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Could you repeat that, but in legible English this time?Yes, but usually Hans hires people with similar styles to his, or promising new composers. Paesano fits the former fairly well in a lot of ways. I'm just saying it's surprising to me that he's never worked here."RCP" is not a "style", it's a place...Kind of shocking to me that John Paesano isn't a member of RCP. Marvel's Spider-Man is basically a more consistent version of this score in many ways with a touch of Danny Elfman's Spider-Man glad to see HZ back to the superhero genre
so great to watch this new interview. it confirmed how i felt about wonder woman and widows. it is the right thing to do.<br><br>Hans's comment on losing his voice took me by surprise though. dunkirk touched on a few techniques i wanted to see explored more. i know other composers did it before. but i think dunkirk did a better job at putting those elements together... hopefully there is be a similar movie in the near future : )Steve is clearly spending time with his family. He had a second child just a few months ago. I think he will eventually be back on the Bay Train. <br><br>And Lorne is the right choice for a "replacement". He's been involved in one way or another with the Bay movies for more than 10 years now. He's certainly not a surprising choice and I'm looking forward to the score. It's a movie that takes place all over the world, so I have big expectations for the music.Hans says he worked so hard to get WW1 to Rupert, but didn't he also recommend that they try a female composer?Balfe has constantly been brought in on Transformers movies , so great to see him working with Bay properlyApparently we’re in the wrong country :( If I could afford it, I’d travel just to experience this.
Lorne is now listed on IMDB and Wiki as the composer of 'Six Underground'. Clearly Bay likes working with him. Good for Lorne.You're absolutely right. Play's over. Exit's that way. On your feet. Go!<br><br>Good knowing you.Steve is just trying to spend a little time with his family i think, he's not as busy as he used to be but i think it's cause he chooses that. Film Composing is an insanely time consuming job. I like Balfe a lot though.Huh. I like Jablosnky, but I really liked the 13 Hours score, so it's hard for me to complain.Maybe, Bay thinks Balfe is better than Jablonsky in terms of military tones and music.
Balfe is doing Michael Bays next movie !!! What’s happened with Jablonsky?Review widows: It's also scored by Hans Zimmer, which means it is immediately in the running for best score of the year...Blah Blah Blah...<br><br>Play's over, Shakespeare.Meta is right though...Hope it gets fixed, I love listening to the suites you add to scores here.

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Music Scoring Mixer
Nick Glennie-SmithMalcolm Luker
ComposerMusic Scoring Mixer
We Were Soldiers (Complete Score)
Label: Bootleg Release
Length: 72'43 rating:        3/5
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (3183 votes)
  1. True Events (1:02)
  2. Main Title (1:41)
  3. We Love Training (0:34)
  4. Life (0:40)
  5. I Pray For My Men (0:59)
  6. Daddy What Is War? (3:40)
  7. Troops Life Time (1:17)
  8. Cavalry / No Man Behind (8:52)
  9. To The Battle (3:00)
  10. Vietcom (2:14)
  11. Landing Zone (1:16)
  12. The Knoll (1:13)
  13. Snake 2 (1:01)
  14. Illumination (2:00)
  15. Under Cover (1:26)
  16. The Ridge (1:26)
  17. Letters (1:04)
  18. More Letters (1:22)
  19. Savage War (1:33)
  20. The Target (1:02)
  21. For The Courage Of Those Who Have Die (2:36)
  22. Picture Of Dead (2:51)
  23. I Am Photographer (1:44)
  24. A Long Day (1:43)
  25. Final Attack (9:04)
  26. The Third Day (10:35)
  27. End Credits (6:34)
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Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2009-08-06 00:00:00
if you paid attention to the cover you can clearly see that its like a Lion/Tiger face, don't know if they meant to make it this way or not, anyway its unbelievably painted.

Ruthlessgravity reply Replies: 0 || 2008-08-19 00:00:00
Very good expanded score.

The reason why theres a barcode and logo and all that other makeup is just for looks. People make covers for bootlegs so it doesn't make them look like garbage.

Deakins reply Replies: 0 || 2008-08-11 00:00:00
The theme in : "Life","Letters" and in the "End Credits" is really amazing! A pure zimmer-tillman-glennie-smith style... :)

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2007-12-31 00:00:00
I love the Movie!!

Adriaan reply Replies: 0 || 2007-09-23 00:00:00
It has also a barcode...

Manuel reply Replies: 0 || 2007-08-27 00:00:00
Please answer me this question.

Why this bootleg version has a back cover like an official release. We can find the logo of Sony.

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We Were Soldiers (Complete Score) soundtrack - Nick Glennie-Smith 2002