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I hear a lot of music throughout the postcad, I imagine from the movie, piano and very orchestral, it promisesseeming score snippets at 6:29, 29:13 and the first episode is nothing about the score :/ mehhThis is a beautiful score by the way. I have feeling this will get lost with NTTD, Dune, and WW84 coming out, but people should give this a listen. The new overture is a nice remix of the main PEII theme. And I "Surfing Dolphins" is yet again a winner.Dave didn't work on it, but a few Blue Planet stuff were used so he gets some sort of credit in the cuesheet for "A Celebration".
Who did Zimmer do this with? Shea and Fleming?May Mr. Zimmer and his team be interested on “extracting” music from the human body for medical purposes?<br>You can reach me at:<br>jcp77452 at<br>ThanksNot only is the album fun as a concept album, it's a surprisingly good score to picture. The themes are really clear for each of the characters and the music really fits the action. Even though the action is kind of corny. Real underrated gem. <br><br>I finally watched the film and even though it's a sort of 5 or 6 out of 10 average/okay movie, it reminded me just how much personality gets injected when Hans Zimmer does the score. He really has a strong voice.Yeah this is a pretty fair assessment.<br><br>While I’ve found myself liking it less and less now that we’re hearing things like ME or Alita from Tom there are still some excellent tracks throughout. <br>(The Dark Tower, Collateral Damage, Guardian, It Will Fall, Roland of Eld)<br><br>My biggest gripe is with the purely sound design cues. They honestly go nowhere and end up padding the album out. What this score needed was a solid villain motif and some more orchestral underscore. It’s like one-half of the score is the more traditional side of Holkenborg whereas the rest falls into his early habit of just making noise.I give it a listen after three years, and i still like it.<br><br>If isn't as good as Mortal Engines or Alita, have a interesting aspects to enjoy: his main theme for Roland, some of the action cues are strong, even the dramatic ones (The Creed or Collateral Damage), some of the sound design are interesting.<br><br>Maybe the weakest aspect of the album, is the middle, some tracks are not that interesting to listen.
woooooow <3From the "No Time to Die" podcast description...<br><br>"You can also be the first to hear exclusive score from Hans Zimmer and brand new recordings from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra from Bond 25 brought to you from Decca Records."<br><br>First of six episodes is released on Wednesday 30th September!!that would be great@GR7 that sounds really cool care to share?Hi! What's the story with track "Into Space"? They really copy track "Planet Descent" and name it that "Into Space"?
I agree guys. Yhis album and parts of the experiments are vey enjoyable. I tend to listen to OST prriodically, and each year there is one or severall scores that replace what I listen the most, and so on... but Dark phoenix is one I can listen every time. <br>I made personal suites assembling music from the OST and mixing it with expremients, and it results in a 50 min suites album, I really like it.Same for me. I'm so happy ! :DA Celebration? It's actually on youtube now.Got it. I assumed as much for the first 3. Thanks.hahahaha ... crack, sorry. Well so far there is no news of anything. Only the video that one track and one with Dave, but it's a preview.<br>I'm not sure how to get news on this, I really would like to get it hahaha.

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Additional Music - Conductor
Hans ZimmerBlake NeelyGeoff ZanelliTrevor Morris
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
The Last Samurai
Label: Elektra
Length: 59'46 rating:        5/5
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   3/5 (22659 votes)
  1. A Way Of Life (8:03)
  2. Spectres In The Fog (4:07)
  3. Taken (3:35)
  4. A Hard Teacher (5:44)
  5. To Know My Enemy (4:48)
  6. Idyll's End (6:40)
  7. Safe Passage (4:56)
  8. Ronin (1:53)
  9. Red Warrior (3:56)
  10. The Way Of The Sword (7:59)
  11. A Small Measure Of Peace (7:59)

  12. The Final Charge (4:39)
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Kenji reply Replies: 5 || 2020-08-02 14:16:35
I am struggling to find an interview where Hans speaks about this soundtrack. Does it even exist?
I spent the last hours digging but nothing. I always desired to hear some comments about it, like he does for the other works he's done.

Matthew2020-08-02 19:44:31

interesting thing, He never really spoke about Last Samurai. but you have to realize, even when He speaks, its not always the truth.

The only thing I know, in 2013 doing press for Rush, He really said the hardest job was Last Samurai, well its not true according to himself, if you watch the behind the scenes stuff from Matchstick Men from 2003, right there He says that he was working on 3 huge films, (tears of the sun / Pirates / last samurai) and Mathstick men was the absolute hardest for him.

also Ed Zwick talks about working with Hans on the dvd commentary sometimes, but nothing really fancy.

Im sure there is an interview for this film with him, since he was at the premier

elgordo2020-08-02 22:24:31
You can find an interview with Hans on his process for TLS on somewhere, back in 2003 or 2004

Miralsice2020-08-03 22:45:12
Here's an interview about Last Samurai from https: //www.soundtrack. net/content/article/?id=112

Timo2020-08-05 15:38:45
Hans Zimmer is one of the biggest film composers working in the industry today. He won an Academy Award for his work on The Lion King, and has been nominated for six other films including Gladiator, The Thin Red Line, and As Good As It Gets. With The Last Samurai he celebrates his 100th film score, and SoundtrackNet had an opportunity to talk with Hans a few weeks ago during a rare break in his busy schedule working on Something's Gotta Give.

You've scored many projects during your career, and The Last Samurai is being touted as your 100th film score…

Well, I'm terrible with math, so I'm not doing the counting. It could be more, it could be less – but apparently it's the 100th.

So how did you get involved with the project?

If you're lucky enough to get nominated for an Oscar, you get invited to the Oscar nominee's luncheon where they hand out these little nomination certificates. There are usually 150 people standing there, and people are invited up in alphabetical order, starting with the As. By the time they get to the Cs, everybody's already back at their table chatting and eating, and while the first people called get thunderous applause, you can imagine what it's like when your name starts with Z!

So Ed Zwick and I were standing there, waiting at one of these luncheons about four years ago, and we started talking to each other. I asked him what he was working on and he told me about this movie called The Last Samurai, which I thought sounded interesting and I asked him to send me a script. After the script arrived, I didn't hear from him for a long time and I thought he'd forgotten about me, not thinking about how difficult it is to set up a samurai movie these days. The other thing I liked about the project was that Tom Cruise was involved, so it was like returning home, since I've scored a bunch of his movies – I knew we were going to have a good time.

Did it end up that way?

Ed and his editor Steve Rosenblum are such gentlemen, so together and professional, and they basically did one cut of the film, screened it, and everyone loved their work. So after this, they had plenty of time to come and hang with me, and while I usually love the re-cutting process because it's a diversionary tactic to keep the director and editor out of my life, these guys were great to have around.

Of course, my sense of paranoia made me think that something was going wrong all the time, waiting for the other shoe to drop, as it were, but it never happened. Ed phoned this morning and I thought, "Oh my god – rewrite!" It's just how my brain works. But I think he and I feel a bit odd now: we've been seeing each other every day for months, and suddenly we're done. I completely understand why people have a problem finishing a movie, because there's something really nice about the process – completion is far more boring.

For Samurai, you used Japanese percussions and ethnic woodwinds, without getting too 'Japanese'.

My problem is that I feel Japanese music is really inaccessible to Western ears, and I was really struggling with this film initially, trying to figure out what I was doing. This idea popped into my head for using Western-style themes, but applying a Japanese aesthetic to them, which sounds great of course, until I had to ask myself what I meant! Actually, I think it's just my way of not overloading certain things with too many colors, or being geometrically precise about my cues and not making them too flowery.

The Tom Cruise character is one of those nasty drunks at the beginning, who obviously has some serious problems he's trying to deal with, or not deal with. He's obnoxious and restless, suffering sleepless nights and is very un-Tom. For me, this character's journey was about his need to earn tranquility and peace, so within the score there's this very romantic, overblown and passionate theme. It's like a juvenile way of dealing with life and death – the pain and liebestod.

However, to contrast with these very relentless themes, there are a number of stark, formal and sober pieces, because I wanted to take Tom's character on a journey. He comes from America and ends up in this foreign place where he doesn't speak the language or understand the culture. But at the end of the movie, I want the audience to think that there isn't a more beautiful place for him to be, that he is at home in Japan and finally at peace.

There are many useless acts of bravery we do out of misguided romanticism, and this movie is full of courageous and dignified acts of bravery. So I wanted to play off these acts, since both the American and Japanese cultures have a concept of heroism, and I just wanted to see if I could play with the nature of the two different concepts.

So you didn't want to do the stereotypical Japanese thing...

Absolutely not! Take Akira Kurosawa's Ran, for example, which has this brilliant score where Takemitsu writes Western music, but with an Eastern accent. Somebody asked me a few days ago why As Good As It Gets was European – why did I write a European score for a quintessentially American story? For me, it's because Jack Nicholson was crazy in the movie, and I felt one of the great things about America is how they always think we Europeans are crazy. So by writing a European-styled score, it's my way of saying that Jack is crazy, but it's alright!

How do you feel about people who criticize your work for not fitting into the time period, like Gladiator?

The reason I take these jobs is because I'm interested in foreign cultures, and every time I get to work on a movie I'm thrown into the adventure of whatever that culture is, the time, and wherever the story's taking place. So one of the things I'm very careful about is not to be historically correct to the culture, but, on the other hand, not to insult the underlying aesthetics of that culture either. I remember watching Chariots of Fire and thinking how brilliantly the music worked, never missing that it wasn't period instruments! I grew up listening to Bach played by a symphony orchestra – it's the wrong sized orchestra with the wrong instruments, but I don't think that's the point.

With Gladiator, Pietro Scalia brought in a CD saying "this is Ancient Roman music," and I said, "Says who? You went to the Ancient Roman music store and bought an Ancient Roman music CD? Bullshit!" We're not anthropologists. Look at he costumes Ridley Scott had: they were more Napoleonic than Roman, which was perhaps fitting since Napoleon had stolen all of his good ideas from the Romans regarding how to make his generals look cool – and so did Hitler! So I got criticized for making the "Entry into Rome" cue too Leni Riefenstahl – but that was the joke! I am allowed to have a sense of humor in my music!

Earlier this summer your credit on Pirates of the Caribbean was "Score Overproduced by". What was the deal with that?

Well, I thought honesty was a virtue! But seriously, Jerry Bruckheimer quite rightly asked me not to give him "that old-fashioned Pirate music," and Gore Verbinski, who I adore and did The Ring with, said, "Well, it is a pirate movie, so we have to disguise it." In the end, I spent a day and a half writing tunes, Klaus Badelt wrote a lot of stuff, and we rolled up our sleeves, got drunk, behaved in a debauched way, and produced a score!

There was a lot of criticism regarding that score, but in the end it had to serve the film - which it did. You seem to get a lot of criticism on any project you do.

I had the misfortune of going onto the Film Score Monthly web site recently to look something up and vanity made me type in my own name. I suddenly realized that you can't ever get it right. Who do people want me to be? The guy that writes Matchstick Men? Or the guy that writes The Rock? Or the guy that writes Driving Miss Daisy? My need is ultimately to write for myself. I mock myself and I'm ironic about the way I speak about it because if I take it too seriously, it would be a pompous and boring thing to do. But at the same time I take each note I write very seriously – none of them are random.

The Internet Movie Database always lists you as being attached to multiple projects, so I was curious, what's Sharktail?

I complained to Jeffrey Katzenberg that I couldn't cross any more Red Seas, or deal with any more horses that can't speak – I wanted to do one of the fun animated movies instead. There's also a hip-hop element in Sharktail, and I haven't been there yet, so it's new territory! King Arthur is still in production, and I literally just got the first bits of footage just before you came here.

Are you working on all of these projects simultaneously?

I'm thinking about them! I'm also working with Jim Brooks on his new comedy, Spanglish.

And speaking of comedies, you recently did Matchstick Men for Ridley, which had a very Nino Rota vibe to it....

And I gave him credit! I thought, what if Nino had written the theme and I was just doing the variations? But I bet I'm going to get criticized for that because it's not like Gladiator.

So when did you last have a vacation?

Well, I went to Japan for a couple of days at the end of November for the Japanese premiere of Samurai, but look, I love what I do! In January I'll travel to Morocco because Ridley will be shooting his next movie, Kingdom of Heaven, so that's like a holiday!

My family and I are going away at Christmas, and what we used to do would be to rent a house in the mountains and go on these skiing holidays. It would be a crappy house, not as nice as the one we live in, my wife was still going to the market, and we're still washing our plates – so it wasn't a vacation, it was a lot of work! It's taken us a long time, but we just figured it out: we're not practical with vacations – we're staying at hotels! But while the Zimmer family isn't talented when it comes to vacations, we're talented when it comes to work!

I sat through Samurai the other day, and for the first time watched the whole movie from top to tail with everything finished and completed. It felt really good, better than a vacation. But luckily there were enough things wrong for me to think that I learned something from the experience, and now I can't wait for the next project to try these new ideas out.

The soundtrack to The Last Samurai is available from Elektra Records, and the film is currently in theaters. Matchstick Men is available on Varese Sarabande Records.

With thanks to Chet Mehta at Chasen & Co, Jason Cienkus at Warner Brothers, and Nina Lynch and Mark Wherry at Media Ventures for helping with this interview. And, of course, special thanks to Hans.

Kenji2020-08-06 16:41:48
Cheers guys, much appreciated!
In my mind I had some video interview though, as I always like watching those as well. I do wonder if there was an extra section on the home release of the movie where ideally there might be.

Knight reply Replies: 2 || 2020-03-28 00:28:21
Anyone know what cues make up the OST for this? Hybrid?

Hybrid Soldier2020-03-28 10:11:20












Knight2020-03-28 12:47:40
Thank you.

nvictor reply Replies: 0 || 2018-04-01 04:26:55
another underestimated score. one of my favorites from remote control.

the war cry (is it called a kumite or am i mistaken?) makes me relive the scene but i saw it a long time ago. i remember them under their shields, their frantic laughter, the gushing blood. it was a while ago when i saw the movie but those images remained. the score makes me relive the final battle. it went like, charge, regroup, charge, regroup. they knew their swords wouldn't be enough for the cannons but they still charged...

this is a timeless piece.

Mike (OTM) reply Replies: 1 || 2018-02-16 23:35:53
Are the war-cry vocals in Red Warrior part of the music or are they added in for the OST?

nvictor2018-04-01 04:08:57
umm, good question. i only have vague images of that last battle but there were sure a lot of war cries and memorable moments. my guess is that they were sampled from the cuts.

Phil reply Replies: 2 || 2011-08-15 19:12:45
well, the Special Edition is also very awesome, just got it

Ronald2014-08-22 12:39:21
Can we actually get a physical version of it??? The Last Samurai Soundtrack - OST - Special Edition, the one on 2 CD?

I can't find it anywhere and i'm getting desperate :-(


thejok3rrules2014-08-22 14:45:33
It doesn't exists This 2 CD edition you mentionned is nothing more than a fan-made compliation. But the complete score is out, go find out.

Ds reply Replies: 9 || 2014-06-02 00:07:18
What a wonderful movie... The combination score/picture is beyond amazing. Definitely one of my favorites from Hans.

I miss the time when they used to make bold, epic historical movies like this one... and when they used to ask Hans to score them :-(

Anonymous2014-06-02 06:26:04
I miss the time Hans used to write themes and scores for instruments and orchestra, rather than creating electronic soundscapes.

Zimson2014-06-02 07:35:47
@Anonymous Lone Ranger? Winter's Tale?

Anonymous2014-06-02 14:51:30
Zimson, you are right, I forgot about those two. Though honestly neither of those sound like Hans was involved too much.

Zimson2014-06-02 16:35:08
Yeah, Lone Ranger was mostly his notes and other's arrangements, I suppose and Winter's Tale was really Rupert GW's thing.

thejok3rrules2014-06-02 16:58:57
Yes, THE LONE RANGER was a welcome return to Zimmer's orchestra epics.

Edmund Meinerts2014-06-02 17:29:42
Shame Zimmer himself doesn't seem very interested in pursuing that direction of his career anymore. Go figure - my favorite score of his in five years and it's essentially a throwaway project (plus a lot of credit for it probably has to go to Geoff Zanelli).

Hybrid Soldier2014-06-02 18:52:08
"Yeah, Lone Ranger was mostly his notes and other's arrangements..."

Err... really ? lol

Zimson2014-06-02 20:05:28
He didn't really want to do it if I remember right and it had 6 additional composers(?). That was just my conclusion. Of course I'm listening to what you have to say on this topic.

Ronald2014-08-22 12:34:53
Where the heck can i buy a physical copy of The Last Samurai Soundtrack - OST - Special Edition, the one with 2 CDS???


hans reply Replies: 4 || 2011-09-28 12:58:47
why is everyone speaking about a recording session here? have i missed something? will this really come out? oh god please say yes...........

Mr. Fate2011-09-28 15:02:57
It is quite the exact opposite of everything that you just posted. Everyone is dreaming about a complete score for this movie due to the influx of so many other complete RCP scores. You have not missed anything--there are no track lists or even rumors that anyone has posted/discussed concerning a complete score for this movie.

Sean2011-09-30 09:20:30
Nope, nothing is coming out, unfortunately. Though I do wonder why this complete score/recording sessions hasn't been released yet. It's been around longer than the some other RCP scores that are supposedly somehow being released soon. Well, we'll wait and see.

tim2011-09-30 09:44:30
yes very true. 8 years since i've seen this for the first time and fell in love with this beautiful music. 8 years... how time passes by.

i'm afraid we won't see anything. the recent leaked scores were because of jnh, but hz scores hasn't been leaked for some reason...

Sean2011-11-16 17:12:09
So then I wonder why a complete score or recording sessions for Blood Diamond hasn't been released yet, JNH did a fantastic job with that score. I hope it's released, soon.

Mike reply Replies: 4 || 2014-04-04 03:38:16
Interesting, for some reason I always thought the Way of the Sword cue up there (part of "A Way of Life" on the album) was 100% Zimmer. Didn't know Trevor Morris did it, but I guess that isn't surprising.

Mike2014-04-04 03:42:20
And you know what, I don't usually post twice in a row like this but this score never ceases to amaze me when I listen to it. Beautiful, brilliant stuff. One of my favorite Zimmer scores for sure.

Hybrid Soldier2014-04-04 08:31:32
Well he just did a slight arrangement, adding a trombone if my memory's good... lol That's what he said on his old website...

Zimson2014-04-04 13:09:00
@Mike Do you even have a source for this? Oh, and thx to hybrid for correcting this post.

Mike2014-04-04 15:26:39
Of course I have a source for it....this website has the above-mentioned cue on Trevor Morris' page. That means, whether to a tiny extent or a large one, he was involved with it.

MacArthur reply Replies: 6 || 2013-09-08 19:00:37
Also in this one "The Final Charge" is a carbon copy of the track "War" from Pearl Harbor.

Mike2013-09-09 14:55:51
Very true. Also, the music on the battlefield near the end of the movie sounds, at one point, exactly like the Japanese preparation/attack theme from Pearl Harbor.

Hybrid Soldier2013-09-09 17:30:03
Actually, I've asked & even shown HZ the PH / TLS parallel.

Other than he couldn't really remember (it was 10 years ago, and he doesn't spend his weeks listening to PH or TLS like we do, you know...), he admitted there was a Thin Red Line temp in TLS, but couldn't remember any Pearl Harbor.

The PH stuff is actually simply muscle memory, especially when it's done fast like that and no one (music editor & all) warned him how close it was. Anyone who's ever composed a piece of music in his life can understand that, at some point it just, kinda, gets back to the past !

Mike2013-09-09 17:51:03
Interesting...I wonder if a Thin Red Line cue was temped in the (AMAZING) "God Save Us" cue from Angels and Demons. The end is almost identical. But then, all composers have near-carbon copies of their previous work. "Father & Son" from Lincoln, for example, sounds almost identical to "Omaha Beach" from Saving Private Ryan at one point.

MacArthur2013-09-10 00:32:52
Yeah but I see what your saying Hybrid It is muscle memory in some of the music I compose a lot of it just comes from a chord progression that sounds real good then I'll go back to listen to an old song and find it similar, and hey that's ok

Katsumoto2013-09-10 08:40:33
Oh really? Man I'm relaxed right now after hearing that you've got the same issues with muscle memories. I was pretty shocked after hearing it from Zimmer, but when I read that these things has happened even to you, then everything is good...

Edmund Meinerts2013-09-10 09:03:34
I prefer the TLS version to the PH version. It sounds a bit more fleshed out and heroic. So a temp track or copy it might be, but it's also an improvement and it gets a pass in my books. ;)

Katsumoto - no need to be an ass, dude.

sam reply Replies: 19 || 2013-07-11 08:18:57
It's time... Guess for what...

Anonymous2013-07-11 13:07:31
Kick ya'ss ;)

Bioscope2013-07-11 15:51:10
Waiting with anticipation.....

...2013-07-11 16:13:32
maybe for the sessions:)

and I am also "Waiting with anticipation..."

Mike2013-07-11 22:28:44
A guy says "it's time" and everyone begins salivating....Anyone can say it's time. Goodness.

Marco2013-07-12 01:55:20
Here we go again pffft.

Derp2013-07-12 15:32:41
herp-a-derp! Herp derp derp. hur hur hur a-duh. herp herp ugh!!!

Stygian2013-07-13 02:54:42
the gullibility of human beings never ceases to surprise me.
holy shit.

timmy bimmy2013-08-27 11:58:45
:( we need this... come on, please you elitists, share it with us too, we just want to enjoy music, beautiful music for our soul and heart. please don't be so cruel and share it :(

Jan2013-08-28 03:12:15
I'm about to give someone head for this REAL TALK

Stygian2013-08-30 22:19:24

Casey2013-08-30 23:11:29
Lots of people have got this, someone just needs to post it and be done with it.

It is always the same - people asking about tracklists, loads of comments get deleted, the score gets posted after no more money can be made off of it, a new page is made here, everyone is happy. Why do you we need the drama every time something new comes along?

Stygian2013-08-30 23:30:03
*lots* of people?
set me up dude.

Anonymous1232013-09-01 03:01:12
The Last Samurai Sessions

1M1v3 Opening Titles
1M3v2 The Little Big Horntale
1M5v5 Algren Travels To Japan
1M6s Kagura no Netori (Tokyo Gakuso)
1M8 Boot Camp
2M9v5 Scalping Technique
2M10v8 Just Shoot Me
2M11-12v25 Battle In The Fog
2m13v12 Captured
2M15v3 Sake
3M16v10 Algren Explores Village
3M17v19 Beating In The Rain
3M18v12 Intriguing People
3M19v12 Too Many Mind
4M20v8 Season's Pass
4M21ms A Draw
4M23v13 Ninja Attack
4M24v20 Every Soldier Has Nightmares
5M27v10 Haircut
5M28v3 Ronin
5M29av6 A Change of Heart
5M29bv2 Street Encounter
5M30v1 Arrival of Rickshaws
5M31av4 Convincing Katsumoto To Escape
5M31bv6 Breaking Out
5M31cv11 Safe Passage
6M32-33v7 Battle Preparation
6M34v7 Wear this Armor
6M35v5 To The Battlefield
6M36v8 They Won't Surrender
6M37v16 Warrior Games
7M38-39v2 To the Battlefield
7M39bv4 Casualties
7M40av37 The Final Charge
7M40bc They Are All Perfect
7M41v14 A Small Measure of Peace



Stygian2013-09-01 03:50:06
It has been leaked. Get it while it's hot.

T-Mann0362013-09-01 06:02:27
105% Epic!

Radik2013-09-01 17:15:44
And now Man of Steel pls :)

MacArthur2013-09-01 18:21:27
Why all the Music in the Special Edition are the cues. Just in a different order

Drunkenmunkey2013-09-01 19:31:23
No they are not. certain cues like escape from ship do not appear at all

isildur2013-09-02 10:32:45
Forgive my ignorance, bu what are all the numbers in front of the track names? Like "1M1v3" for example. I always wondered about this.

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2013-07-09 23:37:02
Is 2:23-2:49 in the track "To Know My Enemy" a Geoff Zanelli cue? It sounds like the ninja attack, which was his, and the Cannibal Island music from Dead Man's Chest, also his.

Mike reply Replies: 1 || 2013-07-02 23:41:05
Is "A Way of Life" a suite or a cue? I haven't seen the movie in a while, so I can't remember. I know the beginning of it is used in the opening scenes, but I can't remember beyond that.

GR72013-07-03 00:29:07
IMO this is a suite uniting several segments used in the movie. The problem is the long moment in the movie where Cruise is held prisoner in the village, describes what he sees, and live with them is not entirely filled with music. But I think this part of the movie gives the essential material of "a way of life"

algren reply Replies: 5 || 2013-05-01 13:56:49
inception here, inception theeeere, man what we finally need, is the last samurai sessions...

Hybrid Soldier2013-05-01 14:04:07
I didn't know this website was the equivalent of a christmas letter for Santa...

Mike2013-05-02 02:13:39
lol, Hybrid

Billy2013-05-07 08:31:26
@algren: I have it, but no need to leak it, as there isn't enough demand for it. So...

Rony2013-05-07 19:09:40
Billy stoppppppppppppppppppppp bing troll

marty2013-05-25 21:18:39
... i missed it :(

Georges Pompidur reply Replies: 8 || 2013-05-25 10:50:20
any leak at 8:00 ? ^_^

...2013-05-25 11:11:40
Lol, of course not...
it's just a stupid joke from some bloke

Georges Pompidur2013-05-25 11:23:01
Damn... ;-)

Mr Motivator2013-05-25 11:37:53
im pretty sure A123 said it will be on the 25th

..2013-05-25 12:34:37
I'm not pretty sure...

Mr Motivator2013-05-25 17:31:23
You've got a pretty name :) xxx

Anonymous1232013-05-25 19:06:13
it won't be leaked today in any time. That was a fake Anonymous. When a score will be leak i post a tracklist. That was a fake anonymous123. Yes, some selected people has the sessions from the last samurai. But, they are using this to trade and get other sessions. The sessions will see the face of the sun but it will take a long time. Just like Titanic and all Harry potter sessions.

Trust in me.

Hybrid Soldier2013-05-25 19:14:26
Find another site to post your tracklist, please.

Stygian2013-05-25 20:27:13
fuck, i missed it? -____-

macak reply Replies: 30 || 2012-12-12 22:04:57
Complete score tracklist (just for the info):

1m1 Opening Titles
1m2S Music For Military Band
1m3 The Little Big Horntale
1m5 Algren Travels To Japan
1m8 Boot Camp
2m9 Scalping Technique
2m10 Just Shoot Me
2m12 Battle In The Fog
2m13 Captured
2m15 Sake
3m16A Algren Explores Village
3m17 Beating In The Rain
3m18 Intriguing People
3m19 Too Many Mind
4m20 Season's Pass
4m23 Ninja Attack
4m24 Every Soldier Has Nightmares
4m25 Farewell
4m26 Safe Passage
5m27 Haircut
5m29 One Mind
5m31C The Escape
6m32 Don't Go
6m33 Prepare For Battle
6m34 Wear This Armor
6m35 To The Battlefield
6m36 They Won't Surrender
6m37 Warrior Games
7m38 Archers
7m39 On The Battlefield
7m40A The Final Charge - Part A
7m40B The Final Charge - Part B
7m40C The Final Charge - Part C
8m41 Small Measure Of Peace

Mr. Charles2012-12-12 22:34:41
Hmm...not sure if tolling...or being legit. Never even heard the score, so can't say...

Mike2012-12-12 22:36:46
Is it just me or does this look...too short? Granted I haven't seen the movie in a while. It might have less music than I remembered.

Mr. Charles2012-12-12 22:41:08
Well there's no lengths, so we don't know. Is this macak guy actually had this, he'd have posted the lengths. So I've come to the conclusion....TROLLING. I've never even seen the film nor heard the music, so I'm clueless. But I've been told a reel is around 20 min of music

Mike2012-12-12 22:50:08
Sadly, I think you're right. It's fake.

Mr. Charles2012-12-12 23:24:37
Also, 5m30 is untitled. This is bullshit

Mike2012-12-13 02:07:45
lol, man, that jips us out of a possibly-better album cover.

Areozz2012-12-13 02:33:43
I'm sorry, but when someone posts a track list with the modifier "just for the info" you know that they are spouting out a fat sack of shit.

@Mr. Charles: even though I believe this to likely be another troll, just because a track doesn't have a name does not automatically mean a track list is made up. It could just mean the track was unused, and therefore no decent names can be come up for it.

Blu2012-12-13 06:18:00
This list was posted at JWFan long time ago

jwfan dot com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20819&st=120#entry862469

I trust the guy who posted the list at JWFan. Hope it is the real deal and that it'd surface soon. =)

macak2012-12-13 19:32:43
I don't know why you think I'm "trolling". As far as I know all the tracklists posted on this site were legit, and I have never claimed I have what I posted. I just found the tracklist on the internet and wanted to share it here for the sake of information. That's the whole story. I have no reason to believe that this is fake because I found it on a website where it was posted amongst tracklists proven to be legit. But of course, some of you already know this is fake although you haven't heard the score nor watched the movie. Geez...

Stygian2012-12-14 04:33:53
yeah i've also seen this list on that forum as well. although i have no way of telling whether or not it's actually legit. although i'd imagine the complete score would be...longer. and no doubt it'd be longer for the recording sessions.

Stygian2012-12-14 04:39:51
macak, don't worry about it. you don't mean any harm. at least now, more people know about that website and maybe someone will get motivated to obtain more info for the complete/sessions... who knows.
still, thanks for posting this

Mitch2012-12-14 04:47:32
This shit's real. And don't hate on macak for sharing the info. Unlike the other assholes waving their "recording session" tracklists around like it's the hottest ticket in town, this guy is merely posting information that has already been found online prior to this.

Errbody chillll ;)

Stygian2012-12-14 04:49:27
@Mitch: i agree--if he were trolling, he wouldve been waving this tracklist like a big dick and getting everyone all excited and rowdy.
by the way how do you know this is real...?

Mike2012-12-14 05:16:55
Well if I came off as obnoxious I'm sorry, I just don't want to get my hopes up, I guess. XD

jummy2012-12-14 12:41:54
that tracklist ist without all the alternate and unused cues though, that's why its called complete, but it's not a session

Hybrid Soldier2012-12-14 17:48:24
I absolutely adore the way you are all CERTAIN of what you say about "sessions / complete / bootleg / promo / recordings"... xD

creg2012-12-14 18:56:36
aaaahahahaha how funny

... not. -.-

Mike2012-12-14 19:57:48
Honest question, Hybrid: how do you differentiate?

Stygian2012-12-14 21:49:01
what creg said.

Bondo2012-12-15 06:54:59
I think he's laughing because you guys flip out every time a new tracklist of any score is posted......

Mike2012-12-15 09:33:42
Because sometimes these tracklists are legitimate.

Hybrid Soldier2012-12-15 11:35:06
Because there's NO suck categories !

You just have sessions recorded and then mixed.

Then, you get all of them or some of them, that's all. Most of the time several things are missing.

lars2012-12-15 11:49:40
then why not explaining it from the beginning and not laughing at some guys who don't know about it like a prig.

seriously, that was a dumb-ass behaviour from you and unworthy for a worker!

if you want to contribute something to this site, then put some informations, explain others what you know and don't show with a finger to someone else and laugh about him!

macak2012-12-15 15:59:34
Let me try (although I am not an expert):

Demos - the music from the composers computer. Created in the computer with the use of virtual instruments. May also contain recordings of some (usually stringed) instruments. The quality is not important here.

Recording sessions - after finishing with composing, these demos (computer mock-ups) get transcribed into sheet music. Then this sheet music gets played by a live orchestra in some acoustic hall (the recording quality is very important here). Also keep in mind that only films with big budgets can afford recording sessions (live orchestra).

Complete - it depends on what you consider complete. Some people consider recording sessions a complete score, others consider recording sessions + other music used as complete, like trailers, modified cues or maybe some other music not recorded by live orchestra.

Promos - used for promotional purposes. They "advertise" the composer to some directors, film studios and other people in film industry to whom the promo score has been given.
They usually contain tracks for which the composer thinks are the best. Example: filing candidacy for oscar by giving a promo score to the members of the academy.

Bootlegs - fan-made versions of scores. They usually call them "expanded" and since they are not authorized by the composer, they can contain literally anything: the music from the official release, bad quality tracks ripped from youtube, music from DVD or blu-ray releases (they are usually accompanied with sfx), etc. Alterations, transpositions, modifications (like adding "epic drums" in order to make the track more "epic") and other immoral things may also be found. And of course, "mixing" two or more existing tracks together just to bloat the running length is very common. All in all you need a good ear to differentiate a good quality bootleg from a poor quality one.

The end :)

Dawn2012-12-15 18:58:40
@Macak : Bootlegs are simply versions that are not commercially available / not meant to be available. This can be either expanded/complete/recording sessions.
Once it's available on the internet, it may of course contain bad material such as DVD/BR rip with SFX, cues used twice etc... depending on the people putting their hands on it first.

I think there's a lot of fuss when it comes to the comparison complete score / recording sessions.
Complete score literally means "all the music used in the movie", when Recording sessions are more about "everything that was recorded for the movie" (complete score + alternate material/demo music/trailer music/unused cues...), though I already got recording sessions that were labeled "complete scores" for exemple. I'd say it's the same thing, more or less.

I even have "complete scores" that are incomplete, but everybody labels them as complete as the most important cues are available on it !

Mr. Charles2012-12-15 21:46:58
I'm with Dawn on this one. Think about it, the recording sessions is when the entire orchestra sits and records all of the cues. It's a session. The complete score is strictly everything used in the film. Nothing more, nothing less. (More or less, anyway). The complete score is sourced from the recording sessions.

Example: Superman Returns. The complete score is 58 tracks, white the sessions has 75 tracks

Stygian2012-12-15 22:39:54
then i dont know why this hybrid kid is lml'ing about our use of terminology when what i said, at least by your definition (of recording sessions), makes perfect sense.

Stygian2012-12-15 22:41:03
and yeah, i go by the same definitions as you just explained.

Dawn2012-12-16 12:34:43
I think hybrid soldier wasn't laughing at the terminology, but more about conjectures people are making based on a tracklist.

This tracklist might be the real thing, time will tell. Rare things will eventually show up.
Try not to be too harsh about this hybrid guy, there are many things going on "in the dark of the web" and many people trading rare unreleased material. All the mysterious trading/sharing is necessary for things to spread, and we'll all have an answer soon or late.

Stygian2012-12-16 16:02:53
yeah, youre right. sorry hybrid.

Mike reply Replies: 2 || 2012-11-02 01:32:55
This soundtrack does two things for me:

makes me wanna meditate
makes me wanna cry

It's one of Zimmer's finest, for sure.

ToddL2012-11-02 05:29:57
The second half of To Know My Enemy is just superb -- always been one of my fav pieces. Love the chord progression....great theme. Always thought it would make a great movie trailer standout.

Macejko2012-11-02 11:42:00
I actually think this might be the best score Hans has ever created. It has just right amount of epicness and softness and stunning and powerfull main theme.

timbo reply Replies: 6 || 2012-03-24 14:15:25
on facebook, hans have uploaded a track from the last samurai. why have he done this?

a sign for an expanded release? just to look if there are any interest with that track and how people react? god please, release an expanded or an recording session. this score is just too beautiful to be only 59 minutes long :(

Mr. Fate2012-03-24 15:22:56
I do not think it is up to God to release an expanded or an recording session. It may not even be up to Hans Zimmer, himself. Who knows, in this wacky and crazy world?

Blu2012-03-25 06:37:35
You know, just because a CD's running time is shorter than that of the movie that doesn't universally mean they took lots of good cues out of the album. I have watched this particular film several times and, in my personal opinions, all the cues that stand out in the movie are either already on the commercial disc, or on Geoff Zanelli's website. Sure enough, I can think of some sequences in the movie with music not available at all, but can you name a particular scene with "beautiful" music that's not on the CD already? No disrespect is intended, of course. Just curious, coz I think this CD is easily the best album Hans Zimmer has compiled in his career.

timbo2012-03-27 10:35:53
i haven't analyzed the movie now for a long time, but what i would like to hear are the scenes where he remembers about the past, having those nightmares, the scene where he screams to have some sake, where he arrives at tokyo, the scene where algren plays with the kids that kind of baseball - there is a beautiful alternate ending, etc.

and who knows what alternate cues there exists... i just want to hear and enjoy it in his full-beauty.

the same goes to the thin red line. hans has written with his team more then 7 hours of music for this movie. and what did we get? a shame!

Sean2012-05-17 23:10:14
Why can't they just leak this already?? I imagine there's at least two hours of sound they recorded for this film, and that's discounting what they released commercially.

I would still pay good money for the sessions...why don't they just sell it online? Seriously, what's there to lose if they just sell all of it online for money...? I'd buy it in a second.

Anonymous2012-05-18 07:06:51
The answer is simple, Sean. Posts like that of yours are giving certain individuals the impression that this is one valuable asset that they can profit from. Who'd leak such a thing? So do us all a favor: PLEASE, stop complaining. Hopefully La La Land or another label can sort it out with Warner Brothers soon. Personally I'd rather wait longer for a nice treat from a record label than beg those elitist bastards for new music.

Sean2012-06-26 04:43:17
@Anonymous: I'm not complaining, I'm just asking why the record companies don't release it via iTunes or Amazon, since there's no expense for manufacturing CD's and the logistics for distribution. It's only profitable for them--I'm assuming that I'm missing a bit of info relevant as to why they don't do this.
And just to clarify, I'd wait ten-plus years for a complete release before getting onto my knees and start pathetically pandering to "elitists" who dangle music over everybody's head because they feel that their little ego needs stroking and they like to think they're special.

alexd522 reply Replies: 0 || 2011-12-05 01:16:33
Very nice site!

alexe362 reply Replies: 0 || 2011-11-19 22:26:47
Very nice site!

tim reply Replies: 10 || 2011-09-24 09:39:35
I've seen the movie yesterday again and the music was soooooo beautiful. please please, release an expanded version =(

sebastien2011-09-24 10:02:30
i think it will never come out. those elite people won't let it go.

jack arnold2011-09-24 15:09:36
how do i get in touch with those elite people?

Mr. Fate2011-09-24 15:38:09
You don't, that's how. Most likely, you may bump into one accidentally and they may or may not have what you're looking for.

Sean2011-09-24 20:33:42
God damn, I would PAY for those scores. Why can't they just release them... :(

dom2011-09-25 09:39:33
i am with you man. Instead of those uncomplete crappy original soundtracks, just releasing the recording sessions. THAT is what fans wanting and they could earn a lot more money instead of those uncomplete ones -.-

Mr. Fate2011-09-26 01:21:06
Now, see, that's where you're wrong. Casual movie-goers, and casual listeners of movie scores far outnumber the folks like us. There is a much larger market out there for them--for those who just want to get a snapshot of the score and then move on. There are not so many people who want the whole complete score.

They would not earn a lot more money if they simply released recording sessions or complete scores; rather they would only satisfy a small minority of their followers. The larger scores would likely cost more than the typical $15 (U.S.) OST range, and those casual listeners wouldn't care enough to buy it. Hell, we probably wouldn't care enough to buy'em either; we'd wait for someone to upload it and share it for free. It's sad but it is the truth.

This is one of those times that a picture of an alternate parallel reality comes to my mind--one in which complete scores to movies are actually a common thing. Wouldn't it just be so cool if you could reach through a gate to another universe and get all the scores to fulfill your heart's desire?

Anonymous2011-09-26 02:36:56
> Hell, we probably wouldn't care enough to buy'em either; we'd
> wait for someone to upload it and share it for free. It's sad but
> it is the truth

Nice... if you are a fan you could at least buy them to support the artist and labels.

Mr. Fate2011-09-26 03:44:54
That's quote stuff just like someone I know...

Yeah, if money wasn't an issue, I would totally buy stuff to support the artists and labels an whatnot. Not that I really think money is an issue for me--I haven't had much experience in buying scores, if you know what I mean. As I said, this just isn't the world to be in if you're a person who greatly enjoys the full score to a movie.

cheesy2011-09-26 04:10:44
"...this just isn't the world to be in if you're a person who greatly enjoys the full score to a movie."

Sad but true.

sebastien2011-09-26 15:02:04
actually the composers are earning SO much money, so they don't care about a score release, when it comes to earn some money through those releases.

I don't ask for any CD release etc, but make them available through a download, like itunes etc. there are a lot of people who are interested in what was composed for the movie. all the ideas, variations, new stuff, etc.

it would be really a parallel universe, a paradise, if composers would release every work as a recording session.

but until the paradise comes... WE WANT THE LAST SAMURAI as a RECORDING SESSION.

why can't any of those "elite" guys have a heart for us =( pleaeese...

clark reply Replies: 0 || 2011-09-23 20:41:01
loving the score. would wish there would be a recording session of it

jack arnold reply Replies: 1 || 2011-09-21 09:27:16
there is an expanded cue in the movie where nathan plays with with the children in the village. the ending is so beautiful, but not in the score cd. why don't we already have an expanded version of this?

it was his 100th score. so beautiful scores are only as originals out there, but no expanded etc.

would love to have a recording session of this, would pay good money for this!

Sean2011-09-22 07:30:37
So would I. I would pay very GOOD money for the recording sessions.

bill reply Replies: 6 || 2011-09-08 12:38:27
i've heard that a recording session will be out very soon.

keep watching. ;)

Sean2011-09-10 17:44:25
Huzzah! :D

Areozz2011-09-10 19:41:34
i've heard that people like to make up a bunch of bull-honky.

[don't] keep your hopes up.

[Recording Sessions don't just *come out*. They usually get leaked by someone who doesn't know what all is going on. People can't usually foresee when a full score is going to "be out very soon"--especially if it is from RCP.]

Sean2011-09-10 21:28:27
Oh... : Well could you tell me how exactly stuff gets leaked and where from? And what do you mean "by someone who doesn't know what all is going on"? I'm not 100% on how this stuff works when it comes to scores like these.

Areozz2011-09-10 22:13:59
It is all very complicated. I still don't understand largely what all this means. However, if you are after a complete score to something from RCP, you are not just going to happen across it somewhere on the internet. They do not exist on the internet.

Sometimes a guy is given permission to upload a rare score by the superiors from whom he got it. Other times, a guy will share something he will think is safe to share, and then his superiors freak out.

There are many other people who frequent this website who could provide you with a much more solid explanation.

Sean2011-09-10 22:17:24
lol Yeah I see, if this was floating around on the Internet, I would have it by now :P I think you forgot to mention that the guys upstairs give the sharer a foot in the ass once they find the leaked material...hahaha
Thanks though...I hope someone does leak it soon.

john2011-09-18 04:45:30
bill, that sounds like a troll. prove it.

hans reply Replies: 0 || 2011-08-30 09:12:54
damn, after seeing all those samurai covers on the fan comments box, i really thought the recording session have been released -.-

smith reply Replies: 6 || 2011-08-24 09:57:04
after King Kong and Pirates 4 Recording Sessions... it is time for THE LAST SAMURAI RECORDING SESSIONS! Come on guys, bring it oooon! :)

tom2011-08-24 12:44:12
yes please, ... does that even exists?

clark2011-08-24 12:57:43
sure. everything exists anywhere!

Sean2011-08-29 23:52:40
Yes, PLEEEASE a release for the recording sessions for The Last Samurai! p.s. Where can I find the Pirates 4 recording sessions?

Dakota2011-08-30 00:20:45
As I mentioned for Dead Man's Chest, the On Stranger Tides Demos reside in the same place as the Dead Man's Chest expanded score. On a Shrine in your fantasies. Use Google, it's your best friend in this instance.

Sean2011-08-30 05:10:02
Ahh haha ;) Yeah I got it from that Shrine just a few hours ago. Thanks

Dakota2011-08-30 05:43:20
Glad I could help =)

alexd744 reply Replies: 1 || 2011-08-24 00:25:34
Very nice site!

Mr. Fate2011-08-24 01:52:46
I really dislike this dood. What's his point, anyway? Oh, yeah, that's right to attract people like me because this is how trolls stay alive.

Sean reply Replies: 1 || 2011-08-19 05:54:07
Is there gonna be a complete recording sessions coming out anytime soon? I REALLY want the rest of the score pieces, w/o SFX...and I bet the alternate tracks are really good, too.

Smith2011-08-19 09:00:51
ooooooooh that would be a DREAAAAAAAAAM!!!
bit i haven't high hopes to see anything at all :(

alexd533 reply Replies: 0 || 2011-08-13 16:26:12
Very nice site!

Eugene kharchenko Ukraine reply Replies: 0 || 2011-05-08 16:07:01
Wonderfull,exciting,flaweless music of the one of the most talented composer in the world nowadays! His music is a huge gift to the soul!

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