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Hello everyone! After watching the film I noticed that about half of music that used in film disappeared at sessions or has different arrangement. Why it's not released? What's the reason for this?As always with unused pieces of music. There are always be more interesting. Like with Dark Phoenix.I think what Lorne wrote for the last 30 min of the movie is way better than what ended in the movie... Lorne tried to elevate what was going on on screen, but it was probably too "bold" for the taste of production... They wanted to keep as "kow key" as possible but to me it made the ending of the film fall super flat...
<br>In the end there isn't that much Lorne in the film (most of the "Moon" reel is Lorne though, that big 4 notes motif appearing during the moon landing and then takeoff). Ironically most of the droning you're all complaining about is not that much Lorne... lol
<br>I really hope Lorne will put out as much music as possible, even all the unused parts, which are the more interesting ones !Taking in the movie now after having seen it. The cinematography is brilliant, and there are some interesting concepts that really will have you thinking long after walking out of the theater. Still, I couldn’t help but feel like the film dragged throughout. Coupled with the voiceover the movie has a very ‘Terence Malick-y’, “Thin Red Line” feel throughout.<br><br>I’m definitely not familiar with Max Richter so I can’t comment on what he might have written, but Balfe’s broad-chord style is pretty recognizable throughout. There are also some interesting electronic pieces used throughout, possibly might be Balfe but hard to say as of now. The rest of the music is pretty contemplative, ranging from slow/emotional string pieces to more ambient droning.Well, I heard only Balfe's "Prayer" and Richter's "To the stars"... All I can say is we need to wait for the full release, hear both composers and only then talk about who better coped with this. (and watch the movie of course)<br>I don't think Balfe is a bad composer. He does pretty good as an additional composer but not as a leading (mostly). The only soundtrack that I consider the best to date in his solo career is "M:I-Fallout" and "Assassin's Creed III". (imo)<br>Who knows what will be this time. But for now I like Richter's track more.
I'm just waiting for Gemini Man, that (i hope) would be funI love that cue.So I created a page for it, move away from Ghost In The Shell !! :PI wonder if this track is the one causing consternation: Nils Frahm: 'Says'<br><br>It sounds a bit like what Richter and Balfe could produce, but it is much more artistic than Balfe and much more synth-based than Richter. Frahm is credited for additional music.Not writing negative comments about Balfe for the purpose of writing negative comments - ie. trolling - but for the fact that Balfe does not seem to take film composition seriously. Goldsmith had a similar pace in the 1990s that equates to contemporary Balfe, but he managed to produce fantastic scores like Air Force One in a few weeks (yes, with some help from McNeeely). Balfe simply does not seem to have those skills so he resorts to cliches and drony nonsense. I await to be proven wrong. That Balfe track is not half-bad so I do maintain a general sense of expectation for this.
Not any more lame than the Balfe cueLorne says it will be released and insists it’s not a GITS situation.That's been standard in certain cases, though considerably less nowadays with how complicated these situations have become.<br><br>Having heard both tracks posted, both give me little on their own. I'm sure they work better in the context of the film, and we might see better tracks unveiled eventually.He deserve better.Hans and Lorne like twins. Lorne has a very good personality. I still don't understand why some people are still writing bad comments to Lorne?Probably... lol
So is this how it’s gonna be? Official release for Richter and leaks by Balfe :(Lorne posted a track from Ad Astra on his YouTube channelThank you. And i suppose "Need You Busting My Balls - End Credits" title would correspond to ASCAP "Need You Busting My Balls" + "RUSH END CREDITS", while "Just Married" to "RUSH MAIN ON END"?That’s literally the best part of the score though. But it’s typical Richter (Miss Sloane, Black Mirror: Nosedive).Hunt Drunken Weirdness is barely a cue actually, it's just a patch up of sound designs by Mel...<br><br>Italian Party is a name I made up for a cue that's not used in the movie ! :)

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Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL)Antonio Di IorioConrad PopeAlan Meyerson
ComposerAdditional MusicConductorMusic Scoring Mixer
Alita - Battle Angel
Label: Milan Records
Length: 76'27 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (685 votes)
  1. Discovery (3:13)
  2. I Don't Even Know My Own Name (5:44)
  3. What's Your Dream? (3:16)
  4. Double Identity (1:54)
  5. The Warrior Within (3:31)
  6. A Dark Past (1:29)
  7. In Time You'll Remember (0:58)
  8. Nova's Orders (2:48)
  9. Jackers Mission (2:36)
  10. Unlocking The Past (3:52)
  11. Whose Body Is This? (2:06)
  12. Grewishka's Revenge (4:23)
  13. Broken Doll (2:34)
  14. With Me (5:41)
  15. I'd Give You My Heart (3:07)
  16. You Just Lost A Puppet (2:30)
  17. What Did You Do? (3:41)
  18. In The Clouds (3:56)
  19. Raising The Sword (1:43)
  20. Motorball (5:14)

  21. Swan Song - Dua Lipa (3:02)
  22. Centurion (3:21)
  23. I See Church (5:48)
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MrZimmerFan reply Replies: 12 || 2019-03-22 21:53:33
Yes, Tom will be scoring the new Terminator movie

Edmund Meinerts2019-03-22 23:16:42
I think Terminator is a decent match for JXL's talents (listen to "The March" from Divergent), but this feels like further evidence that James Cameron is grooming him for Avatar 2, which I really hope ends up not being the case.

mpolonest123 2019-03-22 23:33:14
I still stand by my opinion that Holkenborg scoring Avatar 2 could be pretty interesting. Pairing him up with a director who is known to be strict with his musical choices and continuing on from James Horner’s classic might produce something really good. And seeing his gradual progress as a composer with Mortal Engines and Alita have personally given me some hope (2 years ago I would have said hell no).

And I’m not surprised by the choice for T6. Not looking forward to this project at all but we did get a cool score from Balfe for the last one so maybe there is some hope for the music at least.

Miralsice2019-03-23 02:00:27
I think that Tim Miller played a greater role in case of Terminator and Sonic. And I really don't see Junkie as good choice for Avatar 2.

Mephariel2019-03-23 05:50:31
The problem I have with Junkie XL scoring Avatar is just that there are so many RCP composers better or more deserving. You have Zimmer, Powell, Gregson-Williams, Mancina, Jackman, is just so wrong to think Junkie XL is scoring Avatar and none of those guys are.

Hybrid Soldier2019-03-23 09:59:02
"Deserving" is a word that doesn't exist in Hollywood, so stop thinking that way... lol

isildur2019-03-23 11:48:46
Yep, if "deserving" existed, Atli would've gotten many more movies than he currently does.

Hybrid Soldier2019-03-23 17:04:51
Atli is fine in Iceland, maybe he just doesn't want to look for trouble anymore... :)

mpolonest123 2019-03-23 17:18:07
John Powell would be an amazing choice, if only to get him more mainstream exposure.

The thing is, if you strip away the drums, sound design, and harsh-mixing Tom is a actually a pretty gifted “classical” composer imo. His string writing has always impressed me, and seeing his use of woodwinds in Alita definitely proved that he can write outside of the mold Hollywood had put him in post-Mad Max.

Avatar 2 is most likely going to need a pretty diverse score, if the first one is any indicator. James Horner combined traditional orchestra, tribal drums, ethnic elements, electronics, and masculine action writing. All of which I could see Tom doing quite well.

Knight2019-03-23 18:34:25
John Powell's last score was for a Star Wars movie, I don't think you could get any more mainstream exposure than that.

mpolonest123 2019-03-23 18:54:00
^ Yet he’s still not quite a household name like some of his peers. HTTYD, Bourne, and Solo have all given him great exposure, but I feel like the general public doesn’t quite recognize him on the same level as Zimmer, Giacchino, or Williams.

KnightLite2019-03-23 21:01:59
@Knight Powell’s last score was HTTYD3....

Iamtommie2019-03-23 21:23:09
My choices for Avatar 2 would be:
Powell or Newton Howard

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 0 || 2019-03-03 11:16:30
If you want a correct film order :

01 - Discovery (3:13)
02 - I Don't Even Know My Own Name (5:44)
03 - What's Your Dream? (3:16)
04 - Double Identity (1:54)
05 - The Warrior Within (3:31)
06 - A Dark Past (1:29)
07 - Whose Body Is This? (2:06)
08 - In Time You'll Remember (0:58)
09 - Nova's Orders (2:48)
10 - Jackers Mission (2:36)
11 - Unlocking The Past (3:52)
12 - Grewishka's Revenge (4:23)
13 - Broken Doll (2:34)
14 - With Me (5:41)
15 - I'd Give You My Heart (3:07)
16 - Centurion (3:21)
17 - I See Church (5:48)
18 - What Did You Do? (3:41)
19 - You Just Lost A Puppet (2:30)
20 - In The Clouds (3:56)
21 - Raising The Sword (1:43)
22 - Swan Song - Dua Lipa (3:02)
23 - Motorball (5:14)

Knight reply Replies: 29 || 2019-02-05 16:43:13
After listening through it, I'm branding it as another disappointing effort from Tom. It desperately needed a strong theme(s) like Divergent/Run All Night/Brimstone and it has none.

Knight2019-02-05 16:49:05
But the instrumentation throughout is quite diverse, he seems to have traded most of his percussion for woodwinds. He's definitely getting better at writing for more instruments than strings/brass/percs. Hope his next outing is of a more solid type

MrZimmerFan2019-02-05 17:44:28
Mortal Engines has a plenty themes and is muuch better than Divergent.

IMO (also, after several listen, i like it, not much as Mortal Engines, but is good)

mpolonest123 2019-02-05 18:01:35
That’s such a shame to hear. Mortal Engines was such an improvement for Tom imo, so I’m hoping that he isn’t going to be regressing into generic action/sound design-esque scores like the past few years.

And speaking of generic action, what is with his track record of scoring box office bombs? Mortal Engines, The Dark Tower, Point Break, Alita (possibly). I would kill to have him work with some talented directors for once, maybe give him a chance to break out of his usual style.

Knight2019-02-05 18:27:53
This score isn't so much sound design as orchestral meandering.
It's like they hired Tom to give them a score any other composer could.
The best cues on it for me is:
With Me
I'd Give You My Heart
In the Clouds
Raising the Sword
Motorball <(this is the only cue where Tom is really allowed to be himself)

Knight2019-02-05 18:31:46
MrZimmerFan Divergent is my favorite JXL score simply due to the fact that it doesn't use his "signature" dirty grunge sound mix that pretty much all his scores use. However the London Suite from ME is one of my top JXL cues.

MrZimmerFan2019-02-05 18:41:43
Knight, you simple love the Tom's electronic style (i like a lot Tomb Raider, but is for is much better constructed than Divergent, which i think is only okey as Mad Max), i don't, i prefer his later scores (Black Mass, The Dark Tower, Mortal Engines and Alita), because i enjoy his more orchestral (altough have electronics and synth material) material.

As for Alita, is more a emotional score (there is a plenty of orchestral parts than synth parts) than something like Mad Max or Divergent.

For a guilty pleasure, i rather listen 300

Knight2019-02-05 18:59:53
lol I don't listen to Divergent for the synth stuff nor do I prefer his sythesizer-heavy scores. Black Mass is okay but a bit too droning at times, TDT I haven't heard, ME and Alita you know my opinion on. I love Divergent for it's orchestral/piano stuff not the electronics. The reason why I listed the 3 films I did was because all 3 have really strong themes going all throughout their respective scores. (Divergent/Tris theme, Run All Night/main theme, Brimstone/Liz theme)

mpolonest123 2019-02-05 19:19:24
My biggest problem with Brimstone are the long portions of droning in between the string performances. Outside of that though, there is about 30 minutes of excellent material. Dark Tower also has some really strong highlights, surrounded by some weak material.

As for Divergent, you have “Tris”, “Capture the Flag”, “Faction Before Blood”, “Sacrifice”, and “Everywhere and Nowhere”. Even some of the electronic stuff works pretty well.

Ds2019-02-05 20:15:39
mpolonest123: that's a good (and sad) observation... however, talented directors and box office returns don't always go hand in hand. Mortal Engines is a Peter Jackson project, directed by someone else but followed closely by him. Alita is a James Cameron project, directed by someone else but followed closely by him. It doesn't get much better than those two names... :)

mpolonest123 2019-02-05 22:24:24
Well if Cameron ever wants to work 1-on-1 with him, I would LOVE to hear him take on the Avatar sequels. And yes, I’m well aware that everybody will probably try to lynch me over that opinion, but I would be so curious to see how Holkenborg would stack up with someone like James Cameron, who is known for being very demanding on the music of his films.

As for Alita, I’ve given it a spin and........ ehh.
Nothing terrible, but really nothing inspired either. It’s like sonic wallpaper, pleasant as background music, but not really interesting as a stand alone listen. The most interesting track is definitely “Motorball”, which definitely has JXL’s stamp.

Ds2019-02-05 22:47:19
For now I can agree on Alita. I'll wait til I hear the score in context before making any judgement, but yeah Motorball is pretty kick-ass (even though it's a pure JXL action track like he's done many already).

I don't think working with a very demanding director is any problem for Tom. He looks like a super nice person, very open minded and collaborative, and I'm sure working with him is a real pleasure and he'll deliver what the director wants. So yes, why not? It'd be fun to hear what he could do in the Avatar world.

Mephariel2019-02-06 00:02:41
Avatar 2 I don't see...

I think the closest Junkie will get to Cameron is scoring Terminator 6.

...2019-02-06 09:13:59
I think it's a little strange that a new Junkie XL score gets more comments and discussion than a release of Zimmer's Thin Red Line. This is after all.

Edmund Meinerts2019-02-06 09:26:13
There's not so much to say about the TTRL release...there's only so many variations of "yay can't wait to hear this" that exist, after all, and the only other thing you can do is speculate about the contents. With a new score - any new score - that's actually out there and available to listen to, there's much more to talk about. So once TTRL actually hits shelves, you'll see more discussion.

What *I* find odd is that people would rather talk about this than HTTYD3...

...2019-02-06 09:45:04
Yes, Dragon 3 is much more interesting than this.

Ian2019-02-07 03:09:55

Re: "And speaking of generic action, what is with his track record of scoring box office bombs?"

Honestly, I think this has a lot to do with the fact there is an abundance of superior composers working today, even just at RCP.

Even Lorne, for all the shit he seems to get, is considerably more competent IMHO

Ds2019-02-07 14:03:36
@Ian: there aren't many composers who would turn down offers like working on Jackson's Mortal Engines or Cameron's Alita. So I think it's complete non-sense to even think Junkie XL could be a by-default choice for bad movies that can't afford a better composer. He gets high profile movies that are sometimes too bold for modern audiences (I'm not speaking about Point Break, though).

He's also got a few big successes like Deadpool - a shame the score is one of his worst.

Oscarilbo2019-02-14 18:20:55
Saw the film last sunday and loved it. Also loved what Tom Holkenborg did hear. It did not felt nor 300. RoE nor Mad MAx. It's something else and loved it how it worked in context.

Knight2019-02-15 11:32:04
After repeated listens of the score and seeing the film 3 times, I'd say now that the score is MUCH better than I initially gave it credit for.
Alita's theme (the 4 notes first heard at 1:53 in A Discovery) is used many times throughout the score in many instrumental varieties and variations, and used to great effect in emotional scenes
(I Don't Even Know My Own Name, What's Your Dream?, In Time You'll Remember, With Me, I'd Give You My Heart, What Did You Do), In the Clouds especially)
And do yourself a favor and get I See Church from somewhere, it's the 2nd best action track of the score after Motorball.
In short, I would now give it a 4.5 / 5 from my previous 3 / 5

Knight2019-02-15 11:39:42
My only real gripes left with the score is the somewhat uninspired choral writing (and the fact that the choir sounds like samples in a lot of moments) and the reused percussion samples from every JXL action score ever since Mad Max.

Anonymous2019-02-16 23:07:40
Where can I listen to I see church?

I cannot find it anywhere and even YouTube doesn't have it.

Knight2019-02-17 02:28:31
Currently the only way I know to get it from is Japanese iTunes.

Anonymous2019-02-17 15:53:04
I got them from a japanse store after an hour going through hoops VPN paypal and google translate.

Very strange cause this are one of the best tracks of the entire score

Very weird the score or the movie havent attracted much attention at all.

jEN0VA2019-02-21 04:08:04
Does anyone know where you can get a digital version of the Japanese versions 2 bonus tracks?

AlitaFan2019-02-22 22:57:52
The Japanese version can be ordered here: http: // product/WPCR-18185

The "Swan Song" is also included on the CD. So it has 3 additional tracks.

nvictor2019-02-25 17:57:58
Knight, who are you exactly to brand other people efforts as "disappointing"?

Knight2019-02-25 20:08:42
I say things as I see them, and the fact that this is my opinion on it should not need to be stated as it is plain as day. Either way it doesn't matter as I revised my statement on it.

Edmund Meinerts2019-02-25 22:58:08
He's the same as you or me. A commenter in an open forum who is 100% entitled to express his opinion. Who are you to tell him otherwise is the real question?

nvictor2019-03-02 17:45:39
Knight, apologies for calling you out. i am tired of the backlash other composers get on this forum if they are not Hans. if their work shouldn't be discussed here maybe the shouldn't be represented here at all imo.

Edmund, i am a fan of music here. i do not pretend to have the skills these people have and only aspire to learn from them. the backlash Junkie has received here is definitely unjustified. he is the one out there doing what most composers don't have time to do. it's one thing to say you don't like some music. it's another to pretend you know what one should have done if you were in their shoes...

that said, i have seen you (Edmund) go hard on composers too. but you seem to make good arguments. and i haven't seen you used a condescending tone yet. if you did, i believe i would have called you out :P not saying we should settle for bad music. all i am saying is let's respect the work and the art...

Knight reply Replies: 0 || 2019-03-01 13:33:39
Sooo is track lengths/booklet info ever going to be added to this and Serenity?

AlitaFan reply Replies: 1 || 2019-02-22 17:27:01
Does anyone have the "Motorball" cue from end credits? It sounds like the beginning of the "Motorball" track but it's different than on the OST. It plays directly after the Swan Song track...

Why is it left off the CD?

Knight2019-02-22 17:44:08
Theres quite a bit of good unreleased stuff from this score. Stuff like the cue that plays during Alita's first game of motorball with the other kids, the bar fight music, the unused string rendition of Alita's theme and the end titles arrangement of Motorball/Swan Song.

Knight reply Replies: 0 || 2019-02-20 18:47:28
Movie credits:

Music Composed and Mixed by:

Additional Music:

Music Supervisor:

Music Editor:

Score Conducted by:

Score Orchestrated by:
Score Copied by:

Score Contracted by:

Choir Contracted by:

Score Recorded by:

Digital Recording by:

Technical Score Engineers:

Synth Programming by:

Score Recorded at:

Music Production Services by:

Score Mixed at:

Newman Stage Engineer:

Newman Recordist:

Newman Stage Managers:

Ds reply Replies: 1 || 2019-02-18 18:11:53
It seems the Japanese exclusive tracks are available on deezer, but not on any other platform. And weirdly enough, I couldn't find any download link anywhere.

Everan2019-02-19 22:48:52
They are? I searched but only got the regular OST

mpolonest123 reply Replies: 2 || 2019-02-18 19:14:31
I’ve been giving this score a few more shakes lately, if only to see if my initial opinion had changed. The biggest issue for me is the lack of a strong set of themes. Alita’s Theme, for example, works well enough in context but hasn’t really left any impression on me. Mortal Engines has about 7 primary themes, all of which are really strong.

Where I will praise Tom the most is the recording. Everything sounds crisp and clear, as opposed to his usual overmixed style. Here’s hoping that he sticks with this type of recording from now on.
And one other plus, the woodwinds! It’s so refreshing to hear the woodwinds play a prominent role here, especially in the almost classical way they are utilized.

Knight2019-02-18 19:51:38
Ditto on the recordings, Mortal Engines was awful in this regard with the harsh mix and on top of that, an unforgiveable amount of session noise/chatter.

mpolonest123 2019-02-18 20:09:46
Yeah I really can’t argue there. As much as I love Mortal Engines even I have to admit that recording was kind of awful, particularly with the studio noise filtering through.

germany reply Replies: 0 || 2019-02-18 12:49:39
Have you any Informations for a Relaease to "PAGAN PEAK"? German TV Series "Der Pass" from Jacob Shea, Produced by Hans Zimmer?

Jason reply Replies: 1 || 2019-02-18 06:19:10
Just saw the film Music was hitting on point in all the right spots.

Jason2019-02-18 06:20:00
also was really good fantastic score IMHO his best since Mad Max.

Iamtommie reply Replies: 2 || 2019-02-13 23:29:50
Tom is scoring the live action Sonic movie. He just confirmed that he is scoring it!

ThePhantasm2019-02-14 04:07:41
So he's scoring that and the new terminator? Damn dude's getting as busy as Henry Jackman

1232019-02-14 12:43:27
he is working on the new Terminator movie?! :O

Knight reply Replies: 0 || 2019-02-14 12:39:19
Credits for Dua Lipa's single "Swan Song" for the movie:
Written by Dua Lipa, Justin Tranter, Kennedi Lykken, Mattias Larsson, Robin Fredriksson & Tom Holkenborg
Produced by Mattman & Robin

Scorefan reply Replies: 2 || 2019-02-08 01:45:04
Tom on Avatar Sequels?

Anonymous2019-02-09 00:58:37
Where did you hear that?

trent easton navarro2019-02-11 13:05:34
Wouldn't surprise me but I sure hope not. Holkenborg is an alright composer but he could never achieve what Horner did on the first Avatar. Unless of course Conrad Pope "helps" him out of course

Knight reply Replies: 8 || 2019-02-08 13:25:24
Japanese edition of the score contains 2 extra tracks:
Centurion (3:21)
I See Church (5:48)
I See Church sounds like it has a lot of the elements from Motorball... Why was this left off the regular album again?

MrZimmerFan2019-02-08 15:38:13
Motorball and I See Church are instrumental versions of Dua Lipa's song

Knight2019-02-10 01:01:14
Just watched the film and they definitely are not. Motorball seems to be a suite or a combination of the cues used in the Motorball sequences, and I See Church is yhe cue that plays when Alita rushes to save her boytoy

Knight2019-02-10 01:07:04
Centurions should go after I Don't Even Know My Own Name (I think) and I See Church goes after I'd Give You My Heart

Anonymous2019-02-10 01:20:24
So with the bonus tracks do we have a chronological order yet?

Knight2019-02-10 08:00:58
Going by the track names, I'd say it's in chronological order but I'm not 100% sure.

Anonymous2019-02-10 13:05:32
Knight, was confirmed by Milan Recotds

Anonymous2019-02-10 20:33:17
Where can we listen to those? Cant find them anywhere...

Knight2019-02-10 22:33:25
Milan confirmed that it's in chronological order?

Der Schwein reply Replies: 0 || 2019-02-05 23:02:43
This Junkie tutorial is intriguing because he literally points out that Mortal Engines was so good because Jackson managed him closely, see from 4:00 onwards

Totally hearing it here. Miller and Jackson are people with clear visions, Alita is a mess again. Junkie is literally a junkie, he gorges on ideas but can't consolidate them unless someone powerful tells him to do that in a specific way.

Pisspoor reply Replies: 0 || 2019-02-05 22:57:22
Slightly disappointed here but it is also great to hear those orchestral fibres come through and let the woodwinds shine. I that is a huge growth area for HZ Industries. The themes are fine, but the argument that Junkie needs to meet better musically minded directors does not make sense. Whoever made that comment probably has not heard of Robert Rodriquez the composer or the few trend changes that an unknown director called Jim Cameron instituted in his spare time. Solid score but a disappointment after Mortal Engines

Knight reply Replies: 0 || 2019-02-05 08:50:31
Score has been released today.

  Your name :   

Please enter number: 1675 

MrZimmerFan reply Replies: 1 || 2018-12-26 15:01:16
Third track released on Soundcloud

https:// 03-whats-your-dream

MrZimmerFan2019-02-03 18:45:05
Total time (confirmed in 64 min

and new track

https:// watch?v=I2V3E4toWLw

Knight reply Replies: 0 || 2019-01-14 05:37:08
Looking forward to hearing this one. Looks like this is the first score since Divergent not to use his over-harsh "Mad Max" mixing that he's been using on all his scores from 300 to present.

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2018-12-28 17:09:21
Yeah Mortal Engines went to my top 5 scores of the year without a doubt.

Looking forward to this one as well.

If it is mixed the same as ME and has the same thematic identity it will be great

Mephariel reply Replies: 2 || 2018-12-26 19:20:28
Pretty impressed with Mortal Engines and is looking forward to this. Can't believe I am actually looking forward to a Junkie XL score now.

ThePhantasm2018-12-27 02:35:04
He's definitely growing as a composer, very impressed with him lately

MrZimmerFan2018-12-27 10:49:36
Since Black Mass... ;D© 2001-2018 OST 
Alita - Battle Angel soundtrack - Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL) 2019