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Rejected scores have gotten official releases before, such as Timeline by Jerry Goldsmith. So even if the Snyder Cut never gets released, I'd hope Junkie could potentially still work out a deal to get his original score out there. Keeping my fingers crossed.No Time to Die coming by Decca 27th March<br><br>https:// time-to-die-soundtrack/?fbclid=IwAR1UtjXatRpCQyXWJ9f7YYfT9Eb k5jy4d7XnlS6XzX4vTiOTxFfvQ0PWgaIIt all depends on whether WB releases the Snyder Cut OR no I don't even want to think about the other case & with the way things are going now it looks like we'll definitely get Zack Snyder's Justice League if not today then tomorrow and only then your question will have any meaning.<br>TL;DR the score will only happen after WB #ReleaseTheSnyderCutHybrid, Oscar Senen and Joan Martorell orchestrate the score ?Budapest, please :(
Same question here, is concert in Poland even concidered to occur?if the link doesn't work for some reason, the song is called Cliffhanger Sky High on youtubeHi All, sorry it took so long to upload, My friend helped me set up a youtube channel to upload tracks to. I am very inspired by the classic Zimmer Scores of the 90's. I envisioned A climactic rescue aboard A speeding train for this particular cue.<br> <br>I avoided bringing up the TF films in this thread until AFTER you dragged them into it.<br>===============<br><br>No one dragged anything. <br><br>I briefly mentioned that franchise, among many other things you conveniently ignored (you do that a lot), to prove a simple point: that a director doesn't get to make 5 movies from the same franchise if people aren't enjoying his work. Simple as that. I never talked about the "quality" of each of those movies. Go see the comment again.<br><br>YOU picked up on this and started talking obsessively about the TF. <br><br><br>==============<br>Going after every person that doesn't like Bay and trying to obsessively "debunk" them is psychotic, yes. <br>==============<br><br>Look at your first comment here, pal. Look at it good! Snarky, dismissive, almost trollish, and with a clear intention to provoke people. Let me quote it: "Another day, another Bay film that doesn't know what fun is." <br><br>I only "go after" people who can't share their opinions in a respectful, mature way. There are a lot of comments here I disagreed with. But I never confronted those people. Why? Because they know how to properly share an opinion. <br><br>I only go after people who provoke, make fun of someone/something and troll. I've never "attacked" a person who didn't deserve that kind of response. My post history here speaks for itself. <br><br><br>===================<br>And constantly referring to other people's opinions and whinging about the box office doesn't make you objective, especially with how self-contradictory the latter has been.<br>===================<br><br>Nope. Not even close. <br><br>You're just bitter that I'm using quotes from proven, talented people like Spielberg who support Bay. What quotes can your side use? Just quotes from knucklehead film bloggers and critics who hate half of what Hollywood makes. <br><br>No one with an actual integrity and knowledge of the film business can dismiss what Bay has accomplished. You may not like his stuff, but to completely dismiss him as a filmmaker is.......moronic. Truth is, it's only small fries on the internet who are angry that their favorite mid-level directors aren't as big and successful as Bay.<br><br>That's really the bottom line. <br><br>Speaking of that, who is YOUR favorite filmmaker? Go ahead, share it with us. Let's see who is that PERFECT filmmaker you drool over.<br><br>I'm really curious.<br><br>==============<br>By your own "objective" reasoning, this would make them his worst films. But you don't acknowledge that, because you don't actually care about objectivity.<br>==============<br><br>Huh??<br><br>When did I said that box office success or box office failure means that a movie is good or bad?? I never that. So if you don't mind, stop putting words in my mouth.<br><br>Thank you. <br><br><br>==================<br>You care about faking it when it suits you, and chucking it when it doesn't<br>==================<br><br><br>Kinda ironic coming from the person who ignored the majority of the stuff I said here. Careful cherry-picking, convenient ignoring of stuff, and putting words in my mouth is apparently what you like to do. <br><br><br>================<br>What do you mean "next time?" Your first reply here was calling my opinion a joke.<br>================<br><br>Uhhhh, that's because it IS a joke. Because it is not true and because it was posted with the clear intention to provoke. You are the Negative Nancy here, my friend. Not me. Jesus Christ, even your nickname tells people exactly what they can expect from you......"Cynical Makooti". <br><br><br>====================<br>I didn't insult you for anything other than lying to win an argument<br>====================<br><br>Oh, that's're certainly not winning this argument. I mean, that's obvious. <br><br>And..... I never posted a lie. Just because "your sources" claim something different doesn't mean it's the truth. Pacific Rim wasn't a success - considering the huge expactations and the fact that the movie's budget is $200 freakin' million - and they DID try to start a franchise with 300. They failed. <br><br><br>================<br>Your lack of self-awareness is astounding.<br>================<br><br>That's rich. Coming from the guy who calls himself "Cynical Makooti". The guy who now plays the victim, even though he was the one who started this with a childish, trollish comment. <br><br>Look at my first reply to you. I was jokingly mimicking your style. Intentionally. Then you tried to be a smartass with your next reply. But EVEN THEN, I responded in a normal way with my second post. After unleashed your true self. <br><br>And now, you're acting like the victim: "Poor me, being attacked by a crazy Bay fan!" <br><br>So please, don't talk about self-awareness. It ain't working.<br><br><br><br>================<br>Pacific Rim was a domestic bomb that turned things around with its international box office.<br>================<br><br>Haha, maybe you should read more Forbes. Take a look at what they said about the entire (already failed) Pac Rim universe. Read a bit more on how much money the studio lost from the first flick and why they actually went with a sequel. It ain't because the first one was a beloved hit. <br><br><br>=======<br>The Last Knight lost about $100M according to Paramount themselves. That doesn't sound like an international success to me.<br>=======<br><br>Okay, I believe you. Now, would you please share the link to that statement from Paramount. <br><br>Thank you. <br><br><br>=============<br>Maybe it does to you, but I can't speak for that little fantasy world you seem to be living in right now.<br>=============<br><br>Hey, it's certainly a better and more reasonable place than your world. A world where you completely dismiss and ignore the accomplishments of one of the biggest filmmakers out there.<br><br>What's your next claim? <br><br>That Donnie Trump is the best President in history?<br><br><br>Have a nice day!Do any of you think that Junkie's Justice League score will ever get released or leaked? I was really excited to hear how Junkie planned on developing the themes used in the prior DCEU movies. Especially the Batman themes from BVS. It's a damn shame how WB handled that film.
"Why do Bay naysayers pretend that Bay only directs TF movies? It's very interesting...... Pretty much all complaints against Bay are connected to the TF movies.<br><br>Newsflash: Bay was a proven and very successful action filmmaker wayyyyyyyyyyyyy before TF1."<br><br>Newsflash: I avoided bringing up the TF films in this thread until AFTER you dragged them into it.  Only then did I treat them as fair game.  Considering they make up a third of his filmography, I don't see why I SHOULDN'T address them.  How convenient is it that bringing them up is only ever valid when YOU do it?<br><br>More to the point, I already said I thought his decline kicked in from Pearl Harbor onwards.  The TF films are just his rock bottom.<br><br>"So let me get this straight: trying to be as objective as possible, in a non-threating way, quoting people who actually know what they're talking about and certainly not treating my opinion as fact, makes me......psychotic."<br><br>Going after every person that doesn't like Bay and trying to obsessively "debunk" them is psychotic, yes.  And constantly referring to other people's opinions and whinging about the box office doesn't make you objective, especially with how self-contradictory the latter has been.<br><br>Pain & Gain and 13 Hours, his supposedly best films, also have his lowest box office turnouts.  13 Hours was a flat-out bomb.  By your own "objective" reasoning, this would make them his worst films.  But you don't acknowledge that, because you don't actually care about objectivity.<br><br>You care about faking it when it suits you, and chucking it when it doesn't.<br><br>"Next time, I'll just act like a complete jerk, insulting everyone and everything."<br><br>What do you mean "next time?"  Your first reply here was calling my opinion a joke.  You already have this method down.  You're just too dishonest to admit it.<br><br>Notice how I avoided accusing you of anything until AFTER you started outright lying about movies and flaunting it as objective fact.<br><br>You insulted ME first, pal.  I didn't insult you for anything other than lying to win an argument.  Not for your opinions, not for your celebrity crush, for being a disingenuous twat. <br><br>Your lack of self-awareness is astounding.<br><br>"Reviews, RT scores, and crappy film blog "think pieces" are also not proof of quality."<br><br>Then it's a good thing I never quoted a single one of those, let alone as objective proof, isn't it?<br><br>Man, appeal to authority, appeal to popularity, mistaking correlation for causation, slothful induction, strawmanning, I could make a bingo game outta this.<br><br>"So that flick, according to you, turned a profit.......but TLK - budget of also $200 million and with a worldwide gross of $605 a bomb?"<br><br>Not "according to me."  According to the studios that make the actual films.  And Forbes.  Remember Forbes?  You considered their word inarguable fact a couple posts ago.<br><br> ic-rim-and-more-domestic-flops-that-became-global-hits/#3f3e 914d7c18<br><br>Well whaddaya know?<br><br>Pacific Rim was a domestic bomb that turned things around with its international box office.<br><br>That thing you said TF5 was but actually wasn't.<br><br>The Last Knight lost about $100M according to Paramount themselves.  That doesn't sound like an international success to me.<br><br>Maybe it does to you, but I can't speak for that little fantasy world you seem to be living in right now.<br><br>Wow!  Just wow!ThxSeville, The Bait, Ambrose Welcomes Nyah, Chimera Myth, Beach Fight, Ambrose Dies.Can we stop? I agree with the other guy more in his points, but it's clear that this is gonna keep going nowhere if you're gonna be so overly defensive about something that you claim is merely subjective.But here we are, calling dog-humping, Decepticon testicles, and mommy-on-pot-brownies "challenging the viewer."<br>======================<br><br><br>Why do Bay naysayers pretend that Bay only directs TF movies? It's very interesting...... Pretty much all complaints against Bay are connected to the TF movies.<br><br>Newsflash: Bay was a proven and very successful action filmmaker wayyyyyyyyyyyyy before TF1. <br><br>So no, "challenging the viewer" is not about Transformers. You chose to focus on these movies. Not me. I was actually reffering to Bay movies like The Island and especially Pain and Gain. <br><br>But I guess you like to talk only about Transformers.....Good for you. But that's not how a discussion works. <br><br><br>===================<br>Instead of accepting that your love of Bay is nothing more than a opinion, just as my claim that he misses the point of what makes action movies fun is, you turn into an overly-defensive nut, desperately quoting every opinion piece under the sun to pretend your opinion is some statistically-backed fact. I've seen you do this every time someone talks shit about Bay around here. It's psychotic.<br>===================<br><br><br>So let me get this straight: trying to be as objective as possible, in a non-threating way, quoting people who actually know what they're talking about and certainly not treating my opinion as fact, makes me......psychotic? <br><br>Wow! Just wow!<br><br>Next time, I'll just act like a complete jerk, insulting everyone and everything. For you, that is apparently the normal behavior.<br><br><br>======<br>Bad movies make money. Everyone knows that, and everyone knows that's not proof of quality.<br>=======<br><br>Reviews, RT scores, and crappy film blog "think pieces" are also not proof of quality. Also, a "bad" movie to you is the greatest movie for the guy walking next to you on the street. As Kevin Smith said: "Every movie is someone's favorite movie". <br><br>Let's try to keep that in mind.<br><br><br>============<br>That's not just a domestic bomb, that's a bomb altogether.<br>============<br><br>Really?<br><br>Then what do you have to say about Pacific Rim 1. I present to you.......the pure numbers:<br><br>Budget: $200 million. And that doesn't include the marketing cost.<br>Worldwide gross: $411,002,906<br><br>So that flick, according to you, turned a profit.......but TLK - budget of also $200 million and with a worldwide gross of $605 a bomb?<br><br>Wow!!
Yeah lol back then only Harold was confirmed.Can you tell me a names of cues, that was been on Klaus website?Formality indeed. Complicated ! lol<br><br>You can bet Blake Neely didn't need anyone to "write" those 10 seconds !! lolI always found these credits to be a bit confusing. Klaus Badelt is credited on almost every cue, even when his themes don't appear and another additional composer is credited as well. I thought maybe it was just a formality that Zimmer and Badelt were credited everywhere (I mean, how much could they be involved on a cue like "Welcome to the Caribbean"?), but then "No real ship" and "Sword Fight Pt. 2" have no Badelt for some reason. Does someone know a bit more about this?well the composer confirmed he is working on it to be released very soon<br>

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Hans ZimmerNick Glennie-SmithMark MancinaBruce Fowler
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Arrangements
The Lion King (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 75'42 rating:        5/5
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (53966 votes)
  1. Circle Of Life (3:59)
  2. Scar's Dinner (2:09)
  3. What Am I Going To Do? - Sunrise At Pride Rock (3:02)
  4. Hyenas In The Prideland - Our Little Secret (3:58)
  5. I Just Can't Wait To Be King (2:50)
  6. Elephant Graveyard (4:46)
  7. Father's Footsteps (2:15)
  8. Be Prepared (3:40)
  9. The Trap (0:48)
  10. Stampede (3:24)
  11. Mufasa's Death (3:26)
  12. As Good As Dead (Part 1) (1:39)
  13. As Good As Dead (Part 2) (0:31)
  14. Hakuna Matata (3:33)
  15. Scar & Zazu - What Did You Say? (1:08)
  16. Under The Stars - Rafiki (2:48)
  17. Nala Attacks (4:15)
  18. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (2:57)
  19. Nala & Simba (4:45)
  20. Mufasa's Ghost (3:06)
  21. Homeward Bound (2:28)
  22. Simba & Nala Move In - King Of The Priderock (11:40)
  23. Mufasa's Death (Alternate) (2:35)
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justmovehem reply Replies: 2 || 2015-08-23 12:58:02
please composer detail on the track's

Mike2015-08-23 21:21:54
Very little is known officially here. Hybrid gave a couple credits a while back and he said...

Nick Glennie-Smith did "Scar's Dinner" and "Our Little Secret"
Mark Mancina did "The Trap" and "Nala Attacks"

What I say next is all just personal speculation, cause I can't remember where I heard this, but I believe Mark Mancina also did "Nala and Simba," as well as "Mufasa's Ghost," and I think Jay Rifkin did "As Good as Dead - Part 2." Like I said, take that with a grain of salt, but I got that info somewhere, and it's the credits I have listed on iTunes. :P All the cues that have Zimmer's demos on the Legacy Collection, like "Sunrise at Pride Rock," "Father's Footsteps," "Stampede," "Mufasa's Death," "Homeward Bound," and "King of Pride Rock" are presumably Zimmer alone.

Now is Hybrid able to confirm/deny any of my lame guesswork? :P

ggctuk2015-08-24 09:07:13
The fact that those are the only demos on the set doesn't mean very much when it comes to guessing the composers. Wasn't the fact that those demos were the only ones included to do with that they never found a clean source for them? And that these were the best of what they found, the others were not suitable for inclusion?

Kleistropaia reply Replies: 23 || 2014-06-29 01:02:21
Just a quick question, is there anything in the 2005 version of this bootleg that isn't also in the more recent bootleg?

Zimson2014-06-29 01:23:11
It's better to buy the Legacy Collection since everything is remastered. Btw, it's not a bootleg.

ggctuk2014-06-30 08:20:18
Clean endings for both "Hyenas In The Pride Land","Nala, Is IT Really You?" and "This Is My Home", plus this specific set has a true alternate for "Mufasa Dies". Aside from that, no, the Legacy set is superior in every way.

Kleistropaia2014-06-30 12:25:33
I'm sorry, I was referring to the first, low-quality leak of the complete score that surfaced in 2005 vs. the s*********s leak that was published on ... . Is the former worth hunting down because it might have material that isn't in the s*********s leak? Thanks!

ggctuk2014-06-30 20:19:41
If you're going by the newer leaks versus the older leak, then there's no new material. You-Know-Who did not share the alternate Mufasa's Dead, for whatever reasons.

yigend2014-06-30 21:00:23
thats weird. why would anyone share everything except for that particular alternate? and if it really exists, why isnt it on the legacy edition? how do people even know it exists for real?

ggctuk2014-06-30 21:44:28
I've heard it and can vouch that it is indeed real, it just never leaked to the public. As for why it did not appear on the Legacy set: probably the same reason that "What Am I Going To Do? - Sunrise At Pride Rock" didn't appear in the same arrangement on the Legacy collection: it was unused, concept material and no decent master containing it exists any more. As for why You-Know-Who not sharing it, there's one of two possibilities: his source did not give it to him, or more likely, he held it back. He has form for holding back certain pieces.

yigend2014-06-30 22:38:01
thats interesting. on what occasion did you hear it?

ggctuk2014-06-30 23:24:36
About a year and a half ago, not long after the leak. It even had sections that sounded like the demo version of the cue. It was definitely not 'final'. It replaces material at roughly between the 0:35 and 1:10 mark with a pan pipe rendition of Mufasa's theme.

wolpertinger2014-06-30 23:56:00
Are you sure that someone didn't fool you with Ave Verum Corpus? ;P

ggctuk2014-07-01 08:00:00
Nope, it is definitely real. Hybrid can confirm that.

yigend2014-07-01 11:11:21
how could you listen to it but not have it? was it a self destructing tape a la mission impossible? just curious

ggctuk2014-07-01 11:24:13
I don't remember saying whether I had it or not, just that I had heard it.

yigend2014-07-01 12:12:38
so you have it but not from youknowwho?

Oleysia2014-07-09 15:44:58
some dude over at for fuck's sake shared the mufasa's dead alternate, can anyone confirm this is genuine?

ggctuk2014-07-09 18:19:04
It's geniune.

Oleysia2014-07-09 23:19:58
are you sure? its supposedly some mashup version created by the guy himself so I am wary

ggctuk2014-07-10 22:45:41
It is most certainly genuine.

maxime772015-01-21 20:44:49
"a pan pipe rendition of Mufasa's theme"
Here it is:

Is it real?

gistech2015-01-22 08:05:51
Yes, it's real.

maxime772015-01-26 17:27:27
Where can we find this alternate, I mean is there a bootleg or something where this "alternate" is included,

CapS2015-01-30 21:37:59
Y'know, it's funny how many continued to question its existence when it actually played near the end of that Pride of The Lion King documentary(featured way back in that 2011 blu-ray re-release). This unused piece was hidden under people's noses for quite some time and nobody caught it, the sneaky thing!

knatfucker2015-02-21 01:30:16
what the shit are you talking about?

Turdmaster30002015-02-21 05:53:24
The alternate Mufasa's Death cue with the pan pipe rendition of Mufasa's theme was featured near the end of a retrospective featurette in The Lion King's blu-ray release a few years back, hence the humorous observation of it hiding in plain sight all that time despite people being doubtful of its existence.

Danny Jung reply Replies: 0 || 2015-01-30 10:32:01
Is there a way to buy the "Lion King Complete Score -19 -Battle Of Pride Rock / Cleansing Rain / The Ascension" as notes or midi ?

Simba reply Replies: 1 || 2005-11-24 00:00:00
Wowzies! Check it out! I'm Simba. :P

ggctuk2014-11-18 09:18:17
Yeah, it's sold on Amazon and in all good music retailers. Go buy it.

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 1 || 2013-11-18 20:35:20
The Lion King 2005 Expanded Score was for promotional
use only. There is no barcode on the back of the case.

ggctuk2013-11-19 21:50:37
If memory serves the first leaking of this was a little further back, in 2001. And I do wonder how the tracks got so badly ripped at the time.

poe98 reply Replies: 2 || 2014-05-08 20:53:54
a person knows where anyone order score?

Aaron Harrington2014-05-09 03:45:37
It's up for pre-order on Amazon.

Lambegue2014-05-09 10:11:23
Wrong page.

poe98 reply Replies: 30 || 2014-04-28 01:17:35
a person have one information of the hans zimmer to score?

  Your name :   

Please enter number: 534 

Edmund Meinerts2014-04-28 01:35:55
You sound like Jaqen H'ghar from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire. :p

poe982014-04-28 02:04:15
what could mean you?

Edmund Meinerts2014-04-28 03:16:26
This dude: www. watch?v=osAiyjzYnAY

Jerry Goldsmith2014-04-28 09:27:29
Sigh... can't we just let this topic rest now? Why do we have to dig its corpse up and parade it every five minutes?

poe982014-04-28 22:04:38
a person not understand what the meaning be of this jerry?

Jerry Goldsmith2014-04-28 23:28:52
It means this: Nothing will come of posting here.

poe982014-04-29 01:31:16
if nothing comes then why page?

ggctuk2014-04-29 10:32:21
I think you're asking why POST here?

That is what you need to ask yourself.

poe982014-04-29 14:24:56
no why have page if no cause any man know?

Edmund Meinerts2014-04-29 14:40:11
Oh would you give up already.

RealFfingMusic2014-04-29 16:09:00
Poe, why post when no one can understand you?

Once again, it has been 20 years. There will NEVER be an official complete score. Whether anyone posts here or not.

There are hundreds of high-quality bootlegs, they cover almost the whole film. If anybody loves this score so-oo-o much, shut up and listen to those.

This page exists because it's a Hans Zimmer score.

Did I miss anything?

poe982014-04-29 22:17:56
not to bother was mean I sorry

ggctuk2014-05-06 23:16:09
This is allegedly going to be the tracklist:

Disc One
1) ‘Circle of Life/Nants’ Ingonyama’ Performed by Carmen Twillie, African Vocals Performed by Lebo M
2) ‘Didn’t Your Mother Tell You Not to Play With Your Food’ Score
3) ‘We Are All Connected’ Score
4) ‘Hyenas in the Pride Land’ Score
5) ‘I Just Can’t Wait to Be King’ Performed by Jason Weaver with Rowan Atkinson and Laura Williams
6) ‘Elephant Graveyard’ Score
7) ‘I Was Just Trying to Be Brave’ Score
8) ‘Be Prepared’ Performed by Jeremy Irons with Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin and Jim Cummings
9) ‘Simba, It’s to Die For’ Score
10) ‘Stampede’ Score
11) ‘Mufasa Dies’ Score
12) If You Ever Come Back We’ll Kill You’ Score
13) ‘Bowling for Buzzards’ Score
14) ‘Hakuna Matata’ Performed by Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella with Jason Weaver and Joseph Williams
15) ‘We Gotta Bone to Pick With You’ Score
16) ‘Kings of the Past’ Score
17) ‘Nala, Is It Really You?’ Score
18) ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ Performed by Joseph Williams and Sally Dworsky with Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella and Kristle Edwards
19) ‘Remember Who You Are’ Score
20) ‘This Is My Home’ Score
21) ‘The Rightful King’ Score

Disc Two
1) ‘The Morning Report’ Performed by James Earl Jones, Jeff Bennett and Evan Saucedo
2) ‘Warthog Rhapsody’ Performed by Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella
3) ‘We Are All Connected ‘Score Demo
4) ‘I Was Just Trying to Be Brave’ Score Demo
5) ‘Stampede’ Score Demo
6) ‘Mufasa Dies’ Score Demo
7) ‘This Is My Home’ Score Demo
8) ‘The Rightful King’ Score Demo
9) ‘Circle of Life’ Instrumental Demo
10) ‘Circle of Life’ Performed by Elton John
11) ‘I Just Can’t Wait to Be King’ Performed by Elton John
12) ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ (End Title) Performed by Elton John

So, yes, we appear to be getting a bona-fide complete score release. And in time for the 20th anniversary too.

Mike2014-05-06 23:23:23

ggctuk2014-05-06 23:25:52
You know, in my excitement, I replied to the wrong thing lol. I'm excited for the whole Disney Legacy line. Even though I own Fantasia - which is complete - I'll be getting that one and Toy Story too.

ggctuk2014-05-06 23:27:36
Though when I get mine I'll be retitling the tracks because I'm not keen on the new names.

Anyway, if anybody's interested, I know this isn't strictly Zimmer, but this is the list of announced titles:
The Lion King 20th – June 24, 2014
Mary Poppins 50th – August 26, 2014
Sleeping Beauty 55th – October 7, 2014
The Little Mermaid 25th – November 17, 2014
Fantasia 75th – January 3, 2015
Pinocchio 75th – February 3, 2015
Toy Story 20th – March 17, 2015
Disneyland 60th – April 7, 2015
Lady and the Tramp 60th – May 12, 2015
Pocahontas 20th – June 23, 2015
Aristocats 45th – August 14, 2015
Cinderella 65th – August 14, 2015

Adam2014-05-06 23:32:03
Press release! nia/2014/05/06/LA20736

ggctuk2014-05-06 23:49:26

Anonymous2014-05-07 06:44:39
those are some very, VERY long titles there.

poe982014-05-07 20:24:34
what this mean?

John Goldsmith2014-05-07 20:25:30
Your wish is coming true.

poe982014-05-07 21:31:51
thanks to you john

henry2014-05-07 21:35:04
Hahahahah you guys are so pathetic, you kept telling poor poe that "nothing will come of posting here" and that neither Disney nor Hans Zimmer would give a fuck about what people post here and A WEEK LATER they make this announcement. That shows how much you know: zip. Best, henry.

henry2014-05-07 21:41:55
"And about the Complete Score, its been 20 years guys, the bootleg's all you're ever getting. Move On." -- RealfFingMusic

"Once again, it has been 20 years. There will NEVER be an official complete score." -- RealfFingMusic


Edmund Meinerts2014-05-07 22:11:55
It is a little ironic, true, but I don't see how "nothing will come of posting here" was incorrect. Somehow, I HIGHLY doubt that this decision happened because someone looked at the comments on this page and was like "you know, I never knew that this music was in such high demand! Let's release it!"

I'm as happy as anyone else that this is being released, if only because it'll finally put an end to this goddamn circus.

John Goldsmith2014-05-07 22:53:36
@poe98: I had nothing to do with this. I'm just a poster, like you. Unless you're saying thank you for pointing this out.

@henry: For a guy that doesn't give a fuck... let's put that aside. While it was clearly unture that "the bootleg is all we'll ever get" in hindsight, and let's face it, this is hindsight, and it's a wonderful thing, the notion that posting here has resulted in this announcement is, quite frankly, ridiculous. The only reason The Lion King is being released is because it's part of a 15-set collection, and all 15 are entries determined to be both A: major anniversaries, and B: the best-selling Disney properties. It's probably why certain titles, such as Aladdin, which in its own way is in very high demand, did not make the cut. Nobody could have predicted that this would be officially announced, even if you believed they'd be doing SOMETHING to celebrate the film's 20th anniversary.

henry2014-05-08 00:31:23
Of course it had nothing to do with what was posted here, but clearly it was stupid and uninformed to tell poe that there would never be an official complete release and basically telling him to stfu and fuck off for expressing his hopes here.

Edmund Meinerts2014-05-08 00:57:03
We didn't have a problem with him expressing his's just that he did it every five seconds or so. He was basically preaching to the choir. Harmless, sure, but annoying.

The release came totally out of left field. I don't think ANYONE here saw it coming (except maybe Hybrid, and he didn't tell).

RealFfingMusic2014-05-08 04:13:43
If this is truly a complete one, it will be a lot longer than the film itself.

Let's hope it is!

RealFfingMusic2014-05-08 04:22:56
@henry, I was just putting down the rookies. This had to happen someday.

Of course, I did not anticipate this announcement when I said "The Bootleg...", so, joke's on me.

ggctuk reply Replies: 0 || 2014-05-06 23:11:12
You know we had nothing to add?

Well, we were wrong. This was just announced:

http disneymusicemporium dot com

Their first release is a 2-disc TLK set. They're not being clear on what this means, so it could mean they're expanding the score (which would explain the Legacy label) or whether it's a straight-up reissue. It's one to watch anyway. It's out in June.

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 34 || 2014-03-31 13:04:02
Why did Hans Zimmer object to the score being released when the film came out? And why does he still object, as shown by the fact it is STILL NOT RELEASED! I mean it is his work so shouldn't he be proud of it and want the world to enjoy the whole thing?

Lambegue2014-03-31 13:27:02
Complete scores are NEARLY NEVER released. That's a fact, all the time. There are some exceptions. Maybe there will be with this one. But for the time being, no one knows, so why do you insist ? Yes, it's a very good score and a lot of people (not only on this site) would be happy to see a complete release of it, but it's no use crying on it forever. Wait and see. And really, there is nothing here that deserves such a scandal, it's just a perfectly normal situation...

ggctuk2014-03-31 23:37:01
He doesn't object. He just has no real say in it. The point is, the bottom line is what matters to the big labels.

Lambegue is not entirely accurate when he says that complete scores are nearly never released. A lot of scores are getting such treatment right now: just look at LaLaLand Records or Intrada.

Nothing will happen by your posting here. Neither Hans Zimmer nor the record labels read this site anyway.

Lambegue2014-04-01 21:05:07
Yes, I know for Intrada or LaLaLand, but the score they release really completly are still a minority - and nearly all of them had a first, far less complete edition before.

ggctuk2014-04-01 21:20:35
That is true, I was responding to your comment that complete scores are "NEARLY NEVER" released, which is not true of itself. I think you probably mean "initially nearly never released in complete format" which would be true.

Lambegue2014-04-01 21:40:54
yes, I totally admit my bad formulation :)

poe982014-04-02 14:44:19
is the hans zimmer will release the king of the score in future what you say?

ggctuk2014-04-02 20:16:25
I'm assuming what you mean there is "Does this mean Hans Zimmer will release the complete score in the future?"

In that case, the answer is no.

poe982014-04-03 10:14:41
what you know?

ggctuk2014-04-03 10:42:03
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Hans Zimmer himself has control over NOTHING when it comes to his scores. It's up to the record labels if they wish to pursue a complete score release of a title. It's just common sense. The most Hans Zimmer will be involved in is if they issue signed copies.

Lambegue2014-04-04 00:05:17
Poe : Why do you keep asking questions here if you are not happy with the answer given to you ?

henry2014-04-05 23:14:47
what the fuck just let him ask his questions

ggctuk2014-04-05 23:23:46
What's the point in asking the same question over and over if the answer is going to be the exact same every single time?

Areozz2014-04-06 03:30:31
henry, did you forget to take your meds again?

I'm going to go out on a limb to say that this poe98 does not use English as his first language and therefor probably uses a translator to get his messages across. And then he has to use the translator again to understand what we're telling him. Maybe those translations aren't coming across quite right.

Lambegue2014-04-06 11:49:26
Then maybe Poe can try to post a message in his own language, there are chances that somebody here speak it correctly.

henry2014-04-06 13:57:06
well areozz at least I don't post under other people's names and put words into their mouths. maybe you're the one who forgot to take their meds. to be completely honest, I don't give a fuck

Areozz2014-04-06 14:07:03
...Don't know what you're talking about henry, but I enjoy fueling you. I also like how you've made your catchphrase "I don't give a fuck". You could probably save some time if you just posted IDGAF every single time you felt it necessary to throw in your (truly priceless) two cents--seconds, henry! Literally seconds shaved off of your time which you could be using for much more valuable things!

And I'll have you know that I make sure I take my medication every day because contrary to some beliefs, turning into a werewolf at least once a month isn't all that it's made up to be.

Edmund Meinerts2014-04-06 16:09:16
The number of fucks not given by Henry must be over 9000 by now.

Hybrid Soldier2014-04-06 17:52:14
If I had the possibility to block the comment section of that forsaken page, I totally would...

Can't you just STOP ? Like... EVERYONE ?

Even ggctuk constantly feeding this like he's waiting for something... Like, you know, something devine would suddenly happen with this score or something...

It's tiring...

henry2014-04-06 20:05:36
why do you even give a fuck? If I ran this site I wouldn't

RealFfingMusic2014-04-07 07:30:42
henry has calluses on his fingers from saying IDGAF.

And about the Complete Score, its been 20 years guys, the bootleg's all you're ever getting. Move On.

ggctuk2014-04-07 10:44:49
Well, excuse me for trying to answer legitimate questions.

RealFfingMusic2014-04-07 13:10:25
Most of the things you said in this thread were already discussed -- a lot of times before -- as you pointed out yourself.

This page is REALLY boring now.

ggctuk2014-04-07 21:34:29

IIRC, the very last new thread I had opened, I thought I added something of value with regards to information. Okay, I've delved into speculation myself, but I was under the impression this was a public board and that on such places speculation was allowed. The last thing I posted I thought was new information as it concerned some stuff we haven't even heard of before. And like I'm going to dive through 22+ pages of posts just to see if somebody has beaten me to it!

Ever since then, all I've been doing is answering the same question over and over again: when is this going to come out? When will (the) Hans Zimmer release it? All I'm trying to do is hammer home the point that I've made quite a few times since my last post: Hans Zimmer has absolutely NOTHING to do with complete score releases as this is up to the labels - in this case, Wonderland Records - and at the moment they have shown absolutely no interest in releasing anything - ANYTHING - to do with ANY of the Disney Animated Classics. To put it into harsher words, Disney has effectively disowned their movies from a certain point in time. I will not say we will never see a complete release of this score: I've been proven wrong on at least two counts of scores I thought would never see the light of day already, but I will say this: no amount of posts here will actually get the labels to release ANYTHING, because the labels do not read this board, and the labels will always release what they know will be bought. Scores like Star Trek, The Matrix, Star Wars, those all sell. Yes, I've said this: we've gone over this already. I'm actually getting tired of having to repeat this EXACT SAME explanation to people.

If this is... erm, what was the quote? Oh, yeah, "feeding this like he's waiting for something... Like, you know, something devine would suddenly happen with this score or something...", guilty, m'lud, but the way I'm seeing it, all I've done is tell it like it is. No disrespect, Hybrid, but you have me all wrong.

I might mention that out of my top three scores, Lion King doesn't place: that honour goes to two Star Trek scores and a Japanese anime. Hans Zimmer, in all honesty, isn't even on my top 3 composers list (John Williams, and Michael Giacchino and Jerry Goldmsith are joint second, if you must know). I'd be much more vocal about those scores if they had slots on this site, but they don't, so this is what it is.

ggctuk2014-04-07 21:35:40
One last thing I forgot: henry's clearly a troll. Don't feed the troll.

That is all.

henry2014-04-07 22:03:10
Michael Giacchino, LMAO

Hans Zimmer2014-04-08 20:54:48
You guys are sad......

Joshua Chacon2014-04-08 23:05:22
Mr. Zimmer do you have any plans to release the full Lion King score in the near future or at all? Thanks!

Jerry Goldsmith2014-04-08 23:37:58
I'm afraid to say this, but that isn't the real Hans Zimmer.

LoneRider2014-04-09 00:49:39
WHY for GOD'S SAKE do you keep calling him THE Hans Zimmer???

John Goldsmith2014-04-09 10:34:37
Clearly he's not a native English-speaker, he's probably translating from his language using Google Translate, and it spits it out as "the hans zimmer".

Joshua Chacon2014-04-10 02:22:40
Is there someone to whom we can donate money in order to hasten the full release of the score? Why are lesser scores graced with a complete release but not this one? Is there any way we can reach Hans Zimmer and persuade him to release it?

MuntaJoe2014-04-10 02:31:56
As has been said before, Hans Zimmer has no control over the score. You can donate to me if that makes you feel better, but things won't change.

poe982014-04-10 02:36:24
then who holds off score?

Jesus H. Christ2014-04-10 04:55:26

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 0 || 2014-03-31 13:04:57
I don't get it.

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 3 || 2014-03-26 18:21:38
On Wikipedia it said it was never fully released by Disney.

Tsubasa2014-03-26 19:20:25

Yup, it was never 'fully' released by Disney. All you can buy is the OST. This is a bootleg.

Joshua Chacon2014-03-27 19:55:00
That's disappointing they should've get Disney's approval to release it instead of selling it illegally.

ggctuk2014-03-27 23:00:08
It wasn't sold, it was leaked out. Anybody can then take that leak and make a CD and sell it on eBay, though they generally frown on bootlegs.

And please, respond to an existing thread instead of making new ones for each and every comment.

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 1 || 2014-03-26 23:23:20
Does anyone know why it's not fully released?

Lambegue2014-03-27 17:45:14
Becausefilm score are nearly never fully released. That s all

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 1 || 2014-03-26 23:47:48
It should be released if a lot of people want it so badly? Who knows how long it would in the Disney Vault. How did people get the music if it wasn't fully release by Disney?

ggctuk2014-03-27 10:18:35
You know you can reply to a comment, right? That makes it easier to keep track of comments made in reply to other comments.

To answer your question, there's the very slim chance Intrada might take it on, if in their partnership with Disney, they are able to do the animated Disney Classics scores. To answer your other question, the reason it's not fully released is bcause back in the 1990s film music was a more niche genre, it's only within the last few years that it's gotten more popular and more widespread attention.

Mike reply Replies: 6 || 2014-02-04 03:39:30
Who gives the rating to these scores? And speaking of that, why aren't those given anymore?

henry2014-03-22 20:31:15
what fuck do I give?

Hybrid Soldier2014-03-22 20:40:08
lol yeah...

Well I can give them, or Antas, or Nico... I usually don't... :)

Mike2014-03-22 22:34:11
Very civil response compared to Henry's, Hybrid! lol

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-22 22:44:59
The funny thing is, Hybrid's sentence could be read to either mean "ratings" or "fucks". I can give them...I usually don't. :D

Hybrid Soldier2014-03-22 23:01:01
ROFL yeah I hadn't thought about that... :P

It works for both indeed...

Lambegue2014-03-23 15:03:20
I had a good laugh on this one :)

poe98 reply Replies: 10 || 2014-02-23 18:54:51
When is the Hans Zimmer will release the Lion King score?

RealFfingMusic2014-02-24 05:51:40
"When is the Hans..."? Honestly!!!

MistakenIdentity2014-03-01 21:24:02
I think that's meant for one of The Batman scores... Either that or they've discovered a new species and named it after him...

poe982014-03-09 02:27:32
I am sorry the English not is my language of first. When is the Hans Zimmer will release The King of the score?

Lambegue2014-03-09 15:58:44
Interesting formulation.

poe982014-03-09 17:06:16
Know you of person with information of when the Hans Zimmer will release The Lion King score?

Lambegue2014-03-09 18:01:56
He won't. Or at least it is not planned yet.

MistakenIdentity2014-03-11 21:58:08
Hans Zimmer will not release this himself. It'll be one of the labels, and given their relationship with Disney, it's likely to be Intrada, if it is done.

poe982014-03-13 14:00:13
A person knows where the Hans zimmer lives?

trent easton navarro2014-03-13 14:19:42
That's kinda a creepy question! You wanna stalk the Hans Zimmer or something?

Lambegue2014-03-13 18:05:15
Well at least Hans Zimmer could have some fun being called "The Hans".

RealFfingMusic reply Replies: 1 || 2014-02-13 06:21:04
There are a few tracks missing here as well.
After "This Land" - Morning Report (Special Edition only)
Before "Be Prepared" - Hyenas
After "Mufasa'a Death" - A New Era
Before "King of Pride Rock" - A Diversion

ggctuk2014-02-14 18:47:34
The Morning Report is not part of the original score.
"Hyenas" was "Scar's Dinner" put in the wrong place.
"A New Era" is "As Good As Dead Part 1"
"A Diversion" is officially titled "Hawaiian War Chant" and has not leaked in any form but can be gotten from the DVD clean anyway. It's not even slated.

ggctuk reply Replies: 15 || 2014-01-30 23:14:25
Perhaps it is time to start a new thread, but the following is true. Bear in mind I do not know the exact details but I do know for sure this much:

Most of the cues had their names added or revised later. In fact, only five cues actually had titles.
Two versions of "Circle of Life". Perhaps the FYC wasn't a lie after all.
"Scar's Dinner" has an alternate. This is heard only in the film.
"What Am I Going To Do? - Sunrise At Pride Rock" (Apparently genuinely titled "This Land") has an insert that is heard only in the film.
Two completely unused cues were slated in, one before "Be Prepared" and one after "Rafiki". It's possible that a piece mentioned being on some versions of the FYC, "Shadowland", could be one of those pieces.
There are two versions of "Be Prepared" as well as an unused song called "Thanks To Me".
"Stampede" has an alternate.
"Mufasa's Death" has an alternate that is listed here. It appears that both cues were originally titled as "Stampede Part 2".
"Warthog Rhapsody" is actually slated as an alternate to "Hakuna Matata".
"Be Prepared Reprise" is slated as an alternate to "Scar & Zazu - What Did You Say?"
"Homeward Bound" has an insert.
"Hawaiian War Chant" is not slated as being between "Homeward Bound" and "Simba And Nala Move In".

Ehlert2014-01-31 02:08:51
We've been through all of this before, really nothing new here. What is it that you're trying to achieve? And where do you get your info?

Edmund Meinerts2014-01-31 12:35:33
Never mind this guy. He only ever posts on the Lion King page and seems to be slightly obsessed. :b

ggctuk2014-01-31 18:27:24
Actually, if there were pages for Star Trek Into Darkness I'd be posting there instead.

My info comes from the sheet music. No, I don't have the sheets, but I have seen them.

But if nobody wants to know as much about the score as possible, in future when I come across something like that, I'll keep my mouth shut and everybody else in the dark. Okay?

Mike2014-01-31 18:39:31
For what it's worth, ggctuk, people like me always appreciate this stuff. ;)

Edmund Meinerts2014-01-31 19:19:55
I didn't mean any offense, ggctuk. I just think it's kind of random and odd that you ONLY post here on the Lion King page. I do appreciate stuff like this as well. So I'm sorry. :)

Neo2014-01-31 19:51:12
Hybrid, can't you bring "Mufasa's Death (Alternate)" in the media player instead of "Sunrise at Pride Rock"?

ggctuk2014-01-31 20:07:08
Ah, it's okay, I wasn't really aiming it at you, Edmund.

I do love the Lion King score, in fact, I think it's the one of the best Zimmer scores of the 90s, although I do like the Dark Knight scores as well and I like bits of both Thin Red Line and The Rock too. I just have nothing to add to those discussions, and I came into a bit of luck with this score with regards to info which I thought I'd share rather than keep to myself.

Truth be told, it was to be my parting gift anyways, as other scores have drawn my attention recently, the aforementioned STID being one of them.

ggctuk2014-01-31 20:08:39
Ah, I didn't see Neo's reply.

I concur. I know what's in that piece, but it'd be a shame if other people didn't because of you-know-who's stinginess (can't say the name because in spite of the fact his posting spree is now over, his name seems to still get censored, but you'll know who I'm on about).

Hybrid Soldier2014-01-31 23:04:47
Neo, nope... Plain & simple !

Ramon Leszt2014-02-02 02:58:59
ggctuk, you speak in riddles. Whose name gets censored and where and why?

ggctuk2014-02-03 21:32:08
The name is of a prolific score poster on a certain part of the internet where scores are basically freely availble to download. And the reason his name is censored, or has been in the past, is because this site doesn't exactly condone piracy, so they will remove the name. Check below the post (quick-find the name Potoscores66, who mentioned the name last) and you'll see what I mean.

prowler2014-02-06 23:36:16
ggctuk please reveal all you know about this score, I'm very interested.

ggctuk2014-02-07 20:40:48
This IS all I know. The well, for the moment, is empty, unless somebody can strike up a dialogue with Hans Zimmer, which outside of his reddit sessions is unlikely as he is a busy man.

prowler2014-02-10 00:19:11
can you please ask him during his next reddit session to reveal more info? do you know when his next session is due?

ggctuk2014-02-10 21:09:18
I don't and I'm usually asleep when he does them, because the last time he did one I think he was in the USA.

ggctuk reply Replies: 10 || 2013-12-24 22:58:05
Just out of curiosity, if Intrada were to release a complete score, do you think it'd be something like this:

CD 1 (Main body, songs would be film versions):

01 Circle Of Life
02 Scar's Dinner
03 What Am I Going To Do/Sunrise At Pride Rock
04 Hyenas In The Pride Lands
05 I Just Can't Wait To Be King
06 Elephant Graveyard
07 Father's Footsteps
08 Be Prepared
09 The Trap
10 Stampede
11 Mufasa's Dead
12 As Good As Dead
13 Hakuna Matata
14 Scar, Zazu/What Did You Say?
15 Under The Stars
16 Nala Attacks
17 Can You Feel The Love Tonight
18 Nala and Simba/Mufasa Ghost
19 Homeward Bound
20 Simba And Nala Move In/Finale/End Title
21 Can You Feel The Love Tonigh (End Title)

CD 2 (Just guessing here, some alternates are in the film though):
01 Circle Of Life (Alternate)
02 Scar's Dinner (Alternate)
03 Sunrise At Pride Rock (Alternate)
04 Hyenas In The Pride Lands (Film Version)
05 Be Prepared (Instrumental Version)
06 Stampede (Alternate)
07 Mufasa's Dead (Alternate)
08 Warthog Rhapsody (Early Concept)
09 Be Prepared Reprise (Early Concept)
10 Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Early Concept)
11 Nala And Simba/Mufasa Ghost (Alternate)
12 Simba And Nala Move In/Finale/End Title (Alternate)

Perhaps with the 1994 album or Rhythm of the Pride Lands as a bonus CD 3? What do you guys think?

Areozz2013-12-24 23:08:03
No. It would be like whatever they wanted it to be, which is most likely 'non-existent'.

Hybrid Soldier2013-12-24 23:34:28
No way cause would like to release all the theme suites & rejected stuff he wrote ! :)

Hybrid Soldier2013-12-24 23:50:00
HZ I meant of course... :P

ggctuk2013-12-25 19:01:07
So, what you're saying is we'd be looking at something more like a 3-4 CD set if Intrada were to do it and do it right? Interesting.

schnullert2014-01-02 22:35:06
This is absurd, most absurd. There will be no such release. What's with the clueless speculation?

ggctuk2014-01-04 18:29:02
Once upon a time they said the exact same thing about Star Trek scores, about the Matrix scores, about quite a few other Zimmer scores.

2014, and 10 Star Trek scores have been released, the first of the two Matrix scores is done and the second is most likely to come this year and there have been a few Zimmers done through Intrada.

Never say never unless you don't want it to happen.

schnullert2014-01-10 11:29:27
I am not going to grace this ludicrous response with a counterpoint any more than I already have. You appear to have a proclivity for reiterating your wild speculations whenever you're given the chance. I am going to put a stop to this now.

Edmund Meinerts2014-01-10 14:15:10
Might want to spit out the thesaurus you seem to have swallowed, Schnullert. You'll choke.

Mike2014-01-10 15:30:09
lol, Edmund xD

ggctuk2014-01-11 22:36:06
I don't remember there being a rule about speculation on this site. This is sort of like a forum, where we are free to speak our minds about the chosen topic.

Funnily enough, it's my 'speculation' that sorted a lot of the mess out about this score before the sessions even leaked. Unless and until the rules of this site change, I am free to make speculation, wild or not.

I might mention that some of this list is not speculation either: There are alternates for Circle of Life, Scar's Dinner (as heard in the film), Sunrise at Pride Rock (as heard in the film), Be Prepared, Stampede and Mufasa's Dead. Warthog Rhapsody is slated as the alternate 6m13, Be Prepared Reprise is the alternate 6m14 and Homeward Bound has an insert. Oh, and did I mention that there's even two cues recorded that haven't ever been heard outside their recordings? And if you know how scoring works, you'll also know that each cue is taken several times to get a 'perfect' take.

Unless you have some inside track that I don't know about,
schnullert, that has told you that this score will never, ever get an expanded release?

Mike reply Replies: 7 || 2013-11-22 15:06:14
I don't necessarily say this as a negative criticism, because I do like the score, but is it just me or does this score use a lot of the same cues over and over again...?

Frisbee2013-11-22 16:59:25
It makes extensive use of the primary theme indeed. And it always amazes how the score as a whole fails to becomes a tedious listening experience despite this repetitiveness. For me at least.

TNT2013-11-22 17:05:41
Circle of Life
Elton John,Tim Rice,Carmen Twillie Arranger.Hans Zimmer
Scar Dinner
Nick Glennie-Smith . Hans Zimmer
What Am I Going To Do? - Sunrise At Pride Rock
Hans Zimmer
Hyenas In The Prideland - Our Little Secret
Nick Glennie-Smith . Hans Zimmer . Lebo M
I Just Can't Wait To Be King
Elton John, Tim Rice, Arranger.Mark Mancina
Elephant Graveyard
Hans Zimmer . Nick Glennie-Smith
Father's Footsteps
Hans Zimmer
Be Prepared
Elton John,Tim Rice, Arranger.Hans Zimmer
The Trap
Nick Glennie-Smith
Hans Zimmer
Mufasa's Death
Hans Zimmer
As Good As Dead (Part 1)
Hans Zimmer
As Good As Dead (Part 2)
Hans Zimmer
Hakuna Matata
Elton John, Tim Rice, Arranger.Mark Mancina
Scar & Zazu - What Did You Say?
Nick Glennie-Smith
Under The Stars - Rafiki
Hans Zimmer . Lebo M
Nala Attacks
Nick Glennie-Smith . Hans Zimmer . Lebo M
Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Elton John, Tim Rice Arranger.Unknown
Nala & Simba
Hans Zimmer . Lebo M . (Mark Mancina > I think)
Mufasa's Ghost
Hans Zimmer . Lebo M
Homeward Bound
Lebo M . Hans Zimmer
Simba & Nala Move In - King Of The Priderock
Hans Zimmer . Nick Glennie-Smith . Lebo M

Mortifer V.2013-11-22 20:07:32
yeah. it's exactly like Frisbee said.

Sovereign2013-11-23 03:53:10
Agreed. And even the repeated themes go through plenty of variations and orchestration in the score. Brilliantly done, I think.

ggctuk2013-11-23 18:18:09
I concur with Frisbee. I might add it's nice to see somebody who seems to know who did what with regards to composing the cues.

SanAntonioSpurs2013-12-06 21:35:17
TNT, list true?

ggctuk2013-12-09 21:08:50
Looks like guesses to me, but they seem to be close enough to the mark.

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 0 || 2013-12-06 20:23:08
Does anyone have a copy or no?

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 1 || 2013-12-01 20:35:35
Hans Zimmer should also have the rights for the score because it's his work.

Edmund Meinerts2013-12-01 22:45:45
In an ideal world...

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 3 || 2013-11-24 01:16:03
Does the complete score soundtracks belong to the company?

Mike2013-11-24 20:26:43
If by "the company" you mean Disney, then I imagine yes.

Lambegue2013-11-26 23:01:28
I'd be quite interested to know who owns a score, is it the company which produced it, or the composer ? Or both ?

ggctuk2013-11-27 21:01:03
Scores are owned by the company they're produced under. This was produced under Wonderland Music Company, which is another name for Walt Disney Records, so they own the music. A composer rarely if ever owns the right to a composition done for a film.

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 1 || 2013-11-24 01:12:40
Does anyone know why they've stoped selling it?

ggctuk2013-11-26 22:13:45
As I said below, they never sold it to begin with.

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 2 || 2013-11-23 00:22:51
I wonder why the score soundtrack is bootleged? Maybe because many people wanted so badly after the sell was canceled because of
money issues. I've read it on the lion king wikia. I got it from youtube
it's the only place where I can find it at. The ones that bought the score
Soundtrack are lucky or who knows.

Lambegue2013-11-23 01:33:38
The commercial album, containing some Zimmer's tracks and the songs for the film, is easy to find.
Very few commercial albums are complete, that's the way it goes, it is not about any canceling. This one is no exception.

More over, the commercial album for the Lion King is not so bad, even if I agree that there are some very good moments that aren't on it.

ggctuk2013-11-23 20:20:54
The score was never ever available like this officially. It was never produced and it was never pulled. That's a story that's just gone around.

The leaks, both the old one and the new one, most likely come from DAT tapes. The first one was incorrectly ripped, resulting in low-quality cues. Rumour was that DAT tape was also damaged.

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 1 || 2013-11-23 00:27:29
Maybe the composers keep the complete score soundtracks, that's not fair.

ggctuk2013-11-23 18:26:10
Composers generally do have copies of what they had a hand in, yes. That being said, they are not at liberty to release any of it because they legally do not own it. It's not their call to make. Occasionally such things do get out because they get shared to a single person.

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 5 || 2013-11-06 00:44:21
I want a copy of the CD. I bet it's in the Disney Vault.

Lambegue2013-11-06 11:56:51
The complete score never had any official release, so you won't find any copy of this cd. At least not in a store.

ggctuk2013-11-09 23:18:09
This is a fan set that combines the material from the most recent leak with songs from the album. Disney, yes, would have access to all the alternates and pieces that wound up on the cutting room floor. The only way it will be officially released is if labels like Intrada or LaLaLand Records decide to take them on.

Hans2013-11-15 05:47:31
the f*ck you talking about?

ggctuk2013-11-18 11:58:18
Excuse me, but to whom is that remark addressed to?

MacArthur2013-11-18 15:44:14
You are right ggctuk. don't bother with them any statement that you make unless it's their own they'll slam you.

Joshua Chacon reply Replies: 0 || 2013-11-12 20:45:27
Has anybody seen the case before?

ggctuk reply Replies: 10 || 2013-08-10 22:17:02
Was there anything additional composed for the film but that for whatever got cut? I'm not talking songs like the Be Prepared repirse (although it'd be pretty neat to get a clean version of that).

panturon2013-08-13 20:53:32
si tienes un problema amigo te puedo ayudar, sabes?

ggctuk2013-08-13 22:58:41
Not entirely sure what you mean by that.

ggctuk2013-08-24 23:19:49
Are there any serious answers to my query?

MacArthur2013-08-24 23:23:09
Not sure really did you look at the special edition of the Lion king

ggctuk2013-08-26 22:42:43
Yes, but there's no additional music there.

MacArthur 2013-08-26 23:42:50
Ok then I'm Not sure then

snudl2013-10-07 16:05:18
define what you mean by clean please

ggctuk2013-10-11 21:46:23
When referring to an audio track, 'clean' generally means in good quality, without any sound effects. For instance, all of the music on this set is 'clean' whereas if I were to rip a soundtrack from a DVD, then because there would be artifacts in the audio mix (sound effects, vocal echo, some missing instruments etc etc) then it would not be classed as 'clean'.

Hampelmann2013-10-18 09:03:28
there is a clean version of the Be Prepared reprise on the DVD

ggctuk2013-10-18 21:53:11
If you mean in the deleted scene storyboard, then unless it's in stereo and in fairly good quality, I wouldn't regard that as clean.

ggctuk reply Replies: 4 || 2013-06-08 23:56:11
This is the final revision of the analysis, updated with as much information as I could gather. I have not included anything about who did what because quite frankly we don't know. edit?usp=sharing

mgbube2013-06-08 23:59:34
this is mgbube for ggctuk thanks for your very nicely done analysis but i have to tell you my friend your link is not working can you please correct thanks mgbube

mgbube2013-06-09 00:02:05
this is mgbube for people wanting to read lion king score analysis done by ggctuk i am taking liberty and posting correct link now here it is %20YaibUYJ78fL7X60UgcZ4y3sY thanks mgbube

mgbube2013-06-09 00:10:02
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