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Assuming McQ changing up the crew for newer installments applies to the composers too, I'd certainly like to see someone else take the mantle. Would be interesting to see David Arnold tackle a different sort of spy film, or John Ottman taking a stab at it.<br><br>Though if anyone were to return, it'll likely be Balfe, just from all the buzz Fallout got. Would love to see Kraemer again, but the supposed BTS issues make that unlikely.You seriously mean to tell me "Light The Fuse" isn't fun or creative in the slightest? Probably is my favorite rendition of theme regarding just the films. III was certainly dull, but GP proved Gia had a voice for the series.<br><br>Balfe does do some cool things with The Plot, but I fail to see how his renditions of the main theme add anything new. Even the epic choir gets mostly dialed out in the final film. They're perfectly solid, but nothing that I'd say is great.I don't know if it's just me but the music doesn't sound as amazing to me like it did for HTTYD 1 & 2, granted i've only listened to the previews but i did the same for 1 & 2 and it got me hyped. I hope I'm wrongSo having seen the film I can say that this is tonally the most mature score of the series. The old themes all get their moment to shine, but surprisingly are used far less than the previous 2. There also seem to be some temped moments, with one scene using portions of “Battle of the Bewilderbeast” and so on. It will be interesting to see what is missing from the album.<br><br>In terms of new stuff, both “The Hidden World” cue and the “Fury Love Theme” are obviously the standouts. Especially in the way they develop throughout. And without spoiling anything, there are some beautiful choral moments in the last 15 minutes. As for the villain material, there wasn’t really anything distinctive that I picked up, which might change with a few listens.As everyone has said for the billionth time, NO. These are all unofficial fan-made edits or rips.
Is this cd of the complete score available for purchase somewhere?I loved it a lot like you and was searching and searching with no result for a long time.... and know what? Did not forget about it UNTIL NOW!!! It was in a change room at my fitness studio when I heard a very faint sound and was tunderstruck!!! The melody I was looking for for so long!!! And Shazam helped me out: it is a song from the christians from 1995 or so, called: Words! You‘re welcome :-)))and tracklist<br><br>Pictures. Visit the official movie website for more information.<br><br>Here’s the album track list:<br><br><br> <br>1. Serenity<br>2. The Beast<br>3. Suit<br>4. Karen<br>5. Baker Dill<br>6. Patrick<br>7. Memory<br>8. Deliver Me From Temptation<br>9. He Wants Justice<br>10. Girl at the Bridge<br>11. I Am the Rules<br>12. Plymouth Island<br>13. I Remember You<br>14. Catch That Fish<br>15. How We See It<br>16. Creator<br>17. Justice<br>18. Alternate Reality<br>19. It’s Dad<br><br>Saying Balfe has no imagination is beyond stupid. Take a listen at some of his work on animated movies (Home, or his work on KFP2-3), it's definitely not to work of someone without imagination.<br><br>On Fallout in particular, I honestly think he makes the best use of the classic themes in the series. That's maybe not "imaginative", as these themes aren't his, but it's definitely clever and not something every composer can do. Even an experienced guy like Michael Giacchino had 2 stabs at this franchise, and yet failed not only to give a memorable score, but also failed in using these classic themes in such a fun way.JohnWilliams Started out or rather got more into the realm of composing being doing Tv SHows
Meistermind - what’s wrong with being a TV composer ?<br><br>You sound like those idiots on Film music forum that think they know so much .The keyboard comment is exactly the nonsense said.<br><br>Fallout is one of the best action films ever in my opinion with a brilliant soundtrack.<br><br>Balfe is what in the 80s you might have called a TV composer. He has skills to get the job done but no imagination on anything. There'll be a few live bongos in the next film, a lot of supposedly live brass that sounds exactly like my keyboard, and no imagination. <br><br>That's the seemingly Chris Nolan way they want to go here. But if McQuarrie and Cruise are sticking to their mandate on making every film different, well how about (they are not going to go full Lathimos whatever), trying the Jeremy Dyson way, and go for Frank Ilfman. How about being more creative, Mansell has burned his bridges but still does excellent music but how about Richter, he can do anything, or even a Murray Gold. If you hire a pointless HZ flunkie, we'll get someone good, This used to be fine, but now with these dingdongs it is increasingly difficult<br>Balfe did produce both !!!!!!!!!!so ofcause they would sound related <br>Fallout was an excellent film and great soundtrackIn my opinion this soundtrack is very different than the others.<br>Six films and five composers, with a different styles and this soundtrack is very different.<br>For me it's a great soundtrack but the sound is too similar at the dark Knight and Dunkirk.Have to agree about Balfe and Fallout being the best mission score.would be interesting to see what he would do with bond or even Star Wars.<br>There seems to be comments on twitter that Balfe will be doing the score live at the The Royal Albert Hall.anyone know ?
If you want modern, have Ludwig Göransson score the movie. Him or Don Davis. If you want to stick with RCP, I would love to see Benjamin Wallfisch take a stab at it based on his work on King of Thieves.Hello team, i would just like to add to the thank-you's, throughout the years you've been roxxin the world.<br> anyways i particularly enjoyed "time" but not for the movie instead it was used as an AMV on youtube for the japanese anime Zetsuen No Tempest. the story is epic suffice to say that it + time blew my heart away then and there. <br>So thank you very much :D...but modernLalo Schifrin certainly didn't need Lorne Balfe to make him sound cool.Now that would be an interesting to hear what he could do with Star Wars

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Justice League
Label: WaterTower Music
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  1. Everybody Knows - Sigrid (4:25)
  2. The Justice League Theme - Logos (0:48)
  3. Hero's Theme (4:17)
  4. Batman On The Roof (2:34)
  5. Enter Cyborg (2:00)
  6. Wonder Woman Rescue (2:43)
  7. Hippolyta's Arrow (1:16)
  8. The Story Of Steppenwolf (2:59)
  9. The Amazon Mother Box (4:33)
  10. Cyborg Meets Diana (2:36)
  11. Aquaman In Atlantis (2:39)
  12. Then There Were Three (1:10)
  13. The Tunnel Fight (6:24)
  14. The World Needs Superman (1:00)
  15. Spark Of The Flash (2:18)
  16. Friends And Foes (4:14)
  17. Justice League United (1:24)
  18. Home (3:24)
  19. Bruce And Diana (1:06)
  20. The Final Battle (6:14)
  21. A New Hope (4:36)
  22. Anti-Hero's Theme (5:35)
  23. Come Together - Gary Clark Jr. & Junkie XL (3:13)
  24. Icky Thump - The White Stripes (4:14)
  25. The Tunnel Fight (Full Length Bonus Track) (10:58)
  26. The Final Battle (Full Length Bonus Track) (12:57)
  27. Mother Russia (Bonus Track) (1:45)
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HunterTech reply Replies: 1 || 2017-11-13 07:37:48
I'm honestly more amused by the fact that people think JL is gonna be the "bad one" of the DCEU, when most are seriously flawed to begin with. Do they make more of an impression than the MCU films? Absolutely. But the truth here is that the studio was always making poor choices from day one, and that the real creative people ended up suffering for it. It's just that fans still found a lot of stuff to appreciate, regardless of the faults. At this point, I'm just hoping for a film that's at least as messy as BvS was.

I sincerely doubt Whedon's involvement was that large, considering the most he got was a screenwriter credit. Should this have truly been a Superman II situation, he either would've gotten co-director or solo credit. It's still mostly a Snyder film, with just a few quips and bits added here and there. Besides, whatever the original vision was going to be got changed the instant BvS had the reception it did. No questioning it there.

I'm disappointed, but not surprised by the reception the score has gotten. It's clear to me that the people are so into the Zimmer/RCP sound that anything else isn't going to often be given fair judgement. That doesn't apply to every or even most fans, but it's still present enough to take note of it.

For me, I just prefer Elfman's style, period. Even when there isn't much going on, he sure knows how to keep your attention. However, in this case, it's still that thing where the objectively better item is still beat out by the subjectively more entertaining one. BvS I find a significant downgrade from MoS score wise, but it still makes an impression on me, positive or not. And the most JL has given me are the brief reprises of themes here and there. And I do mean brief. They're never allowed to go full on like their previous incarnations have, so it does make me wonder if Elfman was simply just held back by the producers or the film itself. Either way, I still much prefer the work on Batman 89 and the Nolan trilogy (though I'll always have a soft spot for Goldenthal). Everyone involved in this universe have simply done much better with this material in the past.

I don't know how often I'll post here (seeing as this is my first post), but I'm absolutely positive that I won't be making any member angry here tonight. :P

JBSO992017-11-13 11:46:56
I also like a lot Elfman's style but specially in the dark-fantasy movie (the Tim Burton movies). Outside of that he is usually boring and bland (with little exceptions). And in here, I think he just does not fit. The score it's not bad but it's like BvS and MoS were never made and that is the big problem I think many people has with this score. It just doesn't respect the previous established themes, that some of us really liked and that have pissed off so many people (including myself), even if I liked the Elfman's Batman theme.

Edmund Meinerts reply Replies: 1 || 2017-11-13 01:11:18
Seeing a lot of controversy and interesting discussion here, and I just want to say this:

I totally get it if you're disappointed that Elfman threw out Zimmer's material in favor of his own and the cameos of Williams. Thematic continuity being ignored is a gigantic pet peeve of mine and it's happened in way too many franchises lately.

HOWEVER - when I see comments like "worst score of the year", "obsolete jingles from the 80s", "cheesy and cartoonish"...come on, guys. Be reasonable. It might not be what you wanted to hear but if you take the score on its own terms, it's not worthy of that sort of abuse by any standard. Maybe not what you hoped for, but it's not awful, or incompetent, or worst-score-ever level stuff.

And I'm especially saddened to see the disrespect shown to Elfman's Batman theme and Williams' Superman theme...maybe you think they don't belong in this particular DC Universe, which is your right to feel that way...but that doesn't mean that those themes are necessarily "old-fashioned" or "obsolete". Those are two CLASSIC and ICONIC themes. Far better than anything composed for the DCEU so far. Inserting them three films into an existing universe might not have been the best decision, but to say that they (or any music of that caliber - bold, orchestral, thematic) are somehow not viable to exist in a modern superhero movie is just ridiculous, IMO.

JBSO992017-11-13 11:40:21
I think some people in here are too radical. I mean, I don't think it's great but I don't think it's the worst of the year at all. If you listen to it without thinking inside the same universe, it's enjoyable. The problem comes when you compare it to the previous movies of the DCEU.

I agree that Elfman's Batman and William's Superman are iconic and really great themes. The Batman theme fits at times but the Superman theme not and I don't really get why they just forgot about anything that came before (MoS, BvS & WW). Elfman could have introduced a reference to Williams theme inside a new representation of MoS theme by Zimmer or something like that. And the same goes with the Batman theme.

Pincel reply Replies: 8 || 2017-11-12 15:47:51
You'd expect fanboyism from a page like this, but this discussion is off the charts!...

You guys can seriouslly say that this is one of the worst score you've ever heard, and keep a straight face? Wow...

That it MAY not fit the movie; well that's acceptable criticism, even though I doubt anyone here has even seen the movie yet...
That Elfman did not use previous themes established in the universe for whatever reason; that's fair criticism as well to an extent (very arguable, considering what he had to work with IMO).

To call this an inherently bad score, as in the music is terrible and without craft. Well, sorry to say, but I believe you may very well all be insane...

MoS and BvS scores had their merits, they fit the movies the were made for, which a film score should always do, sure. But was the music really that great by itself? Outside of a theme or two, I really don't think it holds up outside the respective movies, but then again, my opinion.

I'm really not crazy for this JL score either, trust me, but I can't say I don't appreciate the more orchestral tone and less bullshit propaganda approach (drummer circle publicity stunt anyone?).

I'm sorry, but most of you just come out as cry babies, because it's not Hans, Junkie XL or Lorne Balfe or whatever RCP clone. Let's wait for the movie, and then the discussion can be more focused.

Hybrid Soldier2017-11-12 16:08:08
"hat it MAY not fit the movie;"

That's my main concern, my only fear is that it will ! It sounds an average Marvel score made for an average Marvel movie, and that's not what I wanted to finish this trilogy...

Granted, I'm not a HZ fanboy here, I'm a Zack Snyder fanboy, and I absolutely hate that hack Whedon and his aweful Avengers TV movies that weirdly managed to get screened in actual cinemas. The moment he took over JL, I knew he could only ruin everything because of scared producers and lost all hope on that film. Firing JXL (which I saw coming from miles away the minute he took over) was just an expected cherry on the cake ! ;)

A few days left before that film comes out, I'm scared it'll make me wish Superman stayed dead in that grave at the end of Bat v Sup... lol

rockhound2017-11-12 16:21:04
i also think that the score will fit the movie and i mean it also not in a positive way for the movie. from the last trailer the movie looks so cartoonish and the score sounds in parts exactly like that. this "in the middle of face" humor is very annoying. the production design looks as fake as the old Batman movies. it seems like they changed direction in 180° with this movie.

Cyberpunk882017-11-12 16:31:36
Yes, MoS & BvS scores were great by themselves. There is a reason we're here on a Zimmer fan page, not Elfman. His music is very different from Zimmer's, so it's not strange that people (like me) don't often or ever listen to Elfman's music because some (or maybe most) of us like Zimmer's type of style better.

So when somebody replaces his music with something completely different in the middle of a sequence of movies that are tied together, it's not really fanboyism, it's fair criticism on both the decision to dump the previous themes, and to the new score itself which is very different to Zimmer's/XL's previous scores and not what we are used to listen to as Zimmer fans..

mpolonest123 2017-11-12 17:28:12
I can definitely agree with you on some of the points you make. DC’s music doesn’t need to be relegated to just RCP. Creatively that would be stifling. And in regards to the music itself, I personally like it. Yes, it’s a departure from the previously established sound, but it’s an interesting take on this universe. And in context who knows, it might work wonders.

Where I disagree is on the quality of the previous scores. Granted, I’m not a huge fan of BVS, but MoS still is one of my favorite scores. Elfman (or more like Whedon) jettisoning the themes in exchange for Williams’ music is definitely in bad taste. Thematic consistency is one thing DC has over Marvel, and to see it fo is very frustrating. I think people would be more accepting if the old themes were still incorporated.

mpolonest123 2017-11-12 17:30:38
On the flip side though, I will admit that I’m ok with Elfman’s Batman theme returning. I was never crazy about the previous theme, so thematic consistency aside it doesn’t bother me. Just my opinion of course.

F1-TARS2017-11-12 21:05:46
The man of steel theme and wonder women theme for me has become iconic with those characters, will be a big shame to not here them in the justice league movie

Very forgetful and poor score

Pincel2017-11-12 23:12:13
Look, I'm with most of you regarding the movie, It's not looking great judging from the trailers, specially with the out of place humor and all that. Definitely a huge turn from the darker and more serious tone of the previous entries, with the exception of Wonder Woman, which was already much lighter.

I just wanted to point that I feel like there's a hugely negative overreaction to the music, which I don't believe is really fair, since it's pretty serviceable at the very least, and with some strong statements of orchestral power.

Some of you give very valid arguments for not liking it, and I 100% respect that. My post was more of a reaction to those who are making some negative and downright asinine comments, as if it was Elfman's fault for being hired and accepting to do the music.
He did his job, and I'm sure Whedon/WB are happy enough with the result, wether we like it or not.

Bringing back the old themes, sure, doesn't really make any sense, but boy, it felt good to hear that old Batman theme once again, even if just part of it.

META2017-11-13 00:40:20
The Justice League theme IS the Batman theme....deconstructed and reconstructed.

Out of this entire score, I managed to cut away 30 minutes total. What my ear caught most were the first 5 notes to the Batman theme which tend to lead into the hero theme, of which its based on.

To be honest, this score is like Elfman ignored Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, Nolan's Dark Knight, Man of Steel and BvS and said "you know what? This is my BATMAN 3!"

Because it kind of IS...His theme dominates this score whether you realize it or not.

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 2 || 2017-11-12 09:50:35
Well guys you need to understand Elfman is not really to blame... Warner & Wedhon are...

I mean Junkie was scoring Snyder's Justice League, both departed... MOS & BvS had good box officie results but nothing compared to the Marvel machine, and got a lot of criticism... Warner decided to drop the dark DC universe (like suddenly making a "bright / jokes / fun" Marvel-like movie will get them the figures of Marvel lol...) to go the opposite way recycling recent Marvel people like Wedhon and Elfman...

What I mean is, it's not the score departing from the previous entries... It's the film !

Ds2017-11-12 10:38:53
Yeah, the tone change is one thing, but the complete departure from Hans' themes is something else. Danny could have taken Hans' MoS theme and arranged it in a brighter, more heroic and upbeat way.

Do you think it's also Whedon's fault if the themes have been trashed? Or more some kind of laziness/ego thing of Elfman?

META2017-11-12 15:38:36
"Batman only has one theme." - Elfman

(my theme, he means to say)

Now that I'm done defending Elfman, I'm beginning to suspect...You say he didn't have a hand in it. Based on his remarks, it makes me think he kinda DID, actually.

Mk reply Replies: 4 || 2017-11-12 09:15:46
One of the worst scores this year.

Congratulations Whedon and Elf Man, you absolutely destroyed the epic of Justice League created by Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL and Rupert Gregson-Williams in MoS, BvS and WW with your obsolete jingles of the 80s.

You both, STAY AWAY from the upcoming DC films.

James2017-11-12 11:05:06
The people take things a little too far. While DC films depended exclusively on the vision of their filmmakers, the scores maintained a sound unit. Now that they have expanded the Universe and will release two or three films in a year, other directors and composers will work with these characters and will try to bring something new to it. That's what happens to Marvel today. How many different themes do we have for Thor (3)? And for Iroh Man (4 or 5)? In the future, even Star Wars will suffer with this. Williams will not make all the films they intend to release in the next decade. And not every composer will be content to just imitate his style

Mk2017-11-12 12:40:58
Simply read forums, reddit, social networks, etc.

For once everyone is unanimous, hating EVERYWHERE this soundtrack. A soundtrack that should be incredible (and it is not) for a blockbuster of this caliber .

"Too common."
"Sound heard many times."
"No substance, totally typical and unnoticed."
"We are not at Christmas yet."
"I can't remember any piece. Nothing."
"Looks like music for a TV commercial."
"Elfman composed this soundtrack in 5 minutes."
"Only the rework/suite of the Batman theme in the last track is good."

Things like that and more is what I can't stop seeing everywhere. And I also have to agree because it's absolutely true.

The soundtrack for Age of Ultron was very gorgeous because Brian Tyler was holding the ship's wheel, but if Elfman had been alone it would have been also as bad.

He don't know how to compose music for this kind of films in our time because there are many stuck composers who no longer serve in music industry due they don't know how to use new technology (like the glorious synth room of Junkie XL). Instead, he probably think that we still in 1989, but no, we are in 2017, his music is no longer useful, I can't have a scene with Flash running or fighting with a xylophone ringing in my ear in the background for example.

James2017-11-12 13:37:08
No way. If you search forums and review sites you will see that Elfman was responsible for the best moments of the Ultron score. And yes, when I refer people who are criticizing to the extreme, I am referring to all those who are criticizing on Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Reddit, forums ... It is not the worst work of Elfman, not even the worst score of the year or the worst of the DCEU ... And this situation will be repeated many times because no composer wants to be the shadow of the work of another. The only exception to date are the Bond films, Superman Returns and Rogue One. Even Giacchino, who says cares about musical continuity in the films, has not made a commitment to create a new theme for Iroh Man.
I did not like of the soundtrack. Not because I expected Elfman to write music like Zimmer, but because he did not write music like he used to.

Hybrid Soldier2017-11-12 13:56:19
Ultron, Tyler was fired... It's only because Elfman had no time to rescore the whole thing that they kept part of Brian's score...

George reply Replies: 10 || 2017-11-10 06:21:10
Wow this is bad. This is coming from a guy who was excited to hear what Elfman had to offer. I don't even like the use of WW theme, it sounds so cheesy and cartoonish. Oh well. Hopefully warner bros doesn't let him ruin another score and they bring in Brian Tyler (here come the comments), Lorne (again, here come the comments lol), R Gregson-Williams, or Jablonsky. Rupert deserves it most in my opinion

JBSO992017-11-11 12:25:15
I think Rupert Gregson-Williams would have been better for this movie, because he created the Wonder Woman score wich kept old themes, introduced some new themes and still felt inside the same universe. Also Balfe could have keep the themes from BvS and MoS.

I like some of the moments with Elfman's Batman theme, but the Superman theme just does not fit and makes me miss the fantastic scores of Man of Steel and Batman V Superman.

Hedon2017-11-11 17:56:47
Anyone at RCP would have been better than what we got here. Why not give the whole thing to Zanelli and Tom?

James2017-11-11 21:36:05
Elfman did his job. It's too neutral, but there are good moments on the album. Other composers will take responsibility for the soundtracks of the upcoming films that will be released in the future. Giacchino with Reeves in Batman, Gregson Williams will likely return to Wonder Woman 2, and maybe Silvestri (?) With Zemeckis with Flash. Not is the end of the world.

Macejko2017-11-11 22:26:15
For fucks sake, keep Giacchino away from Batman.

Brent2017-11-12 02:04:56
I’m with Macejko on this one. Keep Giacchino miles away from Batman. Before Reeves stepped in, I thought Harry Gregson-Williams would be the perfect choice since he’s worked with Affleck before.

love ! DC 2017-11-12 02:17:57
Danny Elfman is a great composer.
Zimmer… is a butcher…
Only a tone deaf person can appreciate his noise.
No emotion…nothing…
Any kid with a synthesizer can do a better job.
Easy to emulate Zimmer but not easy to emulate Danny Elfman or John Williams…

Mike (OTM)2017-11-12 02:40:15
The Last Samurai, The Prince of Egypt, At World's End, Interstellar, and many other scores beg to differ...

Miguel 2017-11-12 03:55:53
I wish Zimmer has written the score . Hearing the Elfman theme in this music makes snigger a bit

META2017-11-12 04:36:35
LOL what were they thinking?

I guess this is Whedon's fault...

Elfman doesn't fit this new itineration.

Even though I can see he's trying to be and I respect his courage to do so.

Seriously...was there NO ONE ELSE from RCP?

James2017-11-12 10:44:46
A guy from RCP would have the right to write a bad and still be applauded.

katrin reply Replies: 0 || 2017-11-12 02:39:15
So sad -,-

one of the worse scores i have ever heard.

i like the old batman-theme but here is so wrong!
this batman is not the same like the burtons-movie.

very sad that elfman this not realice

Eric reply Replies: 0 || 2017-11-11 04:48:47
I’m glad Zanelli worked on Justice League. He’s been doing a lot of big name movies this year. He got his big break with Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tells No Tales. I wonder what tracks on here he mainly contributed to. And I’m kinda sad Junkie and Hans didn’t do it. But I do like Elfman he just should have used Zimmers Batman and Superman themes. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack and haven’t heard them. But I did like John Williams Superman Returning. But with this whole Zimmer vs Elfman war. I’m on John Williams side waiting for the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Soundtrack. I’m hoping The Imperial March is in it.

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 4 || 2017-11-10 12:47:44
A part of me died listening to this... And probably the other will as well after seeing the film...

I will quietly leave the room and go listen to Arcade from MOS in loops... lol

Meta2017-11-10 14:21:08
"Batman on the Roof"...Elfman using his Batman theme without using his Batman theme, meanwhile trying to ape Zimmer's theme by using his own Batman theme....Oy vey.

Meh. I'm with you on this. I dont know what the hell WB or Whedon was thinking here...Simply doesn't fit the current style. Then again, if this movie is going to be about Gods fighting Gods and cracking jokes ala the Avengers, then yeah it IS a differently painted horse....Christ.

Ahmad2017-11-10 16:21:46
I listened to a sample of Track 6 and then went back immediately and played some MoS tracks.
I wonder how things would've been different if Zimmer was involved. Would they fire Zimmer for Elfman? :D

Scorefan2017-11-10 20:47:47
Well, for me the theme Arcade is the new superman theme. I mean, it's epic, it's amazing and sound it incredible. The way ii was used in the scenes where Zod disband the council and when zod and his army go to the black hole is amazing.

Olive2017-11-11 01:19:50
Arcade is by XL.

Mephariel reply Replies: 2 || 2017-11-10 09:59:55
Pinar Toprak wrote additional music for this score. I wonder why she is not listed here. Is she still a part of RCP?

James2017-11-10 15:20:44
Yes, she is.

Scorefan2017-11-10 20:44:23
Pinar is not part of RCP. But she wrote additional music for the film.
@Hybrid do you know what parts did she wrote for the film score? thanks

Mike (OTM) reply Replies: 4 || 2017-11-10 19:03:44
Would Whedon have had the guts to fire Zimmer? I’m sure either way Hans would have done everything to make Whedon satisfied.

Ds2017-11-10 19:40:20
Warner would never have done that. You don't fire Hans Zimmer. It's an honor if he accepts to work on your movie, not the other way around.
And yes, no doubt Zimmer would have adapted the musical style to fit the tone of the movie, but he would still have used all the wonderful themes and soundscapes from MoS and BvS.
There was no need to erase all that, it's very lazy of Elfman.

Mike (OTM)2017-11-10 19:48:59
I agree. One of the big comments from Filmtracks about Batman Begins when it came out was that Hans and James were "lazy" for not using Elfman's music. But at least Zimmer's been true to the reboot philosophy. He didn't use his Dark Knight stuff for Ben Affleck. He wrote a new theme, even though the character didn't inspire him.

I usually love Elfman, but this was a big mistake. The old Batman theme works reasonably well, but the Superman theme is like a sore thumb in this world, and there's WAY too heavy of an Avengers vibe in "The Final Battle." I really wish Hans hadn't quit this universe. This might have been, at last, the movie where he used his Superman theme in full form.

Mike (OTM)2017-11-10 19:52:28
Also, for Elfman to say Zimmer write a theme for this Batman is purely idiotic. There's a clear, hummable tune in Batfleck's theme. It's not just rhythmic stuff.

Mike (OTM)2017-11-10 19:53:12
to say Zimmer didn't** write a theme. Autocorrect.

Bradyn reply Replies: 2 || 2017-11-10 14:10:19
I feel like the only person on this site who loves this score.

Yeah, it was different, and I wish it used Zimmer’s Superman theme, but I loved this. I felt like the music I heard when I was a kid watching the DCAU shows. I wouldn’t even say the music is “too Marvel” because nothing from Marvel hasn’t been this outright epic in scope. This is music for gods fighting to to save the world, and I freaking loved it.

Ds2017-11-10 14:14:29
gods fighting to save the world... while making jokes and smiling at each other!

Mortifer V.2017-11-10 14:49:14
“This is music for gods fighting to save the world” you can’t possibly be serious.

Micah reply Replies: 2 || 2017-11-08 22:35:13
Elfman: "I came up with two heroic themes, one which was just an overall Justice League theme and one which was a team theme. I’m using that more when the team is coming together. I also have an “Anti-Hero Theme” as well as a Steppenwolf theme. But then I tried to provide really simple little hooks for Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman, without going too far. There’s a certain point where you just get a mess of themes, and that’s just going to be a nightmare. So, I tried to simplify those characters to just a few notes, so that there’s something recognizable, and I tried to keep my new thematic action more involved around the entire group as a whole, so it didn’t get too fragmented."

You could learn a thing or two from Howard Shore, bub. Also, based on quotes earlier in the article, it sounds like a lot of the Batman/Superman themes are because of Whedon's meddling.

It sucks that we're not getting definitive, crowd-pleasing themes for Cyborg, Aquaman, and the Flash. Look at the magic Zimmer made with Wonder Woman's theme in her brief cameo.

Oh well, at least it means that Elfman won't be the be-all/end-all for those characters (thank God).

Will2017-11-10 05:45:21
"You could learn a thing or two from Howard Shore, bub." What kind of naive point are you trying to make there? They both know how to nail thematic interplay. Do you recall the themes for every single person in the Fellowship? Oh, that's right. There weren't individual themes for every single person in the Fellowship!

Meta2017-11-10 14:26:30
I think that's Micah's point, Will...

Ujal reply Replies: 1 || 2017-11-10 08:57:23
Listen to this.... now go listen to "Ideal of Hope", "Beautiful Lie" and "We All to Blame". This soundtrack is a joke. They've done it, they Marvelized the DC Universe. Today a part of me died.&#65279;

Meta2017-11-10 14:23:46
You're not wrong,, Ujal.

I considered this to be a darker more realistic take, as kinda has been...But to be honest ever since Batman vs Superman I always feared this would turn into a comic book and realism would go out the window...

Oh well...

Bibi reply Replies: 2 || 2017-11-10 10:48:32
God, it's boring and I found the re-use of old themes completly wtf here. What a mess.

Waymann2017-11-10 11:19:12
I actually started laughing when I heard the ancient themes. This is hilariously bad and awkward in every way.

Mortifer V.2017-11-10 13:20:23
It was cringeworthy. Total letdown.

Waymann reply Replies: 0 || 2017-11-10 10:46:02
What is the point of those Full Length Bonus Tracks ??

Ds reply Replies: 0 || 2017-11-10 09:31:58
WB needs to be punished for this insult towards Hans Zimmer and his fans! Please boycott this movie!

peter reply Replies: 1 || 2017-11-10 02:07:50
Very disappointing...

YES Elfman chose not to use Hans and JXL's superman/batman themes but are you kidding me that he can't even properly utilize the John Williams and his own 89 theme beyond a little snippet here and there and where is at least some strong thematic material for the whole league and the forces of Apokolips.

I will wait until I have seen the film to pass proper judgement but bloody Whedon again TAKING MUSIC CONTROL.

Lejti2017-11-10 08:53:40
"..but bloody Whedon again TAKING MUSIC CONTROL."
I completely agree with that, we see (hear) this on Ultron, and it's a complete mess again.

mpolonest123 reply Replies: 8 || 2017-11-09 19:39:44
Well, I’m disappointed. : /

It’s not that it’s a bad score, but it lacks solid themes/ballsy orchestrations. Honestly the music just sounds flat. When Elfman uses previous themes (WW motif, Batman theme) is when the music stands out. But not including Zimmer’s Superman material is a HUGE mistake.

This is making me really wish JXL has scored this. I’m all for a different musical perspective but you need to have music that matches the style at least somewhat. And this is coming from someone who really likes Elfman usually.

For the positives, some of the action music (in particular the descending string line from “Hulk”) does work, and I’ll give credit for the “Heroes” track, which isn’t half bad.

mpolonest1232017-11-09 19:45:43
And for anyone comparing this to AoU....

At least that score had solid thematic consistency. The Avengers theme, Iron Man’s theme, and Captain America’s theme were all incorporated into the score alongside the new material.

MrZimmerFan2017-11-09 19:49:32
One problem: The Avengers theme is by Silvestri, re-arranged by Elfman and Iron Man's is from Tyler.

Is not the same case here.

And when the Captain America's theme is in AoU?

mpolonest123 2017-11-09 20:09:54
@MrZimmerFan That’s my point, Elfman/Whedon should have better incorporated Zimmer’s themes like they did with Silvestri’s music. It is the same exact case when you are dealing with a preexisting musical universe.

And the theme pops up once or twice, definitely in the opening of the last track.

rockhound2017-11-09 21:01:13
i also dont understand, why elfman used his 30 years old Batman theme, which is from another DC universe. and even worse, a Superman theme from 40 years ago, also a different DC universe. makes zero sense. elfmans own Justice League theme and the previous themes from zimmer and holkenborg would have been correct. it is funny, that the only theme which stands out is Zimmers Wonder Woman theme in track 6. really nice arrangement. elfmans style can fit with this new movie, but his theme sounds so old and cartoonish. maybe the movie is like that.

MrZimmerFan2017-11-09 21:02:51
But Feige dosen't wanted the material by Silvestri, he wanted what Tyler wrote. That's why Whedon came with Elfman, to incorporate that themes.

BTW, the re-arranged theme for Wonder Woman is cool and as always the Batman's theme is tremendous

James2017-11-09 21:07:47
I liked the score, from a technical point of view, it is much higher than the previous ones. However I agree that bringing the Batman and Superman themes back ignoring that these are from other phases of the character was an Elfman's mistake. He even had the opportunity to build anything memorable for Justice League, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg and failed.

Ds2017-11-09 21:18:05
Who knows, maybe some MoS tracks are inserted in the movie with minor editing? I'm thinking maybe Clark's piano theme? It would also make sense Danny didn't include them on his soundtrack album. But it's a pity he didn't even bother trying to do something with this theme.

JBSO992017-11-09 21:32:59
It's not that is a bad score, but it's neither good. I mean, there are some really great moments, the action sewuences specially those two full length tracks are great, and the appearences of the Batman theme and Wonder Woman theme are great.
But the things is that I don't think the music really fits this cinematic universe and sounds more like an Avengers movie with some parts like Burton's movies. The other big problem that I have is that they did not use any of MoS material (unless it appears in the movie but not here) and they didn't have very recognizable themes at the first listen, just the theme that appears at Hero's Theme, that after some listens is not that bad.
Overall is not that bad but I would have really wished that they kept themes from BvS and MoS and that it did not sound so similar to Avengers. Let's see how it works in the movie.

Fares_Tdkr reply Replies: 0 || 2017-11-09 19:17:30
I just hate it i hate it all i got this today and i really hate it no soul no memorable cues i miss your themes Zimmer.

Disappointed &#128542;

Steve1 reply Replies: 5 || 2017-11-09 15:35:41
I've listened the tracks.

It's so awful! There is no soul, no depth, so generic, the choice of the instruments is improper with by comparison with MoS, BvS or WW. It's like, we are in 2017 but we have a ost from the 90's. And, do not hope for any MoS notes in the soundtrack...

My point of view is that this OST is one of the most disappointing soundtrack I've ever heard.

...2017-11-09 15:46:51
I have also listened to the score and find it rather boring, however that has NOTHING to do with the instruments. The orchestra has nothing to do with the 90s, the orchestra is something timeless. The writing is boring and generic though, I agree with that. I loved MOS and liked the non sound design parts of BVS so this is a bit disappointing.

Waymann2017-11-09 16:24:02
It sounds like Tim Burton made a Justice League movie. This is so wrong on so many levels.

JBSO992017-11-09 16:37:31
No MoS?! I'm so sad...
I still have to give it a full listen but I don't have too high hopes in this one.
Anyway, what about Wonder Woman theme? does it appear at some point or they have just destroyed the musical continuity for good?

Everan2017-11-09 16:55:37
Track 6, Wonder Woman theme.

Supposedly Zimmer's theme pops up in the film only.
I'm having a lot of fun here too.

Micah Garnett2017-11-09 18:18:40
If it's the same music from the clip, it sounds extremely uninspired and poorly timed.

The music should start when she busts through the wall, not at the end of the scene when the action is over. :/

Ahmad reply Replies: 7 || 2017-11-09 11:06:01
WaterTower uploaded "Friends and Foes" and it's everything I didn't want a JL score to be. Old school! It's not bad but it's generic and not memorable at all.


MrZimmerFan2017-11-09 11:16:53
Old School?

Didn't like people like Horner, Elfman, Williams, JNH or Beltrami?, symphonic.

Well, there is a plenty of GREAT superheroes scores with old school music: The Last Stand, Batman, Superman, The Shadow, Hellboy (if you count like comic book movie), X2, Apocalypse...

And this comes from a guy who like BvS score

JBSO992017-11-09 13:32:59
@MrZimmerFan I do like the most of the scores and composers that you mentioned, but I don't like the track Friends and Foes. That little fragment of Superman's theme just sounds out of place. I just hope that the full album is better than this and that they keep at least MoS themes.

BTW, I aslo like a lot BvS

MrZimmerFan2017-11-09 14:49:29
'That little fragment of Superman's theme just sounds out of place.'

Will make sense when the movie come out, I hope for that.

...2017-11-09 14:52:38
I'm listening right now. It's not bad, it just sounds more like avengers than DC

Mortifer V.2017-11-09 14:57:47
The old Superman theme bit sounds absolutely horrible and totally out of place. I cringed while listening to it and I seriously doubt it will work in the film. Danny Elfman was a mistake.

...2017-11-09 15:19:28
Elfman might or might not have been a mistake, however that superman arrangement is not good. Williams would not be happy if he heard it.

Steve12017-11-09 15:33:45
It's so awful! There is no soul, no depth, so generic, the choice of the instruments is improper with by comparison with MoS, BvS or WW. It's like, we are in 2017 but we have a ost from the 90's. And, do not hope for any MoS notes in the soundtrack...

My point of view is that this OST is one of the most disappointing soundtrack I've ever heard.

jewen reply Replies: 4 || 2017-11-08 10:56:07
And another song is out: Justice League United

This OST starts to sound very, very cool and epic.

Smell like Glory

JBSO992017-11-08 16:10:19
Where can I listen to this track? I cannot find it on youtube.

James2017-11-08 16:25:26
It's all very confusing, I'll wait for the official release

Bobby2017-11-08 21:09:47
And then I miss Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL... I was so exciting for that track, and how disappointed it is! totally agree with James : confusing. I hope good surprises coming...

Mortifer V.2017-11-08 23:08:57
So far, the tracks that have been released/leaked sound bad or mediocre at best. Not sure how you call this epic.

Micah reply Replies: 2 || 2017-11-08 00:26:44
Another song is out: "The Story of Steppenwolf."

Haven't listened to it yet, because my internet is crap, but I thought I'd let you guys know.

JBSO992017-11-08 08:04:15
For me, it sounds better than the two previous ones. There is a theme that sounds a bit like variations of the Elfman Batman theme and it sounds like an epic and dark moment, in Elfman's gothic dark style.
Better than the Hero's theme, at least for me!

Lejti2017-11-08 08:27:08
the first 20 seconds sounds to me like Pirates of the Caribbean. Geoff Zanelli?

Mephariel reply Replies: 4 || 2017-11-06 22:42:17
Yeah, I wish someone would just ask the director or something for confirmation.

Ds2017-11-07 20:34:42
Since no one really knows who the director is anymore, they just let the actors do the press tour and, well I'm not sure they have even seen the movie, let alone know which theme was used...

Everan2017-11-07 23:16:38
Snyder is the director, Whedon is in charge of postproduction only. So ask Whedon, he picked Elfman

Hybrid Soldier2017-11-07 23:26:35
The director of the film that gets out next week in cinema is Whedon, you want it or not... lol

Everan2017-11-08 01:40:34
Trolly Soldier

jewen reply Replies: 4 || 2017-11-06 14:00:50
Here is a comparasison between Elfman and Zimmer thems.
Is based upon the recent oficial Justice League clip, were we can listen the revived Elfman's Batman theme, and next the same scene with the Zimmer/XL original theme for last year's BvS.

jewen2017-11-06 14:01:46

https ://

Everan2017-11-06 16:19:13
"grabs popcorn in anticipation to the incoming s*tfest"

JBSO992017-11-06 19:19:58
In this particular scene I feel like the tow themes fit well. I mean, Elfman's theme has a similiar dark tone and so. And the Zimmer/Junkie XL theme is also very great because you know, it feels like the same universe of Batman V Superman

Micah2017-11-07 04:44:15
This makes me miss Zimmer/Junkie so much.

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 1 || 2017-11-06 19:02:25
Henry Cavill :

“The Hans Zimmer score is so ingrained in my psyche now, and the emotions I felt while making [Man of Steel], the emotions I felt for the character and the emotions I felt while watching those trailers when they were happening was enormous. And so, that score holds something very special for me and always always will. Of course, we hear a bit of Zimmer’s now-familiar score in the most recent trailer for Justice League, but we also know that references to John Williams are engrained in the music as well. At the same time the John Williams score is incredibly powerful, it’s a character all to itself, and to have both of those…I mean it’s genius. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.“

JBSO992017-11-06 19:21:46
So, is this a confiration that they will use Zimmer's Man of Steel theme in Justice League? I hope so, because honestly, that track that was released with the fragment of Williams's Superman theme felt really out of place.

anon reply Replies: 20 || 2017-10-31 22:03:43
Elfman basically fires shots at Zimmer here:
twitter com/antovolk/status/925463903005528064

Lejti2017-10-31 22:33:29
the musical continuity is f*cked up. the same situation with superman. some people adore that the Williams' Sup theme is back, but imagine this, after Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Zimmer did'nt return as composer to TDKR, they bring aboard Elfman and his Batman theme, it's just not fitting (to me)

Hybrid Soldier2017-10-31 22:47:40
Danny does many things, but firing shots at Zimmer is never one of them...

As Hans said himself, no matter what they temptracked in Justice League, be sure Danny didn't listen to any of it !

George2017-11-01 00:33:26
Yeah I see what you're saying, but i also understand what Danny is saying, too. Thematically, he wouldn't use Zimmer's theme from BVS, which I'm okay with. To me, I feel like Warner wants to separate themselves from that movie stylistically. Justice League doesn't look as dark, so a dark batman score wouldn't fit. And if we're honest the BVS theme was never close to what the TDK score was, and wasn't memorable. I don't like that they ditched Junkie, but lets just see how it works in the film and then judge it. In 2 weeks we may be heralding the decision to bring Elfman on as the greatest thing ever to happen.

Meta2017-11-01 01:41:20
In defense of Elfman...

He's not wrong. Even Zimmer himself said Batman doesn't even have a theme, because he didn't feel like he deserved it. It was more of a two note motif, if anything...Or even a SIMPLE theme, but really that's not an actual standard theme!

Micah2017-11-01 02:44:27
God, this whole situation ticks me off.

While I certainly enjoyed "Hero's Theme", and to a lesser extent, "Friends and Foes", musical continuity was one thing DC had over Marvel in their film universe.

This ISN'T Reeves' Superman or Keaton's Batman. This music has absolutely no place in the film. Ugh...

Saurabh2017-11-01 04:50:16
I would have approved of Elfman's opinion if he had a solid backing for his decision in the form of a solid score, but Hero's Theme and his use of JW's Superman theme in Friends and Foes was a massive letdown. To say that Batman has only one and The theme may or may not be a sign of disrespect towards HZ (if you wish to look into the technicalities of his work) but it is definitely one towards Goldenthal's superlative work on the crappy Schumacher movies. Elfman's work on Avengers Age of Ultron and whatever I've heard of JL so far has been extremely disappointing.

Mephariel2017-11-01 06:21:24
The only problem I have with what he is saying is that he pretended that Goldenthal and Shirley Walker never wrote a theme for Batman.

Meta2017-11-01 13:27:53
Micah and Miphariel are a sense. Maybe even technically.

Elfman's old themes/style clashes with the modern presentations of what we've become accustomed to. Maybe you can thank Zimmer washing his hands of it. Maybe not.

Maybe you can blame WB for trying to turn this into a live action version of the Cartoon series...And of course Shirley Walker is deceased, so Elfman is the obvious next choice.

And then Elfman ignores Goldenthal and Shirley Walker's themes for Batman...but let's be honest, Elfmanis referring to enduring iconic theme for Batman, filmwise...And Elfmanis right - his Batman theme is THE THEME, like JW Superman theme.

All respect to Goldenthal and Walker and even the 60s theme...But the Elfman Batman theme is the popular theme for Batman, moviewise.

Mephariel2017-11-01 15:21:57
Is it really though? Has Elfman's theme endured past the 90s that well? I don't think it is as anywhere near as iconic as Williams' Superman theme.

I would say that Elfman's theme is probably the most acknowledged within the film music community. To me, that is fair.

Really, it depends on the era. Back in the days, Neal Hefti's Batman theme is probably just as recognizable as Elfman's theme today.

Everan2017-11-01 15:59:09
I remember how pretty much everyone didn't like Batfleck's theme since it was just 4 braaahms and just noise.

And now nobody likes it's not being used anymore. Odd.

Also, WW's theme is in the movie so we still have musical continuity. THere's an extra video in the twitter thread. Only theme we don't have any confirmation is Hans'Supes theme.

Andy2017-11-01 16:10:31
What about Balfe’s Batman themes ? Thery are better than most of the recent films

James2017-11-01 16:31:39
Oh no, here we go...

Michael2017-11-01 16:54:45
Agree .lego Batman was better than some of the earlier scores for sure

Edmund Meinerts2017-11-01 17:37:35
They're not going to quote Balfe's themes from a Batman parody. That would be like if they quoted Soul Bossa Nova from Austin Powers in the next Bond movie...

Hybrid Soldier2017-11-01 18:06:10
Except, Edmund, that quoting "Old Elfman Bat Theme" & "Old Williams Supes Theme" in Justice League makes that film become de facto a parody... lol

James2017-11-01 18:07:38
Oh God! What do you have in mind? Quoting Balfe's theme is like quoting Christopher Drake's theme from the animations in the movie of the JL or in the Nolan movies. Since it's not original, created for that movie, it does not make sense. You do everything to include Balfe's name in every discussion.

"But they'll come back with the Elfman theme!"

Sad news for Zimmer and all those who liked the approach chosen by Snyder, but there is no denying that the treatment given to one theme is totally different from that given to the other.

The theme of Zimmer is good and will be close to those written by Goldenthal, Walker and Hefti. But Elfman was the man who built Batman's sound identity as it is known all over the world today.

Meta2017-11-02 00:51:51
Honestly, I don't care to see Elfman in the DC Film Universe...Zimmer and Company have done just fine (for the most part) without him. Hell, I'd rather Balfe or Rupert Gregson-Williams take over scoring duties, just to keep things thematically even.

But it is what it is...As I said before, this movie seems to be more of a homage to the cartoon series with Elfman's me, anyway...

After Batman V Superman, though, I'm like WHATEVER, man...

mpolonest123 2017-11-02 04:37:20
The weirdest thing to me is that they have been marketing the film using Zimmer’s theme. I can’t imagine the studio would just allow Whedon to abandon it like that.

Admittedly, I’m not all that opposed to Elfman using his own Batman theme. Continuity-wise it sucks, but his theme is stronger than what Hans came up with for BvS (IMO) and can fit this take on Batman easily.

Superman, on the other hand, is a different story. As iconic as it is, John William’s theme just doesn’t fit this iteration of the Man of Steel. Zimmer’s take was heroic, but not blatantly patriotic/wholesome. And them abandoning the Clark Kent piano theme would be ridiculous.

I guess we will just have to wait and see what the end result. At the very least, the WW motif is returning so there’s that....

JBSO992017-11-02 09:43:15
Elfman not using the BvS Batman theme, well I liked that theme but I don't think that a really big problem, even if I would have love that they keeped that theme.

My problem is if they don't use the Man of Steel themes, because there is a lot of good material in there that should be used instead of recycling the William's theem, that is really great, but does not fit at all in this movies.

I also hope that they keep the Wonder woman theme because it's really powerful and it could serve as a Justice League Battle Anthem or something like that.

James2017-11-02 15:36:27
It may be my illusion, but I still believe we will have a mix of the themes of Williams and Zimmer (good), a new interpretation of the theme written for WW (essential) and the theme of Elfman's Batman adapted or not to the Bataffleck.

jewen reply Replies: 1 || 2017-11-01 14:01:55
Danny Elfman took the Silvestri's Avengers Theme and reworked and made it fresh while still had a continuity and used that original leitmotiv.

Really Elfman can't make the same taking Men Are Still Good thematic and doing his shit while respecting the music feel of this new universe?

Really this is a total mess. We will see how far they will worst fear is the lack of Man of Steel Theme in favour of oldfashioned Williams Theme...that could be a cold shot in our fan heart.

Ds2017-11-01 14:25:22
That is also my biggest concern for this movie. I hope the Man of Steel themes are well used.

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