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The development of the music in season 2 is great.<br>Love the Westworld suite, a lot of Person of Interest in this cue :)<br>Listening With A Million Ears In the West :)Mike, I definitely agree with you. I think that Cornfield Chase is an excellent example of Zimmer's diversity in music. It shows that He can compose themes that are adventurous and light-hearted rather than being so dark, which is quite different from a lot of his works including his other collaborations with Nolan.So everybody talks about No Time for Caution, and that is a great cue, but I think an underappreciated track from this score is Cornfield Chase. It sounds so whimsical and uplifting. It captures the wonder and fun of childhood really well. The fact that it's so driven by the pipe organ makes it even better. I love how Hans incorporated the organ into most of the tracks.Does Paul Mounsey secretly compose everything??? He seems to be involved in so many scores.Hi guys. Do you know who will compose the score of wonder woman 1984 ? Rupert again ? Or hans ?
General Kenobi!Isolated score is coming:<br><br> 9?s=19I hope the site hasnít gotten in any trouble for posting the lists :-(I haven't in a long time, you'll notice...@Hybrid I don't get it. You usually post lists anyway when stuff like this happens. Why is it such a big deal when someone else does it?
"it must have been deleted."<br><br>Yes. Stop this please.true...Guess a sessions leak of a score that was already 90 minutes long on the original album isn't worth getting super excited for...Is it me or does the main theme sound a lot like Hannibal? No doubt Zanelliís stamp on the score...Hybrid, did Zimmer composed any of the music in the second trailer? <br><br>
Interesting that nobody's mentioned the sessions leak. Pretty sure I posted a cue list but it must have been deleted.@mephariel<br>None of the styles work for me really. Most of the score comes across as a pastiche of ideas from other Zimmer scores where they were better developed (Gladiator, The Rock, Crimson Tide, etc.) and Even the action is kind of hit or miss. I just donít find it to be an interesting score honestly.@kiki: delete inferno for me aswell......and a very good solo Balfe cue, at that. That theme and Hans' Moriarty theme are the most engaging ideas of these movies, to me. <br><br>Hey, while I'm here, any word on Hans doing the third movie?i would delete Dunkirk immediately from that library. That's the WORST score ever written from any composer out there. This isn't even a score or film music. Just pure sound effects.

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John PowellBatu SenerPaul MounseyAnthony B. Willis
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
Solo - A Star Wars Story
Label: Walt Disney Records
Length: 76'42 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (858 votes)
  1. The Adventures Of Han (3:47)
    John Williams
  2. Meet Han (2:18)
    John Powell
  3. Corellia Chase (3:32)
    John Powell, Batu Sener
  4. Spaceport (4:05)
    John Powell
  5. Flying With Chewie (3:28)
    John Powell
  6. Train Heist (4:46)
    John Powell
  7. Marauders Arrive (5:13)
    John Powell
  8. Chicken In The Pot (2:07)
    John Powell
  9. Is This Seat Taken? (2:34)
    John Powell
  10. L3 & Millennium Falcon (3:15)
    John Powell
  11. Lando's Closet (2:11)
    John Powell, Anthony B. Willis
  12. Mine Mission (4:09)
    John Powell
  13. Break Out (6:13)
    John Powell
  14. The Good Guy (5:23)
    John Powell, Anthony B. Willis
  15. Reminiscence Therapy (6:11)
    John Powell
  16. Into The Maw (4:47)
    John Powell, Batu Sener
  17. Savareen Stand-Off (4:24)
    John Powell
  18. Good Thin You Were Listening (2:06)
    John Powell
  19. Testing Allegiance (4:19)
    John Powell
  20. Dice & Roll (1:54)
    John Powell, John Williams
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Andreas reply Replies: 1 || 2018-05-23 18:32:06
Just saw the film, really fun and faced paced movie. The score is great, it has a solid main theme by John Williams (not as great as Rey theme though) but still memorable and john powell adapts this main theme in various variations throughout the film. Star Wars fan might be dissapointed by the score because this overall sounds like a typical Powell score which doesnít really sound like a typical Star Wars movie. Still fans of Powell will love this new score.

JBSO992018-05-23 18:44:35
A Star Wars score that sounds like a Powell score? I'm in.

From what I've heard of many people, the score is really great and apart from the Williams theme, I heard Powell also had a lot of great themes.

I cannot wait for it!

jewen reply Replies: 1 || 2018-05-23 16:38:10
Sorry about my lack of knowledge on this...but somebody can explain me what means "Additional Music"?.

I know somebody composed the score, sometimes the same person is the arranger or orchestrator (like ussually do John Williams), but "Additional Music"??? I'm lost like always...

MrZimmerFan2018-05-23 16:45:05
Music providen by additional composers, mean like, diferent version or re-arranged parts from a cue

Michael Fields reply Replies: 2 || 2018-05-23 09:08:01
Music Credits (From The Film):

Han Solo Theme And Original Star Wars Music By

Score Composed And Adapted By

Additional Music And Arrangements By

Supervising Orchestrator

Orchestrated By

Additional Orchestrations By

Music Editors

Orchestra Conducted By

Orchestra Leader

Score Recorded And Mixed By

Additional Recordings By

Additional Mixing By

Mix Assistant

Scoring Editor

Digital Score Recordist

Orchestra Contractor


Choir Contractor

Vocal Contractor

Solo Vocals

Music Preparation By

Score Recorded At

Abbey Road Recordists

Score Mixed At

Score Production Assistants

Blu2018-05-23 10:13:49
I am increasingly seeing two separate credits for the orchestration role: one being the usual "Orchestrated By" and the other is this "Additional Orchestrations" credit. I can understand what one might mean by "additional music" but what differentiates these two orchestration roles from one another?

Michael Fields2018-05-23 10:20:03
I think that credit connected with John Williams's music from the original Star Wars movies. So, Herbert Spencer was the original orchstrator on the first three movies (New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi). More of that, he's been credited on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as orchestrator. All other people usually works with John Williams, except Mark Graham, who's heading music preparation in almost every Hollywood movies now (Jo Ann Kane Music Services)

Mike (OTM) reply Replies: 11 || 2018-05-04 17:41:08
John Powell posted a scene on FB. The clip reprises "The Asteroid Field" from Empire and contains, presumably, the new theme, as well as the main theme and the Rebel fanfare.

DT-20172018-05-04 18:04:19
I know people are saying 'This is an RCP score' but, at least from this little bit, it sounds an awful lot like the score will be in keeping with what came before.

I'm saying this as somebody who liked Rogue One, but Rogue One had some clunky musical moments that showed just how little time Giacchino had to score it. This bit seems much more coherent.

Meta2018-05-05 16:00:00
Hmm...Well...The Asteroid Field was a notable SOLO piece from Empire...Not exactly a theme-theme, but it made for good action scoring...Hopefully he reworks it in this film to be glorious.

MrZimmerFan2018-05-05 18:30:22
'but Rogue One had some clunky musical moments that showed just how little time Giacchino had to score it'

King Kong has the same time of recording and the score is brilliant.

Kingfannypack is the MILFcommander2018-05-05 18:42:17
Sure, King Kong was written at a moments notice after Shore departed the project, but thatís James Newton Howard. Heís known for writing great scores and finishing them really fast.

MrZimmerFan2018-05-05 19:05:10
'Heís known for writing great scores and finishing them really fast'

And compose certain things... there aren't great. Common sense now.

If someome says there is clunky moments that shows the little time score a score in Rogue One, that's really unfair, not only for the quality, Rogue One has great moments in it, if you compare with Jurassic World (more time for recording, the score and is more empty and flat)

Olive2018-05-05 21:49:40
Powell claims to have written five original themes and other minor ideas.

kingfannypack is the MILFcommander2018-05-06 08:04:28
Jurassic World flat??? Jurassic World is one of the best Giacchino scores hands DOWN. Go give the score another listen, or go find the recording sessions and listen to that.

MrZimmerFan2018-05-06 10:30:30
I listen the score four times and find it, very bland, more in the side of Ok than good. Hell, even i have more fun with Spider-Man, even that isn't one of his best. Much better writing are John Carter or The Incredibles.

Edmund Meinerts2018-05-06 11:26:12
I agree, Jurassic World is average Giacchino. Nowhere near as good as the two you mention, or Jupiter Ascending.

JBSO992018-05-06 13:49:53
I must admit that at first I didn't liked Jurassic World, but after giving more listens, it has grown on me a lot. But it's nowhere as near as his score for The Incredibles. That's my favourite of all of his scores.

BTW, about the clip. I really like the return of The Asteroid Field and the new theme sounds nice. But if I understand it correctly is a theme for Chewbacca, as he said in his Facebook post, so I guess the theme Williams compose was for Solo and that's still unheard right? Anyway, it sounds really great and I hope the rest of the score is like that.

DT-20172018-05-09 14:00:35
Jurassic World certainly wasn't his best but I quite liked it. I really hope Giacchino develops on it for Fallen Kingdom and turns it into something really good.

Giacchino actually did four scores one after another with no pause in 2016. In order, he did Zootopia, Star Trek Beyond, Doctor Strange and then straight from Doctor Strange onto Rogue One (then straight onto 2017's Spider-Man after that). I get the feeling Giacchino might not cope as well with such a demand. Out of all his scores... man, it's hard to pick between either the original Medal of Honor game score, or Star Trek Beyond... I think Yorktown Theme puts it ahead as my favourite Giacchino.

Back on topic, now that the tracklist is released, I'm looking forward to hearing it. It's interesting that John Williams not only wrote The Adventures of Han Solo but also conducted and recorded it (I'm going to guess with the same orchestra that did The Last Jedi). I can't wait to hear the themes John Powell wrote for this film.

aldan reply Replies: 0 || 2018-05-08 20:09:25
"John Williams himself suggested that John Powell would be a great candidate to not only use the classic Star Wars themes, but also the new theme that John Williams himself wrote for Han Solo. John Powell wrote a lot of great themes, including the first-ever Chewbacca theme." - Ron Howard

Wowwww! That's something
http s:// music/

aldan reply Replies: 3 || 2018-05-08 17:16:14
The tracklist:

1.) The Adventures of Han ( Music Composed and Conducted by John Williams)
2.) Meet Han
3.) Corellia Chase
4.) Spaceport
5.) Flying With Chewie
6.) Train Heist
7.) Marauders Arrive
8.) Chicken In The Pot
9.) Is This Seat Taken?
10.) L3 & Millenium Falcon
11.) Lando's Closet
12.) Mine Mission
13.) Break out
14.) The Good Guy
15.) Reminiscence Therapy
16.) Into The Maw
17.) Savareen Stand-off
18.) Good Thing You Were Listening
19.) Testing Allegiance
20.) Dice & Roll

Will you add the runtime? :)

Edmund Meinerts2018-05-08 17:28:51
I'm glad there seems to be one track that's 100% Williams. It'll make it easier to figure out where he stops and Powell starts.

Mike (OTM)2018-05-08 18:06:06
"The Adventures of Han" ó classic Williams title, lol.

Mephariel2018-05-08 19:27:08
LOL, I keep imagining John Williams scoring a Hans Zimmer biopic and naming his main theme "The Adventures of Hans."

Mephariel reply Replies: 4 || 2018-05-04 19:17:16
I hope this is not a sign of the score as a whole. I am not a fan of a composer focusing on bringing back the past. It is like how Elfman tried to induce nostalgia in Justice League instead of scoring something memorable and new and the score suffered from it.

HunterTech2018-05-04 19:32:46
Thing is: this is a movie that literally explores the past of a beloved character from the inception of the franchise. Of course it would make sense to try and rely in older themes. Now whether or not the themes actually fit with the kind of picture they're going for, as well as being over reliant on them, is another matter entirely. But if it is true that Disney is being more careful this time with the score compared to RO, then there shouldn't be much worry.

Besides, Powell will probably actually use the themes effectively, as opposed to essentially just hinting at them the way JL did it.

Mike (OTM)2018-05-04 21:10:13
Yeah, JL isn't a comparable situation. That was Elfman making a big deal of bringing back (more like "shoehorning in") old themes that, frankly, didn't fit those versions of the characters and put the axe to musical continuity.

Star Wars has always been one continuity, without any reboots, and it's always had on-the-nose statements of themes. I'm excited for this one.

Meta2018-05-05 15:53:13
Actually Elfman pretty much deconstructed his 89 Batman theme and turned it into the JL theme...

That was a decent effort, although he should have kept the actual 89 theme out of this, because it doesn't fit the film...I kept thinking about Tim Burton when I heard the theme. And Tim Burton and this new Batman don't mix.

Josiah2018-05-07 04:45:48
The difference is, is that Elfman only used the past theme in a very subtle way and wasn't powerful as it should be. Not only that is he used themes from way back then that made it feel cartoonish. John Powell on the other hand will probably do it a lot better.

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2018-05-02 03:37:42
anyone think the music in the "becoming solo" featurette is score material (maybe remixed)?

Frank reply Replies: 1 || 2018-04-29 07:26:23
John Powell's concert piece finally will be release in the album: Hubris - Vocal Works by John Powell. Will you add it Hybrid?

Edmund Meinerts2018-04-29 09:21:42
I'll believe it has a release when I'm looking at it and not a moment sooner. ;p

DT-2017 reply Replies: 1 || 2018-04-25 18:08:20
This might sound like a rather... odd question, but I did ask it when it came to Rogue One. Is John Powell going to use a 'classic' arrangement of the End Credits Suite, or is he writing something entirely new? The end credits theme is pretty much a staple of all the films so far and it would be interesting to know what Powell has in mind for his score there.

Edmund Meinerts2018-04-26 00:25:44
I'm guessing that the end credits will be where we hear what Williams wrote for the film, a concert arrangement of the new theme he contributed. So it'll start with the classic fanfare and then lead into that, and then if there's any time left to fill they'll put in some of Powell's material.

Holygreg reply Replies: 0 || 2018-04-25 16:23:23
And the release date has finally come !

MAY 25th !

Will it be Powell's masterpiece ? I hope so ! But it's going difficult to sound better than HTTYD !

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2018-04-25 01:50:39
I hope the Imperial March is in the score.

Kingfannypack is the MILFCommander reply Replies: 17 || 2018-04-20 22:17:21
John Powell stated on his Instagram that the album will have 19 tracks, and be over an hour!

Meta2018-04-21 05:47:50
Cant say Im 100% invested.....

This will be the first Star Wars score to go the Zimmer route...

Ds2018-04-21 07:47:30
And how is that a bad thing? :-p
John Powell is an excellent choice to have both a big sounding and fun RCP score, and an orchestral one which would fit with the previously established style.

Edmund Meinerts2018-04-21 09:04:34
You can't call Powell "the Zimmer route". He's written some of the densest, flashiest orchestral film music of the last 10+ years!

Mr Tweedy2018-04-21 10:01:01
IMO, though Powell was Hans'protegee 20 years ago, he always had his very own style. And this style evolved so much through these decades you can't really connect any more his mannerisms to those of people at RCP!

JBSO992018-04-21 11:39:24
Of all RCP members, I think he is the one closest to Williams and Star Wars sound, so I think this score will be pure orchestral fun, like most of his scores usually are.

I cannot wait to listen to it!

superultramegaa2018-04-21 12:21:28
People like Harry Gregson, Jablonsky and Zanelli, despite their melodic tendinsies, would be people chosen for going the Zimmer route. I think Jablonsky's is the closest to Star Wars but even then there's a ton of power themes, and Zimmer hallmarks that keep him away from this sort of style.

Powell is the last person I would associate with Zimmer. His techniques are very much in vain with the Williams-like composers, like Alexandre Desplat and Michael Giacchino. The complex underscore, the rapid notes, the restraint on drums, instrument variety, the jazz techniques, etc. He's the perfect RCP composer for the job.

Meta2018-04-21 15:30:24
Restraint on drums?

Have you listened to Green Zone? The Bourne movies? Hancock?

Cmon...Yeah he's not Zimmer, but this isn't a Williams product we are talking about. It's an RC product. This is what I am talking about.

superultramegaa2018-04-21 16:27:16
Ok, not restraint on drums, but I still don't really see how exactly his music for animated films comes even close to being an RC product. When I think of RC I think of the music for the Pirates movies, the early Bay and Bruckheimer films, etc. The work on Shrek, Antz, Ice Age, and How to Train Your Dragon is much closer to a traditional Williams score than any RC product.

Plus he's working on Star Wars so he's obviously going to try his damnedest to stick to that kind of music, and to avoid the Zimmer style. I just don't understand why you think Powell, of all people is going to be the one to dilute the Star Wars sound.

Hell, I think Giacchino's score for Rogue One was pretty much nothing more than an unmemorable, and bland version of Star Wars with very little going on besides broken down notes of the Star Wars theme playing and generic Williams copy. Just like Jurassic World. I don't know how Giacchino makes Williams' style bland but he finds a way. At least with Powell we'll get more style and memorability on top of a Williams imitation.

mpolonest123 2018-04-21 18:59:43
@superultramega Itís funny you should say that about Rogue One because, even though I do like the themes, I will agree that it definitely is weaker than any Star Wars score and seems to lack the life Giacchino normally puts into his music.

Even weirder, his music for Jupiter Ascending (another big space opera) is far more aggressive and developed, and probably one of his best. It makes me wonder if the Star Wars team wanted the safe route....

Mephariel2018-04-21 19:23:15
While John Powell is usually far more melodic and classical than your usual RCP composer, I don't see the Williams similarity. His music doesn't really sounds like Williams' scores. But I think he is perfect for Star Wars. I am much more excited about this than Giacchino's Rogue One.

superultramegaa2018-04-21 19:45:01
I wasn't saying Powell sounds like Williams. I'm saying he's closer in sound to Williams than he is to Zimmer for his animated movies.

Olive2018-04-22 02:13:13
Powell is heavily influenced by Zimmer. The only thing that differs him from the others is that he really has a style of his own that matches the traces of the career he shared with Zimmer. If you listen to any of your action scores, you will notice that they are clearly RCP scores. Even the orchestral, especially "Pan" have some passages that are very reminiscent of Pirates, Prince of Egypt and Gladiator.

meta2018-04-22 05:25:15
@superultramegaa and others

Honestly, if you take an objective look back, you can still see RC written all over Powell...And thats all well and good, because I like Powell. Well, maybe not since Hancock, but I like his style.

That being said, This will be the official first Star Wars outing with an RC score. Sure, Williams phoned in a theme...But going forward I expect RC influence to be the norm.

And, as for Giacchino...Jesus Christ. For someone who practically MADE his career apeing Williams (Jurassic Park and Medal of Honor video games spring to mind), his Rogue One was dreadful...I cant disagree with you.

Edmund Meinerts2018-04-22 17:32:01
Wait, Meta, you haven't liked Powell since Hancock? This despite putting out his career peak in the How to Train Your Dragon scores? I mean, if there's anything that proves he's got the chops for Star Wars style orchestral and thematic music, it's those two (and X-Men: The Last Stand, and Pan).

Meta2018-04-22 22:03:38

actually i wasn't interested in the Dragon scores...or Pan, for that matter. Xmen 3 wasn't too bad, but he still had that tight RCP score techniques...Yeah, I think he must have changed his methods since Hancock/Green Zone...Because I'm not interested in hsi work after that. Must be those pesky drums he doesnt use anymore?

Mephariel2018-04-23 05:48:31
How to Train Your Dragon is one of his best. You are missing out.

But I may be the only person who thinks Face/Off is one of his best scores. I love that score more than nearly any John Powell scores.

MrZimmerFan2018-04-23 11:42:56
Nop, you're not the only one.

I can say everything i listen John Powell is something with quality and personality.

kingfannypack is the MILFcommander reply Replies: 3 || 2018-04-10 22:55:46
So I keep hearing that John Williams is contributing a theme. Does this mean he wrote a whole new Solo theme, or that the new film will use an old Han Solo cue?

Hybrid Soldier2018-04-10 22:56:56
He did write something new, which JP & team use & arrange in various ways, as well as some old themes from the franchise.

Olive2018-04-10 23:00:09
A "new" theme for Han Solo and previous themes of the franchise.

Kingfannypack is the MILFcommander2018-04-12 08:20:19
Thanks Hybrid! I am very excited for this soundtrack, I donít listen to John Powell nearly enough.

Hari Haran reply Replies: 4 || 2018-04-10 21:14:08
*upon listing John Williams on the website as a member of RCP*

Zimmer: "The circle is now complete. When I first heard about you, I was but the learner, now, I am the Master!"

Williams: "Only a master of synthesizers, Hans!"

Mike (OTM)2018-04-10 21:20:23
lol....I know they know each other, but I wonder how much of Zimmer's music Williams has even listened to. He tends to be kind of intentionally insulated.

Olive2018-04-10 23:01:33
Probably very little, almost anything.

Mephariel2018-04-11 02:11:52
I have a hard time seeing Williams being a Zimmer fan. But he did wrote Zimmer a letter about Man of Steel saying he can't wait to listen to his score right?

MichaelFilm72018-04-11 15:26:35
Hey Yo - howís your composing career doing !!!

jjstarA113 reply Replies: 0 || 2018-04-11 03:33:41
https://static2. thesbcommunity. com/uploads/monthly_2017_10/dreamsdocometrue.gif.7c95583b370 40212ce959cb063579f78.gif

superultramegaa reply Replies: 1 || 2018-04-10 21:12:27
Considering all of the production problems with this movie, I really hope Powell's score doesn't succumb to whatever mess this movie emerges as.

Olive2018-04-10 23:02:55
I also keep my foot behind with everything about this movie.

mpolonest123 reply Replies: 2 || 2018-04-10 18:24:41
Shame he couldnít team up with Harry Gregson-Williams again lol

Honestly John Powell is one of the best working composers today, seeing him do a Star Wars film while including a theme by John Williams himself is just unreal...

MrZimmerFan2018-04-10 19:04:52
Harry was scoring The Meg, altough John Powell is a great choice for this movie.

mpolonest123 2018-04-10 21:26:04
My favorite HGW scores (apart from Narnia and the Martian) have always been his collabs with Powell. Antz is probably one of my favorite animated RCP/MV scores and I practically grew up with Shrek.

As for Solo, Iím genuinely curious as to what sound JP is going to write in. Will it be a mixture of his trademark style? Will it be him emulating John Williams? Will it be a combination? Whatever the result Iím sure it will be amazing!

... reply Replies: 4 || 2018-04-10 12:18:30
You should add Williams to

Hybrid Soldier2018-04-10 12:34:13
It would probably provoke a black hole that would suck the Earth up into oblivion... So maybe I should be careful ! lol

Mike (OTM)2018-04-10 19:09:52
I dunno, Hybrid....there is a Harry Potter score here already... ;)

Olive2018-04-10 19:55:59

Mephariel2018-04-10 20:37:15
Have to say, I am not familiar with Batu Sener's work. Hope we will see some contribution credits in the future.

Backbiter reply Replies: 0 || 2018-04-10 14:05:55
An RCP Star Wars Score? This should be interesting.

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 2 || 2018-04-10 10:04:52
And so it's coming...

Edmund Meinerts2018-04-10 10:36:32
My playground for the next couple months... :D

MrZimmerFan2018-04-10 12:18:57
I can't wait for this.

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