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Agree, solid work, but dosen't sound like John Williams, more like Danny Elfman.<br><br>Also, the main theme sounds like Pirates of the Caribbeanwhat an incredible album! it is getting very close to my personal favorite which is dunkirk. there is so much mastery in both. one thing that dunkirk has that this album doesn't have is a sense of repetition. both albums have some kind of non-finality. with dunkirk, i feel transported back to the beginning. with this one, i am not sure what comes next.<br><br>Hans and team probably have their share of anecdotes but here's another one.<br><br>i was playing this one day and my friend's daughter asked me if this was from... she hesitated and asked: the dark phoenix movie? i was astonished. she is 12 and probably not into movie scores. but she was able to pinpoint the right movie from a random part. that's something many aspire to. especially with the millions of super heroes movies out there!<br><br>i told her how impressed i was and went on unleashing my Hans Zimmer collection onto her haha :)Because i don't support the idea of 'only good scores are full orchestral', don't agree with that statement.<br><br>Yes, i love Your Highness and Steamboy, aslo really like stuff like TF (except the four) and TMNT 2. But also something like Pain & Gain, Bloodshot, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Deepwater Horizon, even i consider (unpopular opinion) guilty pleasure Battleship.<br><br>Yes, i'm weird :p<br>I love revisiting this score. It's just so much fun, and I love hearing this side of Steve's music. I remember watching interviews where he'd talk about programming John Williams' string patterns into midi instruments, and his love for Williams' work overall. This side of him is rarely shown in his projects. <br><br>But then you have scores like this that show off how much of a wizard he can be with music. Melodic action music, fun and creative use of synth, classic Jablonsky choir chants, and beautiful use of the orchestra. Perfect for a fantasy comedy with a modern twist. <br><br>I cannot stress enough how much I love tracks like "Isabel the Strong", "Labyrinths And Humps", and "Mean Knights and Horsies O' My!". "Playful Secrets" in particular shows just how much of an expert Steve is with an orchestra. It sounds straight out of a John Williams score like Harry Potter or Indiana Jones with a fun Danny Elfman choir on top. Not to mention the beautifully performed bassoon and French Horn combo at 0:39 and 0:44! <br><br>These are the kinds of projects I like to see from Jablonsky. Films and games that allow him to show off his skills and test his abilities to the point where he creates complex, unique, varied, thematically rich, and truly poignant music. <br><br>This is something that I can point to and say "that's 100% a Steve Jablonsky score". It has some influence from Zimmer, but is not copying him by any means. Maybe with the slight exception of "Thadeous".Can't really agree that much with Bloodshot. The reason I was able to be engaged in Jablonsky's past scores similar to this (e.g. TF5, TMNT 2) was his strong melodic voice. Even in the more sound design parts of those scores there was at least several themes that I enjoyed, easily identified, and analyzed some lovely development for them. <br><br>Bloodshot doesn't really have that, it's got themes so minimal (except for KT which I can't really enjoy because the melody sounds identical to "Optimus"), that whatever development is there, I feel nothing toward because it's easy and boring to develop a theme that's basically just a series of chords. <br><br>Keanu I can't entirely judge Jablonsky for as it was also Nathan Whitehead's score, but it just sounds like Bloodshot 0.5 to me. Guitar chords, sound design, string ostinatos, wandering piano theme, been there done that. <br><br>Good lord, do I hope Steve works on Orbital Era though. It would be so refreshing to hear a full-on orchestral Jablonsky score again.
Not only better than Spenser, it's better than Skyscraper.<br><br>Ok, Bloodshot maybe isn't one of the best works by Jablonsky, but after such disappointing with Skyscraper, see Jab in a work with choir, guitars, cool themes (if don't catch the similarities between KT's theme with the Autobots theme ;D) and good action writing (hang in there, i'm not going say is something good as Steamboy or Your Highness, even some of the Transformers/The Island stuff), as for the sound design, i prefer people like Jab, Zimmer or Holkenborg MORE than something dreadful as Reznor/RossJust listen Bloodshot OST again and I like it better than for the first time. Yes there is a lot of sounddesign elements, but quiet and melodic moments are good at some parts. My favorite track is "Bloodshot". For me this work, despite all the problems, is far better than Spencer Confidential.<br><br>There is extremely need of new Sci-Fi (not like Bloodshot, lol) or Fantasy project for Steve to work on. I'm fairly certain that he could provide amazing music for this genres, but for some reason.<br>Also, I've listened a few tracks from his "Keanu" score (posted on his new website) and it's wonderful, hope there will be a full release sometime. This one reminds me of another genre where Steve is good - comedy and parody movies - "Your Highness", "Pain and Gain", "Sims 3" (yes, it's a game score but it has that comedy atmosphere I'm talking about) all are really great scores for its genre.<br><br>For me "Eternals" from Marvel could be a good movie for Steve to work. And honestly, I would like to see what he could brings to "Godzilla vs Kong" crossover more than Junkie XL.<br><br>At least I hope that Katsuhiro Otomo would like to work with Steve again on his new anime project "Orbital Era", truly a dream-project.Yes, the sound mixing in the movie is bad, you can't listen the music properly, is buried under a lot of sound effects.<br><br>It was one of those situations where 'the music is trying to overlook the thunderous sound effects',I do kinda prefer the 2014 score over the KOTM score, but McCreary's work does deserve more love than just being called a 'retreat of the original theme'.<br>It also deserved to be heard more, but the movie's sound mixing was terrible.Wasn't expecting to see someone else here for the same reason. Really hoping those two soundtracks return, they're great for studying music.
Are Steve Jablonsky and Rupert Greyson-Williams still apart of RCP or they went solo too?I wouldn't disagree that Godzilla KOTM is a good score since it works very well for the movie and by itself. I'm just saying that Junkie XL can bring something new and interesting to the franchise which hasn't been done before.Before someone jump, i will said in this kind of movies, change a composer is very common, don't say i don't want McCreary will be back, only i prefer other people try other things.<br><br>Like i said, i listen very OFTEN the three scores in this movies, and i love each style (as for the movies... well, prefer G14 and KSI over KOTM)@Moggyman<br><br>If you think that all McCreary did was modernize the Godzilla theme, you clearly haven't listend to the score.<br>He indeed used and modernized the themes for Godzilla & Mothra.<br>Besides that he wrote new themes for Rodan, Ghidorah, Monarch, The Russel Family and a theme he called the Ancient theme.<br><br>Besides this, he used the orchestra, choir, soloist and specialty instruments in the best way they can be used.<br><br>His score was one of the best blockbuster and orchestral scores of the last couple of years, in my opinion.<br><br>Until I hear Holkenborg's score I can't really comment on if it will be good. But at the moment I am sad McCreary isn't coming back. But I am very curious what Holkenborg will doI disagree, the McCreary's score in that movie is really, really good... but I put this, as myself i listen very often the other two: G14 and Skull Island, also really, really good, can't put a score over another because one composer uses a theme (a very mytical one, if you are a movie monster fan), specially in that franchise.<br><br>Yes, Ifukube create a wonderful theme (and the original movie have a really tough score to listen isolated of the movie), but other composer make a wonderful themes (and polaraising), like Otani (which his score for GMK is FULL electronic, but really good) or Oshima (great theme, maybe the inspiration for Desplat's theme), even the most forgotten Reijiro Koroku create a terrific theme for the character in 1984
Bear McCreary is a good composer but all he did for Godzilla KOTM was modernize the original Godzilla theme, which isnt super creative. Junkie, on the other hand, may give us a really creative score based on his eagerness to do the project.Yeah besides the massive disappointment that is the movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the even bigger disappointment is that Bear McCreary won't be back for fool.... its impossible ! everybody knows that there is only one batman theme.... (joke)In a recent interview, Junkie mentioned that he's bringing back themes for Superman and Wonder Woman, while everything else is new. I wonder if he's gonna make a new Batman theme.It's true, there is completely different team from composer to director in crossover :)

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The Lion King (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 75'42 rating:        5/5
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (54884 votes)
  1. Circle Of Life (3:59)
  2. Scar's Dinner (2:09)
  3. What Am I Going To Do? - Sunrise At Pride Rock (3:02)
  4. Hyenas In The Prideland - Our Little Secret (3:58)
  5. I Just Can't Wait To Be King (2:50)
  6. Elephant Graveyard (4:46)
  7. Father's Footsteps (2:15)
  8. Be Prepared (3:40)
  9. The Trap (0:48)
  10. Stampede (3:24)
  11. Mufasa's Death (3:26)
  12. As Good As Dead (Part 1) (1:39)
  13. As Good As Dead (Part 2) (0:31)
  14. Hakuna Matata (3:33)
  15. Scar & Zazu - What Did You Say? (1:08)
  16. Under The Stars - Rafiki (2:48)
  17. Nala Attacks (4:15)
  18. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (2:57)
  19. Nala & Simba (4:45)
  20. Mufasa's Ghost (3:06)
  21. Homeward Bound (2:28)
  22. Simba & Nala Move In - King Of The Priderock (11:40)
  23. Mufasa's Death (Alternate) (2:35)
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Uncle Scar reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-23 00:00:00
Just when I thought I FOUND the WHOLE expanded score, I can't download it because the file has expired!


Uncle Scar reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-23 00:00:00

Uncle Scar reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-23 00:00:00
To those who have copies:

Just a question. Where did you but the CD? From reputable stores or from stores that stock pirated ones?
Please tell us.

^this post doesn't violate anything, right?

kovu reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-22 00:00:00

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-22 00:00:00
So.. which tracks have the slowdown?

Fish reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-22 00:00:00
It's really hard to get the Soundtrack on the web. And shame on the people here with their sample tracks. Next time you should let it be. ^^

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-22 00:00:00
Each track that hasn't been on the official release in its shape or form has the slowdown.

Caephalo Trecca reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-22 00:00:00
Take Kate for inspiration, I myself nearly broke down when I couldn't find it after three months of extensive searching! Hard work pays, guys ---) And if you have to, resort to the P2P method, 'cause this is an "--illegal"-- or rather unofficial fan-made album copy of the recording sessions, not original release.

Lucy reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-22 00:00:00
Actually it's pretty easy to find. Just google it and look carefully for a while - and yeah, it's fairly easy to get. Just hang on, it's worth searching.

And I agree with Fish: Shame on you guys, why have you to upload these samples? That's just the motivation for searching it online.

kovu reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-21 00:00:00

Kate finally go it reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-21 00:00:00
Okay, wow nearly 2 months of searching and I have found it. It is hard to find, very hard to find! I'm not going to lie, but it is right under your noses, keep looking searching, i got the whole CD and from a place I was shocked to know that had it! Jeeze, so keep hunting all. Your closer then you think.

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-20 00:00:00
Regarding the slowdowns of the songs, may I know which songs are affected? The titles?

Also, using Goldwave, will going to Effects>-- Playback Rate and changing it to 48000 work?

Will I need to save it as 48000hz and Joint Stereo after doing the above?

What's the difference with using Playback Rate and Resampling?

Thanks. :)

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-20 00:00:00
If you read the past comments carefully you'll find that it has been mentioned quite a few times how to slow down the tracks.

Uncle Scar reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-20 00:00:00

P2P (peer-to-peer) is a file sharing program, which means if there's anyone on the internet online that's got a copy of the expanded score (or ANY file), I can download it.

But I still need to download Java thing for my preferred P2P and it's 14MB big. >--.<--

I want it to be released so badly. :(

Tarhiel reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-19 00:00:00
Oh... Wha is it then a P2P?

Caephalo Trecca reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-19 00:00:00
Bootlegs are illegal, they're NEVER released officially, except in very rare cases. And this bootleg is an illegal copy of the recording sessions, so it is unlikely that it will ever be released officially.
So I guess Uncle Scar's method is the only way to get it. --)

Tarhiel reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-19 00:00:00
Did I read carefully?
This bootleg release is gonna be released oficialy?

Uncle Scar reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-19 00:00:00
I'm resorting to P2P, since it still hasn't been released yet. :(

I just hope I can find a bootleg copy. :(

Jesse Stipek reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-18 00:00:00
Uncle Scar,

It isn't for sale. Hence, the name 'bootleg'.


Uncle Scar reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-18 00:00:00
Ah, stupid me.

Still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for its official release. Why DIDN'T Disney release this anyway?

Hans Zimmer should just release this soundtrack by himself. I'm sure it'll sell a lot.

Caephalo Trecca reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-18 00:00:00
Yeah, I agree it will if they care to release it officially. They should have actually released it with the release of the Platinum Edition DVD. Shame :(

Uncle Scar reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-17 00:00:00
I'm listening to the extracts again and again. I can't get enough of it. I need to buy this!

Uncle Scar reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-17 00:00:00

The movie has been made wonderful because of you!!

I need to have this soundtrack!! IS THIS FOR SALE, THE ORIGINAL ONE? I'm gonna buy this whatever happens! Dammit, I'm falling in love with the music again!

Caephalo Trecca reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-15 00:00:00
Bravo, Jesse! I absolutely adore your views! :)

Jesse Stipek reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-11 00:00:00
Disney were fools when they decided not to include all the Zimmer tracks, not to mention how many more sales this CD could have brought in. My possession of these unreleased tracks were fortunate on my behalf, though maybe illegal, I'm not going to just let this music die out.

Hakuna Matata,


kovu reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-10 00:00:00
Comment suppressed

Caephalo Trecca reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-10 00:00:00
Hunting Season remains open for all --)

raptor reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-10 00:00:00
Comment suppressed

kovu reply Replies: 0 || 2005-12-10 00:00:00
Comment suppressed

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