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This album is the best!! I Love the movie and the music makes it.Does anyone know about the live performance of Fallout ?That makes perfect sense and I fully agree with you :pScience & Religion on the OST is comprised of 4m25a Black Tongue part A and 6m38 God Save Us. Hope this helps!I was never extremely gung ho about any of the films, but I do agree that there feels like a bit of charm was missing from this one. Especially in the tidy way everything wrapped up. I also found the villain to be extremely forgettable, basically a lesser version of Drago. But hey, at least the visuals were great.<br><br>And I do partially agree on the score, although I think it is hard to give a fair opinion until the music has actually been released. But while HTTYD1 has all of the best highlights and HTTYD2 (my personal favorite) has the best narrative development, I feel like this one works as a solid score on it’s own. The weakest of the three but still a pretty good score, if that makes sense.
Can someone please tell me which parts make Science & Religion and the rest of the Original Soundtrack release?I have to say I'm a little bit disappointed, movie wise and score wise. Although it's a very good score, it seems like all the highlights are when old themes come back. I'll definitely have to check it on album to see if this impression holds up, maybe it's only because I'm overly familiar with those themes, and new ones still have to grow on me (like with litterally every Powell release).<br><br>As for the movie, it felt like the charm and beautiful story of #1 have partly been replaced by poor jokes and loads of explosive action. There are moving moments here and there, but overall it left me quite cold.Assuming McQ changing up the crew for newer installments applies to the composers too, I'd certainly like to see someone else take the mantle. Would be interesting to see David Arnold tackle a different sort of spy film, or John Ottman taking a stab at it.<br><br>Though if anyone were to return, it'll likely be Balfe, just from all the buzz Fallout got. Would love to see Kraemer again, but the supposed BTS issues make that unlikely.You seriously mean to tell me "Light The Fuse" isn't fun or creative in the slightest? Probably is my favorite rendition of theme regarding just the films. III was certainly dull, but GP proved Gia had a voice for the series.<br><br>Balfe does do some cool things with The Plot, but I fail to see how his renditions of the main theme add anything new. Even the epic choir gets mostly dialed out in the final film. They're perfectly solid, but nothing that I'd say is great.I don't know if it's just me but the music doesn't sound as amazing to me like it did for HTTYD 1 & 2, granted i've only listened to the previews but i did the same for 1 & 2 and it got me hyped. I hope I'm wrong
So having seen the film I can say that this is tonally the most mature score of the series. The old themes all get their moment to shine, but surprisingly are used far less than the previous 2. There also seem to be some temped moments, with one scene using portions of “Battle of the Bewilderbeast” and so on. It will be interesting to see what is missing from the album.<br><br>In terms of new stuff, both “The Hidden World” cue and the “Fury Love Theme” are obviously the standouts. Especially in the way they develop throughout. And without spoiling anything, there are some beautiful choral moments in the last 15 minutes. As for the villain material, there wasn’t really anything distinctive that I picked up, which might change with a few listens.As everyone has said for the billionth time, NO. These are all unofficial fan-made edits or rips.Is this cd of the complete score available for purchase somewhere?I loved it a lot like you and was searching and searching with no result for a long time.... and know what? Did not forget about it UNTIL NOW!!! It was in a change room at my fitness studio when I heard a very faint sound and was tunderstruck!!! The melody I was looking for for so long!!! And Shazam helped me out: it is a song from the christians from 1995 or so, called: Words! You‘re welcome :-)))and tracklist<br><br>Pictures. Visit the official movie website for more information.<br><br>Here’s the album track list:<br><br><br> <br>1. Serenity<br>2. The Beast<br>3. Suit<br>4. Karen<br>5. Baker Dill<br>6. Patrick<br>7. Memory<br>8. Deliver Me From Temptation<br>9. He Wants Justice<br>10. Girl at the Bridge<br>11. I Am the Rules<br>12. Plymouth Island<br>13. I Remember You<br>14. Catch That Fish<br>15. How We See It<br>16. Creator<br>17. Justice<br>18. Alternate Reality<br>19. It’s Dad<br><br>
Saying Balfe has no imagination is beyond stupid. Take a listen at some of his work on animated movies (Home, or his work on KFP2-3), it's definitely not to work of someone without imagination.<br><br>On Fallout in particular, I honestly think he makes the best use of the classic themes in the series. That's maybe not "imaginative", as these themes aren't his, but it's definitely clever and not something every composer can do. Even an experienced guy like Michael Giacchino had 2 stabs at this franchise, and yet failed not only to give a memorable score, but also failed in using these classic themes in such a fun way.JohnWilliams Started out or rather got more into the realm of composing being doing Tv SHowsMeistermind - what’s wrong with being a TV composer ?<br><br>You sound like those idiots on Film music forum that think they know so much .The keyboard comment is exactly the nonsense said.<br><br>Fallout is one of the best action films ever in my opinion with a brilliant soundtrack.<br><br>Balfe is what in the 80s you might have called a TV composer. He has skills to get the job done but no imagination on anything. There'll be a few live bongos in the next film, a lot of supposedly live brass that sounds exactly like my keyboard, and no imagination. <br><br>That's the seemingly Chris Nolan way they want to go here. But if McQuarrie and Cruise are sticking to their mandate on making every film different, well how about (they are not going to go full Lathimos whatever), trying the Jeremy Dyson way, and go for Frank Ilfman. How about being more creative, Mansell has burned his bridges but still does excellent music but how about Richter, he can do anything, or even a Murray Gold. If you hire a pointless HZ flunkie, we'll get someone good, This used to be fine, but now with these dingdongs it is increasingly difficult<br>Balfe did produce both !!!!!!!!!!so ofcause they would sound related <br>Fallout was an excellent film and great soundtrack

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Geoff ZanelliPaul MounseyBryce JacobsZak McNeil
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
Christopher Robin
Label: Walt Disney Records
Length: 56'39 rating:        Not yet rated
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  1. Storybook (1:23)
    Geoff Zanelli
  2. Goodbye, Farewell - Cast (1:19)
    Richard M. Sherman
  3. Not Doing Nothing Anymore (2:49)
    Jon Brion
  4. I Would Have Liked It To Go On For A While Longer (2:04)
    Geoff Zanelli
  5. Chapters (2:59)
    Geoff Zanelli
  6. Evelyn Goes It Alone (2:33)
    Geoff Zanelli
  7. Easy To Lose Your Way On A Foggy Day (2:40)
    Geoff Zanelli
  8. Through The Tree (1:25)
    Geoff Zanelli
  9. It's Not Stress, It's Pooh (1:28)
    Geoff Zanelli
  10. Train Station (2:28)
    Jon Brion
  11. Sussex (1:12)
    Geoff Zanelli
  12. Returning To The Hundred Acre Wood (4:27)
    Geoff Zanelli
  13. Did You Let Me Go? (3:37)
    Geoff Zanelli
  14. Swimmer Or Sinker (2:11)
    Jon Brion, Geoff Zanelli
  15. Heffalump Battle (1:30)
    Jon Brion
  16. Is It Christopher Robin? (1:54)
    Geoff Zanelli
  17. But I Found You, Didn't I? (2:35)
    Jon Brion, Geoff Zanelli
  18. Madeline's Red Balloon (0:54)
    Geoff Zanelli
  19. Expotition To London (4:14)
    Jon Brion, Geoff Zanelli
  20. Nothing Ever Bad Came From Bouncing (1:40)
    Jon Brion, Geoff Zanelli
  21. A Father Of Very Little Brain (3:34)
    Geoff Zanelli
  22. My Favorite Day (2:43)
    Jon Brion, Geoff Zanelli
  23. I Do Nothing Every Day (2:57)
    Geoff Zanelli
  24. Busy Doing Nothing (0:45)
    Richard M. Sherman
  25. Christopher Robin (1:18)
    Richard M. Sherman
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Gretchen reply Replies: 0 || 2018-08-23 04:18:42
Took my 11 year old niece and my 81 year old Mom to see this movie and was quite happily surprised and thrilled to see the Geoff composed a lot of this!! Was thrilled when my Mom said how much she enjoyed the music and then I got to tell her I knew him! Great job!

p reply Replies: 0 || 2018-08-18 14:58:18
Does Paul Mounsey secretly compose everything??? He seems to be involved in so many scores.

tilibro reply Replies: 0 || 2018-08-18 11:30:23
General Kenobi!

JohnF reply Replies: 0 || 2018-08-17 05:16:29
Is it me or does the main theme sound a lot like Hannibal? No doubt Zanelli’s stamp on the score...

Peter reply Replies: 3 || 2018-08-07 13:45:27
Another box office failure for Disney company after han solo and wrinkle in time although music is fine but it wont spread to cinemas a lot !!

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Anonymous2018-08-07 19:12:54
what are you talking about? people loved this movie. the viewer reviews on all the sites I've seen give it at least an 80%

Peter2018-08-08 11:01:33
It is not about rating of the movie dude ! It is all about money macking for a company like disney !! At the weekend movie reach 25 million $ from box office!! In person i expected a huge opening weekend for this movie. Something like Disney’s Jungle book !! Mission impossible beat this movie although FALLOUT was on its second week.

Mephariel2018-08-08 17:03:24
Definitely not successful as it could have been. But I don't think anyone was expecting Jungle Book numbers.

Iamtommie reply Replies: 4 || 2018-07-18 00:17:59
Why is Zanelli credited as composer. Jon Brion is doing to the music, right?

I know Zanelli worked on it, but anyone got an explanation for the 'composer' credit?

Hybrid Soldier2018-07-18 00:20:11
The official credit is now "Music by Geoff Zanelli & Jon Brion"...

Geoff wrote a good chunk of the score.

Ro2018-08-04 21:23:50
What brought the studio to Geoff for this last minute re-score anyway? This is not a genre he is best known for.

Hybrid Soldier2018-08-04 21:37:17
Thimoty Green ?

Ro2018-08-05 06:32:12
With Timothy Green in mind, I suppose one should also wonder why they didn't get Geoff in the first place.

Iamtommie reply Replies: 4 || 2018-08-03 08:31:24
I am absolutley 100% loving this score. It's a beautiful, fun and very Disney-like sort of music. Jon Brion & Geoff Zanelli did an amazing job!!

MrZimmerFan2018-08-04 10:12:51

A beautiful score, indeed

Hybrid Soldier2018-08-04 14:26:26
I detailed a bit who did what (though not with Geoff's team).

Iamtommie2018-08-04 14:37:03
Thanks, Hybrid Soldier

Mephariel2018-08-04 20:53:20
The score felt a bit too slow for me. But I haven't watch the film, so maybe that is just on album.

ThePhantasm reply Replies: 1 || 2018-07-27 23:01:28
Damn, i like Geoff but I really wish Klaus Badelt was indeed picked as the composer. Yes i know it was gonna be the late Johann (RIP) but man, give Klaus his big break again, i miss his music

Mephariel2018-07-28 07:16:12
I think Hybrid said a while back that Klaus stabbed himself in the foot. I am wondering if he always gets into conflicts with people.

Michael Fields reply Replies: 0 || 2018-07-27 10:08:52

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