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@Bob<br><br>Thank you for the enlightment, I will consider opening my wrists for misconduct in the next few days, thank you very much... :o<br><br><br><br>Ok seriously though, you guys should know that if there's one guy that could not care less about awards... it's Hans... :)I am really enjoying his season of the Crown.a big balfe influence in this season with hints of Churchil and Genius I think. Really excellent music/ it's me@ds "Ramin is also doing a lot of projects but is far, far behind in terms of styles and creativity."<br> <br>I think the same for Jablonsky, Zanelli, XL, Jackman and Mancina.@macejko<br><br>"All the time he acts like the hottest shit in town, refusing to score basically everything they offer him"<br><br>You said in another comment that you never read an interview with Powell, so not reason you take that kind of conclusion of your character.<br><br>"The man hides in a cave, doesn't evolve at all and for some mysterious reason he is still revered like a second coming of Jesus Christ."<br>Powell is a clearly talented composer. He suffered criticism at the beginning of his career by sounding like Zimmer, but soon showed substance. And much more than that created an identifiable style, which today is reference to other scores of modern animations (which may be good or bad to depend on of the point of view).<br>Today he is an established composer and it is common for these composers to move away for a few years or even close their careers without many explanations for the public. In recent years we watched the estrangement of Silvestri, Horner, Williams and in the past we saw Faltemeyer, Bill Conti and Brad Fiedel drop their careers when they were at the top of the game.<br><br>" Say anything you will about Lorne Balfe, but at least he is working his ass off and slowly getting better and better"<br><br>As they said in another comment, you're compared to newbies and veterans. Balfe's having the opportunity of his life now. Take it or leave it. There's no choice. Powell, as well as Zimmer others, on the other hand, is a "senior member" of the club. He can afford to go away for a few years to resolve comprehensible personal problems without affecting the hard work he has developed in the last 20 years. Will Balfe continue to be so creative in 10 or 15 years?<br><br>@ds<br><br>"<br>Powell has nothing to prove, he has already mastered all genres"<br><br>That's funny, but it's fair. Powell Is a good composer. Not the best, far from it. Your style really narrows your work down, but we can say that from all the composers out there. So it's not a problem.The problem is he wants to limit his work to animations and fantasy.because he abhors gratuitous violence.<br><br>@george<br><br>". Although, I hate to say it, we could say the same for Zimmer in my opinion"<br><br>Zimmer's at the end of his career. All the other composers when they arrived at 60 years (with the exception of JNH, Goldsmith and Morricone) reduced the amount of projects per year and went on to choose their work best. It's a natural way.Over the years, it tends to get worse with one exception here and there. Don't keep expectations like he's in his prime<br><br>"he has "nothing more to prove", he is creatively dead."<br><br><br>Powell will work with a little more frequently in the coming years (or not) that only depends on his ambitions. However, frankly, he's never going to do three again. 4.5. 6 projects in a year. It takes a lot of motivation for that.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
Just listened to the whole thing, kind of a let down. Nothing interessting except for some action moments. Donít even recall hearing some sort of theme. Overall it was like listening to Cars 4: Spanish World Cup.I have already listened to The Jumanji Overture and I must say it sounds really great. Let's see how the rest of the score sounds.Tracklist with track duration:<br>01. The Jumanji Overture (03:20)<br>02. Digging Up The Past (01:43)<br>03. Brantfort High (01:09)<br>04. Into The Jungle (01:23)<br>05. Out of Character (02:31)<br>06. The Legend of the Jewel (02:23)<br>07. The Adventure Begins (01:40)<br>08. Special Abilities (01:16)<br>09. The Bikers (03:44)<br>10. Van Pelt (01:00)<br>11. A Test Of Friendship (01:22)<br>12. The Bazaar (01:16)<br>13. Snake Charmer (03:41)<br>14. The Power of Bravestone (01:04)<br>15. Seaplane McDonough (02:17)<br>16. The Missing Piece (01:46)<br>17. Lost In Time (01:18)<br>18. Flirting With Danger (01:36)<br>19. Albino Rhinos (03:44)<br>20. Retrieving the Emerald (01:54)<br>21. Out of Lives (01:49)<br>22. First Kiss (01:22)<br>23. The Jaguars (03:03)<br>24. Ring of Fire (02:07)<br>25. Begin The Climb (01:56)<br>26. Call Out Its Name (02:23)<br>27. leaving Jumanji (03:03)<br>28. An Older Friend (02:40)<br>29. Back To School (01:53)@ds the same for desplat's victory with Budapest Hotel.Maybe. I'd sure be happy for you lot ;) And I'd definitely rather see Powell attached to a project than, say, RGW, Junkie or Desplat. <br><br>That Solo movie is going to be a disaster, though.
One more thing: if indeed the reason for Powell's semi-hiatus was to be with his family as much as possible, we may well see his activity increase again in coming years now that his wife has passed away and his son is close to graduating high school (I couldn't find an exact date of birth for him but I think he's 16 or 17). Him taking on a project as big and ambitious as Star Wars isn't exactly the sign of someone who wants to take it easy. It's too early to say yet though.hans should win the oscar for best sound effects and not for the best music/score. just as a statement.And it's also unfair to use Balfe to criticize Powell. He started working on American projects in 2005 with Batman Begins, and only after 2010 did he receive individual projects. Is it accurate to compare someone who entered the party at the last minute with two others who are in it for 20 (Powell) and 30 (Zimmer)?<br><br>I'm in a hurry and I put everything into a translator. Forgive the many mistakes.<br> <br><br><br>Composers do not need to worry about the attention, acceptance of the public of the same or the same intensity as pop music artists do. There's no need to do that. Occasionally some name draws attention to the public and causes many people to be in the genre, Williams and Zimmer are the main examples that I can bring the table. However it is not because Williams or Zimmer are extremely popular and perhaps worry about the material they are offering to the public who adores them that all the composers of the world need to do equal. Most of these men and women even enxeega as "celebrity". They are more like artisans or the rest of the crew of a film that occupies with the lights, effects and costumes and that will never have the same response from the public as the main actor. And they don't even expect it. So I think it's foolish to wait for Powell to occupy himself in 2,3 movies a year to please a fanbase.<br><br>I'll agree with you when it says it's deplorable to see CPR composers who talk so much about building a single voice and giving emerging talent the opportunity to use so many additional composers (many of them with a possible promise that in the future they will work with Zimmer and thus have the opportunity to show his face in Hollywood.The sense is almost always these.You start with a secondary composer, he arrives at Zimmer and gains some kind of notoriety). But Powell is not the only one who does this. So he should not be the only one's a film score. It has no obligation to provide a pleasant or enjoyable listening experience, and for an award like this that doesn't really come into consideration. So if it works in the film, it did its job and that's all that matters.<br><br>For me personally, as someone who cares about music first and films second, a score like Dunkirk has little value. A few years ago I probably would have been pretty mad about this score winning awards and acclaim (you should have seen how salty I got when The Social Network beat out HTTYD), but these days... *shrug*. I know what I like, Dunkirk isn't it, and that's fine. It wasn't written for me. Do I wish Hans still wrote the kind of music I like? Of course. But he gets to make his own choices as an artist, just as I get to choose what to listen to as a fan.
The score is already on itunes.This score... so many mixed emotions. Does it work for the film? Heck yeah. Does it improve the film? So much so. Did Hans do what he set out to do? Totally. Is it an award winning masterpiece? Um, not so fast.<br><br>Dunkirk, while super effective within the context of the film (I wouldnít change a thing about it), I must admit, it doesnít have nearly the same effect as a stand-alone listen. Itís literally the same textures and notes over and over again, just slightly rising and falling in pitch and tempo. Does that make it ďawardĒ worthy? Iím not sure. If based solely on the film, you betcha. If based purely on the music itself, I donít think so. Thatís where Interstellar succeeds so far and away over Dunkirk. As a pure listening experience, Interstellar is interesting, multi-layered and emotional. Whereas Dunkirk is just flat, void of any sort of feeling or ďactualĒ music (again, works IN the film). Itís glorified sound FX (save for the end, which, no doubt, is in large part to Ben).<br><br>Hmm... Iíve never had a score tear me apart more than this one. I both love it and hate it. Maybe it did itís job... lol.<br><br>Excuse me while I go listen to No Time for Caution yet again.I think most of us agree that he should've won for Interstellar but I think Dunkirk deserves it too. The work Hans and the music department did on this movie is just incredible. Must've been a lot of hard work. <br>An award is an award, Hans' 2nd Oscar is long overdue so I'd be glad to see him win. But it would be weird to see him win for THAT score, after all the greatnesses of the past 20 years. Same thing with Morricone who won his only Oscar for his very light and insignificant work on Hateful Eight. Good for the man, good for the fans, but doesn't really make sense. But have Oscars ever made sense? :-phaha hybrid :D made my day

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Transformers - The Last Knight
Label: Paramount Pictures / La-La Land Records
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  1. Sacrifice (6:46)
  2. The Coming Of Cybertron (4:58)
  3. Merlin's Staff (5:49)
  4. No-Go Zone (3:28)
  5. Stay And Fight (6:26)
  6. Code Red (2:12)
  7. Izzy (4:00)
  8. Purity Of Heart (3:34)
  9. Megatron Negotiation (3:37)
  10. Today We Hunt (1:46)
  11. Running Out Of Tomorrows (1:20)
  12. Drone Chase (5:07)
  13. You Have Been Chosen (2:17)
  14. Seglass Ni Tonday (6:27)
  15. Quintessa (6:36)
  16. Vivian (3:52)
  17. Abduction (3:04)
  18. History Of Transformers (4:23)
  19. Cogman Sings (2:09)
  20. Vivian Follows Merlin (6:41)
  21. The Greatest Mission Of All (2:19)
  22. Dive (3:15)
  23. Two Moons (2:03)
  24. Merlin's Tomb (3:18)
  25. Claim The Staff (3:36)
  26. Prime Versus Bee (2:45)
  27. Your Voice (4:34)
  28. I Had My Moment (2:29)
  29. Ospreys (1:49)
  30. Battlefield (3:43)
  31. Did You Forget Who I Am (1:56)
  32. We Have To Go (5:48)
  33. Calling All Autobots (2:55)
  34. Sir Edmund Burton (4:10)
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superultramegaa reply Replies: 20 || 2017-11-26 16:21:14
Here's something that might cause controversy. Steve Jablonsky as a Star Wars composer? The Autobot theme is fairly similar to Star Wars in a lot of ways, and if he went all orchestral like he did with Steamboy, I think he might pull it off.

I think people like James Newton Howard, John Powell, or Alexandre Desplat are more qualified of course, but Jablonsky might be an interesting choice. I think his style could work in Star Wars considering I hear a lot of John Williams in his scores.

Macejko2017-11-26 16:38:17
I'm in.

James2017-11-26 17:01:18
Well, if he knows how to respect the sound of the franchise I see no problem with that. Now if his desire is to make a "revolution with the outdated sound of it", let him stay well away.

superultramegaa2017-11-26 17:06:58
I don't think that would ever be something to worry about. In an interview, Jablonsky said that his first musical memory was holding the vinyl of the Star Wars score. Plus I think he even met John Williams, so the guy obviously had a huge influence on Jablonsky, and he probably wouldn't disrespect the style.

Macejko2017-11-26 17:12:41
Err... the sound of Star Wars is already stale as fuck, personally I would cheerfully welcome some "revolution".

Bayhem2017-11-26 19:54:46
Well, it's no secret that Steve is a huge, huge, huge fan of John Williams's work and if given the opportunity I'm sure that he would deliver something truly amazing. No doubt in my mind.

And honestly, the way they're expanding the Star Wars film universe I wouldn't be surpised at all if some day they announce Steve (or some other MV/RC guy) as a composer. There will be people who will bitch and whine of course, just like there will be people who will bitch and whine because Steve is not the composer for the next Transformers movie - Bumblebee. That's just how it is. You can't please every person out there.

But, speaking for myself, I would honestly be more excited if we have a Jablonsky-composed Indiana Jones movie! Would be awesome. I think they're making another one for 2019 and Steve was already involved in Spielberg productions (the TF movies). So if it's between Indy and Star Wars, I would pick Indy.

James2017-11-26 20:40:53
They do not give up of the franchise, eh? 6 movies...

Particularly I do not want Jablonsky with Indiana or SW, as well as I do not want to Balfe in any of these projects. Not that it's of great importance, of course. Not even is a high point of any of their careers. I just don't believe they can change the water to the wine.

Still, In a competition between Jablonsky and Balfe to SW and/or Indiana I would vote for Balfe, which has more than one score with orchestral scope, while Jablonsky stayed behind long ago with Steamboy.

Many composers already work following films previously worked by John Williams, but none has gone far beyond what he has left predetermined. There's a lot of respect for his work. If Williams had worked in the current Superman films, Elfman would never have changed the themes, just as Henry Jackman would never have changed the theme to Captain America, or Brian Tyler changed the themes for Thor and Iron Man, or Elfman to Hellboy (who enjoys continuity but did not respect the theme of Beltrami) or even Giacchino with his Homecoming today. Realize that all the other composers fight one with the other to bring their work to light, except when John Williams has the hands in the project.In these substitution cases, they prefer smaller composers, not so competitive, but with clear skill with the orchestra. Nowadays, however, they are present-renowned composers such as Silvestri and Newman.

But with so many reboot these franchises is capable of Spielberg and Williams to detach and let the directors, producers, composers who arrive have the freedom to do whatever they want. Have you ever imagined an Indiana directed by Michael Bay?

Bayhem2017-11-26 21:27:11
Not that it's of great importance, of course. Not even is a high point of any of their careers.

Not sure I understand what you mean exactly. The way I see it, having a Star Wars project in your resume would be a high point of anyone's career. I'm sure all composers out there would kill for the opportunity to score a SW movie.

which has more than one score with orchestral scope, while Jablonsky stayed behind long ago with Steamboy.

What do you mean by "orchestral scope"? Because in terms of scope and "epicness", Jablonsky is, in my opinion, heads and tails above Balfe. And you know what they say: it's not about quantity, it's about quality. Just because Balfe did 50 movies this year, doesn't mean they're all memorable scores. And the other side: just because Jablonsky chose not to do 50 movies a year, doesn't mean he's not capable of recreating the Steamboy sound again.

But with so many reboot these franchises is capable of Spielberg and Williams to detach and let the directors, producers, composers who arrive have the freedom to do whatever they want. Have you ever imagined an Indiana directed by Michael Bay?

You can never have complete freedom, unless you're a hugely successful "name above the title" director like Spielberg, Cameron, Zemeckis, Bay, Jackson or Lucas. And sometimes even they feel pressure. It's even tougher on already established franchises like Star Wars and Indiana Jones. There are always producers and studio suits who follow every step you make. If you do something they don't like, they will fire you on the spot. We saw it a couple of times on the Star Wars franchise. As for Bay and Indiana Jones, one of his favorite movies of all time is actually the first Indiana Jones. But, even though I'm a huge fan of Bay's work I don't think he would be the right guy for an Indiana Jones movie. Star Wars movie, yes, I can see him directing that, but Indiana Jones is more "old fashioned". In a sense that it's not fast-paced, kinetic franchise. It's not in Bay's wheelhouse. Still, I'm sure if his pal Spielberg says "Mike, I want you to do the next Indiana Jones", Bay will absolutely do it.

James2017-11-26 22:38:41
he way I see it, having a Star Wars project in your resume would be a high point of anyone's career. I'm sure all composers out there would kill for the opportunity to score a SW movie.


Not necessarily. Jurassic Park 3, Superman returns and Harry Potter are not the best works of Don Davis, John Otman, Alexandre Desplat or Patrick Doyle. I think any one of them could live very well without ever having worked in those films and that would not change the state of their careers today.


What do you mean by "orchestral scope"? Because in terms of scope and "epicness", Jablonsky is, in my opinion, heads and tails above Balfe. And you know what they say: it's not about quantity, it's about quality.

Exactly. Balfe is credited with the Imdb as a composer of almost 100 projects, more than Silvestri, Desplat, Elfman, Otman, David Arnold has done in over 20 years of work. Does that mean he's better than them? Not in any way. However, Balfe still has the animations in his defense. He simulates a good Powell. Jablonsky, since Transformers, has been stuck to the epic sound and rarely comes out of the comfort zone.

But, even though I'm a huge fan of Bay's work I don't think he would be the right guy for an Indiana Jones movie. Star Wars movie, yes, I can see him directing that, but Indiana Jones is more "old fashioned".


We've reached a common point. The feeling you have by Bay working on SW is the same as I have by Jablonsky or Balfe entering in the franchise. At least not today, not now, perhaps in the future. However I think under the control of a studio as firm as Lucas Film any director manages to drive a Star Wars that resembles Star Wars, even Bay. It's the same as Marvel these days: You have to follow the formula.

Edmund Meinerts2017-11-27 01:20:22
There's part of me that would be super curious to hear what Jablonsky would do with Star Wars, and part of me that would be terrified. Even at his orchestral best (a la Steamboy), Jablonsky's style just isn't...old-school Romantic symphonic enough to suffice, being more of an ostinato/percussive-driven affair, albeit in a much brighter register than something like Bourne. It still has those RC modern influences flickering in around the sides. Not saying he couldn't do it (like a lot of people might), but I'd be apprehensive.

Macejko, I can't agree with you less. Certain things should never be touched and the Star Wars sound is one of them. Stale? Fuck no. Timeless.

superultramegaa2017-11-27 02:08:10
Seeing all the points here, I still think Jablonsky would do amazing things with Star Wars if given enough time to work on the score. His themes/suites always struck me as more Williams than Zimmer (meaning they're an idea that evolves rather than escalates), his action tracks on scores he works on mostly alone (D-War, Steamboy, IDEA), reminded me of the much more melodic composers, and when he does do almost entirely orchestral (D-War, Steamboy), I think the sound is perfect.

I think you guys underestimate Jablonsky. He's demonstrated that he knows how to adapt his scores for different films with scores like Your Highness having a lot of Fantasy score elements with a modern twist (like the movie was supposed to be), and TF5, pulling back the electronics a lot for the emotional suites, and using a lot of classical techniques (as the movie's about Old European stories).

So imagine how he'd adapt his style for:
1. A franchise he probably loves
2. A respected composer's style who we know he loves
3. A franchise known for having some of the best music ever created.

I personally think it may be one of the most interesting Star Wars scores we'd have and Jablonsky would definitely work his hardest for it. Rogue One's score was serviceable, but none of the in-film themes stuck with you at all. Jablonsky's had a lot of problems before, but memorability was never one of them, at least for me. Plus, Steamboy for me is already a very Star Wars-like score with a hint of Pirates of the Caribbean. So I think he'd pull it off, and in an interesting way. That's my pitch for the idea.

Mike (OTM)2017-11-27 02:08:58
Sorry, but the Star Wars sound, if anything, is underutilized today. Few composers right now have orchestration and writing similar to Williams (except Giacchino, and look - he scored a Star Wars film).

To borrow from Han Solo: "Bring it on! I'd prefer a straight symphony orchestra to all this electronic messing around!" I don't mind the synthesized additions or simpler orchestrations, but if anything, that's what's stale.

Mephariel2017-11-27 03:09:34
The problem with Steve Jablonsky is not his themes. He is fully capable of writing some interesting themes. The problem is, 9 out of 10 times, he can't write complex underscore in between his themes, which is what Star Wars requires. You can't just power anthem your way out of Star Wars.

james2017-11-27 04:54:37
Jablonsky certainly knows how to write complex themes, or very close to it. He's an educated musician after all. I think it's more of a matter of experience than anything else. Jablonsky is a guy who works well with technology, Williams is a good conductor, former jazz musician, was orchestrator of several composers of the golden era of cinema (Alfred Newman, Max Stenier and Franz Waxman). There's no way to expect one to do the other's work.

James2017-11-27 04:57:11
And frankly, that's not necessary.

Bayhem2017-11-27 10:26:51
The problem is, 9 out of 10 times, he can't write complex underscore in between his themes, which is what Star Wars requires. You can't just power anthem your way out of Star Wars.

Now, whether they're "complex" or not is up for a discussion, but Steve absolutely can write a very effective underscore. I think the best examples are The Island and the first Transformers. I own the complete scores and it's exactly the subtle bits that are my favorites.

Yes, Steve is famous for his power anthems, but I would argue that he's equally as good with the more intimate, contained stuff. Hell, I'm sure that if you put some of his more contained cues on an emotional scene from Star Wars, it would actually be a pretty good mix. I can already see it :)

Bayhem2017-11-27 10:52:27
Jablonsky, since Transformers, has been stuck to the epic sound and rarely comes out of the comfort zone

Well, Hans himself said in an interview that Steve is one of the few composers he knows who can successfuly jump "from big to small". Yes, the epic sound is what Steve is known for, but let's not forget that he also did the exact opposite of a big, epic score. I'm talking about Desperate Housewives, Your Highness, The Sims and Keanu, among others. His tracks for Desperate Housewives are all over YouTube and I highly recommend them. I was very impressed that the guy who did the big, bombastic Transformers scores also wrote these beautiful, romantic and at times very relaxing tracks. My point at the end of the day is that just because he's "stuck" with the epic sound, doesn't mean he's not capable of doing something intimate and contained. Something outside his comfort zone. He certainly can, and the examples are out there for all to see.

the same as I have by Jablonsky or Balfe entering in the franchise

I'll be honest: in terms of the Star Wars movies, if I have to choose between Michael Giacchino (or someone like him) and an MV/RC guy, I would go with MV/RC. I don't understand the appeal of Giacchino and I was never a fan of his work. Might be an unpopular opinion, but that's how I feel. Now, if they get David Newman, then I'm gonna be a very happy camper :)

Macejko2017-11-27 11:11:24
I don't know, Edmund. Even Williams himself couldn't quite match the memorability of the older themes with his latest output in Force Awakens, and if he doesn't completely overhaul some of the themes, I cannot see The Last Jedi being that much better. Like, come on - was that really a Snoke's "theme"?

I really, strongly believe that nothing should be so sacred. Personally I'm only lukewarm on SW, but there are franchises I hold on a much higher pedestal and I have zero problem with a new musical direction for them. That new LotR series from Amazon? I love Shore's score, but I'm also first one in line for something new.

James2017-11-27 13:46:42
@Bayhem When I talk about SJ's work, I don't mean his ability to produce intimate music or a great power anthems. I mean his ability to write good themes, to make good use of the orchestra. Any theme of the 5 Transformers film has similar orchestration, even Pirates of the Caribbean vary from one movie to another, even if not all the scores succeed. And about Giacchino, I agree with you, David Arnold in the decade of 90 in a SW film would make a better work than he did in Rogue one or Star Trek. Listen to "Stargate: Overture." It's what kind of music I hope a composer produces for a SW movie.

However, in a spinoff, such as Han Solo or Rogue One, anything is possible. No one will need to develop the same amount of themes that Williams did in 40 years. Powell will probably create an atmosphere somewhat different from that created by a Williams (he says he wants to keep his signature on the final product). Then other composers will also be able to do it. Jablonsky one day maybe will be one of them, who knows? Disney will try to take everything it can with these films, a lot of new material is developed. The doors are open to everything and everyone.

James2017-11-27 13:59:23
@macejko I'm also in favor of change, but as long as it happens to something really new. What the guys are proposing here is SW have a score that resemble the of Transformers (epic, powerful, synthesized like the actual music for the new trailers of the franchise).

Bayhem2017-11-27 17:32:32
Any theme of the 5 Transformers film has similar orchestration,

The first and the second, yes. But I would say that Transformers 1 and Transformers 3 are actually very different scores. The third TF score has a more synthetic sound, different themes, different approach, and Steve barely used choir. While TF1 and TF2 are chock-full of choir work and vocals (which is why they're my personal favorites of the bunch).

My point is this: Steve is very good with melodic scores - cues with a clear beginning and a clear end - and it certainly wouldn't hurt if a Star Wars movie has a more melodic and less operatic score. Kinda like the Indiana Jones scores.

superultramegaa reply Replies: 1 || 2017-11-27 04:26:01
Jablonsky has underscore all the time. The strings in Autobots, the supporting woodwinds in Isabel the Strong, the supporting strings in Seglass Ni Tonday, the strings and organ in History of Transformers, the choir and strings behind the flute in Optimus, etc. I'm guessing that's what you mean by underscore is background music. If that's the case then Jablonsky's had that done for years.

superultramegaa2017-11-27 04:29:24
(Replying to Mephariel in comment chain by the way)

superultramegaa reply Replies: 27 || 2017-11-18 20:44:58
Any chance of proper artist credits for this score?

Anonymous2017-11-18 21:29:55
rumor has it Lorne Balfe did this score

I guess if we do not get any credits then that proves it

Hybrid Soldier2017-11-18 21:40:48
The thing is with Jablonsky scores composers rarely get cuesheet credits, so you can't really draw conclusions out of it. Here's a small part of the cuesheet :



superultramegaa2017-11-19 00:29:19
That's unfortunate. With this score, I think it's obvious that the majority is Jablonsky, as it has a ton of elements from scores he's composed exclusively, but it would still be nice to know who did what, especially with the first and second films. Not sure why there's rarely any proper additional music credits for a lot of the RCP guys, especially considering Zimmer's credits are almost always complete.

However that cuesheet of the extended score is very interesting. Hopefully if it leaks, all those cues remain there.

Bayhem2017-11-21 18:09:20
rumor has it Lorne Balfe did this score

I guess if we do not get any credits then that proves it

Oh, absolutely! I'm sure we will soon find out that Balfe also scored Star Wars and Titanic. And Harry Potter. And Indiana Jones.

Edmund Meinerts2017-11-22 12:54:38
^ hahaha :D

I think you're forgetting that Balfe also ghostwrote The Lord of the Rings?

Andrew 2017-11-22 13:25:43
Of cause Balfe worked on it !!! His whole team are credited !!!!!!!

Bayhem2017-11-23 12:21:52
I think you're forgetting that Balfe also ghostwrote The Lord of the Rings

Hahaha, but of course! Howard Shore and John Williams are actually Balfe alter-egos. He's actually 155 years old and he's solely responsible for all of these iconic scores. Hell, I heard he did some additional work on Psycho as well. And Gone with the Wind. lol!

Now, let me say something else in regards to the claim that Balfe did this score. All kidding aside, it would've (I guess...) made sense to make such a claim if this score was done by someone UNtested. But this is Jablonsky we're talking! He's one of Balfe's mentors. Look back and you'll see that Balfe started working not only on Zimmer scores, but on Jablonsky scores as well.

So yes, Balfe is good and all, but let's not act as if he's "the greatest in the world". And let's respect and NOT undermine the more senior MV/RC composers who gave the guy a shot. Thank you.

Miguel2017-11-23 14:11:33
Bayhem - your wrong on a couple of points . Balfe never worked for Jablonsky .In a recent podcast he was asked about Transformers and he says he was brought in by the studio.seems the same with the lastest Film also.its pretty obvious the temp for the end is 13 Hours also.

james2017-11-23 15:59:19
he says he was brought in by the studio.


Studio = RCP = Hans Zimmer credit as producer of the score.
In end of day is the same thing.

Bayhem2017-11-23 18:13:07
Balfe never worked for Jablonsky =========================================

By "worked for Jablonsky" I meant he worked ON Jablonsky scores. And as James said, it's all MV/RC anyway. They all know each other and help each other. The first Transformers movie started post-production at the end of 2006. Back then no one knew who Balfe was (aside from the biggest MV/RC fans). His big break arguably came in 2009-2010. Years after the first Transformers movie. So no matter how we spin it, he still came after Jablonsky. Jablonsky is his senior and obviously has much more experience. And we have to respect that.

That was my point.

Miguel 2017-11-23 18:48:32
Studio = Paramount and he worked on the first transformers . And did a lot. Why not ask him on twitter . I did !!!!!!

Bayhem2017-11-23 20:14:56
he worked on the first transformers . And did a lot. Why not ask him on twitter .

I've asked him a lot of stuff. We're Facebook friends. And yes, I know he worked on the first one. I clearly said it a couple of times in my replies here. He worked on the first one and the second one as well. But if you try to imply that Balfe deserves the credit for these scores, you are way, way off the mark. And it's very disrespectful to Jablonsky. Very.

Now, clearly you like Balfe a lot. Fine. But please don't undermine a far more experienced and successful composer like Jablonsky, just because Balfe is the "hot MV/RC composer" at the moment. We, the Jablonsky fans, certainly didn't act that way in 2007 when Jablonsky's name was everywhere and people were going crazy for the Transformers score. No one denies that Balfe worked hard on the Transformers films. But he's not the "main guy". Just like a lot of MV/RC composers have worked on HIS scores and they're not the main composers. You think Balfe scores all of his movies alone? Nope. Like any other successful and busy composer out there, he's supported by a small army of ghostwriters.

James2017-11-23 20:26:12
You say Balfe worked on the last Transformers(2017). Okay. He may have been called by the Paramount. However, his involvement with the franchise in 2005 and in the following years happened because of the RCP and Zimmer's direct involvement in the project. There in 2005, 2007, 2011, 2014 he was a guest of RCP/MV and no received no call for help of the Paramount. There is no other way.

Steve2017-11-23 20:38:59
Bayhem - Balfe is one of the few that hasnít got additional writers though.which films has this small army of ghostwriters ???!!!!!!

Edmund Meinerts2017-11-23 22:08:29
"Balfe is one of the few that hasnít got additional writers"

As if. Just look through this site and you'll see additional guys credited for lots of his scores. Max Aruj, Steffen Thum, Thomas Farnon, Andrew Kawczynski on some projects...he's a very busy guy but I promise you he doesn't do every single second of his 15 scores a year on his own.

Bayhem2017-11-24 05:41:58
Balfe is one of the few that hasnít got additional writers

Even composers who do one or two movies a year receive help. So it's very, very hard for me to believe that Balfe - with the amount of movies he works on now - is out there by himself, scoring it all by himself. It's simply not possible. And this is the MV/RC world after all. Composers help each other all the time. And many of these collaborations don't even make it to this site. It's very hard to keep track of everything.

seidne2017-11-25 00:10:22
Lorne Balfe didnt work at this score!!!!

superultramegaa2017-11-25 02:29:45
I like how this debate about Lorne Balfe started from me politely asking for artist credits. This is a cool place.

Everan2017-11-25 04:45:20
Oh if you liked this one, you should see the one way below with Bayhem, Meta and Macejko going at it like crazy

Pretty sure saying this will make another situation like that.

Bayhem2017-11-25 06:22:09
Lorne Balfe didnt work at this score!!!!


Peter2017-11-25 06:24:26
Bayhem - why are you so worked up about him working or not working on the film ?the fact he did seems to annoy you

James2017-11-25 14:27:43
Where did the rumor come from? Has an "anonymous" planted this idea here or was it said somewhere?

The fact is that this anonymous said that the score was composed by Balfe. He did not say he only made a cue or two. That's point.

If you read the above messages you will realize that no one took this guy's comment seriously.

I do not think anyone gets upset with Balfe working on Transformers. It is because there simply is not because Balfe work with Javlonsky and does not receive any credit since he always had those credits.

Is there such a possibility? Maybe yes. Transformers is still a Dreamworks project. Balfe hastily replaced Mansell earlier this year in Ghost in The Shell, another live action of the studio. Could it be that the producers of there are in love with his work? Likely. But I repeat, if the situation were this, no one would deny Balfe credit. Mostly a guy of the Remote Control as Jablonsky

James2017-11-25 14:30:56
There is no reason*

Bayhem2017-11-25 14:37:57
why are you so worked up about him working or not working on the film ?the fact he did seems to annoy you

Uhhhh, yes, when people spread false rumors and praise one composer at the expense of another, that tends to annoy me. And all other reasonable people for that matter. I answered your question. Now you answer this: why are the Balfe fans so eager to put him above all other MV/RC composers and claim that not only he worked on Transformers 5 (not true), but that he actually wrote the entire score (not true and it's extremely disrespectful to Jablonsky and his team).

If we go down that road, then I can easily start saying that it was actually Jablonsky who wrote the 13 Hours score. Not Balfe. But I would never do that, because I respect facts and I respect both composers.

Meta2017-11-25 18:04:57
Rumor has it that my farts stank so bad at work, and could be smelled by so many, Balfe himself was credited as being the sole whistle blower who got me relocated to a different FLOOR of the building as a result!

James2017-11-26 00:31:52

Meta2017-11-26 03:46:01
Par For The Course along with this argument, I would say, Jimmy.

LS100 Studios reply Replies: 2 || 2017-11-21 00:28:35
Just realized that the drums in "Battlefield" fit with the beat of "We Have To Go". Awesome to see a connection between the two tracks!

Edmund Meinerts2017-11-21 01:59:52
Almost like this was a film score or something! ;)

LS100 Studios2017-11-21 02:58:00
Haha - honestly though, before I realized this I felt Jablonsky didn't really bind the score together that well with themes and motifs. This is a pretty cool connection and I'm glad he made it.

Bayhem reply Replies: 41 || 2017-10-22 19:56:18
Too much Lorne Balfe talk on this site. He'll never be as good as Steve, so let's talk about Steve!

Relaaaaax, I'm kidding. They're both awesome. The best, aside from Hans.

Let's discuss this thing though .....When, for the love of God, we will finally see an MV/RC composer working on a James Bond movie. Just imagine the Bond theme, BUT done by Steve Jablonsky! It will be beyond EPIC. I know the Bond producers are very strict when it comes to the scores, but after listening to the Skyfall score, I have a feeling that an MV/RC composer can really do great things with Bond. And by the way, unlike some other Bond fans I love Eric Serra's score for GoldenEye. It's freakin awesome!

Edmund Meinerts2017-10-23 15:06:44
The only MV/RC composer I ever would want to see work on James Bond is John Powell. He's more than capable of doing the sort of cool, suave, jazzy sound that Bond needs. Beyond that...maybe if Zimmer was able to go way, way, *way* back to A League of Their Own mode, that could be neat, but otherwise MV/RC style is simply not a good fit for Bond.

The Goldeneye score SUCKS. The Thomas Newman ones are only OK. Bring David Arnold back. I have spoken.

Mike2017-10-23 17:43:19
Edmund ! Thatís a surprise you would only choose John Powell. Amazing you have the nerve to talks about the Balfe fanboys !!!!!

rockhound2017-10-23 17:57:10
if the bond producers would let the rcp guys write an orchestral score, then balfe or jackman would be a good fit. but also a bond score by harry gregson-williams would be interesting for me.

Edmund Meinerts2017-10-23 18:13:15
What in Balfe's filmography points to him being a good Bond choice? Powell's back catalogue is littered with cues that prove he'd be good with Bond. "Escape from the Dragon" from Shrek is basically a David Arnold Bond action cue already. "The New Plan" from Italian Job. "Hog Chase Part 2" from Paycheck. "SUV Chase" from Hancock. Has Balfe ever written anything with that much style and verve? Penguins of Madagascar is the only thing that really comes to mind but that feels more like parody than the genuine article.

Call me a fanboy all you like, but at least I give reasons for why I support Powell, and am not just clogging threads with "omg POWELLLL BEST COMPOSER OF THE WORLD !11!1!!!11oneone1"

James2017-10-23 18:14:42
This is sacrilege! haha

Jablonsky or any other MV/RCP composer has never been able to write a good, classic jazz score worthy of 5 stars. As quoted above, Powell and Zimmer were the closest to this, but frankly there are sacred projects, such as Bond, which should have their music universe respected.

James2017-10-23 18:22:50
And David Arnold needs to get back on track for the blockbuster's game. His work on Sherlock is wonderful, but I do not see television as a safe path to his career.

rockhound2017-10-23 18:23:39
balfe composed great orchestral actionmusic for Home and the Kung Fu Panda scores. all 3 scores have not the typical rcp actionmusic, so why shouldn't it be possible for him, to write an orchestral bond score? and if u wanna hear jackman in orchestral action mode, then listen to his Captain America scores. give both composers the bond theme and they will write you at least a more bondian score than thomas newman with Skyfall. but of course john powell would be also great.

Bioscope2017-10-23 19:33:41
I think Henry Jackman will nail it as a Bond composer. Henry would have the audacity, as he likes to parody. Note the Barry heavy flute work on Kingsman Golden Circle.

James2017-10-23 20:03:45

Home and Kung Fu Panda = Mimic of Powell's style.

We know he can be either of them. Everything will depend on the hired director. My cheer will always be for Arnold.

Bayhem2017-10-23 20:46:11
Reading the comments, I see two things happening here - we REALLY underestimate the MV/RC composers and we REALLY overestimate the Bond sound as a whole. Yes, I get it, it's a decades-old franchise with an established "jazzy sound" and a Zimmer-like composer doesn't really make sense. And look what happened when they DID try to experiment with Eric Serra. The Bond fanboys went nuts and they can't stop trashing the GoldenEye score. Though IMO it's a great, great score.

But then again, we've never really heard an MV/RC composer doing a Bond-like score, so we really don't know what will happen. I mean, they replaced John Williams on the Harry Potter films, and not only that, but he was replaced by some TV composer (Nicholas Hooper) with no previous blockbuster experience! Isn't that a sacrilege?

Yet, they did it.

So if they can do that with Potter, I'm sure they can hire an MV/RC guy for Bond. And come on, you think Hans is not gonna be able to create an awesome Bond score? I bet my freakin' car that, if given the opportunity, he would create a Bond score that people will talk about for years and years and years.

James2017-10-23 22:04:32
Is different. Williams did not continue in the series for personal reasons. He is already at an advanced age and is looking to conserve his health. Already Arnold was removed from the Bond franchise because the director of Skyfall wanted to work with Newman, the composer he trusted. Give Arnold the opportunity to make the decision to return or not that he will certainly choose the return.

And I honestly do not underestimate the talent of MV/RCP guys. But today, even with so many names on the market, the scores they offer follow the same line, the same style. With rare exceptions all mirror the work Zimmer did in the 90s and 00s for action movies and even comedies. I point out good works by Jackman (Wreck it Ralph) and all the others, but there is nothing in the discography of any of them that shouts "Bond". None. I may have my mouth shut in the future if one day Bond falls into the graces of the RC/MV, but honestly, I find it very difficult that this mixture works.

Ds2017-10-23 22:35:22
Anyway, is this notion of a "Bond score" still relevant after Skyfall and Spectre? As far as I remember they were quite generic, apart from a few highlights and a few quotations of the Bond theme. So a composer from RCP would certainly not hurt...

Mephariel2017-10-23 23:43:09
I think the problem with Edmund is that he thinks all Bond scores should sound like David Arnold's Bond scores. I love David Arnold's Bond scores but I am totally ok with a composer doing something different.

Everan2017-10-24 05:34:24
Sooo, the Kingsman scores don't count as Bond-like sound? Cause last I checked, Jackman and Margeson are RCP

Edmund Meinerts2017-10-24 12:01:52
I like the Kingsman scores and I wouldn't be against Jackman and/or Margeson on the basis of them. They wouldn't be my first picks but rather them than more bland Thomas Newman.

And Mephariel, it's not that I would insist on Bond scores sounding specifically like David Arnold, but I do think that his Bond scores strike the perfect balance between a modern action sound and the old jazzy John Barry style. Casino Royale is practically the platonic ideal of a modern James Bond sound. I don't necessarily ask that all Bond scores sound that way, but I do think they need to find a way to reconcile the old and the new without neglecting either (i.e. pure Barry pastiche would be as bad to my ears as ignoring Bond traditions altogether). Thomas Newman tried to do that, to his credit, but his instincts as a composer are just too subtle and low-key to really work for Bond.

But better him than Eric Serra. The Goldeneye score, I reiterate, SUCKS. That synth timpani version of the Bond theme's rhythm...*facepalm* (Also, using Nicholas Hooper as some sort of triumphant counterexample falls a bit flat considering Hooper's Potter scores are almost universally seen as weak and a missed opportunity)

Ando2017-10-24 13:16:36
Balfe would be he best . He has a unique voice and make it different .

Waymann2017-10-24 16:47:25
Rumor has it. Thomas Newman will be scoring the new bond film again. I'm not complaining.

Edmund Meinerts2017-10-24 17:11:41
Yeah, I saw that rumor today as well (they were shooting in Croatia or something and Newman's name was on the cast and crew list, which was subsequently leaked). I'm irritated. Even Balfe would be preferable to even more low-key Newman "action" writing and Skyfall rehash.

Michael2017-10-24 17:37:02
Balfe did say in an interview last week that he was working on a film that was one of his favorite franchises ???????

james2017-10-24 17:37:09
Newman unfortunately is not a chameleon like his others peers.

mpolonest123 2017-10-24 18:24:58
As much as I liked Skyfallís music, it was definitely one of those ďone-and-doneĒ things, much like Goldeneye. Spectre was beyond bland, and this is coming from someone who likes Thomas Newman.

Ideally the best choice would be David Arnold, but if they really had to go with an RC composer either Lorne Balfe, John Powell, or Henry Jackman would work. Hans could probably write an amazing Bond score, but Iíd rather him stick to smaller films as opposed to another big franchise. And definitely no Jablonsky....

Hybrid Soldier2017-10-24 18:52:21
Yes Michael but that's not Bond.

Joshua2017-10-24 19:04:09
My money is on Balfe writing additional music for Powell on Howards Han Solo film.

Bayhem2017-10-24 20:05:27
And definitely no Jablonsky....

Please elaborate. Because I'm ready to give reasons why he would be a good choice. Example: his work on Pain & Gain. There are tracks in that score that would fit Bond perfectly.

mpolonest123 2017-10-24 20:32:56
For the same reason I wouldnít want Trent Reznor scoring a Star Wars film. Alone I love Jablonskys style, but I definitely canít see that fitting with Bond. Goldeneye and Skyfall were both attempts at doing something experimental with the franchise, but the heart of the Bond music definitely strays within the David Arnold/Monty Norman territory. If Jablonsky could write a score that fit in that mold then definitely.... but his current power anthem style doesnít fit.

mpolonest123 2017-10-24 20:34:28
And I do think Pain and Gain is a great score, but once again I canít put that with Bond.

AndrewP2017-10-24 20:38:11
Hybrid - do you know what franchise Balfe is working on?? You could take his call of Duty soundtrack and put that on any Bond music

James2017-10-24 23:46:44
"You could take his call of Duty soundtrack and put that on any Bond music"
This is the point:

No one wants to hear the music style developed for Call of Duty in a James Bond movie.
Any composer will be welcome as long as he respects the sound that Barry created for Bond. Newman, Balfe, Jablonsky, Beltrami, Reznor, Pemberton,Beck...

JBSO992017-10-25 10:17:53
@James Now that you mention him, Daniel Pemberton could fit very well in the franchise. He is really versatile and could adapt himself to develop the Bound sound.

About Balfe as well as Jablonsky, I don't think they would fit well in that world, even I like a lot their style. On the other hand, Powell wouldn't be a bad choice, but then, it's just my opinion.

Edmund Meinerts2017-10-25 10:38:52
Pemberton would be a great choice!

@AndrewP - you seriously think Call of Duty is a good model for James Bond music?

Bayhem2017-10-25 14:07:38
Let me throw another name in the mix. A name a lot of people seem to have forgotten: Elliot Goldenthal.

He's been pretty quiet in the last few years (why??), but when I think of him and his work, I can definitely see him creating a solid Bond score. But that's me....

James 2017-10-25 14:57:32
Goldenthal suffered a home accident 12 years ago. He hit his head in the ground of the kitchen, the blow partially damaged his brain. He's fine today.

AndrewP2017-10-25 15:33:40
@edmund your confused (again) . What I ment was the music from Call of Duty is an example of how amazing balfes action music can be.also the filmmakers would not book a composer simply because they can write in that Bond style.Inregards to Pemberton- he could do a good job - of the film was temped with amazing music for him to copy!!!!!!

Edmund Meinerts2017-10-25 15:57:09
You're so sold by the generic could-be-from-a-hundred-different-scores action music from Call of Duty that you immediately want to give him the keys to the Bond franchise? I mean, if you're going to push Balfe, at least push with his best.

Hybrid Soldier2017-10-25 19:37:44
Guys don't worry, there's 2 projects I know of with RCP guys attached to that will make the film score world absolutely freak out ! lol

And no I can't tell (or they will kill me), you'll see in the next few months, it will be funny when they announce it... :x

Scorefan2017-10-25 20:12:31
@ Hybrid, could be the Han Solo Movie? Star Wars Franchise.
Ron Howard taking the direction of the movie.

Edmund Meinerts2017-10-25 20:16:57
The Han Solo movie already has John Powell attached, so no. At least I hope not. If they take that one away from me I think I'm giving up on film scores for good. :'(

Scorefan2017-10-25 20:32:37
Ok Edmund, so the next franchises are: Marvel and DC movies. Both franchises have movies in the next years.

James2017-10-25 20:41:36
My bets:

* Dune of Villeneuve
* Some new DC movie (Aquaman, Justice League 2, Flash, etc).
* Nolan as Bond director as announced some time ago.
* Lorne with Sherlock 3
* Silvestri dropped Avengers again and will be replaced
* The Lion King and/or Mulan

JBSO992017-10-25 22:53:44
If Nolan takes on a Bond film, do you think Zimmer would be in charge of the score? I would be interesting to see him in a Bond movie. And also, I would love him to return to the Lion King, but if its not him, take John Debney. His score for the new Jungle Book was amazing!

Lorne wouldn't be a bad choice since I think he collaborated with Zimmer on the first two scores , but Zimmer would also be a good choice (again).

And about Silvestri, I don't really care that much because I don't like that much his scores in the Marvel Universe, so if someone more interesting took over, it would be great.

And talking about DC, do you imagine a film scored by James Newton Howard in his good epic days like Atlantis, The Last Airbender or Fantastic Beasts. How about Aquaman? It would be great!

James2017-10-25 23:37:30
t's my bets as possibilities for the two projects that Hybrid has pointed out.

* Villeneuve will hardly be forgiven for Johansson after of BR2049.
* I speak of Nolan with Bond because of the rumors of the beginning of the year and because soon soon he will launch a new project.
* Warner sympathizes with the RCP guys like XL, Rupert, Balfe and Djawadi. Even with Elfman with JL, one or other project will still be MV/RCP.
* If Zimmer does not want to return with Holmes, Balfe will be a strong candidate, just like Pemberton who made the King Arthur.
* Silvestri's work for Marvel is not very impressive, but I am happy to see him return, as he was responsible for the first theme that was sustained throughout this universe (Doctor Stranger is the second). I hope he seizes the opportunity.
* Zimmer's return for The Lion King is welcome news for all the film lovers

LS100 Studios reply Replies: 8 || 2017-10-21 16:22:16
Does anyone remember around when the TF2 and TF3 complete scores were leaked? I know TF4's was around November 2014, I figured that might give an idea of when TF5's will get out.

Score God2017-10-21 19:10:29
Oh my god. It's time to put an end to this. There is NO timeline as to when complete scores are leaked. They leak when the person in possession of them feels like leaking them. TF4 was November of 2014 because that's when the files were uploaded to Paramount's guilds/FYC site for academy members to listen to. Same with interstellar. It has absolutely nothing to do with time. I have some scores that haven't leaked yet. And I'm not going to. Why? Because I was asked not to. Not because I feel the time is right. K? Glad we cleared that up.

superultramegaa2017-10-22 01:09:28
Dude, no need to be harsh about it. Not everyone knows how these processes work. It was a reasonable assumption that there might be a specific timeline for leaks.

With that said, thanks for the info.

meta2017-10-22 06:53:16
Im sure there will be a DVD rip at some point before any kind of complete score is leaked...

but then again, I don't see much that needs to be leaked from this score?

LS100 Studios2017-10-22 16:53:15
@Score God - I'm not entirely sure on how this process works, but since you obviously are, I'm glad you tried to clarify it. With that out of the way - I agree, there's no need to be harsh about it. You can't expect everyone to have a clue about how this works.

What I really want to see from the complete score is the film version of We Have to Go.

Bibi2017-10-22 21:18:47
Dudes, the score is 2h10 long, I think it is yet a lot much complete than usual !

Meta2017-10-22 23:06:15
Seriously, I didn't catch very much at all that was left out of the soundtrack....I DID hear alot of repeated tracks in the movie, however...So I can't say what would be notably absent. Anybody got a good example?

Everan2017-10-23 04:39:05
All i'd say its worth it in a complete score is We Have To Go film version, and maybe some snippets of Seglass and Merlin's Staff variations.

Other than that, we got more music in the soundtrack than in the film since most was cut off.

LS100 Studios2017-10-24 04:52:13
Like I said Meta, the "We Have to Go" film version is definitely worth hearing.

superultramegaa reply Replies: 6 || 2017-09-19 22:57:23
Anyone have any idea when the complete score for this is coming out?

Everan2017-09-20 00:00:18
If Paramount makes another For Your Consideration campaign in november/december, but I heavily doubt that will happen.

If that doesn't happen, we will never know.

superultramegaa2017-09-20 01:55:02
Why do you doubt it will happen? They released the other complete scores. Did TF5 not sell as well?

Everan2017-09-20 04:40:45
The previous scores were leaked, AoE didn't even get recording sessions leaked. And yeah, TF5 earned half a billion, which isn't well for Paramount.

I don't doubt it will happen, we just won't know when, could be months or years.

George2017-09-20 05:43:56
It'll come out at some point, but in reality the complete score wouldn't be too different from the album release. Jablonsky said in the all access interview that he wanted the album to contain the songs as he intended them to be, and not what Michael Bay edited everything down to be.

Everan2017-09-20 20:03:48
Only tracks that come to mind that aren't in the OST are a variation of Seglass when introducing Edmund, and the film version of We Have To Go.

Hell, the OST has more music than the movie.

superultramegaa2017-09-20 21:06:14
Well there's also the track where Izzy's transformers dies, a few action tracks not included that I'd be interested to hear, but you're right, the track I'm most interested in is We Have To Go's film version. The extra strings in the small excerpt where Megatron's arm gets cut off, and the ones added to the main theme really give the song a more heroic and intense tone.

Steven R. reply Replies: 2 || 2017-09-15 01:53:36
chronological order?

  Your name :   

Please enter number: 1581 

Anonymous2017-09-15 05:09:05

Everan2017-09-15 16:49:18
Most suites are cut around all over the movie, like Merlin's Staff or Quintessa, this order is as heard in the film though only excerpts of the suites. And there's plenty of them.

01. The Coming Of Cybertron - SUITE
02. Merlin's Staff - SUITE
03. Sacrifice - SUITE
04. No-Go Zone
05. Stay And Fight SUITE
06. Quintessa - SUITE
07. Izzy - SUITE
08. Megatron Negotiation
09. Today We Hunt
10. Running Out Of Tomorrows
11. Code Red
12. Drone Chase
13. You Have Been Chosen
14. Seglass Ni Tonday - SUITE
15. Vivian - SUITE
16. Abduction
17. History Of Transformers
18. Cogman Sings
19. Vivian Follows Merlin
20. The Greatest Mission Of All
21. Dive
22. Two Moons
23. Merlin's Tomb
24. Claim The Staff
25. Prime Versus Bee
26. Your Voice
27. I Had My Moment
28. Ospreys
29. Battlefield
30. Did You Forget Who I Am
31. We Have To Go
32. Calling All Autobots

33. Purity Of Heart - NOT IN THE FILM
34. Sir Edmund Burton - NOT IN THE FILM

Merlin's Staff and Ospreys repeat in the end credits. This were not in the theatrical release, only a song called Torches. Bluray and digital version have longer crawling credits.

JR reply Replies: 4 || 2017-08-20 22:38:00
Clemmensen gives transformers 5 a deserved three stars rating!

Hybrid Soldier2017-08-20 22:47:10
Who ?

(Please don't feel like you have to answer, it's just sarcasm lol)

James2017-08-21 03:45:13

transformers ***

dunkirk will be * 1/2

Edmund Meinerts2017-08-21 12:59:35
Transformers 5 > At World's End, apparently. :p

FaresTdkr2017-08-27 15:54:52
For me this is the best soundtrack of the year especially Seglass Ni Tonday Track an epic melody!

Jeff reply Replies: 0 || 2017-08-26 21:41:07
It means
No sacrifice, No victory

w.w.w reply Replies: 0 || 2017-08-17 23:07:39
2 of 5??? this deserve a 10!!!

LS100Studios reply Replies: 2 || 2017-08-16 18:43:12
I have some questions about the score. If anyone has any answers or thoughts about these feel free to discuss below. Thanks!

Is the action motif in "Abduction" and "The Greatest Mission of All" Hot Rod's theme? It plays when he abducts Viviane and also when he and Bumblebee attack the Nazis.

Is the action motif in "Viviane Follows Merlin" the TRF theme? I don't think so, as it's not played anywhere else in the film, but I can't figure out whose theme it would be. Check out these timestamps for the motif, which pops up a lot throughout the track - 0:13, 3:54, 4:16, 4:32, 5:03, 5:37, 5:53 and 6:10.

Who does the new theme in "Purity of Heart" belong to? It is also used in the "Sir Edmund Burton Suite", as well as "Sacrifice", "Seglass Ni Tonday" and "Cogman Sings". My best guess is it's Burton's theme, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

And lastly, are the tracks "Vivian" and "Running Out Of Tomorrows" played at all in the film?

Meta2017-08-17 03:04:05
Good questions....

I got nothing...Sorry!

Everan2017-08-17 19:34:31
Could be, they do sound with Hot Rod about.

It owuld've played before in the Chicago bit or going after Cade, so probably just for that bit of the tomb.

The new theme I say it belongs to teh Ancient Knights and the whole Witwicanns theme, the order that Edmund belongs too.

Vivian plays very minimally, before getting kidnapped, and Out of Tomorrows plays when Cade and Izabella are fixing Bee with the new voice box. The only Tracks not played in the film are Purity of Heart and like 80% of Seglass Ni Tonday.

superultramegaa reply Replies: 2 || 2017-08-01 18:54:15
A whole month after it was released and I'm still listening to this score almost every day. This has become my favorite Transformers score by far, with much more emphasis on emotion than action, though I've even come to love a lot of the action tracks too. Particularly with "Battlefield" and "Did You Forget Who I Am." There are so many subtle and beautifully done homages and references, and I'm always finding some sort of new hidden track as I listen. All I can say is I really hope the recording sessions are released soon!

Morgan Joylighter2017-08-01 20:46:53
Both this score and Pirates 5 far surpassed my expectations and I keep happily coming back to them more than any other summer scores. Nothing from Jablonsky will ever top the original Transformers IMO but this is easily the 2nd best in the series.

Tyler2017-08-03 07:27:34
Haha Michael bay sucks lol

Scores good, movie sucks. Same goes for the others

Everan reply Replies: 4 || 2017-07-19 20:05:07
Saw the film, loved it, but there's a tiny thing score wise that I hope someone managed to catch it:
There's an actiony insert in We Have To Go, more like drum and horn action. I'm wondering is that in any other track released? Or it's like just for the film version?

I wanna make the edit for the track.

LS100 Studios2017-07-24 01:43:42
I know exactly what part you're talking about. Unfortunately that segment wasn't released in any part of the score. It's a matter of waiting for the film version when the complete score is released.

Everan2017-07-24 03:20:51
Yeah, saw it again and that's not available, damn. Maybe if Paramount goes with the FYC route again, for wahtever reason, we'll get it

Bayhem2017-07-24 16:14:52
I know it might be a bit early for this question, but I'm wondering when can we expect a complete score? Will it be the 2-Disc set? I doubt it...

Everan2017-07-24 16:42:53
This pretty much is it, the digital and CD release, there's not that much unreleased from the film, some excerpts about. This also has the full suites, Seglass doesn't sound complete in the film for example, and Purity of Heart is absent completely.

If Paramount starts another FYC campaign like with AOE, we might get the film mix of the score, end of the year probably, but won't have the suites like this one.

Darrell reply Replies: 11 || 2017-07-19 20:27:15
It's the CD's cover of the soundtrack that 2CD Limited Edition? If yes - its awful (like poster). The cover for digital release was match better even it at 100% copy from the poster.

Everan2017-07-19 22:20:38
Agreed. So in exchange I made mine (using an edited poster removing humans), free to use for any of you, and big enough to print and use in the CD case:
i. imgur. com/dXaVkWA .jpg

James2017-07-19 23:07:23
Without dragon imagem _the_last_knight_score_by_everan614-darnq4k.jpg

Waymann2017-07-19 23:20:53
You are kidding right? The cover for the digital release was hideous.

Everan2017-07-20 00:17:15
James, that's my deviantart lol

Everan2017-07-20 00:18:31
And an imgur link for that cover.
i. imgur. com/Cl4Gb43 .jpg

Remember to delete spaces, hope you enjoy the covers.

James2017-07-20 02:31:37
Thanks for getting rid of the Daenerys dragons!lol

Anonymous2017-07-20 03:36:32
Everan you literally stole heidl's cover, only difference is yours uses the logo from the film

Everan2017-07-20 05:41:18
Added the blood stain on Prime. I made the cover before him but I preferred the no humans thing so there it is.

Evenstar2017-07-20 06:04:24
Sorry to say this Everan, but I don't like your font design... Check out this proper cover: https: // fxwn4g

Everan2017-07-20 06:09:32
Yeah, that's Heidl's cover mentioned above, more old TF film logo, I love it too.
I made mine with the most similar font I found of the first score cover of TF1 and the movie logo.

So whichever you guys prefer, we don't really have to buy the covers. And either ones are better than the official ones so.

Bayhem2017-07-20 11:02:30
I love the TF movies, I love Steve's scores, but I really don't like the posters for the last two movies. They just seem very rushed and cheap-looking. In fact, I can't think of a single TF5 poster I liked. That includes the covers for the TF5 score. I would settle for a fan-made.

Bayhem reply Replies: 2 || 2017-07-18 20:17:22
"The one and only Steve Jablonsky joins us for a fantastic All Access interview." Film Music Media just posted on YouTube an awesome, long interview with Steve.

Hybrid Soldier2017-07-18 20:40:02
If you checked the front page of from time to time... lol

Bayhem2017-07-19 06:24:48
I always check it :)

JR reply Replies: 23 || 2017-07-14 03:33:03
I haven't seen the movie (i'm sure it's bad :p)... as for the score... i'm not saying it's good but Hell yeah i was able to create a playlist around fifty minutes of good tracks! I think there are better highlights here than in transformers 2-3-4 put together !

Bayhem2017-07-14 14:05:03
I haven't seen the movie (i'm sure it's bad :p)

Way to go, champ!! That statement pretty much describes half the internet population and its IQ. You're awesome! I mean, clearly you're one of them "special people" who don't need to watch anything.......they still know what's "good" and what's "bad". You're a very wise person and I want you to be my best friend.

Man, these kids.....

meta2017-07-14 14:14:01

JR2017-07-14 17:09:33
Lol Bayhem!

Based on the 15% Rotten Tomatoes, the box office crash and my opinion of the first four movies, on a statistical level I can say it should not be very good :D
But you're right, I should come and see this masterpiece with giant popcorn! As you're my best friend, would you like to come with me? :P

Edmund Meinerts2017-07-14 19:02:02
The other ones were all bad. The Rotten Tomatoes score is bad. All the word of mouth was bad.

Somehow I ended up getting dragged to see it anyways.

Guess what?

...It was bad.

Bayhem2017-07-14 21:25:51
Based on the 15% Rotten Tomatoes, the box office crash and my opinion of the first four movies, on a statistical level I can say it should not be very good

My God, people are screaming everywhere about how utterly useless, rigged and how wrong on so many levels this Rotten Topmatoes site is, there are countless articles about it----- and YET we still have guys like you who seem to be living in a weird bubble full of critic-loving sheeples. You want critics to tell you what's "good" and "bad", champ, you want them to form your opinions instead of you, you want to be a blind sheep? By all means, be my guest. I'm just here laughing. Thank God I'm nothing like you.

By the way, your opinion on the previous 4 (that is FOUR) movies is negative, right? I mean, you said it. That means you hated the first one? Yet you watched the second one. And the third one. And the fourth one!!! What's up with that, my friend? Explain yourself. Since you're such a big-time hater why have you watched ALL four TF movies? Who does that?? Or maybe you're not really a hater and you're just trying to be cool by spreading hate and snark on the web? Piece of advice: if you don't like something, you don't bother with it. There are plenty of Transformers fans, so no one will miss you. Trust me. So focus on the stuff you like and don't try to be a smartass about stuff you hate. Look up my other comments down on this page and you'll see how I was dealing with some other guys just like you. Look how the other members here reacted to them and how they also made fun of these other two guys who came here to spread hate and snark. They got absolutely destroyed. So if you plan on dragging this, you ain't gonna succeed. I'll just copy and paste my replies that I used for the other two guys here, and that is because you act exactly like them. So move on. You have the right to not like stuff, but you certainly don't have to be a snarky dick about it. Because of this type of annoying behavior the IMDb message boards were closed down. Clearly most people don't like that behavior. I sure as hell don't like it.

Bayhem2017-07-14 21:46:24
The other ones were all bad. The Rotten Tomatoes score is bad. All the word of mouth was bad.

Edmund, glad you joined the chat. Too bad you have no clue what the hell you're talking about. The other ones were "ALL bad"? "ALL" of the word of mouth is bad? Are you delusional or you've decided to troll this site? I'm serious. For years Transformers was used by the media as a PRIME example of a critic-proof franchise that was trashed by the critics BUT embraced by the mass audience, yet you're here talking about how "ALL the word of mouth" was bad? Can you come up with a more delusional and ignorant statement? Can you? Do you want me to list all of the CinemaScores for all Transformers films. Little hint: they're ALL above "B", which means a positive audience reaction. Do you want me to list the HUGE number of Transformers DVDs and Blurays that were sold. You can dismiss the box office numbers, but you sure as hell can't dismiss the DVD and BluRay numbers. Why? Because people don't buy movies they hate. Every single Transformers movie was hugely, hugely successful on the DVD and BluRay market, worldwide. Clearly a lot, and I mean A LOT, of people enjoyed these movies and wanted to add them to their film collections. That is a fact, Edmund. Not an opinion.

Whether you think the movies are good or bad, it doesn't matter. It's your own subjective opinion. Not a fact. It means nothing to other people. That's why I prefer to use actual cold, hard NUMBERS to support my statements. Bottokm line is this: globally, there are a lot of people who hate Transformers. But there are certainly faaaaaar more people, again globally, who DO like Transformers. Bay himself said it best: "There are thousands of people who don't like what I do. Thankfully, there are millions who do." The End, Edmund.

Everan2017-07-15 01:59:35
Not this sh*t again

meta2017-07-15 02:32:19
I second that - not this s&^% again.

Only this time it's a full 180 degree turn...

JR2017-07-15 14:45:09
Bayhem, please, this is a site about FILMMUSIC. So save time and go drink a Beer!

Backbiter2017-07-15 15:38:14
Bayhem:Look up my other comments down on this page and you'll see how I was dealing with some other guys just like you. Look how the other members here reacted to them and how they also made fun of these other two guys who came here to spread hate and snark. They got absolutely destroyed.

LoL what? you didn't destroy anyone people got tired of your long texts and the way that you answer people like if you were victorious over them. Simple as that.

"There are thousands of people who don't like what I do. Thankfully, there are millions who do"

I think that is the other way around taking into consideration that TLk only got half of DOTM's box office.

Also that you worship Michael Bay doesn't mean that you are able to disqualify the majority of the opinions on this website.
Also if you don't like other opinions then please be a big boy and DEAL WITH IT!

Meta2017-07-15 18:16:34
Woah woah woah, Backbiter....

You go on down to where the storm begins and as i see it, I said the movie sucked massive BALLS, and Bayhem swoops in to defend it.

NOW he's all up in here saying the movie was trash...


Who is being the ass-troll?

Do a recount below....

Bayhem2017-07-15 21:23:41
Also if you don't like other opinions then please be a big boy and DEAL WITH IT!

My friend, you read my previous comments here. Right? But I guess you missed the part where I stated quite clearly that I have NO problem with people not liking the movie or the score. Opinions are opinions, not facts. However, I DO have a BIG, HUGE problem with disrespectful a-holes and snarky idiots who resort to hate-posts and insults just because they didn't like a freakin' movie. Also, they act as if their opinions are actual facts. Which is of course dead wrong. These types of hateful, snarky people are the prime reason why the Internet comment sections are such crap holes. Why the hell do you think the IMDb message boards were all closed down? Exactly because of this hateful, snarky, trollish behavior.

Bayhem2017-07-15 21:26:24
just realized that there's a brief reprise of "Hong Kong Chase" in "Did You Forget Who I Am".

*off to check it out*. Thanks.

meta2017-07-16 00:28:46
"meta, I really hate people like you. The way you're expressing yourself, you sound exactly like the Filmtracks guy who trashes 90% of what Hans Zimmer and his MV/RC friends create. So do yourself a favor, save your angry hate-comments for that crap site Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb. People like you, who spread such hatred for movies online, are the prime reason film fans have such a horrible reputation. Reputation of angry little girls who act as if their families were murdered just because they didn't like a certain movie. By the way, I liked the movie A LOT and guess what - my opinion is just as valid as your opinion. And no, no one will make amateur edits. Keep dreaming though. And start saving money for Transformers 6. Yes, you WILL see it. Despite what you say."

THAT is your defense? Really? Your name is BAYHEM and then you go on a rant with another guy about being a Michael Bay apologist, etc....And now you say the movie sucked balls just like I've been saying.

Man, you're all over the place and two-face,

Everan2017-07-16 02:10:26
You people need a life

JR2017-07-16 04:53:42
So finally,

I'm happy with my fifty minutes playlist of transformers 5 and i don't care about the movie!

What... it was not the topic of the discussion?

Oh wait... &#128556;

Bayhem2017-07-16 08:01:37
Meta, why are you still here? I guess it's because you're desperate for attention and you REALLY wanted me to stop ignoring you. You don't post on any other pages, you only look to create tension and as we all know, you're clearly just a miserable troll. You were already told by other members here on this very page that you are an idiot ("Meta, Congratulations, you're an idiot"), you got scared and you stopped posting for a while. And now you're back with your stupidity and you actually think that you have credibility. How desperate are you? Do you really think that you can achieve something with your utterly childish comments? Seriously, stop embarrasing yourself and stop trolling this site. Do you understand that? I don't think you do, because you're clearly quite stupid. And I mean it. Good example of that is your last idiotic comment in which you say that I said the movie "sucked balls". Where is that, troll? How in the world did you even come up with that bullcrap? Trolling is one thing, but to put words in people mouths really says a lot about you. It also leads me to believe that you DO have some serious comprehension issues. The fact that you literally make shit up just to achieve whatever trollish goal you want to achieve goes to show that we're dealing with a pretty desperate for attention person with an IQ of a bag of rocks. Again, you were exposed as a troll, you were rightfully called an "idiot" by other members here, and you don't provide anything meaningful with your presence here. Like a little rat, you show your head only when there is a more heated debate. Because you are troll and trolls thrive on that. When was the last time you've posted a non-trollish comment on this site? Do you even know how to communicate properly? How did a person like like you ended up on this site is beyond me.

meta2017-07-16 16:37:08
JR - I whittled mine down to about 35, after taking out alot of the rehashed material, repeated themes/tracks, etc.

Bayhem - You defend Bay one second with this stupid Transformers 5 movie then you tear him down the next minute saying it sucked. YOU are not solid or consistent, so NO I actually don't want to get into a discussion with you.

I just want to make sure everybody else in here understands the wind blows both ways when talking with Bayhem.

Bayhen2017-07-16 18:33:52
Meta: You defend Bay one second with this stupid Transformers 5 movie then you tear him down the next minute saying it sucked.

Here it is, people. The perfect example of an internet troll. In this case, judging by the limited brain activity and limited ways of expression, clearly a child no older than 14. If he's older, it's even sadder. So when the troll realizes that he's done for, he ignores all the reasonable stuff you say, and he resorts to literally making shit up. Trying desperately to paint a different picture, but sadly for him all the comments are here for people to see. Thank you for making it so easy for me, troll. From now on the last thing you can expect is people on here to take you seriously. Your utterly stupid and childish comments are all here and they will stay here. Again, thank you.

meta2017-07-17 01:44:45
If anybody's bored read my initial post and Bayhem's blatherings afterwards....and then compare it to his current reach around.

Please...Just stop Bayhem.

I pointed it out...So there was no REAL reason for you to get upset about the fact that I thought the movie was a steaming pile of CRAP, if you thought so, yourself.

Nuff said.

Bayhem2017-07-17 10:32:33
My God, this Meta guy is officially done. Completely fried.

Scorefan2017-07-17 20:52:41
Well, i saw the movie yesterday with my family in 3D version and was spectacular. Yeah it had flaws (like how megatron reborn) but itīs pure Michael Bay epicness. The score was amazing.

Bayhem2017-07-18 06:49:55
Well, i saw the movie yesterday with my family in 3D version and was spectacular. Yeah it had flaws (like how megatron reborn) but itīs pure Michael Bay epicness. The score was amazing.

Agreed. And it really is great seeing it in 3D, or even better, IMAX 3D. In a world full of "Netlix and chill", VOD, iTunes, it's those types of movies that keep the theater-going experience alive.

superultramegaa reply Replies: 0 || 2017-07-18 04:51:43
Hey Hybrid, any information on the additional composer credits so far?

jewen reply Replies: 2 || 2017-07-15 19:21:59
I really fall in love with this score...
But in my country we must wait to August to check the film. (Complete injustice)

Someone can tell me if Michael Bay let the score breath during the film?
Beacause there are really phenomenal cues and themes, like Merlin's Staff or Seaglass Ni Today that can be powerful in the movie, but I don't trust at all in Michael Bay in terms of music inside the film....

LS100Studios2017-07-15 22:37:02
Sorry you have to wait! Merlin's Staff, Seglass Ni Tonday, Purity of Heart and Izzy are all suites. You hear the motifs in this tracks at various points throughout the film, but never these exact tracks.

The score has its shining moments in the movie. Tracks like Your Voice, Did You Forget Who I Am, We Have To Go and Calling All Autobots really stand out for their scenes.

Don't let this drag you down, but personally I thought the film was the worst one in the series, and its score is the weakest one as well. Unfortunately I felt many parts of the score were weak and didn't stand out too much. The movie has a few shining moments but overall felt very dull. Don't hold your expectations too high, but also don't let me change your opinion. :)

MrZimmerFan2017-07-16 11:02:47
The movie is BAD, but that type of bad, you know what i mean about that.

And yes, the score is butchered, but that tracks are suites, so I understand a lot of things

LS100Studios reply Replies: 2 || 2017-07-03 19:21:20
For anyone interested, I made a list of the tracks that contain elements of previous themes.

"Code Red" contains a brief reprise of "Autobots"
"You Have Been Chosen" contains elements of "Transformium" and "Bumblebee"
"History of Transformers" contains a brief reprise of "Autobots"
"Viviane Follows Merlin" contains elements of "Hong Kong Chase"
"Two Moons" contains elements of "We Were Gods Once"
"Your Voice" contains elements of "No Sacrifice, No Victory" and "Arrival to Earth"
"I Had My Moment" contains elements of "Arrival to Earth"
"Did You Forget Who I Am" contains elements of "You're A Soldier Now"
"Calling All Autobots" contains elements of "No Sacrifice, No Victory"

Feel free to correct any mistakes - if anyone knows of any other tracks, feel free to point them out. Enjoy!

Bayhem2017-07-03 20:05:20
Oh, that's great. Thanks for sharing this. Will listen to some of those tracks again, because I didn't catch all of the elements from the previous scores.

LS100Studios2017-07-14 17:01:32
Minor update - just realized that there's a brief reprise of "Hong Kong Chase" in "Did You Forget Who I Am". I'll admit it was a bit of an odd decision for Jablonsky to reuse that track and "Transformium". They're both great tracks but of all the music for him to incorporate into the score those were some odd choices.

Bayhem reply Replies: 1 || 2017-07-13 14:14:02
The 2-Disc Set is available to order at Can't wait to get my hands on it. Physical media all the way! I know I'm not the only one who still prefers physical media :)))

Agent2017-07-13 19:11:42
I agree!

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 50 || 2017-06-30 13:14:58
The score is in chronological order. The music editing in the film is a total mess. There are lots of theme suites in this release that were placed where they fit better in the chronological flow of the film.

Suites (to me) are :

The Coming Of Cybertron
Merlin's Staff
Stay And Fight
Purity Of Heart
Seglass Ni Tonday
We Have To Go
Sir Edmund Burton

Ds2017-06-30 19:57:18
I think We Have To Go is an actual cue, it plays in full in the climax. If I remember well, because I honestly dont remember much already :-p

Anonymous2017-06-30 23:02:14
When is the music editing in any of the Transformers films NOT a mess?? Ugh. Oh well.

Ds, you're definitely right. "We Have to Go" plays during the climax of the film (and was also the piece used in the final trailer).

Bayhem2017-07-01 14:31:09
Saw the movie three times already, and if I recall correctly "Quintessa" is played start to finish (it starts when Optimus lands on Cybertron and continues throughout the entire first scene with Quintessa). The ending of the track is once again used in the end credit sequences when *SPOILER* Quintessa takes human form on Earth and talks to the guy about Unicron.

meta2017-07-01 19:01:52
This movie needs a serious amateur edit once it comes to DVD...

Im trying to think of a way to MAYBE salvage this heap of trash by cutting it down to maybe 1 hr and a half....

By taking out all the TRF scenes, the goddam unnecessary exposition scenes, putting the Prime scenes closer together and editing down the final battle even to make Prime's presence more palpable...

Even the crap with Megatron and that suicide squad scene I'll trim out, just to make it less stupid...

The entire sub scene, take it out, the stupid drone fight - gone...

I'm sure someone will attempt this once it goes to DVD. but MAN O MAN will I never sit through this entire movie again.

Bayhem2017-07-01 20:16:22
meta, I really hate people like you. The way you're expressing yourself, you sound exactly like the Filmtracks guy who trashes 90% of what Hans Zimmer and his MV/RC friends create. So do yourself a favor, save your angry hate-comments for that crap site Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb. People like you, who spread such hatred for movies online, are the prime reason film fans have such a horrible reputation. Reputation of angry little girls who act as if their families were murdered just because they didn't like a certain movie. By the way, I liked the movie A LOT and guess what - my opinion is just as valid as your opinion. And no, no one will make amateur edits. Keep dreaming though. And start saving money for Transformers 6. Yes, you WILL see it. Despite what you say.

Minniemouse2017-07-01 21:45:50
I miss the song from the scene with "Canopy", which song is it? And I miss the Song from the scene " All they wanted is a home." I love the Soundtrack <3<3<3

Macejko2017-07-01 22:22:33
Bayhem: Or maybe you have absolutely no taste in movies, since you are so passionately defending a piece of shit film like this. But I'm not really surprised given the mind-boggling nonsense you wrote about the "Quintessa" cue. In a score with the breathtaking "Merlin's Staff", "Seglass Ni Tonday" or even "Purity Of Heart", THIS is the cue you decide to bring up? Seriously, your misguided preferences had made me more angry than I'm willing to admit.

Bayhem2017-07-01 23:21:25
Macejko, that's it?? That's the best you got? The tired "You have no taste in movies" cliche, usually brought up by desperate film geeks (you) who are so ignorant and blind by hatred and misguided anger that the last thing a sane person would do is to listen to them. Or take them seriously. Oh, and by the way, I was a writer for a film site for 5 years. And I'm currently writing my own script. So don't talk to me about cinema, okay? You know nothing. Absolutely nothing. You're just a surface-level film nerd who probably lets his opinions being influenced by film critics and crappy sites like Rotten Tomatoes. And yes, I'm very happy that my post made you angry, boyo. Because people like you are useless bottom feeders who spread hate and negativity and they don't deserve any respect whatsoever. By the way, I will bring up whatever track I want. You hear me? The world doesn't revolve around you and your "taste" in music. I stand to what I said. Oh, and why didn't you say anything the first time I brought up the Quintessa track? Too scared, huh? Too scared to have an actual discussion on the matter. Of course, that's exactly what ignorant people like you do. Now take off and don't contaminate this page with your hateful bullcrap.

Steve2017-07-01 23:40:47
Haha, Bayhem you accuse Macejko of spreading hate 3 times in your post. But you literally started your previous post with "I really HATE people like you" hmmmm.....

Alexander2017-07-02 00:21:16
@Bayhem &@macejko Friends keep calm haha we are talking about a Movie that is very fun and likable in MY opinion. But as said it is MY opinion. Everyone can think what he wants but lets take it like in sports an athlete doesnt offend another athlete. For sure you can criticize it but we all know how much money, how much people and how much work are in a movie like this. So we shoult take it as it is and don't cut it into something else. If you don't like it, don't like it but we doesn't have to fight because of that. Hans would not be proud fellas haha

Everan2017-07-02 02:43:13
Only Macejko would get so infuriated over someone liking a track and mention it as an example of what tracks are played fully.

Seriously, it's just a movie, nothing to get so angry aobut. It doesn't affect your life negatively in any way, same goes for the score.

Bayhem2017-07-02 06:42:30
Steve, that post of mine was obviously a reaction to the hateful, angry stuff that were said by this 'meta' person. Clearly I'm not the one who brought up negativity and hate here. I'm the one trying to fight it. Look up my previous posts here - there's not a single hateful thing in them. That is because I appreciate art in all its forms and I'm not a hateful person. But....when someone acts stupid and disrespectful, or just trolling, I'm fighting back. I don't just sit back and let hate and negativity take over. There's plenty of that on the internet. I got nothing against people with different opinions. But there is a RIGHT way to express an opinion, and a WRONG way.

...2017-07-02 09:22:47
this Bayhem guy has a point!

Macejko2017-07-02 09:31:05
Bayhem, once you bring up your background in screenwriting, you lose. Because guess what? I studied screenwriting for three years in college. I also wrote a feature-lenght script. And let me tell you a little secret: it doesn't mean shit. Your opinions (and mine, for that matter) are not more valid because of such background. So don't try to woo me; been there, done that.

Oh, and by the way: when you say "I appreciate art in all its forms", then I guess you just grossly misunderstand the very nature of the overall artistic means of self-expression. Art is MEANT to be divisive, it is meant to spark discussions, it is by its very nature meant to be loved or - indeed - hated sometimes. And if you honestly say that you love Michael Bay movies equally to, say, Christopher Nolan's body of work, then your opinion in the matter might as well be non-existent.

MrZimmerFan2017-07-02 09:49:32
I like Michael Bay, Akira Kurosawa, Christopher Nolan, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, James Cameron, Yasujiro Ozu, Jack Arnold... not the same love, but I appreciate cinema.

Bayhem2017-07-02 11:54:17
Macejko, you wrote a feature lenght script? After three years in college? And where are you right now? I'll tell you: you're attacking people's taste in music and film on a page for the score of a movie you claim to hate. Wow, you're really wayy off the line, buddy. How about spending more time on writing scripts and spending less time acting all angry and bitter. How about that? Because sorry to break it to you, but I'm the one acting like a grown up here. Not you. And it seems the other members are not exactly surprised by your behavior, which means you're doing this very often.

Also, art is meant to spark intelligent, normal discussions, not utter hatred and personal attacks just because someone likes what you don't like. And no, you can't "hate" movies. You can hate ISIS, you can hate the 9/11 hijakers, you can hate rapists. But to "hate" a piece of harmless mainstream entertainment that is created only to please the average, that is NOT normal. "Hate" is too strong of a word for that. People who hate regularly on movies have deeper issues. Look at your post - you got so angry just because I liked the Quintessa track. Do you realize how stupid and childish that is? Seriously! By the way, I ask you again, since you talk about art and how it sparks discussions, why didn't you say anything the first time I posted a comment about the Quintessa track. I'm always open for a nice, normal discussion. Apparently though, you're not.

As for your statement about Bay and Nolan, I will say this: I'm 33 years old, I'm educated enough on the matter of cinema, and if I happen to think that Bay is better than Nolan - and I can provide reasons for that - then that's the way it is, that's the way it's gonna be for ME and there's nothing you can do about it! You understand me? I don't live for you, and I don't live for film critics. So don't try to patronize me and telling me that it's impossible for a person to like Bay more than Nolan. Newsflash: I know quite a few people who love Bay's aggresive, no BS, balls-to-the-wall style and don't care about - what they say is the pretentious, emo-style of Nolan. And no, those are not stupid kids, those are smart people with families. The fact that you've decided - for whatever reason - that you would undermine anyone who likes Bay more than Nolan is YOUR OWN problem. It has nothing to do with me, and frankly I don't give a rat's ass what you think of my opinion on this topic.

P.S. Let me shock you even more - Nolan is a fan of Michael Bay, and he invited Bay on multiple occasions when he was editing the super secretive Dark Knight Rises. You know, to talk shop. It's no wonder that he's a fan. When Nolan made his first little film in the late 90's, Bay was already one of the biggest, most successful filmmakers in the world. So it makes perfect sense for Nolan to like guy and the stuff he had accomplished. I can talk about that whole day, trust me, because I'm actually quite prepared to talk about BOTH directors. But this is not the topic at hand. This is a page for the TF5 score.

Vivien2017-07-02 14:09:55
Keep going guys, my pop corn is so good !

Meta2017-07-02 14:47:10
@ Bayhem

Im not even talking about the actual film score....

and yes the movie was a convoluted mess that should have been titled Humans: The Last Transformer, because the movie was about humans 75% of the time!

This was the worst film out of the 5...If you were Bay, how the hell can you make another movie in your series of movies and completely ignore the lore you created with the last 4? And on top of this make the movie more about the very things people don't come to your movie to see?

That's the sign a of poor storyteller.

Meta2017-07-02 15:00:28
LOL sorry I just finished reading the LOOONG list of comments just now and felt the need to chime in.

About being a screenwriter/writing a script?

Any man who has to say he is a king is no king.

About having an opinion about this movie? I'm all for if you wanna be for or against it. But don't be foolish, Bayhem - Look at the scores for this film. Look at the Box office receipts and the critical reviews: All across the board this is being lauded as the worst of the 5. It's nice to have an opinion that goes against this - refreshing as it is LOL - but the majority say this movie stinks, and I have to agree with them.

The topic about art? Yeah I guess this is a highly subjective thing. But I guess if you're gonna call a coloring book art, that's your call. I call it a coloring book.

And finally...God dammit, and finally:

It's been done before, it's been done with other movies.

Thanks, Bayhem, you gave me a reason to play with my balls this morning.

Meta2017-07-02 15:03:19
I'm sorry one more thing:

Bayhem, you're just as much a troll/child as the rest of us. You're in the thick with us right now, so please shut the hell up about your education, merits, and other asinine bullshitteries that mean nothing at the end of the day because you'll be dead just like the rest of us...

Meta2017-07-02 15:17:45
Sorry sorry! Bayhem....I have a couple more things to add:

I'm sorry, I shoulda read through you're entire last post but I kinda just didn't give a whole shit to do so until now...


I'm not particularly a fan of Nolan, but a good storyteller is a good storyteller. And let me shock you a little, Bayhem - you're buddy Bay? Not a very good storyteller. At least not anymore. It's about money for this guy, these days.

I was there when he made the Rock, Armageddon, etc...They were influential movies, not so much because of the story, really, but because of what they did for action movies: The nonstop video game music, the posh music video styling, taking well known dramatic actors and giving them a silly cardboard character to act with. And to be honest Jerry Bruckheimer had more to do with it back then than Bay did. My point is those stories that Bay did were more coherent than the mess of crap he's done with the Transformers series, which you'd have to be blind not to see that the films are more about Bay's enthusiasm for the military, explosions, and sensational stuff than it is about the actual Transformers for him. but then againn Bay hasn't done a series before, which might explain all the mistakes/ignorance on his part? His other movie I guess made more sense because they were one-offs; it's not like he had to remember what came before when writing another chapter...

And by the way? The Quintessa track is a pretty bad example for you to use: It's just noise/sound design! It's like the theme for Fallen, only the Fallen's theme actually has a kind of theme...

Everan2017-07-02 17:01:55
That touched the drama nerve I see

Macejko2017-07-02 17:08:34
Nolan being a "fan" of Bay... yeah, Wally Pfister said that. Seven years ago. Long before Bay became a greedy parody of himself. And even that could mean a number of different things. If you think Nolan seriously appreciates the guy as a storyteller, then you are even denser than I imagined. Liking dumb shit and actually considering it to be good are two VERY different things.

And you don't get to tell people what they should and shouldn't hate. I mean, you totally can, but in that case try a bit harder than just put some buzzwords like "9/11", "rape" and "ISIS" into the statement and call it a day. Didn't you forget to tell me I'm worse than Hitler, by any chance? 'Cause that would be some proper keyboard warrior achievement right there.

Bayhem2017-07-02 17:09:16
Meta, I think you're trying to say something......And how many separate posts you gonna make? You know what that shows? It shows that you are a jumpy little kid, with an extremely short attention span who can't read stuff at once and reply with one single post. In short, you really need to focus!

And don't talk about "we", troll, because no one here sticks his head out for you and your ramblings. Now, if you don't want to look like an ever bigger a-hole, you gonna focus on the topic at hand - which the score for TF5. You're the one who derailed this conversation by bitching about a movie, not about the score. So if you wanna look like you have some sort of credibility left you gonna stop posting idiotic ramblings NOW, and you gonna start focusing on the actual topic: the TF5 score. If you keep posting crap, I will simply ignore you. Because that's how sane people deal with angry trolls.

Bayhem2017-07-02 17:28:49
Macejko, Macejko, you poor soul.....Still desperately trying to sound like you're not nervous as hell. Sorry, you're literally having your ass handed to you, but I don't feel sorry for you. YOU are the one who came here and you thought that you could win this. You can't. You got the wrong person this time. Oh, look up what Everan said about you few posts above. Apparently you're quite known around these parts, and clearly not in a good way. Yet, you're actually thinking you're the one who's right here. Hilarious!!! Do yourself a favor: leave this place and don't contaminate it anymore. You won't be missed.

And by the way, you didn't address half of the things I said in my previous LOOONG reply to you. Thanks for making my point. You clearly have nothing to say, because you know you're full of shit. By the way, you're obviously one of those utterly delusional militant Nolan fanboys who think that the guy is the BEST DIRECTOR EVA, DA NEXT JESUS! In other words, you're part of one of the most hated and ridiculed fan groups in the world.I bet you're one those losers who were sending death threats to critics who hated that comicbook flick Dark Knight Rises. You sound exactly like a militant film geek. And believe me, if you say any of that crap you've been posting here out in the real world, you gonna get pummeled. So calm your hateful butt down! Mmmkay?

Meta2017-07-02 17:59:01
Bayhem! How can you say such things when this thread is so long as it is?

Oh wait that's right, because he who doesn't call himself a troll doesn't know when to just STOP CONTRIBUTING to my barbs.

Cmon buddy. We all know the movie sucked major balls. No need to get butthurt about it. Bay can't tell a story to save his life. So what? Not everybody can take same coloring book you're so find of and stay inside the lines.

And yes, Bayhem I DO have a short attention span when it comes to reading crap I don't care about!

And yes, Poor Bayhem, we should talk about the score...Not the pile of crap that wound up being the movie. But out of the entireity of the score, you managed to point out the lest interesting track of the bunch? Do you collect fidget spinners as a hobby?

Anyway, my point is - you little shit - Transformers 5 sucks and is an insult to Bay's own creation. The score does not suck. But your taste in what you perceive as the best of the score I put into question...

I mean really. How the hell you gonna sit through 2 1/2 hours of a Transformers movie with barely any Optimus Prime in it? Optimus Prime already has a sword built into him, but now all of a sudden he has to use swords and shields? And now for some reason they all gotta look like actual knights instead of the robots they used to look like.

Let's just get as far away from Transformers as we can, and call this movie something else going forward: TINO. Transformers in name only. This is clearly the Mark Wahlberg Anthony Hopkins movie guest starring some robots who you may recognize as Transformers just standing around doing nothing, meanwhile there's a c3po robot providing comic relief and nobody is laughing. Oh and there's a literally retarded scooter transformer who can't say anything more racist that "AY CHIHUAHUA" for the duration of the film...

Oh and transformers barely transform in this movie, either.

Greatest movie ever fucking made by Michael Bay.

Stop trolling, Bayhem...You're not fooling anybody, you little hipster turd.

Everan2017-07-02 18:08:57
Awww, he threw insults, cute.

It's just a movie, people. You are literally fighting over a movie, is it really worth your time throwing insults and fits all over the place because of that?

Bayhem2017-07-02 18:13:55
Meta, thank you for making it easier. You will be completely ignored from now. I said what I wanted to say and it's clearly a waste of time trying to reason with someone like you. So thank you for making it so easy for me to ignore you. From now on, and if you keep pushing it, the guys who run this site will deal with you. I'm just glad that your completely moronic, angry posts are here for all to see. I literally sent a few minutes ago a screenshot of your comments here to a co-worker of mine. His rirst response was, and I quote: "LOL!!!!!"

Have a good one, troll. I will keep on posting here, because I like this place, but I sure as hell won't waste my time with you. I really thought there was a chance that you may learn your lesson, and maybe grow a working brain, but obviously I'm dealing with a complete knucklehead. Thanks for the entertainment.

Macejko2017-07-02 18:22:14
Sweet Bayhem, are you actually so insecure you feel the need to rile the good people of against me? I save you the trouble, for they know who I am: a Djawadi fanboy and a passionate arguing prick overall. Which I totally fucking am, and I very rarely have a problem with myself. Also, feel free to pat yourself on the back some more. You really showed me, big boy, you really did. (Besides bitching about me not addressing every single point you made and then proceeding to do so with the entirety of my reply. But we wouldn't want something like that to interrupt your furious egocentric masturbation, you special bright snowflake you, would we?)

Bayhem2017-07-02 18:23:07
Everan, yes, you are right. It is just a movie. And exactly because of that, I replied to these over-the-top angry people who don't realize that it is indeed just a movie and not something that had killed their families. Seriously, look up the posts by both Meta and Macejko. They act so angry and bitter that it's almost comical. How can a person be so angry over a movie? I don't know, but they clearly have some sort of anger issues. And if no one says anything, they will keep up with that disrespectul, angry behavior and they will get even worse. Because they think they can get away with it. Well, I don't like these types of hateful people and I'm not afraid, at all, to confront them. Because if we all just sit back and do nothing, negativity and hatred will be all around us, everywhere.

Macejko2017-07-02 18:25:11
Oh, and I'm totally sure your dad could beat up my dad.

Bayhem2017-07-02 18:28:41
"for they know who I am: a Djawadi fanboy and a passionate arguing prick overall. Which I totally fucking am."

I rest my case.

Macejko2017-07-02 18:33:04
Yeah, you rest that case, sunshine. Let the co-workers know how cool you are, don't forget to call your momma.

Bayhem2017-07-02 20:21:16
Oh wow, what a comeback. You sure showed me, boyo! By the way, don't forget to hire Djawadi as a composer when they buy your amazing, breathtaking script and turn it into a movie. With you producing and directing of course. I also think that Tom Cruise will be available after MI6. Go get him! I want advanced tickets as well. I mean, you have the nerve to walk around and trash other people's work, so that means your own work is top notch amazing. Am I right, mister "I wrote a feature-lenght script"? Yeah, I must be. I'm sure they're already polishing your Oscar.


Macejko2017-07-02 21:19:21
The most hilarious thing about you is that it was ME who had to give YOU info which you are currently using as an "ammunition against me". You are sure destroying me with all those things I'm comfortable about and wrote here willingly. I also enjoy medium-rare steaks, by the way. Care to send me one out of spite?

Bayhem2017-07-02 21:54:53
"The most hilarious thing about you is that it was ME who had to give YOU info which you are currently using as an "ammunition against me."

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, wut? What? Say that again? In what world is that "hilarious"? In debates, even with tools like you, people always use, or refer to what the other side says. That's how debates WORK, boyo! You're either totally trolling right now or you've never had an actual discussion/debate before. I'm happy that you've embraced your awful behavior and failures (and you fail all the time), but have some sort of dignity for God's sake. How embarrassing is this for you? People who read these posts of yours are definitely laughing their butts off. But you know what, I forgive you for your immature, nervous, weird posts. After all, you definitely can't handle a sane, normal person like me, who actually knows what he's talking about and who certainly doesn't like the idea of letting people like you thrive and spread hate. I've seen it all. I've encountered people like you before, so trust me, you're nothing new. Been there, done that. I know how to respond to every single immature thing your brain farts out. I'm having a blast with you. Which is pretty obvious. Now hit me again with another lame comeback.

Macejko2017-07-02 22:12:55
Nah, whatever I write, your mental gymnastics will find a way to convince you you're still awesome. I give up, this is getting weird. I'm not a psychiatrist. Enjoy the victory.

Meta2017-07-03 14:34:33
"You will be completely ignored from now"

- the final say with someone who can dish it out but can't take it.

And who said I was angry? I find this entertaining as hell that I would say the movie sucks and needs to be trimmed down so i can watch it again, and all of a sudden you show up like a teleporting zombie on the Walking Dead! LOL.

Calm down Bayhem...Take some anti-anxiety meds and calm down.

meta2017-07-03 14:38:42
Also: LOL Bayhem is an idiot.

Bayhem2017-07-03 15:57:44
Oh, boy...This "meta" troll with his kiddie "lol" posts really is lost in his own small world. As I already said, I'm not gonna bother responding to your utterly idiotic comments. I ignore them. So I'm just goona say this: keep on posting on this page, troll, keep it always active! You're doing this movie and its score a huge, huge favor. You're making them more popular on here and more people would click on the page when they see that there are new comments. So yeah, keep posting crap. However, as you can clearly see NO ONE, including me, bothers with the stuff you say. Not anymore. You're done, finished. But by all means, keep talking to yourself here, and keep this page always active. Now post again, knucklehead. And again and again. You'll do as I say. You're so desperate to have the last word that you WILL keep on posting here. So thank you in advance for keeping this page alive and kicking. Now I'm ordering you: post again. And a few hours later, AGAIN. And when you wake up in the morning the first thing you would do before taking a shit is to post another stupid, childish 'lol' comment here. And then again, and again and again. You will live on this page, troll.

Alexander2017-07-03 17:13:35
Just give this Bayhem and this macejko guy an Oscar !

Best quote so far : Macejko, Macejko, you poor soul...

Bayhem2017-07-03 18:14:53
I would settle for an MTV Movie Award.

Alexander2017-07-03 23:34:33
Well I don't want to fight with you cause I see how it ends but for sure the movie award is ok as well :D

meta2017-07-04 01:51:54


I had a friend who seriously wanted to go watch Transformers 5 tomorrow...

Let's just say that's one friend I won't be chatting with for a long while.

Everan2017-07-04 02:51:00
This is one sad corner of the internet now.

Meta2017-07-04 16:20:33
Aw cmon...

Bayhem's a lil' bug

Bayhem2017-07-04 17:24:34
They're talking about you, little troll. My God, how stupid this tool can get? Seriously! Anyway, keep posting, bottom feeder. Keep this page always on top of the comment section. You're doing a great job. Now I'm ordering you to post again. Do it!

Meta2017-07-05 14:13:38
You're supposed to be ignoring me, isn't that right, Bayhem?

At least stick to your convictions and be consistent...

SPECTER2017-07-06 06:57:11
Meta, Congratulations, you're an idiot.

RealFfingMusic2017-07-07 18:00:17
Aw shit, my first look here after such a long while, and this is what it has come to. *Sigh* Did ^^this^^ give anybody else flashbacks from the Cade vs Tessa/Shane scenes?

Bayhem reply Replies: 0 || 2017-06-29 10:18:10
I'm willing to bet that the "Quintessa" track, with those insanely epic horns and the badass electronic undercurrent, will be used in A LOT of future trailers for major film and videogame releases. If you're making an intense trailer for an intense sci-fi/action/horror movie, "Quintessa" is all you need. I can already imagine the "Avatar 2" trailer with this track in the background : )

Joseph Solano reply Replies: 2 || 2017-06-27 21:45:53
Vivian is one of the best tracks I've heard in any movie.

Alexander2017-06-28 00:28:17
So You really like it more that "merlin's Staff" ?

Joseph Solano2017-06-29 05:54:56
Personally yes. But Merlin's Stsff is my second.

Bondo reply Replies: 1 || 2017-06-27 20:52:01
Does anyone who has seen the movie know if this is in chronological order?

David2017-06-28 03:38:47
Aside from the suites it appears to be!!

superultramegaa reply Replies: 4 || 2017-06-24 22:31:40
Hey guys! When listening to it again, I discovered that the first few notes of the Autobot theme is played near the end of History of Transformers. This score really does feel like a return to form for Jablonsky.

Alexander2017-06-25 00:12:01
Year there Are some interesting hidden thinks in this Score ! And i Hope that You Are Right and that we will get Even more Original themes in the next one. I Personally Hope that er will get a New arrival to Earth Version !

mpolonest123 2017-06-25 00:20:16
There's also a little hint in "Code Red" too...

Bayhem2017-06-25 21:33:04
Yup, you're right about the Autobots theme. I liked the fact that they paid an homage to the first score. Could be wrong, but I don't think we got that in the last two movies. It's like they wanted to distance themselves from the first two scores. Which, to be honest, was something I didn't like. So I'm definitely glad that there are few bits from the first score in "The Last Knight". It was great to hear it all while watching the movie itself.

superultramegaa2017-06-26 19:22:42
There were little homages in Dark of the Moon with tracks like Communicating With Nest, but no the Autobot theme was very much distanced from at that point. Though there were many reprises of Optimus in Dark of the Moon. Also they play the 3 note escalation of Autobots in Did You Forget Who I Am.

Backbiter reply Replies: 1 || 2017-06-26 17:09:45
Is it me or the track "Two Moons" borrows some elements from "We Were Gods Onece" Dark of the Moon?

Bayhem2017-06-26 18:12:15
There are definitely similarities. Easy to spot. "Two Moons" (from 0:57), "We Were Gods Once" (from 0:26).

Alexander reply Replies: 1 || 2017-06-26 01:32:42
Just saw the Movie few Hours ago and this is a really Great step back to the First one ! Like the fact that it's like in First one optimus vs megatron and Not some galvatron and his City-eatin ship stuff. When Classic themes Kicks in it feels like 2007 in the Cinema and it is much Fun! A Great direction and I Hope that we get Even more Original stuff in the next one !
Go and See tranformers 5 especially of You saw the First one as a Child or if You just like it and enjoy the Music and Fun of it and don't throw it in the trash like many critics Are doin it !

Mike2017-06-26 01:54:23
Sounds like 13 Hours was in temp!!!!

Anonymous reply Replies: 1 || 2017-06-25 04:25:21
Love Izzy!

Bayhem2017-06-25 21:42:05
Love it too. Great track, very sweet, very tender. I really love the part from 2:49 utill the end.

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