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Sadly, he doesn't seem to say anything new besides the background information on the Zimmer and Harry Gregson scores he's worked on. Plus the Skyscraper information still doesn't excuse the generic committee product that score turned out to be.Does anyone know what songs Max Aruj and Steffen Thum have worked on?Though there are differences, I think HZ & NGS styles mix together rather well.<br><br>Tracks like "Fort Walton", "Goodspeed Tracks Jade" or "Jade" are exceptions for sure. Apart from these, most tracks blend very well, imo.<br>It's very different from Armageddon for exemple, when team Trevor and team Harry had very different styles (big anthems & guitars VS darker material and more subtle theme developments) and also different sound equipments (I can tell immediately who did what thanks to the sound banks they used). The Rock doesn't suffer from those extreme differences imo.<br><br>We fans here listened to those scores for over 20 years and we've learnt how to spot each composer (thanks to this website and all the infos on each track we got over the years). I'm not sure I could have noticed all those details back in 1996, or even 10 years ago.<br><br>Nonetheless, The Rock is one of the greatest action scores ever. While more coherent scores like Crimson Tide or The Fan grew on me over the years, The Rock keeps a very special place in my heart.yes i hope 2 cd!!!!Hi, <br>Ever paid tribute to Gorecki?<br>I think you should<br><br>Cheers<br><br>Mjt Sprengers
The only way I won't be able to the listen to it before the episode is if it will be released in Germany in the night to tuesday. But I don't know how I would find that.Does someone know something about the soundtrack already? Like how many songs there will be or maybe even the full track list? Or will it be a big surprise?I will, Backbiter, because I live in Germany and in my country the final episode will be released on monday. I will watch it with my friends and therefore we will watch it around 8pm in my time. If the soundtrack will be released in the night from sunday to monday, I will be able to listen to the soundtrack before I watch the final episode.Yasss<br><br>Please be 2 discsThis is an okay score. Nothing super spectacular, but it fits the movie very well. The only issue I really took is that the end credits arrangement of the Pokemon video game theme is absent from the CD - I would wager quite a few people bought the CD just for that only to be disappointed. For me, it would have ended the CD perfectly.<br><br>Anybody know why it was left off? Something Nintendo told them 'no' on?
Very interesting interview. Thanks man!Judging by the YouTube views, not a lot of people have listened to this 1-hour chat with Steve. So I'm posting it here for you folks to enjoy - have nothing against any of the composers who worked on The Rock, but to my ears, the Nick Glennie-Smith stuff sounds obviously different from the Hans Zimmer stuff, and they both sound very different from the Harry Gregson-Williams stuff. And the transitions are a tad jarring at times. I've never seen anyone else post this opinion before, though, so I may be the only one!<br>=====================<br><br><br>That's actually very interesting. Never thought of it that way. And you're right. For those who are well aware of the overall MV/RC sound, there is indeed a difference between the Zimmer style and the Glennie-Smith style. However, I think that the two styles blend pretty well in The Rock. The movie itself allows for that. So I would argue that, while watching the actual movie, the two styles work very well together and they complement each other. <br><br>But listening to the score alone, yes, I can definitely see where you're coming from. The differences are obvious. Having said that, I still consider it to be a masterpiece of action scoring. And not only action. The emotional bits are great too. JADE is an extremely beautiful and tender track :))<br><br>P.S. The Peacemaker is on my personal TOP 5 of the greatest action scores of all time. I can't believe the score is not as popular as The Rock. Same for Eraser, by the way. Watch the movie again on a good sound system and you'll be blown away by the awesome Silvestri score. I really wish those two scores were more popular with the public......The 90s had some of the greatest action movie scores ever<br>================================<br><br>Without a doubt. I grew up in the 90s and I was there for all of it. Truly one of the best decades for film music (and for cinema in general). I mean, it's the decade that changed action scores forever. Exactly because of scores like The Rock, Twister, Armageddon, Crimson Tide and The Peacemaker. Granted, Harold Faltermeyer kinda started it all in the mid-80s with his work on Top Gun, Tango and Cash and Beverly Hills Cop 2, but it was Hans and his team who really got the ball rolling. By the way, I'm super happy that Hans and Faltermeyer are teaming up for Top Gun 2. At least according to IMDb....<br><br><br>==================<br>The opening theme is probably Zimmer's best in the genre<br>==================<br><br>Agreed. It's the ultimate Zimmer power anthem. I know the younger generation knows Hans mainly from his work on comicbook movies like Batman and Spider Man, but for me, 90's Zimmer will always be the best Zimmer. And my favorite Zimmer :))I'm so excited hear that.
No you won't, the score will be released after the final episode.Yesssssssssss yessss yesCan't wait for this soundtrack.<br>Just a few days left.Oh. My. Gods. (The old ones and the new.) That's so good news. And I can't wait for sunday.<br><br>The best is, that I can here the soundtrack before I watch the final episode. And I like to hear to a score without knowing wich music belongs to what kind of scene.Yesss. Can't wait!

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Hans ZimmerLorne BalfeBenjamin WallfischAndrew Kawczynski
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
Label: WaterTower Music
Length: 59'46 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (3226 votes)
  1. The Mole (5:35)
    Hans Zimmer (Sir Edward Elgar)
  2. We Need Our Army Back (6:28)
    Hans Zimmer
  3. Shivering Soldier (2:52)
    Hans Zimmer
  4. Supermarine (8:03)
    Hans Zimmer
  5. The Tide (3:48)
    Hans Zimmer (Sir Edward Elgar)
  6. Regimental Brothers (5:04)
    Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe (Sir Edward Elgar)
  7. Impulse (2:36)
    Hans Zimmer
  8. Home (6:02)
    Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch (Sir Edward Elgar)
  9. The Oil (6:10)
    Hans Zimmer
  10. Variation 15 (Dunkirk) (5:51)
    Benjamin Wallfisch, Hans Zimmer (Sir Edward Elgar)
  11. End Titles (Dunkirk) (7:12)
    Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Benjamin Wallfisch (Sir Edward Elgar)
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Laurens reply Replies: 1 || 2017-07-21 09:33:54
Very strange that the iTunes release does not contain track 11 (End Titles). I haven't checked for other countries, but at least that's the case in the Netherlands.

Laurens2017-07-21 09:40:17
Hmm never mind they just updated it it seems...

Catastrophic Jones reply Replies: 0 || 2017-07-21 02:14:21
Very interested with this one. Normally I stray away from the war movies from recent years but the fact that Nolan considered this a story worthy enough to make into a film makes it a must see in my book. Chris has that style of elegance and intelligence in his films, while also being capable of delivering a full on action powerhouse that easily rivals Michael Bay. (Seriously, how is that guy still allowed to make 'films'?) Hans' score is no exception. I can understand why it may cause some people to turn away but personally, for me if something works for the film it is intended for, the composer has succeeded in his job. Not every score has to be an engaging hundred piece orchestra and an ambient-electronic film score is nothing new, it's an approach that has been around for decades! The way of cinema isn't being destroyed by it. It's simply another way to tell a story. I personally feel this music will best suit the film based on what I've heard so far and even as a stand alone listening experience I love it. That tense feeling that dread and doom is near, that I am about to go to war against someone or something. Sounds like he took the feel of Interstellar if it wasn't a space film, the ambiance of Inception and effects from Inferno. Supermarine is easily my favorite, but I do like Variation 15 and End Titles a lot as well. Just to give you an idea, I once use to exclusively listen to only orchestral music. Me several years ago would've probably hated this kind of score but instead of ignoring it and turning away I began to open myself to other styles. I stopped holding music to a certain set of expectations. Now I've discovered some very incredible and unique stuff out there, and not just in terms of music. Give it a chance, if the first listen doesn't grab you try a few more. Only then can you decided with a definitive stance. Worst case scenario, there's always the next Hans Zimmer score to enjoy.

Juliano reply Replies: 0 || 2017-07-21 01:17:34
The Variation 15 is so amazing deep. WOW

fabien reply Replies: 0 || 2017-07-20 23:16:15
Truly unique soundtrack

Mike (OTM) reply Replies: 6 || 2017-07-20 03:22:36
So here's what I'm expecting:

—Lorne Balfe's name will be on most cues, and he'll have at least a couple cues without Hans' name at all
—the "beautiful" parts of the score will be the Elgar adaptations by Wallfisch
—Hans' music will work wonders as an accompaniment to the film, but be an underwhelming solo listen
—the cues in the film will be substantially recut compared to what the album gives us
—in the future, it will be difficult to tell what's by Zimmer here and what's by the other guys


Waymann2017-07-20 08:44:54
Well you are right about the second, fourth thing you are saying.

AndrewM2017-07-20 08:58:30
Mike - good points . Definatly had a lot of Balfes touches on the score . Bits of 13 Hours . The Elgar variations aren't that original . The Original Elgar is better . BUt the score is great to the film .

badbu2017-07-20 09:01:52
Lorne is a King too :-)

James2017-07-20 22:17:21
- I find it difficult. Lorne joined the project in the last two months of producing the film.
- I agree. And the reviews that came out even before the official debut confirm that.
- I hope it is so.
- Those who watched the movie have already confirmed that.
- Meh. But I do not doubt it.


I waiting for tomorrow to listen.

James2017-07-20 22:35:43
@AndrewM You're not so wrong. I always imagined this score as something reminiscent of Black Hawnk Dawn, in the same way as 13 Hours is.

James2017-07-20 22:37:28
*Black Hawk Down*

badbu reply Replies: 4 || 2017-07-20 18:24:45
Damn it...this part is missing...
twitter. com/anto volk/status/884874191878619138

Anon2017-07-20 20:04:00
It's in THE MOLE. The clip is just pitched up 4% as it was shown in the UK.

badbu2017-07-20 20:06:05're right! thank you :)

badbu2017-07-20 20:23:38
BUT it is a little bit different. In the Clip are some deep Piano parts :P Maybe it's a "film version".

Ahmad2017-07-20 21:10:52
It's NOT the same! Similar but not the same and it's not just in a different pitch, in the clip it builds and builds and it gets faster and faster. It seems like a lot of stuff were cut out.

Jordan reply Replies: 21 || 2017-07-20 13:21:13
Informations taken from the CD Album :

1. The Mole (05:29) - Hans Zimmer (includes a theme by Sir Edward Elgar)
2. We Need Our Army Back (06:04) - Hans Zimmer
3. Shivering Soldier (02:51) - Hans Zimmer
4. Supermarine (07:59) - Hans Zimmer
5. The Tide (03:49) - Hans Zimmer (includes a theme by Sir Edward Elgar)
6. Regimental Brothers (05:02) - Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe (includes a theme by Sir Edward Elgar)
7. Impulse (02:34) - Hans Zimmer
8. Home (06:00) - Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch (includes a theme by Sir Edward Elgar)
9. The Oil (06:10) - Hans Zimmer
10. Variation 15 (Dunkirk) (05:52) - Benjamin Wallfisch (based on a theme by Sir Edward Elgar)
11. End Titles (07:13) - Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe & Benjamin Wallfisch (includes a theme by Sir Edward Elgar)

SmartGuy2017-07-20 13:38:32
It just leaked. Does anybody know where to listen to it?

Jordan2017-07-20 13:41:13
I listened to part of the CD, it seems particular and some sound design.

I'll listeting to the full album tonight to have a real opinion on the score.

Waymann2017-07-20 13:53:14
Wow, Elgar's theme is all over the place. Don't recall hearing it so much while watching the film. Thought it was only going to be in track 8 and 10.

George2017-07-20 14:07:20
Just finished listening to the whole thing. Much more entertaining than I expected, to be honest.

badbu2017-07-20 14:14:43
WOW! The Score is amazing!!!!!!!

Ahmad 2017-07-20 14:25:04
Can anyone confirm if "The Mole" is the music from the prologue? (If you've seen it of course). I only want to listen to that since I've heard it already.

Ahmad2017-07-20 14:50:04
Haven't listened to it in full. Prologue music is not on the album. I'm very disappointed. It was one hell of a track.

Edgar2017-07-20 14:51:03
Just finished aswell, and i simply can't understand what is so amazing or entertaining at all?!

Track 01 - 03 are unbelievable boring sound design/effects, like an 13 minute intro to the ugly track 04 (supermarine). track 05 - 08 are boring and sound-effects aswell. track 08 has at minute 4 an interesting part, where edward elgars theme pops out, but that's it. curious to hear and see that scene in the movie. track 09 (the oil) is super-ugly, almost more then "supermarine" - wow! the highlight of the score is then track 10 "variation 15", which isn't even a zimmer cue and also a huge inspirated and variated cue from edward elgar. the last track sums everything up, there is a mix of electro sound effects with edward elgars music and again some supermarine and the oil parts.

i can't describe how much dissappointed i am, this is super-super-ugly. i remember when hans made the joker theme how punkish and ugly he stated that cue, but this one here is simply terrific ugly - the whole score! i don't know, this has nothing to do with film music anymore. it sounds for me like a frustrated zimmer who wants to prove, that he can bring up anything out, and people will kiss his a** and say how amaziiiiing this is. i'm sorry for my harsh words, i'm just so dissappointed here. i've considered myself as a zimmer-addictive, but here with this score, i had to choke up, it was that bad. i was so happy it ended. oh lord, where's my hans, where's my zimmer...

Waymann2017-07-20 15:04:11
The prologue is also not a scene from the actual film.

babdu2017-07-20 15:08:29
@Edgar Yes, it is not the best score from Hans but ugly? What do you think about the interstellar score? this was a bad score (for me)...i like this score very much!

Medigo2017-07-20 15:13:14
only listened to the first track
saying that its just soundeffects is doing the music disservice

badbu2017-07-20 15:18:23
But hey, Steven Price gets an oscar for his "sound" Score Gravity :D

Waymann2017-07-20 15:21:37
Ugh I hated that gravity score, just awful and I even like those kind of scores. That oscar win was out of place.

badbu2017-07-20 15:24:00
@Waymann YES! 100% right!!! At the Oscar Night i was like this -> oO WTF?!?!? :D

Medigo2017-07-20 15:27:41
Music can come in many forms
Gravity is a soundtrack, whether you like it or not.
Admittedly this score is not grabbing me very much. its very moody and plodding. (probably fits the film)
but to dismiss it because of how it sounds is rubbish

Kusi2017-07-20 16:25:06
As for Gravity: My first reaction about the film music Oscar was: WTF? BUT never judge on a score before you watched the movie. This is a perfect example for that. After I watched the movie I immediatly bought the score and it's still one of my favourites.

Ahmad2017-07-20 16:44:38
Gravity... one of the most creative scores. I haven't listened to the whole score on its own, but whenever I watch sequences from the movie, the score impresses me more than it did before.
I did listen to "The Mole" and did remind me of Gravity.

Mike (OTM)2017-07-20 17:01:48
Hmmm, so this is a much shorter album release than Interstellar. I hope we don't have another No Time for Caution situation!

Mike (OTM)2017-07-20 17:20:54
The differing track times here and above tell me the CD is probably crossfaded, while the digital version has the tracks extended to remove the crossfades.

ss2017-07-20 17:26:50
Trailer Music better than soundtracks lol

Waymann2017-07-20 17:32:08
First watch the film then listen to this score. Thank me later. No way you will like this score before you see the film.

Everan reply Replies: 0 || 2017-07-20 16:39:28
This is like the son of Hans Zimmer and David Julyan. Home, around the 4:00 minute mark reminds a lot of The Descent, but with a tiny bit of Zimmer's Interstellar touch.

It's definetely not what I expected, but I'm liking. And pretty sure it works amazingly with the film, which is really the main purposed of the score.

T-Mann036 reply Replies: 1 || 2017-07-20 15:47:53
Since I cannot access the vote on this site, I have to say that the Dunkirk soundtrack is as epic as Inception (another film by Chris Nolan). Despite the 11 tracks, that doesn't stop me from enjoying Hans' musical prowess. Overall, I have to give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

badbu2017-07-20 16:04:25
Yep. For me it is 4.5 too!

ss reply Replies: 0 || 2017-07-20 15:35:55
I dont like this tracks again dissapointment Hans.

Waymann reply Replies: 5 || 2017-07-20 11:10:28
I found on a reliable online store for books, films and music the track lengths. But the one for Supermarine is just a few seconds shorter than the runtime for the digital single. But of course the file on the cd different. This seems official to me.
It's is 53:53 min. long.

1. The Mole (05:29)
2. We Need Our Army Back (06:04)
3. Shivering Soldier (02:51)
4. Supermarine (07:59)
5. The Tide (03:49)
6. Regimental Brothers (05:02)
7. Impulse (02:34)
8. Home (06:00)
9. The Oil (06:10)
10. Variation 15 (Dunkirk) (05:52)
11. End Titles (07:13)

Waymann2017-07-20 11:16:06
I'm wrong it's 59 min. in total.

badbu2017-07-20 11:27:41
Cool! Thanks :-)

Ahmad2017-07-20 11:51:03
I've been waiting for the runtime, thanks. I expected it to be longer. Oh well. We were spoiled with Interstellar, now he's back with the Inception-like release. I don't expect a digital deluxe either.
It's interesting that Supermarine is the longest track on the album.

Waymann2017-07-20 11:53:39
Supermarine was cut into pieces and put all over the film. But I'm sure in the movie it sounded different.

babdu2017-07-20 11:57:30
there are some cues missing! 100% :D Hans like :D

Jack reply Replies: 5 || 2017-07-19 17:42:48
Curious, does anyone know if the track from the 1st trailer appears in the film at all? I heard that was composed by Zimmer but wasn't sure if it was only used as trailer music?

Ahmad 2017-07-19 18:06:04
Only the first one minute teaser/announcement was Zimmer.

Ahmad 2017-07-19 18:06:09
Only the first one minute teaser/announcement was Zimmer.

Ahmad 2017-07-19 18:06:51
Only the first one minute teaser/announcement was Zimmer.

Ahmad2017-07-19 18:07:45
Oops! Sorry, internet connection malfunction.

Waymann2017-07-20 09:52:05
That music is not in the film. The reverse piano sounds you are talking about right ?

Antovolk reply Replies: 0 || 2017-07-20 00:52:24
Seen the film twice. I'm now even more curious how the album will handle it. I listened to Supermarine a fair number of times after last week, so I had it fairly fresh in mind...but the sound editors don't present anything as you hear on the album. Take Supermarine - that 8 minute track is sped up, slowed down, chopped and pasted all throughout the entire runtime. Listening to it on its own is probably like - an an analogy - watching The Air sections of the film as one without intercutting to The Mole and The Sea. I'd imagine the rest of the score is similar in this way in terms of how the album will present it.
*** EDITED ***

SmartGuy reply Replies: 12 || 2017-07-19 12:21:30
Well, just watched it. The movie as itself with Hans' music background is great. But it's really more about the sound effects and tick-tock thing, not so much about melody; which btw fits the movie perfectly, but as a standalone... Hmm, not so sure. When it comes to melody, there is pretty much just two scenes. Don't expect too much more then what you heared in Supermarine.

AndresM2017-07-19 14:46:03
Saw the film today and it was amazing . Zimmer's score is truly amazing. Lorne Balfe is credited as Score Producer . They did an amazing job

badbu2017-07-19 15:04:53
can't wait!!! :-)

PBudi2017-07-19 15:17:37
What does a score producer do ?

badbu2017-07-19 15:28:18
Lorne is doing the additional music.

A "additional" composer is brought on board to compose a cue (or cues) that is/are in a completely different style from the rest of the film.

PBudi2017-07-19 15:31:59
Additional music is a wrong credit . In the film it says Score produced by. He is not listed as an additional composer

badbu2017-07-19 15:38:08
mhh okay..maybe he is doing the mastering etc?

Maximouss862017-07-19 15:53:49
i just saw Dunkirk too, and i m waiting for the album because :
1- the music is great
2- there will be suites in it
(for instence Supermarine wasn't in the movie score, well, you know : we hear a bit of the begining and of the end of the music, but not the full music.

Mike (OTM)2017-07-19 16:58:14
In the past when Lorne has been a score producer, it's meant that he's worked with Hans to formulate the sound and instrumentation palette of the score (in general, "how" should the score sound?) and has contributed one or two themes in addition to the ones Hans had done.

Hybrid Soldier2017-07-19 18:58:13
Score producer, additional music, co-composer... Whatever, HZ & LB work together, that's all you need to know, call this what you want...

In the case of Dunkirk, as I explained Lorne did some "handholding" in the last month of scoring while was starting to get really busy with the tour, because things kept changing until the very end.

Medigo2017-07-19 19:52:11
ugh suites
I guess nobody cares for those who just want to have music directly from the film

Max Potcats2017-07-19 22:25:11
Well, Tick-Tock, Murph, Day One from Interstellar, or Earth and Arcade in Man of Steel, or even TIME from inception are suites, so I think it can't hurt to have some on an album, waiting for the complete score in the worst case.

Waymann2017-07-19 23:33:37
I'll admit that I'm one of the first people to whine about the fact that it's not the complete score they release for official albums. But in case of Dunkirk I don't mind actually how the official release is going to turn out,

I just saw this masterpiece and honestly I wouldn't call Zimmers work for this film a score in the first place. A lot of it is sound design, but oh boy this was so very well done. It's loud indeed but never too much and sometimes the music was radical considering this is an WOII film. I'm looking forward to hear how they will make an official soundtrack release of this film. Sure all those tracks will be suites on the album because of the non linear storytelling. I don't know if a recording sessions soundtrack would be nice to listen to, so suites for this album will do the score justice I think. Also the Nimrod piece is outstanding, a lot was changed and sounds very Zimmerisch. Although Wallfish was behind this.

Mephariel reply Replies: 7 || 2017-07-18 03:34:45
This review caught my eye:

"It’s aided greatly by a Hans Zimmer score that knows when to pound us with percussion and when to let the strings go soaring. (There’s a moment toward the end of the film that’s so gloriously old-fashioned and sweeping that it calls to mind the propaganda-film-within-a-film in “Their Finest,” another great tale that touches on the Dunkirk rescue.)"

First time I see "old-fashioned" used to describe Dunkirk's score.

theGordo2017-07-18 05:09:30
I would have to say that's because the "moment towards the end" uses the track "variation 15" which is pretty old-fashioned.

EoinC2017-07-18 15:56:07
My guess is that it's going to reference Elgar's "Enigma", which has 14 variations.

Ahmad2017-07-18 16:34:31
No guesses needed :) It is confirmed that Variation 15 (Dunkirk) is based on Nimrod by Edward Elgar which plays towards the end of the movie.

Waymann2017-07-18 16:49:28
Can't find it again, but yesterday I saw a tv spot which I'm sure of it featured this track. It sounded a bit different and heavier. But definitely had the same melody as Nimrod. Although i'm a bit disappointed that Nolan chose this music for the film, it's a bit cliché isn't it ? But i'll admit for me it has a very British feel to it, so again it will work out great in the film.

Ahmad2017-07-18 17:19:55
Well, if it makes you feel better about it, they didn't just pin drop the music. They changed it quite a bit so it almost becomes unrecognizable. Listen to Nolan's interview on ClassicFM if you can. He talked about it and about the score.

Ds2017-07-18 17:21:01
On watertower's website, if you click on the iTunes logo, a menu opens with 3 choices: 'Standard', 'Deluxe' or 'Streaming'.

But I think it appears like this by default on watertower's website, Wonder Woman also has a 'Deluxe' button.

isildur2017-07-19 08:04:35
Yes. As Nolan's interview on ClassicFM is really worth listening to get an insight into how and why the score is the way it is.

badbu reply Replies: 2 || 2017-07-18 21:27:50 i can't wait for the score!!!


Casting was perfect, the lesser known actors held their own weight against some of the veterans.

The cinematography was fantastic, you really felt completely immersed in the movie.

Hans Zimmer's score was oscar-worthy.

The movie will leave you on the edge of your seat throughout.


The storyline is not always linear which was confusing.

Dialogue was sometimes hard to hear (but not necessary)

George2017-07-19 01:28:49
In what way was the score Oscar worthy? I believe you, I'm just dying to find some concrete details of what this score sounds like. Ostinato strings? Booming percussion? Is there a ton of synth? I guess I could be patient for Thursday night lol

badbu2017-07-19 07:38:52
no full orchestra, yes. but orchestral instruments experimenting with the ticking/rising motif.

the thing is - there's no real theme/melody until the end credits roll. again - in context it's fantastic, out of context though, you be the judge

Impatient reply Replies: 5 || 2017-07-16 17:00:20
It's only three days until the movie premiere, and the score has not leaked yet, and probably won't. We don't even have the track times yet. What happened? In the earlier days the score would typically leak a week before its release.

SmartGuy2017-07-16 18:04:41
Yeah, my words. I think it will eventually leak maybe like one day before....

Ahmad2017-07-16 18:32:07
Looks like they're doing a good job at keeping the score on lock. No info on run time and it's not available to pre-order on digital platforms. I'm really surprised that they even released a track before July 21!

Waymann2017-07-16 23:18:46
They just want the audience to go in without knowing too much about the film. Also the trailers didn't show that much (luckily we didn't get 5 trailers like most Hollywood garbage gets these days.) they also used the same footage for the tv spots. They seems very keen on what footage gets out. I'm seeing the film on wednesday. Can't wait for some new Nolan + Zimmer.

James2017-07-17 23:55:35
An IGN'S review:

"Moments of eerie silence are violently broken by thunderous walls of sound – piercing gunfire and screeching Spitfires. The sound design is incredible, and I spent entire scenes forcibly pressed into my comfy IMAX seat. This is only heightened by Han Zimmer’s colossal score, which plays a crucial role in making Dunkirk feel so intense and suspenseful. (I even laughed a couple of times, unintentionally, because I didn’t quite know how else to cope with the mounting tension.)

But amidst the sound and fury, Dunkirk possesses a meditative quietness. There can’t be more than a handful of pages of dialogue scattered within its 106-minute runtime. It’s a bold decision, creating a starkness at the level of plot and character, but it never bothered me in the slightest such is the quality of filmmaking and acting on show."

SmartGuy2017-07-18 19:03:24
It's really getting weird. I'm going to see the movie in not even 15 hours and I still did not listened to the soundtrack, which is still secretely hidden in secluded place of WaterTower's chamber of music.

Waymann reply Replies: 5 || 2017-07-18 09:09:48
Some reviewer stated that the whole movie is accompanied with score, from beginning to end. Don't know if this is true but then there is no way the whole score is going to be cramped into 10 tracks for it's official release. Still wondering if we will get a Digital Deluxe version.

Iamtommie2017-07-18 09:56:24
Maybe the tracks are very long? He did it with Crimson Tide & Angels & Demons.
Hope this is true!

Waymann2017-07-18 10:10:13
Nah don't think 100 minutes of score fit on a physical CD... Anyway going to see the film tomorrow, really excited. Most people praise Zimmer his work for this film but don't know for sure if it will work as a stand alone listening experience. Which is good in a way because sometimes film score fans seem to forget that scores are made to work in a movie in the first place and not just to please you for is stand alone listening experience like other music genres.

badbu2017-07-18 11:22:22
@Waymann 100% right!!!

MrZimmerFan2017-07-18 12:59:03
The people says is most sound design, but FITS the movie perfectly and captures the restless pacing

Ahmad2017-07-18 16:38:30
There's big chance there won't be a digital deluxe. This seems like a release similar to Inception track number wise. The vinyl version which is a double LP release has the same exact playlist, so it might be an indication that the score is not short but we might not all of the music.

Ahmad reply Replies: 1 || 2017-07-17 11:18:52
So... It is confirmed (by Nolan himself) that track 10. Variation 15 (Dunkirk) is indeed based on Edward Elgar's Nimrod and orchestrated by Benjamin Wallfisch. It's not a suite, it's in the movie. To anyone expecting a melodic theme, that's as melodic as it will get, the rest of the score will be more experimental.

James2017-07-17 14:51:39
I already knew it. BRAAAAAMMM!

mpolonest123 reply Replies: 0 || 2017-07-16 23:46:42

Did Zimmer stop releasing the Z+ apps? I really loved the Inception app and liked the concept behind the TDKR one. Would love to see something interactive like that as opposed to trying to promote an album and headphones no one uses.

Trash XL reply Replies: 9 || 2017-07-14 23:05:04
Unpopular opinion: Steve Mazzaro & Andrew Kawczynski are the worst things happened to Hans Zimmer

Steve2017-07-14 23:10:51
anyone who enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Chappie, or The Bible, Man of Steel, or The Lone Ranger scores would disagree ;)

Mephariel2017-07-14 23:44:11
I agree. I usually dislike any influence from Mazzaro & Kawczynski. I did like The Lone Ronger, The Boss Baby, Man of Steel, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. But I felt like I like the parts that sounds the least like Mazzaro and Kawczynski.

Petrews2017-07-14 23:49:10
Agree - Hans has worked with so many talented people but not them. Great seeing Balfe back with the maestro

James2017-07-15 01:06:58
The Bible and Chappie were Zimmer's weak efforts. BvS is a cool "epic" score but very disappointing when we look back and see all the work he developed in TDK trilogy and even the results obtained by other composers in the same genres now and in the past. The fact is that HZ needs to abandon this "new style" that he is trying to develop or even follow. Since other composers have recently worked hard with this type of "ambient music".

Early reviews of Dunkirk point out that the score is effective in the film and that it probably will not function as an isolated listener. Which is good and bad at the same time.

But let's wait before judging

Anonymous2017-07-15 04:33:17

Everything I'm reading about Dunkirk and those reviews that mention the score are glowing, to say the least. Which review(s) suggest the score would not be serviceable apart from the film?

Personally, I like Andrew and Steve's stuff! Esp Chappie, The Bible and TASM2. Also arrangements from Interstellar.

James2017-07-15 22:51:01

The reviews that come out indicate that the score works very well in the film, some even elevate it to its protagonist position. However, they also say that it is an experimental score and they compare it to the work that Johansson has developed in films with "The Arrival". It is electronic for the most part, and some even claim that the only truly melodic part comes at the end of the movie, in the final credits.The reviews that come out indicate that the score works very well in the film, some even elevate it to its protagonist position. However, they also say that it is an experimental score and they compare it to the work that Johansson has developed in films with "The Arrival". It is electronic for the most part, and some even claim that the only truly melodic part comes at the end of the movie, in the final credits.

James2017-07-15 22:59:53
Connection problems...

Mephariel2017-07-15 23:25:25
Honestly, if it works that well in the film, then I will have no problem with the score. At the end of the day, Zimmer's number 1 job is to make sure the score works well with the film, not as an isolated experience. There are plenty of Zimmer scores out there that works well in the film and as a isolated experience.

James2017-07-16 00:16:48
I know I know..
I'm not criticizing.
I only have one foot behind.
But ok.
It will be a good one.

OskarC reply Replies: 0 || 2017-07-15 18:34:46
I'd like to.belive that the End Titles is an awsome long piece with some epic theme statements if there even is a theme.

Maximouss86 reply Replies: 0 || 2017-07-15 11:28:06
Hey guys,
Could someone define the role of a Andrew Kawczynski and Steve Mazzaro as additional composers please?
I'm not sure to understand their investment in these scores.

Kingfannypack reply Replies: 0 || 2017-07-14 09:20:00
Reviews for the film are good, the same is so for the soundtrack's effectiveness at being incredible tense- excitement building!!!!

Jack Afrogarrix2017 reply Replies: 0 || 2017-07-14 01:16:51
Another Great Work For Hans Zimmer And Works Again With Christopher Nolan In This War Film Dunkirk. The Track "Supermarine" Is An Intense Best Track I Ever Hear

I Got A Question: Does Lorne Balfe Is Going To Be Additional Music Or Music Producer? Because The IMDb Music Department Say That.

Jack Afrogarrix2017 reply Replies: 0 || 2017-07-14 01:16:49
Another Great Work For Hans Zimmer And Works Again With Christopher Nolan In This War Film Dunkirk. The Track "Supermarine" Is An Intense Best Track I Ever Hear

I Got A Question: Does Lorne Balfe Is Going To Be Additional Music Or Music Producer? Because The IMDb Music Department Say That.

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Kingfannypack reply Replies: 4 || 2017-07-11 23:16:06
I can't even be the only one here who likes Supermarine? It felt very tense, fast paced, and had a panicked vibe to the entire track. It will sound better after the movie is released, and we have seen the scene this is paired with.

Brent2017-07-11 23:19:10
I agree. Though it's not very inventive or anything new in style, it's still very enjoyable and I suspect it will fit the film nicely.

badbu2017-07-12 06:09:52
the track is amazing! so simple but so good!

Leo2017-07-13 00:53:11
I really like the second half of the cue, but I find everything else to be "meh".

Mortifer V.2017-07-13 11:52:39
I LOVE it.

Ahmad reply Replies: 3 || 2017-07-11 23:29:33
A 30sec clip featuring new music from the score: volk/status/884874191878619138

Maximouss862017-07-11 23:56:51
this tension music just for a simple discussion makes me feel that it will be that during all the movie, 1h45 of tension thanks to the score :O

Anonymous2017-07-12 03:01:24
I think we're in for a good balance of action, and very powerful, trademark Hans, dramatic themes!

badbu2017-07-12 06:09:05
i like it!!! :-)

Naji reply Replies: 19 || 2017-07-08 00:06:28
Im Just listening to Supermarine, is this even Music?
come on HZ what is happening to u r u the same guy behind thin red line?
so disappointed so disappointed.

Ahmad2017-07-08 00:17:46
I really respect others opinions I really do, and I don't expect everyone to like the same exact things, but comments like these trigger me, for god's sake...
Do you think if Nolan wanted a traditional score like the one you mentioned above from Zimmer, Zimmer would've been like: no, let me do this instead?
Also why do you want Zimmer to do the same exact thing, over and over again?
This is a collaboration between Zimmer & Nolan. And by the way, it's a film score that is supposed to be heard with the movie and it has to fit perfectly with it not just please listeners.
Sorry, I just had to get it off my chest.

Naji2017-07-08 00:22:42
no worries darling u r free to reply.
1. Zimmer is doing the same thing since 10 years
2. What i mentioned before which Thin red line is a masterpiece zimmer didn't touch this level since long long time.
3. for me this is not lets try somthing new this is a lazy Score with same nots which we r heard b4

Ahmad2017-07-08 00:42:38
I kindly disagree with you. Does Angels & Demons sound like Inception? Does Freeheld sound like Interstellar? Does Inferno sound like Sherlock Holmes? Does The Dark Knight sounds like Frost/Nixon?
The Thin Red Line is a beautiful score that belongs to a beautiful movie. This movie demanded a different approach that might not please everyone.

James2017-07-08 00:46:38
Only to demystify the idea that the old Hans who composed everything by himself does not exist anymore. In fact he has always worked like this. Not always, ok. But in the majority of times. And he's not the only one who works like that. Danny Elfman also has limited knowledge of technical writing of music and works almost like Hans with difference, I think, that he writes directly with samplers for most scenes.

Here's John's interview. iew-scoring-bourne-hans-zimmer-faceoff-and-more

Alexander2017-07-08 00:58:51
Thank you man for saying that ! Journey to the line is still a majestic masterpiece as studio version and as live version. I don't get it why so many are defending this Supermarine track just because of the fact that this is it what Nolan wants from Hans Zimmer. We all know that this Track/Score is a result of the Zimmer/Nolan collaboration but this fact does not make it better. And I would not say that Hans did the same thing over and over again in the last 10 years.
If you like it because you really like the music than alright nobody will say something against that but don't say "hey its what Nolan wanted" that doesn't make things better

Alexander2017-07-08 01:03:39
For sure all these movie scores sounds different. But all that you mentioned sounds great. Nobody said that this one doesn't sound different but it sounds not good as one of the scores you mentioned above. And it is just one track. Lets wait for the entire score. Even if there are so many saying that this one is different cause the movie is different there must be a theme or at least one peace that has a melody and perhaps we all fell in love with it

Ahmad2017-07-08 01:16:27
Of course saying that it's what Nolan intended doesn't automatically make it good. If you don't like it, you just don't like it. But some people are blaming Zimmer for not making a traditional score with eccentric melody lines and what not, that's why I brought up that director's intent plays a big role in this.

But what really bothers me is the idea that a score should always be a certain way or have a melody line to count as a score, and that to me limits creativity. Who knows, they might have tried a more traditional compositions but it just doesn't work and it doesn't fit with the tone of the movie.

Another thing that bothers me is people's limited definition of music. "What is this bunch of noise? This is not music", I find comments like that to be quite ridiculous.

Alexander2017-07-08 01:30:49
I agree with you in most of the points you brought up. For sure blaming Zimmer because he (maybe) didn't delivered a "classic" score is dump. But because of the fact that Hans scores are always different and fresh, finding new sound IS a classic Zimmer score. And when it comes to this Track. Well it sound interesting but not really good (in comparison to other "fight" tracks like in Inferno).
Well I see what you think of music and the room you have to give to a composer but I still think That a good score has to have something melodic in it. It can be as new and as complex as it will but it must feel melodic and it must have a drive so that you can lay yourself in it and you can feel the music if you want so. Finding a beat and some interesting sounds doesn't make a good Track or Score. I think we just don't want Hans to fell into a Steve Jablonsky mode cause Jablonsky did some GREAT music in the Island or in the Transformers movies but the rest... he always have interesting sounds but somehow he lost it. And now he just make good music for the Transformers movies every 3 or 4 years. Compare Merlins staff to a pain and gain track. For sure you can say that even Pain and Gain is art but I would put my money on it that most people would like Merlins staff more and not beacause there are fans of a classic strucured score but because of the melody.

Naji2017-07-08 02:32:37

what i believe Nolan its great for hans and bad at the same time,
if u have idea how hans did a beautiful amazing themes for TV series far from nolan.
when they said Hans will work with nolan for this kind of movie i should get something big magnificent not the same notes which he use in a lot of previous movies.
I love all hans works, he is one of my fav but i feel that inception style is expired and it has to be changed.
Don't forget Hans Drop a lot of Great movies for nolan and he is not working with Ridley Scott anymore and no more superheros themes, I don't want to here this style of Lazy OST over and over again
i wish that u understand my point.

Anonymous2017-07-08 04:08:12

Dude, I think you are really wasting a lot of time and energy making early criticisms on the basis of only hearing one track. Just take a breath, stop typing, wait for the movie, buy and listen to the whole score, the fire off the opinions. Remember, Zimmer said this was his most demanding score. I love Supermarine, but if you think this track represents the demand he refers to, I think we are all in for a big surprise. This track reflects the immense talents of Hans to build tension and fear, like he has done time and time again. I can only imagine the gem you are looking for hiding in the remainder of the score. Could be wrong....doubt it.

Ds2017-07-08 10:27:35
@Alexander: for sure more people would like "Merlin's Staff" over anything from "Pain & Gain". But if you want to follow what "most people like", I have no clue why you even listen to film music. More people also prefer catchy pop songs over film music: does that make those pop songs any better for you?

Alexander2017-07-08 14:15:51
For Sure youre right about the pop Music thing but try another Point of view. If this supermarine Track would have been Wirten by some private guy that Nobody knows. Everyone would have Said "oh no Thats garbage" or "he Will Never sound as melodic and magic as Zimmer". Look I am a huge Hans Fan, went to three concerts so far and I am Sure that the Dunkirk score will have something for me. But I just Don't want Hans to Write garbage, putting his mae in it and than saying " oh well Are You just Listening to Mainstream or why don't You like it ?!?"
You Know These "Mainstream" Tracks just became Mainstream because of there quality. For Sure I like ist to listen to Time or King of Pride Rock. These peaces Are super Mainstream but that doesn't mean that they Are Less worth.
Are You getting my Point ?

Ds2017-07-08 15:12:13
Not really I must admit... Usually mainstream tracks become mainstream because they have a catchy melody that quickly connects with many people. Doesn't mean they are any "better" than the other tracks.
Hans' job is not to compose catchy themes and sell many albums to a broad audience. His job is to support the picture and create whatever soundscape, emotion or atmosphere is required by the movie.
This Supermarine track is loud, heavy, tense, I'm sure it was never meant to be "beautiful" or "melodic". And I appreciate it for what it is, because it's powerful and very well done. Very Hans.
Of course it would be great to see Hans doing a big epic movie in the next few years, with big, broad power anthems just like he did in the 90s and 2000s. However I don't see that happening soon, no director seems to want that anymore...

Alexander2017-07-08 15:47:22
Oh than You perhaps misunderstood my Intire Point. I don't say it is Bad when it comes to heavyness or intensness. I just don't Said to myself "Now I wanna hear a very stressy or Heavy Electronic thing". So I Personally was disapointet cause I didn't thaught that. For Sure in a Action scene this will work Great I can Imagine yea but it is nothing I would repeat all day like I bet we all did as the Batman Movies came out. Best Example Molossus. A very intense Track but somehow it has somethin in it that make me Listen and listen it again. Well I See it different I belive Hans has to Tell a Story with his Music and he Said it even hisself that in a Story there Are Great Times, lame times, Action Times and epic times so his Music represents that. And by now I think there is no doubt about it that this Track is a mix between lame and Action Times cause it tryes to be Action but compared to Molossus or other Tracks of this Kind by Hans or isn't that good for hearing it seperatly.

Olzoy2017-07-09 20:25:18
Seeing a lot of people reply saying the reason you don't like Supermarine is because it's 'unexpected' which is ridiculous
1. His score for interstellar was 'unexpected' and I was blown away by it, I loved it when I first heard it and I still love it now
2. There's really nothing new about an electronic score with heavy percussion, it's no different to what junkie xl did for mad max or batman vs superman, which was awful
3. Mentioning angels and demons and the dark knight in a comment where you argue none of hans' scores are similar is just laughable

Mike (OTM)2017-07-09 20:47:54
Yeah...Supermarine is not "unexpected." If anything, it's too expected. It sounds like a cheap "this is what Zimmer sounds like" track. It may work well in context, but it's boring by itself. The frenetic ostinato is something we've heard a thousand times, from Zimmer and his associates.

traditional2017-07-10 21:31:40
" if Nolan wanted a traditional score"

This is pretty much now the standard "Zimmer-esque" score track though. It's probably fine in context but let's be honest if you didn't know who wrote it how would you distinguish it from any other unspectacular production library music everyone can write these days?

What's funny is Inception, Interstellar, Little Prince, Kung Fu Panda... all in their own way are miles away from what his sound is stereo-typed as! The one thing you can't claim Hans is whether you like him or not is generic.

But let's wait and hear all of it before judging. Maybe the rest of it is more intriguing.

Waymann2017-07-11 08:28:57
Early reviews praise the score, only happens when it's really good like with War for the Planet of the Apes which is already an oscar worthy score. Still hyped for this, the score will be one of the leading voices of the film because of the non-linear story telling and minimum of dialogue. Don't think they would have rushed this big task.

DoubleOhDutch2017-07-11 19:41:43
Bombers over Dunkirk remix...

I really respect Zimmer's work when he really tries to push it further. Thin red Line, Interstellar, Inception are simply sublime. Inferno, Pirates 4 and to a certain degree the Superman scores all have this weird remixes that simply do not fit.

Then again I would buy his music even if he composed music for supermarkets...

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