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Forbidden Love is Great...Hi Mk... I truly have no idea what you are talking about... Sorry you don't like me, but I am the winds soloist for the 2017 world tour.  It is amazing that you do not find ANYTHING good in what I do [?]... just makes me wonder. And concerning "the band has not accepted him yet" you could not be more wrong [please ask the band members... they will tell you how they feel about me]. I see you have your preferences & I respect that, yet many others differ from your opinion. Anyhow, sorry, but I'm not "temporary thing" & I'm in for the whole tour... God bless you!Excellent. Always great when they work together .We all are...<br><br>Personally, I don't think they will release the DVD/Blu-Ray disks before the tour is over. I am thinking of a release in September.Extracts added. This release is just a short EP, the score is not even completed yet, so a proper release will happen when the series is done ! :)
What is this?Great!I am waiting for this DVD since the concert in April 2016.<br>I would appreciate any information on this subject.Ok Thx for the info!Yes it is !
Hybrid, do you know if this game music is by Hans and Lorne?<br> -gang-best-original-soundtrack-album<br><br><br><br>It says it is by Hans and Lorne, but confirmation would be great!Look :O <br><br><br>The Dark knight LIVE IN HD. <br><br>They have more on there channelThe chant says "Deshey Deshey Basharah Basharah", which means "Rise up!".The title of the main theme really fits with the composer :)The title of the main theme really fits with the composer :)
Finally! I hope they won´t cancell it :DHe played Rain Man in L.A. and it was fantastic. Pedro is phenomenal.Coming soon !So, what it looks like there's No Rain Man in the set, please bring Richard harvey back and rain man, please...   so this new eustache Guy, known for Yanni performances and annoying waving in the air alot,  i hope it's a temporary thing, why does he want to participate in every part. I got nervous....  If you seen the new opening: driving miss daisy, with a modified saxophone or something, you get something like: englishman in new york jazzy notes,.....     i dont like iT,   U see from everybody's body language That he is not accepted yet,  Thx ...Who are the european fans of Hans on this site? still sleeping? Ask leave to speak you! - Please excuse my bad English, my native tongue is German...and I have written this with a dictionary...

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Richard Harvey
Jake's Progress (mini TV Series)
Label: Demon Soundtracks
Length: 64'59 rating:        3/5
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (2148 votes)
  1. Jake's Progress Openign Sequence (4:12)
  2. Map Of Africa (2:02)
  3. Julie's Pregnant Pause (2:36)
  4. Monica's Fortune Telling (3:28)
  5. 'Cisco Kid (2:48)
  6. Graveyard Waltz (1:53)
  7. Housewarming (2:16)
  8. Moving In (2:25)
  9. Howling At The Moon (2:21)
  10. Unhappy Home Service (2:22)
  11. Ursine Variations (3:43)
  12. Mrs. Rampton Reminisces (2:07)
  13. A Friend In Need (2:16)
  14. Death Of Alex / Closing Titles (3:58)
  15. Remembering Alex (2:11)
  16. Leaving Home (2:00)
  17. Eliot's Heartbreak And Flashback (2:56)
  18. Kate's Abuse (2:18)
  19. Grave Dance (2:35)
  20. Banquo (4:15)
  21. Fall From Grace (5:16)
  22. Play With Me, Mummy (4:50)
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Jake's Progress (mini TV Series) soundtrack - Richard Harvey 1995