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Some original cue titles with slates from a music mixing CD-R:<br>1M13 Transactions<br><br>2M16 Jake Gets Stoned<br>2M20A Alley<br>2M21 Rapists Castration<br><br>3M24 My Old Division<br>3M27 Go Fetch Dog<br>3M30 The Freeway<br>3M32 Alonzo Steals Money<br>3M33 Into The Jungle<br><br>4M41 Safety Is First / Busting Into Rogers<br><br>5M46 Helicopter<br>5M48 Sunset / Wet Streets<br>5M51 Jake Gets Beaten<br>5M52 Smiley Calls His Cousin<br><br>6M57 On The Roof<br>6M58 Jake Lands On Car<br><br>7M61 Alonzo Dies<br>7M63 Sun ShotMovie credits:<br><br>Music by Hans Zimmer & David Fleming<br><br>Music Supervisor: Joe Rudge<br><br>Score Produced by Hans Zimmer<br>Supervising Music Editor: Ryan Rubin<br>Music Editor: Nate Underkuffler<br>Music Production Services: Steven Kofsky<br>Additional Music by Ben Powell<br>Featured Guitar Soloist: Derek Trucks<br>Score Mixed by Seth Waldmann<br>Score Mix Assistant: Aldo Arechar<br>Technical Score Engineer: Chuck Choi<br>Technical Assistants: James Grimwade, Aldo Arechar, Steven Doar & Fabio Marks<br>Synth Programming: Hans Zimmer<br>Digital Instrument Design: Mark Wherry<br>Digital Instrument Preparation: Taurees Habib, Raul Vega, David Naroth & Paul Salerno<br>Studio Manager for Remote Control Productions: Shalini Singh<br>Assistant to Hans Zimmer: Cynthia Park<br>Score Mixed at Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica CA<br>Music Clearances: Jessica Dolingerthats trueCan't think of a more meaningless and laughable award than the oscar for this one? nahh...<br>maybe he gets a nomination for dune or bond
Maybe WW1984damn it would be kinda awesome and hilarious if Lorne Balfe got Lorne Balfe’d LOLYeah 100% fake... And there was HJ rumor on Black Widow sometimes last year, so if you do the math...Henry doesn't have an official Instagram. It looks like you are referring to the account "henry0262020" which appears to be a fake account, to the best of my knowledge.Henry Jackman is now Black Widow's composer, apparently in his instagram, posted a photo
Hah! Knew it. FYI, I'm not smoking anything. I don't smoke, and I abhor anyone who does.Oh interesting. When I said "refined his sound," I didn't mean that he was still trying to find his voice. This score absolutely exudes the qualities that make his work so appealing. You simply managed to put what I was trying to say in better terms. I'm definitely happy to give this one more goes in the future, but I remain more partial to some of the other installments.This is easily my favorite X-Men score, but I do agree there is a bit of an...*odd* feel to it sometimes. The impression I get is that Powell was reeeaallly pushing himself to write the most dense and complex and ambitious score he could, and I think he may have overreached a tad. There's definitely a big contrast between this score and the much tighter, more focused sound he was bringing in his action music from a couple years prior, like Paycheck or The Bourne Supremacy. I wouldn't say he "hadn't quite refined his sound yet" - this isn't Face/Off, his voice was pretty well established by this point - but he was trying to develop it a bit faster than it was naturally going to go.<br><br>At the same time, I love how this score goes for broke, and I hate to fault a composer for too much ambition. "Phoned in" is the LAST thing this score is. But Powell would iron out the kinks and by How to Train Your Dragon he was writing a score that was just as complex, but wore the complexity a bit more naturally than X3."There is nothing musically interesting in [Ottman's] X-Men scores except the main titles."<br><br>As if I didn't need a reminder that this place can house some ludicrous opinions sometimes (no offense intended there).<br><br>The Last Stand barely cracks the top 5 of X-Men scores for me, if only because I love the themes and it carries a lot of nostalgia for me. It's pretty clear imo that this score was at a point when Powell hadn't quite refined his sound yet. I wouldn't call it phoned in whatsoever, but it's easy to get lost at points when I'm listening to the full thing. But the highlights are too great for me to call it middling either, so it barely gets a solid grade in my book. <br><br>I'm likely in the minority when I say I actually prefer Dark Phoenix. It's much more solid as a whole product.I like the tracks
Wow!!!Still my favorite score from the X-Men series.Not too stoked on Powell, but the way Ottman's able to squander a good theme makes him close to the bottom of the barrel in my book. There is nothing musically interesting in his X-Men scores except the main titles.I don't know what you're smoking but you need to get off it. In the way is this phoned in, the orchestration and everything about it is perfect. No score for X-men has come close to this one except maybe X2That recording footage makes it all the more baffling to me why the end product sounds the way it does.

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Hans ZimmerNick Glennie-SmithMark MancinaBruce Fowler
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Arrangements
The Lion King
Label: Mercury Records
Length: 50'05 (Score: 37'46) rating:        5/5
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (13402 votes)
  1. Circle Of Life - Carmen Twillie (3:58) *
  2. I Just Can't Wait To Be King - Jason Weaver, Rowan Atkinson & Laura Williams (2:49) **
  3. Be Prepared - Jeremy Irons (3:38) *
  4. Hakuna Matata - Nathan Lane & Ernie Sabella (3:31) **
  5. Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Joseph Williams & Sally Dworsky (2:56) **
  6. This Land (2:53)
  7. ...To Die For (4:16)
  8. Under The Stars (3:43)
  9. The Hyenas (4:06) #
  10. King Of The Pride Rock (5:57)
  11. Circle Of Life - Elton John (4:50)
  12. I Just Can't Wait To Be King - Elton John (3:35)
  13. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (End Title) - Elton John (3:59)
*Produced & arranged by Hans Zimmer

**Produced & arranged by Mark Mancina

#European Soundtrack Only (France, Germany, Spain...)
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Mike (OTM) reply Replies: 7 || 2018-03-11 05:09:42
This just hit me...The Sierra Leone cue from The Last Face on Andrew K's kinda sounds like The Lion King, mixed with Cornfield Chase and Decoding the Message from Interstellar.

I wonder if that's any indication what the new TLK will sound like? ;)

Ian2018-03-11 08:08:41
Oh man, I hope they keep Andrew K far, faaaaaaaar away from the new TLK; we really, really don't need obnoxious electronics in that context.

Hybrid Soldier2018-03-11 10:07:42
Oh because Andrew is a specialist with electronics he can't do anything else ?

Man I've actually listened to chamber music he wrote... And Hans is the boss, if there is one guy who knows what a score need, it's him... If he wants Andrew in the team, he'll be in the team, wether you like it or not... lol

Tim2018-03-11 12:22:10
Hybrid, have you had the chance to get any new infos yet about the score "The Last Face"? Hearing Andrews cues on soundcloud and they're quiet good and with Zimmer being listed as the composer of the movie, it's kind of weird why we don't hear anything about it. Maybe you can lighten it up a bit for us? :)

Hybrid Soldier2018-03-11 12:30:40
It won't have a soundtrack release, if that's what you're asking... The film was a failure in almost every way (critically & commercially). It's dead.

Tim2018-03-11 12:33:20
Thanks for your reply and infos. Too bad, would have loved to hear more from the score. Nevertheless, thank you very much!

Rapha2018-03-12 15:02:26
i can make better coffee

DT-20172018-03-13 01:03:35
Good for you, Rapha.

Mike (OTM) reply Replies: 6 || 2018-02-14 23:11:46
Hybrid, do you know if Hans has started on the new Lion King yet?

Hybrid Soldier2018-02-14 23:54:31
Yes he has, for a few months now actually...

isildur2018-02-15 11:47:06
What about the Dark Phoenix score? Did he finish it already or doing it in between the Lion King?

DT-20172018-02-16 23:57:15
Dark Phoenix is out later this year, The Lion King won't be out until next year. It's a pretty safe bet he'll score Dark Phoenix first.

elGordo2018-02-17 03:36:10
It depends, because it's a musical, and some tracks have to be prepped prior to filming, so he might do a little bit of each throughout this year I'm guessing

Mephariel2018-02-17 10:07:15
Yeah, I think he has to do The Lion King first because they have to incorporate the songs with the score. There was even an article saying that Beyonce was working with Zimmer.

DT-20172018-02-17 15:11:04
Maybe this is just the sceptic in me speaking, but the process is a bit different this time around to when he did the original. This time, he has an existing score to pull from. Those themes are set in stone. And this is, from what I understand, essentially a shot-for-shot remake, so all this really will be is an 'adaptation' rather than a completely fresh score. Beyonce is working with Tim Rice and Elton John for the songs as well, so the responsibilities seem to be as split as they were the first time round.

If nothing, I guess this will all result in an interesting look at how Zimmer would reinterpret an older score of his. Not many composers get that opportunity.

DT-2017 reply Replies: 7 || 2017-12-03 20:30:19
Looks like Elton's back in on it too, and he'll be rewriting his songs. So that just leaves Tim Rice, Mark Mancina and Nick Glennie-Smith.

I mean... seriously. Don't get me wrong: I love Hans' music, but this movie is sounding less and less like it's going to have a single original bone in its body. Shame, because I really liked the way The Jungle Book was familiar yet so different from the original.

Olive2017-12-03 21:18:49
Well... Mancini and Glennie Smith are not so new to the franchise either. Rice wroted the lyrics of Elton's songs., Mancina worked on the musical for 20 years and Glennie Smith did the full Lion King 2 score. There is nothing new under the sun anyway...

Mike (OTM)2017-12-03 21:30:45
@Olive, that was @DT-2017's point. ;) Because Mancina and NGS worked on the original, it's difficult to see how this movie will do anything we haven't seen already.

Olive2017-12-04 01:12:23
Yeah, and that's my point too.The problem is not in the soundtrack. I'm sure if the film is slightly different the soundtrack will yield some new things. But it all depends on how much Disney will wants to risk.

Olive2017-12-04 01:14:05
It will make no difference to bring a new composer to the table if the cast almost the same and the scenes will be almost entirely the same as the original.

mpolonest123 2017-12-04 01:21:53
This definitely is screaming like a giant cash-grab ala Beauty and the Beast. The only thing giving me hope is Favreau’s involvement.

That being said, I hope Lea Halelea gets incorporated in some form. Such a beautiful song.

Olive2017-12-04 01:41:59
They do not think very well. Jungle Book almost reached 1 billion without being 100% a copy of the original.

DT-20172017-12-04 09:04:11
Olive, only one member of the original film's cast is coming back. So there's change there... sort of. But, yeah: as soon as Disney said they were doing live-action versions of other recognisable Disney Classics, it was pretty much a given that this film would get one, and the writing was on the wall as soon as Beauty and the Beast came out that it would stick rigidly to the original film. UWhen Zimmer was confirmed it became clear just how much they're going to be sticking to it.

Is it fair to say that the idea of The Jungle Book 2, which is supposed to be being made back-to-back with this, is much more enticing?

George reply Replies: 5 || 2017-11-04 15:47:31
Hybrid, if I remember correctly I think you said something last week about us being surprised at what Hans might be scoring coming soon... was this it or is it something else?

Hybrid Soldier2017-11-04 15:54:08

Did I say something like that ? I hinted about a couple of RCP projects, but nothing Hans related...

George2017-11-05 08:41:08
Oh you’re right lol, I honestly just couldn’t find where the comment was so I wasn’t sure if it was Hans or not. Thanks though!

isildur2017-11-06 17:55:09
Hybrid, by any chance one of those surprises is that Lorne scoring the next Mission Impossible movie? I've seen him Retweet about MI movies recently.

Iamtommie2017-11-06 18:33:42
MI 6 is scored by Joe Kraemer.

James2017-11-07 02:09:07
Make sense and this can be the RCP project pointed by Hybrid,
but I hope that not. I liked Kramer's score.

Mephariel reply Replies: 23 || 2017-11-02 01:57:25
Zimmer is set to compose The Lion King Remake!

"Disney confirmed the Oscar-winning composer will be back in an official press release. Zimmer is responsible for several iconic and easy to pick out scores, so it is no surprise he is coming back for the live-action tale. Considering how well-known his original themes – like ‘This Land,’ ‘…To Die For,’ ‘Under the Stars,’ and ‘King of Pride Rock’ – are, it will be expected that they are featured again, along with presumably a few other new themes." /

Brent2017-11-02 03:23:57
I am SO FREAKIN EXCITED about this!!!! :)

DT-20172017-11-02 08:04:43
Colour me surprised. Talk was that Beyonce wanted to do it, and John Debney is Favreau's darling composer so I expected one of those two.

Hybrid Soldier2017-11-02 08:29:58
Favreau was hanging on Hans at his last LA show... ;)

And they worked together already, when Hans helped on Iron Man...

JBSO992017-11-02 09:45:08
Yeah, that's great news! His score for The Lion King is one of his bests and I cannot wait to hear what he will bring again!

Edmund Meinerts2017-11-02 09:45:50
Hmm, I'm...not sure how I feel about this? On the one hand, we already have heard Hans' Lion King score, so this feels sort of superfluous. Plus it doesn't feel like the sort of thing (revisiting old ground) that Hans is all that interested in, which makes me kind of wonder if he's just going to pass it on to a few of his additional guys (and maybe Mark Mancina?) to tweak the old score to the new picture and what we get is a glorified rerecording.

On the other hand, Alan Menken proved this year that you can revisit old ground and expand it in fresh ways, and if Zimmer can do something similar with his Lion King score that would be incredible. Not to mention there's absolutely no way for him to worm his way out into one- and two-note themes and sound design on this project!

DT-20172017-11-02 10:31:46
I've read that Zimmer was interested in revisions to the original score (I think it was around about the time the Legacy set came out). If that's true, Zimmer has that opportunity now and I think he'll take it for sure, and it'll pique my interest to see what he does with it.

Having said that... I think this film's going to do well, but for me, it's sounding more like a minor curiosity than a must-see, even with the consideration that Zimmer is doing the score. I was far more excited for The Jungle Book because it was a much fresher take but it looks like this will stick fairly rigidly to its source material. As far as the live-action films go, I'm far more excited for Jungle Book 2 (which I don't think has started production yet).

Talk is still going about that Beyonce will do the songs, though I think the best thing to do would be do what Beauty and the Beast did and get the whole original musical creative team back (Elton John and Tim Rice).

Also, I didn't know Hans was in on Iron Man, but looking it up, he was executive music producer. He has had a slice of lot of major franchises, hasn't he? Maybe this means that Hans will score more Favreau films in the future. THAT would certainly be an interesting prospect.

Geoffrey2017-11-02 11:56:39
Could be fun he wins a new Oscar for this.

Hybrid Soldier2017-11-02 12:43:40
Hans was not just exec producer on Iron Man, he actively wrote music on it...

Mike2017-11-02 13:56:12
It won't be eligible for an Oscar if he uses his original themes

Mephariel2017-11-02 15:06:16
I agree that as excited as I am with this, I am maybe even more excited at the possibility of having Favreau as one of Zimmer's frequent collaborators.

Alexander 2017-11-02 17:11:37
At least one more back from the original crew. Can somebody tell me why jeremy irons does not return as scar ?
I hope that the score will me the exact same thing than the original and that he won't say "Oh letz try something new" I just want the most majestic versions of "This land", "Kings of the past" or "King of pride Rock". Than I'll be happy :D

Scorefan2017-11-02 18:10:57
Hans Zimmer is back, so maybe Lebo M could back. If Elton John and Tim Rice couldn't back, well, Beyonce could make good songs for this version.

Hybrid Soldier2017-11-02 18:44:08
Lebo WILL be back.

james2017-11-02 18:47:23
Elton John,Tim Rice or Mancina will come back too?

Scorefan2017-11-02 19:44:46
@Hybrid thanks for the information

Mike (OTM)2017-11-03 03:08:25
I'm glad this is happening, and to me, it's potentially fascinating. How would a late-2010s Zimmer write The Lion King compared to a 1994 Zimmer? The techniques of the man have changed so much. He isn't the same composer he was in the 90s or the 2000s anymore, even if he's still capable of writing in that style. He's also said that The Lion King is one of the few scores he looks back on, and that he would change some things if he could.

This is a cool experience for us Zimmer fans, I would say.

Alexander 2017-11-03 03:27:37
@Mike (OTM)
Absolutly agree with you, its a good time to be a Hans Zimmer fan :D
I hope he won't switch it into a full electronic score like he nearly did with inferno...

Mephariel2017-11-03 03:58:53
Anyone who thinks Disney would allow Zimmer to make a Lion King score like Inferno is nuts. Disney controls how everything looks, sounds, feels, in every Star Wars, Marvel, and animated film. Zimmer would be fired, charged with 6-7 counts of sexual harressment, and live out the rest of his life in darkness.

Iamtommie2017-11-03 10:37:21
Everybody talks about Zimmer may not be able to make a score like The Lion King, Pearl Harbor or Pirates because if the last few years.
I think Zimmer made some score other than his 90' & 2000' because directors asked for that.
If you listen to Kung Fu Panda 3, you can hear he is still capable kf makimg a beautiful score witout electronics.

Edmund Meinerts2017-11-03 14:23:00
I don't think he's incapable of that kind of music - I think he's no longer interested in it. His primary muse of the last decade-and-change has been Christopher Nolan, in that their scores together have seemed to me to be the ones that Zimmer has devoted the most time and energy to. And those scores tend to be dark, less melodic, heavier on electronics. I know part of that is because of Nolan's directions, but Zimmer is ab

When he is involved with a score that's more upbeat, thematic, orchestral, that involvement tends to be...less. Not that he does nothing, but he doesn't devote himself the way he does to the Nolan scores. Kung Fu Panda 3 was at least as much a Lorne Balfe score. Boss Baby was with Mazzaro. Lone Ranger's best cue was by Zanelli and Zimmer is on record as disliking the movie and his time working on it. On Stranger Tides...well, we all know what happened there.

All of that tells me, not that Zimmer has "forgotten" how to write a score as straightforwardly beautiful as The Lion King necessarily, but that right now he as an artist is not interested in pursuing that kind of music. At the moment he seems to be far more fascinated by soundscapes, ambience, drones and music that is more visceral/"immersive" than emotional/narrative. Which is why I feel like this Lion King project won't necessarily be one that he spends a huge amount of time personally writing music for.

Mephariel 2017-11-03 17:57:34
Edmund, I agree with your overall assessment about Zimmer's priorities But I do think he did more than you give him credit for when it comes to orchestrated work. Zimmer did "160 BPM" and "Science and Religion" in Angels and Demons. He did (I think) "Home" and "Ride" in The Lone Ranger, which I think are the two best themes. He did the main themes for Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II. He did 4-5 tracks in Kung Fu Panda 3. In Man of Steel, he did "Flight" and the main theme.

But you are right that I think Zimmer hasn't really devoted himself to a fully orchestrated score the way he devoted himself to Interstellar.

Alexander 2017-11-03 23:03:56
Well they allowed John Williams to Change The Sound of Star Wars in Episode 7 from a high quality London symphony Orchestra into a much Flatter soundscape. Not complaining about John Williams just saying... Befor The shitstorm goes on :D

DT-20172017-11-04 15:58:01
@Alexander - It's not that they 'allowed' him to. It's that the scoring process for The Force Awakens required them to. Williams is on record as saying that he would have loved to have done it with the LSO but the luxurious amount of time he was afforded to score The Force Awakens (and The Last Jedi) did not afford him the ability to go to London and do it and the LSO were not available for the entirety of that time. As of now, I think he's likely too old to be jetting off to London anyway.

So it's not a case of they 'allowed' him to do it: they had no other alternative.

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2017-02-18 22:36:46
The Lion King remake in the works now has James Earl Jones back. Would Zimmer be a part of this if he were asked?

Jennie reply Replies: 1 || 2017-02-15 20:38:00
I love this soundtrack. Did someone here know where i can find, score soundtrack for Simba´s Pride ?

DMC13TM2017-02-16 08:20:08
There is no official release of the score. But in the player on Nick Glennie-Smith's profile you can find final theme.

DMC13TM reply Replies: 1 || 2016-04-05 22:00:45
Can anybody explain about "Theme Park"? What is the track? What its origins?

Michael Poleschuck2017-02-16 04:10:42
It's a Lion King Theme Park at Disneyland, Animal Kingdom. And it's Nick Glennie-Smith's work with Hans Zimmer's themes.

Mephariel reply Replies: 7 || 2016-10-30 06:34:33
There is a rumor out there that Harry Gregson-Williams has been confirmed for The Lion King.

Hybrid, can you confirm this?

Lovmusic2016-10-30 07:05:54
I saw that Balfe was attached ? That would be great

ei182016-10-30 07:07:17
Where are you guys reading these rumors?

...2016-10-30 09:17:41
Apparently the info is on the IMDB.

I don't mind HGW scoring it, but I really don't want anyone to go near that story/score again. HZ should do it again!

Edmund Meinerts2016-10-30 22:16:20
But how should Hans do it again? Write an entirely new score with just a couple connections to the original? I have a very hard time imagining Zimmer wanting to sign on to do something like that, retreading old ground. Re-arrange the old score into the new film? I really, really hope they don't do that (I'm already worried that's what they're doing with Alan Menken on the new Beauty and the Beast).

I think it's definitely worth hearing a new composer's take on it. Just like if they ever get around to rebooting Lord of the Rings, I'd be super excited to hear a new take on that story that isn't Howard Shore.

This is simply an imdb credit, which I barely give more credence than a Wikipedia credit. Unless proven otherwise I'm assuming it'll be Debney.

Mephariel2016-10-30 23:36:05
I kind of agree. But Zimmer did say that he had a lot of unused material.

And also, judging from The Jungle Book, whoever is doing is will basically do a lot of what you are suggesting: rearranging Zimmer's original score and re-imagining it.

Mike2016-10-31 01:56:42
If Menken is returning for his "reboot," they might at least ask Zimmer for courtesy's sake. He's said many times how this score is very personal for him... which means he may or may not be more likely to take it on, depending on how that affects him. I seem to recall him saying once that he wishes he could redo certain parts of the score differently (don't remember where), so this would give him the chance.

Gotham Rogue2016-10-31 08:03:53
I'm excited regardless of Hans' return. Debney did a great job merging old themes with his own, and hopefully Menken will write new music alongside his old music. If Hans does come back, I'll be beyond thrilled to see what he does with it, but I would really enjoy any composer revisiting this material and adding their own twist.

ei18 reply Replies: 12 || 2016-09-28 16:58:00
Do you guys think Hans will return for the new live action Lion King?

Waymann2016-09-28 16:59:36
Don't know but, they are gonna use original songs from the animation movie.

ggctuk2016-09-28 17:38:30
You can bet if they DON'T go for Zimmer, they might go for somebody like Michael Giacchino, especially given how much he's already done for Disney so far (quite a few Pixar scores under his belt, his Zootopia score, which is great, BTW. I'd definitely buy an expanded version, plus Doctor Strange and Rogue One to name a few he's done for Disney). Either way, they'll most likely be reprising all of Zimmer's themes.

Certainly an interesting development that pretty much everybody called after the success of The Jungle Book.

And BTW, the film is going to be all-CG, so it definitely won't be 'live action'.

0-^-02016-09-28 18:47:26
Would be very interesting if Hans Zimmer scored this. He's said numerous times that the score for the animated film could have been far better had he had more time to work on it. This could be the opportunity for him to put those final touches upon this gem of a score. Hey, I for one will welcome it even if turns out to be a note-by-note re-recording of the original, too - as long as the essences of the original is maintained, of course

trent easton navarro2016-09-28 19:05:14
If not Zimmer than it'll probably be John Debney who'll score this one.

LP2016-09-28 20:01:25
Hans has to be the person who gets to decline the gig if he wants to. His arrangement of the Circle of Life with Lebo M was the hook that got you into the movie.

ggctuk2016-09-28 22:12:41
Why does it seem that everybody expects Debney to do it if Zimmer doesn't? I know he did well with The Jungle Book, but consider this: Debney has ONLY done The Jungle Book in this line of movies. The reason they went for Debney is most likely to do with the fact they couldn't get hold of the original composer. Which, seeing as that was George Bruns, is on account of the fact that he died 33 years ago. James Newton Howard did Maleficent and Cinderella was done by Patrick Doyle.

Given they got Alan Menken to do Beauty And The Beast (and is likely to be asked when they get around to The Little Mermaid and Aladdin), I would imagine they WILL be approaching Hans Zimmer, Mark Mancina, Lebo M and the whole team to do a new version.

Failing that, Michael Giacchino is Disney's current composer golden-boy at the moment, so he's a possibility too. There's a whole load of composers who could do it that I'm too lazy to list given I've actually listed several already.

ggctuk2016-09-28 22:31:30
You guys really need to make a proper forum so we can edit our own posts instead of bumping.

I stand corrected on the Debney thing: he's kind of Favreau's go-to guy (he scored 4 of Favreau's 8 films). Still doesn't make it ironclad that Debney will be the composer.

Hybrid Soldier2016-09-28 22:47:05
And are you forced to jump on everything TLK related, even on something Hans will probably not score ? :P

ggctuk2016-09-28 23:25:16
This might come as a shock to you, but Hans Zimmer is not exactly my favourite composer and I have not watched many movies with his work in it (in truth, only two or three where I enjoyed the music). As far as scores go, The Lion King is on my top 10, but not in my top 5. My all-time favourite composer is John Williams. Michael Giacchino and Jery Goldsmith are next on my list, followed by James Horner, Alan Silvestri, Danny Elfman... Zimmer's quite low on the list.

As far as scores go, my favourite all-time scores are Star Wars by John Williams and Star Trek by Goldsmith and Giacchino. But as they're not RCP composers, there's no place to talk about their works on this site. I could write tons more on those scores than I ever could write on anything Zimmer related, and that includes this score.

Since obviously anything I write is considered a NUISANCE to you fine, upstanding folks, I think I shall just not bother with this site any more. Because how dare I participate in any discussions on the few Zimmer scores I actually like, right?

Good day, sir.

Edmund Meinerts2016-09-29 00:32:06
Hey, man, no need to get so touchy. I for one appreciate your posts (and I don't really see anyone saying otherwise). But you have to admit it is kind of funny how you only ever seem to comment on a few things (and yeah, Lion King about 80% of the time - in fact, the only other score I can recall you ever commenting on is Terminator Genisys).

Debney seems likely for this, since Jungle Book was very well-received (both film and score) and the Favreau connection. But you know who would be a fantastic choice? MARK MANCINA! Disney experience, check. Got the chops for it, check. Worked on the friggin' original and would know exactly where and when to use elements from it in the remake, check. You can't go wrong!

Frank2016-09-29 00:48:20
I guess if Disney can bring Alan Menken back for the live action version of Beauty and the Beast, they could certainly bring Hans back for The Lion King

Mike2016-09-29 01:43:23
ggctuk has also commented on TASM 2. And yes, as Edmund said, you make good posts! Please don't feel chased out. :P

I do wonder what Zimmer would do with the project if he were asked and said yes. He already scored to Batmans, so I doubt he'd feel that objection to it. But if Debney scored it, we're almost guaranteed that references to the original will be made throughout.

Mike reply Replies: 1 || 2014-01-22 04:14:53
I don't want this question taken the wrong way, so as a preface, I'm merely asking it as a question, not as a way of passing judgement on the score. The Lion King score is immensely popular, from what I can tell, so can anyone who loves this score give me a thoughtful explanation as to WHY you love it? It's alright, but for some reason, it's one of the few Zimmer scores that has never done that much for me one way or the other. But I'm genuinely curious to know what those who love it love it for.

Joshua2014-01-22 05:37:20
For me its all from a sentimental standpoint. This was the first score i ever bought as a kid. The whole reason I adore film music today is because of this album.

matthew reply Replies: 0 || 2013-12-08 17:13:35
anybody heard the new Hobbit score from Shore??
well I haven't seen the movie but go and check out the last track. if you really crazy about the lion king score, then in Beyond The Forest there is a little surprise for you.

Kusi reply Replies: 4 || 2011-06-24 09:36:29
new Intrada releases on 28th

here are the clues from Intrada about one of two releases:

When next week arrives, Tuesday in particular, we'll be reaching a cool landmark. Your support for some 25 years has made it possible. No question, my staff gets credit, too. You won't think it's the biggest thing since sliced butter or whatever but you'll probably enjoy what's happening.

We'll have two new CDs to offer on Tuesday, June 28. Both are premieres. One's an eighties action score from a veteran composer that offers what might be his finest main theme ever, heard in complete form during the end credits. What a great tune! And incredible action music, too. What's not to like? It's a Special Collection limited release, with 2000 copies to go around.

The other CD not only gives you an Oscar-winning masterpiece, with melody and action galore, but ushers in a brand new series of CDs actually produced and co-branded by one of the entertainment industry's true giants. With this new partnership, it excites me to know that so many wonderful soundtracks we all have been hoping would see the light of day... will finally see that day.

But back to now. For our two newest CDs, you'll find artwork and sound samples on our site Monday evening, June 27. Orders begin shipping on Tuesday. I hope you'll support these releases, and I trust you'll look forward to some great things in the months ahead. Happy listening!

....could be Lion King?

Andrew2011-06-24 10:45:50
Lion King has been released before by Disney in some form so it cannot be a premier release. Also I don't think "action galore" is the term to describe this music with in a general sense.

Bou2011-06-24 13:54:29
hmmmm... souds like it's "Up" My Giacchino

Ravi Krishna2011-06-24 14:23:15
There is a fair amount of action music in TLK actually (the elephant graveyard, stampede and final battle scenes for example), but I too think it's more likely to be Up because of the other clue that the score hasn't had a CD release before, which TLK unfortunately did... however lousy.

On the positive side, this is good news 'cos Disney is finally seeming to lift the fortifications around their vault. Maybe it's time to mail the petition to them? :-) I just hope our penace finally bears fruit at last!

Andrew2011-06-24 14:23:33
I am sure Lion King is somewhere on their to-do list anyway.

Iceboy reply Replies: 0 || 2011-02-21 00:00:00
Anyone know about this release? Someone has it mislabelled under a Japanese release:

Disc 1

1. Circle of Life (04:03)
2. Wait for the Signal (01:02)
3. All The Light Touches (03:27)
4. Plotting (04:28)
5. The Elephant Graveyard (05:19)
6. Kings of the Past (02:36)
7. Hyenas (02:33)
8. Be Prepared (03:45)
9. Scar Were Hungry (01:22)
10. The Stampede (03:49)
11. Run Away (03:52)
12. A New Era (01:54)

Disc 2

1. Timon and Pumba (00:39)
2. Hakuna Matata (03:34)
3. Under the Stars (03:20)
4. Reunion (04:49)
5. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (03:02)
6. Remember (08:43)
7. This is My Home (02:49)
8. Return, King of Pride Rock (12:48)
9. Aternate 3 (03:00)
10. Alternate 4 (03:46)

Total Duration: 01:24:40

Dakota reply Replies: 0 || 2011-02-21 00:00:00
It's almost identical to the 25-track expanded that I have. The tracks here are slightly longer. They probably just end earlier.

Iceboy reply Replies: 0 || 2011-02-21 00:00:00
Is it SFX free?

Dakota reply Replies: 0 || 2011-02-21 00:00:00
Yes Sir

Mr Tweedy reply Replies: 0 || 2011-02-21 00:00:00

"The tracks here are slightly longer."
On the 25tracks version, most of the cues were already slowed down to make them longer. Tracks from this 2CD are even longer... for me it looks like somebody tried to re-work the 25 version to make it look more interesting... nothing new or interesting here. Prove me I'm wrong ! :)

Jo reply Replies: 0 || 2010-04-08 00:00:00
Love HZ & TLK!!!!

I was wondering how it works, when there are songs written by people and then the 'rest' of the score by the composer, in this case HZ.... the melody of Circle Of life, for example, is in the score as well. Who wrote that originally? Tim Rice? and Hans incoporated it into the score then?

Same with Pearl Harbor and There You'll Be... did Dianne Warren write the melody of that song, and HZ put into his score? Or the other way around? Or do they work together on such things?

Mozared reply Replies: 0 || 2009-11-08 00:00:00
For those who are still looking for the lyrics to the opening chant in circle of life: they are posted on The Lion King's page on IMDB, under trivia.

Chris Birchenough reply Replies: 0 || 2009-03-17 00:00:00
This is probably the greatest score ever written, Hans Zimmer is the greatest classical composer in human history, yes I said it!

Simba reply Replies: 0 || 2009-02-22 00:00:00
Greatest movie ever created!!!!

Have all versions of all films on my iPod^^

simba FTW

ash reply Replies: 0 || 2009-02-02 00:00:00

boccacgp reply Replies: 0 || 2008-11-20 00:00:00

boccacgp reply Replies: 0 || 2008-11-17 00:00:00
I looked an all those forums, in scripts, dictionaries, I used all of the links Pridelander and others gave, but I haven't found it! Ok, Ingonyama, nengw enamabala; but what is that second thing? When the chorus starts? I can't find it anywhere! It's something else then the thing on the begining! Please help! I need it, I am making an arrangement for my choir, but i just can't put in "la-la-la" on that part! Please send me an email if you can on and I'll be forever grateful.

Shadleyvw reply Replies: 0 || 2008-10-28 00:00:00
Pridelander you legend! I figured as much, usually you can tell where the orchestra is from by the contractor, in this case it was Reggie Wilson, and it also makes mention of Tonia Davall, who in the last couple of years has done some of the orchestra contracting in London, but in the case of LK, she only contracted some of the choirs
anyway, send me an email

Pridelander reply Replies: 0 || 2008-10-28 00:00:00
Oh and I posted some information about African lyrics of TLK songs/score in the forum.

I hope I could make a website about TLK lyrics (like LotR's), but I need more time... :(

Pridelander reply Replies: 0 || 2008-10-28 00:00:00
According to the end credits:

I think the orchestra was recorded only in the US (Todd A-O). And the chorus and/or songs were recorded in the US, UK, and S. Africa.

Shadleyvw reply Replies: 0 || 2008-10-28 00:00:00
Does anybody know where the orchestra for Lion King was recorded? UK or US?

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