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Hybrid wrote somewhere here that something happened between Streitenfeld and Ridley during Prometheus,and that was why HG-W was brought on for some rescoringI was wondering about this too. Like all of a sudden, after a couple of Ridley Scott collaborations, he disappeared.Streitenfeld's score for "All I See Is You" isn't added to this site. Does it mean, that Marc left the company?Extremely pleased with the release, remastering, and liner booklet notes.  Nice to finally have all of this music.  Sure, some things could have been done differently, like anything else.  I'll be enjoying a thorough listen this weekend, and may watch the film again, as it's been years.Jasha just released a neat little piano album!<br>Go check it out: .com/no/album/time-lapse-ep/1452867752
My only real gripes left with the score is the somewhat uninspired choral writing (and the fact that the choir sounds like samples in a lot of moments) and the reused percussion samples from every JXL action score ever since Mad Max.After repeated listens of the score and seeing the film 3 times, I'd say now that the score is MUCH better than I initially gave it credit for.<br>Alita's theme (the 4 notes first heard at 1:53 in A Discovery) is used many times throughout the score in many instrumental varieties and variations, and used to great effect in emotional scenes<br>(I Don't Even Know My Own Name, What's Your Dream?, In Time You'll Remember, With Me, I'd Give You My Heart, What Did You Do), In the Clouds especially)<br>And do yourself a favor and get I See Church from somewhere, it's the 2nd best action track of the score after Motorball.<br>--------------------<br>In short, I would now give it a 4.5 / 5 from my previous 3 / 5Hybrid, what's the story with Finale vs. Safe Now? On this page Finale is listed as Jackman and Zimmer. On the OST page, it's Jackman, Zimmer, & Jasha Klebe. The two versions are different too. Finale has a longer intro and a big outro that makes the Time thing even more obvious. So are they two different tracks with different credits, or is Safe Now just Finale clipped short?Oh man, that's a tough question...I haven't listened to Curse of the Black Pearl in a while.... He's credited on almost every track for themes used... "Fog Bound" is the big Klaus Badelt cue from that movie (the real, 5-minute one in the movie is pretty much all Klaus I believe). <br><br>But Hans appears almost everywhere in POTC 1. Sometimes it's arrangements of his themes by the other guys, sometimes it's parts of the tunes that he wrote put directly in like he wrote them... The following scenes are pretty much directly Hans, if I remember right (this is the list I'm referencing ó but as you can see, Zimmer's name is almost everywhere hans-zimmer . com/index.php?rub=disco&id=1128): <br><br>3. Captain Jack Sparrow (Hans wrote the big theme here, as well as the Jack Sparrow stuff at the end)<br>8. Breaking the Chains (more Jack Sparrow theme...) <br>17. Boarding the Dauntless (Jack Sparrow theme...)<br>24. Moonlight Serenade (Zimmer said he wrote this scene like Cinderella walking into a Metallica concert)<br> <br>Aaaaand a lot of the final fighting music is lifted directly out of the suite Zimmer wrote, so it's 90% him. But once again, his themes as arranged by other people appear everywhere. Hybrid can answer way more about all this than I can.<br>Oh wow! Thatís all really interesting. So how much of the OST is really HAnS Zimmer then???
Hans was composing The Last Samurai while the first POTC was being made. He had promised Tom Cruise and Edward Zwick (might have even signed a contract) that he would only work on The Last Samurai and no other movies at that time. So while Hans agreed to write the POTC themes for Gore Verbinski, he wasn't allowed to be credited due to his obligations to the Last Samurai. So he wrote a few themes and then handed the score off to Klaus Badelt, who got the "name" credit on the score. But the whole score is really Klaus, Geoff Zanelli, Nick Glennie Smith, Ramin Djawadi, and a few others doing arrangements of the theme that Hans wrote (and Hans writing for a couple scenes incognito, like when Elizabeth first sees the skeleton pirates). Then Klaus did do the dark "Fog Bound/Underwater March" tune, as mentioned.Canít insult me! I am genuinely curious. Whatís this about The Last Samurai???I'm not saying this to insult David, but it's funny to me that even now, 16 years later, after so many clarifications from HZ and others, people still get confused because of the way POTC 1 got credited. All because Hans had to work on The Last Samurai (which is one of my favorite scores of his, so I guess it was worth the confusion).Saw the film last sunday and loved it. Also loved what Tom Holkenborg did hear. It did not felt nor 300. RoE nor Mad MAx. It's something else and loved it how it worked in context.he is working on the new Terminator movie?! :O
Credits for Dua Lipa's single "Swan Song" for the movie:<br>Written by Dua Lipa, Justin Tranter, Kennedi Lykken, Mattias Larsson, Robin Fredriksson & Tom Holkenborg<br>Produced by Mattman & RobinMy definition of a Complete score is somewhat different. My goal is to find and mix everything you hear in the movie. Some things you find, others you don't. That's always an adventure in itself.<br><br>The source cues are not hard to find, sometimes it can be tricky to find the right performance/conductor.<br><br>In the case of TTRL, it's mostly the Beam cues that are difficult to find. Francesco Lupica wrote several pieces of Beam cues specifically for the movie, 5 of them which were used. There's also the 'Concerto for Beam' written by Powell, and there's the 'Sit back & Relax' album that was used. So to me, that's a pretty substantial (and important!) amount of music  that made it into the cut, which hardly anyone ever talks about.<br><br>Anyway, maybe a future project will tackle most of these issues.So he's scoring that and the new terminator? Damn dude's getting as busy as Henry JackmanUnless they're composed by Zimmer or someone else from RCP, I wouldn't expect source cues to appear here. And there's like two tracks with Beam in the title listed, so what else would have that name?Tom is scoring the live action Sonic movie. He just confirmed that he is scoring it!

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Geoff ZanelliPaul MounseyBryce JacobsZak McNeil
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
Christopher Robin
Label: Walt Disney Records
Length: 56'39 rating:        Not yet rated
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  1. Storybook (1:23)
    Geoff Zanelli
  2. Goodbye, Farewell - Cast (1:19)
    Richard M. Sherman
  3. Not Doing Nothing Anymore (2:49)
    Jon Brion
  4. I Would Have Liked It To Go On For A While Longer (2:04)
    Geoff Zanelli
  5. Chapters (2:59)
    Geoff Zanelli
  6. Evelyn Goes It Alone (2:33)
    Geoff Zanelli
  7. Easy To Lose Your Way On A Foggy Day (2:40)
    Geoff Zanelli
  8. Through The Tree (1:25)
    Geoff Zanelli
  9. It's Not Stress, It's Pooh (1:28)
    Geoff Zanelli
  10. Train Station (2:28)
    Jon Brion
  11. Sussex (1:12)
    Geoff Zanelli
  12. Returning To The Hundred Acre Wood (4:27)
    Geoff Zanelli
  13. Did You Let Me Go? (3:37)
    Geoff Zanelli
  14. Swimmer Or Sinker (2:11)
    Jon Brion, Geoff Zanelli
  15. Heffalump Battle (1:30)
    Jon Brion
  16. Is It Christopher Robin? (1:54)
    Geoff Zanelli
  17. But I Found You, Didn't I? (2:35)
    Jon Brion, Geoff Zanelli
  18. Madeline's Red Balloon (0:54)
    Geoff Zanelli
  19. Expotition To London (4:14)
    Jon Brion, Geoff Zanelli
  20. Nothing Ever Bad Came From Bouncing (1:40)
    Jon Brion, Geoff Zanelli
  21. A Father Of Very Little Brain (3:34)
    Geoff Zanelli
  22. My Favorite Day (2:43)
    Jon Brion, Geoff Zanelli
  23. I Do Nothing Every Day (2:57)
    Geoff Zanelli
  24. Busy Doing Nothing (0:45)
    Richard M. Sherman
  25. Christopher Robin (1:18)
    Richard M. Sherman
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Gretchen reply Replies: 0 || 2018-08-23 04:18:42
Took my 11 year old niece and my 81 year old Mom to see this movie and was quite happily surprised and thrilled to see the Geoff composed a lot of this!! Was thrilled when my Mom said how much she enjoyed the music and then I got to tell her I knew him! Great job!

p reply Replies: 0 || 2018-08-18 14:58:18
Does Paul Mounsey secretly compose everything??? He seems to be involved in so many scores.

tilibro reply Replies: 0 || 2018-08-18 11:30:23
General Kenobi!

JohnF reply Replies: 0 || 2018-08-17 05:16:29
Is it me or does the main theme sound a lot like Hannibal? No doubt Zanelliís stamp on the score...

Peter reply Replies: 3 || 2018-08-07 13:45:27
Another box office failure for Disney company after han solo and wrinkle in time although music is fine but it wont spread to cinemas a lot !!

Anonymous2018-08-07 19:12:54
what are you talking about? people loved this movie. the viewer reviews on all the sites I've seen give it at least an 80%

Peter2018-08-08 11:01:33
It is not about rating of the movie dude ! It is all about money macking for a company like disney !! At the weekend movie reach 25 million $ from box office!! In person i expected a huge opening weekend for this movie. Something like Disneyís Jungle book !! Mission impossible beat this movie although FALLOUT was on its second week.

Mephariel2018-08-08 17:03:24
Definitely not successful as it could have been. But I don't think anyone was expecting Jungle Book numbers.

Iamtommie reply Replies: 4 || 2018-07-18 00:17:59
Why is Zanelli credited as composer. Jon Brion is doing to the music, right?

I know Zanelli worked on it, but anyone got an explanation for the 'composer' credit?

Hybrid Soldier2018-07-18 00:20:11
The official credit is now "Music by Geoff Zanelli & Jon Brion"...

Geoff wrote a good chunk of the score.

Ro2018-08-04 21:23:50
What brought the studio to Geoff for this last minute re-score anyway? This is not a genre he is best known for.

Hybrid Soldier2018-08-04 21:37:17
Thimoty Green ?

Ro2018-08-05 06:32:12
With Timothy Green in mind, I suppose one should also wonder why they didn't get Geoff in the first place.

Iamtommie reply Replies: 4 || 2018-08-03 08:31:24
I am absolutley 100% loving this score. It's a beautiful, fun and very Disney-like sort of music. Jon Brion & Geoff Zanelli did an amazing job!!

MrZimmerFan2018-08-04 10:12:51

A beautiful score, indeed

Hybrid Soldier2018-08-04 14:26:26
I detailed a bit who did what (though not with Geoff's team).

Iamtommie2018-08-04 14:37:03
Thanks, Hybrid Soldier

Mephariel2018-08-04 20:53:20
The score felt a bit too slow for me. But I haven't watch the film, so maybe that is just on album.

ThePhantasm reply Replies: 1 || 2018-07-27 23:01:28
Damn, i like Geoff but I really wish Klaus Badelt was indeed picked as the composer. Yes i know it was gonna be the late Johann (RIP) but man, give Klaus his big break again, i miss his music

Mephariel2018-07-28 07:16:12
I think Hybrid said a while back that Klaus stabbed himself in the foot. I am wondering if he always gets into conflicts with people.

Michael Fields reply Replies: 0 || 2018-07-27 10:08:52

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