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May know how to downloaddamn it would be kinda awesome and hilarious if Lorne Balfe got Lorne Balfe’d LOLYeah 100% fake... And there was HJ rumor on Black Widow sometimes last year, so if you do the math...Henry doesn't have an official Instagram. It looks like you are referring to the account "henry0262020" which appears to be a fake account, to the best of my knowledge.Henry Jackman is now Black Widow's composer, apparently in his instagram, posted a photo
Hah! Knew it. FYI, I'm not smoking anything. I don't smoke, and I abhor anyone who does.Oh interesting. When I said "refined his sound," I didn't mean that he was still trying to find his voice. This score absolutely exudes the qualities that make his work so appealing. You simply managed to put what I was trying to say in better terms. I'm definitely happy to give this one more goes in the future, but I remain more partial to some of the other installments.This is easily my favorite X-Men score, but I do agree there is a bit of an...*odd* feel to it sometimes. The impression I get is that Powell was reeeaallly pushing himself to write the most dense and complex and ambitious score he could, and I think he may have overreached a tad. There's definitely a big contrast between this score and the much tighter, more focused sound he was bringing in his action music from a couple years prior, like Paycheck or The Bourne Supremacy. I wouldn't say he "hadn't quite refined his sound yet" - this isn't Face/Off, his voice was pretty well established by this point - but he was trying to develop it a bit faster than it was naturally going to go.<br><br>At the same time, I love how this score goes for broke, and I hate to fault a composer for too much ambition. "Phoned in" is the LAST thing this score is. But Powell would iron out the kinks and by How to Train Your Dragon he was writing a score that was just as complex, but wore the complexity a bit more naturally than X3."There is nothing musically interesting in [Ottman's] X-Men scores except the main titles."<br><br>As if I didn't need a reminder that this place can house some ludicrous opinions sometimes (no offense intended there).<br><br>The Last Stand barely cracks the top 5 of X-Men scores for me, if only because I love the themes and it carries a lot of nostalgia for me. It's pretty clear imo that this score was at a point when Powell hadn't quite refined his sound yet. I wouldn't call it phoned in whatsoever, but it's easy to get lost at points when I'm listening to the full thing. But the highlights are too great for me to call it middling either, so it barely gets a solid grade in my book. <br><br>I'm likely in the minority when I say I actually prefer Dark Phoenix. It's much more solid as a whole product.I like the tracks
Wow!!!Still my favorite score from the X-Men series.Not too stoked on Powell, but the way Ottman's able to squander a good theme makes him close to the bottom of the barrel in my book. There is nothing musically interesting in his X-Men scores except the main titles.I don't know what you're smoking but you need to get off it. In the way is this phoned in, the orchestration and everything about it is perfect. No score for X-men has come close to this one except maybe X2That recording footage makes it all the more baffling to me why the end product sounds the way it does.
I understand the comments about the orchestra sounding like samples by some of the comments?<br><br>If you follow his Twitter you see the BBC orchestra recording the soundtrack.Season two is cool and Balfe’s music is bigger that season 1.Bit choirs also.I love Hillbilly also but it sounds very familiar just with different guitar instruments.Paradise is so emotional and sonically more interesting to me at leastI find Hillbilly more engaging than Paradise, even much interesting dramatic cues.Memorial is heart wrenching.<br>Definitely up there for this years scores.Fantastic music but Balfe and Zimmer.You can hear their different styles in this music.<br>Very beautiful soundtrack

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Lorne BalfeMax ArujSteffen ThumSteven Davis
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
Ad Astra
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Length: 126'48 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (1269 votes)
  1. To The Stars (3:30)
    Max Richter
  2. Encounter (5:18)
    Max Richter
  3. Cosmic Drone Gateway (2:57)
    Max Richter
  4. I Put All That Away (3:27)
    Max Richter
  5. A Trip To The Moon (4:36)
    Max Richter
  6. Terra Incognita (2:49)
    Max Richter
  7. Ex Luna Scientia - Requiem (5:17)
    Max Richter
  8. Journey Sequence (3:20)
    Max Richter
  9. The Rings Of Saturn (2:57)
    Max Richter
  10. The Wanderer (4:50)
    Max Richter
  11. Erbarme Dich (3:38)
    Max Richter
  12. Forced Entry (2:27)
    Max Richter
  13. Preludium (4:02)
    Max Richter
  14. Resonantia (3:00)
    Max Richter
  15. Let There Be Light (2:18)
    Max Richter
  16. Ursa Minor - Visions (3:14)
    Max Richter
  17. Event Horizon (6:13)
    Max Richter
  18. Musurgia Universalis (3:05)
    Max Richter
  19. You Have To Let Me Go (5:57)
    Max Richter
  20. Tuesday (Voiceless) (21:07)
    Max Richter
  21. Opening (2:37)
    Lorne Balfe
  22. Briefing (2:32)
    Lorne Balfe
  23. Space Journey (2:39)
    Lorne Balfe
  24. Rover Ride (2:51)
    Lorne Balfe
  25. Pirate Attack (2:48)
    Lorne Balfe
  26. Orbs (3:44)
    Lorne Balfe
  27. Underground Lake (2:15)
    Lorne Balfe
  28. Trip To Neptune (5:02)
    Lorne Balfe
  29. Says (8:17)
    Nils Frahm
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scoregod96 reply Replies: 0 || 2019-11-08 00:09:43
Beautiful Score!

Cercei reply Replies: 17 || 2019-10-19 17:19:10
"The Wanderer", "Event Horizon", "You Have To Let Me Go" and "Tuesday (Voiceless)" = WOW WOW WOW!!!

Cercei2019-10-19 17:19:25
i haven't understood the fact, that Lorne was involved in this. Can someone explain it for me? Was the director not satisfied with Richters music? Was the deadline too near? Or what was the reason why they have brought Lorne to this project?

MrZimmerFan2019-10-19 17:21:12
Was the producers

Cercei2019-10-19 17:59:45
thanks for your information. but i actually don't understand why they have done that. i've heard now Lornes cues and Richters cues. all those cues from Lorne, they sound very similiar to that what Richter composed, but somehow with less melodies. And you really have to work hard to not use fewer melodies then Richter, as he's a minimalist at its best ^^ with that being said, i can't hear any groundbreaking differences from Lornes part, so what was their idea on hiring it and getting the same style of music, but in a more "light" version? :/

mills2019-10-20 06:03:44
Richter did his recording in january and june 2019. The Director himself is a fan of Richter, so the deadline and director are not the reason.
It seemed that producers were not satisfied with Richter's music and they wanted something new, that's why they got Lorne. It turned out Lorne brought a very limited new...

Anonymous2019-10-20 06:56:11
I really liked Richter’s score over balfes

Thomas2019-10-20 15:47:11
Balfe’s part is the best I think.
It also seems written to picture instead of just long suites.
My understanding is the Balfe wrote half of the score but the album doesn’t seem to represent that for some reason.

Anderson2019-10-20 16:40:30
I can't imagine how someone likes Balfe's part over Richters. As you said Thomas, Richters work sounds more like suites, and Balfes work is written more to picture. BUT, it sounds to me also like a typical RCP-work with Hans. While Hans gives the direction with his suites and melodies, Balfe and co are adapting those suites to the specific scenes and writing some "new" stuff to fill any gap if there is any need of it, so they become additional composers in the credits.

And here, we have the same. Richter shows the direction and some cues are real intense and beautiful. Balfes parts sounding like a gap-filler. I don't want to talk bad about Balfe, he's a composing machine, but still i can't find anything remarkable on those parts and so i can't understand how Richters work hasn't been used but instead the more colorless cues from Balfes part :/

Again, don't feel insulted guys, it's just my sensation

Aplusle2019-10-21 02:25:52
Don't feel bad. You've just summed up why Hans and Lorne make a good team. Lorne is by all accounts a fantastic arranger and can bring out the best in others' ideas but I sometimes find his own compositions are a bit basic or leave me cold. Hans on the other hand always nails the theme and the concept but his scoring to picture to me feels clunky and a bit amateurish, especially when the music is dense.

Both super talented in their own ways. :-)

Edmund Meinerts2019-10-21 10:07:09
Aplusle, that's really well put actually.

PaulH2019-10-21 14:38:58
Balfe is a great arranger but an even better composer.Beyond Two Souls is still one of the best game soundtracks.

Anderson2019-10-21 15:11:56
No one is mentioning "Says" from Nils Frahm. What a masterpiece of music. Love how it develops and getting so emotional even with that futuristic sound-effect. One of the highlights of this score, with those tracks Cerbei mentioned.

PaulH2019-10-21 16:10:33
The Nils Frahm track was released years ago

Aplusle2019-10-21 19:32:30
Thanks Edmund.

@PaulH I am not meaning to say that Balfe cannot compose good music. There are compositions that I like: the Picasso theme is creative and well-written. Just that I find his arrangements of others more compelling usually than his own material.

An example that is good of this is kung fu panda. His arrangements of themes are really fun and energetic. In the third one he writes the "father and son" theme, it's okay but it's harmonically basic and the melody is unmemorable. Contrast to Hans: the Po theme and Spirit theme are precise, fun, harmonically clever, and memorable. But his score cues sometimes feel lacking: his transitions are clunky, the bridge material is uncreative and basic.

It must be so much fun to work on those projects together. Coming up with idea and hearing what someone can turn it into, or getting to play with someone's idea without the pressure of starting from scratch.

Hybrid Soldier2019-10-21 19:43:13
"In the third one he writes the "father and son" theme, it's okay but it's harmonically basic and the melody is UNMEMORABLE"

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand your whole analysis falls flat right there ! :P

jaa2019-11-06 23:21:32
The reason Lorne Balfe was recruited late was to supplement the movie's new cut opening after the poor test screenings last year. Everything that Lorne scored was the revised act within and prior to the moon sequence in which in the original cut, Jaime Kennedy's character Peter Bello was there but there was no real contribution on his character's part to Pitt's character or the pace of the movie so adios Peter in the released version. Thus now we have in the final cut a new moon scene with the lunar pirate chase sequence, more Ruth Negga scenes, and that sneaking into the ship part. Also the ending was revised to be more hopeful. Lorne did well with was workable as always!

HunterTech2019-11-07 01:52:10
Where did this information come from? I see no recent articles discussing it. All I read besides the changed ending was that Pitt wasn't involved with the reshoots, so I'm not sure if any of that would contradict the one bit of info we had prior.

Jaa2019-11-07 21:36:21
Reddit as always delivers this info. People who saw the test screening compared it with the released version. As I mention, before Jaime Kennedy's character was in the original cut however like I said there was no contribution to his part in the story so he got cut out of the film. The ending was changed in the reshoot with a stand-in however as of yesterday the 4k bluray will have the original ending as part of the 2 deleted scenes. Ruth Negga's character was a better opinion to connect to Pitt's character and as such the interaction was what gave a quicker pace to the story. To be fair, viewers mentioned that the original cut was more BORING and the re shoots were done to put some type of action to gain the audience's interest. The music was nice though so at least there was something right!

Mr.Unbreakable reply Replies: 0 || 2019-10-29 03:59:22
I have the feeling that Lorne's parts in Ad Astra and Gits share to some extent the same soul. (Ad astra is more astral while Gits is more commercial)

Yous reply Replies: 2 || 2019-10-21 14:01:07
I'd be very interested to hear the supposed Balfe complete score to picture where he apparently sought to elevate it, as someone here put it. The Richter is pitch-perfect and works massively well to picture and, not dissing Balfe at all, his stuff is literally 'additional music' to fill the gaps.

Mr.Unbreakable2019-10-21 14:16:20
Last night I was talking to Lorne, and he told me that in principle there is intention to release the full score.

Michea2019-10-21 14:31:43
I must have watched another movie in regards to Balfe filling in the gaps - that makes no sense?The soundtrack released seems not to relate to what was actually used in the film.Balfe “gap” music is featured much more and works brilliantly

mpolonest123 reply Replies: 5 || 2019-10-19 17:34:10
Really surprised at this album, I’ve never really heard anything from Max Richter but I really like what he ended up writing for this score. It surprisingly flows well for a stand alone listen. It’s funny that the producers wanted a different approach, I think Richter nailed it.

Balfe’s contribution is excellent as well, I particularly like that repeating chord progression (which is starting to become one of his trademarks considering how many times he has used it). It’s disappointing that they didn’t include more of his contribution though, since he apparently rewrote the entire score.

Cercei2019-10-19 17:56:14
i really admire Max Richters work, he isn't that new in this scene. his style is that repeating minimalism. maybe you've heard once the cue "on the nature of daylight" which was used a lot by many other movies. his last score which knocked me out was "Hostiles". such an emotional and intense score, you need to hear that, and probably see the movie as well (with Christian Bale).

Cercei2019-10-19 18:03:33
btw, you're saying Lorne recomposed and reworked the entire score. as i haven't seen the movie yet, did the producers end up with not using richters score for it at all and just used the score from Lorne?

mpolonest123 2019-10-19 18:05:54
I do know that piece, it’s very pretty. I’ll check out his other works, thanks for the recommendation. In terms of minimalism I really am into Brian Eno at the moment. His “Music For Airports” and “The Lovely Bones” are excellent if you like more introspective music.

mpolonest123 2019-10-19 18:08:28
Hybrid can definitely answer that best. Richter’s score is used (alongside Balfe’s material) as well as some source pieces. If I remember correctly it’s a mish-mash of the two.

mills2019-10-20 06:26:36
I listened Max Richter for years. He is the kind of select or minority composer who does his solo works and soundtrack for movies not so famous.
His solo works are really really good with quintet and piano and voice. "on the nature of daylight" is definitely the best.
His sountrack is not good as his solo, to be honest. I think "the Leftovers" (2014-2017, HBO series), "Miss Slaone" (2016) and "Mary Queen of Scots" (2019) are cool.
If you need some peaceful music for meditation or good sleep, listen to his work.

HunterTech reply Replies: 4 || 2019-10-18 03:29:01
Can anyone confirm if "Prayer" is on the OST? Since the video has been deleted, I'm not sure if anyone has a saved copy to check.

Paul2019-10-18 03:51:15
I think prayer is private video from Lorne Balfe's YouTube Channel. Also, there have prayer video still here by YouTube Search by another channel posted the video

Ahmad2019-10-19 03:12:18
It’s not included and I’m very confused. I think there’s a good amount of unused tracks or the way the score was used was so terrible that only few tracks were memorable to me.

There’s a theme that plays during two tragic moments - I thought it was “Prayer” but it isn’t. I think it’s by Lorne as it’s closer to the direction he took.

I wish they gave us more Balfe :(

HunterTech2019-10-19 05:45:55
I suspect that the release was just what they had originally planned, with a couple of bonus tracks thrown in to appease Fox. They likely didn't put too much thought in what they added, since people who have spoken with Lorne said he wasn't aware of the release and was surprised Prayer wasn't on it. I'm just glad anything got released at all after everything that has gone before.

Regarding that theme you mentioned, is it one that sounded like the personal motif Ethan has in M:I Fallout? Because while I did initially assume that was Balfe too, it seems it was actually Richter. Haven't gotten to hear Lorne's parts yet, so who knows he if he also did a similar thing.

Ahmad2019-10-19 13:59:44
It’s definitely Balfe. I’ve seen the film for the second time two weeks ago so my memory is kind of hazy but luckily I decided to record the end credits for reference and I think it plays in Balfe’s section / variation of one of his themes played on a solo string instrument.

I think we got most of Richter cues as it was mainly his release. I feel that Lorne has moved on from this project - he didn’t even mention the release so an extended release of his material seems unlikely to happen :(

For those interested the credits suite plays as follows:

“A Trip To The Moon” (synth part)
“I Put All That Away”
Variation on the theme in “Underground Lake” at 0:14
Variation on the theme in “Trip To Neptune” 0-1:00
“To The Stars”

Spencer Mitchell reply Replies: 1 || 2019-10-18 16:18:21
Is a CD release being planned?

If so, when is it coming out?

Tomasz2019-10-19 00:41:18

MrZimmerFan reply Replies: 10 || 2019-10-17 12:06:56
The score is coming tomorrow... and it's the only thing i'm going to say :P

And there are three composers acredited in the cover.

1232019-10-17 12:27:00
how the frick do yo know that

MrZimmerFan2019-10-17 12:28:07
Sources... ;)

1232019-10-17 12:29:42
alright keep your secrets

Iamtommie442019-10-17 12:30:12
Tracklist of Ad Astra

01. Max Richter - To The Stars (03:30)
02. Max Richter - Encounter (05:18)
03. Max Richter - Cosmic Drone Gateway (02:57)
04. Max Richter - I Put All That Away (03:27)
05. Max Richter - A Trip To The Moon (04:36)
06. Max Richter - Terra Incognita (02:49)
07. Max Richter - Ex Luna Scientia - Requiem (05:17)
08. Max Richter - Journey Sequence (03:20)
09. Max Richter - The Rings Of Saturn (02:57)
10. Max Richter - The Wanderer (04:50)
11. Max Richter - Erbarme Dich (03:38)
12. Max Richter - Forced Entry (02:27)
13. Max Richter - Preludium (04:02)
14. Max Richter - Resonantia (03:00)
15. Max Richter - Let There Be Light (02:18)
16. Max Richter - Ursa Minor - Visions (03:14)
17. Max Richter - Event Horizon (06:13)
18. Max Richter - Musurgia Universalis (03:05)
19. Max Richter - You Have To Let Me Go (05:57)
20. Max Richter - Tuesday (Voiceless) (21:07)
21. Lorne Balfe - Opening (02:37)
22. Lorne Balfe - Briefing (02:32)
23. Lorne Balfe - Space Journey (02:39)
24. Lorne Balfe - Rover Ride (02:51)
25. Lorne Balfe - Pirate Attack (02:48)
26. Lorne Balfe - Orbs (03:44)
27. Lorne Balfe - Underground Lake (02:15)
28. Lorne Balfe - Trip To Neptune (05:02)
29. Nils Frahm - Says (08:17)

Totaltime : 02:07:00

Jean-Luc2019-10-17 13:11:52
That tracklist is so LIT!! I'm so excited to hear Max Richter and Lorne Balfe too.

adam2982019-10-17 13:31:55
why max richter and lorne balfe in one single album? because we talked about it previously, that they are supposed to be released separately.And what's wrong with the "20. tuesday", 21:07, that long?

adam2982019-10-17 13:35:37
why max richter and lorne balfe in one single album? because we talked about it previously, that they are supposed to be released separately.And what's wrong with the "20. tuesday", 21:07, that long?

Knight2019-10-17 14:05:58
Tuesday is taken from Max Richter's album Three Worlds, and the vocals that were in it originally were removed.

David2019-10-17 15:17:29
Yay! Someone make a chrono order pls

Ahmad2019-10-17 15:29:29
Wow! I almost lost hope :)

Ahmad reply Replies: 0 || 2019-10-07 19:36:40
So I just came out after seeing the film for the second time and I enjoyed it much more this time. Now, I missed about five minutes but here are some observations about the score and the main themes:

-There’s a theme that starts on pulsating synths and long sweeping strings and it’s probably my favorite part of the score. It plays during most of the emotional scenes (father and sun). Most likely to be Richter’s.
It is included in the end credits suite.

-A very grand brass theme plays at least two or three times + an interpretation at a very important scene at the end. Probably Balfe’s.

-A sparkly piano theme - plays during the moon sequence and another scene. I think it’s Richter’s.

The rest is... unmemorable.

-“To The Stars” which plays right before Mars and at Neptune.

-“Prayer” by Balfe was used twice.

The rest is

MrZimmerFan reply Replies: 7 || 2019-10-02 17:35:33
In other matter of things... Gemini Man score is coming by LLL!

Jean-Luc2019-10-02 20:11:26
I can't wait to hear the soundtrack soon!!

Der Profl2019-10-03 02:02:59
I've seen the movie an hour ago and I have to say that the soundtrack sounded really much like Lornes score for Geostorm. But I wasn't disappointed or anything, I really liked it and looking forward to the soundtrack release. Does anyon know when it will happen?

MrZimmerFan2019-10-03 11:58:26
@Der Profl: Presumably, same day as the movie opens

Der Profl2019-10-03 22:32:45
@MrZimmerFan: So tomorrow? Or when does it open in theaters in the US?

MrZimmerFan2019-10-04 10:33:25
@Der Profl: Digital release expected 11th October (same day as the movie), CD at 17th October.

Der Profl2019-10-04 13:54:04
@MrZimmerFan: Ah, okay. I was a bit confused, because the movie has opened 3rd October in Germany.

MrZimmerFan2019-10-04 14:40:55
The digital releases (many of them actually) comes the same day of the oening of the movie

Der Profl reply Replies: 0 || 2019-10-04 13:55:39
Does someone know somthing about why Lorne deleted Prayer? Or can give a reasonable explanation? I'm not that into the whole world behind releasing soundtracks and so, so I would love to hear, why it is that way right now.

Scorefan reply Replies: 0 || 2019-10-03 04:46:57
To The Stars from Max Richter reminds me a mix from The coral atoll/journey to the line from Zimmer and Sunshine from John Murphy

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Maxime Jean reply Replies: 1 || 2019-10-03 00:44:23
Just seen the movie, beautiful and poetic, like 2049 in a way, same type of slow storytelling with gorgeous visuals, and interesting questions about humanity... good SF movies.
Lorne is actually credited for additional score, Richter for the "main" music and... you do ear the difference, mainly orchestral for Richter and the synths stuff for Lorne I guess. The score is very soothing, mainly slow strings or pads, but nothing really noticeable, I don't feel the music helped to tell the story, but was nice though.

Der Profl2019-10-03 02:01:24
Hahaha. That's funny. I thought it was mainly the other way around: Richter was synthy stuff und Lorne the other with the exception for the leitmotif "To The Stars" I guess. Maybe it's because I heard so many synths in Richters Scores for other movies which sounded like the ones from Ad Astra, but I'm no expert.

So. I'm really looking forward to the soundtrack release. Then we have the certainty (is it spelled that way?) for which track is from whom. (Oh God, my English, sorry...)

Bayhem reply Replies: 5 || 2019-10-01 10:54:53
Finally! The SIX UNDERGROUND trailer comes out in a few hours. According to Mike Bay himself. Can't wait! Balfe and Bay are a good team and the last time they worked together we got the powerful 13 HOURS score.

I really have high hopes for SIX UNDERGROUND.

Any news on the score, folks? Anything on Lorne's social media? (I'm asking because I'm not on Twitter and Facebook).

Jean-Luc2019-10-01 16:07:03
Netflix released six underground trailer today! It's an amazing trailer!!

mpolonest123 2019-10-01 17:28:25
Can’t believe this is going straight to Netflix hahaha

For me personally Mike Bay is one of those directors whose films I either really like (The Rock, Armageddon, TF1, Bad Boys, Pain and Gain) or outright dislike (TF2-5, Pearl Harbor, Bad Boys 2). The trailer looks hella fun though, so I’m definitely on board for this.

Hopefully Lorne Balfe gets to go all out with the music here, with Bay I’m sure he’ll get the chance...

MrZimmerFan2019-10-01 18:30:40
Bad Boys 2 is the pinnacle of Bay's action and craziness

And i f***ng love it!

mpolonest123 2019-10-01 20:02:09
To be fair it’s been a bit since I’ve last seen BB2, so I’ll definitely give it another go. I just remember being so worn out by the last third of the film, which is just one long action set-piece with Bay’s machine gun editing.

Ds2019-10-01 21:09:42
@MrZimmerFan: exactly, Bad Boys 2 is basically "Michael Bay: A Summary". Over the top, borderline humor, no shit given, lengthy AND funny AND thrilling action sequences (yes that's possible to combine all 3, despite what Kevin Feige has to say about that). And a visual masterclass, the way each shot is framed is a delight for the eyes. And from that perspective, Six Underground looks breathtaking.

Now... 2,5 months to wait :-p

Der Profl reply Replies: 5 || 2019-09-25 03:21:01
Has anyone heard anything about a soundtrack for Ad Astra? I didn't like the movie much from the story persepctive, but the imegary und music created an immersive experience. Even if Lornes music will be released in a GITS kind of way, will there be the Max Richter soundtrack for the movie? I know that it is the wrong place to ask here, but maybe somebody knows something.

Bast2019-09-25 10:17:39
Hi, Max Richter released a single with the song "To the stars". You can find it on youtube and on every music streaming platform.

MrZimmerFan2019-09-25 11:53:11
Deustche Grammophon will release the soundtrack, my bet is only Max Ritcher

Paul2019-09-26 19:42:45
@MrZimmerFan source?

Der Profl2019-09-26 23:10:05
@Bast Thank you. I found it some days before.

@MrZimmerFan I've heard that too and yes, my bet was only Max Richter as well, but then I found this post on Balfes Twitter in which he states that there will be a soundtrack release. (@Paul Yeah, that's the source I guess.) Why would he say, that a soundtrack is coming if there won't be his tracks on it? But we have to see, I guess.

Der Profl2019-09-27 01:18:03
What if they just release a soundtrack with the music heard in the movie?

ThePhantasm reply Replies: 0 || 2019-09-26 22:52:39
when will they release info on Gemini man?! Very excited for that score

Stargazer_21 reply Replies: 6 || 2019-09-22 05:54:03
Well, I heard only Balfe's "Prayer" and Richter's "To the stars"... All I can say is we need to wait for the full release, hear both composers and only then talk about who better coped with this. (and watch the movie of course)
I don't think Balfe is a bad composer. He does pretty good as an additional composer but not as a leading (mostly). The only soundtrack that I consider the best to date in his solo career is "M:I-Fallout" and "Assassin's Creed III". (imo)
Who knows what will be this time. But for now I like Richter's track more.

Michael Fields2019-09-22 18:18:12
As always with unused pieces of music. There are always be more interesting. Like with Dark Phoenix.

Stargazer_212019-09-23 04:48:59

Hope so. Will see the movie this thursday.

Mr.Unbreakable2019-09-26 02:57:30
You will like his music more or less but at least he doesn't leave anyone indifferent, or you love him or hate him. I love Balfe, he is tremendously skilled and I think that if they gave him more stable and more author jobs, he would develop better music.

Edmund Meinerts2019-09-26 11:00:55
That's not true at all. I'm pretty much indifferent to Balfe. :p

MrZimmerFan2019-09-26 11:26:36
Balfe, for me, is 'Mr. Average', have a good scores (Genius, for example) even entertaing ones (Geostorm o Terminator Genisys), but for the most part, is average as hell.

Edmund Meinerts2019-09-26 22:28:24
That's how I'd define him as well. Prolific and competent.

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 1 || 2019-09-21 19:59:10
So I created a page for it, move away from Ghost In The Shell !! :P

mpolonest123 2019-09-22 06:29:17
Taking in the movie now after having seen it. The cinematography is brilliant, and there are some interesting concepts that really will have you thinking long after walking out of the theater. Still, I couldn’t help but feel like the film dragged throughout. Coupled with the voiceover the movie has a very ‘Terence Malick-y’, “Thin Red Line” feel throughout.

I’m definitely not familiar with Max Richter so I can’t comment on what he might have written, but Balfe’s broad-chord style is pretty recognizable throughout. There are also some interesting electronic pieces used throughout, possibly might be Balfe but hard to say as of now. The rest of the music is pretty contemplative, ranging from slow/emotional string pieces to more ambient droning.© 2001-2018 OST 
Ad Astra soundtrack - Lorne Balfe 2019