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Nothing against Balfe, but Rabin is much better choiceCan confirm is in the albumavailable in nz itunes store. on the cover its correct now....motion picture score.My guess is that Lorne Balfe will take over scoring duties, its being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer again and he's been using Lorne as his dedicated composer for years.I know it's not confirmed yet. But let's say that Disney does indeed move ahead with National Treasure 3. Chances of Rabin coming back? Its my impression that he retired since he hasn't done a score for a while.
What was Hansí role in the treatment of Mantovaniís ďCharmaineĒ. It sounds like the original, but cleaner, clearer, & without the limitations of 50/60ís recording technology. Iíve been fascinated by this piece for 25+ years, as it seems almost a precursor to Jarre & even Zimmerís electronic music, while being entirely orchestral. Links to info appreciated.@Scorefan: You know what "Motion" means right? Motion picture = moving picture = movie. U either call it "Original Movie Score" or "Original Score from the Movie" or u call it "Original Motion Picture Score". But u can't say "Movie Picture" lol. Its just wrong or like Macejko said.. "a retarded mistake" ;-)@Maho: Dude I know why its stated "Score", but thats NOT the issue. What I'm talking about here is "Movie" which should be called "Motion".If you are interested, here is an interview with Otomo /culture/2004/07/14/ films/film-reviews /the-master-behind-the-otaku/#.Xiix-P4zbctI like to make you in positive way aware of that "Time" has been blended with Charlie Chaplin's message to humanity (The Great Dictator) and thoughful added images in a video on youtube. If it is blocked due to disturbing pictures, please use a proxy to see it.
But there is still a chances. Steve was suggested to Otomo by music supervisor Keiichi Momose and in an interview Katsuhiro mention that he really liked Jablonsky's work on Steamboy.<br><br>So, we may hope that Keiichi Momose will work on Orbital Era or Otomo rememberes Steve's music for Steamboy. Time will tell.To be honest it's just my thoughts. But what are the chances that Otomo will choose Steve for his new work after really long brake (almost 15 years)?I would love for another animated score from Steve. Why is it almost impossible for him to score for Katsuhiro Otomo out of curiosity?I just saw this, EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!! he's so dope and talented apparently he's already done a few tracks cause the actor lewis tan sais he liked what he already heard.He is scoring to Mortal Kombat reboot movie, I saw that news from film music reporter, but mortal Kombat 1995 score was my favorite score.
@Evenstar Original Movie Picture Score? lul. Usually it's called Motion Picture but ok.<br><br>No not always. I have a lot of scores where it is on the front of the booklet. Especially when an album with songs was released. So that the laypersons don't get confused, but still always manage not to look through, you can see on Amazon.Mark Mancinas Score for the First - Good!<br>Trevor Rabin for the second - Fantastic Great Action Score I LOVE IT! Steve Jablonsky work too on it! The Dr. Dre Music in this too..<br><br>Lorne Balfe to the third - meeehhh buuuuhhh!!<br>======================<br><br><br>I agree about the first two scores. They're very different but equally as good. I know that some people are critical of the BB2 score (because it basically ignores the BB1 sound) but I love it. I think Rabin and Jablonsky did an amazing job.<br><br>As for Lorne' score.....I have to disagree. I think it's great. Granted, my opinion is based only on what I heard in the movie (haven't heard the entire album) but I really like what he did. Clearly it was done with love. I mean, the Bad Boys 1 score is one of the reasons why Lorne became a film composer. So the BB3 score wasn't a "rush job". He clearly put an effort to it. I'm looking forward to the entire album.Comes out this Friday :)Still hope that Katsuhiro Otomo will reunites with Steve for his new anime, even if it's almost impossible.Mark Mancinas Score for the First - Good!<br>Trevor Rabin for the second - Fantastic Great Action Score I LOVE IT! Steve Jablonsky work too on it! The Dr. Dre Music in this too..<br><br>Lorne Balfe to the third - meeehhh buuuuhhh!!!

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Lorne BalfeQueenie LiGavin GreenawayPeter Gregson
ComposerMusic Production CoordinatorConductorMusician
6 Underground
Label: Milan Records
Length: 49'47 rating:        Not yet rated
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  1. Point Of Extraction (2:24)
  2. Ghosts (3:19)
  3. Welcome To Florence (3:53)
  4. Lose The Chopper (1:55)
  5. Haunt The Living (2:06)
  6. One Rule (2:06)
  7. I Am The Danger (3:16)
  8. You Can Change The World (2:14)
  9. Thrones (3:22)
  10. Memories (1:58)
  11. Beautiful Sunday (1:16)
  12. The Past (0:51)
  13. Shit Ton Of Blood (2:34)
  14. Leave No Man Behind (1:50)
  15. A Million Battles (4:17)
  16. Day Of The Dead (4:07)
  17. Sabotage (3:15)
  18. Live Or Die (1:56)
  19. One, But Not Done (3:08)
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Bayhem reply Replies: 3 || 2020-01-18 00:17:50
Spectacular job on Bad Boys 3! Honestly, in my opinion, it's one of the best Lorne scores. Just got back from the movie and both the music and the movie were terrific.

Lorne and his team have my respect!

ThePhantasm 2020-01-18 01:04:26
where's the score? Thought it was gonna release the same day as the movie

MrZimmerFan2020-01-18 01:33:12
Balfe confirmed that the score is coming the next Friday.

Bayhem2020-01-18 09:59:59
Next Friday indeed.

Too bad because I REALLY wanted to listen to the whole album right after watching the movie. There are some amazing, powerful cues.

Bayhem reply Replies: 10 || 2020-01-07 07:32:42
Sooooooooo, I think it's safe to say that Lorne will be helping Hans on Bond.

Knowing the Bond fans thoÖ....I expect this score to be trashed from Day 1. They wouldn't accept Hans or the other MV/RC guys. They want "classy" composers. I mean, look what happened to Eric Serra and his Golden Eye score. A solid action score that was, IMO, unfairly trashed by the Bond fans.

Every time the studio tries to shake things up a bit, the fans scream and complain. Too bad....

Edmund Meinerts2020-01-07 19:44:28
Goldeneye was terrible, though? :p

Bayhem2020-01-07 20:08:25
Goldeneye was terrible, though? :p

I know you don't like the GoldenEye score. I expected your comment.

But come on, compared to so many newer action scores it is actually pretty enjoyable. And it works well during the action scenes in the movie. I call it an "atmospheric action score". Hell, at certain points you can even confuse it with a Harry Gregson Williams score...

It's not my favorite Bond score, but in my book, it doesn't deserve the bad reputation. You want a score that really doesn't fit the movie? A score that almost destroys a movie. Just go watch 'The Untouchables'. Ugh! Disgusting. What were Morricone and De Palma thinking??

Micheals2020-01-07 20:12:06
Itís a shame Balfe is not involved.
Hope he is doing the next Mission Impossible at least

Mephariel2020-01-07 20:26:38
How do you know Balfe is not involved?

Ds2020-01-07 22:36:51
Bayhem: i think i read somewhere that some parts of Goldeneye had been rescored hastily before the release, and the reason they didn't rescore the whole thing was because there wasn't enough time :-p

Btw you're spot on with The Untouchables. I was almost shocked when I discovered that movie and found out that noise had been written by Morricone. Couldn't believe it!

Bayhem2020-01-08 07:24:03
Itís a shame Balfe is not involved.

I have a feeling that even if he's not OFFICIALLY involved he'd still be involved. In one way or another. lol :)

Bayhem2020-01-08 07:35:05
Bayhem: i think i read somewhere that some parts of Goldeneye had been rescored hastily before the release, and the reason they didn't rescore the whole thing was because there wasn't enough time :-p

I remember reading that too. It was a rushed, problematic post-production, that's for sure. And I realize that the score itself is utterly different from what people expected from a Bond movie. Certainly sticks out when you look at the whole franchise.

I just find some of the cues pretty enjoyable and I think the hate was a bit too much. That's all.

Btw you're spot on with The Untouchables. I was almost shocked when I discovered that movie and found out that noise had been written by Morricone. Couldn't believe it!

Couldn't believe it too. The first time I saw the movie I thought someone made a parody VHS tape. lol! Don't get me wrong, I like the movie, but the score (or at least parts of it) is something that I'll never understand. I just can't put my finger on it....Why they thought this was a good idea?

Kalman2020-01-08 15:45:56
As for The Untouchables: it was Morricone's score that drew me to the movie. An absolute gem in my opinion, one of his best, or probably his best, among his scores for American movies. It has a couple of tracks that are harsh but they fits the scenes like a glove, and the other melodic tracks are just fantastic.
It elevated the movie for me, that's for sure.

Paul2020-01-11 22:00:08
Lorne said bad boys for life soundtrack score will come out on 17th of January from his twitter

Bayhem2020-01-12 09:01:47
Lorne said bad boys for life soundtrack score will come out on 17th of January from his twitter.

Very good! A double whammy. The movie and the score come out on the same day.

Looking forward to it. I expect a lot of homages to the Mancina score...I also expect some bombastic cues, Rabin/Jablonsky-style.

PaulMuso reply Replies: 18 || 2019-12-26 15:44:48
Twitter has it Lorne Balfe is the next Bond composer ????

HunterTech2019-12-27 05:33:39
At this point, I'd rather hear an official confirmation or at least have Hybrid suggest it's a possibility. I've heard too many false rumors to really believe it yet.

Iamtommie442019-12-27 14:51:01
Dan Romer will do No Time To Die. It has been confirmed and I think he's workimg on it at the momemt.
The rumours of Balfe doing Bond is all that they are, rumours. Nothing more

Hybrid Soldier2019-12-27 17:30:52
Has it really........... ?

MMurray2019-12-27 18:02:35
What Lorne Balfe did with the Mission Impossible theme was amazing so if he is doing Bond then we will be in for a treat

AlitaFan2019-12-27 20:54:55
It's Hans Zimmer.. or someone who is writing for/with Hans. ;-)

Miralsice2019-12-28 01:27:47

JaspF2019-12-28 07:55:11
Balfe and Zimmer ?

Anon2019-12-28 13:25:16
Patty Jenkins claimed this month that Wonder Woman is already fully done, presumably including Zimmer's score.

With that out of the way there's definitely a window for Zimmer to come in for Bond, before moving to Top Gun, SpongeBob and Dune.

AndyP2019-12-28 18:48:59
Itís Balfe.Two days ago he posted the new Bond trailer on his Facebook page

Hybrid Soldier2019-12-28 19:00:56
He did not.

Mr.Unbreakable2019-12-28 20:12:18
I sincerely believe that the only ones who believe that Balfe is going to make Bond 25 are us. And the truth, I think Dan Romer will finally do it.

Ahmad2019-12-28 21:46:18
Itíd be interesting if Zimmer ends up scoring Bond having supposedly skipped Tenet for Dune. Gotta say GŲrasson is definitely a worthy successor judging by what weíve heard from the score already.

ThePhantasm 2019-12-28 22:12:23
I know it's not a popular opinion here but I WOULD LOVE for Lorne to do JB he'd be amazing. But also i want henry jackman or John Powell. Although the chances of powell doing an action movie specially with guns and stuff is against his believes. Either Lorne or Henry.

Mike2019-12-28 23:24:47
To me itís a very popular idea Lorne Balfe should do Bond.Can not wait to hear what he does with the John Barry theme

Anon2019-12-29 00:39:19
The Bond fansite who first broke the Romer being out rumor are saying it's indeed not Zimmer...

...2020-01-02 23:47:50
so, is it Wallfisch? The comment thread mentioning him the other day conveniently got deleted...

Hybrid Soldier2020-01-03 07:44:02
I erased the whole thread cause I'm tired of all the stupids around.

Bayhem2020-01-03 11:24:40
so, is it Wallfisch? The comment thread mentioning him the other day conveniently got deleted...

Guess I missed that thread...Ö

I'm gonna say this though - anything Wallfisch touches turns to gold. He's one of the best "new" composers out there. IMO.

Bayhem reply Replies: 0 || 2020-01-01 08:45:28
Happy New Year, y'all!

Here's to many more awesome scores and movies :) (really looking forward to Balfe's Bad Boys 3 score!).


Jack Afrogarrix reply Replies: 1 || 2019-12-23 23:54:39
In my opinion, i like lorne balfe's film music since terminator genisys, 13 Hours and far as i know, he's really good on film score works and is was a good apprentice of Hans zimmer. Also, i begin to hear the 6 underground score and its really cool and awsome action soundtrack for this netflix film.

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Tintusfilm2019-12-24 23:46:42
The score is brilliant and opposite of the transformers scores.Its not like anything I have heard because really but the final cue is epic and beautiful yes ?

maholen reply Replies: 8 || 2019-12-19 10:36:27
You don't have to agree with me. But it is my attitude towards the music of Lorne Balfe and as I mentioned. Not everything is bad, but not everything is really good either. His scores are uninteresting after listening to them a third time at the latest. Precisely because everything sounds familiar. He was a good composer for additional music for various Hans Zimmer scores. And yes, he was also one of the additional composers for the first two parts of Transformers. Not all Remote Control composers are suitable for being the main composer. I also don't want to hear music from the same people all the time. That's why I'm open to film music. I've been listening to film music for almost 30 years! So I know what I'm talking about. Of course you cannot know everything. But I don't want to know everything either. In my opinion, Lorne Balfe should take a slightly more careful look at his work and not deliver one score after the next. That's why his music is so monotonous. Rarely do you experience surprises and unfortunately there are not really many in 6 undergrounds. The drums on "Tons of Blood" don't sound bad, but it's better that way. It reminds me of the gaming soundtrack by Need for Speed &#8203;&#8203;- The Run by Brian Tyler. There are great drums in there. So don't take it personally, just accept it.

Macejko2019-12-19 13:47:05
And his adoring aggresive fandom born pretty much overnight is also highly suspicious, I might add.

Bayhem2019-12-20 07:39:12
@ maholen,

We have to keep in mind the directors/producers Lorne works with. And specifically, what they want from him.

We know that the MV/RC sound/approach continues to be very popular and that's what most directors/producers want from a composer who comes from the Zimmer world.

Now, I do agree with you that Lorne is indeed scoring A LOT of movies/TV shows in a very short period of time. And that could affect certain scores. But come on, we can't really blame the guy for working hard and developing his craft. There is a reason why they want him for these movies. The cynical people might say that studios want him because he's a cheaper version of Zimmer. But I'm not so sure about that. And mind you, I'm not even a big Lorne fan. I simply like some of his scores and yes, I do think he is talented. I mean, he's doing Bad Boys 3! I never really expected that because he's not as relentlessly bombastic as Rabin, Mancina or Jablonsky. But here we are. Bruckheimer and Bay see something in him and we can safely say that these guys know very well what they're doing. Hell, without them we wouldn't even have the MV/RC sound we all know and love.

maholen2019-12-22 16:00:54
Trevor Rabin, Mark Manina, Steve Jablonsky, Brian Tyler, John Debney or Harry Gregson-Williams, John WIlliams, Ramin Djawadi, James Newton Howard are legends!!!!

Lorne Balfe is nothing!

Edmund Meinerts2019-12-22 17:19:08
I there really that big a difference between Djawadi and Balfe? I'd rank those two about the same...neither one is a "legend" and neither one is "nothing" either.

Antonius 2019-12-22 18:20:10
Maholen- remove John Williams and James Newton Howard from that list and Balfe is most definitely better than them.Listen to Dark Materials,beyond two souls and 13 hours and donít tell me he hasnít got talent

MikeM2019-12-22 19:16:58
How stupid are you to make a list?
Regarding someone as nothing is pathetic
If Lorne Balfe is nothing then how does he get work?
Think before writing stupid comments.

HunterTech2019-12-22 22:02:20
You really think studios always care about the quality of the music? They're perfectly fine with having someone they can easily work with to have a project come out on time. Whether it's good or not really depends on the work itself.

Moggyman2019-12-23 00:05:42
The fact that many people enjoy Balfe's work shows that he a highly recognized composer. Yes, some do not appreciate his style and announce their dislike for the composer, but even the best of composers receive criticism at some point in their career. I would think that bad composers are either not recognized or their soundtracks are not popular or anticipated at all.

Jack Afrogarrix reply Replies: 0 || 2019-12-19 19:34:34
Booklet Credits

Original Score Composed & Produced By Lorne Balfe
Album Produced By Lorne Balfe & Alex Gibson
Music Production Coordinator by Queenie Li
Score Conducted By Gavin Greenaway
Score Orchestrated By Shane Rutherfoord-Jones
Guitar/Guitarviol Perfomers by Rob Harris & Ale Marti
Solo Cello by Peter Gregson
Synth Programming By Lorne Balfe
Music Editors by Alex Gibson & Steve Durkee
Score Technical Assistants By Max Aruj, Steffen Thum, Shane Rutherfoord Jones & Mike Ladouceur
Music Supervisor By Dave Jordan & Trygge Toven
Music Coordinators By Shannon Murphy & Justin Brandon Lewis
Music Clearance by Christine Bergren & Julie Butchko

Mike reply Replies: 9 || 2019-12-14 00:46:34
What a fantastic soundtrack.
Itís totally crazy and works brilliantly in the film.
The bit emotional sections are very classic Bay but Balfeís electronic weirdness is very unique.
Itís nothing like Balfeís Dark Materials BUT why Iím earth should it be !

Bayhem2019-12-14 01:04:48
I agree completely.

The movie was awesome, the score works perfectly, and the only thing I didn't like was the use of songs. Too much of them. Songs rarely work during intense action scenes. They distract.

But every time the score started, I liked it. Bay may be known as the big action guy, but when it comes to scoring the more intimate/emotional moments, he and the composer (no matter who he is) always do a good job.

Moviegeek2019-12-14 19:56:51
Way too many songs.
Lorne Balfe score nailed it.Great to see Bay working with Balfe now.

Nowabalfefan2019-12-16 01:47:59
Interesting to see Lorne Balfe replacing Jablonsky now with Micheal Bay.6 Underground is totally crazy and Balfeís score equals it.Also has emotion like 13 Hours.
Doesnít beat His Dark Materials but a great score

JD2019-12-16 15:18:04
From what Iíve heard, Jablonsky has just taken some time off to be with his family, and Bay has not necessarily moved on from him (I sure hope not!)

I love Balfe like many others do, but Jablonskyís best scores always come from his Michael Bay collaborations and hope they still work together in the future... maybe if they do a sequel to 6 Underground theyíll bring Jablonsky back.

Hybrid Soldier2019-12-16 18:59:33
Guys, to make things clear, there's zero problem between Steve J & Michael Bay...

Hans, Steve & Lorne have shared MB's career more than anyone else, and have been saving each other when needed cause working for MB can be tough.

And Bay is not deaf, he knows exactly what he can get from his composers... For 13 Hours he was clear from the beginning he wanted Hans / Lorne to handle it.

There are other technicalities that can explain why Steve can pass on a project or not. But they'll work together again. No doubt.

1232019-12-16 23:05:18
donít do that Hybrid, donít give me hope

Bayhem2019-12-17 09:31:34
Thanks for the info, Hybrid.

Honestly, I never got the impression that there is a problem between Michael and Steve. It's just really exhausting working on huge Bay movies and I don't blame Steve for taking a break. I will always remember what he said: "Scoring a Bay movie is like scoring two "normal" movies."

And thankfully, Bay and Lorne work really well together. The way things are going tho, I wouldn't be surprised if Bay's next movie - the huge 'Robopocalypse' - ends up with those credits: "Music by Steve Jablonsky and Lorne Balfe". lol That would be awesome! (I know they worked together on TF1 and TF2 but this could be their first "official" collaboration).

Nicklas2019-12-17 22:14:55
This is so awesome we have our own insider/spy in the form of Hybrid Soldier... :)
Really glad I found this forum.

Does anyone know a track order according to the film? I just watched it for the second time, it is awesome, but can't really place the tracks from the score. For instance I Am The Danger & A Million Battles where do they appear?

And is there a film version of the song in the end White Flag by Bishop Briggs? The film version seems a bit more epic...

Bayhem2019-12-17 22:32:52
And is there a film version of the song in the end White Flag by Bishop Briggs?

I would like to know that too.

Never heard of this song before the movie, and the film version is indeed much more epic. And better.

I have a feeling that it's something Lorne and his team did. The film version sounds very MV/RC......It has that "Zimmer and Co. vibe"...... :)

Andrew reply Replies: 1 || 2019-12-14 12:21:21
Power anthems ???? Obviously you havenít watched the movie.They would not fit in this movie.

Balfeís score is really cool and not expected.Already listened to it 4 times!

Bayhem2019-12-17 09:23:56
They would not fit in this movie.


The movie is big. Very big. But it's also grounded (somewhat) in reality. It's just a different type of story than, say, The Island or Transformers. So power anthems would kinda feel out of place.

So aside from all of those songs, the approach was the right one. IMO.

Knight reply Replies: 1 || 2019-12-14 00:04:13
Gavin should be listed as conductor

Bayhem2019-12-14 00:58:23
Greenaway for President! :))

Sweet reply Replies: 11 || 2019-12-13 13:12:07
Oh wow, Balfe's had a potentially too productive year. I am still convinced if he took more time to compose His Dark Materials, it would be a classic on the level of Shore. Now, it is fine and impressive.

But what the fuck. I know Bay is a lucrative customer and you have to do what he wants but this 'score' is a travesty that will be buried soon. Seriously. This is the worst of the worst, I ask anyone on this site to name one track that is 'ok', there's an ethical limit, Balfe, Baby!

Knight2019-12-13 13:21:58
Ok tracks? Easy. About half the score is some decent anthemic tracks

Haunt the Living
I Am the Danger
You Can Change the World
A Million Battles
One, But Not Done

Knight2019-12-13 13:22:55
Maybe try using your ears or brain next time before spewing out more hyperbolic nonsense.

Sweet2019-12-13 13:31:46
Knight - okay, let us know which ones of these tracks are even listenable? Hyperbolic nonsense defines this score, but I do not blame Balfe - this would have been what Bay wanted. Such a shame to see his artistic credibility reduced to this after the stellar work on His Dark Materials and acceptable material on Gemini Man,.

Knight2019-12-13 13:45:59
> which ones are listenable
all of the ones I listed are the melodic/orchestral moments in the score not counting Memories and Beautiful Sunday.
Listen to Haunt the Living, Thrones, A Million Battles or One, But Not Done and tell me that the score is a travesty.

Mr.Unbreakable2019-12-13 15:23:12
I expected a lot from this score, and the truth is that it left me cold. Honestly, I think it is Bay's fault, Balfe has shown that he is capable of doing everything, but here it gives the feeling of being covered. Again, Balfe must focus on fewer projects and the projects he accepts are of quality.

MrZimmerFan2019-12-13 17:32:07
Again, if we have to expect every piece of work of one composer is have to be as good like his others pieces of work, that's pretty underwhelming and impossible.

Yeah, 6 Underground is not a good score by any means (neither Gemini Man, but is far more listenable), but works perfectly in the hiperbolic movie.

JD2019-12-13 17:57:02
What is most disappointing is that this is a Michael Bay movie with a score being so bad. Historically his movies have fantastic scores by either Hans, Steve Jablonsky, and even Lorne Balfe. But this is hands down the worst Michael Bay score Iíve ever heard.

Itís functional, yes, but nothing compared to 13 Hours, any of the Transformers movies, The Rock, Pearl Harbor, etc. I definitely had high hopes for another good ďpower anthemĒ score... and the only cues that are any good are just Time ripoffs.

Highly disappointing.

Mr.Unbreakable2019-12-13 21:32:55
I don't expect Lorne to make a masterpiece with each movie, but it is true that most of her films are action candies, and I can't understand how she can deliver 6 underground and then make His dark materials. It seems that within Lorne there are a thousand different composers. And I don't know what to expect from Lorne again.

Hybrid Soldier2019-12-13 22:04:07
I haven't heard the album yet but there isn't much score in the film. It's like Bad Boys II meets Domino in terms of editing, songs everywhere (19 sourced songs used), short cues... Hell there's even a 13 Hours cue tracked in the film ("Getting Aboard The Plane").

Rockhound 2019-12-13 23:39:59
When i heard just the sound clips, i thought wtf. Sounds like the worst score, a michael bay movie ever had. Then i listened to the whole album and i have to say, there are some pretty cool tracks. I really like the electronic rhythmic stuff. Welcome to florence is awesome. The emotional moments are nice, but standard balfe stuff. In the movie, the music works really good. I think this music style is the only style, that works in THIS movie. And as hybrid says a mish mash of score and songs. The movie itself is.....strange. but at least the action rocks as hell.

Bayhem2019-12-14 00:56:40
I agree with Knight.

It seems some peeps were expecting power anthems left and right. Yes, this is a big movie, but not a "Transformers-big" movie. I didn't like the use of source music (I hate songs in action movies) but when Balfe's work popped up I noticed it right away.

The more emotional cues were definitely the most memorable.

Jack Afrogarrix reply Replies: 1 || 2019-12-13 21:51:28
Another awsome score by lorne balfe. I really like the film 6 underground directed by michael bay, is very awsome and intense and i begin to hear the score composed by lorne balfe, and its phenomenal and his second time working with michael bay since 13 hours, which i like lorne balfe's score too. Balfe's work is really inspiring in his film score.

Hybrid Soldier2019-12-13 21:58:46
"Second time"... lol

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2019-12-13 19:29:39
Can't help noticing not one, but two Zimmer titles in here.... Tracks 14 and 16. lol.

Jack Afrogarrix reply Replies: 1 || 2019-12-13 02:06:34
I got the real tracklist, and is supposed to be 19 tracks from the score. Can wait to hear the score and see the movie tomorrow

1.Point of Extraction 2:24
2.Ghosts 3:22
3.Welcome To Florence 3:54
4.Lose The Chopper 1:54
5.Haunt The Living 2:06
6.One Rule 2:07
7.I Am The Danger 3:17
8.You Can Change The World 2:15
9.Thrones 3:22
10.Memories 1:58
11.Beautiful Sunday 1:17
12.The Past 0:51
13.Shit Ton Of Blood 2:35
14.Leave No Man Behind 1:50
15.A Million Battles 4:18
16.Day Of The Dead 4:08
17.Sabotage 3:16
18.Live Or Die 1:56
19.One, But Not Done 3:08

Bayhem2019-12-13 08:09:13
Thanks for sharing the tracklist :)

Bayhem reply Replies: 0 || 2019-12-13 08:08:03
Sooooooooooo excited for the film and the score!© 2001-2018 OST 
6 Underground soundtrack - Lorne Balfe 2019