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Really want this score!!Do we know if Lorne Balfe will be involved in Dune?  Maybe he could compose the Dune seriesAnd streaming practically dominates how the majority listen to music. Physical media is costly and expensive to manufacture and don't sell very well in stores as everyone prefers to to use Spotify and getting the same album for free. Same goes for movies and TV shows as well with Netflix.For me it's easy.<br>If there is a cd version I buy it. If there is only digital version.....NO<br>I'll pay for music while there are physical format (only cd really). I'm not interested in pay for downloads,Spotify, etcLorne has nothing to do with interstellar
GITS 2.0? I hope not.I have no idea why, filmmusicreporter wrote about it...Seriously? Why they make this decision? They want to sound like Interstellar or what?LOL, Lorne is co-composing "Ad Astra" with Max Richter, that guy is everywhereI think we can call Ian Brown McCarthy the Where MacArthur set out to prove everything was by Zimmer, Ian proves everything is by Lorne. ;)<br><br>Kidding, mostly. Lorne's contributions, especially where he has "producer" credits like on this score, are undeniably underrepresented. I've always considered Lorne a co-composer here, just like on Inception, Sherlock Holmes, and Kung Fu Panda 2-3.
Not to nitpick, but even "near co-composer" is downplaying Lorne's role IMO; I've had him listed as co-composer in my personal library for a solid year now.<br><br>On a relate note: man, Hans and Lorne make damn good music together.What I want to know is if the album version of Nixon Defeated is the solo Hans alt or notFeels like there are more Balfe credits on this version than on the album (e.g. Status Suite, solo Hans on the album, Hans/LB here). In fact I'd go so far as to label him a near co-composer here, just like Inception and Sherlock Holmes.Any word on where this can be found, or if it actually exists? H-Z (here) is the only place any of these tracks (let alone mention of a complete version of this score) can be found.Why you haven't update about David Buckley with Angel Has Fallen score yet?
Yep, fun (if slight) score to a very fun movie. "Get it On" is a great action cue.It was also one of the first HG-W's scores I ever listened to (way back when!), so maybe it's just nostalgia talking. <br>But it's worth a listen at least.It's a shame no one talks about this score. <br><br>It's a great listen if you love heavily percussive music! <br><br>Not a highlight in HG-W's carreer by any means, but it's a fun ride, and has some neat unique sounding stuff courtesy of Heitor Pereira, as well as plenty of goold ol' MV style synth/orchestra pounding!He returns to the hitman's bodyguard part 2I was honored, back in 2006, to meet both Nick Glennie-Smith and Harry Gregson-Williams.<br><br>I talked with both about The Rock, and here's what they told.<br><br>Nick & Hans worked very closely on most of their cues. That's why it's so hard to notice any difference between their own styles (and why they share most of the credits).<br>Harry worked separately from Nick & Hans. He remembered working on the San Francisco Chase (though we know Don Harper helped at some point in the process), and on "a lot of the action material from the second half of the movie, once the heroes reach Alcatraz".<br>The credits here tend to prove they were right.<br><br>All the Opening Titles / SEAL Attack is a bit complicated. Hans might have written the theme, but it also might be arranged for pictures by Nick Glennie-Smith (plus there's a lot more going on in these tracks than the man theme alone). So, well, I guess the final result still is a collaborative effort.

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Hans ZimmerSteve MazzaroDavid FlemingAndy Page
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicMusic Producer
Dark Phoenix
Label: Fox Music
Length: 67'55 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (860 votes)
  1. Gap (8:07)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro, David Fleming, Andy Page
  2. Dark (4:27)
    Hans Zimmer, David Fleming
  3. Frameshift (8:15)
    Hans Zimmer, David Fleming, Andy Page
  4. Amity (5:52)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro (Henry Purcell)
  5. Intimate (10:14)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro, David Fleming, Andy Page
  6. Negative (3:58)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro
  7. Deletion (4:51)
    Hans Zimmer, David Fleming, Andy Page
  8. Reckless (9:35)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro
  9. Insertion (7:56)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro, David Fleming
  10. Coda (4:40)
    Hans Zimmer, David Fleming
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Collector reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-13 09:26:26
Seen the film last Friday, its definitely not as bad as they are saying it is. Not very good either, but a solid average. Loved the score! Works really well in the film, I need to give it a thorough listen tho. Been listening since Friday and Im only on track three now, but enjoying the hell out of it so far. Thank you Mr. Zimmer!

Morgan Joylighter reply Replies: 7 || 2019-06-12 12:43:11
I hope the box office results don't discourage them from releasing the 2CD album. There are so many great ideas in this score that I'm dying to hear further development in suites.

Hybrid Soldier2019-06-12 13:21:44
It's in the works.

Jordan2019-06-12 13:35:21
Very happy that the 2CD edition is still in works and not canceled !

mpolonest123 2019-06-12 18:24:57
Do you know if the bonus music is exclusively for the physical release or will it also be released digitally?

Hybrid Soldier2019-06-12 18:46:00
Digitally, sure. Physically, maaaayybe ?

badbu2019-06-12 19:24:33
i can‘t wait!!!! :))

mpolonest123 2019-06-12 19:25:52
That’s great to hear, if it is digital that means a faster release hopefully :-)

Anonymous2019-06-13 00:01:12

Topic reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-12 13:01:33
Even though I agree with the previous poster - would love to hear what Hans came up originally - but sadly a lot of this sounds like copying Interstellar (when it's good) and Dunkirk (when it's totally useless). Hans is not a man to innovate from score to score, so if all sounds like previous work?

Zach reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-11 21:34:25
I’m not in love with the score, but l love the piano motif in the first two minutes of track one. Shame it wasn’y used more.

badbu reply Replies: 2 || 2019-06-11 19:27:31
Do you know how many tracks are on the second cd? Any infos about it? :)

kekec2019-06-11 20:10:21
Why do we talk about CD1 and CD2 when no CDs have been released at all? OK, I admit Download1 and Download2 sounds terrible...

badbu 2019-06-11 20:14:38
There is a CD coming ;)
CD 1 - Score / CD 2 - Suites and Ideas

Dude reply Replies: 2 || 2019-06-11 12:40:11
I think everyone's going to bury this one as soon as possible. The film is a huge bomb, Zimmer's score is a copy-paste effort from better stuff in the past. Don't expect any of this to have any significance soon. Sad, I was expecting this to at least experiment with vocals (Johansson, etc did this stuff).

MrZimmerFan2019-06-11 13:06:28
Can we please, create something debatable?

superultramegaa2019-06-11 19:11:28
...That's literally what he just did. His opinion isn't fact, therefore it's debatable.

Mortifer V. reply Replies: 15 || 2019-06-08 00:17:08
so.... will there be a Deluxe release? :p
i’d love to hear the Dark Phoenix theme suite with more of that choir

mpolonest123 2019-06-08 06:28:48
Same here!

I’m really itching to know what “ideas” Zimmer had throughout the process.

And just having seen the film I can easily say almost all of the score is included here, albeit edited together in longer suites.

Mephariel2019-06-08 10:51:54
I want to know if there is an extended version of the last 3 minutes of "Intimate." That 3 minutes is the best 3 minutes of action in the album.

mpolonest123 2019-06-08 16:53:34
Yeah, I would love to hear more of Magneto’s theme which felt surprisingly underplayed.

So a few notes on the score; the opening piano theme for Jean is on album, just moved to the end of “Frameshift”. In terms of what’s missing there are two or three variations on the X-Men tune not on album, some variations on the villain identity from “Negative”, some smaller atmospheric cues, and the amazing end credits piece. Definitely no MoS situation where anything major is missing though.

And does anyone else feel like the string variation of Jean’s theme in the opening of “Frameshift” sound similar to “Still” from Black Hawk Down?

BC2019-06-08 18:10:02
@Mephariel - I know right!!! "Reckless" is the track I can't stop listening to though. Perfect track for working out or playing action video games.

Jean-Luc2019-06-08 18:18:17
Which was the song during the train fight sequence?

Iamtommie442019-06-08 20:37:54
Reckless & Insertion

badbu2019-06-08 20:39:15
It‘s „Reckless“

Jean-Luc2019-06-08 21:02:57
@Iamtommie44 & Badbu Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.

Iamtommie442019-06-09 00:33:33
Not everything is correct with 'Frameshift'. But this is how I think the score of Dark Phoenix plays in the movie.

Gap: Space Mission
Dark (0:00-1:20): Back From Mission
Dark (1:20:end): Inside Jean's Head
Frameshift (0:00-7:08): Jean At Home / Jean Vs. X-Men) [Lot of it is alt.]
Frameshift (7:08-end): After crash / Logo (Alt.)
Amity: Funeral / Admit You're Wrong / Jean In Rain
Intimate: A New World / Helmet / The Girl Dies / Street Fight
Deletion: Magneto Crushed / Puppet Charles / Still Hope
Negative: Take It / Taken
Reckless: Train Fight
Insertion: Phoenix Rises
Coda: Aftermath / Chess

Jean-Luc2019-06-09 02:45:45
@Iamtommie44 You are right with every detail of these songs from the movie. I watched that movie today when, I listen all the songs from the whole movie has a complete score with a few missing songs wasn't here on the album. Also, Insertion and Reckless are my favorite songs, but I'm very obsessed with the Insertion song over & over, but the soundtrack is good too.

mpolonest123 2019-06-09 16:05:42
The first two minutes or so of “Frameshift” are when Jean arrives at the island and meets Magneto. Outside of that cue though everything else is in the right order.

SteveR2019-06-09 18:43:10
Where in that chronological order would you put the first two minutes of "Frameshift"?

mpolonest123 2019-06-09 21:35:47
In between Amity and Intimate. It might over two minutes though, I can’t remember the length of the cue in film.

badbu 2019-06-10 10:18:18
One cue is missing i want so much!!!
When Jean and Charles drive to the school and stand in front of it.
There is in the beginning the x-men theme in a very nice variation and after that a
amazing piano cue! Love it!

Bibi2019-06-10 21:21:44
I want the first part of the end credits *_*

Bibi reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-10 21:05:52
This album absolutely does not do justice to the music in the movie

Bondo reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-10 21:04:07
For those of you who have seen the movie, who or what theme is played at 8:50 in "Intimate" and 7:20 in "Reckless"?

Iamtommie44 reply Replies: 3 || 2019-06-08 14:23:47
Just saw Dark Phoenix. Don't get all the backlash. Ok, it's not the best movie ever but it's not bad either. There are some faults in the script for my take, but the performamces, action sequences (especially the final train battle) were great. I liked the ending better than The Last Stand's ending.
The score fits the movie perfectly and I already liked the score, but this has increased after seeing the movie. I really wish we get a Deluxe release. I especially need the music that plays over the first half of the end credits. It's a mix between the X-Men theme & Dark Phoenix theme. Love it

vced2019-06-10 19:10:56
I'm also really interested in the 2nd CD.

The score as presented here is (in my opinion) really awful, basic, and rushed sounding, which makes me think the more interesting ideas didn't get used. Especially if it's been two years working on it. A bit like how On Stranger Tides is a bad score but you can hear the seeds of something cool and interesting developing in the concept guitar tracks.

David2019-06-10 19:57:24
Is the score on the album suites and maybe the second cd will be tracks heard in the movie? Anybody knows this???

iamtommie442019-06-10 20:26:33
Look a few posts below.
I made a breakdown of how the tracks are played in the movie.
They're not suites

manny manfred reply Replies: 8 || 2019-06-07 19:30:56
I miss old Hans :( I hope he doesn't put Synth music on The Lion King (2019)

Hybrid Soldier2019-06-07 19:45:13
But synth is old Hans...

Listen to the 80s of his !

badbu2019-06-07 19:47:35
Yes! Hans is SYNTH!

manny manfred2019-06-07 23:32:23
No you guys doesn't understand me. I mean i want like Gladiator music or The Last Samurai music. I think Hans didn't make good music after 2014.
Music ratings for me.

Chappie - 2/6
Woman In Gold - 4/6
Freeheld - 1/6
Le Petit Prince - 2/6

Kung Fu Panda 3 - 1/6
Batman v Superman - 3/6
Inferno - 2/6
Hidden Figures - 1/6

Dunkirk - 3/6
The Last Face - 1/6
The Boss Baby - 2/6

Widows - 1/6

Dark Phoenix - 2/6

HunterTech2019-06-08 01:35:51
Those are arguably the start of modern Zimmer, and comes after a lot of his 80s/90s work. You could say Gladiator is the midpoint, but even that is debatable.

SteveR2019-06-08 01:36:14
You do realize that there is a significant amount of synth in Gladiator, right??

mpolonest123 2019-06-08 02:24:12
You totally are entitled to your own opinion, but I definitely disagree with you massively here. KFP3 and Hidden Figures both 1-star? I think both of those are excellent, particularly Panda 3.

I guess it comes down to personal taste. As much as I absolutely love orchestral Zimmer I think electronic Zimmer can be just as good, albeit in a different type of setting. Chappie and Dark Phoenix both work extraordinarily well for me, and even Inferno has its moments.

Old2019-06-08 05:32:55
Well old Hans is 30-40 minutes of suite

Mephariel2019-06-08 06:17:58
Kung Fu Panda 3 and Hidden Figures are both excellent scores. Also, Blue Planet II.

Kekec reply Replies: 3 || 2019-06-07 16:36:29
I don't get all the whining. Just back from the movie and the score is wonderful. (The movie not so much.) It has melody, action, simple ideas made memorable like only Zimmer can do, so a very enjoyable score in my opinion. Looking forward to get the CD!

superultramegaa2019-06-07 17:50:07
Just because someone has a negative opinion does not mean they are whining, no matter how harshly they express it.

NTNBC2019-06-07 18:56:08
A negative opinion on the score is something way different from all the entitlement and whining here. Sorry, but calling Hans Zimmer lazy and other shit isn't really valid criticism.

Medigo2019-06-07 20:10:32
It only annoys me because its all done in its separate box.
I hate visual clutter!

Boriana reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-07 18:22:53
Dark Phoenix is my new favorite soundtrack from Hans Zimmer!!! Thank you maestro!!!

SteveR reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-07 18:22:34
anyone got a breakdown of the score yet as it appears in the movie?

Shince Thomas reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-07 18:07:39
This score is interesting in a lot of ways.I don't understand why some are left not liking it.

Dk reply Replies: 1 || 2019-06-07 16:22:57
Anyone missing cues so far from the so called official release?

badbu2019-06-07 16:31:56
the official release is about to 95% the complete score.
I think there is a piano part in the opening we don't have.

Mephariel reply Replies: 4 || 2019-06-07 08:14:16
I think this is solid Zimmer effort. It is not mind-blowing great like Interstellar or The Lion King or Gladiator, but a very interesting score. It is a mixture of melodic, reflective, and abstract Zimmer all at once.

"Insertion" is truly Zimmer at his power anthem glory. I think "Gap" and "Coda" are solid themes as well. The end of "Intimate" has some of the best action section, but too bad it is so short.

Paul2019-06-07 10:45:10
What tracks are more “power anthems” ??

Anonymous2019-06-07 14:44:46
Am I the only one who thought Interstellar was just okay? It had a few great tracks, like "Mountains" but a lot of it was just kind of loud and obnoxious for me.

And the mixing for the movie was entirely too loud, particularly during the black hole scene before the tesseract. Hans said during an interview that he told Nolan that he thought that music was too loud, and Nolan told him that it was his movie and he could do what he wanted.

Ds2019-06-07 15:56:10
That story was about the ending of The Dark Knight, I think :-p

Mephariel2019-06-07 16:17:43
Not sure why people think Interstellar is loud. Maybe the mixing is loud in some parts of the film, but compared to other Zimmer score like Chappie, Interstellar isn't even loud.

BC reply Replies: 2 || 2019-06-07 00:19:12
"Intimate" and "Reckless" are honestly the best tracks on the album, which is saying something because I honestly loved all of them.

After hearing that the film is, pardon my French, a hot ass mess, I'm really glad that Hans delivered the goods with the score. It's everything I was hoping for and then some, and dear god the themes...after the blandness of Days of Future Past and Apocalypse's scores, it's nice to finally hear some new, inspired themes. Jean's, Phoenix's, the new X-Men theme, and the brief usage of Magneto's new motif are all excellent, and are expertly used.

"Reckless" and "Intimate" are my favorites. Both are dark, intense, relentless and just epic.

HunterTech2019-06-07 01:35:00
It's been said that for DOFP, Ottman was held back by Singer to make something that was more RCP in style, which didn't sit too well with him. His main theme from X2 almost didn't return because Singer thought that it would've been seen as too cheesy in the modern landscape, and that a producer eventually had to convince him to keep it. Xavier's theme is pretty good, as is all the X2 callbacks, but it's clear that Ottman just didn't put his all into it. Apocalypse was much better, but people likely don't discuss that one purely because they didn't like the film, so any merits were brushed aside.

I'm not too sure sure if I'll wait until after watching the film to hear the full score, but "Gap" and the other samples has left me confident that the score will be more interesting than Zimmer's most recent efforts.

BC2019-06-07 14:40:41
That I didn't know, and it restores a good amount of my faith for Ottman. I can't blame him for not putting his all into it, especially when it seems like Singer kinda signed off after DOFP and was just getting another easy paycheck with Apocalypse.

I didn't like Apocalypse, but I wasn't really impressed with the score either. Not the worst score I've ever heard, and not the worst in the franchise, but not great either.

mpolonest123 reply Replies: 11 || 2019-06-06 22:21:27
First listen impressions:

What’s so interesting about this score is that it’s basically modern Zimmer meets Classic Zimmer. Tonally the music is very similar to things like Inferno, Chappie, TASM2, and Dunkirk. Themewise though, you still have those classical chord-progressions and power anthems much akin to that 90’s MV style. Amazing use of action in “Gap”, “Reckless” and “Insertion” that definitely pulls a book from both sides of Zimmer’s career.

And THAT Dark Phoenix theme..... wow!!! As great as the main X-Men tune is, the choral chanting and female vocals for Phoenix steal the show here. Especially the way it culminates in the last few tracks. Worth mentioning is a little motif for (Magneto?) that gets some great usage on piano/guitar in “Intimate” and “Reckless”.

The only real nitpick I have is the middle portion of the album, which does slow down a bit. Otherwise it’s nice to see Zimmer on top of his game again.

Hybrid Soldier2019-06-06 22:38:41
"The only real nitpick I have is the middle portion of the album, which does slow down a bit."

Just like (in) the film. lol

...2019-06-06 22:54:25
So is the score like this (long cues) or do these long tracks contain pasted together cues?

Medigo2019-06-06 23:03:13
It sounds me to like its a little of both. Tracks like Gap and Intimate shift around a lot so must be from different scenes. Others sounds like they could belong to long scenes, or some scenes that have silences removed.

mpolonest123 2019-06-06 23:41:26

Is the film as bad as people say?

Hybrid Soldier2019-06-06 23:47:13
Second CD is mastered, but no idea what's happening.

Film is meh, it's not exactly terrible, but it's definitely not good either...

Anonymous2019-06-07 00:20:31
Any chance of a vinyl release?? Cause I'd happy throw down $30 bucks for it.

George2019-06-07 00:45:52
Honestly I couldn’t have imagined something like this. I was really worried it was going to end up being a drone-fest that would put me to sleep, but like everyone is saying, it’s a great mix of MOS, Interstellar, Dunkirk, and TASM2. I’m generally not a fan of the synth heavy stuff, but this is the exception. The man is BACK.

Really the only snoozer is Amity. The rest is top notch.

mpolonest123 2019-06-07 01:00:28
That’s a shame to hear, at least the property is going to Disney/Marvel now.

And for some reason “Amity” reminds me of “Widows” with the slow, sustained tones...

HunterTech2019-06-07 01:37:43
The franchise certainly should've ended at DOFP and/or Logan, but it is rather disappointing that the last Fox outing wasn't too well received, and as such might taint the reputation of this iteration of X-Men. It's had its ups and downs, but it's still pretty important in the grand scheme of things, so to brush it off like it wasn't is pretty disingenuous.

Ds2019-06-07 09:38:13
@mpolonest123: "at least the property is going to Disney/Marvel now"... yeah, so the films will make a billion $ but will suck 10x more. For all its flaws, Dark Phoenix is still leagues above the average MCU product.

BC2019-06-07 14:36:42
I disagree. Marvel lets their characters grow instead of rebooting every 5 years because the studio's run the franchise into the ground.

X1-2, great. X-3 tried to do too much and seriously mishandled the Dark Phoenix Saga story, leading to a reboot. XO:Wolverine was supposed to reset and focus on individual characters, but after it bombed, the Magneto movie that was supposed to come after was cancelled. Reboot.

Then we get the First Class series, which ranged from really good to bad. Kinberg says that despite the Fox/Disney merger, Dark Phoenix was considered to be the last of the First Class series movies, so reboot again if Fox hadn't sold.

Marvel's had a consistent vision for all of their characters and franchises for the most part, and that all paid off in Endgame, where nearly every major character got an earned ending. And I say all of this as a life long X-Men fan. Fox just didn't really know what to do with the franchise, and it shows at how wildly uneven it is.

Kenji reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-07 14:21:02
Finally having a full listening session to the OST release after having watched the movie.
I'm quite pleased with what has been done. Hans and co. served the movie at his best. The dynamic of the composition fits perfectly the movies, as that's what its role is.
Again, I just wish the soundtrack was considered a bit more in the mixing stage in the movie; it felt really far and not completely blended with the pictures by my opinion (I'm a sound engineer). Any technical opinion on this matter?

nvictor reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-07 06:43:02
wait is over! plus now i can go to bed lol. rendez-vous in a few days for impressions. this stuff needs to be digested. oh btw also i just noticed that Steve Mazzaro is always on projects we enjoy most. kudos!

Jo reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-07 00:23:25
Really liked the score. The "main" theme (heard in "Gap") haunting me !

I really hope the CD will come out!

When we could have updates on it ?

Kingfannypack is the MILFcommander reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-06 23:32:06
Great score, glad to see people liking a recent Zimmer score instead of insipid complaints. Hybrid, is the special edition with the second disc going to be released soon? Thanks for the hard work!

BC reply Replies: 5 || 2019-06-06 17:08:04
Finally able to listen, woo!! Everyone keeps comparing it to Interstellar, but I'm actually hearing quite a bit of Dark Knight as well at times.

And "Gap" totally lives up to the hype. Really looking forward to finally getting to listen to the full version of "Deletion".

MrZimmerFan2019-06-06 18:55:52
Vibes from Interstellar, guitar riffs from TASM2, and the ACTION and EPIC from the 90s MV (specially, Crimson Tide)

Goosh, i have such an emotion with the ten minutes of Intimate

2019-06-06 19:04:06
You guys are killing me! Honestly cannot wait to listen to this. Glad to know this has seemingly lived up to the hype (Yet I still need to listen)

Joshua2019-06-06 19:22:26
Its on YouTube.

Joshua2019-06-06 19:37:31
This score is basically if MoS, TASM2, Inferno and Dunkirk had a baby. All in a good way. And "Coda" has a nice "Time' vibe to it.

isildur2019-06-06 22:13:31
Want an extended version of "Coda" NOW!!! It's sooooo good.

badbu reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-06 22:12:25
The score is so so amazing!!! Love it! Now i want the CD with the suites and ideas :D
BTW, i hope we get a making of the score!!!

iamtommie44 reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-06 21:40:59
Everybody's talking about 'Gap' or 'Deletion'. But I can't stop listening to 'Insertion'. This is an action cue from Zimmer that I was waiting for, for quite a long time. The synths, percussion, orchestra & choir all fit perfectly. This a a cue I won't easily forget.

And overall the score in my opinion is amazing. Zimmer does things with the choir that I haven't heard anyone do before. It's amazing how he keeps suprising me.

I have loved every Zimmer score, even in the period when a lot of others have not. Zimmer is and always will be my favorite composer. I can't thank him enough for how he changed my life with his music.

Zimmer you're the best! Thank you so very much!!!!!

Michael Baker reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-06 17:05:26
Pleasantly surprised with this score, to be honest. It sounds like Interstellar reimagined in the Dunkirk style. The Dunkirk, synthy aggressive style seems to have made its mark on a lot of Hans' scores lately.

Kenji reply Replies: 2 || 2019-06-06 09:50:11
Yesterday I went to the premiere and the movie to me was ok - it had some arguable approaches (too many dialogues?) but overall ok; I mostly went for the soundtrack and...
tbh I dind't like how the mixed the whole product. The SFX were really louder than the music in almost every powerful scene - the ones I expected the score to be more prominent, instead it was really in background. To me it felt kinda rushed, it wasn't a masterpiece of mixing. The score it self it was nice and a pleasure, but yeah, the engineering behind it could have been more well crafted. I just hope it will receive a new treatment for the Blu-ray release.

Medigo2019-06-06 10:45:43
Godzilla mixed its music badly too. This better not be a new trend.

(Then again some movies have stupidly been trying to bury its soundtrack for ages)

Mephariel2019-06-06 16:36:39
This has been a new trend for quite a while. Desplat wrote a thousand notes for a Valerian and I couldn't hear any of it because the mixing was so low.

Interstellar reply Replies: 2 || 2019-06-06 15:38:54
The best of Hans since it wish there is Deluxe version with more music.

George2019-06-06 15:42:57
Also some of the ONLY Hans since Dunkirk, I’d which is still debatable. That score? Great. That listening experience? Terrible. I haven’t listened to Dark a Phoenix yet though.

MrZimmerFan2019-06-06 15:46:16
Dunkirk, if you have the mood (and the powerful images of the movie) is listenable.

As for Dark Phoenix, is nice suprise, at least, i have more enjoyment with this than the last score by Zimmer... Widows.

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