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@Hybrid, will you make the Scoob Page?Perhaps "The Cistern (Alternate)" is the album version. The music I heard in the film is not 100% the same with the track I heard in the OST.Dang I cant wait to hear the Alternate 'Cistern' cueVinyl only...How dumb can you getLol, you’re right! I though that was Rambo III climbing the cliffs for a moment.
LLL made MI 1 Complete. So they are trying to make MI 2 Complete. That could move Varese to make MI 3 Complete. But studio (Disney) don't want it.Use the Wayback Machine on - it's all there! :)@Zimson<br>404 not found dudeWhy would a studio allow a vinyl release but no CD or digital release? That's utter nonsense. Almost like they're refusing to make money.Any clue on where to find this Complete Score?
.. and people wonder why there's "bootlegs" out there...Next time, we can expect a wax cylinder release... :(@Jerry<br><br>At the Film Score Monthly message board, MV said that La La Land has been trying to release this one for years but got shot down by the studio. So sadly, a CD release won't happen for nowNo.Any chance of a CD or Digital release?
Yes, is coming this Friday, confirmed by TomI really like this score performed by tom holkenborg of the netflix series "White Lines" and my favorite track is "Infinity" which it was awsome and great dance music i ever heard.<br><br>Btw are any news from the Scoob! Original score by tom holkenborg coming out this friday, right?Time to buy a record player guys!<br><br>Honestly couldn't be more happy about this.yes yes yes!!! the best MI Score :) can't wait!If I saw that cover art without the title text, the MI franchise would have been about the last thing that'd cross my mind. >_<

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Atli ÖrvarssonClaudio OlacheaSatnam RamgotraHilda (Thórhildur) Örvarsdóttir
ComposerAdditional MusicMusicianVocals
Bilal - A New Breed Of Hero (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 102'32 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (446 votes)
  1. Opening (5:15)
  2. Waking Up (0:57)
  3. City Of Makkah (1:13)
  4. Okba (1:15)
  5. Charlatan Market (1:43)
  6. Chasing Chicken (1:01)
  7. Safwan Bullies Ghufaira (4:29)
  8. Slave Trade (1:41)
  9. Whip Him (2:14)
  10. No Chains (4:15)
  11. Bilal The Horseman (3:42)
  12. Apple Hunter (1:25)
  13. Beggar Boy (2:13)
  14. Lord Of Merchants (3:44)
  15. Umayya's Construction (3:11)
  16. Bilal Fetches Safwan (1:28)
  17. Meet Sohaib (1:54)
  18. Distant Shadows (2:07)
  19. Desert Eagle (1:17)
  20. Hamza (3:30)
  21. A Noble Man (2:41)
  22. Equals (3:45)
  23. Sand Hubal (2:47)
  24. Chains Already Off (1:16)
  25. You Might Still Die (2:13)
  26. The Stone (4:23)
  27. The Feather (2:01)
  28. Pick Up Stick (1:43)
  29. As We Practiced (0:50)
  30. Nightmare (1:02)
  31. Madina (4:52)
  32. Makkah Burns (2:56)
  33. Blood Coin (1:44)
  34. From All Evil (1:57)
  35. Battle (Part 1) (3:35)
  36. Battle (Part 2) (2:09)
  37. Battle (Part 3) (2:30)
  38. Slave! (2:24)
  39. After The Fight (2:03)
  40. Hamza's Lament (3:40)
  41. Act Of Morality (1:38)
  42. Inspire Mankind (2:12)
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Bilal - A New Breed Of Hero (Complete Score) soundtrack - Atli Örvarsson 2016