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"Shatterdome Attacked", at least we'll get one 7-minute action cue...<br><br>Also. TRACKLIST YOU GET DID WHERE???An agent isn't the problem. Powell is choosing to work less, and only on certain types of movies.Damn the tracks are really short, i was hoping for some long epic music. Hopefully he'll deliver on the epic (I'm sure he will)Giacchino has some points about Powell because of the variety of his work. The man works on several beloved franchises through the pubic and every year makes some score for Pixar. From Powell, so far we've only had Bourne and the animated films from Dreamworks and Blue Sky. That's the only problem with him. The lack of a good agent to get projects beyond the territory conquered by him in the mid-00's.where got you did tracklist have been?
Where did you get the tracklist ???????Where you get the tracklist?<br><br>;)Ian<br>I would rather choose Giacchino over Powell any day.<br>Don't get me wrong, Powell is great but always found Giacchino's Scores much more memorable.<br>The only score made by Powell that i keep listening is Bourne's Supremacy.Ian<br>I would rather choose Giacchino over Powell any day.<br>Don't get me wrong, Powell is great but always found Giacchino's Scores much more memorable.<br>The only score made by Powell that i keep listening is Bourne's Supremacy.And @Ian, re: talent of assistants, to add to your point... Kick It was, according to Hybrid, Hans’ theme turned into a suite by even there, with his interesting stuff, the nucleus of it is still Zimmer. If you’re talking about Training from Begins for Djawadi, ditto there. Hans said that was the first theme he (Hans) wrote for the movie. So in both cases, these guys kinda sound best when expanding on Hans’ ideas.
His KPM and Extreme library tracks are excellentOh I know! I'd say I've heard maybe 20 scores or so by him, so not totally useless, but he's definitely someone I still need to explore more.It would be good to see Kawczynski doing more.Chappie was excellentIan - I prefer Rogue One over Jurassic World. The movie and the score.<br><br>Edmund - You have missing a lot of great stuff by Goldsmith! :DProbably the only reason Goldsmith isn't in my top 3 is I haven't heard enough of his music. :p
Wallfisch is a good composer indeed, but BR2049 (and Dunkirk) were absolutely the wrong place for him. He's not a synth guy. He was originally a protege of Dario Marianelli, for heaven's sake - he's got a far more classical/orchestral sensibility. A score like Cure for Wellness is a much better fit for him. I'm not sure why Hans thought it was best to bring him of all people in on BR2049 when the more electronically-inclined Mazzaro/Kawczynski duo would have made more sense for a Blade Runner score (I say this based mostly on Chappie).Ian - no one is trying to compare Balfe to Zimmer !Firstly there is a 20 year age gap!!!Zimmer will always be the best in my eyes but doesn’t harm saying someone else can be good <br><br>Still confused why this conversation is still troubling some.I remember saying last year that I thought Lego Batman was one of the best animation scores that year and it caused some to have heart attacks.there are a hand full of people that don’t think he is either good or should be working .... we get !!!! <br><br><br><br>Edmund - given the rationality you've displayed in your comments, I'm disappointed Goldsmith isn't in your top three. ;)<br><br>In all seriousness, I'd put money on Powell fucking nailing the integration of Williams's theme. While Giacchino did a solid job on Jurassic World and Rogue One (I tend to think my assessment of the latter is a bit more positive than most), frankly I just think Powell is a far better composer - a genuine A-level guy, whereas Giacchino is moreso very competent without that spark of pure talent seen in Williams, Goldsmith, Elfman, Zimmer etcI think it's worth noting that Zimmer's popularity at this point is largely under his direct control - meaning that if he were to decide to stop touring, go back to writing full-time, and return to his 'epic' thematic style, I think we'd see a surge in his popularity of the sort we saw from Batman Begins through til Interstellar. However, I just don't think he's interested, which is totally his right.<br><br>I certainly agree that the RCP proteges at this point are, frankly, shit compared to how they used to be. I mean, even a guy like Steve Mazzaro (who I genuinely like and who wrote some of the coolest cues in Chappie, and basically co-wrote BvS - a score I actually like) just utterly pales in comparison to the Powell era.<br><br>Actually, I have to take that back a bit; Wallfisch is a very, very talented guy, honestly so much better than someone like Junkie that I weirdly tend to forget he's under the RCP roof now.@HunterTech<br><br>"I only get annoyed when people decide he's suddenly the most amazing thing ever, which he really isn't. Even on his most competent scores, it's unlikely many would recognize him as one of the greats. Respect him, sure, but not think he's out of this world."<br><br>Exactly. Hans, for all the criticism he gets (much of it for good reason), has written some of the best film music of all time (seriously, having listened to huge amounts of Williams and Goldsmith, I still find Science & Religion my favorite cue ever). On the other hand, Lorne has written innumerable adequate-to-good scores, but none that I can recall are iconic. I'd say the closest he's come is in the form of his contributions to some of Zimmer's work (personally, I think his Kick It theme is the most interesting of those in Inception), but even then he hasn't done anything as memorable as Djawadi's theme from Batman Begins.

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Hans ZimmerGeoff ZanelliLorne BalfeHenry Jackman
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
Pirates Of The Caribbean - At World's End
Label: Walt Disney Records
Length: 55'50 rating:        5/5
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   3/5 (28823 votes)


  1. Hoist The Colours (1:31)
    Hans Zimmer, Gore Verbinski (Lyrics : Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio)
  2. Singapore (3:40) *
    Hans Zimmer, Gore Verbinski, Geoff Zanelli, Tom Gire, John Sponsler, Atli Örvarsson
  3. At Wit's End (8:05)
    Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Geoff Zanelli, Henry Jackman, Atli Örvarsson
  4. Multiple Jacks (3:51)
    Hans Zimmer, Atli Örvarsson
  5. Up Is Down (2:42)
    Hans Zimmer, Henry Jackman
  6. I See Dead People In Boats (7:09) +
    Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Atli Örvarsson
  7. The Brethren Court (2:21)
    Hans Zimmer, Gore Verbinski, Lorne Balfe, Atli Örvarsson
  8. Parlay (2:10)
    Hans Zimmer
  9. Calypso (3:02)
    Hans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli
  10. What Shall We Die For (2:02)
    Hans Zimmer, Gore Verbinski, Nick Glennie-Smith
  11. I Don't Think Now Is the Best Time (10:45) *
    Hans Zimmer, Gore Verbinski, Henry Jackman, Atli Örvarsson, Tom Gire, John Sponsler
  12. One Day (4:01)
    Hans Zimmer, Henry Jackman, Tom Gire, John Sponsler
  13. Drink Up Me Hearties (4:31)
    Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe, Geoff Zanelli, Henry Jackman
* Contains themes from POTC 1 written by Klaus Badelt

+ Contains themes from POTC 1 written by Blake Neely
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David reply Replies: 1 || 2017-12-13 12:13:08
Genuinely mind-blown at this score's under-appreciation...definitely deserved an Academy Award, or a nomination at the very least. One of the greatest film scores of all time.

Edmund Meinerts2017-12-13 13:36:00
I wouldn't want to sully this score's reputation by giving it an award as arbitrary and meaningless as the Oscar!

Michael Poleschuck reply Replies: 0 || 2017-02-14 08:07:09

Here's the lineup for the live performance of Pirates Of The Caribbean - At World's End (if i get right):

Keyboards, Electric Guitar & Bandleader



Drums & Percussion


Electric Guitar



Additional Keyboards

And it's all mixed with the orchestral playback.
In a result, a great performance and a great music, as always!

Ds reply Replies: 3 || 2016-01-11 22:48:25
Just found out that track 13 had been renamed on the iTunes release: "Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho". Has it always been like that? Very strange anyway :-D

Hybrid Soldier2016-01-11 22:49:51
Yeah indeed ! O_o

That's pretty lame... lol

Ds2016-01-11 22:51:57
Now I understand why it was written like that in the promotional video for the live tour!!

Kusi2016-01-12 12:42:58
lol, strange decisions :D

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-29 22:50:11
I really love the version of that eerie theme from "Trying to Get Lost" (and the Mermaids suite) as it appears at the end Green Flash cue!

MacArthur reply Replies: 8 || 2014-02-22 17:49:04
Did Henry Jackman do up is down? Or did Zimmer do part of that as well.

Mike2014-02-22 18:47:38
As I understand it, it's the main tune of Zimmer's love theme, arranged that way by Jackman. Whether Zimmer actively helped with that arrangement, idk. It's in the Marry Me suite, but Marry Me is both Zimmer and Jackman (meaning, presumably, that Jackman handled the Up Is Down part from the suite).

But, I don't know. In Hybrid's words, it's all wind.

Mike2014-02-22 18:50:03
IMO Marry Me is one of Zimmer's greatest suites, as an aside. ;)

Hybrid Soldier2014-02-22 19:40:09
2007 Jackman interview :

"On Da Vinci Code, I sort of felt that Hans was doing the whole thing. For The Simpsons, he wrote a tune for Homer Simpson which is so perfect in capturing his personality. He did that on the piano. He did a piano mock and gave it to the director who found it sounded pretty cool. But not being a musician, he couldn’t quite see it. So I came in and made a 6-minute orchestral suite based on that tune and exploring different ways. And then the director said : “OOOh, it’s gonna work!” So it all depends. Hans has different relationships with his composers, he knows what they’re good at and if he feels that you have an understanding on something, he steps back and just lets you do your thing. He’s very flexible."

There was one where he talked specifically about Up Is Down, but I can't find it anymore... lol

Mike2014-02-22 22:04:48
Do you remember anything it said? ;)

Anonymous2014-02-22 22:18:53
so the homer suite on hans page is zimmer and jackman huh? interesting

MacArthur2014-02-23 02:23:17
So...It is Zimmer & Jackman. Cool.

Anonymous2014-03-18 22:53:33
"There was one where he talked specifically about Up Is Down, but I can't find it anymore... lol"

Well in Zimmer's interview for this score, he definitely said the Irish fiddle/swashbuckling sound idea was Jackman. Then judging from the sound of the part at the end, I imagine that's Zimmer again, but I could be wrong. lol.

Anonymous2014-03-18 23:02:30
That interview is actually intensely interesting, Zimmer goes a great deal into the various cues and themes (and although I didn't know this before, he at least made it SOUND like he wrote the second half of "Beckett's Death", the big dramatic choir part when he gives up and is killed). I guess all this is more complicated, credit-wise, than it would seem. O_O

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2014-03-18 22:41:47
Hybrid, since the suites here were co-written to one degree or another (Marry Me is Zimmer and Jackman, Just Good Business is Zimmer and Balfe, Hoist the Colors is Zimmer/Verbinski and NGS...), do you know if any of them were done like the Homer suite from the Simpsons? So with Just Good Business, for example, did Zimmer write the whole suite on a piano, then Balfe orchestrated it, or did Balfe actually *write* that suite/part of it? It doesn't matter, just something I was curious about. :P

RealFfingMusic reply Replies: 2 || 2014-02-23 12:29:20
What is "I Don't Think Now Is the Best Time" and "Drink Up Me Hearties" in the expanded score?

Mortifer V.2014-02-23 13:55:21
In the official score the "I Don't Think Now Is the Best Time" has two parts which are chronologically reversed. In the extended score the tracks are "Beckett's Death", "Getting the Chest" and "The Wedding".
For "Drink Up Me Hearties" the tracks are "The Fountain of Youth" and the End Credits.

RealFfingMusic2014-02-24 05:48:56
Thankee mate.

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2014-01-13 02:54:21
Hybrid, do you know how much of the Hoist the Colors suite is Nick Glennie Smith's work? Is it a co-written suite, where NGS contributed to this part, then HZ did the next section, or is it that Zimmer basically just did the main tune in its barest essentials and Nick went and made an epic suite out of it?

MacArthur reply Replies: 3 || 2013-08-17 05:34:20
are you telling me that the Director did some of the music?

Evenstar2013-08-17 11:42:28
he played guitar

Prott2013-08-17 12:23:55
... and collaborated on the lyrics for the "Hoist the Colours" theme.

MacArthur2013-08-18 04:27:45
Ok haha

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2012-11-30 19:31:53
I hate to be annoying, but I don't suppose a page will be made for this expanded score...? :D

Sidewinder reply Replies: 7 || 2012-11-30 11:08:14
Holy S...! The complete sessions have leaked!!!

P3 1m01v2 Hoist the Colours (1:31)
P3 1m02v6 Arrive in Singapore (2:18)
P3 1m03Av1 East India Trading Company (0:27)
P3 1m03Bv3 Getting Ready (1:01)
P3 1m05 7v25 Entering the Bath House (2:55)
P3 1m08v7 Steam Room (0:42)
P3 1m09Av6 Sao Feng Negotiation (5:14)
P3 1m09Bv10 Battle with the Brits (2:21)
P3 2m10v12 Battle Continues - Will Makes Deal (1:37)
P3 2m11v2 Crew Embarks (1:48)
P3 2m12v9 Trying to Get Lost (5:06)
P3 2m13Av10 Davy Jones Command (4:05)
P3 2m13Bv8 Over the Top (2:14)
P3 2m15v6 Multiple Jacks (7:31)
P3 3m16v11 Captain Jack Sparrow (1:19)
P3 3m16Av1 Crabs (0:22)
P3 3m17v6 Rescue Jack (2:25)
P3 3m18v2 Who's Captain - Below Deck (2:09)
P3 3m19v3 Souls at Sea (4:22)
P3 3m20Av4 Dreadlock Jack (2:03)
P3 3m20Bv14 The Green Flash (3:53)
P3 4m20Cv1 We're Back - Wet Powder (1:28)
P3 4m21v41 Jiggy Kraken (4:06)
P3 4m22v2 Jack & Beckett (8:36)
P3 4m22v3 Jack & Beckett (Alt.) (6:20)
P3 4m23v8 Seduction (2:36)
P3 4m24v3 Sao Feng's Death (1:36)
P3 4m24v3.6 Sao Feng's Death (Alt.) (1:36)
P3 5m25v4 Chinese Captured by Brits (0:44)
P3 5m26v13 Bootstraps - Elizabeth Locker (2:28)
P3 5m27v5 Jack Catches Will (1:02)
P3 5m28v9 Escape - Norrington Dies (4:16)
P3 5m29Av30 Mrs. Fish (1:21)
P3 5m29Bpt1v32 Davy Jones Tells Calypso's Story (1:29)
P3 5m29Bpt2v41 Shipwreck Cove (0:56)
P3 5m29Bpt2Altv36.1 Shipwreck Cove (Alt.) (0:57)
P3 5m29Bpt2Altv36 Shipwreck Cove (Alt 2) (0:57)
P3 6m30v5 Brethren Court Begins (1:23)
P3 6m31v4 Calypso Must Be Released (1:07)
P3 6m32v1 Davy Jones Visits Tia Dalma (3:57)
P3 6m33v5 Cuttlefish (1:19)
P3 6m34v5 Teague & The Code (1:37)
P3 6m36v1 King Elizabeth (1:33)
P3 6m37v6 Parlay (2:14)
P3 6m37Altv7 Parlay (Alt.) (2:15)
P3 6m38v1 Trading Places (2:11)
P3 6m39Av1 Flying Dutchman Prison (0:27)
P3 6m39v2 Immortality (0:47)
P3 7m40v2 Calypso on Deck (0:50)
P3 7m41v26 Releasing Calypso (5:02)
P3 7m42v1 Hoist the Colours Declaration (2:17)
P3 7m42Altv3 Hoist the Colours Declaration (Alt.) (2:13)
P3 7m43Av2 Maelstrom Pt. 1 (5:32)
P3 7m43BEndFixv5 Getting the Chest (1:30)
P3 7m43Bv2 Getting the Chest (Alt.) (1:24)
P3 7m43InsAv1 A Lost Bird (1:21)
P3 8m44Av11 The Wedding (3:12)
P3 8m44Aaltv12 The Wedding (Alt.) (3:13)
P3 8m44Bv5 Mealstrom Pt. 2 (5:17)
P3 8m44Baltv8 Maelstrom Pt. 2 (Alt.) (5:07)
P3 8m44Cv12 Davy Death (2:56)
P3 8m44D Liftoff (2:24)
P3 8m44ev11 Beckett Death (5:08)
P3 8m44EAltv12 Beckett Death (Alt.) (5:08)
P3 8m44fv5 Celebration (1:45)
P3 9m46v5 One Day (2:42)
P3 9m47v6 The Ship is Gone (1:19)
P3 9m48v6 The Fountain of Youth (1:32)
P3 9m49Av1 End Titles A (1:17)
P3 9m49Bv1 End Titles B (2:17)
P3 9m51v1 10 Years Later (0:54)

Hybrid Soldier2012-11-30 13:40:02
This tracklist is mine.

I mean, it was unnamed, I spent some time gathering all the official cue names I could find and made up the rest. :)

Oh and 2 cues are missing, 5m27B & 8m45... :/

Ds2012-11-30 15:06:48
Hell yes!!! Finally we get the part in the middle of "Liftoff" in good quality :)

xyz2012-11-30 15:34:35
we know it hybrid, we know it. this is again old news for you -.-

Master of Fate2012-11-30 15:59:56
Stfu xyz.

Anonymous2012-11-30 17:31:10

Yup. Liftoff was a theme and track that should really be on the official OST. Then the commercial would have all the greatest moment. Strange they left it off. Well at last we have it :)

Hybrid Soldier2012-11-30 17:41:30
My favorite part is basically Jack & Beckett !

The first part used in the film is the alternate one, then it gets back to the "non alt" one. Sad cause the alternate is much better (kinda Elfmanesque at some point). Love the very end of it, the big reprise of POTC 1 !

I pretty much have all the "who did what" on that one. I guess some would be interested ! :P

NM2012-11-30 17:59:29
Do you know who did all the Maelstrom stuff? It's pretty awesome.

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2012-11-10 10:42:42
Let's all relax, take a deep breath, and listen to At Wit's End.

Preacher reply Replies: 8 || 2012-10-24 05:42:03
Are there any tracks on here and the Remixed and Unreleased album that contain themes/suites as opposed to cues, like Pirates 2?

MGDrone2012-10-24 06:21:32
All of the tracks on the Remixed and Unreleased album are theme suites sans Just Good Business and the remixes of course.

Mike2012-10-24 06:24:01
And The Heart of Davy Jones, and Marry Me, and Lord Cutler Beckett, and The Pirate Lord of Singapore... ;)

Mike2012-10-24 06:29:15
The above are theme suites. Sorry if that was unclear.

Hybrid Soldier2012-10-24 07:24:48
Just Good Business is a theme suite as well.

All on the OST are cues, apart from the beginning of Singapore which is from Pirate Lord Of Singapore.

MGDrone2012-10-24 18:35:01
Oops, I thought Just Good Business was Hans' original version of one of the final scenes (can't remember which).

@Mike: That's what I meant in my original comment haha.

Preacher2012-10-24 20:48:17
Thank you, everyone.

Hybrid Soldier2012-10-25 17:13:39
No no MGDrone, it's a HZ/LB theme suite. You can listen to the full version of it (in synth) on Lorne's website... :)

MGDrone2012-10-26 05:29:53
Now I remember where I saw it, it was on Wikipedia. Thanks for clearing that up, though!

Michael reply Replies: 1 || 2012-10-07 01:53:21
This score was the best of the Pirates movies, in my opinion. It was so big and emotional and really conveyed the idea that this was going to be the last movie...

And then they went and made On Stranger Tides. lol.

Edmund Meinerts2012-10-25 00:36:19
I totally agree. This one really did feel like an enormous work of art, like Zimmer and all his collaborators came together and really produced something excellent and rich and detailed (the number of themes in this score!!). In fact, each additional music composer had one really amazing cue: Atli Orvarsson has the Beckett death scene, Henry Jackman has Up is Down, Geoff Zanelli has Calypso, etc. And Zimmer's love theme is one of the best theme's he's ever written, IMO.

On Stranger Tides feels like such an afterthought, both the movie and the score.

Soundtrack44 reply Replies: 0 || 2012-08-08 11:45:35
I've found the complete Score in Youtube, it seems really good except two tracks with SFX. And it has a very good tracklist
*** EDITED ***

Warfighter reply Replies: 0 || 2012-05-16 03:05:53
Truly amazing score! One Day/ Marry Me Suite still gives me chills me every time.

kavka reply Replies: 0 || 2012-03-06 21:52:43

Mrs. Jones reply Replies: 35 || 2011-08-02 18:22:32
Expanded Score no FX

1. Hoist the Colours (1:29)
2. Singapore (2:16)
3. Sao Feng (2:51)
4. A Proposal (5:10)
5. East India Trading Company Attack (2:19)
6. Wills Treachery (1:34)
7. The Flying Dutchman (1:45)
8. Over the Edge, Over Again (5:04)
9. Davy Jones Command (1:57)
10. Sea of Stars (1:50)
11. Good and Lost (2:12)
12. Multiple Jacks (4:41)
13. At Wits End (1:47)
14. Which Way Ya Going? (0:25)
15. My Burden To Bare (0:51)
16. Souls At Sea (4:21)
17. Elizabeth & Feng (1:15)
18. Many Gifts (0:48)
19. Sao Feng's End (1:34)
20. Sao Feng's End (Alternate) (1:34)
21. Bootstrap (0:41)
22. Choosing a Side (4:13)
23. Calypso Mutinised (1:18)
24. Jones' Tale of Calypso (1:26)
25. Shipwreck Cove (0:53)
26. Shipwreck Cove (Alternate 1) (0:53)
27. Shipwreck Cove (Alternate 2) (0:54)
28. Meeting of the Pirates (1:09)
29. 9 Pieces of 8 (1:21)
30. Davy Jones & Calypso (3:46)
31. The Brethren Court/Cuttlefish (2:31)
32. What Say You? (0:37)
33. How's Mum? (0:46)
34. Parlay (2:10)
35. Parlay (Alternate) (2:14)
36. Multiple Jacks, Again (0:23)
37. Calypso (3:02)
38. What Shall We Die For? (2:03)
39. Peanut (0:46)
40. Maelstrom/Jack's Effects (1:19)
41. Mercer's End (1:21)
42. I Don't Think Now is the Best Time (5:49)
43. Part of the Ship, Part of the Crew (2:13)
44. Just Good Business (4:50)
45. One Day (4:01)
46. One Day (Alternate) (2:40)
47. Drink Up Me Hearties (4:31)

Mr. Fate2011-08-02 18:31:45
Oh, well uh...Hi there!

Hybrid Soldier2011-08-02 18:55:14
We clearly have a roddent problem here !

Mr. Jones2011-08-02 19:08:40
wtf? get out of here! I'm the only one with the score right now, you don't have crap .

Cobb2011-08-02 19:10:05
now I'm very confused... o.O

Agnt007dman2011-08-02 19:14:52
This is all total BS

Scottz2011-08-02 19:27:58
dek tu le bluff >:(


Anonymous2011-08-02 19:29:01
Ugh another troll. Move along guys nuthin to see here

theeaglesfan0052011-08-02 19:36:06
clearly Mrs. Jones is a troll... she is missing 'Up Is Down'

Mr. Fate2011-08-02 19:36:12
I like how ya'll immediately call BS on a track list considering this is the first truly expanded At World's End track list that wasn't filled up with the suites from the Soundtrack Treasures Collection (not including what Mr. Jones posted earlier). Unlike all of you guys, I am a believer, and I believe this to be a legitimate track list. One may be reminded of the cynicism of those who posted track lists to PotC4 Demos, only to be disproved only a few weeks later. Come on, guys.

cheesy2011-08-02 19:50:08

theeaglesfan0052011-08-02 19:51:55
i believe the track listing MR. JONES posted.. i would love to have it... i just have nothing to offer him in return. :/

i was so lucky to have someone on youtube send me the potc4 demos... i honored his request not to share it & i have not shared it... its the 41 track one that im sure everyone has now

Shawn2011-08-02 21:03:01
I've been following this mess since the Pirates 4 forums. I'm telling you right now - its all BS.

There IS no POTC4 complete score, or Inception, or POTC 3, or whatever this person claims he has.

If this guy was honest about it, then there's only ONE way to prove it and he is NOT doing that. Therefore he's just trolling you all.

My tip to you sir, if you actually DO have all you say you have - just post them all on Youtube as proof. Yes, all of it. Quality will be crap but at least you'll prove it.

Mr. Fate2011-08-02 21:10:37
What do you mean there are no complete scores for those movies? Of course there are complete scores--they exist...It's just that they are so far out of the public's reach that they might as well be completely made up. They are just kept locked up very tightly and it is difficult for them to get out. You all should be grateful to at least have a couple of totally legitimate track lists to hold onto until the time comes for this music to be become real.

Shawn2011-08-03 01:12:53
Like I said, it's one thing for news to come out that a compete score is forthcoming and it's another thing entirely for somebody to come in here, wave a tracklist around ("Let me just leave that there") that may or may not be real, and then flaunt that he has it.

So I say again, there IS no completed score available - wether professional or otherwise (unless someone rips it themselves, which they already have). You really should stop wasting people's time with this baiting. Ive been seeing this done many times already in the last few months and the behavior is getting old.

Jimmer2011-08-03 02:13:19
@Shawn: Trust me, I'll know for sure tonight once Mr. Jones emails me the rest of the tracks. I am an optimistic guy, so I'm keeping my hopes up that what this guy is boasting is real, but I'll know for sure soon. As for this Mrs. Jones, I am unaware of any of her claims so I can't comment on the validity of the track list she originally posted.

Shawn2011-08-03 02:21:32
@Jimmer..Nothing personal, man..I got nothing against being optimistic. Good luck to ya....Hopefully he aint pulling your leg.

Agnt007dman2011-08-03 02:30:06
I agree, I hope what your getting is the real deal!

shawn2011-08-03 06:05:47
imo, tho...i think its a bunch of
cockadoodledoo booooolsheeeeeaaaaat.

Emsmire2011-08-03 06:49:04
We'll just SEE about that, then... won't we???

shawn2011-08-03 07:18:21
u mean well HEAR about that...


Mr. Fate2011-08-06 16:47:34
I would like to call up this quote by Mr. Jones: "wtf? get out of here! I'm the only one with the score right now, you don't have crap." ...and say that this still holds.

Nobody trust any offers that Mr. Jones makes to you. He is a charlatan, a swindler. He never followed through on the music he was supposed to give Jimmer, as evidenced by the fact that nobody has any more music than what he posted on YouTube. He may very well have the music, but he does not want to share it with us lowly subjects.

zimmerbeotch2011-08-06 17:13:44
as far as Im concerned he's got nothing.

Anonymous2011-08-06 18:20:09
You're calling the eight cues he uploaded to YouTube "nothing"? Sure, a bit of it is on the OST, but how do you account for the rest of it?

zimmerbeotch2011-08-06 19:13:46
Considering the number of rips done over the years, plus the OST, what that guy delivered was...well...small potatoes. They aren't cues I listen to on a regular basis, really. So I dont recognize the value. Dont forget Youtube audio is crappy as well.

Anonymous2011-08-07 23:29:22
The number of rips done over the years? There's one on Le Blog de Chief Dundee, and there's one on the Shrine. All other 'expanded' versions of the score are just rearrangements of the OST and/or use the Soundtrack Treasures Colletion suites. Okay, there's a buttload of not-that-great DVD rips all over YouTube as well. If you don't listen to those cues on a regular basis, what cues do you listen to?

And calling the quality crappy doesn't mean anything--it's YouTube. Listen to the music and tell me if it has SFX in it. No? Then it is already better than anything already available.

zimmerbeotch2011-08-08 01:18:56
Those tracks dont signify much. I've heard prior rips (both online and off) where those tracks dont have any sfx at all...if not very minimal. The guy shouldve posted all of it on Youtube to get the best impression. The latter half of the score is where the SFX is most intrusive, anyway.

Like i said those tracks posted arent tracks i listen to anyway, so they mean nothing to me.

zimmerbeotch2011-08-08 01:22:31
Oh and I forgot to point out that this guy mr.jones may have posted those cues, but based on his behavior after the fact (and his scamming a person on here) I can't say I'd believe his claims anyway, nor would I want to share with him. I mean, would YOU?

John2011-09-05 05:28:24
I got this now and it's pretty legit guys. No SFX at all. It's all clean!!

ynreob2011-09-05 12:49:12
Do you have this 47-Track Version or the 45-Track one, that leaked last week?

Mr. Fate2011-09-05 15:08:41
I'm pretty sure he's just talking about the slightly different 45-track version. I don't think anybody other than "Mrs. Jones" has this version, yet. It looks like it has a lot of tracks in common though.

John2011-09-05 21:21:40
I have the 45 track expanded score. It's all legit, no sfx at all.

Mr. Fate2011-09-05 23:05:17
FALSE! I guarantee you that your track 10 has DVD audio, and thus SFX, in its first 15 or so seconds. The 45-track score is not *completely* SFX-free.

Everything else, though is, as you say, "legit"--aside from the tracks that were borrowed straight from the OST. Certainly, by now, everybody ought to have the 45-track version, so John, you don't have anything special.

John2011-09-06 01:10:56
actually mine doesn't at all. I've listened to it over and over again and didn't hear any sfx whatsoever. So I don't know wut your talking about. All my tracks are clean, so idk what ur talking about. I've listened to all of it and they're all cleann.

Mr. Fate2011-09-06 02:36:02
I really don't like people who use words like "wut" and "ur".

I just find it weird that you would have the 45-track version that is available to everybody else--yet the only difference is that your track 10 does not have SFX in it. Track 10 is titled "Davy Jones Commanded", is it not? It's length should be in the ballpark of around 2:16? So, if there are not SFX, is the organ part louder than the music box part? Or are their levels the same as they are on the OST track that this is similar to?

Mr. Fate2011-09-06 04:01:35
I suppose I should have said, "I don't like it *when* people use internet shorthand like that." Didn't mean to sound too rude.

... reply Replies: 3 || 2011-09-15 18:52:43
01-Hoist The Colours
03-At Wit's End
04-Multiple Jacks
05-I See Dead People In Boats
06-Up Is Down
07-Marry Me
08-Lord Cutler Beckett
09-The Empress
10-Part of The Ship, Part of The Crew
11-The Brethren Court
12-The Heart of Davy Jones
15-Never Shall We Die
16-Into The Maelstrom
17-The Battle
18-It's Just Good Business
19-One Day
20-Drink Up Me Hearties
21-End Credits

Agnt007dman2011-09-15 23:23:57
Same goes with this. Not a legit expanded, people. DVD audio...

Mr. Fate2011-09-15 23:50:13
^^^AND THIS^^^

Besides, we already have something WAY better than this piece-of-junk, falsely expanded score. None of this music even originated from DVD menus. It's all just the OST rearranged with the Soundtrack Treasures Collection suites thrown in. It might not even have any of the stuff from Magic Box Music.

Agnt007dman2011-09-15 23:58:51
Mr. Fate, you're right. The false Dead Man's Chest was made from DVD, this one using the SOundtrack Treasures Collection. It's pissing me off that these dumbass people keep doing this

John reply Replies: 5 || 2011-08-24 07:10:24
Is there a recording sesions leak for all three POTC scores as well? Those scores are gold, those will be another GREAT thing to have one day!!!!

Areozz2011-08-25 00:28:38
NO. Besides, what leaked was not the recording sessions for PotC4. They were merely the demos of tracks that would eventually get recorded with a real orchestra. Don't expect complete scores to ANY of the Pirates scores any time soon.

Anonymous2011-08-25 05:39:55
thats saying alot -__-

Areozz2011-08-25 23:18:00
What? You're right, it is saying a lot. Consider how long its been since the other movies came out. Have you ever even heard the slightest whisper about the possible existence of any complete Pirates score? I sure as hell have not.

Kabal2011-08-25 23:52:10
There are no complete scores. ONly DVD rips,

Mr. Fate2011-08-26 00:30:16
Well, Kabal, that isn't entirely true. There are complete scores out there. They just are not openly available. DVD rips are the best thing around right now. See Mrs. Jones' track list here or Mr. Jones' track list posted on the PotC4 page (as well as YouTube samples) for examples of what's out there somewhere.

Lasse reply Replies: 3 || 2011-08-08 01:20:50
Mrs.Jones must be the Joker of this site because she have created CHAOS :P

zimmerbeotch2011-08-08 01:25:12
Yah. Whats also funny is this guy Mr Jones could be ANYBODY either on here, or even on the Shrine or elsewhere under a different name. Fancy that, huh?

zimmerbeotch2011-08-08 01:27:39
if someone starts pushing a rare score out there, you might wanna start checking them out....Just in case. Im just saying.

Mr. Fate2011-08-08 05:05:49

rabinfan reply Replies: 0 || 2011-08-04 09:57:44
can´t waaaaaait..You the MAN!!!!!

Iceboy reply Replies: 2 || 2011-03-13 00:00:00
Anyone got any info on the 2CD expanded score of this, without SFX? Its out there.

The Dimensioner2011-05-07 02:35:56
Pffft...2CD expanded score! I've heard from someone who knows some people that the real complete score is four CDs long.

Iceboy2011-05-07 06:18:29
Maybe so, but thats likely to be recording sessions. Expanded doesnt necessarily mean complete, you know.

Dakota reply Replies: 0 || 2011-04-17 00:00:00
Seriously, who the f is this troll. It's annoying. Look at all the posts he's left at random Scores about "great answers"

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2011-04-17 00:00:00
Sundance, Kaleigh, Latrice, Laneta GTFO your all the same annoying person >:(

Ds reply Replies: 0 || 2011-02-23 00:00:00
News from Pirates 4 score! (from the "Rodrigo y Gabriela" website)

"Rodrigo Y Gabriela are proud and excited to announce a new musical venture. After months of hints and rumours they can now confirm that one of the summer’s most highly anticipated blockbuster movies, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” will features original music by Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer and Rod and Gab.

The score for Pirates of the Caribbean 4 brings together one of the most respected and sought-after composers (an Academy Award winner with a further eight additional Oscar nominations for films such as Gladiator, Inception, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins to name but a few) and the premier guitar playing duo in the world – Rodrigo Y Gabriela.

You will be able to hear the fruits of their labours when Walt Disney Records release the soundtrack for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides on May 17, 2011."

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2011-01-30 00:00:00
Hi Hybrid,

I want to know more about the music from pirates of caribbean 3.

Are you here? I want to know for example what Zimmer did in At witt's end and I don't think now is the best time?

Also if all the suites from the unrealeased albums are by Himself alone.


The Dimensioner reply Replies: 0 || 2011-01-19 00:00:00
@Hybrid, I was thinking of doing an analysis of the scores, but I would be interested in seeing yours. How can that be achieved?

Dakota reply Replies: 0 || 2011-01-11 00:00:00

Oh ok, I didn't know you meant who wrote which track. I just thought I'd contribute =)

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