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Maulís Call, Empire Recruitment, End Credits Suite, etc. <br><br>This release looks amazing! :Othis is awesome!!!!Pemberton is probably the most obvious choice right now. I would definitely love to see Pemberton score this oneYep, I received the news too.<br>Antwerp Sportpaleis is now scheduled on 23rd February 2022, a Wednesday !<br>Tour postponed to 2022 :'(
Asides, Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy, dosen't sound like the two Jumanji written by Jackman, by anymeans, and in prefer those two scores over his Uncharted material, altough i like both.If you want a Silvestrian-type of action... Edmonson's action writting in the three Uncharted are terrific, specially Among the Thieves and Drake's Deception.i think Uncharted 4 and 2 have the best score. U2 is amazing in all regards but I hope Henry does the movie cause he's better at writing action musicIf is Paramount, expect a digital release, but this people is certainly very difficult to guess...A exclusive clip from the film where some of Zimmer's score can be heard<br><br>Loving the short synth part at the very start
It sounds a JP theme. But also sounds like HZ did arrangements of it. The beginning of "shifu's end" kind of sounds like one.  The HZ/Jackman cues for the "splits" and "battle for the scroll" which use it are good, fun cues - but they're kind of awkward and stop/start compared to JP's smoother, more confident arrangements. And they notably don't use the whole theme only fragmented bits where as the JP/Smith cues "prison", "the bridge", "shifu's end" make use of the entire theme and sound more comfortable with the frenetic orchestra material. Just my opinion though.<br>Jungleland is getting released in cinemas and on streaming Nov. 6 and 10 respectively. I hope Lorne's score gets a release alongside it, as the film sounds like it has some good scoring potential.Well, the two scores by Jackman are good, neither as good as Edmonson's previous work in the franchise, if Naughty Dog have to choose a composer, Edmonson is my choice.<br><br>As for comparations with Tom's Tomb Raider, remember, this franchise is a more classical adventure than a survival action.If he's one of Jackman's best,I hope naughty dog &#8203;&#8203;will hire him again. I just hope that the film does not present a score as loose as Tom's tomb raidervery excited!!!<br>@hybrid theme by hans and the rest david? :P
The soundtrack to Uncharted 4 in my opinion is one of the best Henry has done along with first class. I hope and pray he does the movie although I have no hope for that film. But unfortunately the director likes to work with Ludwig so I donít think Henry will do it. But I pray he doesMilan Records is going to release it, they said it in his Twitter.But Rupert's Scores are always good!Rupert's scores for Adam Sandler comedies are almost never released...<br><br>With reason, it's usually 50 cues, 30 sec each !Not always, they released Hubie Halloween last week (which was scored by Rupert Gregson-Williams) and it recieved no score release.

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Steve JablonskyMatthew MargesonJacob SheaNathan Whitehead
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Gangster Squad (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 70'22 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (704 votes)
  1. Opening - Meet Mickey (2:26)
  2. Save The Blonde (3:13)
  3. Bathtub Oath (0:51)
  4. Fire - You're Talking To God (1:37)
  5. War For The Soul Of LA (1:21)
  6. Going After Mickey (0:53)
  7. Choosing The Squad (2:48)
  8. Cohen Threatens Reporter (0:21)
  9. Cohen & Dragna (1:34)
  10. When Do We Start? (Part 1) (0:41)
  11. When Do We Start? (Part 2) (0:29)
  12. Crashing The Casino (1:14)
  13. Pete Killed (3:52)
  14. Burbank Jail Breakout (2:30)
  15. Dragna Killed (0:51)
  16. Planting The Wire (2:19)
  17. Car Chase (3:19)
  18. You Know The Drill (1:07)
  19. Don't Go (1:29)
  20. Boxing Video (0:56)
  21. Identifying The Wire (0:58)
  22. Nightclub Raid (0:35)
  23. Everybody Out (0:25)
  24. Cohen Beats The Cop (0:24)
  25. Coordinating The Response (2:21)
  26. I Need You On The Wire Tonight (0:32)
  27. Cliftons (1:10)
  28. Chinatown (4:21)
  29. Keeler Killed (0:42)
  30. Drive By Grace - Jack's Escape - Keeler's Body (3:04)
  31. Connie Lives (1:54)
  32. My Dad's Dead - Train Station Goodbye (1:37)
  33. Grace Is Alive (1:06)
  34. Let's Finish It (1:38)
  35. Serving The Warrant (7:31)
  36. Fist Fight - The End (4:06)
  37. Gangster Squad Theme (2:58)
  38. Don't Go (Alternate) (1:28)
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T-Mann046 reply Replies: 0 || 2020-02-12 23:17:31
I've been waiting for this for a very long time. Gonna listen to it right now.


The Gangster Squad complete score was great overall.© 2001-2018 OST 
Gangster Squad (Complete Score) soundtrack - Steve Jablonsky 2013