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If the score is as good as "Themyscira" then it will be my favorite HZ score in over a decade.Come back To GENEVA, we will  be waiting For you like 2 years ago..WHAT a beautiful concert.Please come back...Disney I believe was only offloading three or four of their upcoming releases, only to Disney+ if Iím not mistaken. They are still keeping certain films slated for theatrical only as of now, but more than likely they might end up doing the same to keep up with Warner Bros. <br><br>I wonder if this might push other studios into selling to streaming, much like how MGM was trying to sell NTTD.At least, isn't Disney :pThe lineup includes Tom and Jerry, Dune, Godzilla Vs. Kong, Matrix 4, The Suicide Squad, In The Heights, Mortal Kombat, and more.
So every WB theatrical film slated for 2021 will be going to HBO Max simultaneously with theatrical.<br><br>Wow.....If the score is as good as the "Themyscira" track, I would be sooo happy.Talking recent, not old releases (the original release of Tenet dosen't have a CD release)Tenet and Interstellar expanded both got physical releases, didnít they?The most recent scores by Watertower, dosen't have a physical release, like The Witches or Scoob!<br><br>Most probably is going to be a digital only release.
WaterTower music will most definitely release a physical disc. willing to bet there will be a deluxe version as well, a la MoS BvS and Aquaman. could be wrong though. the only reason it says this is a digital download is because thatís the single Themyscira.CD or download only?I would love it if it is really 5 minutes per track. I love tracks that are at least 4 minutes long. <br><br>But more likely, the last main action tracks would crack 10 mins long.85 minutes for normal album is more than enough for me. I'm not really into long tracks or super-extended suites. If it puts on album it's great, but not necessary for me. And I don't mention dluxe or expanded albums by the way, that's another cases.So 85 minutes for 17 tracks is an average of 5 minutes per track.... seems a little long, so maybe weíll get a few long form suites??
Agree. 2020 is rough for us.youíre right. didnít consider 85 min is actually a good length especially when looking at how short other releases are these days. in 2020 weíre very lucky to be getting it at all.Yeah, but consider most of the real good HZ albums are way shorter than 85 minutes. SO we're lucky with that one.BVS is 90 and interstellar is 1 hr 40 min :PIf 85 minutes of music is short...

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David Buckley
Mercy Street (TV Series - Season 1)
Label: PBS Be More Music (Digital Download Only)
Length: 46'08 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (177 votes)
  1. Mercy Street (0:39)
  2. Just The Place For You (2:23)
  3. New Day (1:01)
  4. Emma Green (1:27)
  5. I Know How (2:45)
  6. Meet Mr. Squivers (0:57)
  7. Mary Phinney (1:09)
  8. What Hurt Looks Like (2:20)
  9. Wonder Of Medicine (1:15)
  10. Tom Fairfax (1:28)
  11. No Rest For The Weary (2:50)
  12. The Southern Belle (0:30)
  13. Working In The Hospital (0:50)
  14. Bullen's World (1:36)
  15. Crossroads Of War (2:12)
  16. Family Allegiance (2:21)
  17. You Will Not Be Alone (1:12)
  18. Wounded (0:57)
  19. Bury The Dead (1:30)
  20. Nothing Here Without You (1:49)
  21. Soldier's Heart (1:47)
  22. You're Home, Tom (0:49)
  23. The Unfinished Letter (1:50)
  24. Rebel Nurse (1:18)
  25. Remembering The Baron (1:18)
  26. You're Gonna Learn The Hard Way (1:21)
  27. The Fuse Is Lit (6:08)
  28. Pull It, Son (0:26)
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Mercy Street (TV Series - Season 1) soundtrack - David Buckley 2016