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Why would I ever do that ?<br><br><br>Tracklist is the real one... -_-New trailer for the Sonic movie.<br> there any chance of a concert in London?i mean, the page, would you update with the tracklist posted years ago?What.
Un artiste qui a une force mais d'une puissance ! Bravo depuis la France !@Hybrid would you update the complete score with the new tracklist? Thankswhat happened here?. Track 4 Bunker Bust and Track 14 River mission are the exact same track. The game itself has a couple of good themes that didn't make it onto the album.I am really sorry but WHY THERE IS NO CONCERT IN POLAND???Also where I think the "Spidey Theme" listed here is from, since what's on there is basically a slightly expanded "Spidey Logo - Flying" that doesn't quite fit in with length of the scene in the movie.
Before any of the expanded leaks came about, there was this 10 track set that apparently came from promotional materials for the film. While a good chunk of cues are from the final score, 3 seem to be demos that were much harsher in sound. Two of them being the Electro Showdown tracks listed here, which weren't added to the largest set currently out there (that has 2 other tracks from the 10 tk set).<br><br>Of course, there is the website that is forbidden to mention that you can find it on, but I'm sure it's reached other outlets as well if you know where to look. Was going to write about this earlier when the previous set of posts asking similiar questions were made, but I got sidetracked.Would love an instrumental track of thisďThe AlethiometerĒ might be my new favorite track of the year. Those chord progressions scream JNH/Jerry Goldsmith and are pretty similar to Balfeís work on Beyond: Two Souls/Blackwood.<br><br>Iím glad to see this score getting some love, Iíve always been annoyed with how people seem to slam Balfe for his more workmanlike efforts while ignoring the stronger scores he has done over the years.I really like this score. Not a big fan of Balfe, but really enjoy this one.<br><br>And is it me or does The Tales Of Lee Scoresby really sound like Sweetwater from Westworld?Hi,<br><br>the VIP ticket prices are very high and I wonder if a Meet & Greet is included or possible?
Edit: The track "Farewell" is actually the track titled "Unused Source".<br>I've looked for a while now and can't find a track specifically titled "Farewell" that matches the one listed here. Also, both of the alternate versions of the  "Electro Showdown" are evading my search. Do they actually exist?<br>I agree, lovely choir compositions; although I find myself preferring his work on Kyrie simply due to the larger orchestral/instrumental arrangments.Tickets bought!Amazing album!

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Hans ZimmerSteve MazzaroDavid FlemingAndy Page
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicMusic Producer
Dark Phoenix
Label: Fox Music
Length: 67'55 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (1015 votes)
  1. Gap (8:07)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro, David Fleming, Andy Page
  2. Dark (4:27)
    Hans Zimmer, David Fleming
  3. Frameshift (8:15)
    Hans Zimmer, David Fleming, Andy Page
  4. Amity (5:52)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro (Henry Purcell)
  5. Intimate (10:14)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro, David Fleming, Andy Page
  6. Negative (3:58)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro
  7. Deletion (4:51)
    Hans Zimmer, David Fleming, Andy Page
  8. Reckless (9:35)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro
  9. Insertion (7:56)
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro, David Fleming
  10. Coda (4:40)
    Hans Zimmer, David Fleming
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Kenji reply Replies: 2 || 2019-06-06 09:50:11
Yesterday I went to the premiere and the movie to me was ok - it had some arguable approaches (too many dialogues?) but overall ok; I mostly went for the soundtrack and...
tbh I dind't like how the mixed the whole product. The SFX were really louder than the music in almost every powerful scene - the ones I expected the score to be more prominent, instead it was really in background. To me it felt kinda rushed, it wasn't a masterpiece of mixing. The score it self it was nice and a pleasure, but yeah, the engineering behind it could have been more well crafted. I just hope it will receive a new treatment for the Blu-ray release.

Medigo2019-06-06 10:45:43
Godzilla mixed its music badly too. This better not be a new trend.

(Then again some movies have stupidly been trying to bury its soundtrack for ages)

Mephariel2019-06-06 16:36:39
This has been a new trend for quite a while. Desplat wrote a thousand notes for a Valerian and I couldn't hear any of it because the mixing was so low.

Interstellar reply Replies: 2 || 2019-06-06 15:38:54
The best of Hans since it wish there is Deluxe version with more music.

George2019-06-06 15:42:57
Also some of the ONLY Hans since Dunkirk, Iíd which is still debatable. That score? Great. That listening experience? Terrible. I havenít listened to Dark a Phoenix yet though.

MrZimmerFan2019-06-06 15:46:16
Dunkirk, if you have the mood (and the powerful images of the movie) is listenable.

As for Dark Phoenix, is nice suprise, at least, i have more enjoyment with this than the last score by Zimmer... Widows.

Anonymous reply Replies: 2 || 2019-06-06 15:18:46
Listening to it right now though my new zealand Deezer account. It is not bad but no masterpiece either.

It is very synthy and reminds me a lot of Zimmers Spiderman. Lots of synth and electronics with some synth choirs here and lots of synth drumming

Those who will expecting a semi-orchestral epic score in the style of Dark Knight series will be disappointed. There arent themes either except the first track.

Whenever a new Zimmer hits I always get excited but usually disppointed afterwards. I still haven't coped with it that his golden era ended years ago and always hope the next is the one that I am going to love for years to come.

Anonymous2019-06-06 15:27:16
Did it release early in NZ? Just made a Deezer account specifically to listen to it but I can't find it anywhere.

MrZimmerFan2019-06-06 15:44:41
In NZ, is Friday now

Drumpf reply Replies: 2 || 2019-06-05 19:00:39
Does the original X-Men theme (the cue that usually plays during the opening titles) show up anywhere?

badbu 2019-06-05 19:40:27
i see the movie in 20 min. So after that i can tell you :)

badbu 2019-06-05 22:59:29
@Drumpf No! ;)

badbu reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-05 22:58:39
Wow!!! The Score is amazing!!! The movie is also good ;)
For me this is the best Hans since interstellar!

TB reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-05 22:10:33
A very effective music. Pretty much the entire score is based on 5 chord progressions which are taken from Dido's Lament (Dido and Aeneas) by Purcell.

The melodic simplicity goes back to Interstellar, action sequence ostinatos and thunderous rhythmic percussion are reminiscent of The Knight Rises, the choral writing recalls Angels & Demons, and there is one scene in which the tune reminded me of Woad to Ruin from King Arthur.

It's impressive that the whole score is centered around a single motif, which reappears many times (at least 20) throughout the film, while maintaining interest. The rest of the soundtrack is more sound design.

Nick reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-05 21:05:56
Since I as well am too stupid to try and circumvent my country's soundtrack unavailability, can someone enlighten me on prior OSTs Dark Phoenix is similar to in terms of color and creativity? And more broadly, whether or not this is a return to form for Zimmer and co., who was been disappointing me for the past few years? I'm somewhat encouraged by reading all your comments, but I'd also like to be sure for myself.

Mr Mister reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-05 12:45:43
This is where Hans can shine. He is still creative and can come up with awesome ideas. It's a shame he industrialised his sound though, and his judgment has been questionable since 2010. For one, no one takes anything done by Balfe seriously, for example. He is a copycat, at best, if even that.

Mephariel reply Replies: 15 || 2019-06-04 04:53:03
People are raving about "Gap" but for me, "Deletion" is the most inspired cue from all the samples. I love the choral work. A mixture of wonder and fear.

I also love slow and beautiful Zimmer, so "Coda" also fits my cup of time.

I was originally hoping this will be a more blunt force approach, but instead, I got something I also want: thoughtful, serene Zimmer. I am very intrigue by the whole thing.

badbu 2019-06-04 05:55:37
OMG!!! I Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

badbu 2019-06-04 06:05:10
really guys...while im listening to Ądelitionď i cry...Jesus Christ...Hans did it again!!!

HunterTech2019-06-04 07:36:01
Yeah, Deletion and Coda have gotten my attention the most. Certainly makes me more interested in it, since it is a more subtle approach than I would've expected. Was somewhat reminded of TASM2 in the synth department, which does excite me (though I'm definitely not expecting that exact style here).

badbu2019-06-04 07:39:19
for me this is the best hans since interstellar! and this are only the previews! oO can't wait for the full score!!! love it, love it, love it!!!

isildur2019-06-04 09:33:38
Where are you guys listening to the samples? Please, give a me link. Thanks.

Mortifer V.2019-06-04 10:55:50
@isildur iTunes app, US Store

manny manfred2019-06-04 10:56:37
your comments excited me. I can not wait.

isildur2019-06-04 11:17:21
Thank you, Mortifer!

MrZimmerFan2019-06-04 11:20:48
I have incresengly my expectations about this one...

manny manfred2019-06-04 11:40:33
I cannot listen samples, how i can listen samples, im from eu?

Mortifer V.2019-06-04 11:43:22
@manny manfred, i'm from EU too; you need to change the store country to US

@isildur no problem!

Mortifer V.2019-06-04 11:44:34
Although i just checked again, and it works in my country's store too now.

manny manfred2019-06-04 11:50:11
can you send me itunes url?

thevinylrevival2019-06-04 18:47:15
"Gap", "Dark", "Amity", "Deletion" and "Coda" are my personal favorites.

It seems like "Gap" might be the new X-Men theme, while "Dark" is Jean/Dark Phoenix's theme. I'm REALLY happy that the tone of the score is so dark and unsettling. John Powell's theme for Dark Phoenix in The Last Stand was great, capturing the epicness of the Phoenix, but it lacked the element of fear. "Dark" captures that in spades.

God I can't wait for Friday.

nvictor2019-06-05 02:23:11
i agree with Mephariel on Coda looking like a slow and beautiful track. i was finally able to preview it! the roll out seems incremental and i am not sure if being on the east coast matters here.

the soundtrack is ending on a high / hopeful note. and i am trying to remember where i have heard this ending to a soundtrack from HZ before. what i can remember is gladiator's now we are free (without the singing). also, no dunkirk vibe for me, at least not from these previews. but rather a little bit of good old broken arrow in the synth / choir department.

well friday is just not coming fast enough!

Der Profl reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-05 01:26:54
Oh, I'm so hyped when I read what you all are saying about the soundtrack. I am too stupid to listen to the previews of the songs, maybe. But it's just a few days left, so I can wait.

George reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-05 01:06:42
on the FSM forum, Hybrid actually said the 2nd CD is finished and mastered and should still be released. Cmon Hybrid you gotta keep us in the loop over here ;)

Weemo reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-04 19:18:14
I listened to the previews, and they do have an interstellar/inception/dunkirk vibe. Personally I love what I have heard so far from negative. Some of the vocal noises in the background sound a lot like Arrival by Johannson which is awesome.

... reply Replies: 1 || 2019-06-04 11:56:49
Based on the track lengths, could these cues be suites?

Medigo2019-06-04 13:46:39
I should hope not.
I'd accept tracks stitched together, but I still want music thats actually in the movie damnit.

MrZimmerFan reply Replies: 1 || 2019-06-04 11:28:04
If you not know the alternate cover for Europe

http :// /35/51/ fbdeb11241744154.jpg

Der Profl2019-06-04 13:46:02
Looks a bit dissappointing.

George reply Replies: 10 || 2019-06-03 20:08:27
Looks like 10 tracks on the initial release with around a 67 minute runtime, and the shortest track being 3:58 long.

Hybrid Iím assuming thereís going to be a second release or a deluxe release with the suites added as bonus tracks?

Iamtommie442019-06-03 20:32:44
I saw it on iTunes as well.

Longest track is 10:14
And every tracktitle contains of just 1 word

George2019-06-03 20:34:31
I was able to listen to the previews! The first and the last tracks sounded the most compelling, however with such long tracks Iím sure all the good stuff wasnít really in the previews anyway. At least I hope lol.

Jack Afrogarrix 2019-06-03 20:42:13
So 10 Tracks. That's Not bad but i sure that this score will be awsome the return of hans zimmer to the superhero music it like remember It's music of BvS, Man of steel, batman & The amazing spider man 2. But i agree that he pretty sure that he will release an deluxe edition of the score with Bonus tracks & suites from the film.

Iamtommie442019-06-03 20:49:52
How did you listen to the previews?

George2019-06-03 20:53:30
@iamtommie44 - i pre-ordered the album on iTunes and then it let me listen to them.

mpolonest123 2019-06-03 20:56:34
Going by samples...

Very reminiscent of Inferno with the use of electronics, sound design, and heavy emphasis on piano. The female vocals are a great touch, particularly in ďCodaĒ. This has me super curious what kind of experimentation Zimmer did early on in the process.

badbu2019-06-03 21:00:45
@ George from which country? in Germany I can't pre order the album

George2019-06-03 21:01:40
@badbu - United States

badbu 2019-06-03 21:26:48
Thanks! Switching the country doesnĎt help :D

Ahmad2019-06-04 00:11:54
You don't have to pre-order to listen to the samples (I'm using iTunes on my computer).

"Gap" is absolutely amazing - it's the music from the Quicksilver/Space rescue mission clip.
Not gonna listen to any other samples. Want to experience the score with big "IMAX" speakers first.

MrZimmerFan reply Replies: 22 || 2019-05-31 11:21:32
I expect a digital release the same day as the movie opens, the usual stuff

nvictor2019-06-01 16:31:27
this coming week or the one after is my best guess. because Hans is doing a festival the week of the 24th and i am assuming they want to get there a few days before. man... they got us all speculating lol

Anonymous2019-06-01 17:13:23
It is now listed on Hans' artist page on iTunes stores everywhere. Though clicking on the album's title opened nothing at my end. Cover art is visible though. Looks EU's is different from the US one.

badbu2019-06-01 17:21:52
iTunes EU:
Release 07.06.2019
10 Tracks

Anonymous2019-06-01 17:48:09
That seems like way too little tracks for what was foretold.

George2019-06-01 17:49:02
@badbu hmmm interesting with only 10 tracks. That seems to contradict what Hybrid was saying.. unless thereís going to be a deluxe version as well?..

Ahmad2019-06-01 17:56:03
Either there is a deluxe version or the extra tracks are CD exclusive (doubt it tho).
Waiting for things to be officially revealed :)

George2019-06-01 18:02:06
@ahmad or maybe 10 is just the iTunes default track number for something they donít have all the info on? If they really are working done to the last minute, maybe iTunes simply just knows itís coming but doesnít have a track number yet? Who knows. Iím totally speculating lol

Ahmad2019-06-01 18:20:16
Yup. I think things are just being processed and handled - no need to panic.
Hybrid is a reliable source so he definitely wouldn't give us false information.

It's time to update the cover art @Hybrid :D
It's stunning.

Ahmad2019-06-01 18:37:29
Yeah... there are two different covers.
US > EU cover!

Hybrid Soldier2019-06-01 19:01:36
Well the reliable source is, in fact, HZ, not me...

As for the cover, I can't seem to be able to retrieve it in good quality... :/ lol

MrZimmerFan2019-06-01 19:29:57
@Ahmad: the movie has a different title here in Europe. Not a surprise

manny manfred2019-06-01 19:39:02
you guys can you share with us iTunes URL ?

Ahmad 2019-06-01 19:43:54
@MrZimmerFan Yup I seemed to have forgot. I like the EU title but the US artwork and posters are much better.

@Hybrid well you're the messenger lol
Use iTunes artwork finder - the HQ version is 38MB :O

This is the link but it's useless for now. It says "partial album" and "not currently available in the US store"
https:// e-soundtrack /1466309349

Hybrid Soldier2019-06-01 19:56:48
Thanks dude, really helped. Appreciate ! :)

Ahmad2019-06-01 20:38:51
Anytime :)

Ro2019-06-02 06:40:01

Thank you for bringing that artwork finder service to our attention! This is going to make life so much easier for those of us who like to keep a fully tagged digital library!

nvictor2019-06-02 16:31:19
omg US music stores are being shunned. nothing. maybe we deserve it. i can't even see that cover art anywhere in itunes, spotify, amazon music, etc. lol. i hope we don't get a different release date. release the soundtrack people!

MrZimmerFan2019-06-02 18:35:14
@nvictor: I CAN see the cover art, even in US

HunterTech2019-06-03 00:48:59
I see it as well. If anything, I'm more interested to see what the international cover is, since I haven't been able to find that one anywhere, assuming it is correct that it is different.

nvictor2019-06-03 05:21:03
you guys must have some kind of subscription... i see nada. but anyways, happy that some people are seeing it. so impatient, has to be this week.

MrZimmerFan2019-06-03 10:14:16
@nvictor: Nop, only download the app, searching Hans Zimmer (any country) and there here is.

Ahmad2019-06-04 00:09:51
@Ro You're welcome :) Can't believe know one here used it before lol. Let's hope it stays functional with all the changes Apple are making.

gap reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-03 22:54:06
Gap has an appealing idea but the rest of the cue samples were kind of boring. I'm much more interested in the suites!

Jack Afrogarrix reply Replies: 2 || 2019-06-03 21:26:47
I got The tracklist details for itunes store from The soundtrack that i now available to pre-order now in us and europe too and you guys are right the score has 10 tracks

1.Gap 8:07
2.Dark 4:27
3.Frameshift 8:15
4.Amity 5:52
5.Intimate 10:14
6.Negative 3:58
7.Deletion 4:51
8.Reckless 9:35
9.Insertion 7:56
10.Coda 4:40

badbu 2019-06-03 21:36:57
arrgggh i canĎt see it on iTunes :D

MrZimmerFan2019-06-03 21:57:54
Go to New Zealand store

Mephariel reply Replies: 1 || 2019-06-02 04:33:47
As someone who loves Blue Planet II, melodic Zimmer wasn't that long of ago for me. Before that, it was Hidden Figures, which I also loved.

George2019-06-02 06:11:40
But to be fair, BP2, and HF arenít primarily Zimmer scores. Those are more his ďmain themeĒ contributions and then someone else composed the rest of the score.

Iamtommie44 reply Replies: 3 || 2019-06-01 23:24:49
On Filmmusicreporter it says digital release this friday 7th of June. With a CD version in the works!

Hans Zimmer2019-06-02 00:00:15
http: // fox-music-to-release-dark-phoenix-soundtrack/

Ahmad2019-06-02 00:42:28
So basically, they know as much as we do :P

George2019-06-02 01:38:10
Lol seriously. Seems the only one who knows everything is the man himself. Hybrid hadnít even heard anything from it as of yesterday!

Glad everyone on here and the Facebook page is starting to feel some serious anticipation for this one. I knew ahead of time Dunkirk wouldnít be amazing melodically, so I can honestly say I havenít been this excited for an HZ score since Interstellar. That was FIVE years ago! Itís been way too long.

Jack Afrogarrix reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-01 19:54:51
I check the apple page, but it only available in canada. But i got a question, so what is the record label is going to be released the score?

badbu reply Replies: 4 || 2019-06-01 14:08:38 GqLVKyZe8Tk

the cues in the beginning are amazing!!!

manny manfred2019-06-01 15:39:47
first cue is like Dunkirk - Supermarine, Hans has started making very strange compositions for the last 4 years, most of them are the same.

Anonymous2019-06-01 15:55:02
agreed. I hear Dunkirk. with a dash of BvS

nvictor2019-06-01 16:29:11
i hear a rise which is common in many compositions. the only thing common with supermarine here is the pattern. but i could be wrong.

if anything, it would be nice to point out the exact parts that sound similar to dunkirk or BvS so we can all learn.

Ahmad2019-06-01 17:00:22
Itís so good! Yes, similar to Supermarine but definitely not the same.
I think itís normal for composers to explore past ideas and expand them on other projects. Itís different enough.

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2019-06-01 12:53:30
who is the orchestrator ?

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 22 || 2019-05-26 17:49:52
So, info about the OST. It's gonna be 2 CDs. First CD will be film score. Second will be more suites & ideas (as I told you Hans wrote a lot of music within the past 1.5 year). No release date yet, but you bet they are rushing to have it ready in 10 days...

Ahmad2019-05-26 17:58:15
Two CDs?! :O
Wish he had done this for another film that I won't name for the sake of not derailing this thread which begged for an extended release - oh well, Hans.

His music hyped me to see the movie and the Quicksilver clip sounds incredible. I can't wait.

mpolonest123 2019-05-26 18:42:37

So glad to see this get the MoS treatment, Iím sure that there will be plenty of great cues in film missing from the album (as usual with any Zimmer release) but having the suites and experimentations has me very excited!

MrZimmerFan2019-05-26 18:45:13
The label?

Between this and KOTM... OMG

iamtommie442019-05-26 18:45:49
This sounds like good news. I always love Suites!!!!

Let's hope is does come in 10 days!

nvictor2019-05-26 23:26:13
great news!

Mephariel2019-05-27 06:29:28
Great News! Can't wait to hear this.

badbu 2019-05-27 15:23:16
Nice!!! canĎt wait for it!

George2019-05-28 15:20:54
This is incredible news.. Iím just curious, when is the last time we got a double CD split between score and suites? I know MOS was that way, and you have that Pirates Collection disc 4 that has suites only... is there anything else?

(Iím probably missing something obvious lol)

mpolonest123 2019-05-28 15:40:57
Only thing I can think of is Interstellar with the Illuminated Star Edition.

Peter Parker2019-05-28 16:55:17

George2019-05-28 17:51:48
Okay so either way itís been almost 5 years since a release like this. And all three of those scores are classics (including TASM2). Definitely excited for this release.

MrZimmerFan2019-05-29 21:43:03
Interstellar and MOS are MUCH better than TASM2. IMHO

mpolonest123 2019-05-30 03:45:37
So apparently the entire ending was reshot to move the final battle from space to Earth and keep things on a more ďpersonalĒ level.

I wonder if Hans had scored the original version of the film and had to keep reworking it as they made the various changes (which definitely explains why heís been working on it for so long)

Anonymous2019-05-30 03:49:34
either that or the whole thing had the james cameron treatment and itís a hodgepodge of pre-existing material

Hybrid Soldier2019-05-30 13:28:45
As I said, Hans wrote hours & hours of music for that film. So, whatever version there was, he scored it...

George2019-05-30 18:28:07
Hybrid have you heard anything from the score? I miss the days where you were able to upload snippets of the music here on the site lol.

Hybrid Soldier2019-05-30 19:52:18
No I haven't ! And the score was in mastering process yesterday actually... But yes, I miss those days too... :/ :)

Ahmad2019-05-30 23:27:10
Damn! Do they always work on scores this close to release? (film release and OST). I miss the days when we got info, art and track lists early.

Hybrid Soldier2019-05-30 23:59:56
"Do they always work on scores this close to release?"

Definitely... not... lol

Anonymous2019-05-31 00:21:51
well if youíre Steve Jablonsky and Michael bay you do lol

nvictor2019-05-31 03:42:48
ah man... so much secrecy around this one lol

ThePhantasm2019-05-31 05:25:06
I still canít believe thereís no info at all or so even snippet of songs like there usually is for Hans Zimmer scores or just scores in general

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