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And streaming practically dominates how the majority listen to music. Physical media is costly and expensive to manufacture and don't sell very well in stores as everyone prefers to to use Spotify and getting the same album for free. Same goes for movies and TV shows as well with Netflix.For me it's easy.<br>If there is a cd version I buy it. If there is only digital version.....NO<br>I'll pay for music while there are physical format (only cd really). I'm not interested in pay for downloads,Spotify, etcLorne has nothing to do with interstellarGITS 2.0? I hope not.I have no idea why, filmmusicreporter wrote about it...
Seriously? Why they make this decision? They want to sound like Interstellar or what?LOL, Lorne is co-composing "Ad Astra" with Max Richter, that guy is everywhereI think we can call Ian Brown McCarthy the Where MacArthur set out to prove everything was by Zimmer, Ian proves everything is by Lorne. ;)<br><br>Kidding, mostly. Lorne's contributions, especially where he has "producer" credits like on this score, are undeniably underrepresented. I've always considered Lorne a co-composer here, just like on Inception, Sherlock Holmes, and Kung Fu Panda 2-3.Not to nitpick, but even "near co-composer" is downplaying Lorne's role IMO; I've had him listed as co-composer in my personal library for a solid year now.<br><br>On a relate note: man, Hans and Lorne make damn good music together.What I want to know is if the album version of Nixon Defeated is the solo Hans alt or not
Feels like there are more Balfe credits on this version than on the album (e.g. Status Suite, solo Hans on the album, Hans/LB here). In fact I'd go so far as to label him a near co-composer here, just like Inception and Sherlock Holmes.Any word on where this can be found, or if it actually exists? H-Z (here) is the only place any of these tracks (let alone mention of a complete version of this score) can be found.Why you haven't update about David Buckley with Angel Has Fallen score yet?Yep, fun (if slight) score to a very fun movie. "Get it On" is a great action cue.It was also one of the first HG-W's scores I ever listened to (way back when!), so maybe it's just nostalgia talking. <br>But it's worth a listen at least.
It's a shame no one talks about this score. <br><br>It's a great listen if you love heavily percussive music! <br><br>Not a highlight in HG-W's carreer by any means, but it's a fun ride, and has some neat unique sounding stuff courtesy of Heitor Pereira, as well as plenty of goold ol' MV style synth/orchestra pounding!He returns to the hitman's bodyguard part 2I was honored, back in 2006, to meet both Nick Glennie-Smith and Harry Gregson-Williams.<br><br>I talked with both about The Rock, and here's what they told.<br><br>Nick & Hans worked very closely on most of their cues. That's why it's so hard to notice any difference between their own styles (and why they share most of the credits).<br>Harry worked separately from Nick & Hans. He remembered working on the San Francisco Chase (though we know Don Harper helped at some point in the process), and on "a lot of the action material from the second half of the movie, once the heroes reach Alcatraz".<br>The credits here tend to prove they were right.<br><br>All the Opening Titles / SEAL Attack is a bit complicated. Hans might have written the theme, but it also might be arranged for pictures by Nick Glennie-Smith (plus there's a lot more going on in these tracks than the man theme alone). So, well, I guess the final result still is a collaborative effort.A brilliant score, no matter what some people might say. Some of the darkest and most beautiful themes by Hans Zimmer were born here, as well as a lot of very exciting and propulsive electronic techniques. <br>Heck, I even like the movie! The score fits like a glove.<br>It helps that I'm a huge Tony Scott fan though.<br><br>Zimmer would even 'steal' from this score quite a bit in some of his later films. The 'Wayne Manor Suite' from TDKR comes to mind, as well as one of the Blade Runner 2049 themes being strangely similar to The Fan's 'Opening Titles' theme, and I'm sure there are other examples.<br><br>I would love for a complete version to be officially released sometime. It's very unlikely, but one can dream...Listen to the first demo at NGS demos album of "The Rock". The opening and SEAL Attack have a few notes from original NGS theme. That's why NGS is credited to it.

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Lorne BalfeMax ArujSteffen ThumQueenie Li
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicMusic Production Coordinator
Mission: Impossible - Fallout
Label: La-La Land Records / Paramount Music
Length: 109'51 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (1018 votes)
  1. A Storm Is Coming (1:12)
  2. Your Mission (2:14)
  3. Should You Choose To Accept... (2:34)
  4. The Manifesto (1:44)
  5. Good Evening, Mr. Hunt (4:19)
  6. Change Of Plan (5:47)
  7. A Terrible Choice (2:54)
  8. Fallout (1:30)
  9. Stairs And Rooftops (6:00)
  10. No Hard Feelings (4:20)
  11. Free Fall (4:14)
  12. The White Widow (4:42)
  13. I Am The Storm (2:07)
  14. The Exchange (5:54)
  15. Steps Ahead (1:02)
  16. Escape Through Paris (5:05)
  17. We Are Never Free (6:57)
  18. Kashmir (4:29)
  19. Fate Whispers To The Warrior (3:54)
  20. And The Warrior Whispers Back (3:56)
  21. Unfinished Business (1:49)
  22. Scalpel And Hammer (5:10)
  23. The Syndicate (6:00)
  24. Cutting On One (3:42)
  25. The Last Resort (2:55)
  26. Mission: Accomplished (1:15)

  27. Plutonium Trade (2:54)
  28. As Ugly As They Come (2:26)
  29. Framing Ethan (2:01)
  30. Je Suis Désolé (1:06)
  31. Trapped (3:26)
  32. This Mission Is Terminated (2:10)
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evolved reply Replies: 1 || 2019-07-24 00:14:37
so... Lorne is scoring new Bad Boys film

Knight2019-07-24 05:53:41
I'm curious to see what he does with Mancina's old theme, and if he will use anything from Rabin/HG-W

Edmund Meinerts reply Replies: 5 || 2019-06-30 02:25:26
So looks like Balfe is scoring Ang Lee's Gemini Man, replacing Marco Beltrami. He's really cementing his reputation as Hollywood's go-to guy for a quick fix. Bruckheimer is producing, so even less surprising that it ends up with an RCP guy.

Mr.Unbreakable2019-06-30 03:56:05
I'm really happy with this, but I do not know how Lorne can work so much. (The guy does not stop)

ThePhantasm 2019-06-30 15:38:39
Marcos music never really interested me at all. I'm so happy its Balfe. I hear he might also score the new James Bond

Scorefan2019-06-30 15:56:33
And don't forget Max Aruj is scoring The Crawl the new film from Alexander Aja and produced by Sam Raimi.

mpolonest123 2019-06-30 17:22:15
Eh, the film doesn’t look that great. I’m hoping for a score that isn’t completely generic.

As far as Balfe replacing Beltrami, it doesn’t bother me too much. Beltrami is a fine composer, but he has rarely “wowed” me save for a few scores here and there. Balfe could write something that works extremely well, or he could phone it in.

MrZimmerFan2019-06-30 17:44:27
If is make something as fun like Geostorm, i'm in. But if the end result is like Pacific Rim Uprising or Hurricane Heist...

Mr.Unbreakable reply Replies: 0 || 2019-05-18 16:50:52
Does anyone know what songs Max Aruj and Steffen Thum have worked on?

Mike reply Replies: 10 || 2019-05-04 22:03:09
Any truth in the rumor Lorne Balfe is doing the new James Bond film ?

Mephariel2019-05-05 06:35:56
I think that would be a uninspiring choice.

But I hope it is true so I can see the shit storm from all the film music fans.

HunterTech2019-05-05 09:00:07
Bond has had many eclectic choices in its long lifespan, so it'd be pretty inevitable that it'll get an RCP score for a future entry.

That being said: hiring the guy who just did Mission: Impossible? Yeah, I call bullshit on that. Then again, we have recently had a composer who's done two big Sci-Fi franchises (Giacchino), so who knows for sure. We'll just have to wait and see.

Andrew2019-05-05 11:24:35
This would be fantastic

He wrote the best Mission Impossible score in my opinion.

Any news if he is doing the next two Mission Impossibles ?

Edmund Meinerts2019-05-05 12:35:33
This is the first I'm hearing of it. I guess it's possible, but only a rumor at this point. Cary Fukunaga has used a lot of different composers on his previous projects, the last two were Dan Romer but I can't see Eon going with someone so unproven. He's also worked with Dario Marianelli on Jane Eyre and that would be a really interesting choice IMO, though a bit counterintuitive (then again, Thomas Newman was super counterintuitive).

Personally I'm hoping for the return of David Arnold. I miss him.

Ds2019-05-05 12:46:51
Balfe would be a great choice, if his M:I-Fallout is any indication. But I'm also for Arnold's return.
The only one I really don't want is Thomas Newman, we've had enough, it's time to have some fun!

mpolonest123 2019-05-05 14:01:48
My fingers are crossed for David Arnold, he definitely needs more work.

Lorne Balfe could be an interesting choice if he doesn’t write something similar to Fallout. And as much as I enjoyed Thomas Newman’s take with Skyfall, he just doesn’t fit with Bond.

Miralsice2019-05-05 16:59:24
Arnold's return would be wonderful.

Damian2019-05-06 02:28:13
Arnold would be great but my first choice is Balfe

How he reinvented the old themes was genius

The film music fans would probably hate it though but no ones really

ThePhantasm2019-05-06 04:40:50
is anyone else kinda hoping it's gonna be Henry jackman? he seems so perfect for it

MrZimmerFan2019-05-06 14:32:38
David Arnold for sure!, big fan of his, here.

Also, by default, Fallout was the only good work by Balfe the past 2018. If he is the choice, it's fine by me.

jack bell reply Replies: 1 || 2019-04-09 01:55:28
Look what i found https: //

  Your name :   

Please enter number: 1643 

Anonymous2019-04-09 01:58:06
yup that’s “the plot” from the original series. it’s in several of the films.

AndrewP reply Replies: 0 || 2019-01-20 23:07:53
Does anyone know about the live performance of Fallout ?

Daniel reply Replies: 22 || 2019-01-15 03:34:07
Mission Impossible 7 AND 8 has just been announced.

Balfes score for Fallout was the best of the series .Not sure how he beats that’s score

Edmund Meinerts2019-01-15 12:37:32
I'm hoping for the return of Kraemer but that's sure to be an unpopular opinion around here

Martine2019-01-15 17:30:20
From the way the director and editor talks about Balfe and his music On the DVD I doubt they would ever get Kraemer back.Even Cruise has said it’s the best Mission soundtrack they have ever had .

The score to Fallout makes the film which the last time I felt this was Dunkirk.

mpolonest123 2019-01-15 18:04:59
@Edmund Not at all! I think Kraemer’s score honestly is one of the best in the series, especially with the way he approached the material. On the same token though, I am also a massive fan of what Balfe did. A different approach for sure, but it still helped elevate the film much in the way Fury Road’s score did for that film.

Personally though, I feel like bringing a new composer on board to give a different take would be the most ideal, but that’s just me.

Andrew2019-01-15 19:36:07
Rogue Nation was a great soundtrack but Fallout has to be one of the best action scores since The Dark Knight.I hope they keep Balfe on for the next 2 films

Jason2019-01-15 21:05:08
I honestly love stairs and rooftops that track I could listen to that segment from about 3:25-4:20 over and over again. so I hope balfe does it again

Jason2019-01-15 21:05:40
was that segment in any of the bounus tracks? from LALA LAnd.

Peter2019-01-15 22:48:52
Stairs and rooftops is a fantastic track.Does anyone know why Kraemer wasn’t used?

Anonymous2019-01-16 01:00:39
@ Jason Stairs & Rooftops was a standard track not a bonus

@ Peter cruise wanted a different composer and director for every film so they all have a different feel. McQuarrie made history there as the first filmmaker to do 2 M:I films

Quantum2019-01-16 01:10:44
I liked Fallout but Rogue Nation is where it's at. I wish Kraemer could return :/

Moggyman2019-01-16 01:54:01
I think that it's ridiculous that there is going to be a mission impossible 7 & 8. Hopefully, these are going to be the last ones and that they end on a high note. I do want Balfe back if they are going to make these films.

Scorefan2019-01-16 01:58:31
MI5 Rogue Nation was a completely breath of fresh air in the series. Thanks to McQuarry and of course Cruise. But also, Kramer take the music in a new level and for me it's one of the best scores in the series. Balfe elevate the music to the netx level. No one doubt is the best in the series, even Balfe took some motifs from Giacchino's scores. So if Balfe return it would be awesome hear what could be the next level in his music, but if Kramer returns, is sure he will take the music to all new level. One of the things Cruise take care in the series is the music, he has a good ear, so many people were surprised when he choose Balfe to score the film.

AntonFilm2019-01-16 04:44:06
I would rather Balfe do the next Bond.

Jason2019-01-16 08:09:03
I was meaning in addition to stairs and rooftops is there any other segments that play that part

Mephariel2019-01-16 19:13:33
Personally, I do not want Balfe or Kraemer to return. I found Kraemer's score to be too restrained, and while Balfe's score is exciting, when I watched the film, I thought the music worn out quickly by the middle of the film. Too much of the same orchestrations.

I hope they go with someone new.

Mike2019-01-17 01:52:56
I think Balfe has to come back because Fallout was the first since Mission 2 the music worked.He made Lalo’s theme sound modern and cool.

...2019-01-17 07:25:35
Modern and cool? Seriously Balfe is the reason why the theme works? Let’s have balfe re write Star Wars to make it modern and cool.

Mike2019-01-17 10:13:18
Now that would be an interesting to hear what he could do with Star Wars

Edmund Meinerts2019-01-17 11:42:45
Lalo Schifrin certainly didn't need Lorne Balfe to make him sound cool.

rockhound2019-01-17 13:17:49
...but modern

Mephariel2019-01-17 17:04:09
If you want modern, have Ludwig Göransson score the movie. Him or Don Davis. If you want to stick with RCP, I would love to see Benjamin Wallfisch take a stab at it based on his work on King of Thieves.

FilmAndyM2019-01-17 19:28:30
Have to agree about Balfe and Fallout being the best mission score.would be interesting to see what he would do with bond or even Star Wars.
There seems to be comments on twitter that Balfe will be doing the score live at the The Royal Albert Hall.anyone know ?

HunterTech2019-01-20 11:03:23
Assuming McQ changing up the crew for newer installments applies to the composers too, I'd certainly like to see someone else take the mantle. Would be interesting to see David Arnold tackle a different sort of spy film, or John Ottman taking a stab at it.

Though if anyone were to return, it'll likely be Balfe, just from all the buzz Fallout got. Would love to see Kraemer again, but the supposed BTS issues make that unlikely.

Meistermind reply Replies: 4 || 2019-01-18 00:49:19
Balfe is what in the 80s you might have called a TV composer. He has skills to get the job done but no imagination on anything. There'll be a few live bongos in the next film, a lot of supposedly live brass that sounds exactly like my keyboard, and no imagination.

That's the seemingly Chris Nolan way they want to go here. But if McQuarrie and Cruise are sticking to their mandate on making every film different, well how about (they are not going to go full Lathimos whatever), trying the Jeremy Dyson way, and go for Frank Ilfman. How about being more creative, Mansell has burned his bridges but still does excellent music but how about Richter, he can do anything, or even a Murray Gold. If you hire a pointless HZ flunkie, we'll get someone good, This used to be fine, but now with these dingdongs it is increasingly difficult

Peter2019-01-18 01:17:01
Meistermind - what’s wrong with being a TV composer ?

You sound like those idiots on Film music forum that think they know so much .The keyboard comment is exactly the nonsense said.

Fallout is one of the best action films ever in my opinion with a brilliant soundtrack.

Jason2019-01-18 06:16:01
JohnWilliams Started out or rather got more into the realm of composing being doing Tv SHows

Ds2019-01-18 11:02:47
Saying Balfe has no imagination is beyond stupid. Take a listen at some of his work on animated movies (Home, or his work on KFP2-3), it's definitely not to work of someone without imagination.

On Fallout in particular, I honestly think he makes the best use of the classic themes in the series. That's maybe not "imaginative", as these themes aren't his, but it's definitely clever and not something every composer can do. Even an experienced guy like Michael Giacchino had 2 stabs at this franchise, and yet failed not only to give a memorable score, but also failed in using these classic themes in such a fun way.

HunterTech2019-01-20 10:58:33
You seriously mean to tell me "Light The Fuse" isn't fun or creative in the slightest? Probably is my favorite rendition of theme regarding just the films. III was certainly dull, but GP proved Gia had a voice for the series.

Balfe does do some cool things with The Plot, but I fail to see how his renditions of the main theme add anything new. Even the epic choir gets mostly dialed out in the final film. They're perfectly solid, but nothing that I'd say is great.

bdange reply Replies: 1 || 2019-01-17 19:42:43
In my opinion this soundtrack is very different than the others.
Six films and five composers, with a different styles and this soundtrack is very different.
For me it's a great soundtrack but the sound is too similar at the dark Knight and Dunkirk.

BrianK2019-01-17 21:48:29
Balfe did produce both !!!!!!!!!!so ofcause they would sound related
Fallout was an excellent film and great soundtrack

Anonymous reply Replies: 1 || 2018-12-14 12:17:48
I think some pices of music was simillar to bane theme in dark knight rises. Isnt it ?

Hulse2018-12-18 11:44:33
I thought so too! Especially the track 'The exchange' I think is very batman inspired.

ThePhantasm reply Replies: 0 || 2018-12-14 08:43:40
So the complete score is now available on YouTube and it’s AWSOME. Particularly Escape through Paris

Knight reply Replies: 0 || 2018-12-12 15:15:15
Booklet info: https :// /D2vY6Fm

Andrew reply Replies: 2 || 2018-12-02 04:10:12
Balfe is performing at The Game Awards on Thursday live with an orchestra .hopehe performs some Beyond two souls

Peter2018-12-03 03:18:19
When he did the VGAs is was amazing and he mentioned on Twitter he was doing a game music tour

AnthonyP2018-12-03 05:04:14
He is playing his own music or other composers and how do we watch it

Frank reply Replies: 1 || 2018-12-02 10:12:06
Hybrid, I'm wondering when you gonna add Lorne's Florida Project to the website. I know it's only one cue and it's actually an arrangement of Celebration, but I really like the film and this cue.

Anonymous2018-12-02 17:42:45
i wonder when we’re gonna get mission impossible complete

antovolk reply Replies: 6 || 2018-11-10 10:51:46
Have any of the slate titles surfaced for this? Would be useful when dividing up that (brilliant!) isolated score into tracks. Got it off iTunes earlier this week and pretty much been on repeat all week, so awesome.

...2018-11-10 11:20:31
What quality does the isolated score from iTunes have?

antovolk2018-11-10 13:55:01
I believe it's stereo at around 160kbps (since it's a stream from iTunes Extras)

Anonymous2018-11-10 15:06:34
ur kidding. is it like the last jedi? why cant it be in surround sound

Ahmad2018-11-10 16:50:02
I wonder what the quality on the disc will be like but definitely not expecting lossless. Three commentaries and the isolated score and language tracks. That's a lot and the movie is not short lol.

In general, I don't think we're missing much to begin with (but it's really cool and should be done more often). There's a cool bit where the "Syndicate" theme was used I think in the film version of "Escape Through Paris" and the album version doesn't have that bit.

antovolk2018-11-10 17:41:38
@Anonymous on the Blu-ray it should have surround sound. Just that it's out on iTunes in Australia already - which is how I got it - and iTunes bonus features are obviously only in stereo.

@Ahmad - the benefit here is really all the film version edits of the cues we already have on the album. And some of them are quite different from the album ones....

The tracklist I came up with for now for the iso score. Total runtime is 2:08:16.

A Storm Is Coming (Logos) / Julia / Good Evening, Mr. Hunt 4:51
Self-Destruct 0:23
Plutonium Trade / A Terrible Choice 6:14
The Manifesto 1:46
Fallout (Main Titles) / Your Mission (Part 1) 2:07
Your Mission (Part 2) 2:21
Free Fall (Part 1) 1:57
Free Fall (Part 2) 2:14
Grand Palais / Consequences Of Love 2:01
Bathroom 6:12
No Pain, No Gain (Outro) / As Ugly As They Come 2:09
I'll See You In My Dreams / Widow Bar 2:33
The White Widow / Should You Choose To Accept... 5:38
Busy Day Tomorrow 0:41
Framing Ethan / The Exchange 6:37
Escape Through Paris 6:11
Steps Ahead 1:11
Je Suis Désolé 1:04
Unfinished Business 0:34
Did You Ever Choose Not To? 1:51
You're Mine Now 0:30
We Are Never Free 4:52
Widow In London 1:45
Trapped 3:14
The Mission Is Terminated 2:02
No Hard Feelings / The Exhortation 6:46
Stairs & Rooftops 6:25
Kashmir 7:10
Julia (Reprise) / Fate Whispers To The Warrior 5:06
And The Warrior Whispers Back 8:20
I Am The Storm (Part 1) 4:12
I Am The Storm (Part 2) 1:21
Scalpel & Hammer 3:47
Cutting On One 1:25
The Last Resort 1:48
There's No Reason To Be Sorry / Mission: Accomplished (Curtain Call) 4:51
End Credits 6:28

Anonymous2018-11-25 08:43:35
@hybrid soldier

is there going to be a page for the complete score?

Jean-Luc reply Replies: 0 || 2018-10-05 18:36:23
I wish Mission Impossible Fallout Blu ray & 4k ultra supposed not come out in December, 4th because it's too long for two months, but November is perfect timing before thanksgiving start. In my opinion is a digital HD should come out early in November, 6th, then Blu ray combo & 4k ultra come out in November, 16th will be a perfect for sale price before black Friday start. I'm can't wait to watch commentary by composer Lorne Balfe by bonus features.

NeoMaximuz reply Replies: 0 || 2018-10-04 21:36:07
Hey guys, I may be wrong, but I was just re-listening to the score for the umpteenth time and I noticed what may be a callback to M:I-2. Very faintly, on track "The White Widow" at 3:00 in, sounds a lot like the beginning of "Bare Island" from M:I-2. It lasts for about 45 seconds, and I only heard it when I was listening to it a little louder than usual with my noise cancelling headphones.

Bayhem reply Replies: 0 || 2018-10-04 12:02:37
Oh, wow! One of the bonus features on the upcoming BluRay of the movie is "Commentary by composer Lorne Balfe". I'm happy they did that. DVD commentaries with composers are extremely rare. So I'm definitely looking forward to that one.

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2018-09-27 15:17:06
Does anyone know if there is a vinyl release ?

antovolk reply Replies: 10 || 2018-07-25 23:48:14
Had a go at putting together a chronological order after seeing the film again today...looks like also a lot of editing was done in the film versions of the score cues.

A Storm Is Coming (Logos)
Should You Choose To Accept...
Good Evening, Mr. Hunt
A Terrible Choice
The Manifesto
Fallout (Main Titles)
Your Mission
Free Fall
The White Widow
The Exchange
Change of Plan (that's the only cue I can't place...could go before/after No Hard Feelings?)
Escape Through Paris
I Am The Storm (another one I can't seem to place)
Steps Ahead
We Are Never Free
No Hard Feelings
Stairs and Rooftops
Fate Whispers To The Warrior
The Warrior Whispers Back
Unfinished Business
Scalpel and Hammer (lol at that mistake in the tracklist)
Cutting on One
The Last Resort
Mission: Accomplished (Curtain Call)
The Syndicate (Suite)

antovolk2018-07-27 15:53:16
Finally have a chronological order down
A Storm Is Coming (Logos)
Should You Choose To Accept...
Good Evening, Mr. Hunt
A Terrible Choice
The Manifesto
Fallout (Main Titles)
Your Mission
Free Fall 
The White Widow
The Exchange
Escape Through Paris
Steps Ahead
We Are Never Free
No Hard Feelings
Stairs and Rooftops
Fate Whispers To The Warrior
The Warrior Whispers Back
Unfinished Business
I Am The Storm 
Scalpel and Hammer
Cutting on One
The Last Resort
Mission: Accomplished (Curtain Call)
Change of Plan (not in film)
The Syndicate (not in film)

Hybrid Soldier2018-08-03 11:15:51
For your information, Change of Plan & The Syndicate are not "suites" or anything. They're actual cues from scenes that got edited out in the film...

Anonymous2018-08-03 13:50:25
either way they are still unused and rightfully placed chronologically

Hybrid Soldier2018-08-03 15:13:42
Oh yeah I'm not saying the contrary.

I agree with the chronological above, despite the many editings in the film and or the released cues. Let me add the bonus cues in it :

A Storm Is Coming
Should You Choose To Accept...
Good Evening, Mr. Hunt
A Terrible Choice
The Manifesto
Your Mission
Free Fall
As Ugly As They Come
The White Widow
Framing Ethan
The Exchange
Escape Through Paris
Steps Ahead
Je Suis Désolé
We Are Never Free
This Mission Is Terminated
No Hard Feelings
Stairs And Rooftops
Fate Whispers To The Warrior
The Warrior Whispers Back
Unfinished Business
I Am The Storm
Scalpel And Hammer
Cutting On One
The Last Resort
Mission: Accomplished
Plutonium Trade (Alternate of second part of A Terrible Choice)
Change Of Plan (Unused, most likely an alternate of The Exchange)
The Syndicate (Unused)

...2018-08-04 02:40:36
With the bonus cues, is this more or less complete or is there still a lot missing?

...2018-08-04 03:06:14
And what would be the best listening experience? Chronological or how it’s presented on the ost?

Hybrid Soldier2018-08-04 09:22:24
I'd say 90% complete... A couple of cues missing, nothing of real interest.

Chronological is way better, for sure.

...2018-08-04 11:36:47
Are these bonus tracks only available at the end of August?

Ahmad2018-09-24 21:27:28


Gotta get my hands on the physical copy. Curious to hear the bonus tracks.

Ahmad2018-09-24 21:29:25
Oh wait... SCALPEL AND HAMMER is a combinations of two cues and I AM THE STORM is sort of in the middle :D

Ds reply Replies: 5 || 2018-07-30 20:49:23
I liked (not loved) what I heard on the CD, but it was nothing compared to the cinema experience. The score is incredibly tense, louuuuud in the best of ways, and is an absolute delight on picture. Now I understand all the praise Lorne got for it. Totally deserved.

Best score of the franchise, beaten only by HZ's Injection. Kraemer is not far behind, but definitely behind.

SPECTER2018-07-31 02:30:40
was there any material from Hans' MI:2 score reused or referenced in this film. I haven't seen the film yet.

Screenworks2018-07-31 07:52:58
Balfe references Zimmer's "Mombasa" from Inception heavily in "The Exchange". It's practically stolen.

Ds2018-07-31 13:06:36
@Screenworks: Indeed. But given Balfe's involvement on Inception, I wouldn't call that "stolen". If you take money from your own wallet, do you consider yourself as a thief?

@SPECTER: no, no reprisal of HZ material from MI2. However it's heavily influenced by the sound and rythmic pattern of TDKR and Inception.

Edmund Meinerts2018-07-31 13:27:45
I guess it's not stealing (because Balfe's not about to sue himself and Zimmer's not about to sue an employee :p ), but it could still be considered lazy or inflexible. James Horner took plenty of crap over the years for his, shall we say, self-references (rightfully so).

screenworks2018-09-10 08:33:29
Syncopy and WB paid him for the inception score and own the rights, whereas Cruise/Wagner and Paramount paid for the MI score and own those rights. So in a technical sort of way, it's kind of stealing. But it's also art, so there will always be influences.

antovolk reply Replies: 2 || 2018-08-17 21:03:34
Isolated score is coming: 9?s=19

Scorefan2018-08-28 22:27:22
@Hybrid is this true?

Ahmad2018-08-29 00:33:11
I'm not Hybrid :D but McQ confirmed it on Twitter: Isolated score + commentary by Lorne which is very, very cool.

We're spoiled. I wish it was more common to do such things.

meho reply Replies: 4 || 2018-08-28 08:15:37
I thought the soundtrack will be released on CD in late August

Anonymous2018-08-28 09:11:03
it isn’t list on la la lands site anymore

Ahmad2018-08-28 21:38:36
Cancelled? They keep pushing it back on Amazon. The release date was first changed to September something, now it's October 5!

Hybrid Soldier2018-08-28 21:45:27
Just pushed back, LLL is waiting for artwork approval...

Ahmad2018-08-29 00:31:16
Aha! Thanks Hybrid!

Jacob Joosse reply Replies: 2 || 2018-08-11 20:07:51

Sorry for mabey spoiling a little bit. But does sombody know the soundtrack of the bit when Ethan is climbing the rope to the helicopter. You can check out the clip in this video.

Its the first 20 seconds. Thankyou already for helping me :).

MrZimmerFan2018-08-11 22:20:58
And the Warrior Whispers Back


Jacob Joosse2018-08-12 12:40:01
Ah thankyou, thankyou very much :)

mpolonest123 reply Replies: 1 || 2018-08-05 01:52:42
Just to throw my 2 cents into the ring; just finished the film and was blown away. Easily the best action I’ve seen since Fury Road. And Balfe’s score works incredibly well, just as well as Kraemer’s. This may even be my favorite Lorne Balfe score now.

mpolonest1232018-08-05 02:01:29
One thing I did notice however...

There are ALOT of edits to Balfe score throughout, especially in the opening 15 minutes. Certain pieces are either chopped apart or dialed out. I’m wondering if some of the album cues are made up of smaller cues or were just edited heavily for the film (which isn’t necessarily bad, the silence in certain scenes worked well)

isildur reply Replies: 2 || 2018-08-04 14:19:23
Have you guys been following what's happening with Lorne and @SoundtrackMemes on twitter? That guy has been harassing Lorne since MI:Fallout soundtrack released. I can't believe how patient and restrained Lorne is with that guy. He clearly is an asshole. I would've simply blocked him but Lorne has been completely civil and even invited that guy to the next recording session!!! Lorne gets so much hatred on twitter and yet he always has been gracious in his replies.

Hybrid Soldier2018-08-04 14:25:22
You should listen the interview I put front page of the site. Lorne adresses the "haterz" issue... :)

Edmund Meinerts2018-08-04 16:36:56
I'm not on Twitter much but I know the guy who's behind @SoundtrackMemes, he's a bit of an idiot...

Scorefan reply Replies: 2 || 2018-08-01 03:23:12
@Hybrid, Hans was involved in the score? I mean like Score advisor? Thanks

Hybrid Soldier2018-08-01 13:50:59
No, don't think so.

But you never know... Hans didn't get Lorne the job, like it was the case for 13 Hours or Terminator Genysis...

Scorefan2018-08-02 21:05:56
Thanks Hybrid

ScottG76 reply Replies: 1 || 2018-08-01 23:53:22
Balfe has created his best soundtrack yet .

Rogue Nation was amazing but he has beaten it for sure . Balfe for Bond next !!!!

ThePhantasm2018-08-02 07:26:03
Yep same for me, for some reason i can't stop listening to it. My favorites are Free Fall, Escape through Paris, and Stairs and Rooftop. I keep coming back to the score. I hope they keep him for the next one

ThePhantasm reply Replies: 1 || 2018-07-29 04:29:13
So Lorne Balfe just sais he's working on a big game this summer that everyone plays i wonder which one it is. Here's a link to the interview it's in the beginning

BrianH2018-07-30 06:58:17
just got out of the cinema and Balfe did an amazing job.

Now downloading the score .

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