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The inception bhaaaaam is all over the scorewe don’t have a release day...My Question again?!!!!<br><br>CD RELEASE???@Ahmad hahah idk :DAny reason why Negative is put before Deletion other than to piss us off and ruin the chronological order? :P <br><br>Intimate > Deletion > Negative > Reckless > Insertion > Coda
John Powell mentioned on his Instagram that a surprise album will be released this Friday. On the picture that comes with it, it looks like it is something from Happy Feet!@ThePhantasm the magneto vs jean scene ;)Insertion and Coda are probably my two favorite cues other than Gap. But the last 3 minutes of Intimate is the best action sequence of the entire album. I just wish there is a cue completely devoted to that sequence.The song Deletion plays in what scene?!That is what I am hoping for as well. Long tracks. I think if each track is at least 5 mins long, we get at least 45 mins of music. I suspect the last 2 or 3 tracks will be closer to 10 mins long.
I guess so. I wish we had gotten something like the soundtrack of the Beauty & The Beast remake, which had the second CD devoted to the score alone. But I understand this album arrangement. I hope the tracks are long and score portion runs at least 45 minutes. Can't wait to hear the stampede and final battle tracks in particular.Rafiki's Fireflies is probably the scene where he 'marks' Simba in his tree.<br><br>As for TBA, it's the Beyonce song so it's possible Beyonce insisted that she gets to reveal it or release it as a single first.Love to know what scene "Rafiki's Fireflies" & TBA will be. So excited for this score and movie. Bought my tickets yesterday!!Out of the scores I've been looking forward to this year, I can say that I've already had my most anticipated :P<br><br>I doubt we'll get 'all' of the score. IF a Deluxe Edition happens it will probably have some suites on it. I do wonder what this will sound like.I'm posting here after goodness knows how long, but there couldn't be a better occasion. This is my most anticipated score of the year and I cannot wait to hear how HZ has adapted his classic melodies here. I really hope they do release a Deluxe edition with the rest of the score at some point.
for me the best cues are:<br>the unreleased piano cue (school)<br>Deletion (what a scene!)<br>Insertion and Coda!<br><br>I like the choir so much in this cues! Amazing work!<br>I can't wait for the second "cd" and i also hope we get a making of the score (video)!!!An interesting album arrangement given the 1994 album arranged the tracks into suites and it seems that's not happening here (and we all know how much hans loves his suites). Seems like it's going to hit every major note that the previous Legacy set does and then some.Does this mean that He Lives In You and Mbube are not new recordings, or at least not entirely new recordings?do you have Informations about a limited edition ?<br>(like BR2049, interstellar,...)it's a complete new recording

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Gavin Greenaway
Song Arranger
Ti Adoro
Label: Decca Music
Length: 55'21 rating:        3/5
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (4847 votes)
  1. Il Canto (3'44)
  2. Neapolis (3'35)
  3. Starai Con Me (4'22)
  4. Ti Adoro (3'12)
  5. Notte (4'48)
  6. Come Aquile (5'02)
  7. Domani Verrà (3'41)
  8. Buongiorno a Te (4'15)
  9. Ai Giochi Addio (4'23)
  10. Stella (4'11)
  11. Tu e Il Tuo Mare (4'15)
  12. Il Gladiatore (4'09) (arranged by Gavin GREENAWAY)
  13. Caruso (5'44)
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Nicolas, Webmaster reply Replies: 0 || 2005-01-24 00:00:00
A beautiful track, arranged by one of the greatest ex-MV talent, Gavin GREENAWAY. After Millenium Celebration and before BraviSeamo, Gavin offers us a splendid &-- sensitive facet of his know-how. With the Hans Zimmer's theme, the voice of Luciano PAVAROTTI brings the touch which does glorify one of the most famous soundtrack ever composed.© 2001-2018 OST 
Ti Adoro soundtrack 2003