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Any idea about Bobby's credits here Hybrid? ASCAP doesn't list anything for the specific album cues and I got no idea what to search for regarding session names. Bobby is credited on the "Outlander Theme" though, so does that mean that every cue with the main theme present he should be credited?If you have no idea what exactly Flood contributed to the cues then theres not much reason to be sad about it.Credits for Jay Flood taken from his soundcloud: <br><br>Divine Magic Kingdom (Prelude)<br>Blessing (Annette Raleigh Theme)<br>Wonderland (Mark Theme)<br><br>Kind of sad to see "Blessing" and "Wonderland" were at least partially composed by Flood instead of Jablonsky, as those were the most rich, unique, and impressively composed.Some credits for Jay Flood taken from his soundcloud: Flashback, and Flying Battle<br><br>Sadly no credits for Pieter A. Schlosser that I've been able to find...The greatest thing that could happen, if Katsuhiro Otomo, who returns after very long 15 years break, reunited with Steve for his new anime «Orbital Era». I don't know the story behind the creation of «Steamboy» and how Steve get that job, but this was one of the best works of Jablosnky and my favorite. <br><br>It could be the greatest joy to hear Steve in full-orchestral mod and in anime-project like this.<br><br>I know, that all of this is a long shot and almost imposible, but you never know how things could turn.
Sure thing. PM me on YouTube, I'll send you  the link :)I am still surprised that "X-SS" isn't inserted into "Gap." That is easily the best iteration of the main theme.This is seems like HBO wanting to get Djawadi and couldn't get him so they get the guy next door. <br><br>Honestly, they should have gone for Wallfisch or Harry Gregson-Williams (probably too busy with Mulan).Poor Micheal thinks Mikeal's response is simple disagreement when it contains sentences like;<br><br>"Also film music doesn’t have to sound like it’s from the 1960’s all the time." Implying that's the only music Edmund likes.<br><br>Also, poor Micheal thinks pages can't have any other discussion other than the movies on them! (Plus, considering the fact that Balfe does do projects in a short time span all the time, it's not exactly negative to point out that producers hire him for that task too much.)Poor Edmund thinks disagreeing is having a go !thought this page was about crawl and the music by Aruj and Steffen????they did a great job and the film was fun.
Been a while since one of Balfe's paid (or unpaid?) shills had a go at me. I'm almost nostalgic. :pEdmund maybe listen and watch the show first before being negative about it?Nice strawmanning there MikealTypical Edmund response!!<br>Balfe doesn’t always write the most amazing scores but when he does it’s the best.if Balfe was only “good enough” why do the world top directors want to work with him ????????<br>Also film music doesn’t have to sound like it’s from the 1960’s all the time.Balfe seems to choose projects that don’t always require big melodies all the time.Zaras a girl and I agree with Edmund there is some sine signals and noise in the upper register that is noticeable in some cues. But that's the nature of the media it was recorded on. <br><br>You could use a spectral repair tool and non-destructive noise removal tool to fix them, such as those found in iZotope RX<br>
so only you can hear it eh? Zaralyth? that you? lolWhile I'm sure the Lorne haters will be unhappy, I was very excited today to learn that Mr. Balfe is composing the score for the BBC's new "His Dark Materials" series (adaption of the same book that guided the 2007 film "The Golden Compass", composed by Desplat). I think there might actually be enough emotional material in this project to have Lorne finally write some melodies again! :)Has anyone noticed a high-pitched whining in the background of some tracks? It's particularly bad in the mid-section of "Witt in Brig/Tall and Quintard", from about 4 minutes onwards. It's such a high frequency that I bet a lot of people wouldn't hear it (including the QA team at LLL, I guess), but I can and it's really debilitating.Great work, Macejko. Do you have a lossless link for this?Yeah it's an underwhelming choice for me. Balfe feels like the guy you get when you want "good enough", or when you need a score turned over in a really short time. Doesn't speak to much ambition on the showrunners' part when it comes to the music in this series. I'm sure it won't be bad, but I doubt it will be amazing.

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Transformers - The Last Knight (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 195'18 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (97 votes)
  1. Opening Battle (1:42)
  2. Merlin (0:29)
  3. Merlin Gets The Staff - Battle Won (3:07)
  4. Troubled Times (1:55)
  5. No-Go Zone - Kids (3:29)
  6. Sqweeks - Canopy (2:22)
  7. Canopy Death (0:40)
  8. Cade Arrival (1:17)
  9. Knight Gives Cade Medal Disk - Cade Captured (2:27)
  10. Stand Down (1:46)
  11. That Voice (0:52)
  12. Barricade - Megatron (0:38)
  13. Quintessa (Part 1) (1:07)
  14. Quintessa (Part 2) (1:31)
  15. Cade Driving Amulet (0:58)
  16. Polo (0:44)
  17. Vivian Arrives At Museum (0:27)
  18. Vivian Museum (1:07)
  19. Quintessa (Part 3) - Optimus Redemption (0:58)
  20. Cade's Junkyard (0:45)
  21. Talisman (The Medal) (1:00)
  22. No Home (0:58)
  23. Too Tough To Share (1:32)
  24. Horns From Hell (Part 1) (1:09)
  25. Horns From Hell (Part 2) (0:23)
  26. Dad (1:25)
  27. Megatron Montage Front (1:37)
  28. The Tank - Megatron Names His Crew - TRF Plans (3:38)
  29. We Hunt (Decepticons Hunt) (1:46)
  30. Izzy & Cade Fix Voicebox (1:21)
  31. Lennox Mounts Up - Code Red (2:13)
  32. Standoff - TRF - Cade (1:25)
  33. Megatron Has Sqweeks - Put Him Down (1:24)
  34. Drone Chase (5:08)
  35. Cade Meets Cogman - Chosen (2:18)
  36. One True Night - Quintessa (Part 1) (0:22)
  37. Freak Anomaly (0:41)
  38. One True Night - Quintessa (Part 2) (1:00)
  39. Father's Study - Car Abduction (3:05)
  40. Cade & Bee Arrive At Burton's (0:52)
  41. Keep A Secret - Viv Arrives At Castle Folgen (1:22)
  42. American Man - Viv & Cade Talk To Burton (1:13)
  43. Witwiccans - Nazis - Battle Memories (4:24)
  44. Every Myth (0:53)
  45. Roundtable Organ Source - Cogman Choir (2:10)
  46. The Staff (2:26)
  47. Better Get Cracking (5:01)
  48. Planetary Vampirism (1:21)
  49. Vivian Follows Merlin - Car Chase (2:54)
  50. HMS Alliance (0:54)
  51. Too Old (2:19)
  52. Underwater (3:16)
  53. Burton Visits The Prime Minister (1:12)
  54. Submarine (1:59)
  55. Two Moons (2:03)
  56. Slimy Staff Search (0:42)
  57. Merlin's Tomb (3:19)
  58. Space Station (0:38)
  59. Claim The Staff (3:37)
  60. Ship Rise - Top Side Fight (Prime VS Bee) (2:46)
  61. Your Voice - Knighted (4:34)
  62. Shut It Down (2:46)
  63. Soldiers Take Position - Burton Dies (2:29)
  64. Back In The Tank - Quintessa Shoots Blue Light (1:00)
  65. Crush Zone - Prison Ship Hangar (1:29)
  66. Fly With Me (0:46)
  67. Ospreys (1:49)
  68. Gunfire (3:44)
  69. Dante - Prime Kills Dante (1:57)
  70. We Have To Go - Zero Gravity (5:21)
  71. Fall & Grab - Ending (3:16)
  72. Unicron (0:57)
  73. Sacrifice Suite (6:47)
  74. The Coming Of Cybertron Suite (4:59)
  75. Merlin's Staff Suite (5:49)
  76. Stay & Fight Suite (6:26)
  77. Izzy Suite (4:00)
  78. Purity Of Heart Suite (3:34)
  79. Seglass Ni Tonday Suite (6:27)
  80. Quintessa Suite (6:37)
  81. Vivian Suite (3:53)
  82. We Have To Go Suite (5:49)
  83. Sir Edmund Burton Suite (4:10)
  84. Father's Study (Alternate) (1:10)
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GermanRCPFan reply Replies: 8 || 2019-07-19 18:26:44
Finally! It would be nice to have composers credits

johny5552019-07-19 20:35:59
oh yes please, including Balfe - don´t start yelling, I´m just really curious who did what

Hybrid Soldier2019-07-19 20:39:24
Cuesheet is blank.

Mr.Unbreakable2019-07-19 21:31:22
Use your hybrid skills to unravel the mysteries of the score.

Scorefan2019-07-19 22:06:36
@Hybrid is this the combination of FYC promotional score + official release by LLL?

Hybrid Soldier2019-07-20 10:28:01
Yes it is because the FYC is horrible... The OST is what Steve & co wrote. The FYC is what came out of the Music Editing Factory, which I don't dig at all. Lots of micro edits & transformations Steve probably didn't even hear... lol

Real final mixes would look like the OST, not like the FYC...

superultramegaa2019-07-20 15:34:59
I'm just curious why there's so much dead air in the FYC tracks. Cues like "Shut it Down", "Burton Visits Prime Minister", or "Megatron has Squeeks" just have nothing to them!

No themes to speak of besides one horn blast of "Quintessa", no interesting melodies, or rhythm, just dead electronics and weak-feeling drums and strings which really doesn't fit in with the series' style. Not even the fourth movies'.

Anonymous2019-07-20 18:31:34
how about credits for the LLL set then?

johny5552019-07-21 14:02:10
yea, that should be enough for me© 2001-2018 OST 
Transformers - The Last Knight (Complete Score) soundtrack - Steve Jablonsky 2017