, he knows how to do BIG and small moments. He's so versatile. I'm praying rian johnson uses him for his new trilogyThank you! Glad you enjoyed it.If there is one who can replace John Williams on Star Wars than is it John Powell!!<br><br>Great Job!!It sounds great ! I think I will listen to the CD after the hamburg concert, to keep the surprise, because they will play some cues there ! <br><br>Are some french JP fans going to Hamburg next week ? It would be great to have a beer and talk about film music !
Dear Mr. Zimmer (or those interested), <br><br>  Over the years I have always enjoyed some of the higher-intensity compositions you have produced and made a point of putting my money where my mouth is and actually buying the soundtracks - money well spent. I've used specific songs of your's to get through moments of fatigue at work and also to prepare (silly as it may sound) for sporting events, even working out or running. I found them better than any rock or even electronic-type energetic music, until such a point, naturally, that I'd listened to them too many times and the magic wore off. Some of your songs rise to a crescendo that sometimes are powerful but perhaps lost on those who are unfamiliar with the corresponding movie scene ("Flight" from Man of Steel, it rises gradually but the concept you capture is magnificent, "Time" from Inception as well comes to mind). Some are obviously and undeniably potent like "A Dog Chasing Cars" or, going way back to when I learned of your work, "The Battle" from Gladiator which reminded me of "Mars, the Bringer of War", -- or even the latest "Sea Wall".<br><br>  Admittedly this is odd but I can't help but wonder if despite all the solicitations you must receive it seemed to me I might as well send the following two-fold feedback: in the same way I was pleased to learn that Daft Punk was handling the soundtrack for the modern remake of TRON (and what a fine job they did) I was also heartened to find that you were handling the soundtrack for Blade Runner 2049. It seemed a good sign to me at the time and I knew I would buy a ticket at that point. That was a movie (BR2049) I was worried they would BOTCH much in the same way they completely did whatever it was they did with remake of Total Recall (in which they completely stripped it of its cerebral essence and made it a very long chase-scene). <br><br>  All of this is to express some appreciation and also plug an obscure pianist from Montreal who has been on the CBC and all that, who, when I spoke to him after a show and compared some of his energetic imaginative work (Nostos comes to mind, and damn he hit 99% of those complex piano notes) to your's he admitted it was a dream of his to work with you under any capacity. Of course I suspect nothing will come of this but either way I think it harmless to tip my hat your way as a long-time fan who has utilized your music for motivation many, many, many times and also note that on my esoteric playlists five or six came from you and one or two came from him (Nostos, Il, Hypoctite)<br><br> Lastly, it should be noted for the historians that one time Jean-Michel Blais saved us Canadians (if you do the collective math based on viewership) a great deal of time and intellectual agony. Chevy was running commercials during the NHL playoffs (last year, not the the latest Washington Capitals win) in which an irritating scenario of "real people" were supposed to judge cars/trucks that popped out from behind sliding doors or lifted from basements (aircraft-carrier-style), and the poor fools/actors/allegedly "real people" had to say something nice about it all. It was such garbage. How splendid, how refreshing, then, that they ran a good commercial with someone just winding corners and enjoying driving the damn car to the music, which I recognized as JMB's "Hypocrite". He saved the society a good 10k hours of perniciousness.<br><br>Whew! That's all from me. Love the music, keep it up. Please give JMB a shot I think you'll find his attitude/ethic/skills refreshing. Regardless of that at least it was worthwhile of me to express my appreciation for ten years of masterful original music on your part anyway.Separate question:<br><br>Is Toby Chu part of RCP? I think he had some connections at least right?Why wouldn't Hans go all-out for something that's going to be viewed on this scale? I mean, how hard is it to compose 45 seconds of compelling, original music when you've worked on innumerable 2+ hour films?Woah, Hans actually did good work on this; it's admittedly a bit anonymous-sounding, but the combination of percussion, strings, and choir works in a way that's reminiscent of Angels & Demons (oh, those were the days...).John just precised this point, i was just too impatient ;)
Hubris: Choral Works by John Powell is now available to stream worldwide on all digital platforms! &#128526;<br><br>Also available to download in 192k/24bit high-resolution from johnpowellmusic .com<br>CDs on https :// :) and coming soon to Amazon and other retailers!<br><br>Thank you, everyone, who was a part of this record!<br>Enjoy &#127926;&#127930;Mega cool :) Wann wird dieser Remix released? :)This would be really nice that as the release is only available for download, we had the choice to download it in a better quality than the CD itself. We have no material piece in the  hands, at least we would like to have such a contentment. I do have no action in Qobuz, but that should be a mandatory place for a download only music, for music lovers who like pure instrumental music. ;)<br>I'll be waiting for it !This album is absolutley wonderful!. I loved every second of it. I adore choirs in film music and an album like this is a very welcome treat!<br><br>Great job, Mr. Powell<br>10/10Absolutely delightful score. Loved it.

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Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 110'09 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (1111 votes)


  1. Thneedville (3:00)
    John Powell, Cinco Paul
  2. Ted's Plane - Audrey (2:35)
    John Powell
  3. Grammy Norma - To The Edge (2:37)
    John Powell
  4. Wasteland - The Tale Begins (5:09)
    John Powell, Paul Mounsey
  5. Once-ler's Journey (0:22)
    Ed Helms, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  6. Truffula Valley (0:58)
    John Powell
  7. These Trees (1:12)
    Ed Helms, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  8. Marshmallows (0:59)
    John Powell, Victor Chaga
  9. Chop - Lorax Appears (1:43)
    John Powell
  10. Tree Funeral (1:01)
    John Powell
  11. J'Accuse! (2:44)
    John Powell
  12. Come Back Tomorrow (0:56)
    John Powell, Paul Mounsey
  13. Ted Fantasizes (1:23)
    John Powell, Paul Mounsey
  14. O'Hare Leans On Ted (2:39)
    John Powell
  15. River Bed Chase (4:21)
    John Powell, Beth Caucci (Lalo Schifrin, Frederic Chopin)
  16. The Oath - Houseguests (Part 1) (2:49)
    John Powell, Paul Mounsey, Beth Caucci
  17. The Oath - Houseguests (Part 2) (0:27)
    John Powell, Beth Caucci
  18. Selling The Thneed (1:15)
    Ed Helms, John Powell
  19. Everybody Needs A Thneed (1:23)
    Ed Helms, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  20. Defaced Rooftops RV (Part 1) (1:16)
    John Powell
  21. Defaced Rooftops RV (Part 2) (0:36)
    John Powell, Paul Mounsey
  22. RV Deployment (0:27)
    John Powell
  23. A Little Problem (1:01)
    John Powell
  24. Truffula Massacre (1:10)
    John Powell, Victor Chaga
  25. How Bad Can I Be? (2:58)
    Ed Helms, John Powell, Allan Peter Grigg, Cinco Paul
  26. Valley Exodus (5:08)
    John Powell
  27. The Last Seed (4:54)
    John Powell
  28. Thneedville Car Chase (4:20)
    John Powell
  29. Thneedville Elevator Muzak (0:27)
    John Powell
  30. At The Park (4:13)
    John Powell, Paul Mounsey
  31. Let It Grow (3:19)
    John Powell, Cinco Paul
  32. The Lorax Returns (1:24)
    John Powell
  33. End Credits (Let It Grow) (3:38)
    Ester Dean, John Powell, Christopher Stewart, Cinco Paul, Aaron Pearce
  34. Thneedville (Original Demo) (3:59)
    Fletcher Sheridan, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  35. Once-ler's Journey (Alternate) (0:22)
    Ed Helms, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  36. The Once-ler's Traveling Madness (Original Demo) (1:36)
    Ed Helms, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  37. This Is The Place (Tricky Version) (2:25)
    Ed Helms, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  38. Marshmallows (Alternate I) (0:59)
    John Powell, Victor Chaga
  39. Marshmallows (Alternate II) (0:58)
    John Powell, Victor Chaga
  40. I Love Nature (Original Demo) (2:44)
    Randy Crenshaw, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  41. Tree Funeral (Alternate) (1:00)
    John Powell
  42. The Oath - Houseguests (Part 2) (Alternate) (0:28)
    John Powell, Beth Caucci
  43. You Need A Thneed (1:32)
    Keith Slettedahl, The 88, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  44. Nobody Needs A Thneed (Original Demo) (1:53)
    Fletcher Sheridan, Randy Crenshaw, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  45. Biggering (Original Demo) (5:01)
    Gabriel Hann, Randy Crenshaw, The 88, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  46. At The Park (Alternate) (4:16)
    John Powell, Paul Mounsey
  47. Let It Grow Gospel Ending (Original Demo) (0:53)
    Jenny Slate, John Powell, Cinco Paul
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mpolonest123 reply Replies: 0 || 2018-01-08 20:39:47
One thing I love about John Powell is his ability to write secondary themes/motifs that somehow work better than the primary ones (the “Alien” theme in Happy Feet/the “Fairy” theme in Pan). Here is the “Seedling” motif that honestly steals the show, even if the rest of the score is pretty basic Powell animation music...

liamdude5 reply Replies: 0 || 2018-01-08 20:10:12
Anybody know where I can find this?© 2001-2017 OST 
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (Complete Score) soundtrack - John Powell 2012