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Yep, fun (if slight) score to a very fun movie. "Get it On" is a great action cue.It was also one of the first HG-W's scores I ever listened to (way back when!), so maybe it's just nostalgia talking. <br>But it's worth a listen at least.It's a shame no one talks about this score. <br><br>It's a great listen if you love heavily percussive music! <br><br>Not a highlight in HG-W's carreer by any means, but it's a fun ride, and has some neat unique sounding stuff courtesy of Heitor Pereira, as well as plenty of goold ol' MV style synth/orchestra pounding!He returns to the hitman's bodyguard part 2I was honored, back in 2006, to meet both Nick Glennie-Smith and Harry Gregson-Williams.<br><br>I talked with both about The Rock, and here's what they told.<br><br>Nick & Hans worked very closely on most of their cues. That's why it's so hard to notice any difference between their own styles (and why they share most of the credits).<br>Harry worked separately from Nick & Hans. He remembered working on the San Francisco Chase (though we know Don Harper helped at some point in the process), and on "a lot of the action material from the second half of the movie, once the heroes reach Alcatraz".<br>The credits here tend to prove they were right.<br><br>All the Opening Titles / SEAL Attack is a bit complicated. Hans might have written the theme, but it also might be arranged for pictures by Nick Glennie-Smith (plus there's a lot more going on in these tracks than the man theme alone). So, well, I guess the final result still is a collaborative effort.
A brilliant score, no matter what some people might say. Some of the darkest and most beautiful themes by Hans Zimmer were born here, as well as a lot of very exciting and propulsive electronic techniques. <br>Heck, I even like the movie! The score fits like a glove.<br>It helps that I'm a huge Tony Scott fan though.<br><br>Zimmer would even 'steal' from this score quite a bit in some of his later films. The 'Wayne Manor Suite' from TDKR comes to mind, as well as one of the Blade Runner 2049 themes being strangely similar to The Fan's 'Opening Titles' theme, and I'm sure there are other examples.<br><br>I would love for a complete version to be officially released sometime. It's very unlikely, but one can dream...Listen to the first demo at NGS demos album of "The Rock". The opening and SEAL Attack have a few notes from original NGS theme. That's why NGS is credited to it.I remember hearing something about NGS not wanting his name in the opening credits since it was a Hans cue playing. So yeah. I think the opening is really just Zimmer and the NGS credit is a formality since it was supposed to be Nick’s score.I'm sorry, disregard EVERYTHING I just wrote...The credit on "SEAL Attack" is HZ/NGS/Stern, not HZ/HGW/Stern. Not sure how I missed that. *facepalm*OK, so a thought...<br><br>"Opening" and "SEAL Attack" are functionally identical; Hybrid says that Hans originally wrote it for the latter scene and it was then placed over the main titles of the film. However, the former is credited to Hans and NGS, the latter to Hans, HGW and Steven Stern. Presumably, since HGW/Stern aren't credited on "Opening", their contribution to "SEAL Attack" is limited to that first minute, which does indeed have a lot of HGW-ish percussion work to my ears. That leaves the rest of "SEAL Attack" as Hans' work alone, which begs the question: why the heck is NGS credited for "Opening", then, since it's basically identical? Screw it, I'm labeling that a solo Hans cue. Always bugged me that there wasn't at least one on this score. :p
Hi dear hans , i'm farzin a film composer from iran , i composed many films & tv series in my country also winning some awards and some of them are in IMDB , but music comunity is verry small here and i think i'm wasting my time & music here , its pleasure to be your assistant or working with you or anything you think i can be useful (sorry my english language is not good). please please just listen to one track of my music (i will send some for you if you reply me with email) and if it was qualified email me and let me know , also i have to travel to california this December cause my family lives there. i'm always thankful hans for your help & attention. Email : farzingharahgozloo@yahoo.comHi dear hans , i'm farzin a film composer from iran , i composed many films & tv series in my country also winning some awards and some of them are in IMDB , but music comunity is verry small here and i think i'm wasting my time & music here , its pleasure to be your assistant or working with you or anything you think i can be useful (sorry my english language is not good). please please just listen to one track of my music (i will send some for you if you reply me with email) and if it was qualified email me and let me know , also i have to travel to california this December cause my family lives there. i'm always thankful hans for your help & attention. Email : farzingharahgozloo@yahoo.comThat's the 'Album Version' of Time To Suit UpI'm "missing" three of the tracks for the complete score - CA Suite, WS Suite, and the alternate version of Time to Suit Up. <br><br>It looks like the CA and WS suites are pretty much the same ones on the official release as the lengths match up perfectly, but where can I find the alternate of Suit Up?Cheers mate
I agree. Great score. This is "Hans Zimmer Dark Minimalism" done absolutely right. And the Oscorp stuff has to be temp. It goes up and down in just the right places.Forgot Macrotus, so the numbering messed up on 5-8 lol... Macrotus = Father to the Rescue + Hide in the Dark + Courthouse Pt. 1... Also, Myotis actually = Initiation into the League + Temple Fight. <br><br>If you have the End Credits too, that's a Batman Arrives/Backup mashup + Training + Father to the Rescue + Bruce Left for Dead + Batman Theme.<br>Gotcha covered. <br><br>1. Vespertilio = Batman Titles + The Long Walk<br>2. Eptesicus = Bruce Goes Home + Training <br>3. Myotis = Temple Fight<br>4. Barbastella = Mugging Pt. 2 + Bat Cave <br>6. Artibeus = Dockyard Ambush Pt. 1 + Meeting Ducard<br>7. Tadarida = Rachel in the Bat Cave + Fight in Crane's Lab Pt. 1 + Batman on Fire + Microwave Stolen<br>8. Antrozus = Facing the League + Gordon at Home <br>9. Nycteris = Prototypes + Why Bats? + Finders Keepers Pt. 1<br>10. Molossus = Batmobile Chase<br>11. Corynorhinus = Surveying the Ruins + Gordon Says Thanks <br>12. Lasiurus = Ra's al Ghul theme suite<br>Any chance you could do a what makes up the tracks for the BB album Hybrid?Just want to give this score (and film) some major props. It seems like Ron Howard is one of those great directors who brings the best out of the composers he works with. It’s also interesting hearing just how much Lorne Balfe’s voice really comes through here.<br><br>Also, I wonder if it’s a coincidence just how much the OSCORP tune from TASM2 sounds like “Watergate Montage” (or did Marc Webb like a temp lol)

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Additional Music
Klaus Badelt
Additional Music
Label: Decca Records
Length: 40'27 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (4034 votes)
  1. Death Camp (3:05)
  2. Ambush (3:26)
  3. Mutant School (3:48)
  4. Magneto's Lair (5:01)
  5. Cerebro (2:13)
  6. Train (2:35)
  7. Magneto Stand Off (3:01)
  8. The X-Jet (3:47)
  9. Museum Fight (2:21)
  10. The Statue Of Liberty (2:38)
  11. Final Showdown (2:31)
  12. Logan And Rogue (5:57)
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Bayhem reply Replies: 10 || 2018-05-03 17:37:16
Hmmm, is this a mistake or Badelt was really involved here?

Scorefan2018-05-04 00:21:16
Ottman was the obvious choice for Singer. But in that time Ottman was developing Urban Legens 2: Final Cut as a director/music composer/editor. So for a recomendation Singer turned the music to Kamen. Singer was dissatisfied with the music, so Badelt came to added the electronics/synths tones to the music. There's a promo with Badelt's music.

ThePhantasm 2018-05-04 00:31:38
i would love to hear Klaus compose music for a super hero movie. It'd be so amazing

Edmund Meinerts2018-05-04 00:47:21
I mean there's Catwoman, and TMNT is almost a superhero movie.

Scorefan2018-05-04 01:44:49
The same thing was for Constantine. Brian Tyler composed the music. Francis Lawrence, the director of the movie, was not happy with the work of Tyler, it was too orchestral, so Badelt came and composed new music with electronics/synths tones. The result: a hybrid score. The film itself feature music from both composers and the official release both composers are credited. Also there are promos for each composer.

Bayhem2018-05-04 06:42:44

Thanks for the reply. I'm surprised at myself for never knowing about Badelt's involvement with X-Men. He's not credited anywhere. And clearly he should be. At least as an "Additional Composer" on IMDB.

And truth be told, I always thought it was weird to have Kamen as the composer of this movie. I think of him as a more gritty, urban-type of composer (Lethal Weapon, Hudson Hawk, Last Action Hero, etc...) and I always wondered why Singer went to him instead of, say, James N. Howard or Jerry Goldsmith. Personally, I would LOVE to see an X-Men movie with a James N. Howard score. *drooling*

Bayhem2018-05-04 06:57:33
Scorefan, yes you're right about the Constantine situation. Speaking for myself - and as much as I love the movie - I think the hybrid score that ended up in the movie did not deliver entirely. I honestly can't even remember a standout track......I really have to listen to the whole thing again.

By the way, Badelt has a history of coming in and re-scoring or adding elements to a score. After Constantine, he was brought in by Michael Mann to do additional work on Miami Vice. John Murphy was the original composer, but as it often happens on Mann movies things change constantly. Both Badelt and Murphy are credited, but I remember reading comments from Murphy regarding this project, and he was clearly not happy with the whole situation. Kinda like Harry Gregson-Williams and Mann's Blackhat....

rockhound2018-05-04 08:48:26
badelt has a credit in the booklet of the X-Men soundtrack album for synth programming or something like that.

Michael Fields2018-05-04 12:25:22
It's right. Badelt has a credit "additional electronic percussion"

Michael Fields2018-05-04 12:47:00
Here's the full booket credits, if you're interested.

Music Composed And Conducted By

Music Produced By

Orchestrations By

Sampling And Programming By

Additional Electronic Percussion By

Music Contracted By

Music Preparations By

Music Recorded And Mixed By

Music Editor

Additional Recording By

Music Performed By


Concert Master

Score Recorded At



Stage Crew

Score Mixed At

Assistant Engineers

Music Supervisors For Twentieth Century Fox

Business Affairs

Original Score Publishing By

Chairman, Universal Classics Group

Soundtrack Coordinators

Art Director

And So On!

Scorefan2018-05-05 00:47:53
Bayhem, that0s right. John Murphy was the official composer for Miami Vice but, it's a Michal Mann movie, so Badelt came to add music for that movie.
Well It's not a surprise Michael Mann is always like that in music. Let's remember The Last oh the Mohicans with Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman, Public Enemies with Elliot Goldenthal taking cues of his music from Heat and, well, the known history with Harry Gregson-Williams in Blackhat.

Sam Whitacre reply Replies: 0 || 2019-05-31 03:30:19
I mean, seriously? Klaus Badelt's the music programmer for Michael Kamen's score of X-Men? How the hell does that make sense? That's... really impressive.

Mephariel reply Replies: 2 || 2018-05-04 07:30:24
How awesome would it be if Zimmer ask John Powell to score something for Dark Phoenix just as a nod to X3?

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Edmund Meinerts2018-05-04 14:13:42
Sadly I think Dark Phoenix will do all it can to distance itself from X3 and everyone involved in it, and even though Powell is the last person who should be blamed for that film's poor reception, he's tainted by association.

Mephariel2018-05-04 16:28:36
Yeah, too bad. Not only the people, I think based on what I read, they want to distance themselves from the story as well. So I doubt they want the same style of scoring.

bruceV reply Replies: 0 || 2008-06-13 00:00:00
Yes! You are absolutely right! ''The Statue Of Liberty'' along with all the rest tracks was amazing!.... - By the way, YioHaj, you probably mean ''Michael Kamen and his music was great''..., is that right?... ; )

YioHaj reply Replies: 0 || 2008-02-11 00:00:00
the statue of liberty is the best track ih heard since James Horner Braveheart ost. Michael Kane was a great man as is his music© 2001-2018 OST 
X-Men soundtrack 2000