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Yeah, just saw it, and loving the score!It's the film score. There's also a 5min clip released this morning with more of the score too.If you watch the live stream video on the official Dunkirk website they have some score which I would put money on is from Zimmer.I received today the CD edition, ordered via WaterTower Music shop, and very surprised that it's not a CD-R ! It's a real pressed disc.Anyone know where to find the sheet music for this?
No idea if anyone can confirm but, the clip of the water fight was released (looked nice) and there's scoring involve but no idea if it's the film actual score or just music picked for this type of ad.<br><br>If it is, sounds pretty cool, very Mass Effect-ish with some Balfe action around.After being out in the wilderness these past few years, that would be EXACTLY the project HGW needs to make his big comeback. And the Disney live-action remake scores have been consistently excellent so far. I'd be super excited if this turned out to be true.please can the Wembley audio recording be released, coming up to a year ago now, as stated was told in June it was being worked on to be finished, what's happened?Who knows at this point... but, that would seriously be a dream come true!So, does this mean Harry-Gregson Williams is going to do the Mulan remake?
WOW!!! That is shameless!It seems they both worked on the score for a while . Not normally a fan of Mansell <br>BUTnow definitely interested. Any news of a soundtrack release?Great score . Nice to hear something so different and so many stylesI like what I am hearing so far, especially the new theme. It is really nice to know that Zimmer likes to have fun once in a while.It sounds like a fun score.
The Collector's Edition contains "Moses Reviled," along with "Chariot Race" and Zimmer's original Epilogue as one track, is that correct?Yeah, Zimmer and Mazzaro are working together far from the first time here, Mr. Useless Shitpost Man.Lego Batman just got released in Australia so it was great to hear how the score worked to the film. Amazing work . The Robin song I Found You is excellent and Lorne should be writing more songs . Interested to see Ghost in the shell nowDo wish Hans would stop doing theses co writes . They don't sound his usual standard . Not very original this scoreSounds just like Megamind !

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Additional Music - ConductorAdditional Music - Orchestrator
Hans ZimmerHarry Gregson-WilliamsBruce FowlerAdam Smalley
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicScore Producer
As Good As It Gets (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 56'38 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (1488 votes)


  1. Main Titles (1:24)
  2. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (1:10)
  3. Udall's Story Interrupted (0:47)
  4. Love Was... Interrupted Again (0:20)
  5. The Outside World (0:47)
  6. The Date (0:20)
  7. Too Much Reality (0:20)
  8. Humanity (1:53)
  9. Nice Chatting (0:57)
  10. Dog Intrusion (1:16)
  11. Broken Face (0:40)
  12. Charming (1:31)
  13. Losing A Canine Friend (1:10)
  14. Don't Be Like Me (1:07)
  15. This Day Has Been A Disaster (2:52)
  16. Hospital & Cards (2:32)
  17. Carol Panicks (0:34)
  18. Hugging Doc (0:50)
  19. Bacon In My Pocket (1:06)
  20. Carol's Decision (1:32)
  21. Clearing Things Up (1:15)
  22. Moving In The Wrong Direction (2:09)
  23. Going Out (0:41)
  24. Thank You (0:20)
  25. Bus Station Goodbyes (0:47)
  26. The Shower (1:24)
  27. Terrible Stories (0:40)
  28. Ever Get An Erection Over A Woman? (0:44)
  29. This Kiss (3:01)
  30. I Have To Draw You (2:07)
  31. Drawings (0:49)
  32. Happy Again (1:05)
  33. I Don't Want To Know You Anymore (0:31)
  34. Simon's New Room (1:25)
  35. Second Thoughts (0:22)
  36. Forgot To Lock The Door (1:20)
  37. Greatest Woman On Earth (1:28)
  38. I Can Do Better Than That (2:31)
  39. Always Look On Bright Side Of Life - Art Garkunkel (2:39)
  40. Going Out (Alternate) (0:41)
  41. The Kiss (Alternate) (3:01)
  42. I Have To Draw You (Alternate) (2:07)
  43. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (Alternate) (2:42)
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As Good As It Gets (Complete Score) soundtrack - Hans Zimmer 1997